The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1940
Page 7
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I'HURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 19-10 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- <ve insertions: >iie lime per line lOc •»'0 times per lino per day! '.'. '.We iiree times jier line per Uay...u«c I x times per line per day 05c omli rite per line....... we >"U of 'Hwnks 50c & 7bc Minimum charge 5l)o Ads, ordered for three or six nes and stopjied before expiru- in will be chiu-ged for the num- r of times the add appeared ana jiuaneni ol bill 'niaae. Ari classified Advertising copy kJDinltied by persons reading outwit ' 6t the cny must oe uccotn- .aniea by cash. Ha'ics may ue cas- iy. computed irom above mole. Advertising oracrecl lor irregular user [tons lanes the one time nue. Ao responsibility will be tatoi or more man one incorrect, inscr- lon of cla'ssilied ss Dii-cctory 3 room unfurnished apartme'nl C'ull Dun iVictx-un, i' For Sale highly bred Jersey heifers with youiiB calves. Bought from Her-. ""'art herd. Inquire Gainc's 3 room Wding Machine SW. o'fnce Safe . See Tlionias Laud Co. 5ckl2 Well , established resiaiirant. iviui . good business. Other business interest's, necessitates me leaving lowii. Good proposition for right nan. Write box "B", courier News. Good wood and coal. A. P. Burks, Chlckasawba and B. n.' "p'nohe Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Rick At AValker and Harris Sawmill East .Mais'. St. . _ 13-pk2-13 I still mnke and sell Dr. Phillips' Analba Liniment. Mrs. O B Phillips, a 1C NO. Franklin. D-pi-2-9 Found „ . F ° rt - v acre farm two miles from False teeth, tipper plate. Found In! Bcebf? ' Arkansas. Good level P. M. Hurst's yard. North loth '» d ; Bcel - )C has tvvo Creamery mnr.r «,„.. i .• • I Markets, Poultry Market, Straw- terry Association, TWO Year College. Wilkins, Drug Co., Luxorn Arkansas.' 8-pk-l2 Foi- Rent Three room furnished -., with private bath, 125 K. Asli. j Store biiildiiifT. 3C» No. Frank)JiTJ P.IIOHC 051-J. 7-pk-ia; OPPORTUNITY 3 room furnished aparlmc-nt, 609 Hcarn. Mrs. 0. H. Wheeler. VckM Modern 5 room house with uatli. Call 384. S-ck-li 2 room fnrnisl'ied ajrartmenl. Modern. 1315 W. Main. :i-ck-t!; "' a r ° rtl 'l'ml»r J.515 Nicely fiirnlsliert 4 room house. "Let's Go" to PHILLIPS Si>KClAI> HAIU.'AINS IN USED CARS ' m (;l "' v ' C.'o;icl Steam heated bedroom. All torn-en-,'1-u; iinlr-u ••« lences. 818 W. Walnut. 3-ck-lf Ro^ToT^emplo'yTd^omanTTo^ '^ ''""' " C °" Tu<l< "' ' W. Main. Phone 239. 2-cV:-lf "il l-'ord Tiiilor Nice bedroom with bath. 330 W. '37 Chcv. Sport Sedan Walnut. Phone C27-J. S-ck-13j 3 rcom furnished apartment. Prlv^ —TRUCKS- atc bath. Desirable location. Call , 3Q ,,„,.,, v/ , ,,,„„ saw ....... S 3D ....... S374 •230. 1-ck-tf.; '31 Clicv. Ton with u'alli and hot water. 412 '<".X Chev. ripk-iip Chickasjuvtia. l~ck-tf UnfuniLshed aijartnicnt in Slmnc Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf s ""sfaeti(!ii In every rcspeet. thrm (uilay, Rooms or apartment,. Chlckasawba near School. Phone 170. 30pk2-29 n bath. Modem and clean. Corner Main and 2nd. F. Simon, phone 25-ck-ll 764. Nice bedroom 'convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 230. 21cktl Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Kales. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm Innd, at loiv cost, and at a low interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & . REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythcvlllc, Ark For Sale or Trade Owner may _hnvc some by paying cost of this 'ad. Courier News 'or- fice." . ,' ... Ladies belt, of .'grteii-fabric? FOuijd T-l jursday/ miirjilng on Main -'St. at. iGoff Hotel. Owner fTinay have ficlL by p'iyiiif cost-: of -this ad. Courier Key to Willys Overlnna autonvu- bile. Owner raay have same by paying cost of this' ad. Courier ws Office. - MULES Will trade for Mules. Cows,'li<i-s C'atlle, .Corn.iHay a ,,,i Luiubcr." Dcl(;t [niplcnicufs, Inc. See Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tt Personal Arouse Slugftah Liver, work off the bile to rla yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Tnke 'one box of KHiBY'S ACTIVE >.IVER PIJ,t.S 25c at BJJ Klrby stores .S3-I9 .5114 '37 W.SI.C. l'lck-ci(i ........... jja: These car.s are K"arantctil to jjiyc Call for Demonstration PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 5th & Waltiul I'honc 810 '•• EXl'BUT WELDING ELUCTR1C & ACET'YLEN'f Charles Long, iormerly welder for Blytlieville Macliine Shop DKAGUNE and HEAVY WKLO- • ING OUIl SPECIALTY D. W. CRANFORD GARAGE Del., Ark. ; I'hoYiK 8-P-ll 1 , \, KXt'ERT'liEECTRTt" AND /-..CETYLRNE • • M »™ • ^K K _ _ — t For Sale cnsh, years. ^ y K, fl per ;UT over period of s Conway & Houchins lilyllicvillc-, Ark. •'^^ 12-ck-t FORMER KING HORIZONTAL Answer In Previous Punic 1 The ex-king „ fHAjRlRjEf pictured hcrr l^=-fc=t-4^L 7 He was the ruler of the people. J3 Steed. Jl4 Upright shaft. ,!6The aforesaid * thing, ', '•-- : 17 Hole. 18 Sharpens a razor. 20 Mark aimed at in games. 41 Preposition: ^ VERTICAL 21 Wager. n Postscript:' . j Sound of 22 Matrimonial. 4 ? Printer's'term.- surprise. 24 Every. 44 France. .,c,j. . 45 Jewel. J61d-nt . 17To M . nt 2 (Primeval « Plural! nu> 3- SI Death notice. 52 Annelid. 54 Stool. ' 57Fntty. 59 He and Ins family have been in —— 18 Laughter sound. 19 Prepared: lettuce. 21 He became king at . 22 Not speaking. 23 To saunter. •' 25 Resides. 27 The reason. 29 Harbor. 31 A bellowing. 33 Egyptian river. ?5 Venerable. 37 Collection of tents. 39 Realm. 40 To attack. •12 Carnivorous animal. 44 Destiny. SOSIofh. 31 Gypsy. 32 Contest for a prize. 34 You ' since 2 Cantered. 3 T» fuse partially. •1 Mall kiln. .. ~ ul ,.,j 5 New England. 45 Obolus. 6 Genus of 46 Dined, swans. '18 Tanning pod 7 Let it stand. 50 Dregs. 8 Paid publicity. 5i Girdle. 9 Insect's egg. 53 Dower 10 Virginia properly. willow. M Chopping locil iftp <40 Book of maps - . . . pnnc D ° Hl ' S M>OWerS ] ' Pi " ar o£ stone - M Transpose colled 12 Stop! 57 Yes ' 15 Blackbird. 58 Street. frasr line a ,i,) ii eavj . ,i c i(ii llg specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co I'honc IS or lie's. 1019 Position Wauled Young lady, now employed, desires better position. Excellent stenographer-capable .shorthand" nnd rapid typing. Bookkeeping experience. Best of references from previous employers. Write Box "20" Courier News. D-DH prices paid for nil hinds ol I'otillry. Fisher and Worthy Stcete, Mo. I2-UR-2-112 Hljtlicvlll,, Baby Chicks Oiislo'tn Hiilchlnjr Maruyn Hatchery ' 01 Norih Notice )ins In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Wnnli'd to bnv ton Ixwns niythcvllle Olu Co. Forest Slraycd or Stolen Red Mure Mule, weight io'dfT jbs. Buy Mare Mule weight 1000 il«. REWARD. Lee Wilson Co., Armo- rcl. Ark. 7--;k-H TERMINATES! BRUCE - MEMP Al S :' PHESCRiPtiONS Frcshcsl Stock Guarnntccd licsl I'riccs Kirby Drug Stores SAVE .'!<• lo .((• iVr ON' GASOUNK Valuable Coupons ' Ki;itosv;NK -fOYNER OIL CO. lixli'liHiilnil Denier TAN'K ('Alt •(•() VOUH CAIl llltlnra.v in, ,\,,,.|| lp liljiLeviHe We Deliver \>\ taw '153 I J. L. GUARD Otitntnetrisl Only Cirn<lii»(i! O|il6iuc- irlst In Illytlicvlllc.- (ilassrs I'lUi-iI C'uircttly - PRESCRIPTIOiNS— Safe • - Accurate Your Prescription Fowler Drug Co. scwml or slower. A(lnr bturllnif rorcsl rirc, the ucr drops nearby \vlllV enoiiah snjiplU's KKMKM11KR LEFTY'S Service Station for Mobiloil and Mobilftas Now Wnnajfi'tl by Waller C«\, Jr.' ntu! B. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze ! Hampton Court palnce, FOR SALE! Slorc Kqiilphicnl Olio used 8 foot KOCH Uc- frlgcrntoi- &!c«l C'uso with 1'Muldnirr Compressor. Threo glass llBhled display front wlUi lower purl for excess storage Mill cold drinks. Will Inslnll nml gunrnntcr, Elcclrlu lighted Standard Cum- inillnn Scales. AccHrnlc wcljflH iincl price at, n ijlnnco. ClrciU discount over orlglunl jirleo, Oni> lieuvy duty guin puiw lupc mnchliiQ and counter eiinlp- IIH'IH. Above equipment like new. I'rleed for (jiilck snlo. Cash, Terms, or Irmle ( O r livestock. R. E. WRIGHT II. W. Ill, One Mllo So. ' 'me ma?nl(icenl^rcsWciici: which Cuvdlnal Wolsey * built and ater pi-escnlcd : to ; King' ;Ylcni-y VIU, 1ms ' ' ro'oms * Now l.ocutril nl •]|)'| North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »>ON HOWARDS. »'n>prlrl<* All Mukrt of Kcbiillt Typivwrllm, Artdlt. B M.dili.r, ..,< Calculator*— Hepalrliin_i>»ru—KlbNm. BAD COLDS, FLU, SINUSITIS DKS.NIES& KIES Illylliovlllo, ,\rk. ' RED RYDER Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF :-, : -;';v Salfe Driving! Snfo motoring Is the aim of every <l:-| V er. Tlicn, why not \ nS- sino yourself of this safety as fnv us,your niUoitioWlc is coci- ccrnort. Drive In nnd let our mcchnulcs tint your cnr In slinpe for any driving; The cost is reasonable nnrt the work nnlcod, EXPERT MECHANICS , MODERN ! EQUIPMENT:' ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ;qft I in* Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E M. Damon nt the Blytlieville Armory on Wednesdays arid Thursdnys. Salesmen Wan led Ealesmaii wantad. Miist, 101 E. AsJ>. . Friday & Saturday SPECIALS Town Scita Krocial , I I'lviriotillj Ton [i I)cln.\r .Model .., i:!'J Peril V-8 Touring Seda I.o\v Mileage 938 C'lirrrolrC .Sjiort Seilnn. ilrolor overhauled ...... tlicvrnlcl Coupe. A <>'• «'"y 937 Cltrvrnlrl Town 937 !>ocl;rr Sedan. Units like !37 routine Coupe. New Paint 1936 Dort^c Conch .......... Many Cars Under SIOO All M.ikcs .i"d Model Trucks rcailv \ lor Service. \Vc Trailc Ea*y G.JI.A.C. i'ayincji LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. rhonc R33 «Y FUEn HAHMAN ; FIGURE HOW TO OE1 LOOSE AK1D SVARM Y &AR. RANCH ABOUT HORSE ALL TO SUP INTO . oust tiopiN ^iMvtsieue" T>n&F S HovJS OP Just A'nollier lien C'.'tl OH.THI5 IS TERRIB1 e .' AMD WITH UUVSSES I. GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE ID EISK IKIG ALLEy POK HELP.' j ' ....ASTH&V MEARED THE SlREMS' ISLAKJD,. CAME MOTES DP MUSIC SOPWISHIMG AMD ATTRACTIVE.. .TWT ULYSSES STPU&&LED TO FREE HIMSELF FROM T>tE BONDS THAT HELD HIM TO THE KVV3T...." , , M AM 1 ~IO DO THE SHIP IS LEAKING BARUV AMP WOW THE SIREMS' ^ MUSIC HAS 6OT /—— to BUOWSON /-* EH? V'SAVDCC h^S GOKiB HE...AMH.'SHHJ LISTEM! MUSIC., ANIO WHAT Music.,. PELL OF? THE MUSICvC.DOW'T OW WHAT TO DO ROOTS ANL) HER HUDDIRS BY EDGAR MARTIN' WASH TUBHS Thill .MilktS II WWO'S TO KWOV*,' \T m THE O.VJLV PERSOW WHO HOLCS AMV OUTSTANPIN6 "iTOCK \W OUR OIL COVi- PAW. BV MOW, ?>HE K1WW5 MUCH AS HE DOES. WEVEB LEAVE UITOJRWEO, THAT^ WHAT 3UWINO BlUE BLATGS, <51RL! . . 00 IS StfHM ASMORE AUO HY MERRILL' BLOSSEK i ' ' Do THEY pur ^ _oar IN JAIL FOB L DOIN' SOMETHIN' THA.T '' WASMT ON PURPOSE ? COMB ON .' oowe O).' WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? . WHATS WROWQ, •..'•y\ HECTOR ? 'i'y.yV. - ' r AIN'F GOMNA TALk YET .' COME .ON.DOWN STREET A LITTLE FURTHER, so WE'LL BE AWAY FROM THOSE IT'LL ae ALL RISHT NOW.'lHERg , , Pouce : WEN MERE I WHAT HAVE MOO Owe? m^^r^

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