Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 3
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*?* SURROUNDED BY MYSTERY A Great Mistake. A recent discovery to that hoadacho dizziness, dullness, confusion of tho mind etc., arc duo to Ucrangomout of tho ncrvo centers which supply tbo brain with norvo •Jorccj that Indigestion, dyspepsia, neuralgia irlncl In stomach, etc., arise from tho derangement of the ni:rvO centers supply Ins tbeso organs with ncrvo fluid or force. This Is likewise true of many diseases of tlio heartnml Junes The nerve systeralsllko ft toluprnph system as will be soou by tho accompuuylug cut. Tho llttlo white llnu.9 nro thfi nerves which -convey tho norvo lor*n from tbo n6rvo centers to evory part of tho body,just us tho cloctrie current la conveyed alontr tho tolosraph wlron to or cry station, Inrco or small. Ordinary pliyslclaTis fall to regard this fact; Instead of treat- JnKthonervocen- tors for thocauso of the disorders arislnu therefrom they treat tho part affected. -*t Franklin Miloa,' M. !>., A.L.B..lbo highly celebrated specialist and student of nervous dlsoasna, and author •of many noted treatises ou tho lattor subject, lony: Hinco realized tho truth of Iho first .suiteiuont, and his Kostoratlvo Nervine J» prepared on that principle. Its success In curing all dl-ieases arlsiiiR from deran^e- rno;it of tbo nervous system is wonderful, as tue thousands of unsolicited testimonials In possossioa of tho company muuufuc- turlns the remedy amply prove. .. Dr. Miles' Kostoratlvo Nervine Is a rol able .remedy for all nervous diseases, such ua headache, nervous Uoblllty, prostration, sleeplessness, dizziness hysteria, sexual debility, St. Vltus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is sold hy all druggists on a positive guarantee, or sent direct by the Or. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, $1 per bottle, six bottles for 15, express prepaid. Restorative Norvlna positively contains no opiates 01 dangerous drugi. Xhe sodu now begins to lizz and lemonade is ilowin', tho price of Ice cream bbbn'l nz and beer la utill a gain 1 about the name with from and gas—they ouly charge live conts a gliaa —the festive pop can now be had from over temperance countero, and roasted poanuts good and bad absorb the small boy's coppers. Tho garden sass will soon be ripe, spring chlckena are a hatching-, In myriad Darn lots all the day the dominicker's scratch- Ing, a«d turkaya for Thanksgiving's feast aloft wlil soon be roooting, the wheat will soon begolng East, though prices need a/boostlng—for these and others that we know praise Him from whom all favors (low, and board at the "Vendome," No. 820 Broadway, where _you can gin 21 meals for $3.69, the best the Markut afford?, well cooked and neatly served, making a full meal cost but little more than a skeleton lunob, thus, satisfy a craving appetite without paralyzing h week's salary. THE VENOOME 320 BROADWAY. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. After fourtonn years of sclentlfln stndy of Nose, Long, Liver, and all Diseases of o Chronic Nature I adopted my present form of tre»tm«nt, and Have co niluoted a sncccssfnl practice In theabovo clana ot on-f"s. I cordially luvltfl you or jonr friends, IJ iilHlcttnl with imy Chronic Disease, to consult m« and my method of trwMraent und Its rwults, Ofllce hours: 10 to 13a.m.: 2 to-I. 7 to 8 p.m. Residence at om:e. All calls promptly attended Medical and Surgical Institute For the Treatment of Chronic nnd. Private Diseases, J>lseases oi"\Vomen, Catnrrb, Bronchitis, Consumption, Cancers, Tumors, Stomach and Lung Troubles. 6,000 ca«e8 treated during the last three years with a success that has never been equalled outside of the large eastern cities. We have all the new methods and all the apparatus with which to apply them. We will tell you just what we can do for you and charge nothing for the ezamina tlon, Drs. CHRISTOPHER & LONGENBCKKR 417 Market St., Logansport. A Poleiier for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Rlohey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling In Kanaaa he wa» taken violently ill with cholera mor bus. He called at a drug store to get ioroe medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and Dlarrhoe.i Remedy 10 highly he concluded to try it. The re»»lt wa» Immediate rullef, and a few dotei cured him gompletely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing •!•«. It MT«r fatlf. For Mid, by B. F. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, MAJf 11. A. KA11ROW ESCAPE. What would otherwise have boon a borriblo fatality was narrowly averted yesterday afternoon by the pluck and prosonco of mind of a rail way employe. A little six-year-old girl became lost In the Pan Handle yards and was walking . around aim iesely. She did not notice the ap proaoh of a switching online, neither did the engineer see the child until 1 was too late to atop. The ponderous machine came closer every second anc still the child did not see the Impend lag danger. People who wero at i short distance away but not clone enough to render any assistance h already closed their eyes to avoid the slaughter of an innocent when suddenly William liolloa o cldrk in the yard office at the pjrll of his own Hfo leaped on the track and in the twluk of an eye pf.ckod her up and landed her out of harm's roach. Just us ho had crossed ihe track the pilot baam of the locomotive grazed his person but the child was saved. A railroad man fervently remarked, 'Thank God she Is in the clear." Aftor her rescue the little girl was taken to the yard office where she stated that sho was in search of her father whose name Is Whltosell and s employed at the shops. Her parents eho stated reside in tbe East Snd and a policeman why happened to be around took her home. Mr. Holloa by thU act has p'Oven himself to be a hero and received many complimentary remarks. Uau- lly beneath the rough exterior of a allroad man Is hidden a kind yet rm heart and many acts of heroism ave been performed by railroad men. THE LEASE CASE. In regard to the Indiana supreme ourt decision In the case of tho Penn. ylvanla railroad company versus lease, a full account of which was given yesterday in the allroad columns of the Joural, the Indianapolis Journal omarke: What effect this decision will have on the association is a mater of comment. Dr. Talbott, medial examiner of the Pennsylvania ompany, for the Indianapolis dlvi- ion, says that moat of the employes ndorstand the position of tho corn- any in the matter, and he thinks it rill not lead to employes withdrawing rom the association, or check, to any reat extent, new me'mbors coming in. 'he hold the organization has on the mployes IB shown in the following tatistlcs, showing the per contage of mployos on each division of the Penn- ylvanla lines west of PiUsburg who re members of the volur.- ary relief department: On be Indianapolis division, which xtends from Indianapolis to Co- umbus, 59.5 per cent.; Cincinnati ivision, 73 per cent.; PiUsburg divU Ion, 58 per cent.; Chicago division, 1 per cent.; Louisville division, 54 >or cent.; Cleveland and PiUsburg .Ivision, 65- per c Dt.; Indianapolis & Incetinea, 46 per cent.; eastern dlvi- Ion of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & 50 per cent.; western dl»lion, 55 per cent. Tho only depart ment not well represented In the association is that of maintenance of way. Ninety percent, of the trainmen are members. THB ENGINEERS CONTENTION. The biennial convention of the In- ernatlonal Brotherhood of Locomo- Ive Engineers was . called to order Vednesday forenoon at 10 o'clock, at It. Paul, at which time there were ibout 500 delegates present, repre- entlng the 527 local divisions of tbe irganlzatloo. A credentials commit- ee was appointed and then the contention took a recess. The ladles auxiliary to the B. of L. E. was called 0 order in the representatives hall In he capltol building by Grand Presi- ent Mrs. W. A. Murdoch. There were about 125 ladles present. The resident made her annual address, re- >oning great advancement in work In he last t«o years. In this tme the number of auxiliary lodges ad increased from 134 to 194, A umor is By Ing around that although he term of Grand Chief Arthur does tot expire until 1896 he will tender 1 Is resignation before the end of this meeting. Nothing official to that ffeot can be gleaned, but conversation with seveeal of the brotherhood men his morning elicited the statement, hat there wag such a possibility. Supt. Hatch and parly went north irar theVandalla yesterdiy morning in ft tour of inspection. The VIM Handle 'm«rry go round' mate a ipUndld trip to Htft/Ort Oltjr and back to Bunker Hill yesterday evening to accommodate the delegate to the republican legislative conven tloa which wae assembled at Hartford City. Pan Handle engineer I. H. Bile: returned yesterday from a visit to bli father near Montlcello. Pan Handle enjjine 816 returned yesterday from tho Columbus shopi where she haa been repaired. The Swltohmens Mutual Benefl Association will meet in annual 0 30S ~ slot at Evanavllle next Monday. It Is stated that the main feature to be dis cussed will be the dropping of the Insurance and beneficial clause as It is said that the association Is practically bankrupt, a number of policies having been tfue a long time with no funds in the treasury to meet the obligations. Harry Miller, the new superintendent of the Vandalla Una, is already Introducing Pennsylvania ideas. The position of roadmnster has been abolished and suparvicors appointed, M. Richoy retiring as roadm&ster anO Wm. Byrklt and J. A. Jones have been appointed supervisors. By this change the company get.-* two men to look after the tracks for the same salary that a general roatltnaster gets Rudolph Berndt has affirmed the truth of the report toat he would not accept the position of sexton of Mt. Hope cemetery which has been offered him by the council. Nevertheless he s grateful to h<s friends for the un- iought honor which though he cannot accept he appreciates very much. Mr. Berndt has worked at the Pan Handle shops for twenty.nine lone roars and he is so much attached to ,be place that It Is a second homo to him. Duriig- these many years of lervlce he has earned the esteem and confidence of his superiors who are oth to part with him. In point of ervlce he is one of the oldest em* iloyes of the shops and his many rlends are glad to see him stay. THE HIGHEST AWARD Be. Dr. Price'* JHBklne 1'owder ceiren It. Chicago Tribune: For leavening power, keeping qualities, purity and general excellence the World's Fair ury decided that Dr. Price's Cream Baksng Powder had no equal. On ach of its claims it was awarded a i rat prizo or a diploma. All the iaklng powders entered for prizes were subjected to most exhaustive xamination, and the jury was the sest equipped to make tha decision of ny ever got together. Their verdict vas supported by the testimony of Dr. H. W. Wiley, chief chemist of tho Jolted States Department of Agricul ure at Washington. Dr. Wiley is an xpert on food products and the high- gt authority on such matters in Amerca. This verdict settles a long de- ated question as to which among tho many baking powders is the.best. V100 Bemird, $100. The reader of this paper will be plowed to am that there (a at least one dreaded diseases hat science haa been sbloto cure In all Its stages uid that 18 Catarrli, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the nly positive cnre known to the raedloa) fraternity. yutarrh being H constitutional disease, require* a (institutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core 18 liken Internally, acting directly on the blood and iucus surfaces of the nystom, thereby destroying te foundation of the disease, and giving the pa- ant strength by building up the constitution and sslstlng naturo In doing Its work. The proprte- ors have «o mueh faith In Its curative powers, lat they oner One Hundred Dollnrs for any case mt it fulls to cure. Sendforllstof testimonials. Address, F. J. CHBJJEY & CO . , Toledo, O. Sr-dold by druggists. The usual treatment of catarrh is ery unsatisfactory, as thousands can estify. Proper local treatment Is ositlvoly necessary to success, but many, if not most, of the remedies In general use afford but temporary ellef, A cure certainly cannot be x pooled from snuffs, powders, douches ,nd washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which s so highly commended, is a remedy which combines tho Important requla- tos of quick action, specific curative ower, with perfect safety and pleas. aninees to the patient. The druggists all sell It. ^ A Wine Conclusion. WEST CORINTH, Maine. — I doctored or years for bllousnetB, but nothing ver helped me like Simmons' Liver Regulator. I shall take nothlng'else iOreafter.— N. M. Oakman. Your rugglst sells it in pewder or liquid. The powder IB to be taken dry or made Into a tea. __ ^ _ Nature* Signals. Pale lips, flushed cheek's— natures Ignal for worms In children — that the mother may BOO the danger and pro . vide tbe remedy. The only known borough cure is Blnekart's Worm ,ozenge* — they remove all kinds of rorms and the norm nest. Pleasant o take, need no cathartic and are a afe and certain oure. For sale by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store. 1.55 Bound Trip to Io4lraapoll> via Wednesday, M»y 16, tor all regular rains of- that day account 1. 0. O F. Encampment. Returning trains l«ay« ndianftpolls 11:16 a. M- and 11:20 p. m.v and raturnooupomTalW until " The Glortonn Climate of Indiana. Delphi Journal: Tho Journa observes with pleasure tbe appear ance of a new form of athletic culiur in Indiana The State is well abreas with others in respect of base ba clubs, foot ball clubs, etc., but thot games are exclusively for young men The new culture referred to is con flned to old ones. It contemplates series of foot racoa ootween men o eighty years and past for a purse $800. Three contestants hav already entered tho lists, viz., Messrs Daniel Reodor of Peru, aped eighty five years; H. Purcoll of Logansport aged eighty-two, and K, G. Shryock of Rochester, aged oiphtythroe. Mr Purcoll opened tho ball by challenging any octogenarian in the Stale to half-mllo race of throe heats, and Mr Shryock has accepted the challenge Hla conditions as stated In ! oard in tho Rochester Republics^ are "thn.t acceptable arraDf^monti can be mads for tho time ami place not later than the 4ih of July, and the placo s'evon miles this side o Lo£u.naport, on the piko. for the con- tost of speed. And furlhur, that '. shall be entitled to ono foot the star in oacb huat for every month that ] am bis senior." Ho aiso stipulates that he shiUl hava ooe-half of the dale raoooy, and n*ino a trainer, who Is authorized to wake further arrao ments in his behftlf. This is a very interesting movement, and epe»ks volumes for tho salubrity of lodido climato and the vitality of her old men. The Journal would be pleab o HOC the movemoat spread until every county in the S:ato should have a branch of tho Indiana society for the >romotlon of iilhloUc cuhure amoog octogenarians. SHORT LEGS AND LONG LEGS. The Llttlo Man Propounded a QnMtlon for tho Luwi'er» to Settle. The little man was trotting ulong by tho side of the tall man trying to keep step with him, and missing; it about every third step. 'Confound it," be said at Last, "why haven't you got shorter legs?" "Same reason you haven't pot longer ones. I s'pose," ventured the big- mau, stretching along the sidewalk farther than ever. 'Well, I can't help it." said the little man, -but 1 will go you four spuds that you can't tell what street you are on three minutes from now." At this time they were approaching Jefierson avenue froia Woodward. •I'll go you on that, Shortio," responded the tall man promptly. 'Come on," said the little man, and 10 drag-god the tall man out to the center of the Intersection of the two avenues. "Now, where arc you?" asked the little man. The tall man looked firat one way then another. It was Jefferson avenue one way, it was as ranch Wood- vnrd the other, and he didn't say any- Give me the spuds," exclaimed the ittle man in the traffic tones of a dacbeth, born and raised on Michigan soil. Wait," replied tho tall man, "we'll lave to see a lawyer about this," and 10 stretched out for a lawyer's office, with the little man protesting- all the and still trying to keep step.-— )etroit Free Press. Not TralnacJ. lie (after a lengthy pause)— Haven't "ou got a new servant fi-irl? She— Yes. What made you guess? H e _She told me you were in.— Truth, Home S«cktr'« Bxcurmom. May 8 i-nd 29. 1894, tbo Wabash Railroad Company will sell round trip Ickets at greatly reduced rates to irincipal points in the Northwest, (Vest, Southwest and South. For jartlculars of which please call on or .ddrass C (J. NEWELL, Ag't, • Logansport, Ind. Mrs. Lucy C. Miller, Bingham, illch., writes makers of Dr. Wheeler's Verve Vitalizes "I needed help if any poor mortal ever Deeded it." lany others need help for their nerves. Call on Ben Fisher. If your child is weak and sickly, give Rlnehart's Worm tozenges. For ale by B. F. Keesling -and Keystone rug store. WONDERFULI Tlie Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas ;CIty Street Com- I had an attack ot La Grippe the 18th of Dfr comber, complicated with tonsllltls; was confined o my b«l one week. The physicians gave me ot [ybreathln» was very labored; had a smothered insatlon at times; my chest and lungs were verj ore. Phelp's "Four C" remedy helped me tn« rat dose-the soreness left my chest almost In- tentlf i was well in three days. The abore li ue Mr. pheips in simple Justice to this wonder tul medicine. ' P.H.FBANBT, {Street Commissioner irtantaa City, December soth, 1891. Four "C" hat cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Foe* rnonla, and Ulcerated Tonnllltls. In composition Is DIFFERENT, li HOBK POWIBFDL and »OTIT» n fact Is a» DIFFEEBBNT from any other lung «medr al molauei ii different from ylnetu. It BEVMiATION. B«rr OF ALL ton Tio ire , Th««ww<a oi tt» contract u. FOW "O rcrsT orra SATISFACTION or Four Reliable Prescriptions BREAD ron A HUN«RV UAH WATER FOR ft THIRSTY ONC REST FOR THCJ*OCO SLEEP FOR WEARY WAYCMC Are Nature's Great Nerve Vitalizers No other needed when these are properly supplied. When not provided, the nerves are robbed of vitality and immediately suffer. Such neglect continued throws the whole nervous system out of order—brings on Nervous Prostration and a long train of terrible diseases! Now you'll understand when we say that what these prescriptions are to healthy nerves A* Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer ** is to nerves which have been starved, over-worked and deprived of sustenance. You need this Vitalizer if your nerves don't respond readily to Nature's restorers. It is the right tiling fur shattered nerves, and being right is free from harmful drugs. offer ficno UllCr JJ5UU 10 • nny ^'ysici.m nr Chtmlstwlio.by analysis or otherwise, can show Hi.-it Ihls remedy contains Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, or other harmful drj£S ................... Price. Si.oo a Bottle Free Sample for convincing trial,Bt druggists, or if not found at dealns may be obtained by writing us. Enclose sc. (stamps) for postage. If in doubt ahout your trouble, state your case fullft and the Doctor will give free advice. All welcome. Address THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mich. • or 42 Dey Street, New York For Sale by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. THE COUNTRY BEGGAR. Trump life In tlio Unrnt Illnr.rlcM of the It is necessary to make a distinction between the bcg-g-ar of the city and the beggar of the country. Tho latter is rather a vagabond. He is rather an infortunate affected with the malady .vhich a learned German physician, Dr. Benedict, has called claustrophobia —a hatred o£ confined places, Tbe country beggar cannot remain in one spot; he constantly changes from place to place. Bo not propose to him any work even for lucrative returns, in the lelds or in a shop. At the end of two days he will givo back to you your tools. "It is necessary that 1 have a change of air," he will say to you, and ID will sot forth upon tho hightoay. n France these beggars are called chcniinenx, that ia to say, the tramp* whom one meets always on the roads clicmins). These tramps are the terror of the country people. When they appear at ,ho door of a farmhouse in the evening- and demand hospitality for the night, ;he farmer dare not repulse them. He lears that they will revenge themselves by burning- his crops. IJesidcs, they never travel alone but always in companies of three ' or four. They know marvelously well ,he geography and the resources of *he places through which they pass. When they meet upon the highway each will say to the other, "You will ind a good place to sleep at such a 'arm, to eat at such another place. In such a place is a house at which the jeople will give yon some money; at mother place is a barracks of soldiers which it is necessary to avoid." The tramp who always asks for work but who rarely accepts it is easily ;ransformed into a robber. He sees ;he plunder and lays his hands upon lowls, eggs, rabbits. Sometimes even, f he succeeds in g-aining 1 an entrance nto the house and finds there any objects of value—silver, watches, Jewelry, 10 watches for »n opportunity to steal .hem. If the objects have a definite value he will conceal them in the fields, ;hen having 1 reached the nearest city le will go to negotiate their sale with i receiver of stolen goods. In fine weather these tramps sleep in tho open air. By the bounty o£ the world they are tourists enjoying their travels. All their lives they fcave been traveling and they have no trouble in meeting their expenses, for the 'armors through whose domains they >ass supply them with all the necessities of life.—M. Louis Paulian, in Chau- .auqiuiu. —After many years dl hard Sghfing, ho Sunday opening of picture galleries n London has been conceded by the ;ommon council, but only through the lasting vote of the lord mayor. The louncil stood eighty-eight in favor and ighty-eight against the motion, and t was amid much excitement that the ord mayor gave his casting vote. _A motion to recind the resolution will :ome up at the next meeting, and the Sabbatarians yet hope to triumph. —The ex-president of the Royal col- ege of veterinary surgeons of England says public drinking troughs or horses are a curse to horseflesh, as hey spread farcy and glanders. A considerable ventilation of the matter a in progress, and it seems to be con- ,eded by experts that the danger is in ,he- contact of tte horses' mouths and not so much in their using the same .roughs. Troughs with separate compartments are recomi icnded. —Owing to the presence of malaria n Bengal, India, th<, government has ately made its post offices depots for the sale of quinine. Any inhabitant can go to the nearest office and purchase a little package containing five grains for half » cent or one farthing. British money. Last September one hundred and twenty thousand such packages were iold. -The pugging out of Dining claims „ going on vigorously in M»tob.le- and. in the region from which the na- tlw owners were driven at the mu«lei of th* Maxim *«•* bnt * Iew lnolltl1 * t from tran»forma- 800 8 00 Notice. Tho first payment on subscription! of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gra» Company ot Logansport, Ind., Is now dim and should bo paid at the company's office, corner of Market and Fourth siroets. Shares of stock an twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two t;hares to a fire) to ba paid aa follows: April 20,1694 11 W May 2:1. 1894 _ 1 00 .Iune20, 1R94 100 July 20,1894 2 00 August 20. 1S91 _... Scptombwr 20.1891 _ October 20,1894 November20,181)4 »l» D»ceml»r20.1894 4 00 JaQUaiy20.1895 tOO . tvot JOHN- GRAY, President, C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. A Dairym»ir« Opinion. There is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that give* mo as much relief as Chaimberlaln'i Pain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years—four bottles ia all—as occasion required, and alway* keep a bottle of it in my home. I believe I know a good thing- when t get hold of It, and Pain Balm IB tho best liufment I bavo ever met with. —W. B. Danny, dairyman. New Lexington. Oaio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Koesliug, Druggist. A Popular Remedy. The promptness and certainty of its cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cougb, and IB the most ef» feotual remedy known for these diseases. Mr, C. B. Main, of Union City, Pa., eays: "I bavo a great sale on Chaimberlain's Couph Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have never heard of one falling to give entire satisfaction." 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllnfi-. Druggist. Quaker headach* capsule give r*» lief in ten minutes. • 6OO DOZEN Of these BeaiitifDl Waists In Blue, Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Gents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE,

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