The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1966
Page 10
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Algona, (la.) Upper Dei Moirtes Tuesday, February 1, 1966 Mail Notices To Producers In 1966 Farm Participation R., I. Anderson, Chairman, Agricultural stabilization and Conservation County Committee, said today that notices have been mailed to producers in Kossuth Coifnty, listing farm allotments, base''acreages, yields, and payment rates under the 1966 wheat and feed grain programs. With this information, farmers will be able to deter mine whether they wish to participate in the programs and the extent of their participation. Program benefits include price support loans and payments and diversion payments. Any producer who feels that the yield, wheat allotment, feed Few Changes For m In Farm Program Farmers in Kossuth County who plan to take part in the 1966 Feed Grain Program will find that signup procedure and general program requirements this year are similar to those followed for last year's feed grain program, according to R. I. Anderson, Chairman of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation County Committee. For example, the first step in taking part in the program is to fill out an intention-to- participate form and leave it grain base, rate or conserving base shown on the notice he receives for his farm is incorrect or inequitable - as compared with like data for similar farms- may ask the county committee to reconsider the matter. Such requests should be made in writing and mailed or delivered to the county committee within 15 days from the mailing date shown on the notice. To take part in the programs, the farm operator first files his intentions on a prescribed application form at the ASCS county office during the signup period. This period starts Jan. 31 and will extend through April 1. with the ASCS county office. This can be done at any time during the signup period, which runs from Jan. 31 through April 1 in Kossuth County. After a producer has signed up, he is responsible for (1) diverting acreage from corn, grain sorghum, and/or barley to the extent he has agreed upon; (2) designating the acreage of land to be diverted and establishing approved conservation use on that land; (3) maintaining the conserving base acreage on his farm; and (4) not exceeding the feed grain base on any other farm in which he has an interest. Farmers who request it will be eligible to receive 50 percent of any diversion payment they may expect to earn under the 1966 program at the time they sign up. COMPLETE CLOSING OUT FARM SALE As I have decided to quit farming I will sell my personal property on farm located 1V4 miles south of Lakota on: "\ Wednesday, Feb. 2 Sale Starts at 1:30 P.M. 2 TRACTORS - Oliver Model Super 77 with live power and 2-way hydraulic; Oliver model 66 with live power, mechanical lift and tolt pulley. POWER MACHINERY - John Deere model 490 4-row corn planter with fertilizer attachment; John Deere model 55 3- bottom 14" tractor plow; John Deere 15-ft. tractor disc; AUis Chalmers model 60 combine with auger, wagon loader Iress pick up; Me model 45 baler with bale chute and hitch; New Idea rubber tired side delivery rake; New Idea model 3< trailer type tractor- mower; Allis Chalmers 2-row mountec corn picker; Me rubber tired tractor manure spreader; 4- section harrow with Noble evener; Wind Power 4-row rotary hoe; New Idea manure loader with snow bucket; Continental stalk cutter; John Deere spring tooth harrow. OTHER MACHINERY - Me endgate seeder; Me rubber tired wagon, new rubber, wood flare box; New Montgomery Ward rubber tired wagon with steel box and hoist; Montgomery Ward wide type rubber tired wagon with flat rack; 32 ft. grain elevator, 2-wheel type; Stan-Hoist drive-on hoist; Sears mower. 36 inch cut with starter; Charlin hydraulip pump garage 10 x 18, MISCELLANEOUS - 14 ft. hay bunk; 16 ft. feed bunk; Olson lay hook; John Deere 1 hole corn sheller; Electric fencer; Slectric posts; Some wood posts; 20 rods of new woven wire; Lumber; Hog feeders and water's; Cement mixer with 1-2 h.p. motor. 25 HEAD OF EWES MILK EQUIPMENT - Surge 2 Unit milker with pipe line F., 10 . OOWS; 2 sur £ e seamless buckets; Kelvinator 4 can milk cooler; 4-10 gallon milk cans. BUILDINGS — 10 x 12 Brooder House in Good Condition- 10 x 12 Brooder House. HOUSEHOLD GOODS - Davenport -nd chair; Dining room table with 6 chairs; Other Misc. Items Jsual Auction Terms - Not responsive For Accidents — No "roperty Removed Until Settled For O.B. ROOMS, Owner QUINN & CLARK - Auctioneers SWEA CITY STATE BANK - Clerk Earl Hanselman attended Farm Operation meet LU VERNE-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hanselman attended a meet* ing for the parents of the Farm Operation Students Wednesday afternoon at Ames in the Memorial Union. In the evening they attended a banquet, which included the {acuity, students and parents. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Koester went to the funeral of his cousin, Mrs. Ed Brent, at Avon, S, Dak. They spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burfeinbt. Mr. and Mrs. Thee Schnakenberg attended the funeral of her uncle, Nick Koppen, Tuesday at the Catholic church on Ledyard. Three members of the Lutheran Walther League: Jan* Hanselman, Michael Coyle and Laurie Coyle attended the Board Zone meeting at St. Paul's In Garner, Sunday evenlf. Mrs. Glen McClellan spent Saturday with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Clara McClellan. Good Will Club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Harry Naffziger. 12 members were present and Mrs. Bill Erpelding, a former member, was presented a farewell gift. The new programs for the year were handed out. The February meeting will be a luncheon at the De- Light's Dinette in Humboldt. Twin Rivers students achieved Honor roll The following members of the Twin Rivers Community High School Student Body achieved the academic honor roll for the first semester of the 1965-1966 Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Weber held a card party Sunday evening, Winners were: Mrs. Vernon Hanselman, high for women; Myron Hinz, high; and Mrs. Ben Hefti and JimSahl tied for 9 bids. Mr. and Mrs. Adrien Johnson and Debby, Hardy, picked up their mother) Mrs. Beota Tew, and went to Algona, where they spent Sunday evening with their daughter and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ridge. BEAVER Otto Schuett of Ida Grove trapped his largest beaver on the Maple River last month. It weighed 75 pounds and its tail measured 13 inches. MINISTER W. N. Graves, 97, a retired Logan minister of the Methodist church died Jan. 14 in Florida where he spent the past 17 winters. He had been a resident of Harrison county for 67 years. school year. 4.00 would be a straight A average. In order to make the honor roll a student must have a 3.00 average or above. Freshmen: Chris Hoyt, 3.60; Elaine Sorlien, 3.60: Alice Eastman, 3.40; Russell Thompson, 3.40; Marsha Hacker, 3.20; Marlys Kemna, 3.20; JoEllen Meyer, 3.20; Julie Ver Steeg, 3.20; Lorrie Wendt, 3.20; Valerie Monson, 3.00; and Mary Wilson, 3.00. Sophomores: Doug Logue, 4.00; Steve Bergum, 3.80; Kathy Jacobson. 3.60; Marlyce Tompklns, 3.60; Jan Bjordal, 3.50; Cynthia Lempke. 3.40; Linda Vosberg, 3.20; Nancy Elsenbarth. 3.00; Jeanette Evenson, 3.00; Dale Rossing, 3.00; and Marge Thompson, 3.00. Juniors: Dave Hoyt, 3.80; Geri Vedvik, 3.60; Carlene Hanson, 3.40; Roberta Holland, 3.40; Trudy Rossing, 3.40; Dennis Kissinger, 3.25; Carol Fiderllck. 3.00; Mary Kozajda, 3.00 ami Richard Zelmet, 3.00. Seniors: Virginia Kemna, 4.00; .Bob Roethler, 4.00; Peggy-Olson, 3.75; Ed Miller, 3.60-Liz Wickre, 3.60; Cheryl Heggen, 3.50'; Meg Holmes, 3.50; Bob Cooper, \3.25; Jerry Johnson, 3.25; and Terry Nelson, 3.25, Quitting Business Sale Having decided to quit the service station business, we will sell our complete line of equipment and merchandise to the highest bidder located at... GAY'S D-X STATION IN RINGS TED, IOWA-ON SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 5 FREE COFFEE SALE TIME — 6:30 P. M. Sale to be held inside! In case of blocked roads or bad weather, sale will be held Wednesday evening, Feb. 9, at 6:30 p. m. FREE COFFEE SERVICE STATION EQUIPMENT Flvi Star 8-T U-Jelnt Praia, aenplata wftk fittlip—Haw Cal-Vaa Midi! 498 Raar Alia PHllar—Naw Kal Mtdil T-143 Altaraitar-Raiulater Titttr, with ill adaptare — Nawl Suuai Praduatt Ct. Terqiia Wniek—"brttk type" Hali-Wariar "Sara* Bill" I'/i-Tai Lift Nlahaff M»dil M2 Grewlar—Llka N«wl Stuart Warier Mtdil 776 Ante Tnitmlttlai Dlt|NBSfr Truth Feul Ce. Hiavy-Duty Whaal Pulltr VM D*n Htavy-Duty Elnrrie L-Type Seldarar Blaek l> Daakar %-lnh Eiaatrla Drill—600 RPM Brlffi * Strattei I'/i-h.p. Meter-Haw I Waiiii Ruld Bat. Hydraulla Braki Blaidir — Cmplitil Black t Dnkir 4B-D«jro-Typt D-Valve feat Wider— li aahliat with »tMi drauar, fuldea aad staiat Palit Bui With tlr Preuira Rafiliter Madal WA-60B Sup-Oi Frail Eld Allpmait Ea.ulp«*at —4ielidli( turatiMai Matilda Cutar-CiMhar Bauia — la waadai ana with WA-SIA Taw-la Bar aid eanplata Ml at idjiatiif wraiahaa with iimreia alzas at trait aid thins. Siau Pievwtia lapaet Wraieh, aeajpleta with aat af all palat aaakatt li mill airrylif MM. Cumtiia Madal 6 Elaatrla Ante Palluar Salar C*. Pieunrtia Mafllir On, air eparated, with aat- tlda aatttaf ahlMl aid arawaat ecfiel. Raad Madal 1044 Large Jaw Visa Overlaid ttaJa Haiti Auaalilad Madal FC-70 Battery Charter—Like Navl SaiMtlai Madal IB-IB lall-Prapallad 2-phau lie* Blawar la anallait aaidltlail Alraa Aaatylaia Welder—laeladiaf axy(*a talk, aeetyfeaa Ink MMtad M twa-arhaal aart. CMta IrM-FlraMi Tlra-Caaagar—«eajpMe Ceafs Tikalaw Tin Mmtiif Baad, feud aparatad laipaat Tin Baad Braakar - MISCELUNEOUS EOUIPMEMT * Edelman Anti-Frceze Tetter; * Frun Air Filter Tester; * Scissors-Type Jack and handle; * 8-Ton Hydraulic Jack; * Heavy-Duty Service Station Bumper Jack; * Richfield Electronic. Heavy-Duty 250-Watt Soldering Iron; * Battery Hydrometer Tetter; * Leile Cylinder Ridge Reamer; * 2 Piston Ring Compressor; * Axel Thread Dresser; * Sunnen Cylinder Grinder; * Balcrank Air Pressure Oil Spray Gun; * A.B.C. Bubble-Type Wheel Balancer; * Auto Exhaust Tubes, complete with door "T" and hanger for dual exhaust; * General 5-Lb Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher; * 4-Wheel Steel Mechanic's Table; * Electric Bench Grinder with brushes and stones; * Auto- Lite Sparkplug Cleaner; * AC-TC Headlight Aimer; * Lincoln 4-Wheel Floor-type Grease Gun; * 6 Axle Stands; * 2 Heavy-Duty Log Chains; * Brake Cylinder Hone; * Copper Tubing Flanging Tools; * Gasket stretcher; * Tire-Patching Equipment and Patches; * Numerous Pullers. Tire Iron*. Pinch Bars, Drill Bits, Thread Cutters, Mechanic's Took, and other Hand Tool* too numerous to mention. Also a considerable amount of merchandise. — PARTS BINS AND FIXTURES — * 3 Metal Parts Bin; * L-Shaped Display Counter. 5y 2 ' x 3%' x3' 10" high; * Work Bench with 3/16" Steel Top, 1 0' x 30" x 33". 6 PulK>ut Drawen, 2 Open Storage Compartments. 1937 CHEVROLET PICKUP, la Baad Rmlif Mar 7-UP ELECTRIC POP COOLER —USED 9-«.00 x M" 1-8.50 x 143-6.50 x 13" 1—7.75 x 14" AUTO TIRES — 2-6.00 x 15" 1-8.25 x 14" 9-7.50 x 14" — AUCTIONEERS' NOTE — Gaylord hi* been in the aenrice station buaioNa far 27 yean, having accumulated a large amount of good toola the latest equipment and merchandise. Much ol thia ecruij^ meat U new or in near-new condition. Than are lota oi items on thu Mb, to be there early and regiatei root name, aa aalei will be nude wing a numbering lyitem. SALE TERM! CASH I Na Praparty Rauavad Uitll Sattltd Farl NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS! Gaylord Christensen, OWNER CUIR CLARK i LYLE BEMSEN-AMtlaiMn EMft Caaaty StaU Baak, Rliptad—CLERK

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