The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 5, 1948 · 12
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 12

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1948
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Page 12 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER e o Tuesday, October 5, 1948 JVJust Pay Full $1,500 For Failure Of (lint To Appear In Court. Man ' Sought As Fugitive . Pays Mt. Orab Judgment Not : "'- Heard From Since. . Full forfeiture of the $1,500 bond posted by a professional bondsman for an alleged swindler was ordered yesterday by Common Picas Judge Joseph H. Woeste. The forfeiture was against Leroy P. Gleason, 262 Eden Ave., professional bondsman. and J. E. Hill, alias Dr. H. E. Harper. .. Hill, Carson Hoy, County Prosecutor, said, failed to answer a fugitive charge in Police Court Juno 21'after obtaining his release on bond. Gleason did not appear before Judge Woeste to contest the forfeiture. Hill, who disappeared after obtaining his release on bond, had $2,520 when arrested as a fugitive from Kansas and Texas. He was said to have been wanted in Kansas for posing as an eye doctor. , On . August 19 Judge Stanley Struhle in Common Pleas Court granted Thomas E. Muilenix. Mt Orab, Ohio, a jud;ment of S41S.SS against Hill and ordered the judgment paid from $1,020 police were holding as his property. The judgment was paid. It was said that Hill paid $1,500 to attorneys to -arrange his release on bond. , Hill is said to have . obtained $397.50 from Mullenix for an eye operation. - iiigiit OR WKOXG? fpMiC 1 w STEMOVE UF5TICK FOKB TRTYING ON YOU AMSHT THEM, WHICH . PAIP TO THE STORE 7- &LOUCE$TE,MAS'. 1$ reONOL)NCEPfil4A-9TEg. SHUDDERS WHEN PEOPLE : i n'9 ZUVBIO VM gEFOKE AIVAL OF LATE UE57S WfOVt?AOU WAIT OMLV 15 Ol? 20 MINUTES AFTEK APPOINTED TIME 1948 by TESTED FEATURES by JOHN F OIUI CO Pieper Is Acting Chief Of North College Hill Fred Pieper became Acting Police Chief of North College Hill yesterday following the resignation of Chief Frank X. Niehaus, who said he was quitting because of ill health. Having been a patrolman for more than 10 years, Pieper is now the oldest man in point of service on the North College Hill force. His appointment as Police Chief is expected soon. He lives with his family at 6908 Grace Ave. Niehaus has been the city's Police Chief since 1S40. Previously he served several years as mar shal. He announced that he intended to conduct a painting and decorating business from his home at 7041 La Boiteaux Ave. I wrwc im tuc cDrvri in unr llLifT J 111 jrV l LilUl ll . ; : : : : ' Too Little Love. Philadelphia, Oct. 4 (AP) There is too little love in the world, the Pennsylvania Medical Society was told today. "Nearly everyone?' said Dr. O Spurgeon English,. Temple Univer-; slty psychiatry professor, Is starved c 1 1UI JUVC. And, he added, there Is a responding swing, toward , "per verted physiological activity" a men and women "take to drugs and alcohol, try new love adventures, get divorces and remarry, trying to find the cure for . their love hunger." , . fcaid Dr. English: Court announced today that Prince "The need for love and its de- Flemming, son of Prince Axel of rivatives of approval, appreciation Denmark, is engaged to .Ruth and recognition is a most important Nielsen, daughter of a Copenhagen emotional need, and sufficient grat-: businessman. Prince Axel is a sec- ification is of great importance to ond 'cousin of . the Danish King, health, both physical and mentar."Frederick IX.. Prince Flemming, He listed the chief trouble as 26, is' a naval officer. ' The girl is the fact that "we are living in a 23. With his marriage to Miss world which regards love as nearly a luxury, if not a sin Because of this attitude, he said, love between parents and children is cramped and smothered, and love between husband and wife will have the same lack of wholcsome- ness. To Marry Commoner. opennagen (AP) The Danish RADIO NEWS AND COMMENT Court Attaches Shiver Truman Patches Old Feuds With Harold Ickes, Whitney; Plans Swing Into Northeast Washington, Oct. 4 t AP) President Truman put patches on a couple of old political feuds today and prepared to hit the road again . Wprtnpsdav. northward bound. At ti on fin a Plnnt Fli7.cHe was described as confident of ; County employees in the Court "great progress" in recent stump- House Annex, Central Pkwy, Sycamore St., shivered yesterday as the mechanical force strove to get the boiler system into operation. After a chilly morning in the building. Judge Charles W. Hoff-Trian of Domestic Relations Court made plans to shift his court to the main courthouse for today's sessions unless heat is provided. Wiley Craig, mechanical engi- and1";; ,, naroia dustrial Pennsylvania. New Jersey and upstate New York. Charles G. Ross, press secretary, promised a "major speech on atomic energy' at the kickoff in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Major talks also will be made at Agents Beat Drums For Putting "Town" On Teleset Screen BY MAGEE ADAMS, As if that made the slightest dif ference to 90 per cent of the audi ence, ABC press agents are thumping the drums for televising "Amer ica's Town Meeting" in the East. beginning with this evening's broadcast. Something more deserving of the publicity spotlight is "Town Meeting's" return to live topics. This evening it will be "How Is Peace With Russia Possible?" argued by a panel that promises some brisk slugging. Last week the hone of contention was the Taft- Hartley law. Those issues bring "Town Meet ing" squarely back into the world where most of us live. During the summer it seemed to be somewhere else much of the time, even in the cloistered quiet of a library. There may be good policy reasons for "Town Meeting's" spells of pre- flppr said hn .YnnrtaH in hnvo th:'roW lipfltino' svstp.m in operation R.S:I''f',t Boon as a special gasket is made, possibly today. ..Meanwhile, yesterday, Harold R. Mtfhtz, Chief Probation Officer for Judge Hoffman, permitted a number of employees who had colds, to .take part of the day off. Judg; Hloffman's staff left the office at noon. In the Health Department on the ixth floor, women employees wore coats, as was done elsewhere in ' the building, and also used an electric plate to warm their office. EYES Examined rt- -ST Contact lens Steve Scholl, O. D. 133 Opera Place. CH 2393 1 'tUOESOitf NEAR ELM ST. UMBbVj Jersey City on Thursday and Buf- L. Ickes, former Secre-:fai0 on Friday, with lesser speeches tary of the Interior, who quit the Sprinkled along the right of way. Truman cabinet in wrath, paid his Then, after a one-day pause in first visit to the White House in Washington. Mr. Truman will strike two and one-half years, tie came west on Sunday for major or near-1 occupation with matters far from out smiling, said the chat was "en- major speeches at Akron, Ohio, onjthe "madding crowd." And I'll tirely inenaiy ana pronusea " October 11. and on the succeeding statement "in good time." L t snrintrficld. 111.: St. Paul. A. F. Whitney, the railroad ta1"" .Minn. ; Milwaukee, Wise, and In- dianapolis. The fortnight's travel will be rounded out with a "nonpolitical" his union's treasury into a against Mr. Truman but 1 A Lis : .1 Ji.nlnca nlatlG cna..:. ... .!...., - address to the American Legion to campaign for the Uamocrats: , . ,. iu Lan.Ho " convention at Miami on October 13 across the countrj. . . . , . T ift.r (he two narlevs. the and two speeches at aleigh, N. C, President plotted two more weeks of grinding train-and-plane cam-Daicnine in a huddle with Sen. J. Howard McGrath, Chairman. Mr. Democratic Truman has been on October 19. He will fly both ways this trip. Later he will make welcome addresses at Cleveland and Chicago and swing into the three New Eng- home only two days from a 140- land states which, his advisers say, plus speech tour of the West. he has a good chance to win Mas-The campaign flag will be hoisted I sachusetts, Rhode Island and Con-over the presidential special train necticutt. And finally he will go Wednesday for a thrust into in-1 home to Missouri for the windup. Cafe Operator Dies In Crash Of His Motorcycle With Train Tired, 71ll-ln- Listless o iv i m mum i Feeling Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released , To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell ' get up in the mornings still tired, feel down-and-out all dty? Have you checked-up on your blood strength lately? 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Energize your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now. As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshness and strength should make you eat better, sleep better, feel better, work better, play better, have a healthy color glow in your skin firm flesh fill out hollow places. Millions of bottles sold. Get a Dottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. -Adv, Edgar Porter Jr., 24, operator of the Big Apple Cafe on Colerain Avenue, was killed early yesterday when the motorcycle he was riding crashed into the mail car of a New York Central passenger train on Hauck Road, north of Sharonville. Porter lived at 1731 Dreman Ave. The train was in charge of C. A. Jordan, , conductor, and F. W. Deghle, engineer. Hospital. Police cited Toth on a charge of failing lo yield the right of way to a pedestrian. EUGENE CARPAK, 10, 1351 Walnut St., .suffered left knee injuries yesterday when he was struck by an automobile driven by Lonnie Moore, 40, 104 Church St. The boy was taken to General Hospital. KNOCKED DOWN by an auto mobile driven by Alexander R. Toth, 23, 2930 Vine St., at Vine St. and University Ave., yesterday, Lawrence Seiple, 66,. 2724 Glendora Ave., - suffered fractures of both legs', a possible fracture of his left shoulder nd possible internal injuries. He was taken to General WBN-ZER OBNTMENT Friend of Feet Foe of Fungus ALL LANOLIN BASE For itching, burning feet. After a trial use of Win-Zer we sincerely believe you will rate if above any foot ointment previously used by you. At All Drugstores. WIN-ZER LABORATORIES Loveland, Ohio JOSEPH JACKSON, 26, Indianapolis, suffered a possible skull fracture when his tractor and trailer hit a locomotive at Pearl St. and Eggleston Ave. early yesterday. He was taken to General Hospital. Clifford H. Lennon, 3684 Saybrook Ave., was engineer of the locomotive. DRIVERS OF a milk truck and an automobile escaped injury yesterday in a collision at Hamilton and Otto Aves., but the truck was badly damaged and part of its load was scattered over the street. The driver of the automobile, Oliver Martin, 38, 2132 Garfield Ave., Steele Subdivision, was charged with reckless driving. Ernst J. Dasch, 50, 6113 Gladys Ave., was driving the milk truck. grant readily that the issues that concern most of us every day can't be debated indefinitely. But "Town Meeting" . once had an astonishing record of being squarely on the target of listener interest. So it's good to find . it getting the range again. With the world as most of us know it chock-full of issues demanding solution, "Town Meeting" should have no trouble selecting topics that ring the bell. A radio forum with its distinguished resources can make a valuable con tribution to the arguments that go on over card tables, cigar counters and back fences. For once, they really were truey meaning those usual summer ru mors of a complete revamping of the Bob Hope show. About the only fixture that remains is the opening gag routine, with a paint ob of the "news reel" gimmick that Fred Allen discarded years ago. As for the rest, Doris Day now does most of the aiding and abetting and just as well in speak ing lines as in singing. Despite all its shifting of furniture, the show still bears the familiar Hope trade-mark. How ever, it's had a scrubbing, doubtless as a result of last season's unpleasant experience. Although "Vera Vague" is gone, TELEVISION WMV-T: Channel 4. 4:15 p.m.: Curtain Time. Kitchen Klub. Junior Jr.mboree. (Test Pattern). News, Chamberlain. Ernie Lee. Who Am I? 8:30 p.m.: Film. 9:00 p.m.: Sports Album. 9:05 p.m.: Swanee River Boys. 9:20 p.m.: Film. 4:30 p.m.: 5:00 p.m.: 6:00 p.m.: 7:20 p.m.: 7:30 p.m.: 8:00 p.m.: THEY'RE BACK Fibber McGee and Molly are heard, beginning tonight, in a new season of doings at 79 Wistful Vista, 9:30 p. m., NBC-WLW. there was something reminiscent of her in the "Miss Ryan" routine last Tuesday. Just a slip cover for the old furniture? There's good news of "Who Said That?" Instead of going into cold storage, the NBC summer replacement is to be kept on as a winter regular, at noon Sunday on the network. When or if it will be heard locally isn't certain as this is writ ten. But it's a lift to find that jus tice can triumph. "Who Said That?" is the best thing that's happened to quiz shows since the heyday of "Information Please." " If one of your favorite shows is canceled for an unannounced political broadcast, don't conclude that The Enquirer program listings slipped up on the change. Cam paign broadcasts often aren't scheduled until after program logs have gone into type. That's an unavoidable risk of campaigning, for dialers as well as newspaper radio staffs. WNOP, 740 KC. 6:45 a. m. GUUgan'i Wake. 7:00 News. 7: lfl Glllican's Wake. 8:00 Breakfast at titlit. 8:30 Temple of the Air. 8:45 Mornlns Melodies. 9:00 Nens. 9:15 Sonts ot Our Times. 9:30 It's Time Out For i Lite. s:45 An Album For You. 10:00- News, 10:05 This Day. 10:15 Melody mut. iu:ju renny s raniry. ai:oo News. 11:05 Souvenirs. 11:30 Agricultural Re view. 11:45 Spotlite mutes. Noon News. 12:13 Date With Melody. 13:25 Market Reports. 12:30 Burt Far- Der snow. i:oo News. 1:05 Burt Farber Show. 1:30 Poll of Public Opinion. 1:45 Msrket Reports. 1:50 Requosttully yours. .2:00 News. 2:05 Requestfullv Yours. 3:00 News. 3:05 Concert Miniature. 3:15 Public Service. 3:30 Sports Matinee. 4:00 News. 4:05 Sports Marlnee. 4:30 My Favorite Son?. 4:4 5 Harmony Time. 5:00 News. 5:15 Stars On Parade. 5:30 Sports Views. 5:45 News, 6:00 Sljn Off. Nielsen, Prince Flemming will have to give up his title of Prince and become a Count.' WZIP, 1050 KC. 6:45 a. m. Kentucky Fiddlers. 7:15 Ray Scott. 7:30 Latonla Baptist Church. 7:45 Ray Scott. 8:00 News. S:15 Morn-ns Worship. 8:30 Ray Scott. 8:45 Bulletin Board. 9:00 Morninc Muslcale. 9:30 Waltz Time. 10:00 News. 10:05 Scrap- boo k of Melody. 10:15 Bine Crosby. 10:30 Bandstand. 11:00 News. 1 1 : 05 Band stand. 11:30 Passing . Opinions. 11:45 Melcy Train. Nn Farm Journal. 12:15 Kentucky Trans. iz:ju News. 12:45 massing opinions. 1:00 Fiesta Time. 1:15 Lovely La dies. 1:30 Jimmy Lee. 1:45 Sones Of Our Times. 2:00 Concert Hall. 3:30 Casaloma Time. 2:45 Fire Prevention Week, 3:00 Music With Brock. 4:00 Harlem Echoes. 5:00 News. 5:15 Harlem Echoes, 6:00 Siffn Off. FREQUENCY MODULATION WUVA: 101.1 me. Channel 266. 10 i. m. to 10 p. m. Programs of WLW. WCTS: 101.9 mc. Channel 270. 6 a. m. to mldnteht. Recorded music and news. WSAI-FM: 102.7 me. Channel 274. 3 to 11:45 p. m. Programs of WSAI. HIGHLIGHTS FOR TODAY: 4:00 p.m., WSAI: Second Honey moon begins a weekly letter-writ ing contest, "Honeymoon At Home," exclusively for listeners. 8:00 p.m., WLW: Mel and Jerry revolt when the girls plan a baby costume party on the Mel Torm show. 8:30 p.m., WCPO: A special pre view of the 1948 World Series, orig inating from Boston, presents base- hall notables .including A. B, Chandler, Commissioner; Ford C. Frick, National League President; William Harridge, American League President, and the two managers who will match wits in this year's classic Billy South worth of the Boston Braves, and Lou Boudreau of the Cleveland Indians. 9:30 p.m., WKRC: J. Carroll Naish portrays an Italian immigrant who undergoes both humorous and tragic experiences in a new show, Life .With Luigi. 1:00 a. m., WCKY: Kmil Coleman and his arrangements of South American tunes are featured on "The Nighthawks." TUNING GUIDE J Clean Cleaner Cleans Cleaner WHEN THE truck he was driving collided with an automobile at Ninth and John Sts. yesterday, Harry Sullivan, 32, 3459 Price Ave., suffered a possible back fracture and bruises. He was taken to St. Mary Hospital. James Gill, 21, 1117 Poplar St., driver of the automobile, escaped injury. SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Juanita Bolton, 908 W. Liberty St., suffered a back injury, when she was struck by an automobile driven by Howard Willoughby, 5 Farrell Ct, in front of her home. She was taken to St. Mary Hospital. ON POLICE BEAT m veriismg cuigency seeks copywriter IF YOU hare written hih-stsle coot, can make rourh layouts to be turned over to an artist for finished work, have a merchandising sense and a will to ret things done jo will find a wonderful opportunity with one of Cincinnati's top-flight aaencies. Sell us In your first letter, rivinr full details of education, hacks-round, positions held and salary espected, a f which will he treated in utmost confidence. Write Enquirer Box R 462. Lot Attendant Beaten, Kobbed: Three men beat up Mark McNulty, 62, 1205 Pendleton St., watchman in a parking lot at Twelfth and Sycamore Sts., robbed him of $2.10 and threatened him with a knife early yesterday. The men tore two tele phones from the walls and cut the wires before escaping in an automobile. McNulty, who was bruised, was taken home by police. Reckless Drivers Fined: Three reckless drivers were fined and suspended from driving by Municipal Judge A. L. Luebbers yesterday. They were Charles E. Watson, 888 Rockdale Ave., $25 and costs and 30 days; Charles G. McClelland, 1623 Highland Ave., costs and 15 days, and James L. Cobb Jr., 2224 Eastern Ave., Covington, $6 and costs and five days. John W. Spikes, 817 Kenyon Ave., was fined $10 and costs and suspended for 15 days for disregarding traffic lights. Denies "Peeping" Charge: Robert L. Morris, 22, 846 Kirbert Ave., was charged with disorderly conduct early yesterday by Wilbur J. Hust, 1004 Seton Ave., who told police that he caught Morris peeping in a window in an apartment building at the Sston Avenue address. Morris denied the charge. Hust took Morris to Police District 3, Warsaw and Considine Aves., Price Hill. Three Kings Stolen: Three rings, valued at $1,200, were stolen from her home between September 25 and yesterday, Mrs. Lorraine Moorman, 3131 Bracken Woods Ln., told police. RAIN "SHOUTS" NEON SIGN. Rain caused a minor fire in the Twin Trolley Restaurant, 1507 Queen City Ave., Fire Marshal Harry Geselbracht reported. The rain seeped into a neon sign on the building, caused a short circuit and TO -j wkrc i I wlw 550 K 70QK 1 J .TJ V 'irfX I 4 CINCINNATI RADIO STATIONS ALL PROGRAMS WCPO 1 J 1230 K . v J..... . w .... 1360 K, 1530 K LISTED ON EASTERN STANDARD TIME A.M. WLW, 700 K. WSAI, 1360 K. WCPO, 1230 K. WKRC, 550 K. WCKY, 1530 K. 6 :00iNews 15 Top of Morning :30Hymntime 45Choretime News Jon Arthur Arthur and News News, Fogerty INews, Casey " Malcolm Richards jRed Brand " Farm Program Farm News Jamboree j.t 7 :00News, Chamberlain :15Tabernacle :30!News, DeWeese :45fCenny Roberta Jon Arthur News, Rogers INews, Fogerty INews, Casey Malcolm Richards iTJp With Upson -1 " News, Casey News Breakfast Tina 8 :00Trailblazers :15News, Chamberlain 30Morning Matinee 451 " Jon Arthur News, Rogers News, Fogerty Malcolm Richards News, Casey Up With Upson News, Robbins Gold Rush 9 :00 " :15l " 30Editor's Daughter :45Hearts in Harmony Breakfast Club News, Fogerty Malcolm Richards Melody Parade News, Music Gold Rush 10 :00lFred Waring 15 " 30Road of Life :45Joyce Jordan True Story Betty Crocker Club Time News, Fogerty Paul Dixon Super Club Arthur Godfrey News, Music Ballroom 11 :00Nora Drake :15We Love. Learn :30Jaclt Berch :45Lora Lawton i Kay Kyser I " I Ted Malone I Makes You Tick News, Fogerty Paul Dixon News, McCarthy INews, Music Between You & Me! Ballroom Grand Slam " Rosemary 1 P.M. WLW, 700 K. 1 WSAI, 1360 K. WCPO, 1230 K. WKRC, 550 K. WCKY, 1530 K. 12 1 :0050 Club :15 " :30News, DeWeese 45Everybody's Farm :00Ernie Lee :15Linda's Love :30lGuiding Light :45Big Sister Welcome Travelers Guest Star Table Talk News, Otto Harmony Hall Kate Smith Man on the Street News, McCarthy Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Jimmy Leonard News, Weather Dorsey Orchestra Quizman Guy Lombard News, Otto Serenade Fans In the Street 1 News, McCarthy Wendy Warren Baker's Notebook News, Music Waltz Time 2 OOlDouble or Nothing :15! " 30lTodav's Children :45Light of World H'wood Breakfast Bride and Groom Queen for Day Rhythm Second 1Ars. Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Evelyn Winters News Broadway Matinee Bing Crosby Quizman 3 Life Beautiful Ma Perkins Pepper Young j Ladies Be Seated Galen Drake INews, Otto Paul Dixon 45Right to Happiness Listen To This David Harum Hilltop House House Party News, Music Ballroom OOlBackstage Wife :15Stella Dallas 30!Lorenzo Jones 45Widder Brown 2nd Honeymoon ' Time For Calling News- Paul Dixon Hint Hunt Arthur Godfrey News, Music Ballroom 5 :00A Girl Marries J5!Portia Faces Life :30!Just Plain Bill :45!Front Page Farrell Time to be Young n Sky King Firefighters Superman Captain Midnight jTom Mix News, McCarthy Amber Room Miles O Melody Herb Shriner News, Music Gay '90s Review. Rhythm Dinner Winner P.M WLW, 700 K. WSAI, 1360 K. WCPO, 1230 K. I WKRC, 550 K. WCKY, 1530 K. OOlGus And Polly :15News, Deweese 30Peter Donald 45Three-Star Extra To Cincinnati at 6 Joseph Garretson News, Otto Waite Hoyt . Passing Parade Loveliness News, McCarthy Pleasure Parade Sports Lowell Thorn us News, Holt Hit Parade 7 flnlRiinnar fHiih ITIiplc Prao :15!HolIywood TheaterjEdwin C Hill 6W iteiaxin' Time 45Richard Harkness " ; INews Tommy Dorsey Freddie Martin -Inside of Sports iBeulah IJack Smith I Club 15 lEdward R. Murrow News. MhsIa Waltz Time I.00Mel Torme .151 " :30Date With Judy :45 " Youth, Government News Earl Godwin Sammy Kaye Town Meeting World Series Pre. Mystery Theater Mr. & Mrs. North News. Music The Jamboree !:00!Bob Hope :15 -:30lFibber and :45! " I Moil: Views on News London Music IGabriel Heatter IFulton Lewis Jr. Lone Wolf We, The People v lohn 9. Cooner Hit Parade Jamboree L:00IBig Town j:15l ' :30!People Are Funnv ':45 " Ed Wimmer St. Francis Hour Lee Allen Elmer Davis Roger Kilgore . Hit The Jackpot M I " M'sterious Traveler Morey Amsterdam i 11 :00INews, Peter Grant Evenine Concerts :15IMorton Downey j " :30IDance Orchestra :45 " News. Dentler Spotlight Review Dizzy Gillespie Nws. Scheumann Korn Kobblers Guy Lombardo News. Holt Jamboree 12 OO'News, Moon River .-W'Moon River :SOPlatter Time :45i Just Music News, Dentler 3ay Claridjre Hal Derwin News. Tex Beneke Russ Morgan News, Music Hayride Connie's Still Fighting! Sioux Falls, S. Dak. (AF) Connie Harding hasn't stopped fighting because polio's score Is two to one against her. She's going to hit back at the Cisease by making more dolls. Twelve-year-old Connie, blonde and ' freckled, hopes to be recovered, enough from her polio attack to go home from the hospital Wednesday. It will be, a sad day, for that's when funeral services are set for Connie's mother, Mrs. Sid T. Harding, 35, also a victim of polio. . But Connie said ' today she wants to get home, anyway. It- was there, before she and her mother became ill, that she made rag dolls and sold them to give the money to the March of Dimes drive on polio. . When she was first told of her mother's death, she cried bitterly. Then, hospital attendants said she dried the tears and told them:1 "I guess that's the way God wanted it. I'll make more dolls as soon as T can and Sell them, too, to fight polio." Wins Final Decree. Hollywood (AP) Greer Garson received her final divorce decree from Richard Ney today. The 38-year-old screen actress won an interlocutory . decree September 25, 1947, on the , complaint that her actor-husband, 34, was chronically morose and criticized her as an actress. They were married in 1943. Directs Own Funeral. Richland Center, Wis. (API- Enoch Jewell, 86, who preached and recorded his own funeral service four years ago,, died yesterday. Jewell, a wealthy bachelor, also had written his own obituary and inscribed his tombstone with the date of death left blank. Transcriptions made in 1944 in cluded a sermon and songs that he directed be played at his funeral services, which will' be held Wednesday. Freak Accident Fatal. Alturas, Calif. (AP) The charred body of George Berg, San Francisco Machinist, was found in his burned car on a lonely road Friday. Today G. M. Johnson, Modoc County Sheriff, said a careful investigation verified that: Berg, alone oh ' a hunting trip, stopped beside the', road for, the night. He put his bedding in the back seat and set his alarm clock for 6 a. m. He put a pistol on the bed beside him. At his head was a five-gallon auxiliary gasoline tank. At N 6 a. m. Friday the1 alarm sounded. Berg jostled the pistol as he awakened. The pistol discharged, sending a bullet into the gas tank. The tank exploded and set . Berg and the car on fire. ., Skull Fractures Fatal 1 To Two Victims Of Falls Coroner Herbert P. Lyle was in formed yesterday of the deaths of two men who died of skull frac tures suffered in falls. Becoming dizzy, Clifford Day, 49, Dixie Hotel, fell backward when talking to a group of men at 322 E, Third St. September 24. His skull was fractured when his head struck the sidewalk.: He died yesterday at General Hospital. Matthew DeLany, 40, 627 June St. suffered a fractured skull Saturday when . he . fell in the yard of his home and his head struck a large boulder. The coroner was told that DeLany became dizzy when work ing on an automobile. DeLany died yesterday at Bethesda Hospital. MAGAZINE PUBLISHER DIES New York, Oct. 4 (AP) Lee W. Maxwell, 67, Vice President of Pa rade Publications and a former President and ' Chairman of the Crowell-Collier Publishing Co., died today. He. had been with Parade Publications since 1942, serving with Crowell-Collier 'from 1913 to 1937. For a short time he was President of the General Stores Advertising Co., Inc. Maxwell was a native of Hicksville, Ohio. , Landlord "Scary " Is Tenant's Charge In $25,000 Action Cleveland, Oct. 4 (AP)-An East Side tenant 'asked $25,000 damagea today;, contending ,' in 'a. Common Pleas Court suit that he was "scared" into serious injury by his landlord, Roy Holmes, 50, Vice President of the P. J. Holmes Co., plastering contractors, accused his landlord, Dr. Morton, . A. Roth, of illegally trespassing into his apartment last July 1. Holmes arose to investigate what he thought were burglars, stumbled over a. smoking stand and was injured severely, the suit said. The "Visitors found in . the suite were Dr.. Roth and a plumber in specting kitchen repairs, Holmes added.: .: , , BG QUICK To Treat BRONCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford t take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion which goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Creomulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. ' No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough, permitting rest and sleep, or you are to have your money back. (Adv.) .. DON'T MISS WCPO Monday' Thru Friday 5:00 P.M. Bread Thousands now chew steak, corn, applet without fear of slipping plates! They use STAZE, amazing new cream in a handy tube! STAZE aeals edges TIGHT I Helps keep out annoying food particles! Money-back guarantee. Get 35$ STAZE I STAZE HOLDS PLATES TIGHTER, LONGER Do YOU Own A "Scratching" Dog? Tf Tnii awn nnrf Arm fond of si dost tbat la continually scratching, diguing, rabbins, and biting himself until his ascin is raw ana sore, don't Just feel sorry for him. The dog can't help himself. But you may. tie may sw ciraii and flea free and Just suffering from an Intense Itching Irritation that has centered in fw n,rw miArr of bis skin. Do as thou sands of pleased dog owners are omnir. At any good drug store, pet or sport shop, get a 30c package of Rex Hunters Dog Pow- ojen, ana giTe laem once wcc. nuw quick improvement. One owner write: Hy fMH.i. stent. 3Sth did not hare a handful of hair on her body all scratched and bitten off. I gave her tne powaers as cu-r wn loth she waa an haired out." Iastb what they win do for your dog. Make a Sue teat. .(Economy wum dox oniy IMpaiWf. GOmmuea aiairnea reci tehlnfc. When our dog shows such, symp toms, (aspect Worms. Rex Hunters Depend-Me Worn Capsule Or ttaawdiate icnU. AQV. Children Gladly Take OIIElVHi'G-GUr.l LAXATIVE Imagine a laxative so pleasant, so gentle, that children gladly take it whenever they need a laxative. feen-a-mint tastes like delicious chewing gum. And scientists say chetoing makes feen-a-mint's fine medicine more effective "readies" it so it flows gently and gradually into the system. : And here's the amazing thing! The action of kin-a-mint's special medicine BETOtms the stomach! It acts not in the stomach, but when it is farther along in the lower digestive tract . . . where you want it to act. Therefore, chewing mN-A-Mnrr does not upset the stomach leaves you feeling fine. Try febn-a-mint at any drug ln counter for 25,- 50 or only IU4 FEEiJ-A-i.lluT Fibber is back! Judy is back! TUNE-IN TIP FOR TUESDAY Tonight marks the return to WLW of two top ranking programs dear to the hearts of listeners "Fibber McGee and Molly" and "Date with Judy". With them; your listening line-up. is complete for a season of enjoyable Tuesday nights. Tune in tonight. DATE WITH JUDY - louse Erickson 8:30 BOB HOPE and songstress Doris Day 9:00 silt FIBBER McGEE and MOLLY 9:30 BIG TOWN 10:00 PEOPLE ARE FUNNY ffi.VWttsC'::: Imfcfef far SuS 10:30' Sao started the fire. 1:00 .Sign Off 4 INews, 1 to 6 Club ISIgn Off Nighthawks MMOUS CHCWIN.6UM LAXAT1V1

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