The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 13, 1981 · Page 50
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 50

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1981
Page 50
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C-14 THE ONCINNATI ENQUIRERFriday, February 13, 1981 Chinese Scientists Want To Create 'Human' Ape Experiment's Goal: Subservient Species BY TIMOTHY AAcNULTY Chicago Tribune PEKING Chinese scientists at one time experimented with fertilizing a chimpanzee with human sperm in an attempt to create a "near-human ape," and they may try It again. The chimp was three months pregnant before the first experiment was halted, one of the original researchers claims. Western science long has scoffed at such an experiment as medically impossible, but Dr. Jl Yongxlang says the research, If It ever resumes, has the potential to develop creatures with higher animal Intelligence who could speak and perform simple tasks. A second researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science said there were plans to resume testing. THE BENEFITS of a new species are legion, Jl said In an Interview with the Shanghai newspaper, Wen Hui Bao. The creatures could be used for herding sheep and cows and driving carts, he said, and they could be used In exploring space, the bottom of the sea, and In mines. "If It had worked, it would have taken the medical world by surprise," Jl said. Jl was a surgeon before the Cultural Revolution, and now he is director of the small Su Jiao Tuen Hospital In Shenyang, a provincial capital In northern China. During the Cultural Revolution, he was branded a "counter-revolutionary" and sent to work on a farm for 10 years. He was one of two doctors who did the ape experiment Jl said the fertilizing experiment In Shenyang was stopped by the Cultural Revolution In 1967 when the laboratory was smashed, researchers were hounded from their studies and the chimp died from neglect He said the primary object of the experiment was to develop a creature with a larger brain and mouth. One factor that makes It impossible for a chimp to imitate human sounds is that its mouth Is too narrow, he said. THE RESEARCH was spurred by the evolu-. tionary belief that humans and apes were "orlgi- nally related" and still are compatible enough to ' produce common offspring. It Is a point that has led to much fantasy aid humor In the Western ; world. However, LI Guong, of the genetics research bureau of the Academy of Science, treats It seriously. "My personal view is that it Is possible, because according to general biological distinctions, they (men and apes) belong to the same category," he sald. "We also did experimental work on this before the Cultural Revolution, but we were stopped. At the moment, we plan to arrange further tests." Jl also noted that the World Health Organization recently held a meeting In Rome to discuss the problems and ethics of transplanting animal organs into humans. He said if such a "near-human ape" species were created, it could offer a solution to the problem of human rejection of animal organs. The new species' organs would be preferable to artificial organs in transplants to humans. HE ALSO said a "factory" could be set up to provide parts from the "near-human ape." The doctor also spoke of the possibility of transplanting heads. At the same time of the ape-human experiments, he recalled, researchers In Harbin were trying to transplant the heads of dogs. That work, too, apparently ended with the Cultural Revolution. The Shanghai newspaper article was unclear whether the doctor proposed exchanging only the brains or the entire heads of humans and "near-human apes" If such a species could be developed, but he did say a transplant from a human to a new creature could be beneficial In that "the Intelligence of a man can still be used." Though there are shades of Frankenstein's monster In his proposals, Jl claims It should not be offensive now that artificial organs are Implanted and "organic organs" theoretically are deemed better. Questioned about this kind of experimenting when China Is engaged in a massive program to limit human births, he responded: "My Idea is that man Is the master of the natural world and although the human population is growing an the time, this doesn't preclude the possibility of developing other species." Jl said the idea of a "near-human ape" was to serve the needs of mankind. Using human sperm for such an experiment Is ethically all right, he said, because it Is produced anyway and most of It is wasted. "Why should we be like the man that (the ancient Chinese philosopher) Mencius described who likes to eat meat but doesn't go anywhere near the slaughterhouse?" mm U n U U rl- 9mm HOME IMPROVEMENT SUPERMART TlLOSfpiJNt AMD WAI I PAPFR 1! CAI rRUM ONLY GLAZED MOSAIC TILE GREAT ON WALLS, FLOORS & C0UNTERT0PS! PERMANENT FIRED-ON GLAZE 10110 APPROL SQ. FT. 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PAY LATER mm m 4m tmmm rrm m mwmm mm .mm mm mrauM s 'Mm m m m tmnsi mms tm m x M aiMf turns mm w imrnma f"- t m m w mm m ovta wo HOMt IMPROKlMtNT SUPERMAKTS COAST TO COAST STORE HOURS MON. thru FRI.,AJVl. TO PM. Sn -M-TO iM PM. tjmi v T1 AJA. 70 i PJA. UBO IEECHMONT AVE. PHONE 474-3780 CINCINNATI 1776 S. ERIE HWY. PHONE 867-1200 HAMILTON 8884 READING RD. PRONE 683-0013 PVENDALE 6281 6LENWAY AVE. PHONE 481-1800 UUCtTCDW Ull I 6156 C0LERAIH AVE. PHONE 728-4800 CINCINNATI 7821 mall AD. PHONE 371-0374 FLORENCE, KY. GLASSY-EYED: A new underwater. , viewing window at ttie Point Defiance Zoo In y Tacoma, Wastv, allows " visitors to the polar - bear habitat to ' exchange close stares ' with the bears. ;. 4 APLiMrphoto We're sorry you're having trouble reaching us by phone. We are swamped with calls from customers who want an explanation of their high winter bills. Fifty-three full-time customer service representatives and 15 phone representatives in our Credit Department are on duty trying, to answer your phone calls. But with almost 5000 calls a day, we cannot answer your call as promptly as we'd like. I'm calling about my high bill too. What's going on? Temperatures in the Cincinnati area are 10 to 20 colder than normal. In January, there were 16 consecutive days during which the temperature did not rise above freezing. And colder weather means higher bills. It certainly doesn't seem that much colder. I remember several beautiful weekends in January. Most of us associate winter with snow, rain and sleet. But it can be very cold on bright, sunny days. The fact is, according to official records, we are experiencing colder than normal weather. But my bUl is 70 higher! It's riot that much colder. Unfortunately, the cold weather is only part of the reason your bill is higher. The price we have to pay for natural gas from our supplier is 15 higher than this time last year. Also, electric rates have been increased since last year at this time. So your use of electric energy for electric heating, and for the blower on your gas furnace, will be higher this year. So that means higher prices for me and more profit for you. CG&E doesn't profit from these higher gas prices. The actual cost to us is passed along to our customers with no mark up. In fact, there has been no increase in our basic gas rates since the fall of 1976. CG&E has no control over the weather, nor the costs of gas we buy from our pipeline suppliers.- . We do not like high bills any more than you do. But that doesn't help me. I've still got this huge bill to pay. We understand the problems that many of our customers have in paing higher' winter gas and electric bills. We want to help.. Our Credit Department will be glad to work with you .on extended paTnent plans, or our Budget Billing Plan, which can help you ease your budget problems! What can I do to reduce my gas and electric bill in the future? We urge you to use only the amount of energy you really need. Conservation can save you money. Here are few tips on how to reduce your energy usage: 1. Set thermostat lower. During the day, set it as low as you comfortably can. Once you pass the 68-70 degree range, heating consumption increases significantly with each degree you raise the thermostat. 2. Reduce heat at night. Before retiring, turn the thermostat down about five degrees. In the morning, turn it back to your usual dajtime setting. 3. Clean or replace furnace filters. Dirty filters cause poor air circulation and higher bills. 4. Use fireplace wisely. Fireplaces can waste heat because more heat goes up the chimney than the fire gives off. Keep the fireplace damper closed when not in use. . j 5. Shut off unused space. Areas such as spare rooms can be closed and not heated. Doors and . registers to all unheated areas should be kept closed. 6. Consider adding insulation. Installing proper insulation is the single most important step you can take in energy conservation. Finally, we hope this information will answer your questions, and save you the frustration of our busy signal. . CG&E UNION LIGHt HEAT AND POWER COMPANY . LAWRENCEB11RG GAS COMPANY 50 Average Daily Temperature 50 " Dec. 9, 1980 through A A 40 Feb-8'1981 40 .-J A 32 F. (Freezing) Vy S i ' 20 K f V 20 :- V io I io Y - . o o, DEC. 9-31 I 1 ' ' JAN. 1-31 1 FEB 1-8 A

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