The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE' EIGHT kYTOEVILLE COURTEl NEWS Nicely Over Nl:hcl AVQRCIJSTER, Mass. (UP)—QtLs Cnri''Williams received n refund after bis; trip, to' Florida. St. Pe- tersburg'officials discovered lie had put 10 csnls into n parking meter instead, of'.5 cents, so .they sent him the change, in .slumps. $100 nnd third ' $50. For Mivckflsli, tlnke and .sea buss, Ihe top pvi/o will be SIOO, second $50 nnd third f.25. And In addition, If a flrsl prl/.e fifh i.s caught Irom ;my charier, or cpen party boat, Ihe captain or THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8/1!) Seventy Year Old Bureau Slilj Can't. Do Much About; Wcalhor NOW 4 YEARS OLD BIGGEST WHISK EXTRA VUI1E IN ' -v>-fr,'$l ^ && :^i^ *&$ *"••*•&'"**& .*>. . "ro^. | Open Conlesl Sponsored To Spin- Intcrcsl By George Ruppcrl I!Y r.KSMK AVKHV I'llilrd I' St.-il)' (;<.Tri'X|ionill'li( NEW YORK <UP>—A.S :i sporting Destine, Oeorue- fiiippprt lias offertd SC.ti&O ijj prims for the bi;;- Ktst salt wilier fish inki.-i) olf OIK AllanUc- Swibuurd during 1U40. An indent, lishermmi hiioscJI, Ruppei i exnblns this competition is "lo Inemisc public Interest In the spon find to imiki! available to the fishing liiueniily InforiiuHkm rcgiuxlInK the best nnijlinu lo;-;i- lloiis iintl tin; vurlous .species cl fisli." 'there is no entry fee :iml the jonlcst Is open to every angler, 1'lir: "grounds" extend frcwi Ihe noi'thcrn boundary of Mulnv <|own .he Ailiiiiili: coastal water, im-lnd- j)|j s.'ilt water buys mid ihcis, to Key West, Fin., nn<l .iroiind the •Jiiif VI Mexico 13 Tdinpa, Flu. Huppeil hns Included 12 spcdes of fish to reward the cpnte.'il winners. For bluensh, chnnnt'l bnss, coti/lsh, sourish, striped bnss, tarpon, weakflsh. Ulna uml white innr- iln. tbe bijjgesl cnlch gf the year .vlll be worth $550, second largest i«i«.r win receive sl<W. Fltmlly, an 'Jlv M-M Service Now In New Location J. J, HARGETT SERVICE STATION je ci.iijjiu with rod and reel; IKI rs:,islnncc at (he line slmll be pcr- ir.iltr-.;, except a bout rnptuin si 1 ere.wAmn inny hold the leader H'ttilc tlir: fish Is beliisj boated; tlsli tiiiisl be wclfhcd in jircswwe of avo ivll nesses, oilier (htin liwa t'fny, and n notnry public; iinkm . ~.i i-i m-J ni.s((iwnjli>s nuKler. Columbus Women Form Chamber of Commerce eesl. Chief trouble we don't , know what to cio with (Ire weather It gets litre. The Weather Bureau l.tts gone to tlie trouble of proving that when foxes Imie heavy coals In Ihe fall San Francisco Soon To Have Project Ready For Occupancy GAN FliAKCISCO (UP) — The flrsl unit in Ran Krancisto. as we!l as ttie first one wt-sl of the ftoeky Mountains, of the Federal Housing Administrator's low rental bous- ing pi'ojeets, will be ready for occupancy soon. It i.-i known as il:l!y Courts and already hns attracted the nltcn- :i daVsn't mean a hard winter itl^ 0 ' 1 ° r architects nix) realtors just means thai any fox wilh hwy r '' 0 "' nc| 8liboring states. The proj- fiir . any fox wit! .j . is In food physical condition. , ls ™ l re >' c ™'- complete and ...,j)o witli bees and heavy slows I , " s *'"' l)e nl) le to move in by : i,l' honey-Jusl mraiw .they've hi-d! c> ^ IR US1 'A has announce:!, j i (icud .summer—not Dial the win-] Tl »- unit, eonslsls of 118 new .. ^ — ^^»^. i j Ul ' will kc bad, Animals (ioi)'li homes. In which the baste rent, per ' ~'. . :'.now us much about the weauv.i, home will be well under $% a if national defense. TlieSnnj' | as the Weather Kureau, and can month. The unit In H S (.n'Jrety consists -f a "plannrd village," where cv- COLUMDUS, O. (UPJ—The first' of Die Chninber of-Commerce for women I wasn't able really to do any'.l'i.iu! -1<> still less «IK>UI It. in the United Stuics 1ms been or-'ab:;ut Ihe weather either. ) '''he annual lalnfall at Clic-rra- ^nni'/e:l In Cnlmnbus. I The Uureiui Onus been in tli» I'M'" 1 j ]>«"Ji. In^la, is 428 indies, while eryihms will be round necessary Incorporation papers for tlie or-' bulldlnij in Washlnulon since n:»7.1'he best-this country can do U 131 to yive the promised "break to Ihe Biini/ation. the spcelltc pur]X)sc ol but since 1890 it hns beeii under j i— y _$;'"•-•• "..•.'•'?..'.,>....'... .• •.-. .-. .-._-> > j kl(| s." The village is .surrounded by which Is In further Ihe Interest of i the'Department, of Agriculture. Uj *xTM^2tjt/ i 'y^- A '^x^ 'j j8"ixlens and tuwns, wlille Ihe women In Industry and profession- j hasn't figured out how to scare up | s ^ _^5-N ^ V*«\I J i scl 'ool will have a playground on nl work, hive been filed with Oliio .-.late officials here. IWIss Mnry E. I'rcnttce, Coluin- 'ws. presldfnt of tlie newly formed body, said Hie group expected to any mole rain for the farmers, though. First of all ficientlflc mcleoiolo- tjlcal instruments was an eartlicn- vcssel devised 2000 year? afo . e nr5 le-ul coimseMci wntch lejls-J ,„ incasur(! rainfall. Probhuly ti,e Inlloii affecting the employment of women and lo .set up «n employ- menl service for Its members. The new orumilzntlon, now embracing 51)0 members In Columbus, plans lo extend Into other Ohio cllles niul througliout the nation, Miss Prentice said. Kducator Urges lieiiKini CLEVELAND. O. (UP) — Reason must be "kept In tlie saddle" diir- Iny the European crisis believes H APPY UOUR " GRO.& "MKT. FRKK , DELTVEKX 1W \V. Main St., I'hcme 15 The moJtt Hhilrau.l ii il:t BuiCK SopEn miJtl51 fvir-thor touring itJaa $1109 Jtli-vtrtilal ftim, Whstf li.tfiwllllrfi n.Uirional.* Greeks used to take 1: out picnics; now \ve call the Weaiberj Bureau lo find out how -iiei we got. The flrsL wind vane came'soon after. And (he wind still is libs Ing. Maximum wind velocities are a problem for the Bureau, wlieii the wind is loo strong !'. blows the cups off the liiirino- melers. wliich measure the air movements. Even the ha Is of Sen- O NE of tlicsc days the itch is to hit you to gel oul mid jjcl in on the fun a Buicl; can lie in the springtime, . >-;/. You're going to feel an irrepressible yen to (ouch off that husky, sweet-sing- mg Dynaflash power plant and swing out in gentle coil-spring comfort to take in the fresh spring landscape. Maybe, like others \vc know of, you've even got the model picked out, nnd arc just "waiting a few wcelss" lo do something definite about it. Rut may we emphasize, in purely friendly interest, that a lot of other people probably have the same idea. And that when they start buying in droves-as they do every year nhonl (he ides of March-even Huick's big factory has trouble keeping up wilh them. JMf Tnmat Safy—Dim Your Lights Whin Failing Ot course, we're iloin^ nil \vu' c:in to be re:ulj' for everyone. But you Ciin (Jcl only s<i inanj' curs in n warehouse. And n full warehouse can empty u\v- fully fust. And what wilh cvcryhody wniiting Hnicks this senson, we can't say lioiv )on£ \vc can promise the delivery \vc cnii give now. So why not play Ihe cnrly bird this ycnr? Why not get the jump on your neighbor nnd be driving your Rmclc \vhilc he's still talkiiij; about Setting his? You've nothing to lose, n lot of fun lo gain — nud you'll find llic r.ddrcss of your liuick dealer in tlie phone book. >»>der cats. Bal'oons to measure velocity nml Ur. Wlnfrcd G. Leiilner, president 1°'' Meteorologists sometimes blow of Western Reserve Unlversltj-. "We must avoid propajjniulii which mixes truth mid fiction," he snlil. "Most adults remember how we were ted sucli mnlerliil In Ihe years of the hist war." direction of the wind in the inner nlr tire sent up from '102 stations. r lhe French have sent balloon^ up 0.000 mclfi-s, but. 25,000 "is the best ' we can dr.. It doesn't, mtik'e .any- not. inches at Olcnorn, Ore. D.-Mth Valley gets only 1.45 inches n year. The Bureau just can't do anyiiunj fcr Scotty. World high Icmpcrature record is 13G degrees in Tripoli, while Death Valley hnsn't passed 134 degrees. To cele.brate the Wsalt'er Bureau annive'rsary in 1033 the (heimometer went lo G(i degrees brlcw iccro in Yellowstone park. The world cold record Is 93.C degrees below zero nt Vcrkhowansk, Siberia. -iVIetcroIoglsls burn just as much cbal'ns anyone else. Cnce It mined 11 'i Inches In Cn'mjio, pnlif..'.In fit) minutes, and In Tayjor. Texas, 53.1 inches fell on Sept. O.~ahd 10. 1821. Nobody cnn do anything about weather like thnt. There are nliout 500 co-operative observers, most of them private individuals who like to study wcntlier, sending in weather data to help the Bureau. Weather men i^el so Interested in the weather that even If they could' do something about, Lhey probably would ' . ' " ' i one side" und a park on the other. I Only families of low income will be eligible as tenants, wlille those now living In slums cr sub-stand- nrd buildings, will be moved to the head of the list. The dwellings in the unit run from three and a half to five and a half rooms, each with bath, "half" room in each house is tlio dinette, which combines kitclien and dining facilities. The project, will cost $380.000. The liomes will be equipped with mc'lal snshes, liles or linoleum fkors, individual gas wall heaters and n new stove. All utilities will be included !n the rental charge, totaling about ?•! n room. Persons with incomes under $1,400 a year will "be ble. The project Is well within the limits of San Francisco, and t\vo other projects of a.larger sine oir I'lso under contract. One of th':si: is a 4C9-unit pr:Jcc,l which will r,e creeled at a cost of SI ,349,900 anil the oilier a 172-homc project that Will cost $2.079,1)52. Grand Coulee Backwater Uncover Indian Graves SPOKANE, Wash, (UP) —Hundreds of nrlifacls have been found by workmen who opened almost 1.000 graves in Hie urea in norlh- ea.itern Washington that, will be flocdcd l>y backwater from Grand Coulee dnin. Most of the graves were Ihor.e of Indians. Their bones nnd tho.':e of pioneer white settlers were removed to other cemeteries. All articles of historical value were prefer hcwever. They Included coi spearheads, trinkets anj bead.' Read Courier News want ads. 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