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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 90
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 90

Cincinnati, Ohio
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I0 m-nra rm THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1927 of Syracuse, N. were "guests of Mr. and street. About 70 guests attended. Mrs, SUMMER BRIDE OHIO.

Otten, and Dr. Thadeus R. Gillespie, of Walnut Hills. The wedding wlJJ take place in the very near future. Mr.

and Mrs. James Hopper have returned to their home at Anderson, Thursday for Nova Scotia, where they will pass several mouths. Dr. and Mrs. Altlrlch left Friday Tor White Sulphur Springs to pass the Fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. Colt Blacker, of Columbus, passed the week-end with Mr, ar-j Mrs. .1 TlnnlAr Mrs. Don Placier, of Auburn, N.

is Sunday to pass a week with her daughter, Mi-k. George Ludlow. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haley left last week to pnss two weeks at Big Win Inn, Ontario, Canada.

and Mrs. A. J. Winter, of Cleveland, passed a week with the latter's mother, Mrrf. Knimtt Willfion.

Mrs. Ross Fosnlght, of Loveland, is a guest at the home of Mrs. C. H. Clay.

Miss Ruth Billow and Mrs. H. S. Wells, Cuyahoga Falls, have returned from a week's visit in Washington and Atlantic City. Mr.

and Mrs. Tedeman have returned from a year's stay In Los Angeles, and other Western cities. A group of Intimate friends were guests Tuesday evening when Mr. and Mrs. L.

('. Meier entertained Informally at a fish fry at their summer home on the West Reservoir, Mies Ruth Weir and Miss Gladys Reese were Joint hostesses at a bridge party Monday night In honor of Miss Marie Itelkert, who is leaving Friday for Los Angeles, to make her home. itev. B. Z.

Stambaugh officiated at the marriage of Miss Louise Rogers and Mr. Godfrey F. Weston on Saturday after- visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. rcir: Mr. anil Mrs.

H. W. Chapman left Sunday for a vacation in Canada and the Adirondack Mountains. Mis. Joseph S.

McKell left Friday for Bar Harbor, Maine, to pass the summer Mrs. Laura Tinker, formerly of this city, has announced the marriage of her daughter, Miss Frances, to Mr. Carl Albert Delamore at Columbus Saturday, June 18. Mrs. Dwlght Withgott entertained at a tea Friday afternoon in honor of her guest, Mias Gertrude Hill, of China, and Mrs.

Dwlght Steele (Evelyn Teegarten), of Clrclevule, a recent bride. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Dennie Snyder, of Cut-tlngsvllle, Mrs. Mary Hyatt, of Los Angeles; Mrs. J.

C. Anderson, of Bain-bridge, and Miss Mae Patterson, ot pike-ton. Mrs. Donavon Hoover, of COLUMBUS. RS.

WILLIAM McCLELLAN HITTER, East Broad stroet, hostess at a luncheon Tuesday at her homo for Miss Mary Mann, Bluefield, W. who arrived In Columbus Sunday with her father, Mr. Edwin Mann, (or a week's visit at the Hitter home. Covers wore laid for Miss Anne Outhwaite, Miss Helen Nicholas, Miss Mary Loren Jeffrey, Miss Solace Huntington, Miss Anne Lupher, Mies Alice Shannon, Miss Mann and the hostess. Mr.

and Mrs. Ritter entertained 12 guests at dinner Saturday evening. Mrs. Charles S. Hamilton, Jefferson avenue, entertained 12 guests at a luncheon Friday at the Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club In honor of two honor guests, her sister, Mrs.

Walter Wood Brown, New York City, and Mrs. William McClellan Ritter, East Broad street. Mrs. William Nell King, of the Cumberland Apartments, was hostess at two luncheons last week at the Scioto Country Club. On Tuesday Mrs.

John Munro, New York, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. George H. McKnlght, Franklin avenue, was te guest of honor, and on Thursday Mrs. Walter Wood Brown, New York, was honor guest. Mr.

and Mrs. Stanton Prentiss, with their sons and daughters, Frederick Margaret, Katherlne, Willard and Marian, North Parkview avenue, accompanied by Miss Mary Belle Pumphrey, of the Broad-win Apartments, flaneco nf Mr. Frederick W. Prentiss, and by Mr. F.

Stewart Knox, Normandie Hotel, left by automobile Sat-, urday for North Port Point, wnere they will pas one montn. Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Cook and son, Alhert.

Parkwood avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. William R. Casparls and their three sons. East Broad street, passed the week-end at Kelley Island.

Miss Ann Preston Lupfer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. p. w. Lupfct.

Nnrtn rarii' view avenue, entertained 60 guesta at a bridge-tea Wednesday at the Columbus Country Club. The honor guests were Miss Elizabeth Morris and Miss Marian Tracy, who are leaving soon to pass a tnontn at Bannr and Lake Louise in me Canadian Rockies. Miss Kathleen Firestone, Miss Mary Ann Rogers, Miss Jeannette Scott, Miss Lucille mm i I 1 "I I 1 La Jl Is the guest of her aunt, Mrs, E. R. Prather.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Claypool (Mildred Burns) have returned from a wedding trip through the East and are at trrelr new home on East Second street. I Mrs. Jean Gauvain, night nurse at the i City Hospital, has resigned to accept the position of Superintendent of the medical service department of the hospital opened I by the Columbus Street Hallway and Light Company.

Miss Persls Bannon, of Portsmouth, Is the guest of Miss Mary Elizabeth Keim. Miss Mary Elizabeth Keim entertained at two tables of bridge at the luncheon- I bridge given at the Country Club Thurs- 1 day. Her guests were Mrs. James Breeoe, Mrs. Wlltsis, Mrs.

Edwards and Miss i Leila Apple, of Portsmouth, and Mrs, A. Smith, of Porto Rico, who is the guest ij of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.

Arbeni. Mrs. J. C. Douglas entertained for Mrs.

Hampton Wells and Miss Dorothy Hyde for her house guest, Mrs. Paul Blackwell, of Henderson, Ky and Miss Virginia mewart, ot Columbus. Mr. Kichard V. Hopkins, of ClevelandS, 1 passed the Fourth with his parents.

Mr. 1 I Wlsgarner and Miss Ruth Heer were as sisting hostesses at the bridge-tea given Tuesday afternoon by Miss Mabel Bright- Jt man, Linwood avenue, honoring Miss Elizabeth Bowen, a bride elect. Mr. and Mrs. S.

P. Bush. Roxhury road, entertained Tuesday with a dinner at their home, honoring Mr. and Mrs. vvu- 11am McClellan Ritter, East Broad strsot.

In compliment to her niece, Miss Helen Oakley, Montclalr, N. Mrs. Harry B. Mrs. Tieman (Miss Dorothy Bae Parrott), daughter of 'Mr.

and Mrs. William G. Parrott, Dayton, was married Wednesday evening, July 6, to Mr. Bower E. Tieman, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Louis B. Tieman, of that city. The wedding took place at the First Baptist Church, in Dayton. and Mrs.

H. V. Hopkins, of North High street. CLRCLEVULE. Mlss Ethel Marley, Chicago, Was the charming guest of Mrs Lemuel James and Mr.

and Mrs. James Smith, dividing her week's stay, between the two homes. Mrs. Charles May gave a dancing party, to the young set, for her debutante, daughter'- Battle, on Thursday evening. Mr.

and Mrs. Harold Clarke came from Pittsburgh for the Fourth with the former's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Hartley Clarke. Tho Misses Abble and Grace Clark gave luncheon for their slster-ln-law on Wednesday, and Mrs.

Charles T. Gllmore and Mrs. Turuey Weldonente entertained Mrs. Clark at their bridge club, on Friday and Tuesday evenings, severally, Mrs. Har.iet Lazenby is here from Columbus and is at the Boggs hotel for the summer.

Miss Eluseena Lazenby, her daughter, Is In Spain, pursuing her study of landscape gardening, In which her lectures were so well received last winter. Mr. and Mrs, Charles Weaver enjoyed a motoring trip to Charleston, W. over the week-end and the Fourth. Mr.

and Mrs. Charles C. Lewis had with them, over Sunday and the Fourth, their children, Mr. and Mrs. Emll "Xeldloh, of netroit, ana tne formers father, Mr.

Leidlch, of Germany. Miss Dorothy Zartman. Columbus, was the guest of her schoolmate the Columbus School for Girls, Miss Ann Bennett, and Mr, and Mrs, James I. Smith for the week. Mrs.

Henry P. Folsom Is In Lima for a brief stay with her son, Mr. Seward Folsom. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Smith were hers from Cincinnati for the Fourth with Mrs. Smith's mother. Mrs. William Schleyer, and sister, Mrs. George Groom, and Mr.

Groom. Miss Frances Walling has srone to Haw- keye, N. to be councilor to the girls at Camp Kokorlng. COSHOCTON. Miss Janice Richardson.

North Eighth street, and Miss Hazel Holt, Pittsburgh, left on Friday for an extended trip on the St. LawrencfHtiver and points -i)ir Interest in Canada 1 Arnold, Stanbery avenue, entertained with a luncheon Saturday at the Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club. Twelve guests were entertained at dinner Saturday at the Columbus Country Club by Mrs. W. D.

Brickell. East Broad Street. A dinner for club members and their families and friends was servod July 4 at the Winding Hollow Country Club. MIbs Isabel Catherine McClure, daughter of Mrs. W.

T. McClure, East Rich street, and Mr. Frederick Reginald Ack-land, Franklin avenue, were united In marriage Thursday afternoon In Trinity Episcopal Church. The bride's sister, Mrs. O.

H. Sellenlngs. was matron of honor, and Mr. R. A.

Currie, was best man. Mr. Fritz A. Hchtenberg and Mr. Richard Ackland were ushers.

One hundred and fifty guests were present at the ceremony and 60 attended the reception following at the home of the bride's brother-in-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs. O. H. Sellenlngs.

Preston road. On the return of Mr. and Mrs. Ackland from a trip they will reside at 65 Lexington avenue. Mrs, Erdis G.

Robinson, West Ninth avenue, entertained with a luncheon Wednesday at the Scioto Country Club, honoring Mrs. George W. Rlghtmlre. Covers were laid for 22. Mr.

and Mrs. William Fell Brown, Seneca Hotel, left Friday for Bannf and Lake i Louise, In the Canadian Rockies. Mr. Brown will be away a month and Mrs. Brown will remain in Canada the greater part of the summer.

Mrs. Jonas M. McCune, Seneca Hotel, is passing the summer with her son-in-law and daughter, Colonel and Mrs. O. S.

Fries, and their family, at Vineyard Haven, MassachUBSets. Prof, and Mrs. Henry Russell Spencer. East Broad street, will leave for Wllllams-town, on July 22, where Prof. Spencer will conduct a round table for one month at the Institute of Polities at Williams College.

Mrs. William A. Bargar entertained the members of her bridge club at a plonlc-luncheon Wednesday at her home, North Drexel avenue, Bexiey. Reginald and Robert Monsarrat, song of r. and Mrs.

Ct ill. Monsarrat, Miami for Camp Fairwood, Torch Lake, where they will remain until September. Mr, and Mrs. Charles E. Firestone and daughter Kathleen, Eastwood avenue, will pass the month of August at Sound Beach, Connecticut.

The bridge-tea given by Mrs. Charles F. Franklin avenue, Friday nftornoon, was in honor of her daughter, Miss Elizabeth Bowen, the fiancee of Mr. James W. Scobie, Rochester, N.

Y. Mrs. W. Wallace Havens, Toms River, N. Is visiting her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. H. J. Copeland, Morrison avenue. Mrs.

Harry Huston, her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William G. Pace, and their son. William Pace East Broad street, motored Saturday to the summer home of Dr.

and Mrs. Andrew W. Prout on Lake Erie, another son-in-law and daughter of Mrs. Huston, where i1- 4 I I i fi V. 1 Fourteenth Field Recruit; Thomas A.

Sills, Company Twenty-eighth United States Engineers; Eugene Stringer, Supply Company, Sixty-first Pioneer Infantry; Clarence L. Triplett, Company Twenty-sixth United Statev Infantry; James C. Allon, Supply Company, Three Hundred and Seventeenth United States Field ArtUlery; Josoph Bird, Company Tenth United States Cavalry; William Bothwell, Company Twelfth Machine Gun Battalion; Walter Carroll, Company One Hundred and Sixty-sixth United States Infantry; Harve Colvln, Company Fifty-second United States Infantry: Early B. Clark, Company Thirty-eighth United States Volunteer Infantry; Valley J. Crab-tree, Company Three Hundred ind Thirty-third United States Infantry; Frank G.

Crowley, Three Hundred and Fifth Transportation Corps; Homer Crumrlne, Headquarters Company, Thirty-seventh Division; Charles Farrar, Company Third United States Fluid Artillery; John J. Garrity, Company Twenty-third Unltod States Infantry; Otto G. Green, Casualty Company No. 762; Harry Haggard, One Hundred and Thirteenth Company, One Hundred ami Fourth Sanitation Train; Charles H. Hall, Company One Hundred and Eighteenth United States Engineers; Clarence Haynes, Four Hundred and Eleventh Quartermaster Corps; Alonzo Hiday, Company One Hundred and Seventy-sixth Ohio Infantry; Herbert J.

Hodges, Company Eighth United States Infantry; Albert Li Jackson, Company Fourth Ohio Infantry; charlea Kastl, HoadquarterH Company; Thirty-fourth United States Engineers; Robert B. Kay, Twenty-ninth Construction Company; iay-lord T. Lightfoot, Fifty-second Balloon Company; Ernest Marglson, Company Three Hundred and Sixtieth United States Infantry; Luren M. Mahew, Quartermaster Corps; John Norzlnsky, Second Company, One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Depot Brigade; Herman J. Raker, Company Tenth United States Field Artillery; Joe Rhodes, Company One Hundred and Forty-fifth United States Infantry; John 8.

Sullivan, Company Three Hundred and Twenty-sixth United States Infantry; John H. Thomas, Company Twenty-second Ohio Infantry; Ralph Thompson, Company One Hundred and Third United States Engineers; John Walpole, Company Eleventh Machine Gun 3at-tallon; Robert Green, United States Navy: Charles O. Hall, United States Engineer, unasslgned; Albert Schrange, United States Navy. The following deaths have occurred at this Home: Robert Richardson, Company Sixth West Virginia Infantry, died June 25, 1927, aged 81 years. Lawson Johnson, Company Three Hundred and Twentieth United States Infantry, died June 26, 1927, aged 30 years, Theo.

R. Bassell, United States Navy, died June 27, 1927, aged 24 years. Josoph H. Whltehouse, Company Fourth Illinois Infantry, died June 1927, aged 63 years. Eli A.

Dunnihoo, (Smpany Twentieth United States Infantry, died June 30, 1937, aged 65 years, John G. Neville, Company Forty -second Illinois Infantry, died June 30, 1927, aged 84 years. William Wilson, Company One Hundred and First Pennsylvania Infantry, died Juno 3U, 1927, aged 84 years. Lawrence Pross, Company Twenty-sixth Ohio Infantry, died July 2, 1927, aged 81 years. Andy Balcler, Company One Hundred and Forty-fifth United States Infantry, died July 2, 1927, aged 30 years.

William C. Klnman, Company One Hundred and Forty-fifth United States Infantry, died July 3, 1927, aged 31 years. James K. Smith, Company Eighth Ohio Cavalry, died July 3, 1927, aged 79 years. ueotire Maxrield thl.y week.

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. House, of Cincinnati passed part of the week with Mr.

and Mis. Allan Herns. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kennedy, Mr.

and Mrs. Earl Majcwell have been guests of relatives at Akron and passed a few days at i.ane nine. Mr. and Mrs. J.

G. Itlchards and son, Graydou, of Cawcas, South America, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brannock were guests on Tueeday of Mrs. P.

D. Mllner. SHKDLUrNshrdletaocmfw shr etao shrdlu BLANCHESTEK. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Jones visited Leiianon mends last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. ftnnn anil Mr And Granville Oano, Xenla, were guests of sr. ana Mrs.

frank Hhrack last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, W. L. Cllne, Jamestown, paaeeu last ciunaay with friends nere.

BOWLING GREEN. Mrs. Carl Young and Mrs. Howard oiiiauwooa entertained at a luncneon bridge party Friday. Mies Mao Wise, daughter of Mr.

and ii. nana wise, and Ernest w. Hon-heins were married Sundav. Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Kappaport entertained Friday evening for a pompany of friends. Mrs. E. M. Fries entertained Thursday ami rnaay at cara parties for friends.

Honoring Mrs. B. U. Brown, of Savannah, Ga Mrs. Raymond Lass entertained evening for Mrs.

Kay Avery, Mrs Russell Bates, Miss Hazel Craw, Mrs. James Ford, Mrs. W. H. Gernert, Miss Helen Phillips, Mrs.

Joy Reider, Mrs. Koyce Sutton, Mrs. Robert Young. Mr. and Mrs.

Fred Olnhausem entertained at a card party Thursday evening. BK00KVILLE. Prof. M. P.

Jones, of Columbus, Ohio, and Mr, R. C. Jones, of New York City, were house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schreel over the week-end.

A pleasing social event of last week was that of Tuesday evening when a group of friends delightfully surprised Mrs. O. C. Riley, honoring her birthday. Mr.

and Mrs. J. H. Simmons entertained the following guests at dinner on Sunday: Mr. and Mrs.

George H. Simmons and family; Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Simmons and family, of Dayton; Mrs. Alma Slough, Miss Vera Simmons.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Fowle had for their guests last week Mr. and Mrs.

S. G. Shelter and Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

Unger, of California. Mrs. Ed McVey, Mrs. D. B.

Newhall, of Sidney, and Bess McVey of Cleveland, were recent guests of Prof, and Mrs. Chester Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. G.

if. Pontius, Mr. and Mrs. E. G.

Steck, 1Ibs Pauline Somers and Mr. H. E. Zumbrun passed the weekend at the former's cottage at Cellna BUCYRUS. Miss Dorothea Bowman and Mr.

Walter E. Eynon, of Canton, Ohio, were married at the home of the bride's parents on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. A muslcale planned for the U. S. W.

V. Auxiliary took place at the Elks' Club Tuesday evening, Miss Clara Dougherty was hostess to the In-As-Much Circle of the King's Daughters at her home Tuesday evening. MJss Helen M. Flke and Mr. Amos Rothschild were married Saturday morning.

Judge and Mrs. Amos Keller received, word of their Son Robert's marriage to Miss Mildred Ewing, of Newton Falls, Ohio, which occurred Thursday, July 1. CANTON. Mr. and Mrs.

Wendell Herbruck returned Saturday from a trip abroad. Mr. and Mrs. Herman L. Barnes and their children, Betty and George, and Mr.

Barnes's mother, Mrs. George A. Barnes, have left by motor for New York, where they will snend several weeks. Mrs. Henry 8.

Belden, and eon Henry are spending several weeks in Aurora, N. Y. Mrs. Harry Cox and son Robert, of New York, are guests of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs, W.

W. Steele. Mr. and Mrs. A.

Harry Stephana, of Chicago, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. O'Brien. Prof.

Goorge Wolenberg-, of Yale, Is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frease. Mrs. Harry Frease and daughtor Katherlne returned Friday from Clearfield, where they visited relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neff Cola and childrea, Josephine and William, have left by motor for the East. They will spend a month at a cottage on Chesapeake Bay. Mrs.

John H. Krumlauf and grandaon, Robert Clay, are spending several days at Damascus, Ohio. Mrs. Louis Schneider will sail Wednesday from New Yoik to spend the summer abroad. Miss Elizabeth Fogle has returned from a several weeks' visit in Northampton, and New York, Miss Elizabeth Harter, of this city, with her sister, Mrs.

Harry Alexander, and daughter, of Cleveland, has left for Papagonia, where they will spend a month on a ranch. Mrs. Emily B. Martin returned Monday from Attica, where she has been the guest of relatives. Mr.

and Mrs. Otis D. Clay and son John motored to Garrettsville and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Sunday.

Miss Margaret Bebb will leave Sunday for New York, sailing from there for a two months' trip abroad. Mrs. S. S. Shafer and sons, John and Robert) will leave for the West July 16, to be gone a year.

They will spend a i month at Colorado Springs and visit the Grand Canyon en route tto Hollywood, where they will live during the winter. Mrs. Charlea Keplitiger Is expected home this week from a stay In Boston. Mrs. Kepllnger went to Boston upon her return from a mix weeks' trip abroad Mr.

Keplinger, who has been home several weeks. I Mr, and Mrs. William Schreiber, of New York City, and Mr. and Mrs. I.

J. Frank, of Akron, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. I. Lefkonts.

Mrs. Eva Wise and her grandsons, Randolph and Benjamin Fawcett, have left for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Mr. and Mrs. W.

H. Smith will leave Wednesday by motor for Waukesha, to spend some time. Mtss Ruth Burke, of South Bend, Is the guest of Miss Bernice Straussner. Lieutenant and Mrs. Howard Lehr, of Akron, will be guests for several days of Dr.

and Mrs. Earl Cameron Herman. Lieutenant Lehr, who has recently returned from service at Tien Tain, China, will be the speaker at the luncheon meeting of the Klwanis Club Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs.

E. D. Lines, of Rochester, N. formerly of Canton, are guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.

John B. Whitacre. Mr. and Mrs. George Happelle, of Huntington, W.

are spending some time as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Wenrlck. CEDARVILLE.

Mrs. Clarence Ross and son Charles and Miss Carol Relf, of Charleston, W. were week-end guests of Dr. and Mrs. O.

P. Ellas. Mr. and Mrs. W.

J. Tarbox passed Thurs-and Friday in Cincinnati with their son-in-law and daugnter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Purdum. A picnic was held at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. A. T. Finney, Wednesday. About 25 relatives were present honoring Misses Cora and Bena Finney, of Los Angeles, Cal.

Mr. Karth Bull and wife spent a few days in Marietta with Professor and Mrs. George F. Sieg'ler. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Bull who has been visiting Professor and Mrs.

Siegler for three weeks returned home with her parents Monday. Announcement of the marriage of Mr. Richard Dale Cooper, formerly of this place and a former student of Cedarvllle College, to Miss Miriam Elizabeth Matthew, of Columbus, 6n Tuesday, June 21, 1827, have been received by their friends here. CELINA. Mr.

and' Mrs. Jacob Taylor, of White-house; Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, of Mlddlepolnt, and Mr. W.

F. Taylor, of Van Wert, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Point. Attorney and Mrs.

Robert Touville, of Columbus, were the week-end guests of friends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. G. O.

Wright, of Toledo, and Mrs. Jennie Kaiser, of Lima, were guests at the Charles Llnlnger home over the week-end. Mrs. Vida Cooper, of Kenton, was a recent guest of and Mrs. Henry Adams.

Miss Mildred Moffit, of Springfield, spent the week-end with Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Nickel. Mr. and Mrs. A.

H. Gast, of Chicago, 111., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Cron. Dr.

and Mrs. Leo Courtrlght and daughter Betty, of Dayton, were the over-Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. Court-riKht.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cron, of Ft. Wayne, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.

Al Hierholzer. Miss Maude Myore left for a two weeks' stay at the Kneipp Sanitarium at Rome Cltv, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. S.

A. Harms and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aschman, of Cleveland, were the week-end guests of Attorney and Mrs. Ed LT Bryson.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Smethers and children, of Mlddletown, were tho Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sllor.

CHILLIC0THE, Dr. and Mrs. Blaum Sigler, of this city, and Mr. and Mrs. C.

V. Signer, of Columbus, left Tuesday for a motor trip to Chicago. Mrs. L. Cahlll and sonv Tommy, of East Fifth street, and Miss Marie Dimity left Saturday for a visit with Mrs.

Ca-hlll's mother, Mrs. John Ruhl, of St, Louis. Mrs. 0. A.

Dleterly children, of Cincinnati, are visiting Mr, and Mrs. C. D. Duncan. Mrs.

Marie Craig and daughter, of Detroit, are the guests of Mr, and Mrs. Cyrus Hoffman. Miss Alma Schocke, of Sacramento, Is visiting Mr, and Mrs. Robert Dunkle, of Story place. Mr, and Mrs.

Timmons Harmount left Charles Karlen and Mrs. C. Evans were hostesses for the affair. Mr. and Mrs.

Ralph E. Mills (Sarah vtllklnHon), a bridal couple of June 1J have returned to their home on East High street after a motor trip through Canada. Miss Betty Bauer; of North Broadmoor boulevard, entertained AVednesday at the Woman's Town Club with a prettily appointed luncheon In honor of Miss Catherine Allan, of Montclair, N. J. Games of bridge were enjoyed during the afternoon.

The cluhrooms were artistically decorated with summer flowers and -covers were laid for 12 guests. Miss Pearl Cllne, of East McCrelght av enue, will 'eave in a few days for Chau tauqua, N. where she will remain for tne summer. MIDDLETUWN. RS.

P. S. PALMER and chil dren, Mary Ann and Roger, of Springfield, are the rVlH ffUe8t8 of tnft former'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Robin son, of Mlddletown, for several weeks' visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb Oriest have returned to their home on Manchester avenue after a pleasant wedding trip. Mrs. Ray Gorreel delightfully enter talned the Bon Temps Club Tuesday evening In her home on Tytus avenue.

Five Hundred was the ohosen diversion of the evening and prizes for the evening's games went to Mrs. Ed Oeran, Mrs. lllrnm Welkel and" Mrs. Arthur Moore. Miss Velma Lyklns has as her houss guests Misses Geneva Walsh, Esther Bar-kor and Luclan Reed, of West Liberty, Kentucky.

Membors of the Tuesday Evening Bridge Club motored to Hamilton, where they were the delighted guests of Mrs. Louis Hopkins, who entertained wltn a six-o'clock dinner. Those who enjoyed thii hospitality of the Hopkins home were; Mesdames H. Sheets, William Sharkey, J. H.

Baker, Harold Hannah, Dave Jones, Margaret McCune, Ben Flnkbone, Glbbs and Mrs. Hopkins. Members of the Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club formed a merry party when they motored to Dayton to have luncheon and witness the show at Keiths. Covers were laid for Mrs. Harry Clark, Mrs.

Andrew Elrlck, Mrs. Ralph Clevonger, Mrs. W. S. Clevenger, Mrs.

Lee Thomas, Mrs. Gus Ritter, Mrs. Ab Hitter and Mrs. George Stiles. Mrs.

George Turner was hostess to the members of the Tuesday Afternoon Club in her home on Calumet avenue. Mr and Mrs. Blair M. Clerk were guests of friends in Toronto, Canada, for" several days. Mrs.

J. P. Dargue has left for New Albany, where she will be the guest tf relatives for a week's visit. Mr. Scott McClelland and.

daughter Lula have returned to their home after a pleasant visit in Portsmouth, Ohio, where they were the guests of Mr. ana Mrs. Pusaperl. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Arnold, of Cincinnati, have returned to their home, after a week's visit as the guests of Mrs. Garrett Martin, of South Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and daughter Mary, Mr.

and Mrs. Ed Taylor and daughter Dorothy, and Mary llaigh motored to North Bend, Ohio, where they wore the guests of friends. Mr. and Mrs, Bradshaw and family, of Mayfiold; Mr. and Mrs.

Joe Halgh and daughter, John W. Halgh and Fred and Joseph Shepherd were the guests of relatives In Akron, Ohio, for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. W.

Wagner, Mf. and Mrs. James Coelauer and Mrs. Amelia Herr have returned to their home after a pleasant visit In Cincinnati with friends. Mr.

and Mrs. George Wagner, and daughters, Leatrlce and Shirley, of Monona, Iowa, have left for Niagara Falls, after a week's visit with Mrs. Wagner's sister, Mrs. Murray Johnson, of Avalon. The Wagners will tour New York state before returning home.

Mrs. John E. Fay and children, Gene, Irene and Ruth, returned home after pnsslng the week at Elyrla, Ohio, with friends. Mrs. Leo Cox and son Bobby, of Alabama, are the gueRts of Mrs.

Cox's mother, Mrs. Thorpe Thompson, of First avenue, for several weeks' visit. Miss Exa Sexton has returned to her home-after a pleasant threo days' visit with friends In Richmond, Ind. Misses Orace Parker and Annabello Buchanan were the guests of friends in Indianapolis, for a short visit. Miss Louise Litsch, of Grecnvtlle, Ohio, Is passing a pleasant visit In the city with friends.

Miss Edith Catron, of Dayton, Ohio, and Mr rinnnld Calhoun were the suests of Miss Catron's mother, MrB. Herb, of Ty tus avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coddlngton are passing a week's vacation at Indian Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ward and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mehl and daughter Margaret motored to Ashland, to visit Mr.

and Mrs. J. B. Cunningham, where they formed a merry party and continued their motor trip to Huntington, W. Va.

Miss Bess Conn, of Ft. Wayne, is the guest of Arthur Fangan and family, of Charles street, for a short stay. Mr. and Mrs, Mort Wlcoff, of Detroit, were the guests of Mrs. D.

H. MeOuIlough, of Young street, for a week's visit. Mr. Lowell Longkstreth, of Chicago, 111., has returned to his home after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Longstreth and children, of Tytus avenue.

Mr. an Mrs. Glen Clark were the guests of relatives In Akron, Ohio, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas Crow returned to their home after a pleasant visit with friends and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs, William Tannyham, of Cincinnati, were the guests of Middle-town frlendB for a few days. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Clark were the guests of friends in Lexington, for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. E. A.

Penqulte, of Lynchburg, Ohio, entertained Mrs. B. Mar-gerum and daughter, Mrs. Ruth Stone, as their house guests for a few days. HAMILTON.

RS. EDWARD VENDAR HAAIl and Mrs, Joseph Winter entertained 12 couples at a dancing party on Saturday evonlng for their sons, George Winter and Edward Vendar Haar, at the Golden Lotus Club. Miss Louise Conrad has returned from a visit with relatives In Troy, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs.

James Reeder left Saturday for Long Island, where they will visit friends for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Claussen have returned to their home In Newark, Ohio, after passing some time here the guests of Mr. and Mrs.

Max Zcidler. Miss Marian Vaugh gave a bride party at her home Saturday afternoon as a farewell to Misses Elizabeth Fitton and Elizabeth Ann Harbitt, who leave In a day or so for a' summer abroad. Miss LaVerno Tlemeyer and Miss Betty Keller are enjoying a stay at Houghton Lake Forest In Northern Michigan. Miss Bertha Lachonmaler, of St. Francis Hospital, Cincinnati, Is here the guest of Mr; and Mrs.

John Lachenmaier. Mr. and Mrs, J. Kramer, at their home in Willlamsdale, entertained Informally on Kiindnv evnnlntr. Mrs.

Paul Early has returned to her home In Dayton, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Dyer and children, of Dayton, passed the week-end here with relatives.

Mrs. Fannie Blynn, of Dayton, has returned home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. R.

Adams. Mm Wniie I-lewellvn introduced a group of her piano pupils in a recital at her home on Eaton road on oaturuay evening. rv nnd Mrs. John Floerke and Mr. and Mrs.

Jacob Stevens left on Saturday for Baltimore, to sail eany next ween for a summer In Germany, in honor nf her approaching marriage to Mr. Walter Bauer, Miss Mary Ogg was tendered a delightful surprise on aiur-day evening at the home of Mrs. Nancy Jefferles and Miss Edna Hall. Miss Betty Eastman has returned to her home at Logan, Ohio, after a pleasant stay here the guest of Miss Rebecca Eikenberry. Misses Martha Kirn and Inei Mullane, of Cincinnati, are the guests of Miss Frlt-zle Mueller.

Miss Helen Robinson, of El Paso, Texas, who has Just graduated from Smith Col-lego, la visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Burna Miss Mary Eberhardt very pleasantly entertained at luncheon-bridge on Saturday at the Country Club. Minn Kathleen Plummer. of Richmond, is passing her vacation here with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. a. x-imuurer. Mr. and Mrs.

H. Burdsall are In New York and will sail In the next week lor a summer in Europe. Mies Marjorie Briton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Briton, of Mason, Ohio, and Mr.

Marlon Clendenln, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Clendenln, of Hamilton, were quietly married Friday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents.

Pupils from Mrs. Mabel Martin Thompson's dramaticclasses and dancing pupils of Miss Rebeoca Farr were presented In a delightful recital Saturday evening at the High Street Churoh of Christ. Miss Frltzle Mueller entertained with a dinner party at her home on South street on Saturday evening, The many friends of Mr. Edwin De Ryan will be happy to learn of his marriage to Miss Ernstlne Ewald, daughter of Mrs. Louise Ewald, which was solemnized on last Wednesday at St.

Bridget's Church In San Francisco, Cal. The groom formerly resided In Hamilton. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs, Clyde De Ryan, of Hamilton. Miss Helen Rentsohler Is home from New Tork to pass a month here at her country home.

She will return East early In August for the marriage of her brother, Mr. Gordon S. Rentschler, and Mrs. Mary Atkln, of Boston. Mrs.

Caroline Otten Is announcing the engagement of her daughter, Ulsa Jimmie i after a visit here with Mrs. Sadie Todd. Mrs. Emma W. Heath, of New Haven, Is visitor at the home of Mr, and Mrs.

John F. Heath. A Jolly group of the class of '27 of jsotre Dame High school gave a aancing afternoon for the pleasure of Miss Cella KasHon, guest of Miss Betty Hensiey. At the parsonage of the Ltndenwald E. Church Rev.

F. G. Marklcy united In marriage Saturday evening Miss 'Gruee Ellen McClurg and Mr. Walter rant. air and Mrs.

Fant will reside In this city. On Friday afternoon at the parsonage of Rev. F. G. Markley, Miss Evoiyn Short became the bride oj Mr.

Paul D. Rose, of Norwood. Ilr, and Mrs. Rose will live Cincinnati. Mr.

and Mrs. Miles E. Brown left Monday for a motor trip through Michigan and Canada. Miss Clara Fontaine has left to resume her duties as nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Covington, Ky, Mrs.

Walter Pater and Miss Rose Segers left Monday for a vacation at Cedar Point on Lake Erie. Mr. and Mrs. W. N.

Andrews enter tained at a dinner party at the Country Club on Saturday evening to honor Mrs. Robert Redpath (May Sloneker), of Maplowood, N. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Beeler were hosts at a dinner party at the Country Club Monday evening.

As a compliment to a popular bride elect, Miss Hazel Scott, Mrs. Fremont uisie and Mrs. Edwin Trebel gave a beautiful bridge party Monday afternoon at the EUcr' Club. Mlse Margaret Christopher has returned to her home In Dayton, Ohio, after a visit here-wlth Mr. and Mrs.

William Stevenson. Miss Elsie Johnson is visiting relatives at Athens, Ohio. Mrs. Robert Hedpath and son have returned to their home at Maplewood, N. after a visit here with Mrs.

Hertpath's mother. Mrs. J. W. Sloneker.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blumenthal have returned from a visit in Cleveland. Mr. and Mrs.

Stewart Rieman, at their home on Benntnghofen avenue, delight' fully entertained at a dinner party Mon day evening, honoring Mr, and Mrs. Fred aanaers, a bride and groom of recent dato, Miss Henrietta Brelning entertained informally at her home on Mapte avenue for several out-of-town friends Monday evening. As a farewell to Misses Frltzle Mueller, Betty Duemer and Jane are leaving for Camp Tukwana in Portland, Maine, a Jolly swimming party was arranged for Monday afternoon-at Phillips' Pool In Cincinnati, and a dinner later at the Barn. In the evening the happy boys and girls drove back and passed the evening dancing at the home of Miss Rebecca Eikenberry. Miss Margaret Finan entertained at bridge on Tuesday afternoon to honor 3i ins uatnenne Irwtn, bride elect of Mr.

Herbert Brune. Miss Edna Keating was hostess to a congenial group of friends on Tuesday afternoon when she entertained at bridge to compliment Miss Catherine Irwin. Miss Eva Kriugnehoofer left Tuesday for a two months' stay In California. Miss Jane Orlswold, of Hyde Park, is here visiting among relatives. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Leckllder, of Greenville, are guests of Mr, and Mrs. George Sloneker. Mrs. James Lynch, of Van Buren, Is the guest of Hamilton relatives.

Mrs. Joseph Strategler is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mayer at Youngstown, Ohio. Members of the Black Masque Club met at the home of Miss Katherlne Flenner on Tuesday afternoon.

MIbs Helen MacPherson has returned from a visit of several weeks with her parents In flement, Hi. Miss Hilda Crampton Is passing her vacation at Cedar Point on Lake Erie. Lieutenant and Mrs. Garland Black have returned to this city after a stay of threo years at Curozal, Canal Zone. They will visit with relatives at Kansas City, and in October they will leave for New Jersey for a stay of two years.

Misses Martha Stead and Mary Reut-tlnger are leaving within a few days for a tour of California, TOLEDO. MUCH interest to Toledo society folk was the marriage Tuesday evening, July 5, of Jeanne, daughter of Mrs. James Phoatt, and Mr. Schuyler Ham ilton, aun of Mr. and Mrs.

Bartelle S. Hamilton. The ceremony took place at 9 o'clock, Dr. Long reading the service. Mrs.

Clare Hoffman attended her sister as matron of honor; Miss Harriett Hamilton, maid of honor, and the bridesmaids were Miss Virginia Temple, of St. Petersburg, and Miss Ethel Colgrove. Mr. Hamilton was attended by Mr. James West as best man and the ushers were Messrs.

Philip Hascall, William and Milton Knight, Lawrouce Grosh, Duane Stranahan, James Bell, William Weber and Edward Buckingham. Following the ceermony a reception was held at the Woman's Building, after which Mr. Hamilton and his bride left for their wedding trip. They will make their home in Klver-ton, Conn. Mrs.

E. H. Cady was hostess at a small bridge-luncheon Wednesday In her Bron-son Place home. Miss Suzanne Close entertained at a luncheon at the Country Club Thursday which complimented Miss Mary Ward, who Is a guest of Miss Catherine Mauk. Mrs.

A. L. Baker gave a bridge-tea Friday In her home which also complimented Miss Ward. Mrs. Henry Thebold and granddaughter Mary have returned to their cottage at Saranac Inn, and will remain for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ritter, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hackett, Mr.

and Mrs. Walter Klrkbrldge and daughters Alice and Esther are among the Toledoans who left Thursday to spend a few days at Cedar Point. Mr, and Mrs. Stuart Baxter, Mr. and Mrs.

George Btahl and Miss Margaret Ross have returned from Gun Lake, where they spent the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bender announce the marriage of their daughter. Lucille Margaret, to Mr.

Franklin P. Cleary. The marriage took place June 30, and Mr, and Mrs. Cleary will be home after July 9 at 71B Walbridge avenue. James West was host at a bachelor's supper Sunday evening for Schuyler Jamil-ton, whose marriage to Jeanne Pheatt was an important event of Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown and small son Arthur Brlckman, Washington, D. are spending a few days in Toledo befors going on for a summer at Clark Lake, Mich. Mr.

Brown Is former Toledoan. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Angellock, Mrs. Charles Angelloch and Emll Escherlch have returned to Chicago after visiting in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Gustavus Hitter. Miss Rosalie Jones, who has been a guest in the home of her cousin, Mrs James Jones, has returned to her home In Chlcugo. Mr. and Mrs.

C. W. Stark, whose marriage was an event of early June, have returned from their wedding trip and will make their home in Toledo. An attractive event of the week was the garden bridge-luncheon given on the lawn of the Frank Messe home in Cope-land Heights by Toledo Assembly, Social Order of the Bcauseant. Mrs.

L. B. Beckwlth and Mrs. William Baker and children are spending the summer at Middle Bass, Mr. and Mrs.

Dana Fearing, whose marriage was an event of June, have returned from a Northern wedding trip and are at home In Old Orchard. Mrs. C. C. Heskett and daughter Louise, Los Angeles, are spending the summer at Clarks Lake.

Mr, and Mrs. L. M. Stewart and children, St. Louis, are guests In the home of Mrs.

Stewart's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Cyrus Coup. Mrs. Edward Lorenz and children, Bronxvllle, N. are guests in the home of Mrs.

Lorenz's parents, Judge and Mrs. Jason Barber. Mr. and Mrs. Casslus Foster left recently for California.

Ellis M. Keller, Pittsburgh, la a guest In the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.

Keller, Lincoln avenue. Mrs. S. D. Foster and son Farley will spend the summer at Lakeside, Ohio.

Miss Katherlne Ellis returned Sunday from Simmons College to spend the summer with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. N. Ellis. Mr. and Mrs.

A. F. "Brlndley and sons have returned to their home in Kenton, Ohio, have come to Toledo for the Butler-Kosevear wedding. L. L.

Hoover left July 9 for a trip abroad, during which he will visit the Hoover foreign offices. Mrs. Robie L. Cone's luncheon Tuesday at Carranor brought together Just a few guests. Mrs.

J. Stahl and Miss Katherlne Stahl have returned from an Eastern motor trip. The Misses Helen and Dorothy Simms have returned to Cincinnati after a visit with their aunt, Mrs. Lewis S. Lefler.

Mrs. Clyde Lewis and daughter Mar garet, Hampton, are guests In the home of Mrs, Lewis's mother, Mrs. C. Finkbeiner, Perrysburg. Miss Llla Brown and Miss istnei uing- rlch are attending the summer session at Columbia University.

Mrs. 111 am urav and smai son Phi id. New York City, who have been visiting Toledo relatives, left Tuesday for Denver and Spokane to visit other relatives. vviuiam w. vvagner nas as a guest In her Parkwood avenue home Mrs.

Pearl Stahl Wearing, Lob Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Ralph Atkinson nas left for a summer In Boston. Mr. and Mrs.

w. jr. Broer ana daugh ters, Harjorle and Mariana, and Carleton Broer ijft for their summer home In Clear Lake, lid. The V'oledo Country Club entertained at Lnoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Church of Our Saviour. Mrs.

Edward E. Beach entertained at bridge and tea Monday, honoring her house guests, Miss Dorothy Row and Mrs. Dald Mills, of Oneonta, N. Y. Mia.

Carl Flagel entertained 18 children on Monday afternoon in honor of the anniversary of her small daugh-er, Gentrude Ann. Mrs. Marvin lirethcr gave an informal bridge party Monday for Mrs. 8. A.

Sigler, of Greensboro, N. who is visiting her mother, Mrs. W. W. Williams- Three tables of bridge were preceded by the luncheon.

Mrs. Charles Speaks left Tuesday for a two weeks' stay In New York City. Mies Bernice Meek gave a bridge party Monday evening for Miss Dorothy Duys-ner, who sails Saturday from New York for a summer abroad. Mr. Knox, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Knox, and Mr. Robert Keysler left Wednesday for Culver Military Academy to attend summer school. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles L. Fisher and daughter, Miss Betty, of Pontiao, are visiting their mother, Mrs, J. K. Brenizer. Mrs, Paul C.

Pearce returned home Tuesday morning from Philadelphia and Washington, D. where she has been visiting for a month. Mies Norabel Worthlngton is home from a trip to Chicago and Minneapolis. Miss Eieauor Dolan, of Cambridge, Is the guest of Miss Miriam Dice for several days. Miss Dolan and Miss Dice were both members of the Juno graduating class at Wellesloy College.

Mrs. W. P. Welker and son have returned from a week's visit with' relatives In Pittsburgh, Penn. Mr.

and Mrs. Harold Cochran, of Chicago, are visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.

Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Perrlne and family left by motor Wednesday for California to pass the summer. Miss Ruth Scherbarth and Miss Bertha Helss are en route to Yellowstone Park, Seattle, California and Colorado for a several months' stay. Mrs.

Raymond Ferris and children left Wednesday for their summer home at Marblehead, Mass. AMELIA. Mr. and Mrs. C.

O. Kearns Jeft Wednesday far a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Eli H. Speldel at their sumer home in the Snow Inslandj, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hicks had for their guests the Fourth of July Dr. and Mrs.

Morse Hicks, of Cincinnati; Mrs. Joule Hicks and Misses Annabelle Hopkins and Louise Hicks, of Batavia. Mr. and Mrs. W.

A. Williams passed the week-end with relatives In German-town, Ky. Mrs. William West and children, of Sputh Bend, Clyde McKay, of Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs.

Harry McKay, of Hyde Park, passed Sunday with Miss Jessie Coulter and Miss Helen Coulter. ARC AN UM. Mi, and Mrs. J. A.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vedder, Mr. and Mrs. L.

S. Brandenburg, Harry Brandenburgh, Mr. and Mrs. O. 8.

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stuta and Miss Mildred Stutz picnicked at Iveater Grove Monday evening.

Mr, and Mrs, S. W. Johnson visited R. B. Hproul and family at Dayton Sunday and with Mrs.

Edna Smith and sons motored to the Soldiers' Home on Monday. After passing a week with Mr. and Mrs. O. rumP' Mr8- Sadie Hopner left for Indiana Thursday, where she will visit relatives at Logansport, Sedalla, Camden and Frankfort indefinitely.

Mrs. A. C. Fryman entertained the John Hoffman Bible class of the U. B.

Sunday School Thursday evening Miss Malzle Baer was a Monday and Tuesday guest of Miss Catherine Barnes and other relatives at Dayton Mr. and Mrs. A. Chandler and Miss Pearl Chandler, of Dayton; Albert Chandler, of Kansas City, and Mrs William Lathan, of Springfield, were Saturday to Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs.

A. Hanes. Mr. and Mrs Clarence Gibson and sons, Jimmie and Pick, of Dayton, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs.

J. D. Gibson. ATHENS. The marriage of Miss Margaret E.

Devlin, of Athens, and Mr, Patrick Kelly, of Cleveland, took place at DaRue, Ohio, Saturday. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Devlin, Palmer street, and for several years has been employed in an Athens bank. Her husband is a real estate man in Cleveland.

Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Tucker, North Con gress street, announce the marriage ofj ineir aaugnter, miss unaxioii, lu iur.

Earl Beckle, of Luhrig. Mrs. James Corner (Elsie Mariner) has gone to Cincinnati, where she has Joined her husband and where they will make thetr-home. BARNESVILLE. A benefit bridge-tea was given Friday afternoon at the Belmont Hills Country Club.

The Eliza Thoburn Mills Circle held its annual plcnlo Thursday evening at the country nonie or Mr, ana Mrs. uarence Corbln. In honor of the eighth blrtfiday anniversary of their daughter June, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bohandy entertained with a party.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bratton entertained with a dinner party Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs.

F'red Truax- entertained Friday evening with a shower, In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lyle, who were married Thursday. More than 100 guests were present. Mrs.

Lyle was Miss Hilda Truax. The Jeanette Pond Sunday School Class was entertained at a covered dish supper Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Arlington Auit. The Alpha PI Sorority held a swimming party Tuesday evening at the Crystal Pool. Barnesvlllo members of the Belmont Hills Country Club attended a dance given at the clubhouse Monday evening.

A dance was given Thursday evening in the Masonic Hall by the Alpha PI Fraternity. Misses Elizabeth and Gene Carnes, of Bellalre, spent the Fourth with Mr. and Mil A.W. Laughlln. Mr.

and Mrs. Ernest Patterson have returned from a visit at Indian Lake. Mr. and Mrs. L.

J. Taber and sons, of Columbus, have been spending a few days at their country horns here. BATAVIA, Mr. E. R.

Justice and daughters, of Spartanburg, 8. are passing a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. A. H.

Clark. Miss Marguerite Ashburn left Tuesday for a motor trip to New York with Misses Nan and Elizabeth Kennedy, of Dayton. They will vlBlt Colonel and Mrs. P. M.

Ashburn at West Point while In the East. After passing the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. P. F.

Jamleson and Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Ashburn, Mr.

and Mrs. J. P. Ashburn left Tuesday for Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Mrs. James McTomany, of Louisville, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.

Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kain, of Dayton, were week-end guests of Mrs. Laura Pegg and Mr.

and Mrs. C. Cartmell. Miss Lenore Crane, of Lakeside, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. H.

F. Buerkle. Miss Belle Splllmon, of Covington, was the guest of Miss Marguerite Ashburn over the week-end. BELLEFONTAINE. Mias Margaret Pearce, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Chester Pearce, became the bride of Mr. Owen Wooly, Columbus, Saturday, July 2, th ceremony having been read by Rev. A. J.

Keaile in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. They were attended by Mr.and Mrs. Carl Brunner. Mr. and Mrs.

Wooley will reside In Columbus. A marriage that was kept secret for a year was divulged, when Dolph Clegg announced his marriage to Miss Mary Nen-seil on June 24, 1926. Both are well-know, i young people of this city and they will continue to live here. Mr. Carl Newsome, of this city, and Miss Marjorie McArnolrl, of Lima, were married Tuesday, July 6, at Newport, and are now at the home of the groom's parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Albert Newsome, Colton avenue. Mr. and Mrs, Sol Katherman, of Lawrence, Kanrt, have left for Hastings, after a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs.

"illiam Elchholtz. Mrs. Minnie Kirkpatrlck and her father, Mr. M. V.

Pucker, have moved to Columbus to permanently reside and will be Joined there In the autumn by her daughter, Miss Frances Kirkpatrlck, who is pussing the summer In Europe. BETHEL. Dr. and Mrs. H.

Culley and daughter. and Clyde Slnuns left Sunday for a visit with rulatlvesat Cameron, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs.

Gail Hannah and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hannah left this week for a motor trip through Michigan. Mr. ana Mrs.

w. a. fage, miss Florence Page, Mr. and Mrs. O.

L. Page, Mr. and Mrs. L. Peart.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hutson passed Sunday at Serpent Mound, Adams County.

Mrs. O. C. Daugherty, of Cincinnati, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Callle Hill.

1 Mrs. Irwin White and children, of Milan, are visiting Miss Abble Towne. Mrs. Bertha Lookablll and daughter, Lillian, of Dayton Miss Allcs Qrebaugh, Miss Ruth Elliott, Cleveland. Ohio, vis ited her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. J. S. Elliott, North Fourth street, over the weekend. Mr.

and Mrs. Fred B. ComDton. Main street, left on Tuesday for a trip to Atlantic City. Mr.

and Mrs. Blrney Mills, Akron, Ohio, are guests of Mrs. R. Mills, Walnut street. Mr.

and Mrs. Eugene II. Lynde, Louis ville, arrived on Monday to visit Mr. and Mrs. R.

Lynde. South Fourth street, and Mr. and Mrs. H. L.

Beach, Cambridge road. Mrs. cutnbert Clover, orcnard street. entertained with a luncheon on last Friday, honoring Mrs. A.

F. Sibley and Rev. T. R. Sibley, Tlgart, who are visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. Henry c. Wolfe. Hartford. II visiting his mother, Mrs.

A. F. Wolfe, North Fourth street. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Main street, and Mr.

and Mrs. Lester Heck, Vine street, left on Saturday for a two weeks motor trip to Washington, D. and At lantic oity. Mrs. Guy Clow and children.

Cambridge road, left on Wednesday for Watertown, to "Visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hunt, cnest- nut street, entertained with an evening bridge party on last Friday at the Town and Country Club, honoring Mr.

and Mrs. William B. Hunt, Philadelphia, whose marriage was an event of the past month. Miss Dorothy Davis, Locust street, left on Saturday for 111,, where she wiil visit relatives. DELPH0S.

MIdsi hsnlntts, HJ' and Mrs. U. M. Cochran, who has beerritn tne jeitn-Airee uircuit, was marnea New York Friday to General Pissano. Miss Marie Hartlelb Joined a party of friends and is enjoying a trip to Detroit and Canada Miss Evelyn Mueller was hostess to the Three S.

Club at her home on West First street, In compliment to Mrs. Merlin Jtiugnes, or Marion, a former club member. Mrs. Albert Blche. Cincinnati, who has been a guest at the H.

H. Wamhoff home has gone to Youngstown to spend July and August wltli her mother, Mrs. Mary Ring. Miss Pearl Reed. Akron, is lsltinsr at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Edward East Second street. A auiet wedding took place on Wednes day at .11 o'clock when Miss Mabel Irene Miner, daugnter ol Mr. and Mrs. Jacoo Miller, became the bride of Mr.

Lester Albert Metcalfe. The ceremony was per- formed at the Baptist parsonage In Lima. I The regular meeting of the 1924 Club tcok place Wednesday evening when Mrs, OIHe Schosker was hostess at her home' on East Jackson street. DELAWARE. Stanley Jones, son of Mrs.

C. O. Joni of North Sandusky street, and Miss Lour Bird, formerly of Delaware, were marr: June 22 at Toledo by Rev. Stephen Ma'jo; pastor or Toledo Epworth M. Churc at Toledo.

They visited his mother ovj the Fourthiand returned to Toledo, they will reside. The Crescent Club was entertained wvt a one-oxlock luncheon Tuesday at thfc Homestead Inn in honor of Mrs. Edear they remained until Tuesday. Mrs. will leave July 11 with Mr.

and Mrs. Frank S. Monnett, South Monroe avenun, and Mrs. J. M.

Lowe, Seneca Hotel, for a trip abroad. Miss Anne Caldwell, Sixteenth avenue, nnd Miss Dorothy Harris, Philadelphia, left Thursday for a motoring trip of two months to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Dr. William F. Pelrce, President of Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio, officiated at the marriage of Miss Miriam Cherry, daughter of Mrs.

Page C. Cherry, Fourteenth avenue, and Mr. Harold Alexander Wiper, which took place Thursday afternoon In St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Mrs.

Boyd V. Cherry, New York, was matron of honor and the other attendants were Mrs. William O'Brien (Lady Halllday), a children's party Monday evening, at winch time a display ot urewoms was given. DAYTON. RS.

DONALD DATTELLB and children, Joan and Bard, of Auburn avenue, are spending the summer at their cottage at Clear Lake, Mich. "Mrs. K. D. Grimes, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs.

Vincent K. Hilton, and small grandson, Teddy Hlton, of Hills and Dales, left Thursday to spend the remainder of the summer at their cottage on Cape Cod, Mass. nA iwro finstavo Wledolte and daughtor, Miss Alberta Wledeke, of'schantz avenue, have returned from a two weens visit to New York City. Miss Ellen Margaret Smith, of West Second street, has returned from Simmons College to spend tho summer with Mr and Mrs. Fowler Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lowe and family, of Ambleside, left Friday for Colorado Springs. it Misses Mary and Almce Olunet, Martha Boyer.

Elolso Schonck and Roberta Elder let on Thursday a New Hampshire camp, where they will remain for the sum- vrr trnihnrlne O. Mnthlot. of Grand avenue, entertained at tea Friday after noon at her home, conipiinienuuK ivntw Mary Norwood, of Baltimore, who is the guest of Mrs. Oren Hrltt Brown, anil Mine Harriet Gebhart, who Is visiting her sister, Mrs C. Christiansen, ol Strattord avenue.

Mrs. Alfred Swift Frank and children, of Harmon avenue, -left during the week for their cottage at White Lake, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Klmmel, of Park loft Hnlnrdnv for a visit of 10 days in Princeton, and White Sulphur Mrs.

Robert Canby, of the Van Deman Apartments, were houae guests of Mr. and Mrs. William II. Miller, of Detroit, over the week-end. Mr.

and Mrs. George W. Ozlas, Vo-lusU avenue, spent the Fourth with Mrs. Christine Tiffany, of Pittsburgh, Pann. Mis, F.

L. Whittaker, of Green Bay, arrived Saturday to spend the Bummer months with her parents, Colonel and Mrs. F. C. Runkle, of tne iNaiionai mili tary Home.

Miss Harriet Gebhart, of New York, who has enjoyed a two weeks' visit with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Christiansen, of Stratford avenue, left for her home on Saturday.

Miss Luura Earl, of Kenwood avenue, left t'ridai- (or silver Oaks Camp, Sharon, where she will spend the months of July and August. Mrs. Valentine Winters, of West First street, left on Monday for a sojourn at Colorado Springs, Colo. Mr. and Mrs.

J. W. Rica, of Oaltwood avehue, loft last week for Chicago, where they will spend the summer. Mr. Charles M.

Thruston and son, Gates Phillips Thruston, are guests of tho farmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. George, In Chalmonte, N.

Y. Mrs. Herbert Brown has returned to her home In Pittsburgh, after enjoying a pleas ant visit with Miss Josepnine uromnger, of Lexington avenue. MIsm Ruth Wales, ot New York City, who has been the guest of Mrs. E.

S. Reynolds, returned to her home Tuesday, Miss Wales was tho guest of honor at a dinner and dance Riven by Mr. and Mrs. E. 8.

Reynolds, at their home, Forest Hills, on Friday evening, Mrs. N. Ramsey, of Plymouth avenue, left on Tuesday for Bolae City, Idaho, to be the guest of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hoskot.

Mrs. J. Elliott of Old Orchard avenue, is planning to 'leave In the near future for the Adlrondacks, where dun will spend the remainder of the summer. Miss Virginia Hodson. of Glendale avenue, left on Wednesday for Camp Co-wassot, on Cape Cod, where she will spend the summer months, Mr.

John 3. Pershing, is the guest of Mr. William Patterson, at Uls home in Hills and Dales. Mrs. P.

Schuyler Church and children, of Htonemlll road, are summering at We-quntonslng, Mich, Miss Hector Archer, of Demphle avenue. Is the guest of relatives In Ft. Wayne, Ind. Mrs. Robert Ferguson, ot Los Angeles, Is the guest of her mother, Mrs.

P. A. Negley, of the Normandy Apartments. Mrs. Leslie Mao Dill, of Wabash avenue, Is the truest of her mother, Mrs.

Richard Hamlin Jones, of Boston, Mass. The wedding of Miss Mary Elzabeth Bra-deen, daughter of Mr. H. Bradeen, and Mrs. Lowell W.

Cannon, son of Mr, and Mrs. H. J. Cannon, of Ft. Wayne, will be an event of July 20.

On Sunday evening Mr. George Houk Mead, of The Little Woods, entertained at supper In honor of the out-of-town guests and members of the polo teams. Mrs. H. E.

Talbott, of Runnymede, was luncheon hostess Thursday at her hcjne, honoring Mrs. W. K. Lanman, of Columbus, who Is the guest of Mrs. E.

M. Thacker, of West First street. Miss Susanne Herman, of Sawmill entertained a group of friends at dinner Saturday evening at the Miami Valley Hunt and Polo Club, In honor of her sister, Mrs. Lee Warren Jones, of New York City. NATIONAL MILITAEY HOME.

The status of the Home as shown by the official records on file In the Adjutant's Office Is as follows; Present for duty, present on extra duty, 336; present sick In hospital, 990; total present, 2,332. Absent with leave on furlough, 646; absent sick In the General Hospital for tho Insane (St. Elizabeth), Washington, D. 19; absent without leave, 99; total absent, 666; total present and absent, total present and absent one year ago, 2,818. Men temporarily at Post awaiting, admission, readmlsnlon and transfer, 227; Civilian employees, 383.

The following applications for admission to this Home have been approved by the President, Board of Managers: Scott Bishop, Seoond Company, First Depot Batallion: William Hrooks, Company G. Ohio Cavalry; Nathan Brown, Company One Hundred and Twenty-fifth United States Colored Infantry; Edward J. Carter, Company Sixty-fifth New York Infantry; Charles G. Comprobst, United States Marine Corps; Ab Donnelly, 1). Ba tallion C.

Mills; Richard Drlscoll, Company H. First Tennessee Infantry: Warren O. Eaton, Quartermaster Corps; pilo D. Foster, Company One Hundred and Sixtieth Indiana Infantry; James Furlong, Comnanv E. One Hunderd and Fourth United States Field Artillery; William Gales, Company Three Hundred and Seventy-second United States Field Artil lery: Andy Hayes Headquarters One Hun dred and Fifty-first United States Infantry; Edward Haynes, Company Tlrst Was Regiment; Charles Hueis, company Sixth United States Infantry; John M.

Lester, United States Infantry; Joseph McClure, Company Fourth Kentucky Infantry; William J. O'Donnell, Company Fifth Ohio Infantry; Mack Ratcliff, Headquarters Company Seventeenth Tank Battalion; Joseph Roponkus, Infantry, unas-slgned; John T. Ryan, Three Hundred and I 1 1 i Law, who will soon go to her new home "i in Cleveland. A social afternoon with bridge was enjoyed. Tne Browning Club met at the home of Mrs.

Jennie Martin. West Central avenue. Tuesday afternoon. Refreshments were i served. Mrs.

Kenneth Walker and Miss Elsie Leady assisted the hostess, i Rev. and Mrs. M. E. Douglass have re- 1 turned to their home at Montgomery, 111., after a month's visit with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Harden.

The members of the Odevene Countrv Club were entertained at a big Fourth of July party. Golf was enjoyed In the afternoon, followed by dinner at 6 o'clock. Dancing and cardB were enjoyeu 8enator -and Mra. Frank B. Willis were guests ct -the evening.

Frank Sell was the' Chairman and Mrs. Orrie Sell end Mr Robert Ceelera were also on the committee. Miss Dora w. Williams was hostess to the Delaware County Wide Democratic Woman's Club Saturday afternoon, July 2, at her home on North Sandusky street. The program consisted of discussion by Mrs.

Eva Gorsueh on prospective nresl- i Galllpolis, Ohio, and Mrs. Guy A. How-land (Margaret Guy), Cleveland. Margaret Ellen Brown, a cousin of the bride, was flower girl. Mr.

Donald W. wiper served as hest man for his brother, and Dr. Ouy A. Rowland, Cleveland; Mr. Luko.E.

Miller, Chicago; Dr. J. Gibson Lore and Mr. Mux C. McCauErhv.

Columbus, were ushors. Miss 1 Marian Griffith, North Stanbery road, was hostess at a buffet luncheon honoring- her iruest. Miss Jessica Hoiton, Bethlehem. a classmate at Ogentx School, Pennsylvania. Miss Polly Bonney entertained Tuesday evening at the Rocky TTork Hunt and country ana Wednesday Miss Loluse Gwynne Burr was hostess at a supper at tne ouniisn uiuo.

Buckeve Lake, for Miss Hoiton. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ivan Taylor and daughter Cornelia, East Town In Minong, guests at Cranwood, the summer home of Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley D. Winger, East Town street. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and their three daughters.

Esther and Cornelia, will go to Wequetonslng, late in July, for a tsv of six weeks. Mrs. Robert Huston Wolfe and her young son, William culver, Boutn i-reston road, are visiting at the summer home of Mrs. Wolfe's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

K. K. Culver, Culver, Ind. Mr. and Mrs.

O. A. Miller, North Parkview avenue, and their daughter, Mrs. It. H.

Rockwood, left Tuesday for Indian River, to remain until September. Mrs. William Scarlett. Seneca Hotel, has as her guest, her son, Mr. William J.

Scarlett, dean of the Episcopal Cathedral at Bt. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Frederick N. Sinks entertained a party of five at a luncheon Wednesday at her home, Sunbury road, honoring Mr.

Walter Wood Brown, New York. jStfrs. Karl E. Burr, South Champion ave-HBe, will return, the middle of July, from Camp Kawanee, near Weld, Maine, where she has been since, the Becond week In June. Mrs.

Walter North Drexel avHKrtt-ls visiting relatives In St. Paul, Minnesota, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Tlmherman nnd daughters. Elizabeth and Ann, Hamilton avenue Friday on a motoring trip to Hackmateck Inn, near Cheboygan, for a month's stay.

Miss Jean Timber-man left Thursday for Mlddlebury, where she will attend the French summer school. Mr. and Mrs. Barron Callen and their son, William Huntington Callen, Ken-worth road, have gone to Charlevoix, reamin until late In September. Mr, and Mrs.

Charles Wing Brown and son Ned, Cambridge boulevard, are passing the month of July at Indian Rlor, Michigan. Mrs. John S. Morton, Tast Town street, and her niece. Mrs.

H. Tytus, Springfield. Ohio, are In Baltimore, for a Btay of several weeks. Mr. and Mrs, Chester M.

Anderson, pryden road, Bexiey, motored to Shelby. Ohio, to pass i July 4 with Mr. and Mrs. H. Stoele 1 SPRINGFIELD.

RS. JjO. OOBSUCH, of South Fountain avenue, entertained with a prettily appointed luncheon Saturday at the CIlUO. TVii affair was given as a compnmeiH mn. Henry Wtekham, of Matawan, N.

J. The cluhrooms were artistically decorated with summer flowers and covers were laid for JO guests. The first of two breakfast bridges to given eyhe Woman's Town Club this month was scheduled for o'clock Thursday morning at th clubMouse on East High I Soldiers and Sailors' Home. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank B. Glucken and daughter, Anne, and Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Fieke and son, Wilbur, of Cincinnati, who are spending month at Put-in Bay, were among the visitors registering at the Administration Building during the past Among other Ohloans here as visitors were Mr. and Mrs.

Rudolph Meier, of Dayton; Mrs. Julia Smyth and daughters, Juliette and Barbara, of Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leisey and Mr. and Mrs.

David Grelner and daughters, of Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stierle and Mrs, Rose Stierle, of Marion; the Misses Bertha Walte and Blanche Conrad, of Tiffin, and Mr. and Mrs, Perkins McKean and children, of Lima. Mr.

and Mrs. Otto H. Glnther and two little sons and Miss Julia L. MacLane, of Toledo, wore the guests of Chaplain and Mrs. Harry McLane over the Fourth.

Miss Doris, daughter of Commandant and Mrs. Perry L. Null, Is camping with a number of girl friends near Tremont. Mrs. Rodney Kemmerer and little daughter, Elolse, of Canton, are visiting tho former's parents, Veteran and Mrs.

Solo-man Swenk. Mrs. Hester Matthias, of Cadiz, is visiting her brother and sister-in-law, Veteran and Mrs. Thomas Luclen, of Homeville. Veterans admitted to the hospital during the past week were Julius O.

Voeler, William Carlln, George H. Lemmon, Frank T. Thomas, Thomas Johnson and John Mc-Dermott. AKRON. Miss Doris Cauffleld honored Mrs.

War ren Packard, of Detroit, who Is passing several weeks with her parents, Mr. ana Mrs. James A. Braden, with a luncheon-bridge party on Saturday at her home. A large church wedding that took place Saturday was that of Miss Mae H.

Sand-enslager, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, G. A. Sandanslager, and Mr. Albert Nelson Sayre, of Philadelphia, solemnized at 8 o'clock In the evening at the First Congregational Church.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. O. W. Haulman In the presence of 200 guests. Mr.

and Mrs. B. R. Queen and Miss Lois Walter left Suajjay for Philadelphia on a visit. Bridge games followed dinner Saturday evening when Mr.

and Mrs. William J. Ruof entertained informally at their home. Informal bridge games occupied the evening Saturday when Mr. and Mrs.

Will O'Neil entertained at their homo. Dinner preceded the card games. Miss Lois Coyner, Clover Lick, W. guest of MIbs Marguerite Clemcnger, shared honors with Miss Dorothy Duys-ner on Saturday night when Miss Clemen-ger entertained' at bridge. Miss Duysner leaves Thursday for New York to sail on Saturday for a trip abroad.

Miss Clemen, ger also entertained on Sunday when she gave a dinner for Miss Soyner. Rev. Stephen Keeler, of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, officiated at the wedding of Miss Helen Irwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

H. D. Irwin, and Mr. Ralph Line- Derger, son Ol mi a. uiiiouwiswi, on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Phi Mu Sorority house.

Frank Goddard, Walter Keith, and Randall Young left Monday for Camp Penlock, Interlochen, for the sum-Mrs, J. A. Murray and daughter Helen, him lr. Roy Horning are on a motor trip I to Washington, D. 0 and Atlantic City.

Mrs, Q. H. Robinson, of Boston, arrived and James McAdoo were discussed by Mary Grady as leader, with a round thi aiscussion ionowing. Miss aallie Humphries, of Ohio Weslovan Art School, left Sunday for Cambridge, where ahe will take a six wk' course at Harvard. Mra.

Louise Welch, of North Franklin street, is enjoying two weeks at Lakeside, Ohio. Miss Dora F. Williams vUltod Mr. Tn- nie Bell McOwen and daughtor, Mrs. Harry lani.

weea in UOlumbUS. On Thursday she attended a luncheon given for the Mute Convention for teachers of the United States, held at the Deaf and Dumb Institution. There were 400 guests 8ne wa" tn ust of Mrs. William E. Hoy, of Cincinnati.

Senator and Mrs. M. Dickman, of Indianapolis, are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Frank R. Conklln, of Orlswold street.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Parker are enjoying a motor trip to California, expect to be gone till fall. President John Hoffman, of Ohio Wes-leyan, continues to Improve In health. He enjoyed himself Monday at tho Odevene Country Club and was out on the green for several hours.

DUNKIRK. Mr. and Mrs. Kelton Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs.

Justin! Meyers passed the inid-weeJc in Cincinnati. Prof. Thomas Flgley left on Thursday" for New York City to attend Columbia University. Mr. and Mrs.

John Hill return to their home In Centerberg Monday after several days' visit with relatives. Miss Luva Hed-rlck accompanied them home for a visit. Misses Lizzie Dlckelman, Martha and Louisa Dlckelman and Mrs. Mmni Forest; Miss Helen Breese, Walnut HilUv.

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