The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1940
Page 3
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a, lain Up To Madam To GivoJAiisweil Housewife Musi Know Answers To Uncle Sam's National Quiz BY MARIAS' VOIJNfJ NI-.'A Service Stall' Oam>.S|»inclent NEW YQItK.-Housewives, al- Unfioii! Do you know wlictliei j'Cntr husband lias a Federal Social Security number? Whether deductions for rwlerul Old-Age Insurance were made from his v.agis UuriiiK liBS? no you know fie f-Wt amount of the combinwl in- temp;; of the members of your family c-mployrd during t| le past J'eai? Whether the income from sources other than nioucv wages or salary was more titan fifty dollars? Do you know the market value of Hie house you own? The amount cl" the lirsl and second mortgage indebtedm-is on il? Wh.-u il costs per year to heat your home, whether yon own it ov not? If not. you'd better (hid out COOI'EKATtON IS' CKNSUs' -MAY ill; OK SIKU' LATER During the coming month of April. Uncle Sam's census lakers will' he arunul lo ask these miivs- tions—and more, many of which have never been included in a previous census in ' this country The census Bureau expects tlmt in Jiine case.s out of ten the task of answering ihe questionnaire.; will fall to housewives, The Bureau would like you to be as cooperative as possible. The yciing man at the door won't, more than one-half houi time, and yon i answering hj s <,.....„„„„, lllulmnlv and. helpfully Is one or your privileges as a citizen. If the whole idea bores vou just remember that In Turkey martial law Is declared <turln<> the period the census is being taken « No cue. except the census takers way 1^°* t on "Dis'covm'cs" Comilwiiy Aflcr Mis Income Is Revealed '•>• llt'.A Xctvlea nim'rrLuHw.iv' V£ 0 ';i* ^''"in'Thf UnShlis* '£ i""'<'i:i- imm ou n,,, ,(',,,,.1 'ij, ,,,|, tt"'t'«i"'hi'-'r'. 1Wll ' S '""'"' '" LS ''° ' > '"' |^i'. In iid. !.;,„.,. i,;-,-,.!,,.,,, „„',';. ' 1 '"' "I'lvi; Hint h!. s MUU/m ,s;il. l ' v ~-'" ll ~ lll " U!s (umnensallon (m '•-« nut in,,, W( .|i om (11 1| . onl u> . »" Aim-rk-iiii Wiii''iv.'r. li-nv- >'X i'v,.|, Hollywood':; ,nlary rovul- "l'' l-i'imul, vva.s „!.«> abmil tin- first, «»s ol any kind lloston i'v<r Ins hnd iiimni i-'runrls A CHUIU-.VIIV (I'-'". Wind- tlie company ill" which chiMrisil iii'ljjhlmr or Hiirvatd Unt- VC [|l" iV '" °" ml) rd|:i', IIIIK jjueni »_ Him-; oi dnjiii,-., ,,i m n,i||y miv«i-- Using !ls .tann producls. Mr, Countway s.iys ui personal lluil, kiiul." " WON'T TALK MMHIT lil.MSI-l.l- He (If.-liiu-il in |;rnnt <i n |mor~ view in nmiift-ilon wllh his lx- I'omliiu chmiiplmi pny-clii'c'k draw- •-r- "I'hk Ihljii; | S ,,,,'i-piy « t-iniii,. i.iry Interest," ),,; ,., ;l |,| s |.,| ( |j,, ',., t "HI nil lit- Ioi;iotl.'ii Uiiuumnv " An explanation uf. |,| s diiM-mjiy wn.s isivcii In ids () \vn words- "|'v,. had muny ri'nue.sts lor recltu!., O f I my caw urut high .siiol,-: In u I Ivc i!j»-»ys lnt<,.| il,,. coiisi'i-villvi-l H" 'i "I l>n-Ji'!rliif „«(. 1,1' „,. I .iliond." (Hmnlivay. who .niirai,( :0 ,| die I MW.'HO Milmy m 'I'liomaj j, w .,,. I sun. head ul inifi-nntiunni |iush,>,. KS ' Micliiiii'.s, unit Hi,. t:illl'!H4 Miliii-y ut lutri'Hi CI;iiuU>tti' C'ullint' liu'i iihvny.s livwl In itoiiloii whnii- in'*ns torn f:,.|)t. ;>, Divi; WITil I'Dt.u K vi:..\its Uu went Ihidiivh 1,1,;), SI , !TO | 1|ll( | I" i«!ia Ix-iuiii l,ls -la-ycnr eai-f,., with Level HrdilU'1-.s He HVI-.H in .suburban Jlropklinc, .Idlest town PAGE THREE Ihe tt.irdl, nnd Iws n s nie In Marion on Caiw Cod. Hi- Is « Republican. »<• Is prosldi'iti of nil- AWKla- MOII of American soup anil cily- n-rlJii' ITixliin-i's. Inc., and dlrcc- Kir nr tlu> !'hlli|)])ine Hcnmn-j Cor- pciailou of New York. lie bi'lon lw to country cltibii nnd t'lwii dub':, helps tliB finl Auiiy, Is u iiK'mbor of thd ch »l t-'omiiicrci', hui M-uio,,, | s m .,, ut civic iilfiilrs. Nolmily lyiiinmhci's (h,,(. !)[.; p^.. tun- I'vi-r uj;|)|. : irc;| In A n»,,| or , iii l v;spap, r. .Mayor I'Viiual CoriVKptimlr I'irrei.'iixi), Mi)M. (U}'; pnirntly Mayor Junii-s r n \\ nil iiHiiih of u i-iirir.'ipoiidunt, Ills L'lal imMiiiio nnd .stntionery cx lust yi-ar \M,S only %V.n. N'nw In Ni-w I.u ( ;it!on J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Alain "* Division I'tlOlie fill KKYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS Al.l, KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAIIY CltlCKK L. K. Ashcraft Co. I'lllUNA I'UH I'honr IM ,itj A NEW GASOLINE... «,«,' ',^!;. greatest'K»spliiie >w. }iave ever ° m - 'offered at (lie price').'.is now waiting for yoa at every Phillips 66 pump . ., ready to deliver higher jmjj.knock power, highest fet for fast stiirting in coideshveather, anJ nil-round increased performance without iiisreased cost. The U. Census B ,,,eau expects tint in ,„„„ out of to,, case.s it win be the ho,,,,,,,^.'»,,o snpi.Ues information about the family. >>u|>uiios lionr of your'n- f~\ \ ,-. ,. .S S'hiX bl S Cabarets On Broadway f vnm- nrivi- t-rr-rm •• ^ _ _ Wither Under Sadden Blight D I'y CIKOItGE nOSS NEW YORK. Feb. a.-The Broad- beiuers can't understand know that in Sweden every person is required to have such pertinent information as the Census Bureau wants on n< card in his pocket all Ihe lime. .In Prance, a citizucn must give the name and address of his employer. But such is not the case here. Our Census Bureau simply wants to know your occupation— not where vou carry it on The authorities point out uint" they have no.umeiillpn t j-. prying'into your priyStc.ilire? 'Ilicy' arc" u-.erely trying to"-compile important but highly impersonal statistics. the They'll ask your age. ol And lor your own good, course. , -.,.. o uu\i t no WCll as the government's, you citght to « Pile hundred percent truthful iibout this. You never can tell when you will w!uil to use tiie Census .Bureau's records as legal iJ.raof of.yom- age, which you arc entitled to do. • Don't hesitate to admit (hat yen' have been divorced or thai you have children by a picvioiis i,,,,,-. nai-e. even though these facts, nre not. generally known amoiu; your lrlei»ds.:Tlic KW prevents;Hie' "per- .son to whom you give the in forma'°".. f " 1 " ?y«'' '-evealiitg it. n (! is show, save a sepian 'one. Ton Rialto. The colossal fnternational Casino, which was the only cafe in the world that had escalators, closed .down (after .losing u quarter of a million in less limn a season t and so did the Zicgfcld .Midnight Frolics aril the French Casino Hundreds of pretty chorines and showgirls weir- thrown out of work, along with the rest of ner- somicl, and their ordinavily-bbv.ine The experts can't fijure" 'i't'"ouV Has the public tired of simultaneously feaslin» the palate on a stek and the eye on a showgirl? It looks (hat way. Time was when these leviathan night clubs were the "old mines of Broadway, but the rcccs- ' •"'»•> (by the way, whatever did bc- Tlie public suddenly turned apa- inetic and refused to attend although the lloor shows were • - ° *- "UL.I ^jiuws v.t'ifi rjiwrjf]- ) "•".., iinn iiiungni. ol Inc ei j5£Ucr (and. incidentally, more nek-' Ulnl wmll<l accrue in that rein KKu than ever. .region. watching tank clerks, postal employees and theater cashiers give each bill they received n lug or two. I always imagined they were testing the quality of the' paper (fl .sec if the bills'were phony it seems not. They were flattening Hie bill, my hank teller informs me, to make Ihe tJortrait stand out. The one place counterfeiters fall down Ls in reproducing ihe portraits on the various bills. The net of flattening makes the portraits stand out clearly ni:d fake engraving becomes easily apparent And noiv 1 know. TALK OK THE WE.VniEU J.^pcul purl of the ilnv •composing notes for u ' Wu-rui.v..- oroadcast to Rear Adinirali'Richard K. Byrd and his men al the "South Hole, and it was -a morc : tickiWi job of stlei-lion tlmn I originally gauged. What the men who will be exiled from the world for two long years I wculd care to hear about nillc O id I New York is a nuestion not easily' i nns'iverccl. •I thought I might speak of n "allanf gesture toward Hc;ly Ln"•—• then thought of io!e Six Jobs Are Offered "Incompetent" Secretary SALT LAKE CITY. Ulull (UP»- Mlss Dana E. Jones SV as out of a ub This ml she inserted In « s n i t Lake paper: '.'Incompetent, iinoi-||jl.,,,|, s(t , no needs a job. Cannot be secretary ' n fin,usr» ticvoi' n'ls^L'fl nni : i ling slage. Call Ell^ibelh rei.ce iiaer 10 a.m." By noon, MJSS Jones hail six of Odd, Sameness In Case' PHILAOELPHIA (UP) — After .'ohn Davis was fined S3 in city Court for paying , 1(cc> 1)( panion in the fame. Jollll ,, 1vi of the same address-, was flticri the same amount lor the same offense Tire$foii« STANDAKD TIRES EXTORTION DOESN'T i-AV Whatever reasons the economists have for the t] lo let anyone'look over his shoulder wliile: he; is wiititu;. • • Ttic Census Bureau won't hand out fncis about individuals It is interested only in statistics' COURTS Municipal,, court sessions of Ihe l«ist. several have involved ..- .* v.i, j.i iiii\c lIlVULVUd rtbposnl of several old-cases, whi-h had been continued, and an assortment of ii3w cases. Fred Werner received a sentence ol It days in jail ,ij le n he pleaded guilty to a charge of petit Urccny. Clyde Bryant was fined 510 on a charge of disturbing the peace by rijhtlng and was granted an appeal with bond set at S75 A charge.of driving while intoxicated resulted in j. o. Hay belli' fined $10D. He was granted an appeal and bond set at 5250 A plea of guilty lo a charge of pent larceny cost Shaw Cra-.vley ' ' ' ' I ^'all ' A rtmr.. of sclUng j,^,^-"* U hoWs-anci witJi Jiisticc-tlinl John Q. Public wearied u! thes- great bi s . imperson.ii places, of bc- ">K wedgctl into a corner at u dime- sized table, of being hollered al by bellisjcroKt waiters, receiving" i,,'- (Iirrcrojit cuisine, and then of pay- Eshibit A In an cxtortta/case.' 1 ' 1 ' Ihe impi-esarias and realtors, Talk of the \vinter lenipcratiirc in Manhattan seemed n silly subject to discuss witli men who are quite uninilinid.ited by the Arctic cold. neveillieless. have thei , headaches. . . ,., :uu!l(;l , ra while the comely coryphees 5 »vvi- '- P " limc M|S - Carmi h nie mc «Z°' ''^t'llert in hei-being fined $100. She was at $200 "" nPllei " a " d b ° 11(i fict Four men were fined on charges of public drunkenness. Boon to be constntcted on Lak» Waehtngton. at Seattle, Wash ' 15 n bridge that will rise and "f a ii with tiie water level. The bridge will be 7800 feel long, and have accommodations for four lanes oi traffic and two sidewalks - •• girls luutv mr- ward lo a starvation regime The terrific areas of buildin- spncc consumed .by. t!, C se giant knows what to do with them ov copt to convert them into (ia'iice The place now known as the Fiesta Dan'cctefia" ""already (ms done so. on a servc-yoiirsclf basis and with tremendous '"financial 5UCC(5S5. . ; But the days of the .big : o lr i ie ' sliows seem to he over. The' poor toys have learned that it i, nn longer feasible to run a theater restaurant, like a no-bnr ? ain basement. COUNTERFEIT STAND OUTS For many years Dutch Seaman Learns English in Hospital Stay SEATTLE. Wash. (UP) _ looked like misfortune to Antonc- Steenbcrgcn, Dutch seaman aboard dyk. when he fell 35 feet from'a painting scaffold into the ship's engine room. But after IS week.? in n hospital here, he was ready to admit he actually fell into a knowledge of tin: English language. Nurses taught hi,,, tt , c i an . speak English or not 1 al ail." PRIESCRIPtlOHS Freshest Slock Giiaranleed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores •OTHER sizes UD TQ11 OLD Tier Iw-a. cso-a fiA.CJ I fROPORTIONATELY LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As'As Per Week BUDGET PLAN' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. been Kuy Your AJIRRiCAN BXPRKHS AIONKY ORDRKS at s ROHINSON'S Drug Stnre WANTED A man between the ages of 22 and 35 lo represent cne of the largest and oldest firms of its hind in t ,"e country. Must bnva experience in meeting the nublic {'refer a man that i s now employed in sales writ' This will ,e a permanent position with n desirable salary and a. wonderful opportunity for advanccmenl Wnle to Box 8S7, Memphis, Tcnn cnwnl IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT \Vc wish lo announce Umt we have obtained the services of Mr. George Pfeuffer of Memphis who will be in charge of sales of the 1940 Buick and Pontiac Mr. Pfouffer will be glad to serve you at any time. Langston-Wroten Motor Co. Corner Walnut & Urnadwny Phone 1001 Vour "Sleep Treat" for 1940 SAL PEEKR/MO'lCCOMroitr. ABLE FLOATING ACHON SAG i PROOF SDG£S -'. - ' % , *.GUAPtANTEED FOJ« " Small Down Payment Balance in Convenient i Weekly Payments If you want more rcfreshinir Kleep. this is vmn- m-i/i,-^.- nn ,r S ( is DRKl'BU. Kacli coil is in a « )ira( c dofh ',?'' ' "t ''" ^'- 'f 0 "" 1 *" lly of | llc olhcni. The HoaulvrJl "« ves " V he m ™l W0rk sndcppnd - r«l«.. This conHlruelton **«*' ^ r com f£ ( ^ S ^ t j^™ is r "»™ WI «3Hl '- ^ranlcod Bcauty« 8 l and na ordinary maUr ss is S^T rifle ff ,£% " >Kh( < ticlwec ," ;l difference in sleep comfort between the (?,-„ ' "" lhcrc ls ll t rc n>cn(k,us 1 This ^YCck you can btiv a New Ik'autvresl fni- nnh. -, <,„, u nnd pay the balance in small monthly nmtt Thi -t -'- 1 """' ° f World's 1,-inest Mallress". Con,e in and see iho New FURNITURE CO,

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