The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Wrangle Between Managers, Promoters, Writers Belter Than Actual Fight NEW YORK, Feb. S. (tJP)-It Deemed liie old limes today as a lorrld-tongued tempest swept (hrpugh Glndiolors 1 aulch on the eve of ths ttork) heavyweight • championship to Ule between Joe Ixmis and Arturo Oodoy. While champion Joe n.-id eliallen- Each hns n horse to sell. Almost ger Artiiro loafed at. their njsirby 'S close together as the pickets of camps, awaiting tomorrow night's n fence they staiid and shout their gong at Madison Square Garden, wares. Something hot In the first, there was great hurly-burly on Ja- , Something sure In the second, A COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade Bj HENT.T MctEMORI LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8 (UP)-In this ever changing world, in which .ill Is topsy-uii'vy, it is gratifying jnd heartening lo discover that, -here are (ens of thousands lell ariose faith remains nnslmkon. To anyone wlio doubts man's al!h in man ! recommend a ride o the Santa Anita race track oi! ny afternoon the horses arc running 1 . The lust, mile or the way, vluch runs through n fertile valley, .vith the snow-capped Sierra vlndies IcoV.iiiii clown from the lorth. Is lined v.'ilh touts of all dc- Chicks To Face Steele Tomorrow cobs' Beach and points west. j deeper in the third. A good Tile tempest Mrtrlcd about last ln l " e f'xnli. A shoo-in In the Coach "I'm" Thornton'.; flashy Steele -basketball aggregation wih perform here tomorrow night at the BlythevlllQ armory, opposing Coach Joe nildy's Blytiievllle Chicks In ihe feature, game of a doubleheader. i The visitors .vum ;>«nlscot coun- | ty ore said to be one of , the .smoothest working toams In Southeast Missouri and have won 14 consecutive games Ihis season. While their complete record Is not ; available here they are believed to be undefeated this season. The first, jjame on tomorrow night's cage program will bo between coach John Ed Jnincs 1 ISIy- theville Juniors and the Slcclc Juniors. These two teams arc believed to be about equally matched and The Dope Bucket Uf i. P. FRIEND Ilflh, A steal In the sixth, A breeze that 'If ."Louis retains his"'title in lhc scve » 111 antl getaway money against Godoy of Clil.'s, champion '" tlle ci 6 n111 Joe will nexl risk the crown against | for prl:es ranging from ten Johnny Paychek of Dds Molne.s, cents to a dollar Ibc louts will part- la,, projab.'y nt April. . Promoter Mike Jacobs an entirely innocent worker in the cause of a worthy charity, suddenly round himself an abused storm center, as: 1) .Oodoy'.s mwinger, Al Welll, delUeied a withering b'.iisl, against the !Cth Cenliuy Club for makln; the innnonnceraent. Welll wailed. Friday's fight'll be ruln't! It'll be ruin't!" 2) Pinkey deorge of D-'-s Moines. manager' of the late-si heavyweight sensation, L;e Siivolcl. (and archenemy of Paychek of Dra Molnes), threatened to cill off the Savold- Bob Pastor fight at the Garden on March 1, because "the 20th Cenlury Is shoviv as mound." 3) New Yoik boxing writers buizfd. In bewlldennent, mimed that the "sraet" Lpub -Paychek negotiations had 'b;cn revealed without \vamin., In the si 111 of ihe night These negotiations were supposed to be "se=iet" because Promoter Jacobs was tiylng to arrange toe match for the benefit Of tlie Finnish relief fund. Most o( the boslng writers knew about the dickering, but kept it confidential because of the fund An uninformed reporter stumbled upon the story last evening and indicated he would "break" it There was great Inie and cry at ihe 20lh Century. Immediately one of Jacob's 1 men— with or without permission— protected the oilier boxing writers bv telephone. Despite the premature announcement, Promotel Jacobs .insisted lute last night Uhat I'ego'tia lions'; have NOT, been .Completed for the Lauis- Paychek scrap and that AB3O- 1 LDTELY nothing hns been signed. When the . tumult and shouting subsides, il njll be discovered ihV- doubtedly that the whole affair Is but, a cyclone In a coffee cup'." No harm will be done, except to,pltiky George's** pride The -'iiiinomicemrail prcbably will help, instead of "hurt. • the gate for tomorrow • jiljlit's Louls-Oodoy scrap, which is virtually assured of drawing more tlinn $100,000 of course, Manager Weil! non't be convinced of that until he sees the gross figuies, Pinky George, who telephoned his anguish from Dis to this writer, apparently had known nothing of the Lauts-Paychek negotiations until Ue read the announcement in a paper. Pmky said. "I let Savold take the Pastor bout for March i on IJie assumption that " " at Gnraeii j A I with their gcl-rlcli-qulck infouna- • lion. To add stability sind' Impor- tttllc <> to their choices In the day's racln K the selections nre printed °" W r - ' rl> e touts know that one cf Hie earmarks of an American is a Willingness to swallow nnd believe nnything thai is printed on paper. The tip sheets sell faster than Scnblsctilt cun run. Green sheets, pink sheets, red sheets, blue sheets, nud white sheets, they arc bought, and dleeslcd as if Iheir were Margaret Mitchell,- authors Arnold Those of us v-'ho have bJen trying lo figure out -in advance where Danny Warrington and Alvin Jus- lice would casl their collegiate lots :an ctasc firing. For Ihe two former Clilckasaw stars hsv« decided where they will continue their education and display their grid talents. Major liob Neyland and his University of Tennessee VoJs arc the answers to the riddle. MItille decision was reached last «ccl:-i'ii.-| when they were guests'of UK.' iinlve'sity for the second tline f-rcvioiis'j'. they wers transported to Die .SiiKiltle center where they .«nw tbc VoLs down Auburn In the football gn;ne of the season. Bolh boys were elated over the prospects. In fact, Dan was so 1m- color but lie gsts the job done just the same. Ho has always been able to hold )>Is own end In easy and tough game.? alike. Had he teen more spectacular there Is little doubt that lie would have been honored on some of Hie mythical teams. Ho, like Warrinston, brought a IMti.'jv climax to Ills pre,) d ays w m, a great performance in the high school "dream game" at Memphis, Uscembsr 30. The Tcmiessoans had little success attempting his position. Justice is strong and powerful. His 201) pounds of weight are dl.s-- tilbmed over u six-foot-two Iramc. Though a trifle slow afoot, he Improved his speed and agility by playing basketball. However, hs Is not considered n college cage prospect, lie luuidlcs the n'elnhls in The decisions ol Warrington and ' ln.lioa i \i il t it . j , , £, of t ,« ««* "'" 'T ' ,t ?,. „, , > , l ! *? ° : ,h b ». e «ni r T!' ? '"' Bln ( '°' M » * X ^A^X"*?*?- ^".'""-"port perfumer. BOBBETTE-HGES iT , , and Hie- school beautiful. We couldn't have asked for more than they offered us. A boy b 'crazy' not to go there if he iia.i tin: chance;" , • • li.m said that he ami Alviri who liavo .played side by side for 'four gruelling prcp.grld seasons, wlll'iiot rjnroll until Fall.' ' v " ' j V , is .--aid to be considering Mississippi State, and Eujcne Hood, Arkansas Ktntc Teachers, C'o:i'.vay. Manila Boys Win 39 To> IjCC!tl fans aic convinced Ihe '31 f 1 T • IT- i | Vols made no mistake In snaring JJ, UltlS 1 Humph Score "'« tw °. and feel.confident the two 31 Tn 73 wl " eonie tllrou B» in great style •"''•-' Warrington Is a tour sport pcrform- - er and excels In all. At end In football Uanny was recognized as one x ,f'v" I ; A ' Al 'k'. Feb. C. _ The "an uiinny was recognized as Bemielt and John Steinbeck. No ™ anl "> Uoas, last year's 'county of Hie best. wtngmcn-in the si-m- champions, won an easy .victory Tail and rangy, he Is a'i excellent over the Bimletic five licru last pass receiver. During the • 1039 night • before a small attendance, campaign he grabbed nine aerial one ever seems to slop to Uilnk that a man wlio has winners to sell doesn't have to sell winners on the sides cf a street. I The very fact, that n limn, down' nt the heels, shabby of cuff and collar, has to peddle tip sheets Is proof lhat what Is In them Is no good on earth. If (he information was worth Hie ink required to print I It the sellers would be at the track entered will be awarded trophies py J. P. Friend, president of the league, and will also be eligible to enter the district tournament al Jonsi-boro Feb. 28 and 27. While the Yarbro girls and UKichvllle boys are now leading, there Is imieh enthusiasm among otlicr teams whose members b?l!eve they can win the title of "dark noire." The Yarbro girls fire in- beaten and tho U-achville bays have been defeated but once. •loe N. Martin of Jonesboro, president, of the district league went cvc-r the final plans for the tomnaine.U when here today. L. S. U, Wins Came ' Played At Marion MARION, Ark., Feb. 3-L. S U j (iefi-iitetl Southwest*™ (Memphis)" 61 to 41 In a game played here last night when Marion's new $80000 'Gymnasium was formally dedlcat- Blakeinore, Southwestern center, was die outstanding player in tlie enmc. scoring 25 of his team's p:fnts. One thousand saw (lie game. MBstil Fs Named Jonesboro Manager CHICAGO, Feb. 8. (UP) _ The Chicago White So.-:' torlny announced that Jolitiny Mdsti:, former Chicago'outfielder, had Been appointed general manager of the Jonesooro, Ark., Baseball Corp. He will leave Wiiltlng, izici., loinorrow for Jonesboro and then go to Jackson, Miss., where lie will Join the __J r JL U j^pAJ,^PKBRUAUY 8 . 1940 factilly of Iho nil star bnscbnll Read CXiurler Newj> Here Next T , . ~ ., • •• i^,^. v.u.ijj»»5u m; Emum:u nine aerial 1 failings have been made for the inclement weather was responsible 'waves, each good for n touchdown first basketball games of (lie Mis- tor uic small crowd. 'Hie locals led to lead the Big IS ends 'in Hint dc- sissl W l Cam ^ Amateur Basketball tltors negan 1 '- ° " "^ thC '^ tmeilt '. O" *«„» he also '" ' „„ League touranmenl lo be held at n on n ««> of nice i stood out, especially when the I , lllc Blytlieyille armory Monday and -. , ^ w ,., ... . , - ~......^ ui iiim i sn-uuu uin, Ls[jLciany wncn the proof lhat what Is In them Is no sno w^nnl were unable in the sec- chips were blue. He played an 1m- wrfnK 1 ' i° f i Ml ) n '! n '""' up 2 2 |n lhc rol « of !>«» carrier ^TcM" - ..--.. v.. ', ml r s lo lcntl ( " scoring while around plays. He placed on several ueliing the Inlcrmnllon Instead ofif'°™>', of ll!c visitors scored 14 all-state elevens dtirin» his insl selling it. Give any one of the sell-1 '"dividual jiolnts, shooting eight two yc-ars - ° frec l )ltehes - Final score: Manila I. Danny was equally as effective STANDARD TIRES . - ers of-the sheds real .Information tor a week and he could build more ^' Blll 'dette 35. lltraries limn Carnegie, more niKll- cal ccnlcrs than Rockefellers, nnd out Guggenheim Guggcnlielm. ; lt is an amazing picture of American thought and life to watch the cars slow down and their owners buy the phcney sheets. Bankers who question the loan of two dollars to some deserving soul with collateral, leaty. blithely out. of the windows of Iheir limousines and purchase the.. hot Ihtngs for Ihe • day. They, istvev, seeiu'lo. stop tp '* | If not more, on Ihe basketball court! T) . „ _ •„. , •• ,, ' " •""• "luiu, UM uie irasKecoait <•£* .™ vc1rs «''>f "«! scoring pro- And he also should prove n valu- cedure the local scxlcl downed the I able asset to the Vol, fls « cu'cr I urdette six 31 lo 23. The visiting Clever nt handling I ,e ball an i six led nt Dm hoir ,,,;M. : n\ („ « ., ° ,. -""", ui«i Manila (3d) Fowler 22' Penton i Love.l . confMei-.•"tliBf : ;cRch"or XU'iFlouI-' Hul '*-'>rv-- sheets has as many selectors as) Blackivood.-ll there are horses in a race, and | that eneh .elector picks a differ?PI. ".?.=• Itl . ^''s inaiincr someone is' 'certain to•'liameVn''winner and make It possible for the sheet to advertise the ' following day that one of 1U wise and knowing men tame Ihraigh with a winner. Some of the more prosperous sheet owners operate from offices and,advertise in the papers. Slickers arc told that, .for so much a .week .wire information will be sent "them, letters In a secret code will'be reltvered at their doors, and masked delivery- beys will sneak them tips direct from the feed box. Many of the Up sheet tycoons own portable printing presses ana crowus leaving a Irack are sold sheets bragging of the day's triumphs and announcing lomorrow's can't-miss selections. six led nt the half with 21 to and evidently rested on their laul vcls for they were unaolc 10 o\v, come the heated scoring spice bv die locals. Hoys Pos. Burdctle (35) F F iC •Ci G Oirl; Pos. Uurrtelte possessing an accurate eye for the basket lie developed' despile the fact lhat the Chicks have not boaslcd-a coach who .specializes in basketball. He was captain last season. - ... ; In .track Dan rims the hurtles. Tuesday nighh. it was announced today by Joe Whltley, county recre- I ation director. In the girls' games, Yarbro and Leacliville drew byes while Manila will play Hubbarcl Hardware of Blyllievlllc, nnd Osceola will play Shawnee of Joiner. There, will be four games in the toys' contest wifh ' Leachvillc vs. Blackwater, Osceola vs. Lone Oak, Manila vs. Keiser 'nini Hublrard Hardware of Mlytlieville vs. Sliaiv- ncc of Joiner, .The opening rounds Monday night will begin at 6:30 o'clock am! the semi-finals and finals held Sa\old would get first crack ,,i Ixmts (after tomorrow nighl'.i fight) in case Savold beat Pastor. Now Paychek is getting the Louis fight arid we're beinj shoved around." Pinky has no love for Paychek whom he helped develop as a prominent heavyweight aud then lost to Steinman. Pajcliek a fast-steppinj hglit-pun:her, 15 now working on 33 straight vbtortes In Lamtners' Lane it is opined lhat Pinky and =avold should go through with the Pnnir bati' whi-ti will, draw about $70,OCD, with the -- — - "• nauum.-! chance-ol a $1,000,000 sw:nmer gate B rcatl >' increased public demand . Ho one knows Ihe e.vlcnt of the tip sheet business. But it must be ticraendous. Santa Anita is not the only one whose approaches arc lined with (hem. The same is true at Hlnleah, Bclmont, Tropical lalr- gioimas, Washington Park, Saratoga, and ali the others. My guess I Manlla (31) Plcemaii 5 ' Crafton 11 V/alkliw 10 Cresop Towlcs Oriftlth F F F a G O 15-and broad Jumps, and lakes turjw i -••• Potts C on tlie mound in baseball and soft- ! „ Raktetrnw 7 ball. Able crimes arc' of the opinlbn ! 1NOW >Chaftln ..-that .-he has Excellent posslbilitie.'i Moody u t for, the diamond should he devote ' the game..He has n strong arm, -Is tall anil powerful euougn to pitch. Tuesday night. . „ .. winning teams amon» Ihe M '- , Davis 6 Quarlcs 3 Potts 13 Lloyci I-ong Moorty .. Justice came to the ishiclcs from Annorel awl immediately stciiped right Into: a starting right tiickle berth where he served well for four fiill seasons. Quiet and unassuming, the 200-pouiuIer docs not have orts writers ' to refer to ; FALSE Wifh Li I tic Worry Eat, talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of insecure false teeth dropping, flipping or PASTEETH holds plates firn'ier aral inorc comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, gocey, pasty laste or feeling.'t cause nausea. U's alkaline uion-acid). Checks ."plate odor" (denture biealh). Get PASTEEmi at any drug store. A( j v 8 NOW r/ (J48 AMBYOai OLD f IEI "4.40-a •OTHER ' SIZES ol^ta I PROPORTIONATELY LOW// LOW PRICES! 'S As JCfic Per \Veck Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Is lhat it is lhat would . publishing business j muke Simon and ! Schuster, Alfred Knopf, and Uou- blfday Doran look like job priut- The Eurc.TO of Fisheries _ — .. v . |U u,,, vuu aw _,nmj^ g^ with Louis If SavoM bsnt.i Paslir. Meanv,hl'e louls re.inhicd the 7-1; favorite lo retain his o-owti lor dogtish as a food by olw lo grnyflsh. KENTUCxr STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY It's Bound to Taste Richer .. .TakesMoreTimeand Grain to Make SOOD DEMAND FOR ilMEST LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. //. McFadden & Bro's Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O..Box2l8 Grand Leader BVfo. Phone 248 IRST QUALITY BOTTIED IN BOND 100 PROOF-COPS. WO. SCKENIEY DISTIUERS CORP.. HIV/ YORK CITY A WT LOWERPRICED MOST PEOPIE THINK I 9 OUT OF 10 A rrtinl nationalinrrty thews ? out e/ )0 ftoplf thint a Fantfac coitt an avtratt ofSlOO tnorf than itaeteolty <•***'* relation ro totfrr-ftrireJ wrr. tl*;i 'l I.-l lt,ix wittoltn ;j ea Iffj, >ln] Jn.x iHFritigaa'Hf Contfae. fian't tcinfaHi:% fritf waft a I'onltac.'lhc ii'ilit iJ.ilcrjRcc «iEI 0111 uic you! HERE'S WHY SO MANY THINK POiVIIAC HIGHER PRICED THAN IT ACTUALLY 01MINSIONS AND APffARANCE ^ of Ibc loiteir us IV l longer between I' E "TeiPlE-CUSHIOKEO" RIDE car ivcitfon l,,ni trips? del 1 Pon- rlnv. I'onlLic's "Triplc.Cuilm.iK.)" nlifl: ani] loncil-pfiecil cjri. EXOUISHE, \VIDt.VISI011ED 1NIEBIORS FINEST S,OlV.pniCEO CAR TT /.v DIFHCULT lo mnkc people 1 renh/.c lliut Pontiac is priced just n tew dollars above the lowest. They simply hnycn't hccn used lo associating low price with n cur thdt hus Ihe reputation, looks, si/.c, luxury ami perlormmtce of curs costing up to several hundred dollars higher. Come in and dike a look at this sensational new money's-worth of motor car. Sec how much bigger and roomier it is. And don't leave without ivymg its new "Trinlc-Qishioned" ride nnd the Hushing performance of Us powcr-puckcd Pon tine engine. For the best ride on four wheels »,A,Jt,. Broadw»y and Walnut LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Blyihr.vlllc, Ark.

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