The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1960
Page 11
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April 26, 1960 ,il ^•* Su April 26, 1960 ( -<ftJ i Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper FAMOUS DIAMONDS Or HISTORY Angus Society Has $500 Award For Area Girl u.iB W fr« -V «Jt Because of its well publicized his* tory and 'travels,' the famous Hope diamond is well known in America. It was A 112 carat blue stone 'found in,the early 17th century in Coler- oon, India, and was valued at $300,000. After being owned by King Louis XIV of France, after the French Revolution it was sold to the Hope family, of England, hence it's name. Shown at,the great London Exposition in 1851, the Hope diamond is now in the United States. What Are the Four Cs in Diamonds? Color, Clarity, Cut and carat-weight 1 influence the value of a Diamond. The right combination of these four in a single Diamond assures maximum value, whatever die price paid. Thus, when you consider the purchase of something as important as a Diamond ring, you go •where you have complete confidence in the knowledge and integrity of the seller. You can have that confidence ia us as your jeweler, Sharp's Jewelry •••'•. i :/*£-•«;',-:r. -^r-'tW:) •- '--^^ - - - '-'.- ^^ rffl jlstered Jeweler — American Gem Society ; :• ALQONA, JOWA.^. ! ^ a diamond is forever Berl Priebe, Algona, mem- >er.'of the American Angus Aux- liary, announced this week that the Angus Auxiliary is offering cholarship to an outstanding roung- lady from this area who s* interested in -Angus cattle srojects. She may be a mcm- ser of 4-H, F,F\A. or an indepeii' dent so long as other qualifica- ;ions for the scholarship an; met. Afnourit or Uie scholarship has been increased to $500 this year, and it is awarded on the basis of merit arid need. Among qualifications are these: Bacli state of regional Auxiliary is entitled to one applicant; the applicant shall have manifested an interest in Angus projects and be actively engaged in such projects at time of application; she shall be a graduating high school senior who needs financial assistance; and she shall be fe- cojnmended by a county agent, 4-H or other club advisor, high school 'principal or superintendent. • • The recipient of the award is not limited in the course of higher education she wishes to pursue. All applications must be in by June 25, and anyone interested may contact the national chairman, Mrs Russell L. .West. Rock Hall, Maryland. The 1960 winner will be announced in August. CORN cat low cost New BUTLER Conditioned Air STOR-N-DRY @ SYSTEM Here's the economical way to dry corn with a moisture content as high as.30% to safe storage levels. New Butler system uses fan'and special wide range heater to dry corn in the bin. Saves money, saves work-no extra handling, no separate dryer needed. Can also be use,d as extended period batch dryer for corn that will be stored in other facilities'. Operates dependably regardless of cold or wet weather for only pennies per day. Requires little or no attention. Sizes to fit every farm. Automatic temperature and humidity controls optional. Come in and get the important details ll 4-2421 See The Dinah Shore Chevy Show in color Sundays, NBC-TV-the Pal Boone Chevy Showroom weekly, ABC-TV CORVAIR BY CHEVROLET DRIVE IT! GET OUR DEAL!!!! A pair of Corvaira recently recorded 27.03 and 26.21 miles per gallon in the 2,061,4-mile Mobilgas Economy Run, That's certified proof that Corvair skimps oa gas costs. It eaves other ways, too. Corvair is the only U, S. compact car that never needs antifreeze or costly radiator repairs. Come in and drive tb« compact car that outdoes them all, Things Corvair gives yon that America's other compact cars cant: Practically Rat Door.., real foot room for the man in the middle, Fold-down rear Mat give* 17.6 co, ft. of extra storage space, Four<-wheel Independent *w*peiuion for • smoother, flatter ride. Rear-engine traction,«. that comes with the engine's weight bearing down OB UM rear wheels, Yon probably realize already that the mileage figures Corrairs recorded w the Mobil" gas. Run are higher than the average driver can expect. But because the ears met every kind of driving condition—rugged mountain grades, long country straightaways, congested city traffic—those mileage figures Corvair's inherent ability to save. Operating cost* take • nose dive the day yon take delivery of a Corvair, jer <x<MOKuai tnmtfO'i&ta* See your heat authorized Chevrolet dealer for fat delivery, favorable deals KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY Costs of County Offices Compared For Six Years Cost Of State Some Shifting On Farms In LuVerne Area LuVerne — New tenants on the Thccs Schnakenberg farm near Irvington arc Mr and Mrs Robert Bonncr and two children of Clear Lake. Former tenants were the Vernon Eggleston family. Moving to the Thces Schnakenberg farm vacated by the Lenard Lampe family are Larry Drcyer of Lone Rock. Mr Dreyer was married Sunday. April 24. in the Lotts Creek Lutheran church to Miss Ruth Erickson. They will be at. the farm after a honeymoon. At Mrs DehnerJ Rites 1 Relatives here for the funeral I rites of Mrs Edward H. Dehnert. 61, LuVerne, Methodist church Wednesday were her. children, Arlo W. Dehnert, Carmichacl, Calif., daughters, Mr and Mrs John Peters, four children, Mrs Garvin Hargrove of Denver. Colo. Miss Verna Parks, Frcd- ericksburg and Mr and Mrs Walter Parks, Byron, 111., sister and brother of Mrs Dehnert. " Sisters of Mr Dehnert, Mrs Ida Wolline, Lake Mills, Wise., Mrs Katie Thiede, Columbus, Wis., a niece and nephew, Mr and Mi;s Alvin Wahn, Lake Mills, Wis., a brother-in-law, Mr August Lohse, a nephew, Mr and Mrs Harold Lohse, niece, Mr and Mrs Arlo Swieter, Raymond, Minn., Mi and Mrs L. Hargrove of Marshalltown, parents . of Garvin Hargrove. Friends from Fenton, Mrs Ervin Johnson, Mrs Eunice Vaudt and Mrs Mervin Priebe. The Earl Legler family of Knoxville were recent weekend guests of his parents and brother, the Wilson Legler and \V. Raymond Legler families. Robert. Hardcopf, Jr., Minneapolis , was an Easter weekend guest of his parents, the Robert, Hardcopfs, Sr., Mrs Hardcopf and children returned with him after a three week's visit with her mother, Mrs Dorothy Arend at St. Benedict and the senior Robert Hardcopfs. Mrs Barbara Templin and boys of Grundy Center were Easter guests of her parents, the Robert Hardcopf, Sr. -family. A grandson David Harper returned with them after a week's visit'here. Mrs George Goodlier, son, David, Fort Dodge were weekend visitors with her daughter Erma Jane in the tiome of her parents, Mr and Mrs Ralph Dimlcr. , . . Mrs Larry Werner, daughter Rosemary, sons Toni, De Groff, Minn., John T. Werner, U.S.N. Ship Cadmush out of Norfork, Vn., arrived Thursday to visit their daughter and sister, the Billy Hardcopf family Plum Creek Elite Mrs Guy Giddings returned Tuesday after spending a month visiting her daughter, Verna, the Robert Sanford family at Palm Dale, Calif. Mrs James Neville of Ames was a recent guest with her par ents, ' The April mooting" of the Plum Creek Elite 4-H club was held on Saturday at the home of Jo- Ellen and Diannc Baas. A report on 4-H Day was given. A program for the Mother's Day Tea was planned. A Talk on Care of Hair was given by Joan Ward. Demonstrations were given by Anne Stevens on Matching Plaids; Jean Keith on How to Use a Pattern and Linda Gardner on How to Wash a Sweater. Guests were Jane Walker, Mrs Floyd Bode and Mrs Stanley Gardner. 103 Mrs Kate Nopnan of Sibley died recently at the age of 103. Survivors include two daughters and a son as well as ten grandchildren , and 12 great grandchildren. . ....i.. ,- 1Q8 SOUTH HAU ALGONA, IOWA CY 4-3554 PIONEER Hybrids Sring Better Living To Farm Families PIONEER THIS SPRING • HIGHER YIELDS • Fewer Dropped Ears • EASIER PICKING • More Profit Per Acre Institutions Is Biggest Jump How do the costs of county government compare in this inflation era with five years ago? The 1959 financial statement of Kossuth county recently compiled in booklet form gives the answer. Not too badly. A summary comparison of actual expenses of operating various offices from 1954 through 1959 is presented here. Two of them actually operated at less cost in 1959 than they did in 1954. By far the largest portion of county funds goes for county road construction and maintenance each year, and this varies depending on what type of worl< is lo be done, and how many bridges, culverts and blacktop surfacing is accomplished. In 1959 the total expenditure for local secondary road construction was $284,487.05 and for rriainlenancc $283.313.53. Added to this is road clearing totaling $20,109.09. Farm-to-market roads cost another $469,640.83 of which nearly half was spent in asphalt leen Hop With T-VStarsSet Here May 13 The famous Harris Hop of WHO-TV is coming to the National Guard Armory in Algona Friday night, May 13, sponsored by Algona Salesman's Bureau. Dancing for teenagers from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. is planned, and Lee & Peg Harris will present an evening of rollicking fun and entertainment with the latest record music, a variety of dancing, games, contests, novelty stunts and prizes. Evc'ryone is invited, parents as well as teenagers. ' The admission is 50c for teenagers and U5c for spoclutoi's. The Harris Hop is well supervised and styled lor a real program of fun for everyone. There will be no admittance to boys in Levis, blue jeans or T- Shirts. Or girls in slacks or shorts. Dress Right — Look Right — Feel Right. Plan now to attend the Harris Hop when it comes to Alguna Friday evening. May 13. Your Local Pioneer Salesmen: R, I. Mawdsley Algona Aaron Steussy - - Algona Ted Hoover, Sr, Algona Henry Schroeder Lone Rock Eugene Kollasch Bode Walter Vaudt..- Whittemore Robinson Produce Wesley Jack Dethmers — Garner District Sales Mgr. Union Aletheans Union Alethean 4-H club met at the home of Judy and Sharon Willrutt. Preparations w e r e made for Rally Day at Swt-a Cily. Trudy Alt and Lois Hunt are lo make the name tags. Mother's Day Tea is to be hold at the 1 Union Civic Center at 7 p.m. on May 6. Food committee is Marjorie Holdren, chairman, Mary Beth Reilly and Sharon Willrell assisting. Trudy Alt and Judy Willret gave talks. Penny Dodds and Lornu Walker gavo a demonstration. New members are Linda Lie-tie, Diane Gisch and Paula Deurchs. To Livermore Dean M. Johnson has been transferred to Livermore by Wilson and Co. where he will manage the Livermore buying station. Mr Johnson and his wife moved to Livermore from Eagle Grove and he begun his duties April 18. He joined the Wilson staff in 1958 and is a native of South Dakota. He graduated from South Dakota State College in 1957, majoring in animal husbandry. roads, and a large part of tlio balance in stabilized base, preparatory to asphalt covering. The figures as presented hero include salaries of all officers, deputies and other help in each office, as well as postage. In tho case of the supervisors the figures include meetings on a per diem basis and mileage. The figures given do not include expenses such as bonds, freight, equipment, office supplies and retirement and social security payments. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS '1954 — $21,941.50 19!>5 $24,227.78 195(5 $25,527.54 1957 $25.628.00 1958 - $27,442.59 1959 _._'.__ $26,996.87 COUNTY AUDITOR 1954 $10,939.34 1955 $12,829.53 1956 $13,706.51 1957 $14.395.22 1958 $14.647.64 1959 $13,670.15 COUNTY TREASURER 1954 . $23,490.05 1955 $20.252.67 1956 '.— $20,172.91 1957 $20,208.58 1958 $21.548.30 •1959 _^ $21,583.74' COUNTY RECORDER 1954 $ 9,320.09 1955 $10.325.05 1956 $10,847.52 1957 $12,659.78 1958 • $13,851.20 1959 $13,963.06 CLERK OF COURT 1954 $ 6,747.00 1955 $ 7,115.83 1956 $ 7,475.58 1957 $ 7,498.38 1958 - $ 8,183.73 1959 — $ 8,276.67 COUNTY ATT'ORNEY 1954 .... $ 5,412.14 1955 '.— $ 6;049.91 1956 $ 5.904.37 1957 - $ 6,071,83 1958 $ 6,703.33 1959 —- 4 7,221.70 COUNTY SHERIFF 1954 - $11,604. 1955 $12,611. 1956 • - $13,566.21' 1957 $13,718.84 1958 - $13,847.40 1959 - $14,5'65.54 COUNTY ENGINEER 1954 $18,844.36 1955 $17,880.71 1956 $18,788.71 1957 $20,992.67 1958 $22,540.72 1959 $22.378.20 COUNTY BOARD EDUCATION 1954 - $18,091.32 1955 __-,.-- $19,386.38 1956 $21,253.28 1957 $26,659.21 • 1958 $32,911.98 1959 ,$30,748.85 (less $7,895.25 receipts from sale of books). COUNTY ASSESSOR 1954 $32,132.03 1955 $32,431.91 1950 $34,442.09 1057 $39.830.93 1958 $35,992.35 1959 $36.863.92 PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE 1954 $ 2.996.75 1955 $ 3,033.37 1956 $ 3,507.59 ' 1957 $ 3,279.39 1958 $ 3,297.42 1959 $ 3,288.82 WEED COMMISSION 1954 -_ $ 9,293.65 1955 $ (i,891.03 1956 $ 7,827.59 1957 $ 6,680.48 1958 $ 5,932.59 1959 $ 5.043.11 COURTHOUSE EXPENSE 1954 $17,848.57 1955 $21.521.52 1956 $25,686.45 1957 $17,841.78 1958 - $19,412.79 1959 $20.120.51 STATE INSTITUTIONS 1954 $51,929.57 1955 '-- $46,880.65 195ii $55.034.26 1957 $56,392.40 1958 $71,502.42 1959 $75,276.87 RELIEF OFFICE 1954 $ 4.375.28 1955 S 6,305.95 1956 $ 6,833.84 1957 S 7,380.68 1958 S 6,769.63 1959 $ 5.325.12 However, many county offices also collect fees that are not reflected in the expense totals listed. For example the county auditor's office collected $5.677.07 in 1959: the county treasurer collected S9.763.25: the clerk of court $13,158.33 or more than the cost of the office; the sheriff collected S466.50: the recorder collected $22.965.95 or close (o twice us much as the cost of the office. Booklets with complete information on county expenses, income and taxation are available at the county auditor's office. ,**n*fto*

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