The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1966
Page 10
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JVUrry»Co*RouitcB mnninmnwmmniiii! WASHINGTON - President Johnson has become so disillusioned with his military advisors urging a huge buildup of American forces in Viet Nam that he may reverse strategy, The first disillusionment is with the advice they gave him a year ago to start bombing North Viet Nam - which they assured him would force the communists to come to the peace table. This advice, the President now knows, was not very good. Second, he's found that every time he gives in to demands for more troops, the generals come right back and ask for still more men to supply and protect the installations of the first group. We already have around 200,000 men in Viet Nam; now the war hawks are talking of 600,000 men being needed before this year is out. Secretary of Defense McNamara, as well as the President, is now skeptical of the advice he gets from the Pentagon strategists. On the other side there is increasing argument from other experts whose competence can hardly be questioned that we ought to reverse course in the war in Viet Nam, ought to be cutting back rather than expanding. One of these is Gen. James Gavin who has said publicly that we should not try to fight a jungle war, but should confine ourselves to holding a few strong bases along the coast and around the major cities, and let the South Vietnamese do the fighting against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. McNamara called Gen. Gavin to the Pentagon for a long talk last week - and if anyone was persuaded it was not Gavin. In addition, other famous generals oppose out present military strategy - among them Gen. Matt Ridgway, former Chief of Staff; -Gen. Omar Bradley, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs~bf Staff, and Gen. Dwighf D. Eisenhower, who once told this column he was unalterably opposed to ever letting U. S. troops getting bogged down in the swamplands of Asia. U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg and Vice President Humphrey like-wise have been urging the President to ease off in Viet Nam - not pull out, but limit our combat participation to the defense of our bases. The President has not finally decided on what course to follow, but he appears to be leaning toward reduced ground operations by U. S. forces. - o- --ICBM DEFENSES-- The United States does not have a defense against Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which travel 18,000 miles an hour. They are so fast that it's long been considered they could not be shot down. Our Nike defense missiles are for use only against aircraft. However, Gen. Austin Betts, chief of Army Research, has completed a staggering 23 volume report on a defense system against ICBM's , called the Nike-X, which might work. It would use computers and radar guidance. The National Security Council has agreed that the system sounds feasible. But President Johnson has turned thumbs down, for two reasons. First, it would cost $20 billion, and the President does not want to add the cost to the present federal budget already up sharply because of the Viet Nam war. Second, he feels that chances of an ICBM war with Russia - the only other nation now possessing ICBM's are too small to Justify such a huge expenditure. - o- --SERVICE ACADEMY ATHLETES- This column is glad to correct a report we carried last week that the service academies were recruiting star athletes at a heavy expense to the taxpayers for transportation and entertainment - specifically trips by Mike Reeves of Concordia, Kan., to West Point and the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs by special airplane. We are now assured that .....expenses .,.oL,recruiting. athletes are paid by , the service ^academy lilumnT'associations. ' - o- —LOVE THOSE TIGERS-Dr. Fairfield Osborn, director of the New York Zoological Society, reports that the "tiger in the tank" advertising is in danger of eliminating the royal Bengal tiger in Asia. The tiger has been so popular .thanks to the Esso advertising, he says, that women are order- Don't let soil insects cut your corn yield Read how to control all 20 corn soil insects with aldrin or Aldrex® soil Insecticide In resistant corn rpotworm areas; Use Aldrex. In addition to all three rootworms (western, northern and southern) Aldrex prevents damage by cutworms, wire worms, white grubs and other pests. In non-resistant areas; Use economical aldrin, the soil insecticide that has increased corn yield by an average of 10 bushels per acre for the past 15 years. Controls all major soil pests. Get full information on how to turn soil insect problems into profit at the Corn-Soybean Clinio Date Wednesday, F*b, 9 Hail V.F.W, Hall Town Algpna, Iowa ing more tiger - skin coats and the demand on hunters to bring in tiger skins has been terrific. If the tiger coat popularity keeps up, there may soon be no more tigers in Asia. - o - -DRUNKEN DRIVERS-Sen. Stephen Young, D-Ohio, somewhat renowned for stepping on toes, is creating a ruckus in Washington over deaths on the highways and drinking by young people. What aroused him was an accident in Washington in which Dr, George Crile of Cleveland was injured when a taxi carrying him, his wife and two other passengers was in a collision with a car driven by Lawrence Chappell - who, though charged by police with being drunk, driving on the wrong side of Connecticut Avenue, driving without lights, and fleeing the scene of an accident, was released by a local court on a small bond. Sen. Young has asked for full details and explanations from everybody concerned. He feels that too often the courts are too lenient with drivers whose drinking threatens the safety and even lives of both pedestrians and other drivers. He would like to see far stiffer penalties for every driver who is found to have been drinking, whether involved in an accident or not. Actually, of course, the problem starts somewhere else in a bar, at a private party, in college fraternities. The situation is particularly bad in Washington because local law permits drinking by 18- year olds, which draws teenagers from neighboring Virginia and Maryland - and when their drinking is done they drive home. Sen. Young may at least be able to get a law through Congress to change this situation. - o - —CIVIL RIGHTS FOR JEWS- The Justice Department has stopped discrimination against Jews at the fashionable Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., where Congressmen hold their annual golfing tournament. For three years, the annual classic has drawn the best golfers in Congress down to the Breakers, despite its policy of barring Jews. After passage of the civil rights law, however, the Justice Department threatened to take action against the hotel, and president A. R. McManus of the Florida East Coast Hotel Co. has now written a letter to the Justice Department, pledging that the hotel will no longer refuse rooms to anyone because of race or religion. - o - —HOW HE GOT THERE-I am indebted to Major James Elliott of the National Guard Bureau in Washington and Lt. Col. A. G. Hughes of Lackland Air Force Base in Texas for additional facts regarding the transfer of Pat Nugent, Luci's fiance, from Texas to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, a few minutes from the White House. In the first place, young Nugent had to await his turn to get into the Air National Guard in Wisconsin, according to Major Elliott. The rolls were filled and no one in the National Guard recognized Nugent's name as being connected with a member of the President's family. Finally a vacancy opened as an administrative specialist, otherwise called a "clerk". Nugent was given the opening. He was sent to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, not to be near Luci during the Christmas holidays Elliott said, but because the Air National Guard has only one base for basic training, namely Lackland. At Lackland it became known who Nugent was. However, according to Col. Hughes, he went out of his way to be a good fellow, did more work than required of him. His flight served two hitches on kitchen police and he volunteered for extra KP on the Sunday after New Year's. "He was a good, hard-working kid," said Col. Hughes. - o - —TRANSFER TO MARYLAND— Nugent had not known about any system of transfers, but since he was eager to be near his fiance Col. Hughes advised him that he could transfer to a base near Washington if he had a civilian job In that area which he was going to accept after his four months regular guard duty was over. "I have advised many guardsmen of this right of transfer," Col. Hughes said, "probably eight or ten a month. We have thisprovision because young people are very migratory these fhT,!!^ M 1, t °H?, n f r Thurtdcty, Nbruory 3, 1966 M**** fla.) Upp«r DM their jobs for continued training F 7 ______«. after finishing their basic training." Real fact, however, is that Nugent , a farsighted young man, MM* had gone to see the counsel of the Senate Commerce Committee, Jerry Grinsteing, last summer, applied tor an latatfr* ship with the committee, and been accepted. For extra crop yields, use Golden URAN liquid nitrogen Top-dress your grain and grass now the low-cost, profit-making way with ARCADIAN' Golden URAN' liquid nitrogen. I will do the job for you fast at low cost, with the Iwst liquid nitrogen you can buy. Every square foot of field gets its equal share of Golden URAN for consistent yields and even ripening. Golden URAN feeds your crops fast and provides nitrogen that lasts to make big yields of high-protein grain and grass. Plow down ARCADIAN Golden URAN with cornstalks and stubble now to get a head start on big yields. I do the application for you on many acres per day and save you time and labor. Golden URAN coats every stalk and leaf with the nitrogen soil microbes need to complete decay and build organic matter. You speed rottihg of crop residues, hold extra water in the soil and build soil fertility for a big, profitable crop. I am the man who sells URAN" FIND OUT ALL THE FACTS AT THE CORN & SOYBEAN CLINIC Wednesday, Feb. 9 - V.F.W. Hall, Algona 9 to 12- 1 to 3:30 Free Lunch At Noon GOOD NEIGHBORS AROUND THE TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Gerald Haas, Union Twp Our ,,Country Neighbor this week .if? Gerald L. Haas, 34, who fargns 160 acres as a tenant in Union township north of Algona, and in partnership with his three brothers, owns and operates another 210 acres in Plum Creek township. During 1965, Gerald had 65 acres of corn, 66 acres of beans and 25 acres of hay. He has been on the farm for the past 10 years. He also has a herd of beef cattle - and planting and cultivating corn is his favorite job on the place. Gerald attends Farmers' Night School here and water skiing is his hobby. He was born in 1931 in Kossuth county near West Bend, son of Herbert Haas and the late Mrs. Haas. His wife is .the former Jean Lensing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Lensing of Bancroft. They were married Jan. 26,1957. She is a member of Beta Sigma Phi sorority and CDA and knitting and sewing are her hobbies , along with taking care of the couple's four children, Jeff Julie, Juanlta and Jo Ellen. Gerald, who does custom corn shelling, is on the board of directors of the Whittemore-Hobarton Co-op Elevator and spent 3 1/2 years in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean conflict. (UDM Polaroid Photo) Upp«r Kfes Molim Publishing Co. PRINTING AT ITS MIT - WITH QUALITY AND ECONOMY HH W-iMI Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Molln* - Kdly-Ryan - Papcc New Idea Farm Machinery • riu»ftr * N. Itefa M. PfaoM tM-MIl Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel lulldlngs Building ConttrvcMo* Mffi — BIOUX — Another E. E. But M MWT. II Phone 2M4374 Pictured above is the P. R. Irani Heating and Plumbing establishment located at 812 East McGregor Street in Algona. The business has been In Algona iin.ce 1MO. A larger building was needed to facilitate the expanding business back in IMS and this is the building to the east of the original building. Iron! features the leading brands of plumbing fixtures, furnaces and air conditioning equipment. In .addition to the beating and plumbing work the business does a complete line of sheet metal work, which is all done In their location. ' P. R. Irons .» ta y™ Pl«"» b '"* * »»«•«»*• "««!«. be they large or small, call and Plumbing. They are "Completely equipped to serve you completely," Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algou Farm Machinery - Trueki - Tjrti Allli.ChtlratM OUvtr OMC Trucks rtttttOM Tint Phone 2*84421 Ernie Williams John Deere Form Machinery BOTH QUALITY * SERVICE Located east of Algona on highway 18. Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Denier FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TKUCKS Sales & Service Plume 235-3M1 ALGONA Irons Heating ft Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" ftf|!l*f *M CM 91 OU Wttti Pu w»t«r 1'hoar 395-

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