Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1894
Page 2
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IN CUSTODY. THE DREAM CITY. PART 13 NOW READY. This beautiful number devoted to Fine Arts presents a list of views surpassing any issue which has yet appeared, From the outset the intention has been honestly expressed and the promise confidently given, to make each number superior in every way, if possible, to its predecessors. This has not proven an exception in Number 13 as Sanders and His Band of Train Stealers Surrender They Are Now in the Hands of • Force of Deputy Marshals—Progress Checked at Scott City, Kan. NO PAINS HAVE BEEN SPARED for be To procure the finest selections possible this number. Remember that all pack numbers can procured at this office. As the series is now nearly completed all subscribers should notice that there are no parts missing; as this complete series, bound, makes the most attractive World's Fair Book yet issued. THE SERIES : : NEARLY COMPLETED THE MARIE BURROUGHS series of AKT PORTFOLIOS of STAGE CELEBRITIES will be complete in two more weeks and it is with a feeling of regret that the subscribers to this magnificent series note that the weekly visits of this entertaining collection of photographs is drawing to a close. The remaining numbers, including Number 12, which h now ready, will be devoted exclusively to photographs of Grand Opera Singers And will be especially interesting as THIS IS THE ONLY COLLECTION OF THIS CHARACTER PUBLISHED OAVK TUKM8KLVK8 UP. SCOTT CITY, Kan., May II.—Sanders and hk> DJOII arc now prisoners, having voluntarily surrendered to United States Marshal Neeloy. Tho Sanders army ran into Scott City nt 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon, where they discovered a mail train on the track, and immediately started their train on the back track. They are In pood spirits, considering- the storm and hard work they have gone through. It was believed they wore try inp to g-et out of the way of tho mail train, but an engine was off the track just west of Selkirk which they could not pet around before Marshal Neoley could overtake thorn. It was believed by Bomo that Sanders would build a track connecting, and run to tho Santa Fe tracks as that and the Missouri Pacific parallel for 10 miles west of Scott City. In this way Sanders could pass the marshal's train which wns giving him BO much trouble, but tho marshal and his force would then follow Sanders and tho United States troops would soon meet him down the road, and his escape would have been impossible. Tho full force of deputies here had their Winchesters ready, and the curtains of theft- cars were drawn close so that thoy could not be discovered by anybody even wBen passing near the train. i As soon as the mail train had passed Sanders' train at Modoc station tho industrials started their train into Scott City. There was no demonstration on either side when the train pulled into the siding and Sanders came forward as thouph expecting to meet some official. He was met by Marshal Neeley and an attorney, a writ of replevin waa read and a copy handed to him. He asked for a little time for consultation, and called his captains about him. The adjutant of the army ordered an assembly on the common near by, and soon the seven well-drilled companies were formed as a regiment on parade. There were 4. r il men in line and each company had its distinguishing 1 commonweal bftnnor surmounted by a small American flag 1 . After consultation Sanders decided to surrender the engine and train and to make an unconditional surrender of himself and men to tho United States marshal under the charge of obstructing and delaying trains carrying the mails, The Coptnrod HDD »t Topekn. TOPEKA, Kan., May 11.—The Sanders Coxeyites captured in western Kansas, 400 in number, in charge of United States Marshal Neely, arrived at Topelca at 1:S5 p. m. The men were. smiling and good- natured. They all wore red badges. As soon as the train pulled into To- poka at the Missouri Pacific station the industrials were singing songs. The men said they had nothing to cat since 4 o'clock in the morning. but were not called out by the organization. They demand a restoration of wages to last year's scale arid the redress of numerous shop prievances. No violence is expected, but ns a precaution a large force of police has boon ordered to the scene. TO BRING CANADA~TO TERMS. Soimti.r Gnlllnffur'* Itntallntory Amendment to tho Tariff Measure. WASHINGTON, May 11.—The proceedings in tho senate upon Senator Gal- lingers (rep., N. H.) amendment to the tariff bill, providing- for a retaliatory clause against Canada, indicate that that question is liable to receive considerable attention before the bill shall be disposed of. IThn proposed amendment provides that tho t»r(tr not shall only become operative so far as It ahull concern Canada upon 'proclamation by the president of ihc United States. Whoa It is duly certified to tha president that Canada nils declared a desire to enter Into such commercial arrangements wltn the Uulted States as will result In a material reduction of the duties now existing •gainst tho admission Into Canada of the product and manufactures of tho United States, ho Is roijulrrd to appoint three commissioner*! to moot representatives of Canada. If the result of the deliberation of tho Joint commission shall be an agreement and a report satisfactory to tho secretary of tho trianury that byca material reduction of tho duties, or by thoputtlnftupon tho free list of the Canadian tariff a list of manufactures and products of tho United States, which, In his opinion, will afford an equal advantage to the Unltod States as tho operation of this bill will afford to Canada, the president Bhall issue his proclamation malting this uct operative as 'regards Canada Immediately up u n the enactment Into law bv tho Canadian parliament of tho recommendations of tho joint com- mlanlon. It Is also raado tho further duty of tho commissioners representing this country to ascertain upon what terms entire freedom of commercial intercourse between tho United States and the Dominion of Canada can be scoured. 1 the large number of unemployed people, and as to the legislation necessary to afford relief,was laid before the senate and was, after brief remarks by Senator Poifer. referred to the commitr tee on rules. San Salvador's Wur. NEW YOJSK, May 11.—A special dispatch from San Salvador says: The government has taken Aldea, Coinaste and Cruizitas und posted cannon at •those points. Forces have gone to tho frontiers to head off aid that is coming for the rebels, llolanos is ready to cross into Guatemala if necessary. The bombardment of Santa Ana proceeds slowly. Nearly all the houses have been destroyed. One thousand men with artillery left for the front Thursday. There are 7,000 more here who may bo sent later. The rebels were driven from Santa Ana after an hoxir's hard fighting with heavy loss on ooth sides. Stubbed to IJoatli In Church. LA.WBKNCEVILI.E, 111., May 11.—A the Now Hope church, in Luldn township, southwest of this city, Sail Belt Htabbcd Ira Smith in the abdomen with a pocketkntfe. Smith lived but a few minutes. Belt was captured and brought here by Sheriff Cochran. Belt claims that the cutting was dune in •all-defense. To Fill Pnwell'i Place. WASHINGTON, May Jl.— The president has nominated Charles D. Walcott, of New York, to be director of the gco logical survey, vice John \V. Powell, resigned. HOW HE FIXED HIM. Tho Silent Mno Hiul 11 Wny of Quieting Smart Fellows, The silent man was a. part of a group which was talking of tho powers of various men at repartee. "Them's Smartly," said one of the group, "he's tho brightest man I know. If anybody gets into a verbal fight with him it is Smartly who comes out ahead. Ha can do up anybody in this town." "O, I dunno," said the silent man. "Why," said the speaker, "do you mean to say that you consider yourself an equal of Smartly's,?" ''0, I dunno," said tho silent man. again. "That repartee of his ain't all that it's cracked up to be. He got to springing it on me the other day, and I laid him out." Everybody in the group laughed contemptuously at the silent man. "You!" said tho first speaker, scornfully. "Why, what did you say to him?" "I didn't say anything;" replied the silent man, "but I smashed -him in the face three times, und he closed his repartee shop immediately. 1 '—Buffalo Express. Preferred Them Cooked. Customer—Didn't you tell me when you sold that dog that he was a, bird 'log? Dealer—Yes, that is what I said. "Well, you swindled me; that dog won't hunt." "Well, I didn't say he would hunt. He's a bird dog. Cook the birds for him. That's the way he likes them best."—Spare Moments. IlulnB<*of M.n Anclnnt Templ« Found. ATHENS, May Jl.—President Richardson, director of the American school of archaeology, now excavating in the ruins of the ancient city of Fretria, has discovered the foundations of a temple near which are the ruins of a theater, and many other im< portant objects. Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured-Blood Purified by —• - Hood's Sarsaparllla. * C. I. Hood & Co., tovrell. Mass.: " It Is with pleasure that I send a txwUnKMtol: concerning wbat Hood't SmrsapuUto hat do** for my daughter. It Is a wonderful m«dlct» Mid I cannot recommend It too highly. BMlh, who I* fourteen years old, hu been f ~* Afflicted With Scrofula ever since she was one year old. For fiva yeartr Bhe has had a running tore on one side of h«r lace. We tried every remedy recommend*!, but. nothing did her any good until we com - using Hood's Sarsanarllla. My married di advised mo to use Hood's Sarsaparilla 1 Hood's*>Cures it had cured her of dyspepsia. Bhe bad beta. troubled with that complaint since childhood. *nd since her euro she has never been without». bottle of Hood's Sarsapirilla In the home. Wo commenced giving H to Sarah about on* nar ago, and it lias conquered Ui« running son, Only a-Scar Remaining M a trace of ffie dreadful disease. Preriom to- taking .the medicine her eyesight wzi iffsctM but now she can see perfectly. In connection wltn Hood's Sarsaparllla we have used Hood'*Vegetable Pills, and find them th. best" ^ JlA-aiA GKIFFDT, Xeula, Illlnoli. Hood's Pills cure nausea, sick: headache. Indigestion, blliouiuesi. sold by all druggUta. iA CloflA Call. LONDON, May ll.—Lord Roscbery's government had a narrow escape from defeat in tho British houso of commons Thursday nijrht, when a motion to reject the budjj-ct was defeated byia vote of 808 to 294. THE MARKETS. Uraln, l*rovl«loni, Etc. CliICAao, May 11. FLOUB—Was very dull and easy. Quotation] ranged as follows: Winter—Patenw. ?2.S03 S.OO: strttlRhts, JS.0032.75: clears. IS.20iJ3.40; seconds, »1.8ito»1.90; low grades, 11.50®].70. Spring—Patents. I3.2U&3.50; straights, *s.20ffl iOO: Dukcrs', H.T5<a^.l>>: low grades, tl.40ai.50; Ked DOR, il.30:31.40; Rye', Ii.JOJiU.iO. WHEAT — Moduratcly active and -lower. O.inh, 5!}J^Q57o; May, f>fl?t&57c; July, 58!4<4 A WESTERN WOMAN WINS. Mrs. Cliarlon Honrutlti, of Chlcnffo, Hou- Ofcd by » Convention of VVomon. PHILADELPHIA, May 1L—The Federation of Women's Clubs has elected Mrs, Charles Henrotin, of Chicago, president. Mrs. Henrotin is the wife of the well- known Chicago broker, Charles Henrotin. In Chicago she is well known as one of the .leaders of the best society. During- the world's fair Mrs. Henrotin pained for jhemolf an international reputation through her efforts in behalf of the woman's branch of the world's congress auxiliary, of which she was vice president la literary and educational circles Mrs. Henrotin is also prominent. She is tho author of several books that have attracted general attention. A resolution was adopted declaring the belief of the federation that the standard of morality is equally bindimg upon men and women and that immoral conduct which debars the one from public and social life should also debar the other. Draper Accept*. CLEVELAND, 0., May 11.—Judge Andrew S. Draper, of this city, has accepted the presidency of the University of Illinois, at Champaign, and will assume i the duties of his new office September next Fear a Conl Famine. CABTHAOB, 111., May ll. —It is reported that the Toledo, Peoria & Western railroad has laid off several freight trains on account of scarcity of coaL Other trains are running regularly and it is not expected that any of them will be laid off on that account In tbe Senate. WASHINGTON, May 11. — Senator Allen vainly endeavored to secure unanimous consent for the consideration of his Coxey resolution, and it again went over. The resolution heretofore offered by Senator Peffer (pop., Kan.) for a select committee on the present condition of the country, with special reference to tho prevailing business depression and SHOT BY A Col. CONSTABLE. Army, Do not misa any of the parts. may be obtained at this office. All back numbers PABT 12 NOW READY. CUT THIS OCT. HAY 12.1804. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. TufMOf thMAMOponaand ten «mti Mount tbi current Dumber of tbe Mem- - -- at the OOTTBHOVT. CUT THIS OUT. M1Y 12,1804. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for one pan, containing twenty portraits, of the Marie BmTongh»s Art Fort- folio of 8t»g« Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. I of tho Tndnstrlal Killed In California. .SACRAMENTO, Cal,, May 11. — Telephone advices havo boon received hero to the effect that Constable Fleckcnger shotand'killed Col. Paisley of the industrial ormy at Rocklln, Cal. At 4 o'clock a. m. the industrial • army, under command of Lieut Gen. Smith, 700 strong, lelzed a freight train at Arcade station and went to Rocldin. Engineer Williama, a member of the party, was placed under arrest by Constable Fleckenger, and Smith and Col. Paisley objected. A quarrel ensued and Fleckenger drew a pistol and pointed it at Smith, who jumped to one side. The Constable then killed Paisley. The industrials became furious and attempted to lynch Flockeager. Gen. Smith, however, protected him and oMed him to escape. Be is now at large. Engineer Williams was locked up, but the industrials demanded hi* 'release and the citizens fearing further trouble restored him to liberty. QUIT WORK. A Biff Foree of Employe* of the Pullman Works on a Strike. PUIXUAX, 111. i May 11.—Between 2,000 and 3,000 workmen in the-varlous departments of., the Pullman works .went on a strike at U o'clock a. m. Their action took Mr. Pullman and hl« executive manager* by inr- prise, at It was understood that the: mon were MtUfied with the rwulU of th« recent oonf«r»no4>. Th« taen b«lontr 'i! " Moderately active and weals. No. -, S8c;No. 2 Yellow, SStfc: No. 3, 37iio: No. 3 Yellow, Ss?io; May, M^c; July. SsaaW^c; September, y03><aHO& OATS—Fairly active and lower. No. 1* oaph, :H?,4»3-l«c; May, 3<?i jSJJio; June, SrfsjUS^c; July, aoH'IWSoi September, 25<ia25^c. Sam- plea In fair demand and lower. No. 3, 319 30hc: No. 3 White, 3ra37*c; jja 2, M» 36!,io; No. " White, S7' / 4»3'Jc. HYI—Cash Rye fair sale, scarce and firm, bul futures Blow. No. 2 ea»b, ISQiWKc, sample lots, <8351c. Mar delivery, 45(c*5^c. BAiiPtY—Very qnlot; .prices steady. Choice by sample, M2>6Sc; fair to food, 6IQ5So; common, <036Uc, with screenings nr. 0031 a00 per ton. MBS* FORK—Trading HRht and prices higher. Quotations ranged at fl£27!-iOJ&«) for caith regular: t]2.LVH<iiau) (or May, and »ri:K'ia 12.45 for July. LAUD—Very quiet and hlKjper. Quotations ranged at H.5037.J4 for cash; t7.30j)7.35 for May: f7.07KO7.KH -for July, and t7.05O7.12tf for September. . IiTV« PoutTBY —Per pound: Chickens, 5» So: Turlceya, 6$7o; Ducks, 8a»o: Geeso, taOQ O5.00 per dozen. Barren — Oroamery, 84150; Dairy, 98Uc; Packing Stoclc, eas^c. LIQCOBS—Distilled spirits steady on the basis of II. 1!) per gal. for finished goods. Olts— Wisconsin Prlnio Wblto, 7?«c: Water White, 7tfc; Mlohlgun Prlmo White. 8tfo; Water White. 9c: Indiana Prime White, B^o; Water White, 8fcc: Headlight, 1*5 test, 8tfo: Gas- ollne, B7degr'», ll!4c;74 dog's, »c; Naphtha. 63 deg'a, C&o. Nzw YORK, May 11. WHHAT—No. 2 red opened \vnak und lower. July, fll'3«l?io; December. G0jj®6t)?ic. Cons—No. 2, lairly active but lower. May, 43!i3<3^c: July, M^QU^c. OATS—No. 2 easier. May, 38!4c: July, 373£c; track \vhlto State, 42®47c; track white Western, 12(8470. PIIOVMIONS—Beef—Stoutly. Family, JllOfta MOO; extra mess, 57.M4&M. Pork—Dull New mess, HS.Tb.'aH.OO; family, 115.00315.50; short ole»r, II4.W31G.OO. Lard—Easy. Primo Wontern steam. 37.76; nominal. lujurlonn Catbarilc*. Are you aware that the uee of purging teas are injurious—they dilute the stomach fluids, impair digestion, do not move the secretions or bile—physicians never uso them. The best cathartic is a good pill—but you must- get reliable ones. Rinehart'd are the best—only one (or a dose, pleasant in action. For ealo by B. F. Keesllng and Keystone drup store. One Wijr to be Hippy. Is it at all times to attend to the comforts of your family. Should any one of them catch a slight cold or cough, prepare yourself and call at: once on Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and got a trial bottle of Otto's cure, the great German remedy, free. We give it away to prove that, we havo a sure cure for coughs, coldi, asthma, consumption, and all diseases- of the throat and lungs. Large sizes 50 cents. From Sire to Son. As a family medicine Bacon's Celery King- for the nerves passes from sire- to eon as a legacy. If you have kid~ oey, liver or blood disorder do not- delay, but get a free sample package- of this remedy at once. If you have indigestion, constipation, headache, rheumatism, etc., this grand specific will cure you. Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth street, the leading druggist, Is sole agent, and is distributing samples free to the afflicted. Large packages 5O cents. ClunberUli'i Eje ud Skli Olitaeit Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Files, Eczema, Tetter, Salfe Bheum and Scald Head, 25 centi par box. For Bale by B. F. Keesling, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with Jess expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the iemedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withftho approval of tho medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- gilts in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whoie name is printed on every — * alao the name, Syrup of Figs, iwll informed, you will not Lire Stock. CnrcAno, May II. HOGS—Market active and tlrm. Prices advanced C£llOc. Sales ranged nt HT5@S. 16 for Pigs: B.OOa5.M for light: H.90a4.06 for rough packing; KOiA&So for mixed, and $3.10 O6-30 for heavy packing and snipping lots. CATTLX—Market rather active and prices steady. Quotations ranged at M.40GM.M for choice to extra fhlnplnf Steers; (iKKJ 4.8S for good to choioo do.; »i4(133.60 for fair to good; I1.1G43.60 for common to medium do.: U.K>as.50 for butoher'i Steors; f2.80O3.10 for Stock*™; KWOaPS for Fcedem: tl.GoaS.40 for Cows: f29003.80 for Hai'fnrr. K. 0033. K> for Bulls: KTOfttOO for TIZES Steers, and l£00» «.25 for Veal Ctlve* TO HORSE OWAEB8. For putting a horse in a Hoe healthy condition try Dr. Cody's Condition Powders. They tono up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving. aew life to an old overworked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. Toiling on the "Briny," Is rery far from umiulng, untraveled reader, If 80 be yon lira one. A rebellion fomented by each mountainous wave that smites the vessel's bill 1 tbreatcnsabBolutelytodislodge your very vitals from tlielr natural resting place, and B nnuwa so frightful that It would reconcile roa to a termU nation of your suflarinna by shipwreck harasses you. Well for yon tben, or rather before this crisis, If you are provided with Boitetter'n Stomach bltteri, a swift remedy f»r and preventive of tbe nausea or travelers by tea or land, nervousness caused by the vibration of the screw of a steamer »rtbe Jarring of a railway train, and an antidote to bowel, liver and stomachic troubles caused by Impure water and unaccustomed food The bitten 8110. counteracts the effaces of fatigue and exposure, and is a cafegnard against malaria, rheumatism and kidney tnable. A physician inexperienced IB nerve trouble* may doctor you for the wrong thing. Dr. Wheeler's Vitalizer IB made by * net TO dlMate ipeoialUt who know*: what It ne*ded. Sold by Ben ' For Ovej^FIftF 1 Ye»m Mrs. Winslow's toothing Syrup ha* been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect succeai. It soothes the child, softens tbe gums, allays all pain, cures wind oolic, and is the beet remedy for diarrhoea. I* will relieve the poor little Bufferer immediately. Sold by drugg-lnta In every part of the world. Twenty-fire cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Winelow's Soothing: Syrup" and take no other kind. Rated (O California Clrentlr K«*oe«* via the Pennsylvania LlBea. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can bo enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Paa. sengert* can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satiifactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A Mo- Cullough. ticket agent. Loganiport, If you feel dull and have DO appe tite take Rinehart'i Liver Pilli; 1 a. dOM. For laleby B. F. K»e«lla(r Mdy ulii$^:u.fl!»^ E«yttoa«dnjf «o|re.\-;^;;..-.,. 3'X;-^:-;,;^

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