The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 5, 1947 · 42
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 42

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 5, 1947
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Wolverines U n m ? t i 'all 42-0 LEAD Piled Up At Half In First Tilt Dehveen Foes Since 11)02. Four Touchdowns Scored By Michigan In First Nine Minutes. Ann Harbor, Mich., Oct. 4 (AP) Grinding out four rapid-fire touchdowns in the first e'-j minutes of play, Michigan's power- loaded Wolverines piled up a 42-0 half time lead today and went head to paste Stanford's out-tnanned Indians 49-13, before 66.-100 fans in their first football meeting in 45 years. Not since January 1, 1902, when Michigan's point-a-minute powerhouse slapped Stanford 49-0 at Pasadena in the "daddy" of all Rose Bowl games, had the two teams met on the gridiron. STANFORD-MICHIGAN. Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 4 (AP Stanford-Michigan statistics: Man- Mich-ford ifan First downs 13 1" Yards rained, rushinr (net) 137 184 Forward passes completed 11 R Yards rained on forward passes.. 129 252 Forward passes intercepted by ... 4 3 Net yards ranbaek of Inter, parses 18 25 Fnnting aver, (from wrimmace) .33.5 44.5 Total jirds all kirk returned ... 1 19 133 Opponent' fumbles recovered O 2 Yards lost by penalty 21 35 ! 1 . - K , , S' fx Football Fan Agrees To View On Bearcats Sports Editor, Joe Whisler, just an indication of The Enquirer, jthe wealth of material that State, Dear Sir: !as other big-time schools, has. In In regard to vour editorial titled a probability the Wolverines, the Red Cats Beaten By Rubers, 21-6 stubborn Western Reserve 21-6 today before 10,000. The Rutgers offense was spectacular, with scoring plays of 30, 64 and 15 yards, j in addition to a safety. Frank j today, meeting the .Indianapolis ' Burns, with brilliant quarterback- Lincoln Bears at Pendleton Field and passing, starred for the 'at 2:30 p. m. The Bears are un- ,-inners. .His du-yara loss to tsucKy ; beaten this season, havine defeated the 740 Club of Columbus which conquered Perkins two weeks ago. Rocket coach W. C. Sharp an nounced that Willie Stargel, former New Brunswick, N. J., Oct. 4 (Hatchett gave the Scarlet its first (T'!l Rutgers riffpatpri 9 hip- SCOre. eleven TO PLAY INDIANA ELEVEN. Perkins Covington Rockets will j University of Cincinnati star, would return to the local football scene start in the signal calling position. "UC and the Big Time," I'd like to Bucks, the Illini, etc., can put two backfields on the field, either better get in my two cent's worth to sup- than the Bearcats can muster. This port Dick Forbes's statement that wealth of material is necessary to the Bearcats have a long way to play in the "big-time" year after sro before thev attain "bir-time" 'ear and tne lack of reserve power. football status. Forbes merely made for instance, was the chief reason v.hv UC couldn't cope with Ken- a statement of fact and I believe tucky last week. his remark was aimed at the rabid. Personally, I can't understand why j fans who, in the heat of athletic UC fans can't forget this whfv!i combat, let wishful thinking get thinking and be satisfied as is. If. .u k. t .v, as Dr. Raymond Walters, President ! the best of them. 2 of the university, says, UC is con- - I think it is generally agreed tpnt witn athletic rank matching among the average fans that Ray the university's standing, this in It- Nolting has done an excellent job'self should be pretty good. at UC and that he is building,1 I can well remember when Miami, building and building solidly. The.01"0 u- Michigan State and oth- Bearcats have already established ers in uc's class- -ut ust as god NOTICE; OWNERS OF FORD U PRODUCTS 0 themselves on the gridiron as a a team on the field as the present ( Associated Press Wirephoto. CHAPPIUS MAKES THREE YARDS. Bob Chappius, Michigan back, picked up three yards in the first quarter of the Stanford-Michigan game yesterday. No. 24 is Wolverine Quarterback Howard Yerges and No. 28 is Stanford End Eugene Martin. hardly a hint of what was to come. Wayne Erickson of Stanford, Stanford, playing without two fumbled a moment later and of its best running backs, Half-I Michigan moved from the Indian backs George Quist and Bob An- 36 to score again with just three derson, fell hopelessly behind at plays and a roughing penalty, the outset as Michigan threw Chalmers (Bump) Elliott swinging greased lightning at the Card- wide around end from the 10-yard inals for quick touchdowns each jne. team which merits respect. As I Dereal leam- i"e mue uuuUu see it, if the Bearcats stay in their,in m,in1d that teams; on i rlnsQ nt lpasr until fhoir fniinHn- tinn is built tn'withstanrt "hir,-timp" to the c,ass u belongs in than the football, their reputation on the teams of the Big Nine the Big Six, gridiron should be well established. However, there e-e any number of rabid fans who lose all perspec-j example, after the Indiana last year they were ready to chal- of the first four times it got pos session of the ball. On the second play after the opening kickoff, Bob Chappuis, talented Totedo, Ohio, halfback, heaved a 59-yard pass to End Bob Mann back of the Stanford secondary for a touchdown that was Elliott returned the next kick-off 28 yards to the Michigan 38 and on the very next play, Fullback Jack Weisenburger plowed through the middle on a spinner play, picked up his blockers sprinted R2 yards to score. 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Two double beds, dining and kitchen tables, chairs, large 4-day icebox, 8 storage compartments, 10-foot length, 12-foot width open, house trailer ball attachment. That's what you get for $398.00. TERMS IF WANTED THE TOP PRICE IS THE NATIONALLY KNOWN PRICE THE SLASHED PRICE IS OUR PRICE. OPEN SUNDAY KONVERTIBLE Regular Price $372 SALE PRICE '198 KAMPER DE LUXE Regular Price $700.20 SALE PRICE 9 II II G0EBEL TRAILER CO. 330 READING ROAD, S. READING, OHIO VA 2532 wteite f "They it bp MODEL Fit Like A Glove" COMBINATION LAST CUSHION INSOLE COOKIE ARCH. UNION MADE fl X-RAY OR BROWN MA Kj!r CALFSKIN, FRENCH OR CUSTOM TOE. v m I mill ) ,mi; ball Chappuis rifled a 57-yard pass to End Dick Rifenburg, who niTie a brilliant, reaching catch in thj wide open spaces for Michigan's fourth touchdown with barely half the opening period gone. Michigan's place kicking specialist, Jim Brieske, converted aftei all four of the first period , touchdowns and went ahead to a pe fect day of seven out of seven. Gene Derrico'.te, veteran Wolverine left half from Defiance, Ohio, picked up two more Michigan touchdowns on one yard dives climaxing second period thrusts after Derricotte's 27-yard pitch to End Ed McNeill had set up one of the scores and J. T. White's interception of one of Al Moiris's passes had led to the other. SCORE ON SHOCK TROOPS. Stanford, which had penetiated into jNiicnigan territory only one time in the first half to the Wolverine 39 came back to win the second half from Wolverine shock troops, two touchdowns to one, but it was much too late. Morris's passing and a 24-yard gallop by Right Halfback Mickey Titus spearheaded the Idians' 01-yard drive that required only seven plays for their first touchdown in the third period, Wayne Erickson swinging around end for the telly, ana Kendall Peck's interception of cne of Wally Teninga's passes set up the other score, Fullback Chuck Coker diving over from th twn. yard line with 36 seconds of play leu in tne game. STANFORD. Pos. Martin I..E.., Burtse l!t!., Clanc L.G.. Flatland , C... Fcldman R.G.. Phleser R.T.., Burke R.E... Bell Q.B.., Erickson L.H... T'u' R h c. tlliott Ucvln F.B Wtlsenburger score by periods: 13 3 4 ?;?"'ora O 0 6 7-13 Mclean 28 14 0 74g Stanford scorlnij: Touchdowns Erickson Coker (or Dcvlnei. Point After Touchdown- rarrvin ( inr Martin) (pjacementl. Mlchlcan ui.uuuwns mann, fcinotr, Weisen- uumiM-, nnennure, uerncotte (for Chapputsi 2, uiuiu. rumis Alter Touch-downs Brieske (for Elliott! 7 (placements! Michigan substitutes: Ends, Ford, McNeill Anderson, Holloway, Hershberser, Wisnlewskl; tackles, Wistert, Kohl, Dendrlnos Johnson Atr-mson; guards. Slckels, Kampe, Heneveld, o..uui, mtuicnana, Ballou; center, Dworsky, Brieske: backs, P. Ellott, Klesel, Ghtndia. Derncotte, Fonde, Kulck, Tenlnga, Lentz, Kcmpthorn, Peterson. etc. In fact, I don't believe that UC, successful as it may be, will ever be ready for the "big time." A Kr,i,A .11 ajnA or, i rr rrt rf a r, f fa tives in the heat of excitement. For i. . T .'., ,. , ., . ,v game : -i - Pin,!r,r,nH will pvnr wnr- - i" - -" ..... - - - rant huilHirifr ihn ciy.A filnHinm in lenge Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio handle the crowds that go with "big State, Illinois and all other D1S-time" football. I doubt if 75,000 Cin-timers." Well, along came Kentucky I cinnatians could be rounded up to and Tulsa to cool their "coffee," asjwatch a team a3 g00 as one 0f would have happened many times Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen" had UC gone on to play Big Ninepiay one as good as Minnesota's schedule and meet, week after i juggernaut of 1931 1, to Ti'i 'iliiii l" Ford Owners 1932-42 Models New Engine Guarantee Ford Authorizzd Rebuilt Engines 'TAere Is a Difference" NOTE 1. We enly install citrines rebuilt by the Ford authorised rebuilder. 2. Only engines that ara tested under own power efore installation. J. No waitinr tor Inspection. 4. No additional charges if your engine is not Tisibly defective, fi. No aluminum heads accepted. 6. Budget payment plait as lo as S4.50 a week. Exchange .00 Plus Installation week, such teams as the Wolver ines, the Buckeyes, the Illini and the Gophers, not to forget the "Fighting Irish." First of all, UC doesn't have .'.ic wealth of material, the reserve power, to play "big-time" football. For example, Roger Stephenss a sweet football player; however, so is Ohio State's Ollie Cline, an All-America candidate in 1S45. Cline is having difficulty in beating out one Sincerely, DON BLACK. E0VER SHOOT TODAY. The first Rover Shoot of the season in the Cincinnati area will be staged by the Winton Bowmen at Sharon Woods today at 10 a. m. All archers are Invited. Prizes for men, women, and Juniors will be awarded. A complete paint lob a n t make car. ( Pre-war quality paint) $60 Fender work. An; make car. and body $5nd We paint any make of car. All work done by exptrti. Budret Plan if desired. Conrenient B A t e t Payment Flan If desired on serrice work, accessories, tires, etc. OPEN 8 A. M. TO 5 P. M. DAILY 8 A. M. TO 1 P. M. SATURDAY 2033 Reading Rd. FULLER AUTOMOBILE CO. Ohio's Largest Ford Dealer MAin 5432 EE V MICHIGAN Mann Hilkene i... Soboleskl White Wilkins Prltula Rifenburg Yertjtis Chappuis Field Trials Today; Bench Show Billed Coon dogs from five states will compete for cash awards today in the fall field trials of the Southern Ohio Dog and Game Protective Association on the club's farm on East Miami River Road, near Day Road, and between Venice and New Baltimore, Ohio. Ferd Badcr Jr., executive of the game body, announced that the sporting dog bench show would be one of the features. Setters, pointers, spaniels, beagle, coon and fox hounds will compete. Andrew W. Sharp of the Cincinnati Kennel Club will judge the dogs. Clarence A, Steigleiter and Don L. Hoge are' cochairmen of the event. Se bastian Linehan, Olympic walking official, and Henry L. Buehren will be in charge of the rix-mile walk, which will start at 2 o'clock. Every contestant in the boy-glrl- dog parade will be awarded a tro phy. Judges will be Otis L. Hess, Joseph J. Brueggeman and Prosecutor Carson Hoy. Sheriff C. Taylor Handman will be officer of the day. Middletown Is Rival Of Edgemont Today Edgemont Tavern will open de fense of its Major Intercity League football crown when it meets the Middletown Middies today at 3:30 p. m. The game, originally sched uled under the lights at Hartwell, was transferred to Greenhills. Pacing Coach Ernie Miller's Edgemont assault are triple-threat Elm Hayes and Dutch Cashner, a versatile ball carrier, who can start at either halfback or at the signal calling post. SENSATIONAL "HOT-ROD" STOCK CAR AUTO RAGES Sunday, October 12th Time Trials ... 12 Noon Racing At . . . 2:30 P. M. Lawrenceburg, Ind. FAIRGROUNDS GENERAL ADMISSION AND GRANDSTAND, $1.25 lax Included it " ' 'J . item'. .-.. ! " " N .... - - - ; '": S ' lilted k FINER IN ITS CHOICE TOBACCOS, finer in the way it's made-today's White Owl is better than ever. It gives you more smokingpleasure, more value for your money. Light up a White Owl. Taste the choice Havana blended generously in its filler with plenty of mellow American leaf. You'll know why more men have enjoyed White Owls than any other cigar ever made in the United States. Blended-with-Havana Yes7 White Owl aives v ou more

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