The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FRRKUARY 8, l(Mfl' Luxora Society—Personal I.uxora Literary Honk Club > Mrs. Jolin Tlnvealt was'riostess to the members of the Luxora Literary club al ihe Hcwton-'rhvs'entt home last Thursday nisjlit. The rooms thrown open to the guests were decorated In fe.stoons of cup- Ids, ami -hearts, in keeping v.iili the approaching Valentine's Day. The sixteen members present, answered roll coll with some household help Kiigge:;l!oi] after which Mr.?. Hamlal W. Nichols gave a discuss!:!! on "Consumer Buying." Mrs. Charlie Tliomas; president, presold over n short business , BIATJIRVn.T.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS nnd Mis. nicely nt (he Walls Imsnlltt In Mem- niyllicvllle where slu 1 ' heavy Ico Hoc. They hiked from daughter, nnd Mrs. Butler's landing to 'the Ice block Charlie, Cork rim were at S.-in Smiei before, reluming phis Sunday afternoon for K visit an" "iVpi'mleci'oinv si'mday home. wliu Mrs. Slmnks 1 parents. | Mrs.'J. 11. Workman, Mrs. J. Mrs. R, J. Clilllsple is In Mem- Holibliw, Mrs. K. lihls with lier little In Home Eroiionilc Chili To PifSEnt I'Uy _____ "Jessica's Journey" Ims been SB- w jio"'ls 'very scricvisiy leclr-d by the Home Economics Mctliruilsl liosjitln). c:hib to be produce!) and shown in I r , ,, ,„ ,„ , c , , , order to finrmre « trip to myrtle- 1 - 0 ' B " Wuod, Sr,, joinrf n urmip Bobby .tenn Davidson, of Oseeola, 111 at the Miss Mnrthn K. iieuton Cirlssom six'iil nnd Friday In Memphis and saw "(lone. With (lie Wind." 'of one hundred Ford . Memphis Saturday night lo ville, Ark., in the sprhig where annual ^^XW^'V^M^™™* of ""• nliig of Februcry 14. M ' 101 ^'"iram. A scrap book of representative accomplishments is being kept by the club anil will te entered In Die District Scrap Book contest. Mcjba Ford lin.s been selected to arrant? materials. Ford I Maimed DDK Goes b Hospital I CHICO, cm. UJI'j-i-Ueliinencr of Ueimiin police doss reached n new lilsjh when one with a crushed paw reported of its own instincts Mrs. J, I,. Bean and (laughter, lined to their home, >, Sunday after scv- A s-.elal hour", a very enjoyable I. OM J S gpann feature, of each meeting, was nil- Mrs . s . K . rt .,.,. y , cft Thllrs(l!ly ed -with playing the game of of this week tor a vhli with her hearts-. Mrs. Tluveau, assisted by nephew, J:h u C O'Brien nnd Stecle-Cootcr Society—Personal (<i (he r/mc wncy eiitvancc of the Knlce hosplliil; ])r, Kalor took till) d«x In. KIWI- It mi anraihello nml »iii;»nlitt-(l llio puw Hint uppaiTnlly bail |)«>,, cni s | u . ( | t,y , 1U automobile. I'I"S DNSIIKPASKHD KOK KVHKY C()OK)N(! I'lWl'OSU llosli'fs lo Mlwiiniury Korlrty Mrs, Sam Hnmra was )io.<;ioss to Hie Woman's .Missionary soi-hHy ol the Steele Molhuilist church at her: home Monday afternoon when s'^ members were present. Tnc meet- her mother, Mrs. O. Ilov.lon, serv- Mrs. O'Brien, at liieir home in cd a plate carrying a congealed Memphis. fruit salad in pink a heart shaped M !s3 ' M .uy Cathron SteJilc re- Prayer after which the president open faced sandwich topped with turned lo her home in Now Or- Mrs. P. P. McCulchcn, gave the a cronm fllllng, a small | e ,, ns Saturday accompanied by devotiunnl which was taken Irani marshmollow cake with red heart, her cousin. Miss Catherine Davis, the 7th chapter of Mjtlliew, 15-20 """ " ol <-'" ;t:01: »e. who will remain for an Indefinite voises. She also read n portion of .stay. They were accompanied as the "Upper lloom." This was tiie first meeting Mrs. M=Culi:han has in some time as she has Cor qukk from tin- intsvry of colds, lake GliU LlqviW . Tablets . ICnlertain \ n Honor uf liiitle and (,'roirni aiut far as Memphis by Mis:; Davis' ... „ .... . . mother. Mrs. Roxzcll Davis, and Miss Eva and Miss MaWe George Miss Nora Wise who visited before were hostesses at a dinner party in returning to Luxora. with Mrs B '"'* Brents. Mr. D . Eberdt-. v.'ho is al tbe Methul- i nm, and Mrs. Phillip George, Tuesday ,,,-! «> jpbn Shibley. cf New Madrid, Mo., whose marriage occurred on Jan- D r M-t 26 ' o"V,",f!' ^^'P"'- DeMitn C. Abdenour, of Port- Chester, New Yore. isl hospital. The Rev. R, E. I,. Boardcn, Jr., is attending from Mondsy to' Friday of tills week the Minister's Training Week at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. This meeting is sponsored by the The lower floor of the George Methodist clmreh for ministers in home which was thrown open to i Texns. Louisiana, Oklahoma Ark- the guests was decorated with vases ansits, and Missouri, of red roses, and on the nttenldng from • out >. town were: Mr. and Mrs Sam Ml '- antl Mra - Joc Hamrn, of Portageviile, Mo., Wadeil cau « l "« r . Carrie Ma Shibley, of New Madrid, Mo., Miss " ires SIEter ' Mre - L. lircs and and Mr. Ward, of George was a Luxcra' guest. •',.._* » » Baptist Missionary Society Meets ' : ' Freetla '.Secrcy and Charlie Secrcy °sceola, were called lo Cairo, III., of Lllbournc, Mo., Mr. 'and Mrs > TuMtla J' °" account of the very Louis George of Oscedln William se ™ lls illness of Mr. Hires' and Mrs. Ward's sister. Mrs. Sam Abel. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Callis were in Memphis Sunday afterncon to A business and'social meeting of scc E<1 «' a|1 < i Segraves. n natlent at the Luxora Baptist Woman's Mis- , tlle Methodist hospital. They were sionary society met with Mrs John ' ^comoanlcd by Mrs. Callis 1 mo- Thweatt on Tuesday afternoon with tllcr ' Mrs - Wal 'er Lynch, who stoy- a large attendance. :l W^ in West Memphis tor a visit Mrs. Charlie Evans president of -'P*'*™' d ays with her daughter, after singing the year's hymn, "How , Mra r" 9" s ' Prazier Firm a Founclalicn" mid repealing • l - M '"'in »i«l daughter, Belly the 1940 UvatcluvoKl,"-Be ye stead- Sl ! c - l lavc bpe " slL ' k »» bed Ibis fast.; unmovable, always abounding ,} ve _e^ \|i'h,iiifnicma. irjj lhe.i^'«k of tl|ft ,Lor(l," I Cor- j... 'yr-J|°nfe i ^',v'a"" d ^? l ' i "' k ' s ""'' Pu^l the Trigger oa Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! When constipation brings on acid indigestion, bloating, dizzy spells, pns, cental teen sick. The following committee: Mrs. II. B. Spence, Mrs. p.. E. Benlon and Airs. J. 11. Workman were Minted lo meet Friday and make rinnl plans for the minstrel which is lo tie given soon. After the general routine of'business the hostess served refreshmems of cherry pie. lopped with whipped cream nnd coffee. Mrs. I. M. Grccr aTid son. Irvin, and Mrs. H. A, Spence of Harris- •g. Ark., were here Friday to visit Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Spence. Mr. and Mrs.' Herbert Henderson of Hnyti accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rushing spent yesterday in Memphis where they saw "Cone With the Wind.". Mr. and Mrs. Velmer Campbell and son. Johnnie, spent Sunday In Parmn and were accompanied home by Mrs. Ijiris Mcpail nnd baby, who arc spending this week nr-re with relatives. Mrs. Arnold Severn Is recovering inihiansj 15:58 In •unison, used as the devotional, "Christian Friend- , ship", Aits 9:26, 27, 28, and .the i definition j of."a friend, Proverbs' 11:21.... .;. Mrs: Grover C. Driver was elected corresponding secretary and literature .'chairman, (a fill the vac- ahy of Mrs. W. L. Clark, who is moving to Memphis.. Mrs. -Thweatt. mission study chairman, announced that, a morning and afternoon period of study j break upifast tliatricb undigested food'm would be held on February 27, the ' ywslomnch.andl.axaiivcScnnalopull text loibe used would be "Give Ye i•• ""^'Secr on (hose lazy bowels. So be Them To Eat", ivhicli is in keep- j iHe^r'cSv'tlf'sY^ Ing with the Home Missicn Week Synip Pepsin help's you pairi ™ S or Prayer to be held on March « I •'-'-'••- • • • -'- Mrs. Girls' sue. Epur taste, and bad breath your s! 9 ni ' ncll . is probably loaded up with cer- held in the home on Monday aft- ncidity and nausea. This is liowpcpsin- izing your slomach hdiB relieve it of such disircss. At the same time this medicine wnkcsup lajy nerves ami muscles in yoar bowels torclicvcyourconstipalinn. Soscc ernoon, February 5, with an interesting program and Uible study, * » ^ Boy Scout Troop Visits Ice Gorge Saturday morning, Ihe Rev. R, E. L. Beavden, Jr., ar.d his local Dov Scout, landing to is marooned ther lio\v much better you feel by taking tlic laxative tlrat also pvils 1'tpsin to work on stomach discomfort, too. Even fm- „ ,,„ ,„,.„, , . went to Butler's r X, d V ldre " lovc to la sle this pleawpl ' RUNNING WATER is some-thing you don't buy every year. Its installation is an event. A sign of your progress. So when you do decide to installs Water system, Do It Right. Come to Water System Headquarters. Let us help you figure the right pump of the right capacity and the right way to install it. . You can save yourself plenty of money by being J n careful, by getting all the facts. ( As representatives of Goulds Pumps, Inc., the an " oldest and the largest manufacturers in the world, we are prepared to give you real service, low prices and the right system for your needs. Come in and talk things over. Come WJt Things Over SKOUSE-HEKRV HARDWARE CO, J. W. Shoiisc f i^hone 35 . 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