The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1940
Page 1
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VOMAMB XXXVI-iXO. 275. ^TOMWURIER NEWS mythevllle Dally News Ulythei'llle Courier Missslsstppi Valley Lender "'"' ; Herald SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Scandanavia Resents GrowingTies Between Germany And Russia lly !>rcss Indications increased today that Geniianv -is boinc thrown closet' lo Russia and that in the inteniiUionnl itfe,, mont the Scandinavian countrfcjt mv being f m .(h cr alienated from the Bci-bn-.Mo.scoiv front, although, not definitely rebounding in the amis of (lie allies. "Liiniiei> There were two significant. dis-+ patches In the news. ft was reported Unit three German ships One Son Dies; Mother, Another A ro Critically .111 Meek Height, 25, Is dead- his 21-year-old Brother, Alton, is critically ill, anil their mother, Mrs. Mary Height, Is In a serious con- , --.- •• jltion—all victims of pneumonia flloy said. making their way up the Norwegian coast with arms for (lie Russian* at the pinnisli Arctic port of Peisnmo. The ships had lo wait at a week'for Norwegian pilots. Meanwhile Scandinavian newspapers were sharply critical or reported German action in supplying arms to Die Red army nnd they had teen openly hopeful that Norwegians would refuse to pilot Die nnns carriers 0:1 their hazardous voyage. Tiie other bit of significant news come in H Berlin dispatch reporting a bitter denunciation of Prance by the official organ of the Nazi party, the Voelkischer Beobaehler. Until now Ihe Germans have clung to slender hope of driving n wedge between the British and French and Clerman ire lias been vented on the British. But the newspaper, in perhaps the bitterest Nazi denunciation of Prance since the war started, said that Prance as well as Britain must be defeated so thoroughly that « •» ••«•«.- ""> neither will ever be able to menace >el l>ecn '"a'le. There is anolhei central Europe again. J^ri^i?Yl!J;K._AimAJNSAS. TIIIJHSIUV, KIOHKUAUY 8, 1JMO Scene Of Tragic Fire, Victim ]mt TBfJTIfQ' l ilnUL lllLnl IL.U Sees No Further Need For His Group [f Work Continues William DudleV'iVni^ourthe: Dies committee today that the wort- of his Silver shirt legion will become unnecessary if (he Dies com- mllloe continues its inquiry Into jiiibvcrMvc- activities. i Pfiley asserted that din Snvrr ' Shim had teen organized because he never wiis nblo (o B et »ny 0m! lu congress to fight subversive ac-1 tivitie.s. II the Dies group continues its! work "the silver Shirt legion will' '"'•' up oiid with, my blessing - --,,... tj v , |/MtMJIlUlllil, Removed from his ), om e four miles east of Deering, MO.; Jrtohday when his condition became serious Mr. Height died at Walk hospital at 8:30 o'clock this morning The condition of his elder brother, who was fcvought to (lie same hospital Tuesday afternoon, was described as "extremely critical" this afternoon, and their mother, who was stricken Tuesday, was so ill nt the' home that she could not bo told of the death of one son and the -ondltion of the other. Funeral arrangements hnve not — ,„.„. son »»tl daughter, who also live "No one In Germany has illii- touv miles cost of Dcering sions any more," it salt). "We know that this decadent, corrupt Fr.ince anrt her unscrupulous tutor. Britain. must be struck down so thoroughly that for all time they will lose both the inclination and the ability ;j extend their gouty finders toward central Europe." Adolf Hitler, in n speech January 30 on Ihe seventh anniversary of Nazi power, had lor the 'first tiine joined France with Britain in his denunciations. But what lie said was almost friendly compared to today's denunciation. "Reluctantly we hnve had lo Not As Bad As Last Epidemic In 1 929-30 Physicians Say Peliey offered this observation i response to a question by Repre sentative Parneil Thomas <K C p N. J.) after giving the coimnitte an extensive outline O f his actlvi ties and beliefs. "t'admit very freely that I „, antl-Semetic. I fed exactly as th Na?.i party in Germany In regard t I he Jewish element In our pomiln Hon." he sold. He said the Silver Shirts wei oiganizsd along military lines j,,, mm, ' 10 ," n ! 15 , " ml t '" 4! " ge<1 '" '« military (raining. "All these subversive nclivltie uncovered by (lit, committee," h< saw, "were known to Ihe Slice Shirt organization. We were look ms lo a condition ' where then might te a complete overthrow of Ihe constitutional government nnd under our constitution!!! perogutiv we were looking to thai." Elaborating he said his-organization was "aimed at these Communist activities " Harold Sternber^ Is Rapidly Improving Harold Siernbcrg, vlio fractured several vertebrae- In his back while Blythcrillc and Mississippi coun- -' We know what to expect of this France, today more than ever for the hale of the weak fa more dangerous and more vengeful than the repugnance of the strong." Resent Nazi Acts COPENHAGEN, Norway, Feb. 8 (UP)— As Scandinavian resentment Increases against the German campaign of bombing and machine gunning neutral shipping from the air, snd Sweden shows anger over -the Russian bombing of a Swedish steamship off the Aaland islands, the Scandinavian countries seem more open in their support of Finland. At Stockholm a report was published from the commandant ot the Swedish volunteer corps In Finland announcing that (lie Mrps had shot down a Russian fighting plane Two Swedish fire brigades, with tnclr own trucks and engines and all modern equipment, left Stockholm for Finland last night. They will go lo danger centers to fight fires started by Incendiary bombs from Russian airplanes. Sven Heden, world famous for his explorations remote central cera Asia, Tibet. .Mongolia and China announced the donation of some of the rarest treasures in his collection lo Finland. They vail be auctioned Saturday. Here the Danish army command announced, formally that it had released Colonel Trctow-Loof 62 commander of the crack First Regiment of the Copenhagen garrison. at his request so he could lead the Norwegian legion in -Finland. Captain Bantam of the cavalry was released so he could be Colonel TretowrLoofs adjutant. The officers will leave tomorrow. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III Pe b 8 among its members with most of the homes having one or more ui- lients in bed. While deaths throughout th-2 county have been cu Ihe increase since the exlremely cold weather started flve weeks ago, most of tlie doalhs'have been from pneumonia among old persons, explosions nnd fires, with only a f ew deaths attributed to Influenza. Tlie last serious epidemic of this disease was In the winter of 1920^ 30. cr ten years ago. when much illness followed the extremely cold weather. out. (\jp) _ Thc may Swanky Life for Chickens CLEVELAND, O. (UP) — If Fred Eggers' white leghorn liens walk around with their beaks up in the air, no one can blame them. Tftjy :oost on the lawn of tlie Eggers wine—in one of the exclusive "residential sections of the city. "I was vichanfecd brought up on a farm and never fiowly shoveu aside -n, 0 r n „ ^ got over it,'- the pieman. General's Hoj^JST wt'S Hide will reside. •r. Stcrnbcrg was injured ivDile brlrt?'" 1 ! 0 ) 01 , B '" MCXlco vvith llfs bride, the former Miss Mlrlnm Mayer. At the time.he .wns hurt there was much anxiety because ,ll h . e ls ° la ^l snot where the ac- i delaying hpspitnl- :cnuse his neck had — -j lii a previous in- but no explications 'have developed, his mother, Mr5 s s Stcrnberg, said In a message here yesterday. He now has his cast on ™,ch he_winjvear for some tiine. Canada's Horse Guards Likely ( 0 Lose Mounts Anticipate Harmony As Committee Makes 1940 Primary Rules' House Co mini (lee Ap- ... '' ,-,,.„.,„, 1) ,. O. 'J UI(! "IllmlUIH, UK pioub i log I-am On knurls! Democratic blnclly Pnvly Line;; 1!^=«s Brut ^WASHINGTON, f-Vb. 1) (DP)'rile limiio WU) , B , 1)1(1 )U( , I1||S COJ|] , Miillee today approved cxic'nsion of Ihe mtlinwul Undo net by a vole of H to 10 uionn pariy n,,,,,. Fourteen Dcim>c:<Us votwl for ID bill, to extend lor three .veins '1)0 I I'lUll' IH'l tH'lHHllS I)l'0*'l'fl111 which is iliio to expire In Jim,. H>n RemihlleniK voted aKahul it'. Nomination Of. May JJo (Changed top picture shows lhc John And,™ E< | . OkUi.) voted pi- re approvlnu the c-sUimston fc the committee vctcd down wsnl by Disney lo bar any ...... counly h in the same position us Piil;i..jkl county In, re- IlllllCH which be office to or more persons nuist destroyed by a n,e following mi cxttaloii carl y "today' rington Is shown In a field on liis tm m . when lie won the Mid-South Plant To Prc Operators division in 1038. He was crllirally um , lw | nome al coiinly elects lo ihe stale' (|, rcc im I|C(I of in Die Fnrm :.^Ti cnndidntes Osceolan Critically Burned and Wife Severely; Home Razed l"li lhc vote H to 11 uenliMi, it -sanj sfufji. a* = ~, -, >3E h(* U-nlllfl K,. ,l,,,.1..r... ,... ]"WvH,IUIL ,. „, U^IK.U cilIIUUKUUS ih county jio»ilm»t«) S | ni ,,| y tllo . • *" — • 10 F lllC mi'- hi:*- sloi) the rules committee metMnls Bftonwon to piepnie recommsnciri- uons on the' changes ' 'V 1 '' 1 Kciv jirlnmiy rules arc nccetiiry ;cmise of n 1038 coiiMitullonul amendment nnd new election 1 lass pitssfd by the last logtsiatms w «l me committee Is meeting | n cjli-' td iji-sMon lo intend to the matter Olmlimiiti June p. woqlen ot ine llrs {.oniinlltfe tutd lodav t^at DO mnliovmy among the' \m\t iiicmbcis was anticipated since the !>ro|iosc<! changes had not b ctn contested . i ''Mo MIovet! n way found to pi event dhei meiit of absentee votcis because of the ihoit lime between piefoi- c-ntla) election ond (he icgitlar He declined (o say would vote for (| >c whether he woul(l i^doiu^,,";^ ^3 bill If excise Ihe l*iau,,^ Mtempi 1 to Se % «*»««£ ., not -^^srs^K^iS •o^eni'^'S^a Erir'"' 1 " 11 ""' 1 ^^'" jn the excto rtx 0 01e h f S iut < MB "",'' 0 " " rlmr "^ co >^- S-fiX "!! Jr^,,~ ^W& rcpi^ilauve »^. n ^S£? K- »°'ff is will seek wns nnllcipiitc'd 8, and Charles, '5, barely escaped _„ Wreck us house nnd carrying them belli -o safety. Estimate of the loss was :onscrvatlvely placed at SSOOO.- The explosion occurred at 6:30 clock when ,Mr. Edrington threw ome.kerose.-e Into Hie living roqm love where lie was building a fl.fe 2oals, left ever night. arc'''belliv<xi o have caused, u (jus 'to ifrifni vhich murtorf ; Hi ^tbt.':terrif;o..,S;. Idslcn. / •"'• •:.. . •-., • Mr. Edrinjloh's clothes'were Ij- Itcd nt. once and the Hying roam ursfinto flames. The ci'.tlrc hoilss ecaini! an Inferno. Rushing Into thc' bathroom for •atcr, (lames had already readied icre nnd Mr. Edrington, trapped, ad to jump through a small \vin- ow. In doing so lie cut himself .•nously in several places. Mrs. Edrinjton, who was aroused y tlie exnloslonf.rushed' to his aid. he ran out of doors aiid e:itln- uished the flumes by rolling lilm ver nnd over on the wet ground but not before he was In a critical condition and she was seriously manor cent en Imports uum _ l»B lo not more limn live HIT cent "I the total miiouni.of oil refined "iinunlly in this country 'I'ha commlllce'.i action putting the disputed administration bill over Us first big Inutile 'WHS tnfceii "' " session " woiifd Osccola, „ burned, clcijlroycd in • loilny, , RciiiibllcnuB ollcrcd n number of iistiicthig ameiidmoiils ••>. biit nil were yUctl down by l| lc Dcmoornllu To Memphis Clinic S» ^ SJft'S.nSS !!! ">o lioiise and later in the wnale. Ray Jackson, formerly of Bly- ] twl burned. The negro. Laline Jactaon, who liiiln wreck lit Arcoln, III". Jnii"T I hits been removed lo the Cnmpbcll Apparently Has Ear for Music The nilcs committee wn , t ,,.^ v . in lo lecommend passage of a.utlo hat in cn.scs of mtiltl-condldate Lcnlcsls cnch post be made a BCQ- arale ccnlcat. , , , Iloll'-i Opinion Sought, UTTIyE ROCK, Art, Ku 8 — Allorucy aencial Jack IIoltMios i«Kcd veslciday lo dclcimine nhe- her (he mmocralio Mate committee can order a mnjoi change tomorrow in the method of nominating, candidates, loi olllcts lo whlc.i two 01 moie poisons must be elected " Fostet Vinc>ard I chaiiman of lhc l>uln«kk county board of t-kt- tlon commKMoneia, naked Mr i-'olt whether a iectlon of the ' isid'l preferential 'urlmniy law piovid- hi|! -fai noiuliiallon by plmnllty ..,.., i l»stdvil of n majority vote In such i>,ys Me s Not Interested " 1U lc cnmUda '° coniwu v.'ns In Cui-i-ent P o 1 i t i c a ' Bickering 1DJJ conslltutlonnl amendment piovldcj that a]l pilmny ckctio.i . nomlntiltoni should be by majoiliy - - ' nalley said todny a ptcfcicntliil nilnwrv law" but in- day. Able lo hove company son will be able to walk lii weeks, It la believed. Agricultural ••• Council Is .The Mississippi county Aariciil- r > - , lural Workers Council, mad- up of KQISeCl Hie front door. , nm! Iho Ibrc.shold. the dog run '»» , Bailey snld he would not cnn- "i m the appointment of mdiro .) M. Hill of Foil Smith to net R s Kpcclal counsel for tbo state In of vct(is nsntnsl n field Olfl- fM* mid seldom dW all seven "cmliicei, obtain a majority vote. Mr. Vlnyeard asked whether a gencies, the names and Into the •bsdrooiij nleht ni"fii7 a\, V, ""i"" 1 -* ''""• where the two_ S ons were sleeping. ^L^ ^W^T^caltona,"^ of Blythevlllc Worth $50.000 - thnn |o restore cltlxcnshln .Is n former ] convict, HG also Intended to further vote should llonal. iic held unconsNtu- ___ ...__ v .. 4 «\,iv jjtt^jJiig, Grabbing a quilt, she threw it over their heads siul carried both children tluoujh the fire-swept rooms With various army (mils which r™.ierly usc d horses now Sg Mr. BJrington has third decree -— U o,,, s hurns a " "ver his body, it 'was •wt, -.—• lhe animals arc bein s •'""ounced at thc Memphis Bapllsl ^o.v,j shoved aside. 'Hie Governor-' hM P"al where he was removed in ^n.rnlv „„..,. „... . ... „„ ambulai , CC| accompsilll;(1 bjl Dr w - J. Shcfidnn, who remained with thflr name, however. Instructor . — named Cthrr officers elected were fi H. nnrns of Osceoln, South Mls- iissiypi Comity agricultural rjcnl, vice president; Airs. Freeman HOL- Iiwon, home economics Instructor of Blythevlllc high school, iccrc- Inry niul treasurer; n. W. Scuroc- der of Blythevllle, assistant counts agricultural ngent, rc-pni'ter Finnish General's New York Cotton Daughter in Paris 170-230 ibs., 5.40-5.50 Bulk sows, 4.00-I.EO Cattle: 1,800 Steers. 7.30-8.65 Slaughter steers, G.5D-U.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 1.15-875 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-1023 Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 Cutters and low- cutters, 3.T5-4.15 Chicago Wheat May Julv open high low close 977-8 997-8 973-4 893-4 S53-3 971-4 651-1 07 Chicago Corn open high low circa May 557-8 583-4 557-8 565-8 July 557-8 563-4 557-8 565-8 Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Open Hieh Low Close Clcfe 'C96 10M 10S4 1037 (007 lUKi" 1070 10G1 10B7 )CC2 IC30 1030 1028 1032 10JD "84 060 963 957 S66 • fl54 955 950 057 956 1 05 ° 951 948 ?i1 h S a UX a W ° 0d lrans " Bri(is h F'ymg Officer burS^'K^MIi 1 ^^' Has Two _^ f i^ia! Legs - — *».*, . jjvmc; vi iVil, tiltu her'-condUiot, 0 ^ '" P^' , W f' ' wllh ««'"« E "' D TwV'olliS 8 r." llevedshl^".ira"' ^ J °' nCCl lhe *•*'"• cl « ht V/lic-n the New Orleans Cotton . ,, Sfar. Mnj- Jnlv Oct. Dec. Jan. Open High Low closa £,™ e 110S 107^ 1038 . 970 . 957 955 1110 1112 1105 '033 1072 10£0 1016 1037 1045 9 ™ 056 871 357 953 957 ••• ••• 055 IMG 1075 1030 SC9 958 951 Stock Prices ed. Mrs. Edrington ruslied lo lhe D. Frud Taylor «r, residence whlcii is adjacenl lo lhc Edrington property o.-i Hie north vest outskirts of Oiceola, for aid niter sue mm ox- tmiuished thc fiames on Mr Edrington and herself. Barefoot mid only partially dressed, the Names had burned IVIO.H of the dollies from her body and Mr. Ejrlngton's clolhre were it. ly a crisp. years ngo and was one of land's most premising pilots, then one day Itc crashed and lost both legs. He had two artificial legs Titled nod found that he could fly as well as ever with them. So he applied to the Air Ministry (o rejoin lhe R.A.P., but as it was peacetime, he was rejected. Bi.'t airier was not the type that gives up easily, os went on flying on liis OKU in all kinds of mi- chlne.s, and when war urcke o-it, was «cceplcd once again by thc i Air Ministry. Sophia Manncrheim, above daughter of thc Finnish general who js commanding troops behind the Karelian tine thai bears his name, is living at ~ ••_.. present in Paris. A. T. & T Am. Tobacco ' Anaconda Copper Eetii, £leel """ Chrysler " " ' Cities Service -....'.'."'" Gcn'l. Elsctric ..... Gcn'I. Motors '.... Int. Harvester Mont, Ward ...'..'"." " N. V. Central ........'.'. North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips ....'..'. Radio , ; " Republic Stoel ; \' i " t'ocony Vacuum . Pttidcbaker Std, of M.- J :..'.'.'.'.' Texas Corp ''" U. S. Steel •.'...•,.. ."'" . J71 3-4 , 80 7-8 . 28 1-4 . 78 B5 5-8 4 1-4 39 5-8 51 17 3-8 25 1-4 3 S-B 40 0 'Jl 3-3 11 3-4 10 5-8 hj p' L- n ,.. n . ar r!s "U18 rrollts K1S6 Neighbors who had aroused were unable lo save anything in thj house (hey managed to tear out one end of ti lc garage and toi Off <! an f,, f,.,. f,l roll tlie new automobile to safety ' U " * >3nta Lruz i tal> had siready caugnranrV^ ^'"^ ^/TA CRUZ, Cal. (UP)-Wnr The house, the foinvr A J Bi Ellr ope. ictuni of lhe albacore ber residence, had rccent'ly' been , HIKi thc (lis ™ v 'cry that shark oil completely modernized and rciur- 1 cxtrcmc| y valuable for mcdl- nisheil. Although In town Mr Ed- ,, |)Ur l )oscs wcrc rcsnonslblc for rington owned 320 acres'of f-iini f 16klnB lhc 103S) Sallln c ™z "sh- land upon which lhc house was i s * ll!on (hc niost prontablc one "i 11 years. Fishermen operating s:i;iated '- " he slnto ooiigi-cssknnl dclc B iUlon today asking for aid In obtalnlim federal funds for this type of proj- Couple Keep License 7 Years, Then Wed' 1 " Police Officers Stationed Here There are now three Arkansas slate police headquartered Jii 'Bly- tlicvlljc and another offlcer, -Eddie B. David, usually heridquavtercd Is still at Campbell Clinic COUEIl D'ALENE, Ida llllle Howard Archer has been pointed supcivisor of paroles Poinaett, , - coun- by State Parole..Offlcer Uack Porter. He v,lll hnve the suparvls ion of iipproxlmatcly 100 parolees cau:e the ccrliricale ''wisn"t re i illul Pio^Ho'^ers,, a nosltion held v _! f:r some lime by Mr David until he was adnittcd to the clinic for Koolemil county auditor. As time passed clerks In HID auditor's office became puzdod ue- turncd to show the nnrrinsje taiimcny hail been performed Usually the certificates come back m s- few days. The lapse of time wasn't explained until Hits, when thc Mrtlilcalc finally arrived. 0!c', PiiiIade!phia~Church John Fauli.nei and Eugene Dickinson ore now doing highway patrol work on Highway Gl from West Memphis to thc Aikansas- Mtamiri line. Be National Shrine Son Quartet Follows PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Gloria Dei (Old Swedes) Church, where George Washington and other colonial notables worshipped, will become a national shrine if a bill Introduced by Rep. Leon Sscks, D, Philadelphia, u passed ty Congress. Sacks' proposed measure would authorize thc Secretary of the Interior to utilize 550,000 for tils purchase of adjoining property to create Gloria Dei National His- tcrlcal park. Tiio government now holds a tinct to use for a housing project. The'edifice, thc oldest church in Pennsylvania, was built in 1677 on the site of a blockhouse. JEPFERSCW, N. H. (UP)—When Sam Samson went to bed .wilh )nia systems, he staitel Shortly nftcr he was 'confined, his four sous followed him en the sick list: Louis with lorn ligaments and lacerations suffered in an automobile accident; Ernest, foot fracture after dropping a lo? on it; iTCd, spilt finger suffered at a logging camp, and Philip' with a hand jammed in a truck sander. WEATHER 61 »-8 Mi^iwippl County. Long a phnt:r Mr. Edrington W3s .swoepst:ikcs winner in the Farm Operator division ot the MidSoutli Plant to Prosper cor.test In 1933 and Is widely known for Ills S u:assful [aim methods. , 1<U , P> ~ Portralts Of ra J« nl P°lt °f Sl.nm, now 0 ' c Arkansas—Cloudy, rain in trcme southeast, co!d>r in portion lontght, Friday ^,,... J cloudy, colder, froezluj tcmp^ of aba- War boosted the from $90 a (on to $135. Discovery that the liver of the soup (in shark Is richer in vitamin A tiinn most other animals or fish resulted In n $20 to $57.50 a. ton price raise. oeai. cut Vivian of I Angeles wants 830.000 for eyebrow she lost in an auto cident. Since lhe rr.ish, in she also fractured her right foot the photographic model has worn only a reasonably nccuralo tiicsmiito of an.eyebrow, painled . on (ia.ili; with .cosmcllc pencil. * ; from all government/ offices in day "' Bangkok nnd Ihc chief provincial Memphis and Mcinl'.y-Ir.sreas- aceording to Mports from ing eloudiuess followed by' Wjht rain lorrtghi, lowest temu.rat'ire •abcut.S4. indfty,rain mu-h co'.der. Bangkok. Tills Is the result of a government order made, It is stated, to show official disapproval xne.'miximu! of some .of {he ex,kliig's %t«tc..>;i*1:«0w l >xiM 33, "r.ilnlmum 3l~. weuts on. political developments In^dyTaccordlnt to SamujI F. Noi°. m '. . . . :.. ;, >ls!:;6Hicl(jl' weather obsmer. v -- . /-.TheVmijdmum temperature here ".viii '*2.ji~S L . . _ --. . .

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