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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 14
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 14

Cincinnati, Ohio
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12 THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, FRIDAY, JULY 3, 1942 PASTOR WOULD PLAY GOLF FIELD OF EIGHT LIKELY (No show mutual! sold). Only four starters ers. Now I'll Tell One By Jack Strausberg. ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS. ABXIXGTON PARK.

First Race Purse claiming; for two-year-old maidens; five and ope-half furlongs; Horses'. Wis. Horses. Wta. Heel Call 113 Liberty 116 OLD SPORT Prospers During War.

Frisch Satisfactory, Says Buc President; Frankie Will Remain Pittsburgh, July 2 (AP) PresL dent William K. Benswanger of the Pittsburgh Pirates, said today he is "perfectly satisfied" with Manager Frankie Frisch and is not shopping around for a replacement. Although the mild-mannered head of the Bucs frankly admitted "keen disappointment" at the SUFFOLK DOWNS (By News Klaah) Boston, July 2 Results at Suf. folk Downs. Track sloppy.

The daily double, first and second races, paid $39.20. FIRST RACE Purse claiming; for three-year-olds; six furlongs: Brown Dancer(Bierman). $15.40 $5.40 $3.40 Shasta Man (Howell) 3.20 2.40 TGulle (Madden) 3.40 Time 1:12. tBIoodhound, Mervyn L-roy, jBrave Sir, Sicyon, Valdina caper, and Scarcity also ran. tNlmkoff and Wolfort entry.

JVidal and, Smith entry. SKCOND RACE Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six fur-lot, gs: Kleig Light (Boyle) $5.20 $3.60 $2.40 Lost Gold (Bierman) 4.80 2.80 Bit o' Green (Atkinson) 2.40 Time 1:12. Electric, Ballast Reef, and Flying Bonny also ran. THIRD RACE Purse for maiden two-year-olds; five furlongs: Drudge (Bovle) aui da si an si 211 tValdlna Micro (Bierman) 3.64 2.60 Bonamo (Adair) 6.20 1:00. Dizzy Heights, tValdlna Way, Favor, Ogma, aul Cabanlel also ran.

tValdlna Farm entry, FOURTH RACE Purse claim-Ing; for four-year-olds and upward; fix furlongs: Spare the Rod (Turnbull) $2.80 Out Manamaid (Boyle) Out Wake Robin (Bierman) out Time 1:12. Boredom and Beau Bran-non also ran. FIFTH RACE Purse allowances; for three-year-olds and upward- six furlongs Valdina Alpha (Atkinson) J4.60 $3.00 tWatch Over (S.Young) 4.20 TDe Kalb (D.Maddenj Time 1:12. Hi tomb, IHarvard Square, War Tower, and jitoman Hay also ran. tNimkoff and Stuart entry.

JHanger entry. (No show mutuals sold.) I SIXTH RACE Purse for three-year-olds; one mile and 70 yards: Equiplay (W.Turnbull)... $7.20 $4.20 $3.20 Up jack (R.Adair) 4.80 3.80 Vain Beauty (D.Brunelle) 4.20 Time 1:46. Weesgone, At Once, No Dough, Retinue, Display Style and Our Will also ran. SEVENTH RACE Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles; Mill Briar (Madden) $3.60 $2.60 $2.40 Soberano (West) 3.40 2.80 Ksta, (Hettinger) 3.80 Time 1:48 vi.

Baby Talk, Don Pecos, Joe Pete, Senega, and County Bond also ran. EIGHTH RACE Purse claiming; lor four-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles: Mr. Brook (Howell) $55.80 $4.60 Claro (Madden) 7.80 5.60 fersonablo (Brennan) 13.20 Time 1:49. American Money, Bissakerry, Little Long. Soldier's Call, Roll's Buzzy, In Dutch, Pacifier, and Ovando also ran.

FIFTH RACE Purse allowances; for four-year-olds and upward; on and one-sixteenth miles: Barrancoaa (Longnen) $5. 60 out Bay Carse (Loverldge) 2.90 out Aboyne (Meade) nut Time Allessandro also ran. (No show mutuels sold.) SIXTH RACE Purs claiming for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles: Jack Iluhens (Meade) $4.20 $3.30 Stable (Thompson) 4.40 3.20 Allmar (Greco) 4.10 Tim 1:48. Qnlden Bubble, Royal Marlboro, and Sun Town also ran. SEVENTH RACE Pure claim Ing; frr three-year-olds and upward; one and one-eighth miles: Bright Gallant Rob' tson).

$6.10 $3.30 $2.80 Ballarnnett (Thompson) 4.50 3.10 Larrup (Clint-man) 3.80 Time True Knigntess, Blazing Heat, ana Mark also ran. CHARLES TOWN (By Flash News) Charles Town. W. July 2 Result at Charles Town. Track good.

The dally double second and third races paid $83.60. FIRST RACE Claiming; for two-year- old fillies; four and one-half furlongs: near cat (Moon) tt.tu 13.00 12. hd Lucy's Lass (Weber) 7.20 4.80 Fair Find (Kirk) 4.20 Time Shaniv Bout. Mouse Kin. Granny Cake, Missy Mary, and Fairy Lorralna also ran.

SECOND RACE Claiming: for four- vear-olds and upward; about seven furlongs Scootle (Root) $5.80 $3.20 $2.60 Gay Troubador (Bocson) s.60 4.00 Fred's Firs: (Cowley) 3.00 lime 1:28. Satin Royce. Reien sunreme. Maetake, Imperial Conie, and Anya alsu ran. THIRD RACS Claiming: for three-year- olds; Charles Town Course: Lady Longworth (A'sta) $7.00 $4.20 Clifton's Dawn (Root) 4.00 3.40 Vera M.

(Carrillo) 10.00 Time 1:20. Blllie Nlnoer. Sueeal. Fal. conlere, Lady Mascara, and Rom also ran.

FOURTH RACE-CIaimlne: for four- year-olds and upward; about seven furlongs: Taut (Kirk) $9.60 $4.60 $3.40 Long Legs (Bocson) 6.20 4.2(1 Paso Grande (Eversole) 4.40 lime 1:85. Hatiat on. Jacotte. Rai.u Mowlee, Not Alona, and Sallord also ran. FIFTH RACE Claiming for thrce-vear.

olds and upward; six and one-half fur-longs: Terry May (Root) $18.80 $11.20 $6.20 man At Arms (Bocson) 8.40 5 40 Good Head (Prain) 9.00 lime Broomorla. Ida Time. Goodwine, Exarch, and Royal Wanton also ran. SIXTH RACE Clalmlnn: for olds and upward; about four and one-half lunongs Manny B. (3ocson) $5.60 $4.40 $3.40 Cornelia Jane (Kirk) 32.60 8.40 uiue Meioay (uraccloll) 3.40 Time 0:5114.

Chancer. Last Bet, Time Her, Counora, and Charmful also ran. SEVENTH RACE Claiming: for three- year-oiaB ana upward; ona and one-eighth miles: Corora (Root) $11.80 $6.00 $4.20 Pendonclero (Smith) 8.60 4.4o u. nammon (uoggl) B.60 Time 1:55. Petee Ladv.

Summer Stock, Buena Oro, Lady Mowlee, and Two Aces also ran. EIGHTH RACE Claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles: Jalalne 1 Hernandez) $8.40 $7.60 naray tw.rurk) e.60 3.60 Gradatlm (C.Klrk) 8.00 Time 1:49. Danzig, Pittsburgh, City Judge, Fort Melody, and Fair Haired also ran. NINTH RACE Clalmkig; for four-year-olds and upward: one and one-eighth miles: Blcnethel (Carrillo) $20.00 $5.60 $3.40 Blnx (Weber) 3.60 2.60 Bob Junior (Eversole) 4.20 Time 1:57. Peetomar, Giggle Ie, Pay Rack, First Fling, and Six Shooter also ran.

ARLINGTON PARK (By News Flash.) Arlington Heights, 111., July 2 Results at Arlington Park. Track fait. The dally double, first and second races, paid $26. FIRST RACE Purse for maiden two-year-olds; five and one-half furlongs: Mabe Monday (Haas) $8.80 $4.80 $3,411 1 lie native (Craig) 7.0U 5.00 Devil's Thumb (Neves) 5.00 Time 1:06. Chain Lakes, Joe Epey, Alacyon.

Vacuum Cleaner, Undulatoi, River Captain. Air Warden, Busy Ridge, and Private Howie also ran. SECOND RACE Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs: Rus'y Gold (Clark) $6.60 $3.80 $3.00 Sir L. (Barney) 4.60 3.60 Heathtown (Neves) 4.20 Time 1:12:4. Connie Ann, Helen Agnes, Delta Dan, Wa'tham Cross, Kiosk, Herman, orchard Kutu Quick Tool, and Red Berry also ran.

THIRD RACE Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs: David Jr. (Brooks) $7.40 $5.20 Weisenheimer 1 Haskell) 6. SO 4.60 Darby Dallas (Ryan) 4 60 Time 1:11. Rlbault, Alviso, Molly Fly, Merry Bid, Epiget, Peacharlno, Sky Dog, Hard Biscuit, and Nellie Frances also ran. FOURTH RACE Purse for maiden three-year-olds; one mile: Enter (Nevesi $3.60 $2.80 $2.20 Droilon (Brooks) on) Alchanc (Litzenoerger) 2.60 Time Bobloy, Overland Trail, Eastmoor, Georgia Mamie, and Air Raider also ran.

FIFTH RACE Purse inn- la Feature Event For Hamilton Opening Saturday. arxciiL DisriTt'H to thi Hamilton, Ohio, July 2 Indica tions here today were that a full field of eight will answer the bugle call for the running of the Inau gural, $600 purse event that top- lines the nine-race program open ing the nineteen-day meeting at the Butler County Fairgrounds Saturday. Mentioned as likely starters are Mrs. E. B.

Shipp's Beamy and Big Bubble, the River Divide Farm's Rock Maker, Glen Gorbet's Speedy Valley, Sam Gorbet's Connie Sue, A. M. Wheeler's Travel Agent, Jack Hayes's Remarkable, and Harry Wiener's Lady Lucille. It is possible also that Dave Christian's Mollda and Jubilo, from the Keith and Eskew Stable, will be entered. J.

J. Graddy, presiding steward at Sportsman's Park, was an ar rival today. Graddy will serve as presiding steward and director of racing until Thomas C. Bradley ar rives from Charles Town Monday. Charles J.

Gormley has been named to the staff of officials by D. E. (Danny) Cronin, President and general manager of the Ohio Sports Enterprises, Inc. Gormley will serve as patrol judge and entry clerk. ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS.

DELAWARE PARK. First Race-Pur3e for twn-ycar- olrt maiden fillies; five and one half lur- longi: Hoi-sen. Wts. Horses. VVts.

Snow Swirl 1 1ft Royal Flush 116 Kllsabeth lift 'Spanish Sun ...111 Beau Foot 116 Pally Lunn 116 Mae Case lift Nedola 116 Camllle 116 Tny-Quav 116 tGunde 118 tCheater 116 Browsing 11H Bell Soma 116 tJ. p. Jones ana K. ti. scniesinger entry.

Second Race Purse $1,100: claiming: for three-year-olds only three-fourths of a mile (chutei Jhurch Supper. ,10 Anyway 109 Dark Stream .114 Tarva 109 Karly Spring ...109 Waller Height ..114 Alsace 114 Strolling Don tflayest Nell Tropod Mouette Thespian ..114 Avoca 104 .104 .104 ..109 ..116 New Foundland. .114 Floer 114 Jack Buck 114 Alona Led 109 'Pointing 103 tMisa H. Hickman and G. Howell entry.

Third Race Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; steeplechase; about two miles. Lone Gallant ...142 'Tar Brush 137 Clen-Na-Mona ..146 Pico Blanco II. Little Cottage 11.142 Greenwich Time. 142 Frederic II 147 Five pounds claimed rider. Fourth Race Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; three fourths of a mile (chute): Sobriquet 115 Yes or No 113 tsiow Motion ...121 Brown Saxon Bill's Sister ....109 fcocoso 1115 Weatherite 110 t'Eye Opener ...103 tJ.

W. Y. Martin entry. Fifth Race Purse St. 100; claiming; for three-year-olds: one mile and one elghtn Voucher 108 "Haruna 108 Calatan Ill Flashalong Michigan "Let Up 103 Glastander no 'Single 113 Sixth Race The Christiana Stakes; $5,000 added; for two-year-olds, colts ana geldings: five and one half furlongs: tBarkeep 116 Rincnenow )i LvBemmes mdawin no JAccord 116 Letter 116 Lord Rln 113 'Quillon 113 Famous Victory.

.113 (ilanceabotit ....116 tChristiana Stables entry. Wldener entry. Seventh Race Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; one mile and one eighth: Girgin 109 Colesoov 109 Good Odds 109 Rose Anita 10s Dollar Sign 114 Braving Danger. .114 Leonardown Hid f-llver Play 114 tWhlstling Dick. .109 Gendarme Ill Kimesha 109 Molasses Lanrieron 109 Treauer 109 Dizzy Dame ...108 White Front 114 Dan Cupid 114 lWhlte Samite .104 tJ.

Dushock and I. Bleher entry. Eighth Race Purse cliaming; for four-year-olds and upward; one mile and one eighth: tWoodbuck 114 Dorothy Pomp ..116 11 A D.tnha.. Unit 111 IBoston Pal 11-T Leila 109 officiate 114 "Jungb Officiate 114 Jungb Moon Scarcanter 114 Black Boo 114 Sun Phantom ...118 'Toast Ill GuerrHla 116 My Elsie 109 tBunny Baby ...111 'Penny 9rcade ..104 Slugger 114 'Dingmans tF. W.

Page and E. K. Bryson entry, H. G. Bronell entry.

Apprentice allowance claimed. ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS. SUFFOLK DOWNS. First Race Purse $1,200: claiming; for two-year-old maidens; five furlongs: Flying Ned Ill tSarada .113 Travel ..116 Stray Boy 116 Lace 113 Bit Of Sugar 113 Victory Play 10 Pretty Is 116 After Lunch 116 116 Hokum 113 Hopefull Reward. 113 Miss Puritan.

.113 Gold Javelin Fircsteel 116 Cideam 116 Farm Lady 110 Corporal Al ,...113 Good Get ......108 Red Dunter 110 Gay Tom 113 Mymallie 113 Star Kan .....105 Lagalla 113 Roy Jones 118 Pacific Maid ...110 New Blend Ill Distant Light. ..113 Materialize 116 Mies Advice ....113 Second Race Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six fui-longs: dourt Counsel. ..113 Out Front 108 Marbold 108 Annie Alone ....111 Commencement ..111 'Linger On 103 Wild Oats 116 Illinois 8tar ....113 James Quest ..100 Ida Streng 100 Elder Jock ....108 Sanctity Spy Way 103 "Cutter 108 Tom Reay ICS "8harp Shell ....108 -BiacK name "vaiaina Third Race The Equipoise: purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; cne mue (cnute): Bulute 107 'Bliss 102 Swift Sue 107 Gummed Up ....109 Hiik arn 109 valdlna Fair P.ingmond 107 Sir Kiev 112 Mirrored 107 Alegre 112 Dance .111 "My Myrl 102 Foxport 107 Invoice 112 Sara Deer 107 Vanman 112 Valdlna Marge. .109 'Latent 106 Fourth Race Purse claiming: for two-year-olds; five and one-half furlongs: Mr. Infinity ....116 Saboteur Ill Santa Eliza ....113 Akrontown 116 Prognostic 108 Wee Helen 108 Chain Break .101 Edie Jane 103 Peggy Silver.

...103 Who Kan 108 Water Tower ...111 Grandma Ray. ..103 War Bolt Ill Fag 116 Mldall 114 Heartbreaker ...118 Electrical 118 -Falrlet 101 Fifth Race Purse $1,500: claiming: for three-year-olds and uoward: six Crossbow II 115 Top Call 115 Votura 118 Hy-Cop 118 Balllnderry ....105 Pomiva 110 'vaiaina Sixth Race The Relah Count: curse allowances; for three-year-olds oniy six tunongs: Whiter Wind ..108 Hometown 103 I'larly Smart 116 Juliet .103 Joda's Joe lis Crown 108 After School ...113 Fujlfara 118 Kirwln 108 "Milk Route 11 Hadapine Ill Burgoo Dinner. .113 isew Glory 108 tKesargo 1,18 Tz. and W. Janss and S.

Devore entry. Seventh Race Purse $1,500: claiming for three-year-olds and upward; ona and one-eighth miles: One Jest 108 Wee Scot 108 Grand Central. .108 'Counterbalance 10: Millo 105 Sun Alexandria.lll vaieroso 11 113 Eighth Race Purse $1,200: clalmlnr for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-iourtn miles on the turf: Alagaloy 108 Slssie Smith ....103 Gold Flag 118 "Stella Mc 108 jay eee uee "Formal .111 Foxlelgh 118 Fay Ill Kiev Gaffney ...116 Great Wall 108 Anti Air luH Crucibenna 116 Irish Mirth ....111 Colonel Joe 116 Southbound 116 Holl Image 116 -er iteign Ill Jockarando li Apprentice allowance claimed. ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS. DETROIT.

First Race Purse $900; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; colts, horses ana geiaings; one ana one-sixteenth miles: Horses. wts. Horses. Wts Neat Play ...,111 Fond Hops 106 Cophetua Ill Blue Play 116 Rest Awhile ...116 "First Up Ill O. D.

McCarty. Ill Patras 116 Know up 116 Second Race Purse $900; claiming; for tnree-year-olds and upward; fillies and mares: six furlongs (chute): Jota 112 Lady Infinite ..117 Ima Dear 112 Andy'a Love ...109 Cutloose 117 Empress Hills ..117 Princess Nane .112 Cactaceous 109 Hale Aloha ....109 "Pink Diamond. .112 Lady Llsto ....112 "Cradle Roll ...112 Third Race Purse claiming; for three-year-olds; six furlongs (chute): Star Whiz 110 Itchin 105 Good Play 107 Valdina Love ..107 Valdlna Niece ..107 Saw Wood 102 Kempy 102 Sir Valiant 112 Gray Romance ,105 "See Konk 107 Plplad 110 Wise Witch 107 Fourth Race Purse claiming; for two-year-old maidens; five furlongs: For Better .....115 Jatakay 118 Brown Mask ...113 Artful Dodger ..116 Fermlso 110 Plucky Teddy ..113 Fergy Favorite .118 June Seventh ..113 Perfect Score ...113 Fifth Race Purse claiming; for two-year-olds; five furlongs: Tower Miss ....108 Exclamation ...105 Budgeteer 108 I Lov Bridge. ..110 Ito.lante 113 St. Jock 113 Lady Rebecca ..110 Sixth Race The Tecumseh Handicap; purse for three-year-olds; six furlongs (chute): Try Fin 108 Patriot 103 Royal Martha ..100 JUnbuttoned ...105 tMedia Luna ...103 tAIr Sprite ....109 tBig Meal 105 Conejo 104 Touluta 114 Sam Houston ...110 Uncle Jock 112 tB.

and J. Cohen entry. JMra. H. P.

Bonner entry. Seventh Race Purse claiming for three-jear-olds; one mile and seventy yards: Tower Maid ...103 'Beau Catcher .105 Sweet Olga ....108 Countmein ....103 Here She Is 103 Mae 103 Race Purse $1,000: claiming: for three-year-olds and upward: one mile and seventy yards: Goodanwarm ...108 Illka ....105 Warlnga 110 Oversight 115 Hurrv Call 113 "Darby Dean ...105 Parisian Witch. 103 Ninth Race (Substitute) Purse $900; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward fillies and mares: six furlongs (chute): Brush Brush ..104 'Jo Ann 104 mil 1's 104 'Miss Victory ..104 Lady Clipper ..104 Furenuf 109 Clarcarole 117 'Proper Gal ....104 K. Cookie 109 Miss Rythmic ..109 Girlie Star 109 'Nancy's Baby .104 Apprentice allowance claimed. ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS.

EMPIRE CITY. First Race Purse claiming; for two-year-old maidens; five-eighths of a mue: Horses. Wts. Horses. Wts.

Spring .111 Harvest .114 Regimental Ill Signal Tower ...111 Exemption 115 Lovely Delores. .112 Edamaste 119 Tarae 115 Light Chaser ...115 Medal Time ...114 Be Calm 112 Meat Ball Ill Bollinger 119 Black Thrush ..113 Second Race Purse claiming; for fr.ur-year-olds and upward; about six fur lengs: Smllin Jack ....113 Never Cease ....108 Head Sea 108 Sun In Plav ....113 Rose Lucky ....108 Grand Luck ....108 Centuple 108 Cadenza 113 Cleo Louise ....108 HI Stranger ....118 Family Doc ....113 High Omar 113 Legenda 108 Fettacaim 113 Third Race Purse claiming for four-year-olds and upward; about six furlongs: Roeers Knv ....113 Demonax 113 Labeled Win ..108 La Joconde 108 Old Rosebush ..113 Steady On 108 Shortstop 108 Carvale 113 Farrell 113 AI-LIng 108 Btcvada 108 Hasty .113 Sir Lancelot ....118 Royal Taste. ..113 Fourth Race Purse for two-year-olds; five furlongs: Rarified 109 'Adv'nce Charge.107 Blended Well ...109 Leo's Brandy ...112 Bottle Imp 112 'Caroline ....104 Mr. Elmo 112 Fifth Race Purse claiming; for three-year-oldg and upward; about six furlongs: Mr. Goose ......115 Scot rh Trap ....118 Skin Deep ....113 Ben Gray 106 Vintage Port ...118 Dr.

Whinny ...108 'Happy Lark ...117 Hard Jester ....113 Sixth Race Purse for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles: Happy Home ..110 Day Off 120 Infant Queen ...105 Odessa's .120 Jeb Stuart 120 "Home 105 Strawberry ....115 Prien 120 Mythical King. .115 Capt. James ....120 Seventh Race Purse claiming; for four-year-os and upward; one and three-sixteenth miles: Trimly 113 'Flying 115 Bootless 113 "Mission Step ..111 Lauerman 113 'Charlene 110 Dare Bunny ....120 Key Man 116 Ring Star 113 Bob's Boys 113 Count Allentown 113 Sly Tom 115 "Apprentice allowance claimed. Service Merl Engaging Horseshoe Pitching In Training Camps, Says Official Value Of Exercise Derived By'' Barnyard Recreation Cited. BY FRITZ HOWELL.

Columbus, Ohio, July 2 (Wide World) Horseshoe pitching about the only sport in which a "ringer" la cheered instead of being ruled off for life is doing O. K. despite the war and priorities. There was a time, out in the Sangamon River valley in Illinois, when we were considered pretty hot stuff at tossing Dob- R. B.

HOWARD. bin's discarded footwear at a peg. Being an old hand at the game (we reached the semifinals in the Logan County Fair tournarrunt in 1915) we wondered today about the Wartime future of the Barnyard golf pastime. "What," we asked R. B.

Howard, editor of the Horseshoe World, "will the war do to horseshoe pitching?" The London, Ohio, gentleman who publishes the official organ for the game's 2,000,000 addicts put his feet on his desk and answered: "The war will help the game. After all, the first mention we have of horseshoe pitching in this country shows it was the favorite sport cf the soldiers on both sides in the American Revolution. TO UPSET TOURNEY. "With tire rationing in effect and ether travel restrictions right around the corner, it's probable the national tournament will be upset for the duration. But the backyard variety which is the backbone of the sport should prosper.

"They are pitching horseshoes at every military camp in the country, and back-yard courts are springing up everywhere. After all, to pitch horseshoes, you need only a plot of level ground 40 feet long, a couple of steel or wooden pegs, and some discarded horseshoes. "In addition to using every muscle in your body every time you toss a shoe, you'll walk at least a half-mile for a 100-shoe game. You'll get plenty of exercise." GAME CHANGED. With what we thought was pardonable pride, we told Mr.

Howard of our prowess as a pitcher out there on the prairie, but he said the game had changed quite a bit since the days when we were the No. 1 boy at the family reunion tournaments. Back there, when we were going Strong, the shoe closest to the peg counted a point, no matter how far away it was. A "leaner" was good for two points, and that rarity, the "ringer," was three points. Under modern rules, the closest shoe still counts a point, but it must be within six inches of the peg which was pretty fair country shooting in our day.

There is no present-day "leaner," that oddity just counting as "close now. The ringer still is a three-pointer, but it's a bit more prolific in these straight-shooting times. And where 21 points constituted a winning score for the farm hands of the 'teens 50 are required now, although there is an alternative scoring method under which each player tosses 100 shoes, with the nod going to the one with the most points. CANCEL EACH OTHER. Back home, if one player got a "ringer," and his opponent topped it," the "topper" got six points.

That's out now, for topped ringers Just cancel each other and neither player gets a point for the perfect tosses. The same goes for double ringers which are topped and four ringers draped around a peg at the same time are not unusual, it seems. In fact, Mr. Howard said that back in 1925, in the finals of the national tournament. Putt Mossman of Eldorado, Iowa, and Bert Duryea of Wichita, topped each other's double ringers for eight consecutive innings, each player racking up IS consecutive ringers without scoring a point.

Such pitching as that would have won practically any tournament in our day, even in the Sangamon Valley. Another thing changed since we were young is the method of delivery. The Illinois expert, we recall, placed his index finger on the calk, with the open end facing the peg, gripped the side of the shoe with his thumb and other fingers, and then sent it spinning through the air. EXPERTS CHANGE THINGS. The shoe whirled 10 to 15 times, Often landing on its side or one calk, and the momentum sometimes sent it rolling off toward the corn-crib.

Now the experts have the delivery down pat, so the shoe turns either one and one-quarter or one and three-quarter revolutions, and always lands flat with the open end facing the peg. The modern shoe, too, is a bit different. Instead of using discarded footwear from a plow horse the moderns have a special shoe, with a wide opening, and with Slight hooks extending from each front calk to prevent it from slipping off the peg. The modern shoe never saw a horse, and it's possible some of the modern players haven't either, many of the best coming from metropolitan centers. So good are some of the experts at tossing ringers that they do it I Fa 4 4 1 a tFasfr Time! JOCKEY J.

OSBORNE RODE THREE WINNERS ALL WITHIN 40 MINUTES 5 CARLISLE JUNE 30, blindfolded, from racing motor cycles, through burning barrels and over blankets hiding the peg from view. It's just automatic, that's what it is. Mr. Howard, who has been pub lishing the Horseshoe World for about 22 years, has never pitched a horseshoe. He attends all the na tional tournaments, and four times he has been asked to toss the first shoe as the events were launched.

Each time, he said, he was prevent ed from complying because of a sprained wrist. "I always wrap a bandage around my wrist before going to the tournament grounds," he said. "It saves a lot of explanations." Not so long ago Mr. Howard found in a medical journal a long treatise by a physician, declaring that horseshoe pitching was one of the finest methods of preventing appendicitis. "No horseshoe pitcher ever has appendicitis," the doctor's article declared, so Mr.

Howard clipped it out and republished in in his Horseshoe World. The next month Mr. Howard had his appendix out! Junior Club Weak Continued From Preceding rage. All-Star squad, but he has been unable to run for several days be cause of an injured leg. That leaves, fo" the time being, only Birdie Teb-betts of Detroit to backstop for the Americans, and while Birdie is one of the game's finest receivers his bat offers little threat.

If anyone insists on further evi dence of the decline of American League power for All-Star game purposes, it might be pointed out that the league has lost within a few years such sluggers as Lou Gehrig, Hank Greenberg, Joe Cro- nin and Jimmie Foxx. And before that they lost Babe Ruth and Al Simmons. Sure, the Americans still have two of the game's greatest natural sluggers in Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio and a super-second baseman in Joe Gordon, but after those three have been named it would be difficult to pick a department In which they have not lost some of their once awesome power. For that matter, they had a pretty fail second baseman in Charlie Gehr- inger before Gordon came along. The National League All-Star squad, by contrast, is about as strong as it ever was.

The senior loopers never have boasted such a galaxy of stars as their rivals, but they have done very well, considering. They have won three of the nine games played and figure, on superior pitching, to take this one. This will be the ninth All-Star contest for Mel Ott, Billy Herman, and Joe Medwick. The National Leaguers do not change much. Take Your Pick Continued From Preceding Page.

Tilden" out of Philadelphia. He is E. "Victor Sclxas, eighteen-year- oid six-footer who goes to the Unl veisity of North Carolina by way of the City of Brotherly Love. Seixas, tho critics say, is the first real Eastern prospect since Sidney Wood and Frank Shields appeared more than a decade ago. Willard Marshall, the twenty- one-year-old Giant rookie outfielder, will be right on tns spot in tho all-star game.

The soft-spoken Virginian is the only freshman chosen on either team and t'lis game hasn't been too kind to rookies. Joe DiMaggio, picked as a first-year man, went hitless In five times up and committed the only error of the 1936 game. Peti Reiser, a year ago at Detroit, went hitless in four tries and r.iade two errors. Marshall, however, has a quiet confidence which may let him break the jinx. Pitchers Are Named Continued From Preceding Page.

Leo Durocher's three pitchers. Claude Passeau of the Cubs has been named to start against the American Leaguers, with Vandy replacing him, and the sensational Mort Cooper, ace of the start-studded Cardinal hurling staff, finishing up. But the foremost thought In the minds of the Reds at the present time is to paddle the Pirates four straight times, and stay within hailing distance of second place, at least. The Reds will leave for the Smoky City late this afternoon. In the meantime both McKechnie and General Manager Warren C.

Giles are expected to keep the wires hot in an effort to acquire another outfielder. At the present time only three gardeners Walker, Marshall, and Goodman are available for duty. Mike McCormick will be out for at least another six weeks with broken leg, and Harry Craft is suffering from another attack of eyeritis. Instead Of Earning- Some $150, 000, Declares Manager. New York, July 2 (AP) You'll never believe this, but Jimmy Johnston was just about speechless today.

As a matter of fact, the entire fight industry was struck more or less incoherent, and one bright citizen even looked at the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fool's day. For, the guys in the business had just learned that Rapid Robert Pastor is turning his back on a lit tle matter of a $150,000, give or take a few thousand, that he could pick up in a few nights this sum mer. "Just think," moaned Jimmy, as he pushed back the derby hat and placed his head gently in his hands, "here I am with the one real 'Jive' heavyweight around, now that Louis and Conn are in the army. I'm getting offers for him every day just look, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, De troit. And what does he say? He doesn't want to fight until the noddle of August because he wants some time to play golf.

"All that dough around, and I have to have a guy who would rather knock a ball around a pasture." This was unheard of in the busi ness of busting beaks. Even if you count it fast, $150,00 makes quite a bundle of folding money. THREE ARE INJURED In Three-Horse Pileup, Involving Cincinnati-Owned Equine. Marion, Ohio, July 2 (AP) One driver was hurt and two others escaped injury in a three-horse pile up at the Ohio short-ship harness races here. C.

J. Shilling of Columbus was treated in a hospital for severe shoulder injuries. He was driving H. F. owned by R.

E. Van Camp of Cincinnati, when the horse broke, stumbled, and fell. Jimmy France of Sandusky and Ernie Smith of Washington Court House, the other drivers, escaped with a shaking up when their horses piled into the wreckage. In another race Owner-driver Robert W. Shaw of Fremont was thrown from his sulky when a wheel broke.

He was unhurt, but his horse, Hal Effig, then ran away, and after circling the track twice ran into a truck and suffered a broken back. The horse was shot to death. DELAWARE PARK (By News Flash) Wilmington. July 2 Results at Delaware Park. Track muddy.

The daily douhle. first and second races, paid $69.60. FIRST RACE Purse for maiden two-year-olds: five and one-half furlongs: tCheater (Crawford) $3.50 $2.80 Pious Display Dattllo) 7.30 6.00 Red Spirit (Lynch) 4.80 Time 1:10. Flywhlsk, Lord Bart, tDunsan, War Master, Pilate's Heart, John's Chief Chaff. Smalt, and Very Quaint also ran.

fJones, Scniesinger, and Oglebay entry. 8KCOND RACE Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; six furlongs: Marjorle S. (Lynch) $13.80 $7.40 $3.90 True Star (Sisto) 6.90 3.90 Clingendaal Remersch'd) 2.70 Time Neddie Lass, tlran, Joatiny, Bright Sonina, Javert, tDavitt, Mnroc, Zostera, and Justa Broom also ran. tHealey and Olford entry. THIRD RACE Purse for maiden two-year-olds; five and one-half furlongs Mataflora (Kooertsi n.ju V'ui BUCKie uown iwieianaerj a Corcinea (Dattllo) 11.00 Time 1:09.

lKlng'a Gambit, Alice Blue IGowes, Omada, tCreate, Norn De Plume. Gallant Stand. Stick Kitty, and IFllgnt Over also ran. iBernle and Stotler entry. IBryson and Babylon entry.

FOURTH RACE Purse claim ing; for three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs Blue Lily (Renlck) $16.50 $8.60 $6 4n! Steel Beam (McCombsl 7.90 8.C0I Light of Morn (Roberts) U.90 Time Rack, Brlansan, Clamor Girl. Dreaming Time, One Only. Pete's Pet, Primarily, Grand Gay, and Ladles First also ran. FIFTH RACE Purse $1,200: claiming: for three-year-olds; one mile and seventy yard.s: Hattle Belle 3 0 3.50 Rare (Dattilol 12.70 7.70 Cliath (Mallev) 15.00 Time Lei Illma. Fenway.

Green Kev. At Dawn. Sea Way, Renowned. Gratis, Sals Sister, and Queen Wreath also ran. SIXTH RACE Purse $1,300: for maid en three-year-olds and upward; one mile and seventy yards: cross Tide (Wiclander) $3.90 $3.00 Trierarch (Malley) 2.90 2.50 Trnon (Berg) 2.91) Time 1:47.

Ctuh, Wild Chanre. fca Slave, War Boat, Emmajo, Cantreat, and Atom Smasher also ran, SEVENTH RACE Purse claim ing; for four-year-olds and upward; one nnn one-sixieentn miles: (McCombsl $1150 $6.00 $1.60 Tony Steel (Decamlllis) 6.50 5.30 Gnoher Lad tMann) 10.10 Time 1:47. Lauderkln. Somali, Dlz7.y Belay, Hada Star, My Elsie, and Gentle Suv.ige also EIGHTH RACE Purse claiming; for one mile and seventy yards: Caesar B. (Napp) $9.00 $5.10 $4.20 tCaumsett (Sisto) 6.60 4.70 Bills Rita (Crawford) 4 60 Time 1:47.

Loch Ness, Company Rest, Merry Mistake, Barls, tSweeptng Lee. Glno Soft and Clear, At Bat, and Milky Moon also ran. tM- Field, C. A. Lyon entry.

THISTLE DOWN (By News Flash) Warrcnsvfle, Ohio, July 2 Results at Thistle Down. Track fast. The dally double, first and second races, paid $8.80. FIRST RACE Purse $500; claiming: for three-year-olds and upward: six furlongs: Hamboo Broom $3.80 $2.80 Gay Ba Hie (Redmnn) 10.00 6.20 Black Cherry (Zehr) 4.00 Time Big Sam, My Day, Maro-wln Sweep, Time Full, and High Street also ran. SECOND RACE Purse $500: claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs Miss Warning (MrCad'n) $2.80 $2.60 Vote Bov (Redmon) 7.40 5,00 Saphl (Sanders) 4.40 Time 1:12.

Rlverby Boy, Flying Pretty, Jocklde, Sweeping Wind, and Secor also ran. THIRD RACE Purse $500: claiming; for-three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs: Tinker Toes (McCadden) $8.60 $4.00 $2.40 Bald shot (Zehr) 3.60 2.40 Nadlne Omar (Cavens) 2.40 Time Jackemma, Blue Boo, Thursland, and Bill Monahan also ran. FOURTH RACE Purse $500; claiming; for two-year-olds; five furlongs: Bonanza Lou (McCadden). $4. 60 $3.00 $2 .20 Thunder Bow (Cavens) 6.00 2.60 Playalong (Bush) 2.60 Time 1:00.

Trep Greenock, Ava Demand, and Honey crest also ran. FIFTH RACE Purse $500; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six furlongs: Keekee (Lowe) $7.20 $3.40 $3.00 Pitch 'N' Toss (Bush) 2.60 2.40 Jabunny (Redmon) 3.40 Time fetes iNiece. jwarjo, Ruoalyat, Gallant Dust, and Flippy Hildur also ran. SIXTH RACE Purse $500: claiming: for three-year-olds and upward: six furlongs: Brown Moss (McCadden). ss.ou li.

Shirley R. (Busn) 3 40 2.60 K.Mg O' Love (Keumon) o.ou Time fimnco foiiy, opin in, Sylvaine, and Real Play also ran. SEVENTH RACE Purse $600: claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and seventy yard31 Kves (McCadden) $9.00 $4.40 $2.60 Meadow Monev (Bush) 10.20 4.40 Medrano (Zehr) 3 00 Time 1 44Vi. King Hullo. Azafran.

Gold Cross. Grand Waltz, and Sanders also ran. EIGHTH RACK Purse SfiOO; claiming: for three-year-olds and upward: one and Firing Pin (Lowe) $8.80 $1.60 $2.40 F.nllinval IRllsh) 5.00 2.601 Male (Mrpan B'Kton. Lassie Wilson I 2.20 Time 1:46. Alfeangrier and Inscola also jan.

tDead heat for show. showing of his sixth-place National League entry he said "reports that Frisch would be replaced are too ridiculous to deny." Frisch came to the Pirate in 1940 and piloted them to fourth place, the same position theyoccu-! pied last year. Since he been around the Bucs have won 191 contests, 5 more than they lost. "What we need is a base hit now and then," said Benswanger, "Some of our players aren't hitting the way we hoped they would. That's all that's wrong with us and I don't blame anyone, individually or collectively.

"One of these days the Pirates will get going and win a lot of ball games. In the meantime, though, I suppose we will have a lot of 'managers' named for us. But let me tell you that never once have I given a thought to getting rid of Frisch." THREE GAMES BILLED As Crosley Field Tomorrow Buckeyes Are In Feature. Amateur and professional gameS; as well as track and field events, are billed for Independence Day al. Crosley Field.

Headlining the pro gram will be a Negro American League contest between the Cincinnati Buckeyes and the Chicago American Giants. Opening the program at p. m. will be a contest between White Oak leaders of the Buckeye League and the Walnut Hills Ex celsiors of the Negro Community League. The second amateur contest will send the Champion Chivos of the Community League against the Wright Bombers of that cir cuit.

A parade to begin at 12:30 p. m. at Sinton Playgrounds, Barr and Cutter Streets, will wind up at the park, where a patriotic rally will be held. Contests for players on all teams competing on the day's program will include a 100-yard dash, a base-circling event and a distance throwing contest. Prizes for outstanding achievements will be two $25 Defense Bonds to be presented by Earl Perkins, sponsor of the Chivo, Club.

Three bonds will go to spectators. A group of Negro soldiers from Fort Knox will be guests of the Glory Girls, a patriotic Cincinnati organization, at the holiday affair. Music will be furnished by the bands of the various Boy Scout troops. All persons in the service of Uncle Sam and in uniform will be admitted free. BANKHEAD IS ADDED To Clowns' Hill Corps Baltimore To Play Here Sunday.

Another standout hurler has been added to the already imposing pitching roster of the Cincinnati Clowns, who play the Baltimore Grays in a Negro Major League double-header at Crosley Field, Sunday. The latest addition Is young Dan Bankhead of the Birmingham Black Barons. A big, strong youngster with an assortment of stuff and good control, Bankhead is recognized as the "next Satchel Paige" by close students of the game and he should prove a valuable addition to the Negro Major League leaders. Both Bankhead and "Peanuts" Nyasses have been given the starting assignments for Sunday's games in which the Clowns will attempt to stave off the Grays' bid for first place. Besides Bankhead and Nyasses, the Clowns have six starting pitchers in Leo (Preacher) Henry, Jim Johnson, Lamb Barbee, Lou Montgomery of Boston College grid fame, Jim Everett, and Al Saylor.

The latter is an all-around performer and may perform the stunt of playing an inning at each of the nine positions. A sepia beauty contest, Individual clowning by Nyasses and "King Tut" of the Grays and the Clowns usual shadowball, pepper games, and other shenanigans also are scheduled. DETROIT (By News Flash.) Detroit, Mich, July 2 Results at De troit. The daily double, first and second races, pain FIRST RACE Purse $900; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward: six furlongs Bert W. (Gray) $13.20 $5.40 $5.00 The Dancer (H 6.20 4.00 Valdlna Sun (Jones) 3.80 me 1:12.

HI Fnv. Bold Turk, opera Clown, Mr. Chicle. Blllmar, Hamlin, Cigar Lighter, and Llmherkln also ran SECOND RACE Purse $800: claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; six fur longs: Pnlfort (Gnnzdez) $8.80 $5.40 $3.40 Cal Nalshapur (Franklin) 18.80 T.40 Double Whisk (Adsms) 3 00 Time Easy Jack. Matte Power, Prennv.

Dr. South. Twlnker. Srrappy San Monica, (Juarto, and Roughage also ran. THIRD RACE Purse claiming; for rour-year-olds and upwarn; six iu, Innes Hover (Adams) $5.20 $3.60 $3.

no Rhakcrmar. (Milligan) 4.40 3.U, HolH Grafton (Guerlnl 4.00 Time Hutoka. Valdlna Mary, Pearl Alma, and Milk Bar also ran FOURTH RACE Purse $900; for maiden Iwn-veRr-nlris: five furlongs: Finally (Adams) $18.20 $5.60 $3.40 Swingy Wlngy (Tucker) 4.uu Rniin Oupcn (Caffar'la) Time 1:04. Belgarlan sandy Sku, irim Tiltn rhlckla D. Meadow Brook Shasta Upper, Bright Count, Dablton, and Neds Roman also ran.

iracn. lasi. FIFTH RACE Purse claiming: for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-sixteenth miles: Magic Dream (Higley) $5.40 $4.80 Long Lane (Guerin) 5.00 4.00 Curcgal (Hatiauer) 4.80 Time 1:47. Brown Slave; Miss Pltty-pat, Rhetoric. No Embargo.

Some Polly. Scandalous, Smart Move, Fran, and Ovaia also ran. SIXTH RACE Purse allowances; for three-year-olds; one mile and seventy varris Sweep Swinger (Knott). $3.20 $2.40 Lazonga. (Gucrln) 4.80 3.00 Cash Deal (Adams) 2.80 Time 1:45.

Bebeja, Fandermo, ana Danac also ran. SEVENTH RACE Purse claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and seventy yards: Get Good (Milligan) $36.00 $14.80 $8.20 Okoole Maluna (Guerin) 3.40 2.60 Zorro (Campbell) 4.00 Time 'Lightsome. 'Charlamar, Tete a Sam Cruiser. To Boot. Fymmetry, Valdina Weidel.

and 'American I.alte also rnn. "Field. i RACE St, 000: claiming: for thrpp-year-nlds and upward: one and nr-p-eighth miles: Sherlock (Aoams) 1 on 14 n'l Heel (Higley) 4.00 2.80 lAranmore (Pariso) 4.4') Time 1 Villa Platte. Wildland. Banker Jin, and Bosky Dell also ran.

SELECTIONS. Empire City. 1 Bollinger, Black Thrush, Exemption. 2 Highomar, Cadenza, Cleo Louise. 3 Roger's Boy, Old Rosebush, Hasty Trlf.mph.

4 Leo's Brandy, Rarified, Bottle Imp. 5 HAPPY LARK, Scotch Trap, Ben Gray. 6 Happy Home, Mythical King, Strawberry. 7 Bob's Moys, Trimly, Charlene. Suffolk Downs.

1 Manipulate, Pretty Is, Hokum. 2 Apropos, Pradis, Cuckoo. 3 fihemite, Lustrous, Flaming Glory. 4 Tiara, Bid On, Great Hurry. 5 CHARACTER MAN, Noslen, Fatal Hour.

6 Charm Bracelet, Us, 7 Nosy, Lady Roma, High Finance. 8 Bow Low, Red Meadow, Catomar. Delaware Park. 1 ROYAL FLUSH, Camllle, Snow Swirl. 2 Avoca, Anyway, Gayset Nell.

3 Frederic II, Pico Blance II, Tarbrush. 4 Sobriquet, Bill's Bister, Slow Motion. 5 Glastauder, Bavuna, Single. 6 Famous Victory, Quillon, Rlngmenow. 7 Molasses Mibs, Colesboy, White Front.

8 Sunphanlom, Jungle Moon, Butcher Boy. Arlington Park, 1 Liberty Distant Light, New Blend. 2 Annie Alone. Court Counsel, Linger On. 3 GUMMED UP.

Rlngmond, Bliss II. 4 Fag. Water Tower. Santa Eliza. 5 Hy-Cop, Votum.

Crossbow II. 6 Kesargo, Early Smart, After School. 7 Sun Alexander. Valerosa II. Grand Central.

8 Gold Flag, Fay Kiev Gaffney. TO 60, SLACK SUITS SIZE 66 PANTS TO SiZE 60 SPORT SHIRTS TO SIZE 20 SHOKS and MOCKS TO SIZE 14 STRAW HATS TO SIZE Vk ED I MEN'S SHOP, II Ed I Llth and Vina Free Farking. Open Evenings to 9 FINANCIAL HELP DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE As Confidential as any bank. Over seventy years of fair dealing. ELIAS H.

PHILLIPS Collateral Broker and Jeweler. PHILLIPS BROS. Queen City Loan Office 200 PROVIDENT BANK BUILDING. 7th and Vine. CHerry Official Inspection Station for New and Recapped Tires.

Bring us your Tire Problem. GUARANTEED RECAPPING OOI'ER TIRES AND TUBES TIRE SERVICE MAin 4040 PARKWAY at 12TH WATCH STRAP A-Lug-ends MOLDED of lough plastic, cannot bind, never wear out Molded bucklei and keepers match the leather, cannot corrode or discolor. C- Split-Proof Tip (patented) doubles the life of the strap. Cannot split open. J.

C. HOCKETT CO. font- Beechmont Avenue. Washington 5003 Madison Rnad Madlsonvllla 4547 Montgomery Road Norwood 3625 Harrison Avenue Cheviot Dixie Highway and Graves. Ky.

$1.00 for two-year-olds; five and one-half fur-Manipulate longs: Mighty Lucky (Grill) $16.60 $10.20 Hetn (Rlcnard) o.oo 4.60 lljriliiunpillll 4 gg lime Arr On Time Shot. SuoremM Best. Cohatter, Wise x-aisano. ana vainor also ran. SIXTH RACE Purse $5,000: handicap iur iiiree-jeui-uius ana upward; seven furlongs: Some chance (Haas) $6.60 5 20 Hist Prize (Smith) 9.20 700 Daily Trouble (Grill) 15.80 nine 1.

iix. roiranco, signator, Cuan-tos, Polymelior. Alohorl, Three Per Cent, ana jirBi or ah aiso ran. SEVENTH RACE Purse $1,500: claim. Ing; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile: Take Wing (Craig) $5.60 4.00 $3.00 Happy Hunting (Grill) 12.20 5.20 Beautiful II (Vedden 360 rime 1: m.

Mynan Boy, Anthology, Tin Pan Alley, Kokomo, Mordecal, Tatu, and iaywooa aiso ran. EIGHTH RACE Purse $1,500: claiming for three-year-olds and upward; one and one-eignin, miiea: Wayrlel (Skoronskl) $9.80 $9.20 $5.00 Kitche Manltou 8.20 7.40 4.2o Ho Down (Schilling) 8U uead neat. Time 1:02. Prince Derek. Jackorack, Evil spirit, Chance Star, Wil liam fanner, and chin Music also ran, ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS.

THISTLE DOWN. First Race Purse $500: claiming: for three-year-old maidens: and upward; six furlongs (cnute) Horses. Wts. Horses. Wts.

Base Line 111 Moons Gone 116 Sandclock Ill Jock's Boy 116 Morocco Betty .106 Ho Hung 116 wiinam 111 ivy koh 111 'Tattnall 106 'Morpan 111 Miss Perfect. .111 Martlet Ill Second Race Purse $800; claiming for colts, geldings and horses; for three-years olds and upward: six furlongs: Box Score Ill 'Blagden 111 Monks Time 111 Greenskl 116 Apple Man Ill Mlnjefor 103 Henry Ill Baron Char 108 Transvlew 111 Rock High 116 Detector 116 Carry Time 116 Third Race Purse $500: claiming for two-year-old maidens; five furlongs; niriongs: Epimae 114 Montree 117 Good Counselor. .117 Old Union 117 Sanalo 114 Countess 114 Hollyan 114 Our Hilda 114 Rtdgegate 114 Sashay 117 Donflnn 117 What's Fourth Race Purse $800; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and forty yards: Royal ..112 Argo Miss 101 Nanahcub 112 'High Plume ..112 Wltchball 99 She Did 104 Creosote 107 Alca 104 Fifth Race Purse $500; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and forty yards: Some Ad 101 Carotaur 114 Free Exchange. 109 Torch Singer. .108 Asnaysburg ....104 Levena 113 Del-Tor Music.

104 Betnabar 109 Broad 107 Canlgo 104 Theta Girl 97 Sixth Race Purse $500; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and torty yards: Mnonbow Ill Elmada Ill Col. Morocco. .118 "Frank Ill Bob Dodge 101 Humdrum 116 Rigorous 118 'Old Main Road 111 Opoca ...106 War Emblem. .118 Queens Best Ill Seventh Race Purse $500; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and forty yards: Pallo 111 Daphnls ..101 Lady Gavheart.106 "My Baby 106 Tough Bird 111 Overluck 101 Jabunny 108 Stan Riley 116 Rather 116 Azote 116 Vancoo Ill Eighth Race Purse $500; claiming; for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and forty yards; Honey ..111 Kantar Aid 106 "Malen Bird 106 Busv Morocco 1 16 Valroma 111 "Mi-Due Ill So Fast lol 'Nnpalosa Jr. Ring 108 'Red Go Ill Apprentice allowance claimed.

tDrlftlng Snow. ..113 Rebel 113 TClrcle and Mrs. Copenhaver entry. Second Race Purse $1,300: claiming; for four-year-olds and upward: Diamond .116 'cuckoo Ill Prnbls 116 Darkmelus 11 King Ill "Sugar Dady II. .106 Kiiuowna, 111 war Bonnet ill Apropos Ill Dark Level 116 Bully Time 101 "Greenock's Boy.

Ill Red Amazon. ..108 Take It Ill Third Race Purse claiming; for three-year-old fillies: six furlongs (chute Lustrous 107 'Shemlte 113 Magic Mab 112 Ripplet 112 Mlndeful 112 Tlnto 112 Reckless Saxon. 107 Flaming .112 Fourth Race-Purse claiming; for three-year-old fillies; six furlongs (chute) Great Hurry 112 Bid On 115 Fay Mate 112 Jule Chest 112 Tiara 115 Desert ..112 Love Note 107 Jocelyn 112 Fifth Race The Topsrield; purse claiming: for two-year-olds; five furlongs; Fatal Hour 104 Liberty Jr 112 False Face 112 Character 116 Noslen 114 Valdlna 109 Isfahan 104 Kitchener Kid. ..112 Bass Fiddle 112 Valdlna Banner. .111 Sixth Race The Hyde Park: purse claiming; for three-year-olds and npwerd: six furlongs (chute): Balmy Spring.

.1 17 Time o' War. Fritz 112 Us 112 On Parole 97 tBrastown 102 tOrausiark 112 Charm Bracelet. .110 tJ. C. Braswell entry.

Seventh Race Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; one mile and seventy yards: Daisy Boy 111 Raha 116 High Finance. ..111 'General Planet. .111 Idle Fnncies Ill "Worldly 101 Broad Tall 116 Recoatna Ill hen's Revenge. ..116 Our Grace 111 Ladv Roma ....106 "Claro 111 Brooklandvllle ..116 Nosy 116 Eighth Race Purse $1,400: claiming for three-year-olds and upward; one mile and seventy yards: 1Bow Low 120 '(Red Meadow. ..104 Grancosa 117 Tora 115 Zelleen Zee 107 Miss High Ariel Trip 104 'Woodvale Lass.

112 Pompllt 109 'Paper Plate. ...112 Catomar 115 tMrs. w. W. Adams entry.

Apprentice allowance claimed. EMPIRE CITY (By News Flash) Tonkers, N. July 2 Results at Empire City: Track muddy. The dally double, first and second races, paid $31.50. FIRST RACE Puree for two-year-old maidens: five furlongs: Magdala (Longden) $8.40 $3.90 $2.70 Multlquest (Robertson) 6.20 3.70 Cinema Queen (Loverldge) 2.90 Time 1:01.

Procla, Rakish Hat, Little Deeda, Sour Grapes, Relyon, and Honfleur also ran. SECOND RACE Purse claiming; for four-year-olds and upward; five and three-quarter furlongs: Sense (Arcaro) $6.50 4.20 $3.30 Sweet Nushle (Longden) 12.10 7.00 Tellmemore (Meade) 7.30 Time Prince Belltro, Dream Fox, Rosy Dollar, Abrupt, The Killer, Preview Actor, Picture Hat, Sorgho, and Barnegat also ran. THIRD RACE Purse for maiden three-year-olds and upward; five and three-quarter furlongs: Lance Bearer (Srhmldl). $2.40 $2.20 Cosine (Cllngman) 2.50 2 50 Little Slam (Robertson) 3.60 Time 1:10. Third Rail, Gold Back, and flhepson also ran.

FOURTH RACE-Purse $2,000: allowances: for two-vear-olds; five furlongs: Bay Borough (Srhmldl) $2.80 Durness Anita i.uo Maqulta (Clingman) Optimism (Meade) Tune 1:00 3. 'Dead heat for third. III Friday Saturday andSunday iff WHfllF BROILED LOBSTER You'll Enjoy the Day in a Bit of the North Woods in Your Own Back Yard LEME (The Original Sporitmen's Lakt) MADEIRA-LOVELAND ROAD, Bet. Remington and Loveland FISHING-PICNIC GROUNDS WELCOME TO ISABELLA LODGE GOOD FOOD Cofer io Private Groups and Organiiation For Information Call EAst 3088 Shevlin's s.x"itor.

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