The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1960 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1960
Page 23
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I Tidbits by Evelyn The baseball season haying opened, here is a little story on Algon.Ys participation. I am not n sports fan; I know little about football and still less about baseball, but I do recall hearing dbout the Algona Brownies, the best team Iowa ever had, according to A. L. Long, of Davenport. And since the team has been recalled to mind from time to time and been spoken of in glowing terms, I feel certain A. L. knows what he is talking about. The name Doggie Woods is familiar and I had thought he played with the Brownies. Don Smith Sr. corroded mo on that and explained he had been here with a team before the Brownies era which was around 1902. Doggie was here in 1900 or near that time In addition to his fame as a pitcher, he won fame of sorts by having married a white woman and fathering a very lovely chirci, 'tis said. I knew Glen Brunsoij and his name was associated with the Brownies on my memory. He was manager of the team and promoters were E. J. Murtagh, Harry Tremain, Fred Curtis and Will Cordingley. The team Doggie played on, according to Don, was composed of a couple of Indians, a couple of colored men and a few locals. * * • Ii is nice having friends concerned about one's welfare. When I failed to answer my phone after repeated calls, a friend called the office to see if I was all right. A check by Miss Zumach who found me O.K. but the phone had bf-en in use. That being the case, the busy signal should have notified the caller, but even mechanical things go wrong, and a phone can be upset. * * • The Irving Millers were recently at the Earl Miller Trout Farm and said I had described it very accurately in a recent item. They, like the George Balluffs, found it a fine place to go. * * * It is comforting to learn 53% of the women are having troubles with thinning locks, since I make up one of the unfortunates. Oh, I haven't reached the wig stage yet, and I a"m happy over quite a few new "sprouts.". But wouldn't it be 1 wonderful if the answer to falling hair could be found? And why is it so many men, young men at that, lose their top knots? Gems From Diamond's Lead, Zinc, and Titaniam IWHITF EXTERIOR PAINT 99 Gallon Reg. $5.50 Value 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY $18.88 Leader All-Purpose WHITE PAINT Perfect for fences, out buildings, or primer coat. 5 GALLON LOTS , $11.88 39 Gallon SYMPHONY IN COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT I Truly a beautiful paint to work with aad se*. J 00*99 t« MBCuion I •••inuiiu ut «f»urr FINEST RED G vi n r R n d 3 99 Gallon , SUPER BRIGHT RED OUTSIDE BARN PAINT 4 49 Gallon 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY S19.50 1 For a different spelling, this tops my list. BILLYE, the name of a bride-elect I redd about recently. * • * Mrs Nell Potter has recently been in Des Moines visiting relatives, Mr and Mrs David McDonald, 90 and 89, respectively. Hoih arc active, alert, in good health and happy in their own home 1 . Mi- McDonald is a brother of the late Mrs L. Potter, mother of Llovd Elmer, Harry, Ray. Day, Ren. Charles, Delbert, Ellen, Ruby and Alia. Of his family Ben. Ray, Ellen & Ruby are living Mr <i Mrs McDonald have a summer cottage at a lake in northern Minnesota, drive there alone, a'nd plan to spend the summer there in semi- isolation, savs telephone, just as they have clone many previous years. A remarkable 1 couple. * * * Marilyn Lowman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Perry Lowman, has a vacation coming up which makes most of us green with envy. She has for the past thrc.-e teacher in the Davenport schools. On July 22, she will .sail for Europe on a college tour and will be gone till Sept. .3. Among the many things she will see are trie Olympics at Rome, the bull fights in Spain arid the cricket matches in England. * » « Jack Limbaugh recently made a business trip to Houston, Tex via plane. He now has a pet ambition to ride a jet. His interest is further stimulated by the fact he has a cousin Kenneth Billingsley who pilots a jet. As j. lad, his family had no hopes of him being other than very ordinary but after attending low? State University at Ames, he- sort of woke up, so to speak, and now, as a jet pilot, his job certainly is far from mediocre. * * Mrs Grace Brcckbill was recently visited by her late husband's nephew and wife, Mr and Mrs Charles Sicldall, Newton The Siddalls are leaving May 11 on a seven week tour of 17 European countries. Mrs Adda Price and her late husband, Dr J. O. F. Price, made a Europeai, tour in 1930 Mrs Price and Mrs Brcckbill are sisters. One of the first foreign trips I remember hearing about were Mr nnd Mrs J. T. Chrischilles and son Theodore (Chris) who went abroad in 1908. As I recall it was a graduation present to Chris. Then it seems as though I heard of Louise McCoy making a trip, and didn't Mr and Mrs William Ferguson go too? * * • I don't Ihink I like blue jays very much. They are loo saucy end impertinent. When I 1 , tossed out some food the other 1 day. two robins and two. of my little un-named gray birds were getting along amiably, eating side by side. Along came Mr Jay and took over the situation, greedy and ill-mannered. The other birds gave way and waited till he had gulped down several mouthfuls and flew away satis- I think fill voro feeding young because- after eating awhile, they'd carry away bits. I love watching lhern. Inside pets here is a bowl of gold fish, passed around from room to room for a visit of a few days with each resident. When it's my turn i'll suggest that it br.- passed on to tPie next person. I never went fur goldfish. They are so stupid swimming 'round and 'round and never gelling any place, poor things. Th'\v ;u e too much like myself, wanting lo net places but always ju.'-'t "swimming around" in my mind the places I'd like lo g'>. 4 » * ' Did you ever plant a sweet potato and si e what a pretty vine it makes'.' There is one ir one of the rooms here You can almost see it grow. It has ambitions to reach the ceiling, and given a bit more lime, will make- it. * * * L. H. Robinson doesn't like batching any better than August Sl.-igle did when his wife was visiting relatives. Mrs Robinson has been in Grinnell with her mother, Mrs Minnie Howe. As I told August. I also told Mr Robinson. "T.V. rimncTs are fine. Why not try them?" * * * When I talked with Mrs Alvin Peterson she'told me of the Ami- pound, two ounce baby born recently to Mr Peterson's brother- in-law and sister. Mr and Mrs Richard Seversen. Thor. ' The baby lias been in an incubator at a Fort. Dorlt'e hospital but had gained sufficient weight to be taken home May 1. It was a bit noisy here and I hope I heard Mrs Peterson correctly. T gathered Mrs Soverscn was a very tiny twin and in tin; absence of an incubator, her grandmother placed her in the oven. Good old days! I said. "It's a good thinp they didn't close the door." * * * Connie Jergenson (Mrs Harold) phoned her parents, Mr arid Mrs J. I. Merryman, Friday and said il was snowing lightly in Denver. The lilac bush was buddinp so the family took turns .brushing it off the clusters in hopes of saving the blooms. Mrs Gilles naid the snow would have saved the buds from freezing. » * * Mrs Martha Frieden, West Bend, a resident here, had ar caller Friday Mrs Joe Thoman, West Rend. Mrs Thoman came in to meet me, having read my column for some time, she said' * * * Andrew Anderson, Kossuth .county auditor here many years ago — back in 1012 or previous-"' has been living in Timber Lake. S. D. many years. He has held many county offices there and recently was honored by being chosen to dig the first shovel or dirt breaking ground for the new court house to be built there. He has also been given space in "Who's Who." He is a brother of Mrs Dave Lcffc-H, nee Ida And- erson, also identified v.'ifh fho Kossuth county court house several years. In fact, that is where I first, met her - and Gladys Dalle'y, now Mrs Harry Wright. 'I tie two women wen.- dose friends. The jam was elelicious : Ida. 1 shaierl il ;)S you sugge-steel and il was t;ieally appreciated. * * + Things that happened in May, 102-1 Cyrus St. John, father of George, fhed after short illness- Omti.-t by .North and South side for Community Club membership resulted in a tie. -.- Lawrence Laielley moved to Lone: Rock to accept position as ercamery manager. * * * We don't like this cold spell Apiil 2!.l and 30 but. there- were.•-now flurries May 11. 1924 -- and the 15 whe-n mother and I got home from Califoinia, it was a e'ond.v, misty cold day. Having left sunshine and orange- blossoms, 1 was ready to turn around and tia hack immediately. * * * Remember when "You never dreamed you'el have to opeh a SMTh . 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S. resident, was visited over the weekend by her son and daughter-in- law, Mr and Mis Kenneth Mathson. Hopkins, Minn. f f * The birds I have wondered about are chickadees. I mentioned the "bibs" and that is the way they were described in the illustrated article on birds in tin Sunday magazine. May 1. * * « A group of young folks from the Good Hope church at Tilonka sang tor us Saturday aluminum---• or was it Friday ~- and left little flow<T favors for our May Day dinner trays. Mine was a very real looking rose. The flowers wen; varied, all pretty and much appreciated. Thank you. * * '» Ricki Posl brought me a May basket. He is growing up so Tuesday, May 10, 1960 Algona (la.) Upper Dei fast I had to look twice to he sure it was actually Kicki. He will be nine May 2'i. a dafe I have cause for remembi'rinc 1 UTILITIES A spr I'idi in""! inR t'-i!ilit's V.-.-IK hr-ld ni liu- fifv! ciiv ';i AlfioiKt. I.-i , April 21 IWij at !t 00 i,'r.|n,.|< !' M. Pir.s'.|it Wi-rc: All'-n K. r.iirhrin:in. O ! H.-irmi'X Mrlvirv J. r,:iy T .r.-imi'S '.'ilNii.i. Supt . H. W. Sfm'imrvpr. ii.p- '•••vntMii; Hm-11 ,1- \Vmt"i- Fur; Co' -ri>:\ I'.'H-. , i.-i . .iMfl 11.-i Kohl. S,.,'. Tin- inc'ir;.; \«. .•!.-: r.illfc! In ct/nsidcr •i-^fl striii'l-ni. lo iv-pl.irc did Cddliill! .(.'.'.'(•I ill i',,v. r> I- IM.'lMl'. Uirls hflcl-ilcnv .-"lu-ivrl !,• HM..II ,V Win'. I E,if>. Co. A li'ltci lioni'll c 1 .- Winli.-r KMR CM V.MS ni n. filled. ;Klvi.MnK thf Fioiird i'ri.-il bids v..-|.. MI! u itrfl nom the liiUnv in;' Ii. S. SIMVI.T Cn . !_'Q W (i.-iii, st O;-K.h:i. .-:. Ii. Dies.-'! Si i '. i. r Co.. Ami'.'--. I;i I!, c |;,,,,,,. , •!,,.„„,. ,., -^ I' '•'•• i Mnin I'urll ft WintrT ndvis- llu! ih.. ['.o-, ul |i|.,l 11,,. H S. Ktovrr Co. v.ould i,ot '-nljiiiil ,i hid ;is tln-y .'oul'l M'>t '?!>•"! thi- coniplrl ion fl.-itc. A bid nnd piopusiil subiniltcd by Uic.-cl S»r \-irr. Co.. to I'Lir/ih-'h nnd iri- ^i ill ,'i mull!-.!* to.vcr, .is CUT speuil ir;i- tions. lor the -;!im of SID.iiSl.Od. Tbc lion id Ihcn disc'ussvd Hie >iid b"U' i i'n tiii/irselvcs: ;ind v.ilh the Kn- ginrrr. HfrmiM- of I IIP nec-d ul :idd- , lon.'il c"oliiH, i;i|),-irity to mrel rrv/nt:-, for the rowing smTunrr jirrtsoni .inrl upon riTonimemmlioM bv HIP Frt- t'.mrrr. :i irsnhitinii w;is p.'tHsod, dp- provi rl ;ind ndoptcd, nireptlnic II"' hid nnd piopo-.;d ol Hir-wl $(>vvire Co. Next mfcliiiR d.iic- wns s>-t for May '.'.. I ''in, .it 7 .id o'clock P.M. M'-i hn/4 ,'id|oiii ni'tl. /S/ Irn Kohl f>< crclnry /.-/ All, ll K. P,ucl,;ili,m I') c:- i'ii lit ol 1 il' - i >o;i I d NOTICE OF PttOBATE OF WILL~~ Sl.-l" ol' [o\v;t ss. In District Court Ko'-nt!) r-oiintv '•"• '"'-'I M.iri'h Term. IfifiO. TO /M.I. WHOM IT MAV CONCERNVO: 1 AFtR IIKRFBV NOTIFIED. 11 i.r 'i ;'ir,"nt o'' -.vntiiis purportlnR to ! " !i " I.'''-; 1 Will find Trst.nmont lit llcnrv J. Amrlorlr.r, Decc;is"d, datccl •'"iv .'(';. l!ir>5. li.-ivlng been this tiny !'i' rl . I'p'M'rl ;HI.| Monday the '.'.!! d ('-:> or M,n. |r H i ()| )s Hxc'd for l.i.nii,!! l/ioot ol KIIITIC ;d thp Court I'o.r,' i.i Ah'.ona. Iiiwn. before Um I.'!:- ! IM ; Coii, I ol sjild Ciii.nity, nr thn ''' ' ' "I \:i«\ Court: nnr! nt len o'clock A. M.. ol the tiny ;il)ovr> nvntlnncd nil l)i r •••))!- intiTrsti'd an; lu'roby notified i^'id !• 'itiiM-'l to ;tppo. r u'. nnd sho'.v '• .in- 1 , i! ,iiiv they luivo, why Instru- n:- n' lioifld not he )irbh,-itecl nnd ;iMo.\'-d ;is .ind lor the Inst Will nnd ^' •• ''• '•' r,' (.1" .^..iid flec:rj;i,sod. U.iifd ,-it AU'onn, low.-i. Mny fi, InflO. Ahnn Pcnrsiin Ch'i!-. of tho District Court. i )• 'l.'.i V.'< 1 '.•!'. 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