The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUME XXXVl-NO. 270. Tliree Explosions At Fireworks Plant Rock Los Angeles Buildings Blylhevlllc Dally News Blythevllle Courier E COURIER NEWS > NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND snrr™,,^ ,„.,,,„„„, * •*-" " " K-/ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Three persons were Injured. Tlu;.|>- Rfrv. Nettle Dennmn. SO, .--.ultc-rid a fractured leg when the cool nl her home collapsed, burying hi-r nnd her son, 20. lie was si-nit-.-hfid "ml bj uked and was able to luip His Swing Tiu-ovigh Europe May Dp " 'Peace I'elnninary lo (7 as »>e,,t n.nm nl U, NC.W was h^o •HIM- wm !,,,„„!,, om™,, durh, K n 21 Students Hurt '-nty o,,« stints we,,today when a ¥ , ls <lxuUlslulI oreil ,.,,, (1 , licckhur.C c.m,,,, ,„,,„ M ., 10U , ,,,,,„„ ed lo lwv| I, ..... llim ,,, rlo ,,, y „„„„„„ t , v()m . ,„ |,, )Stn ii, s ,„, „ f , , M ,W| nl .. rm« ami ,,,„,,„ hl „„. ^J , ,^°" » who lived nearby. fi l.v> was iii'il from . „ I r ive homes near Ihe damaged, and windows ihroii»houi « large area were shattered. The company manufactures py- I I'n'stdcnl' llooswIi'T.'jmom.i^l''^ I day h? is wmlinjj u ni \ ar .<*,,.,,>,.,..., jot Kffile sniniic, Wc-tieV lo Karn'x jlo ootiUn hft.-id inlo'-mniiuii i mi conditions in Italy, frame i G|1(ilt U''ll!illl iind f,Ji-rin-.iny j The president :,uid Welles v mil I j leive hhunly. John Andrew Edrinnlon, proinl-' ! f !' S ", W W '' Ih "'' mi »>"ii would \>R lent plunk r lm <| mcnlh{> .. (ll . f"' 1 !' <'> oblnln i-nnfidwitlnl ln- iloneer family of Misslsslopl Com- I 01 ' 1 '" 1110 ' 1 °» condition.., prev.illlni; S'. died this afternoon, 12 : .10 o'clock'"' "' l' rillll| l«»l coiiiurles ot t Memphis llaullsi iiosi.itm ,,r : t " l :°l' e - •«(.• injined wen- (atrn tu hu-.pitnis in mnbulimces nnd ,('• cars. Many were burned liy n mil e* that M,o( u,rim-<}, '•tu. Others wore snfferine l'io:n .shod- The MUM, ,ookcU Ihe lh,-ee SIniJ . ^'i,,,,,,,,, r ,,, w|n(|mv Kuss PdfiESu Peace Discussions i! Sill, With Neutrals Are JO BEES Underway, Hull Says i). •<). mi')—"r Activities y MOSCOW, I'VlTiT IUI> <lny churned 1-vmnv wll lif'd nimy liaptist hospital lotechnic.s (or n world market Tl'u- • — •< • • •«.u>".u m plant continued hundreds of cases! "'"'is received in an explosion ear- ,, ;, . of "sel.s" such as those used -a c.x- J : >'«<er(iay which serimiily injured "?' ," , •- -- - *.positions and celebrations " ls wlfe aild destroyed his modern ,"\.f l . w W'liniHinenls on The plant was aboul 20 miles ftt ™ «*'<!««*. • beht "> i i i«i vn,.,,,, _ — . -- |..—,.,,, t i[, iiuurver uu Hi? inrarnulion giilhered by Welle would be uu'd by Ihe president and Mrs. EdiTOLKon, whose face and Meh> nL?'J^ , Co " lc " , !ltl " 10 hands were severely burred whilo S determine, welher Ihe -:..i..-..,.., • "' ou "-e" «»>"= time is approaching when this - of the heart of Los AII- Bfles, at suburban Itedondo Bcaeh. The first blast came a few minutes before micdnight. it, destroysd one of the 24 small buildings where fireworks were manufactured, packed find .stored. The explosion sent /laming embers showering- over the plant grounds and a few minutes 'later the other buildings were afire. Violent explosions followed s-ilh- in minutes of each other. Thcv shook Ihe surrounding area, blew out windows, tore down communication lines and were felt ns far away as Pasadena, 20 miles northwest. Hundreds of persons in the surrounding area were Ihrown from' their beds. Pnssersby in a several block area were thrown to the street by the concussion. Panic stricken residents, fearing nn earthquake of which (here l:i>d been two In the past 48 hours, rushed into the .streets carrying possessions. Police, sheriff and newspaper offices were unable (o handle the thousands of frantic calls for information. Firemen were unable to cop; "W^Ji l/ie plant fire hut Fire Chief 6. N. "Fpwter said ths buildings .were, so^'sltuated .that, n6~1reHBfr i y r *flie" i - 1 n're .,,..„ „ The plant was a total loss';iiicl damage was estimated tit $150.000. The remains wcrr . returned Cscr-oln tliis afternoon where bv will be made. • (o Tiie president added that welh-s be iiiitljorl/e:! to maki- o.s of tiie United .Slates. It was presumed, however, that li""!. where s.ild |,rox- extinguishing the (lames whicl li enveloped Mr. Edrlngtoii. was rest 1 IfKln.v at. ...„ .. of Mr. and Airs. A. L. uoyce. country might be in"a posltion'To help formulate peace urouosnR lo Be Give,, naming yu .., . Several Chnrges Al Os-- lalb io Nillio '^ Con- ccola Toclny ' : lractors jS~?.«swB?S£rSaT£s loltil of 13 M-nlsli forts hnvn I'liplmcd on the soiithe'istern !™"f* 'IT'"""* lo " '•<"i'»««iH(iii6 i iind Hi » iiroiit losses." 'The Minis never hi )V e niinouii-ci '•'•Ir own casiinllles In llir w«r will Ca:r Strikes Child On Highway nnnomiceiniMi on ! Hlbelli Clnm'lt, "iiilghl.-r of Mr. ,,ii:l Mrs". O A Onrn'tt, received it hcud Injnvy Mitn.1 ".suf- " lul I'osslljlo liilernnl Injuries vc«- ' UM-dny ullernooji when k »c wn's struck by u uir »-hlle ct'osslni; muhwuy 01, n mile .M,,,IH of 'illy. Ihevlllo, neiir u u , alrporl. lieinovcd to Walls liMplln), she bclliBcrenl jinlions mlghl : |,e 1 into IJjo discussions- liilsr. of Still n Ccrdell Ifull >"»• Me (mplinslzeri that MIK; iifwnl conversillojw were mfoi'- proposnls had been : j)ul • fonv'owl Hull's aiiuouiiccweul came lr-^1 him Iwo liours after Presldem Itor.Eevelt, disclosed Hint Undcrrcc- retniy of Stalo. Humner Welles wciild sail Fob, n lo survey conditions In Italy,: Germany t^ne- iiul Cireal Urltnln. Of Hotels declnvcd there wns' ; iifi cniinccllon between this more mid (he pence talks. ,, --"-"" fli> " ic iiGiu31 A MM ^ I; '-'•^ «'-i«T^"^^sis s?\asf^ ! Roosevelt, said. j . "At the request of i the under secretary „. .„,„,.. 1U , Sumncr Welles, will proceed shortly • " •"- biiiu |Ib L.IIIIII111U \ . ncivrlngs (his nfternonn nt Osccolii • on u series of clmi' Ihefts of automobiles buiBlarl7.ini! of defense. KH.IO- lie nrij«i co-opcvallon of bullriei 2s."£-i==-K s =«•=-= frss The president did not know the exact data when Welles would leave or by what route he would travel. He cautioned reporters nl Mar. May July Oct. Dec.' .Ian. York Cot ton prev. open, high low close close . 1C99 1103 1098 1102 10D7 . 1070 1011 1071 1016 1037 . 1033 1012 1037 1011 1032 . 971 91ti 971 97ft 067 860 951 951 951 New Orleans Cotton Mar} May- July! : " Oct. Dec. Jan. ; :opDii high iow uu -.-111:1 iosr" loss 1M8^ 1053 3 76 979 930 964 95-1 ... 1110 1081 1041 9H ' 960 prev. clo.^e close ale Democratic Committee Makes Two Changes In Primary Rules LITTLE ROCK. Art:., Feb. 9 "«vi:i. nt- csunoncd re.xirlors nt (UP)—A new party rule permitting his press conference a-jalu-jt en- abscnlee voters the right, to write losing upon or amplUvIni; the of- mto ballots the names cf candi- > "-hil statement. dates in the second party primary was adopted today by the Arkansas T "™?nr llc ' ccmmlltee al a rallt ' cl , ° ^ en ^ Garments To hnnish War Victims .who- have.. to".)plA,e-t] commllmenls in Hie mime of HIE SSS 1SL-J&**; SSSTJa- S ~~ •^•HHUII k3lUH.UV_i V\y llllVf* ) !!S' ,if" e .l.?". 1 1n . lh « " ltk -"" "'"»« of Industrliil moblllaulon. .,.,,,, , , , '"^ ii^iv-uii jjinses of Ijidush-! ^•a^oSv'WAK ^d l! t,, ire ,?r "-^-"'^ don that machine ut UridToVd n«d ^ " le l " lllmltc »*»« «f tai"L Bradford, ami tie' to stem „ low Pontlac sednu at Th ( . Prsi i-f>i> n.lii^i. > ,. . " l - War Dcpiirlnirnl, Jolmsot meeting. ,.committee's acllon wns tak- o prevent discnfrauchlseinJnt, en "fernporfliily out or .(he vote in Arkansas. , Dates, ti um - - first and second primaries are so ^ erer s by tiie Ked cross ore'a<--ked close together that (iiere will nut /|° lw " t!l ™i 'n to the toe A! office, te enout'h time to print on the second ballot Ihe names of cnmli- .-jesldfiiti'v-;'j,-" ."-'M.'-?'V V .who.have to'ipl"'o-tl stater to ' lhe eannvals which (hey «re knU-' «, cf the l ' n S lo lj e rant to Finnish war suf- -- .. . u,,t,LIV. .-1CU1III |U 1 ]1[1 \\In i cn '!, rey h w " B ' !ls '" " lclr |losscs - lul(l i™ i" .'Jon when arrested IL \^ tniit n,- r 41 " ^~ "'" ij "" j tin ij^^ti^i^ft^^sn UK contractors from all Mrs. Tom A. nradihsr. executive secretary, nnnoiinceil today Others are asked to finish their •apidly ns possible that (lie garments may be shipped by lh a 15th of the month. «,.„ „ • 4M)|)arllug innchlncty, the. less'the dates chosen in Ihe first-balloting? Also approved by the committee W01 , k " s , wns a ruling that, when tws or s " op( ' : ' more officlak are to be elected for the same o.Tice sucli as .supreme court justice, squalors, representatives or justices of Ihe peace Ihe n i . . proper committee shall require cnn- I CUruary Assistance dldates to. me for u pimicular r°- ' sltion en the ballot. rcE« : il'«^ =pt= »S»,t T>, n ,„,„ yolllha ,„ , lcll \ , , ^ ll '»^ of trniwltloi, from |icaco state police an- -I' ,. .*" ccm " M '"-'cessnry. . f ._ vvi - iuiiy lenil/D our (llfflrnKl/"* " nflor complcung he ( ol d (he conirnclon,. "We have lol m-BoLten the World War nnd It j "Iso confessed, iiciinced (odf.y Ihelr InvcfitigRti The Junk denle in lat (ho (he ivnr, Irade HELSINKI. Feb. o.'ruj.,. •oimmmlriiie («dny slid (h,u l-'lnnlsli jirmle.i |i ll( | rejuilsi'd 'f Tlic arcldcnt occurred when (h> »,\ ,'^° I"" 1 " !l|!htcd r ™» «>o "TO" ti,p °' l)USl ll "' lei1 lmck tiniy of i>optar ulufi'.' Mo" lt"i''i siild, The motorist was absolved nli-cady ,were enuaehij iii Ihe pence discussion, which he said «rc btliig carried on ihioujn itgulnr dlplotmilli! thnnnelsl Hull belleied, honevct that nil tcuunilc ncd iii-niy uttncks on the bl "" )c b V ">i-' child's Miinncrhelm line, Xlllliiij iitoiK 700 liiisslnns and Inlllcied heavy | 0 s?cs on (he llussluii forces norlhetist of 'riio comimmlmie snlil | lon vy ilBHUng conllnucd norlhciul of Iho hike where there had been report, : hat forcw . lllt( , „. Uus3llul ' 'S' 1 ' "The enemy consliintly l s M ,fr or . hig heavy | OSSCS ,» tllc conism Mild of flglitlng on that front nn , ii -;. snllrec " rouiiricri thn't u, c fhinlsh lines continued lo hol;l but i'e.i of the w«r wns develop- on t.'ic KiireJIan from. Funeral Rites;Held For Pneumonia Victim is "ull suld Unit comlllions of llu livescut wai'2—Uiginnd and Irancu of I'CTliiM aciinans Russia nuifnc rInland mid Japan nijaliisl China —were not. being (Uscussed ut lliu present, lime 'Ihe cmphasla. lie Indicated, was on sccklnj. u common ground for lonu range gcnls (•I nrmnmcnt, reduction mid' cci- ncm'.c stnb.'llzntlon, at Wnll: f Nazis Resume Attacks On Coastal Shipping; British Defenders Active LONDON, FeT)~0. (UP)-Hfl enforced hrlllsh fi s hllng plane pn- lioLi st.ruck ill Clernmn aerial r;'ld- '3 thu eastern-ooiiDt, of the Isles lodny, brought down mid drove olt othei one bomb'c. enemy craft • f . yostcrdfty inomlim ol '" Til """"K ucnai rnifls'OTf'n'n : 6-<- w nnd whose mother nnd '^isivo scnle for the first llur ,<iliici> «re Sfrhinik- lit. e,r »l... Inst,' Sntiirtlnu n,* n..~...~t. ~'.. coast,,!' nnd'iniichluu KJ librlh I, rnlds'' Off 'ti . or brolher lire £nme, ivns IH'II led (his ni- ternoon. Hu wiis K. 'unernl services were held nt Ihe .church at Vlrkcry, commmii- ly near pecrhi B , Mo.; wllh the ncv. ]). P.- co'ojier offleljilbia wlili uurlnl at- tlic Chrllthersvlllc 1112 1M6 10S1 97(5 956 1110 1080 10-15 971 951 95 fi Arresi Two In Alleged 'Cash Night' Fj-aud Stock Prices T. <fc T 171 l-« Am. Tobacco 901-8 Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Cocn Colix Cien'l Elect Gen Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward N. Y. central North ,Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Hadio KcMtSlIc Steel Sccony Vnc Stu'debaker ..... Std. of N. J Texas Corp tl. S. Steel 28 78 3-8 81) 1-4 •! 1-4 120 39 1-2 51 3-3 55 1-2 54 3-8 n 1-4 n, ,,, , , ' - I lllclr iwetlme ocenpal'lons \Vc P 01 """"" of Ihe brolher. Allon p.ym«. s Are tuted .is^3°] T^~' f "rf «"~«\a »s 3ss-s »»rs;j ^^•^'rft^S-SaE SX&T-ZS = •*&& a ^^ -Alfll^£ =S B,d 0( FliTE^ Old age assislnnce. $2,550.75 to ccurtesy the source saW*" «l cases; £ id to dependent chil-i dren, S1.02I.50. to m cases t366 pi i ,, , „ children), aid to the blind, sin 75 n 3I!S Are Made For ., the Qerniiifi planes conteiUnited an tiio northca7t const LONDON, , Feb. 9. (UP)-FI«t unofnclnl Uillish comment (olay on Wnshinslon dispatches reporting united Slates conversations wllh neutrals on peiice movers nilii- linl?.td ' prcsprcls of cail> ,j«cs arlsln; from the move, Slayer Claims Trial Jury Was Not Sworn LITTLE ROCK, Alk Tcb &Lawyers for,Eugene Harrlwn hue nsked Die ArS-nnsjii Supreme C'-ilrt tn-reverse his conviction n«ri frui •ycnr sentence hi Piilljips circuit Court ror vohmtaiy on tho contention ilml ihe oilh prescribed by law was not ndir.ln (sieved to Iho trial Jury Harrison, 28 ot ovfiy HELENA. Feb. 9,-Two persons ^L*?*^ 1 '?^ ° W ^'l i h«... ..„...„_..-!. ^,._.. ' l »i-'>iJince, 52-1.00 to three case.';:' pension.'! only. $ 12.00.1 ISCs. were nrrestcd here yesterday after nn invL'.sligatl:i, or opcrat'ion of "cash night" at the Paramount and Pastime (heaters. John Oxford, manager of the theaters was charged obtaining money under false pretense; Fred Pyland, typewriter salesmnn. was charged with larceny by trick end obtaining money under false Deputy Prosecuting Attorney John Anderson said the arrests followed nn Investigation cRii.sed by Divorces Husband Who'. Junior Red Cross , Miss Lou Eskrldgc, Hntloiml Ju—— ,'; lor Rcli «ro-« field worker fo,- Mid-Western brunch of (he i after 5 ?"J comislnints received by his office 10 so cvcr a period of si - x wccks . and 5 7 B' clln:axetl by " scarcl) of tiie Pnra- Mr. Anderson said it was found 21 II 7-8 It 44 1-4 •!•! 1-8 60 1-4 Chicago Wheat high low close 98 933-1 97 u that names of persons regularly attending the show on "cash night" an dmany of those who had registered, were not included In the "hopper" from' which wlnnhi" names arc drawn. He said a *carch revelled many names of persons hidden in a ccmpartment. Officials of the PJchards-I I Chicago Corn May Jill. open high 56 1-2 57 55 1-2 57 low 5G 1-4 56 1-8 66 l-4 i Plant Coliector, 70, Pcdalso- Specimens , ^S^ ... ... wl lilt; UJU- alers, here for an investigation this afternoon, said that it, appeared from a preliminary- audit that the drawings had not been con- dtrctcd "on ths level" for several They said that fnn.1 s for paying the winning number were kept In B separate bank account End that. EMPORIA, Kas. «JP> - Frank V, , "''""*'' bee » Present last Agrellus, Emporla Slate Teachers ' College Instructor, has collected offlc<;r s said that Mr. Oxford had more than 3,000 plant specimens In """ c ««l <"U had hnpKcated at six mldweslcrn slates during the least olle othel ' l-'eiiwu pajt W yaais. i Cfficers said that Mr Pvhnd Despite the fact that he is 70 wen in a drawing several mrmth* years old, Agrelius Is still an active S S°, He made bond"cf S^n i i«v collector and takes his biological "nd was released but Mr OVMM ?*•"<•& classes with him on expe- .remained in jal). uMom Roy Hale, an employe of the' ist night Ing spent a wert: l«rc ! oi(jan./i[i^ Junior Ilcd Crow I She conferred with W. »'. Me- I uurkln. Biiperintcndcnt of schools Miss Rosa M. Hnrtl j,; pl .| ncjpn | of the high school, S. K. Gnrrett, jn- - - -u iu^ri^vjJJlt. It Not Yet In Sight r U n .,— -•--- ".~ •'<-« *uvi.iijr ML homo near Uteriiis that the news of her son's death nnd llln.uf uf finother niv bclns kept from ho ffe is nlso survived l»y lib pn t'nls, Mr. and Mrs. three brothers, C t nnd Allon, nil of MTTLE ROCK """ Ur. W. B. offlccr, warned "today ,..„„. inntienza epidemic in trie slate mny continue ns Ions as bad ivenlhcr conttmies. He .sold his office had received report.? of more than 0,000 cases of Influenza since Jntmnry i. Meantime betn-ec 50 nnd n Mrs. Ann,, Rlchcrt, born In Gci -cnccls In smnll lowns nnd rtunl "'i'i.v but 11 resident of near niy Of. nets began reopcnliiK. The memlc lor several years, dl-d y,s Mnte department of education ,-n)d l «<ljy nl her hoirii; near Dexter apparently the v/ of the epl- M °-. nt llit ngc of 0' Holt Funeral Home (vnsln chaise Mrs. Anna Richert Succumbs At Age Of 92 Although n yield of coiwl-icrnble qimnlity. l s not reached until thev nj-q nljout five yeiirs old. coffee pliiii.1.1 reach the bearing state In Ihelr sccohd :or llilrd year. Sweet Wine From 'Grapes of Wrath' dcmlc over and thru culiin'tn v' 01 ' 1 , l ' l ; h school iirlnclp.ii'.' 'a'nd!*' 10 "«d been kept hoinc by'lh'rh AILSS Winnie Virgil Turner 'te- i' n '" M ^t«i oi-ifhinii-, .,, ^-, i.... mcntiuy supervisor of city schools. (o th= sc[ting |]() of each of the schools In Honorary M. D. Degree Issued in 1827 Found AUMNV, N. Y. (UP)_A medical diploma y c iio wc ., wit] , •c u.ned to |( s phcc „,' „,.,,,„ uiir-r Hi years. On Msr;h 13. 1027. thr Stale J>rard cf Reseats granf-d ;, diploma conferring R[1 |,r,nor«ry dr'r'e a doaor „„„., Dr ., C.ani Kobimoii. of Wayne ,M y Now the diploma Is njain p,is- Ep:(n ); ,- (he board Es a e ift from ir.o noLtor's grra t - B randfalher, Joseph Gnvit, acting dlreolor or the State Library. The board governs (he eiluc.i- tici.rl sysicm in New York. Larciits gradually 10 She made her homiTwilh n'i onlv son. E. W. rtlftert, , lnr Cootti ne to . . . rar rcltirnliiK Mo., for Iwo yenrs hnvlne com j she hnd sp.ei)t/miin.v years Lcaving::0cnntiny S< yenrs ag ( Mrs. Richcrl SQO n cnmc to Arkan isis with her his husba.ul .„, 'Warning Period' Over State Police Declare family niul uiey ui 1 man ? y cnrr > before coming to "cooler iti nn Intsnsivc "wnrnlng drive", f "' c V'nrs ago nr.d then to ne u 3lste police apprehended 22 l)ly- ""'" ll'.evlllc motorist's this week on n charge of having no drivers licenses - -- 6 .- uiu umicrnn h"'... Jr .*" erc nal hailcd lnto cmlrt i. "' rCl ', Bt Wirln ' wl«rc burial will Home Is hi charge because they pnfd their Itconse fees. In the future, all motorlsls not having drivers licenses will served a warrant to nppL-ar m Municipal Court, it was .ir,uoiin=cd loday. In;Iudcd in those who to >y or go lo court were .several woo did not have chauffeur II- :nscs. Thc?.c cost 55 while the driver licenses cost so ccni.s. Funeral services will be held •imdny morning nt Ull) uahcran •hurch a be made, lioll Funeral a prisoner a icalous l'«si" 'i" , h °T, V - --"<'"=< "••s- band who didn't wan! olher meti to look ol her. Mrs. LOJ S Wag. ner. 22. was granted a divorra ca §0 Judge.-. Collection of Buttons Valued al $10,000 TAMPA, Fla. (UP) _ Collening bulKin-, mny seem drab and un1: it-resting but to Mr:;. Ccrrli- B Jones o! Timpa it i s ft n exciting t.nd profitable uasthv-. I'rrViHy (he button connoisseur In the ,?mHi lofev .\Trs. Jones has a collection of Cfl.OCO buttons valnej conscrvn- tivniv nt SlOflOO. 1 ' years ngo after the death ot 1 her only s.oti. Will to Be Preserved As Historic Document Guns Found On Alleged Murderer Were Stolen Here CHATTANOOGA. Tenii.. Peb 8 -Detective Cnpt. Qlen;, Hollcman , wl icli br t l — --v. MJ. ii. ivifct v*i ijiy[it\ Villc said after questioning Chnrlt- and cUscoWod-wUh X^X\^^ The cemury-old docu-nent, one S£ teSSUTM^I, 01 *"' r the nri^d records of the office Charle.son Is scheduled to go on for kllllnj a de- swlftly wns coiwlclcd cf , a a ,,, vu {fcrnian Cnrvlll Inspector for the slnlo Revenue Dsirarlmcnt, nt West Ifrleiin August 3d' < Other offlccrs, (cstifylnj for (he slnte, said they stoppryl Harrisons ln:ck (o liKjulrc whether he had a piiiill to otornto ovel (ho state highways. They snfd Han Iwn sttp- peil from Iho iiuck, which was Uden will) liquor, nnd shot Mr Cai- vill without warning. Saying he believed the officers wore hljnckets Hairls'n lestmcd he,wns transporting the Uquoi fiom West Memphis to drj Greenwood, Miss. He Said the gulv .wns dis- nocldciitBlly wlien an agehl with him. , ••-.-. Luxoran Accused Of Leaving Accident Scene. Harvey Pcrnienter, of LUxora was to be clven u Drellminary hear-- luij at Osccoln this afternoon on clmrgcs of driving while under the. lulluonca of liquor, parking on the highway and leaving thn scene of an m::ldcni, as Ihe result.of au nccldent en Highway 61 early ye's- tcrdny morning, seven rnlles south of Blytlievllle. A driven by Max Goiasteln- Mcmphls salesman, struck- [lie Per- • mcnlor tniichlne, s.iicl to have been: parked on Ihe highway without lights. . ' ;i • Slnte police nnnounccd, after -an imestlsatlon, that Mr. Permentcr had driven his m/chlne away after tlic acclicnt occurred and he was rrestcd later. '•:;. Tlic Memphis car was damaged to tho extent of $150. No one was nji red. : ' To Study'New AAA Plans At Jonesboro A study of the nerv AAA re- fjiiirciiiciits for KM new plan sheet will be studied by asrlralciiral aB^iits end AAA workers of NortJ<- casl Arkansas In a ineeMnj at' Joncsb J 3 Fridny and Saturday; A number will go from th;s ciiy. WEATHER Dorns Bowden. Roshasharn Jixid IB "15 scrcen " Tho Grnpcs of Wrath, comes lo a happier eml- Arkamns—Partly cloudy, temtjorr nture b:lo»- freezing with hard freeze In north porllc.'i tonight.- Saturday X.iir., continued cold, .•'. Mcmi:h:s and vicinity—Cloudy ,to partly cloudy and colder tcni?iu, Icwcst temperature 3i) to 2-j, Sai- thnn the migrant farm girl unlay partly cloudy F> nrl^ftrl i-rt-n...! r n rr, .^.t...i lu ivl r. VVO^QJ, ,o '"^ IIIIKItllM ILITIll PT UlUUy pSIlly CtOUOy. . » i t t i Charleson Is s:hcdu!cd to go o'l s ,''u oor " la v e ri In her movie i/,n r ' " loro trlal hcro Fel) - 2T for klllhw a dr> ot'out. the 2-1-year-old aclrm Tho "iBtlmum tenipscaturc here 100 pages long. Each page Is tcctlve last January when officers flcvv °" st Io «'efl Nunnally John- vcstcixloy ivns 58. minimum 31, d wllh an Invisible prcpura. raided a tourist cabin lo arrn-t Son h l" 1 ' tler alwvel «'!iom Vlie cltadi with 21 6f en Inch min- lo protect It from light nnd Oharlsson and « fnm ™ n <* n ",T.- .!?. 6 -^cn lie was odapling Jnhn lull last iii*hi, Sccoixllm to Sirt«. •n^Fft i 7"=— •-"«• -*..^.. i-« 6 ^ .^ Lu^kitt: last January When nfffprvre wcli ixunrmny oon ovcred wllh an Invisible prcpura. raided a tourist cabin to arm-? son ln l'^ **r almvel wiiom's on to protect It from light nnd oharlsson and a companion who .5;«i,\ vh< S'« was odapling J - ,..., „ w ollll . MM - also was slufti lum|>aluon ' w)1 °, • blolubeck s bsst-scller for ihe veil- Norris, offlelal KMlh«r ob. li.lnis, , servftr.

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