The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1960
Page 14
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(la.) Uppef fie* MatnM Tuesday, April 26, i960 SUNDAY. APH1L 24. WAS NATTOftAL Mothers-In-Law Day. I didn't quite catch on to the fact until it was too late to alert ypu, but I can't see why we shouldn't pay a little attention to the event now, two days later. Part of this lapse is the fault of none other than the governor of Iowa, Herschel Loveless. Some years he officially proclaims Mothers-In-Law Day a week Or so in advance so 1 can let you know. If he is doing it this year it's after I've written the column, so that lets me off the hook. • •. « « i 1 HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED A pretty good relationship with my mother-in-law. Never once have we come to out-and-out blows. In fact, once in a while, when I get peeved at her son, and my husband, I threaten to go home, not to Mother, but to my mother-in- law. She raised him and she knows what 1 have to put up with. And if worse comes to worse, we can always put our heads together, cty on each other's shoulders, and blame all our troubles on things that are, "just like a man". We are agreed on this point. * * *< MY HUSBAND, IN TURN. ALSO has a mother-in-law. She is, of course my mother and she knows about Father's problems with me because I lived with her for over 20 years. When Pop gets mad at me, he has-never threatened to go live with his mother-in-law, but he has made several remarks about that nice room she rents out, and frequently he gets quite glassy-eyed thinking about his mother- in-law's cooking. This is especially apparent when we have canned beans and weiners here for the second night straight. * < • MOST OF OUR RELATIVES, on both sides, live right here in Algona, and we have never had the trouble of a mother-in-law coining to visit and wearing out her welcome. In fact, with the couple of spry chickens we have for mothers-in-law, we have a hard time getting them to light long enough between engagements for a good chat. We love both of them, although I suppose they, too, have their faults, but never have I found in either one of them the characteristics that make up the typical mother-in-law of jokes and cartoons. * * * A FEW YEARS FROM NOW Ifclan to do a bit of experimenting on the subject of mothers-in-law. By that time, I think one or all of our kids will be married and I'll be a mother-in-law myself. I plan on being a mother-in-law to end all mothers-in-law. I am going to tell my daughter-in-law how to wear her hair, how to bring up my grandchildren, and how to not use so blamed many expensive ingredients when she cooks. I am going-to nag at my sons-in-law about the kind of clothes they wear and about skattering ashes on the rug. 1 am going to be thoroughly obnoxious, 'and after everybody admits that I am, I'm going to admit it was all part of a noble experiment. For I mean to test out the question of whether any normal human being can be a mother-in-law like the ones long maligned in jokes. If I fail, I shall have succeeded, for it has long been my theory that mothers-in-law are just as nice people ,as mothers. Only they are on the other side of the family. * * * THE RECENT MAIL HAS BEEN interesting, to say the least. One letter was from a 17 year old girl who says she is a senior in high'school and signs herself, "Pee Wee". It could very well be that somebody is pulling rny leg with this, but here are exerpts from it to see what you think. Pee Wee writes, "I am going steady with a very nice boy. I don't know if I love him or not, but I am going to marry him in September right after I graduate. Do yot know why? Simply because I'm afraid to go out into the world or my own. I'm always being told by my parents, 'Your sense o values is terrible' Maybe they are, but don't I have to make therr to suit my own personality." * * * PE2 WEE GOES ON TO SAY she needs the .security of thi: teenage boy and though she may regret it later on, she believes this is the reason for high school marriages.' She says, "I don't havt the right or the courage to tell what I know about my unstable basis for a teenage marriage. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope someday you will read more of these carefully hidden teanage secrets and know how to answer them. It helps to tell someone." * » * WELL. PEE WEE. IF YOUR letter is sincere, and there is always the chance that it might be, I hesitate to give advice to anybody lor two simple reasons. (1) I have three children who are not reared yet and heaven only knows what they'll get into or what I, as a parent am do-.n* now or have done in the past that will someday be thrown up to me. (2) I haven't been successful enough at solving the pro- LiL'ms ot my own life to be qualified to tell others what tc do Annual Senior Girls Tea At LuVerne, May 10 LuVerne — The Progressive Woman's club were Monday evening guests of Mrs Verne Daley The program, given by Mrs Earle Hartselman, was a panel discussion. FinaJ plans were made for the annual senior tea for thf girls of the 1960 LuVerne schoo' class to be held May 10, in the new farm home of Mrs Hanselman. Friendly Neighbors Meet The Friendly Neighbor were guests Tuesday of Archie Thompson. clut Mrs All members. but one were present. Mrs Curtis Morgan had the lesson. Mrs Edwin Marty had the surprise and bingo with prizes was played. • _____ ..... _. any E<-nsc 01 insecurity is never helped by getting married. Marriage f ; ;:-i:s you more problems, not fewer, and you nead every bit of a-.d ^experience you can get to solve them. As for whether or i.o: yi u lovo this teenage boy you plan to marry, that isn't so much the- prob:cm tor a Ijl of much older people have questioned that v.-l-.-jn they marry, but a few years of maturity gives you both a l-i^tr ciiance tor lovy to grow. Pee Wee. run away from home if Kccessary; get a job doing anything; go live with an aunt, but wait a wa:ie to yet married. Give the teenage boy a chance to get a joo a.'id gi'ow up, loo. from "what THE OTHER LETTERS. WITH the cxccpt.on of one a prn type, were fiom friends. Jan Zerfass Verveer write Uowne.-s Giovo, 111. about the Holy Week column. She .say-; a bright spot your column makes each week! I laugh with you ween with you. aj;rt-e with you and only wish 1 coukl call you on the phone to hash over all the problems which conlront us all" I wnh \\e could talk too, Jan, but we have a party line and the telephone company would cut us olf, for sure. » » » GLADYS BARKER WRITES FROM Glendalf, Arizona with an rr.m tL ?' m ^ H ^. ^hes now working for a captain in the air torce with we boys, G and 8. who lost their mother a year ago in Germany. is on vacation!"" '" '" '" Jl ' nC ' a " d July when hcr "^mily" »»ssss?^«« n ^c^^i^i: column which Jack Shelley read over WHO, and Mrs Milton Shumate f u IF ? f01U . AR1E BUSY thcse da >' s house-cleaning or getting the f.ower beds m shape you might like this recipe for Potato Bur .er Pie. It comes from Gladys Barker whr, Q*n. i, 1 ,. „'. „ ,M , .^f ago. r^\, A o i , "~v-. t ,v. ivji i uiuru ouiiier Gladys Barker who sent it to me quite a while 1 pound ground beef 1 tgg l --i cup bread crumbs 2 tublsp. milk 1 chopped union 1 tt;p. prepared mustard 1 tsp. salt. 1 Up. prepared horseradish '.:: lap. pepper 1 envelope instant potatoes or 1 pint hot mash potatoes Mrs Robert Nielson entertained her card club Thursday with Mrs Harold Nielson, Jr., as v guest. At two tables, high, Mrs Clif Richardson, low, Mrs Stanley Genrich and travel, Mrs Earl John.' •. Mr and Mrs Henry Miller. Sheffield, Mr and Mrs George (Roy) Johnson, Waltham, Minn, visited their brother, Mr and Mr.' Theodore Johnson Saturday. Together they went to Fort Dodge to attend the wedding of their niece Sheryl Johnson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Clayton Johnson. Seventh Birthday Jennifer Wilhelm, celebrated her 7th- birthday, Easter, with a party Monday after school at the home V>f her grandparents the Albert Wilhelm's. Guests of her first grade girl classmates were- Becky Coyle, Gloria Miller, Diane Patterson, Diane Pergande,.Cheyenne Chapman, Cindy Erpelding, Charls Rusher, Kerry Ramaker, Carla Hansen, Jeannie Hjelmeland, their teacher Geraldine Ullhmann, her sisters, Linda. Becky, Joni, her grandmothers Mrs Wilhelm, Mrs Jessie Sanford, her mother, Wilhelm. Mrs Milton Easter guests in the Bonnie Ellifritz home were their daughters, Mr and Mrs Don Porter, Mr and Mrs Donald Youngwirth families of Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs tacit Le^a!<he> Ft. Dodge, visited her mother, Mrs Clara Rogers, Easter, Mrs Joe Undefberg r and son, Fort Dodge, were Eastet-.Visitors with her mother, Mi-si. Easter guests 'of.'' Stoddard were MV-- iMs.'Mrs Lloyd Stoddard, Fort D.«$M Mr and Mrs Robert WiI$bn,1Ruffahd Mrs Gail Stoddard,, Titd1flk*i>- and their families. Mr and Mrs Arthur W. Dlmler had as weekend guests, their^daughter, Mr and Mrs Don Irey family of Clarence and Mrs Gerald Herbener, Mason City, sister of Mrs Dimler. Easier guests in the Allyr Brink home were their parents Mr and Mrs Percy Brink, Mr.' Van Hansen and Ben Hefty. Mrs Ella Woito has returnee to her home after spending the winter in Cedar Rapids with hei sons, Harold and Milton Woito families. The Rev. and Mrs Howard Marty family, LeMars, were Easter and Monday visitors with their parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Marty. . ;•• Mrs Carroll Marty is a medical patient in Fort Dodge; LutfiBfan hospital. \ ' Mrs,George Schnetefer entered St. .Ann hospital, Algona,; Monday for medical treatniejit<,> Mr and Mrs Donald' Bjlis'trbrr: family of. Kansas City were Easter weeKen'd guests of his p'ar- ents, Mr and Mrs C. W. Bjustro'm. Miss Roberta Murray employed in Des Moines was ah fester weekend, guest of her gra'rid- mother, Mrs Clara Wolf. Mr and Mrs Charles» Brown family of Sanborn were Easter weekend guests of • her parents, Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer. Mr and Mrs Norman Larson family of Badger Were Easter visitors with^ her brother, the Wayne Sanfords. The Misses Lottie and Jennie Mason and Mrs Verna Thompson, Ledyard, were Easter guests in the Mr and Mrs James Zweifel home in Corwith. Supper guests in the Fred Hinz - Earl John home were Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer, their daughter, Mr and Mrs Charles Brown family, Sanborn. Evening callers were Mr and Mrs Allyn Brink. . Easter guests in the parental Jess Jergensen home were Mr and Mrs James Jergensen family, Palatine near Chicago, 111. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Larson family of Des Moines, Mr and Mrs Charles Bastian family, Vincent. Also a daughter, Mr and Mrs Jerry Smith family, Alg9pa. P with Combine beef, egg bread, milk, onion, horseradish salt and epper and mustard. Pat lightly into 9', inch pie plate Cover nth aluminum ioil and bake in 350 degree oven 25 to 30 minutes Put prepared mashed potatoes on surface of meat and broU until they are browned. u —GRACE. Cresco Chums The Cresco Chums 4-li club met recently at the home of Mrs Elhei Chamberlain, with Rosemary and Madonna Gisch assist-, ing. Carolyn Rochleuu and Ver- dcnc Shaw were named to represent the club at vs&fl)? in .<fiMie unci Ana Smith will utlcnd the convention. Rosemary Gisch pave a report and Vt-rder,!: Shaw gave a talk. Guests at the mi'cting were Mrs Teeter, Mrj Meehlhause, Mrs Ohncmus and Orla Mittlieder. STQSASF CABINETS, metal, a' (Jppur De GREATEST DRUG AMERICA ORIGINAL BE SURE TO CHECK THE HUNDREDS OF VALUES IN OUR REXALL 1* SALE ADS Appearing in TH/S WEEK MAGAZINE, PARADE, FAMILY WEEKLY and SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS DON'T MISS OUR REXALL SPECIAL "THE FRANCES LANGFORD SHOW" with an All-Star cosf, SUNDAY EVENING * MAY 1, ON NBC-TV Buy your first Rexall guaranteed Hem at regular price ... get a second identical item for only 1 ( more. COME IN FOR YOUR FRff SHOPPING USTI L VV^TCH FOR OUR REXALL -i*. SALE^CIRCULARS HONSBRUCH DRUG "Your Algona Rexall Store" now at Eldofa whefe Jerry has his refrigerator .business. Mrs Kathyrn Wittenbtirg ?e* turned Sunday from several weeks visit with her £on the Rev. Kenneth.Wittenbtlfg lamJly at dlehwbtfd Gily,. WiS', -I'he-? bi ought her hom& ftfr a few days visit. - ' -,-, ' .' ' Easter dinner guesls in tlfe,tA Voy Dawsoii ho«ie -Mrt tbrwlth, were Mr and Mrs 1 Harold Kielson, Sr., Mr and Mrs Robert Nielson, Mr and Mrs Dale Zentner, Mr and MrsJ&iek Nielsoh, Mr and Mrs Harold Nielson, Jr.. Mr and Mrs Fred Will and thei> families. * Mrs Martha Schneider had as Easter guests, Mr and Mrs Elmer Richardson Slater; Mr and Mrs Albert Schneider, Mr and Mr? Clem Stripling, Mrs Elda ,Kollmann, Walter Myer, Mr and Mrs_ Gerhart Myer and their families" and their daughter, Marvel Of Mankato, Minn. The Evening Star Circle were guests of Mrs Allyn Brink Thursday evening with 11 members present. Devotions, Mry Harold Trauger, lesson, Mrs Sylvester Brace. Mrs Bertie C. , presided,, OffkeT* wete re-elected for ne* church'year, 1 Mr and Mrs.tfvin Jergensen family were Easter guests of her sister, Mr and Mrs .Clarence Mltfdorf family at Waterloo.. ' Jfisltbifs in the pArtental S/tt. Baker Home weW M* &h& Mrs Richard Wiuf, tfumboldh Mr Jntl Mr* Mertin Baker Jffltiito!,(?«#* wllh, Mr and Mrs .Cliffc-rH flife- ef, Son, Daryl, fiance Patsy (Sales, Liverrnore, Mr arid Mrs Cecil Baker family, LuVefrte, MrS Emma Ktibly, her daugh^ tef, Mrs Charles Shakes and Sim fiaVid of Eagle Gfbve and Mrs Sula Frantz were dinner guells Mbnday of the Henry'kublys Mrs Frantz had her birthday Monday. Easter dinner guests of thf Henry Kubly's w%re theW daughter and son, Mr and Mfs Ed- s win Marty, Corwith,: Mr ant? Mrs Isilmer Kubly, sons,\; ,Dal6, LuVerne, Keith Kubly of Oafe Park, 111. Mrs Henry Pergande is now at her home after spending the past four months in San Antonio, Tex with their son Wayne and family. Wayne and three of their Find it fast in the YELLOW PAGES of your phone book five children 1 brought Mrs Per-gaftde hofne. H,w To B. 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