The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1966
Page 2
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sib** 1 -; January is one of the months I dislike the most. Why? Because it's so hard to get news. The Christmas and New Years holidays have drained everyone of their vitality, if s cold, roads none too good, and people stay at home, relax and enjoy the warmth of home. February isn't much better, but by March things perk up a bit. The only things I remember to like about January are the birthdays of two very good friends - one the tenth, but she has long been deceased, and the twelfth, but she is very much needed and appreciated by "the kids" which happen to be not children but a pair of dachshunds which are devoted to her. * * * In spite of our cold, and it hasn't been too bad this year, nor have we had much snow. A friend told me he has a friend who, because of his wife's health is in the south - Texas, I believe. The husband confided to his friend, "If it weren't for my wife's welfare, I'd walk back every step of the way to Iowa, the Garden Spot!" Mrs. Bessie Jones Birthday was observed Jan. 18 and all on third floor were served cake and coffee. Mrs. Fred Geigel was in charge and Mrs. Marc Moore assisted her. Mrs. Marie Murtagh was 92 Jan. 21. I am sorry to report she is not as well as she has been. Her daughter, Jo Pruyn, is still here from Cedar Falls. Mrs. Murtagh is a wonderful woman and her sense of humor was a joy to all of us here. What a vivacious, full-of-fun woman she must have been in her youth. * * * I gave the sunflower seeds to Mr. Nasby to put in the bird feeder, but he said they would only draw the squirrels, which have steered clear of the feeders with the kind of food he has used. So with my permission, he has distributed it to the squirrels and I am sure they are grateful to Mr. Ryerson. I still say tfie best place for a squirrel is in the frying pan. They make very good eating. * * * My goodness, I hope "To Tell the Truth" hasn't been taken off the air and "I've Got a Secret," They weren't on last night, so I was left with only Andy Griffith. Some one said they heard a report, an announcement the programs I mentioned were not shown due to some technical difficulties. I didn't hear but hope that was the reason for their omission. But oh why don't they take off the Ministers, Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction and the Smothers Brothers and - oh, I could name so many. * * * I am always distressed when I find I have written something that turns out not to be true, though at least three persons gave me the information . It also distressed Mary Boswell that I had mentioned, as was told me, that it was possible that at some time in the future she might enter the Bishop Drum home in Des Moines, My item did not infer she was frail, nor did my informants,. It was merely a thought that as time goes on she might become a resident there. Fortunately, Mrs. Boswell has made very good recovery from a recent fall, but it is true that the home selected in Des Moines is on one floor probably as much of convenience to the Alllauds as to Mrs. Boswell. * * * Since Dr. Harry Jenkinson, Iowa City, was a classmate of mine, I read with interest an item published Dec. 3 in the Iowa City Press Citizen. The item states that Harry has served as family doctor to three and four generations of some Iowa City families and will observe his 50th anniversary in the medical profession next June. The 74 year old doctor said the association has "jumped the gun" and has already given him the "50 years in American Medicine citation." * * * He has an office in the First National bank building which he has occupied for 35 years and has no intention of retiring as long as he continues in good health. He is a 1916 graduate of the University of Iowa medical school and was the first resident at UI in internal medicine. His residency was not completed as he was drafted to serve in World War I. After the war, he completed his course with three years work in a doctor's office in Iowa City. Of his experiences he said "I've ridden horse back to deliver babies, and helped fight a near epidemic of smallpox in Iowa City." At one time he had 17 dlptheria patients in a single house on East Burlington street. On his busiest days part of a winter it was not uncommon to make 20 house calls for $2.50 per trip. He started his practice in a second-hand Buick roadster, which was soon replaced by a Model T Ford. Roads were not what they are how, and medical techniques have made even more change than the roads. He began the use of antibiotics in pneumonia cases beginning in the 1930's, which reduced fatalities to a great degree. He and his wife Golda Leighton, whom he married in 1917, now live on Lake McBride. * * * Harry was a brilliant student in high school and no one is surprised at the success he has achieved. I have seen him in Iowa City when he took time off to come call on me when I was' a patient at University hospital. It was good to talk of old times, Miss Coate, and I reminded him of the many times I had borrowed his jack knife which was always so sharp to use on my pencils. * * * What folks won't do to advertise! A few days along comes an alluring picture of cars, one of which I might win as first prize for a Holiday subscription and bearing a sweepstakes number. Second prize, a mink coat, and several other prizes. Well, all of the literature went into my waste basket. Then along comes an unsealed package in which was a three-piece totem pole. Now I'd want a plastic hideous totem pole about as badly as I'd want the seven year itch. Then I learned from Marg Dahl that she had received a plastic wigwam. You can imagine how pleased she was! She has been favored (?) previously and even took the trouble to send the articles back - then got disgusted and threw them away. I was stymied. I didn't know what to do, so I phoned the post office and learned all you have to do is write, "Refused," give the date, and back it goes to the sender and they have to pay the postage, I'm not averse to giving donations and do quite a few, but I don't like the methods used by the totem polers and similar methods. * * * It was a pleasant surprise opening my telephone bill and finding a slight reduction. Quite a switch. It's usually added costs to commodities. * * * This is being written Jan. 20 and it is a banner day for me. I've just had such a nice chat with Leona Macumber and a visit from Audrey Curtis Johnson, both former nurses here. Audrey's husband has just been released from service and they have been living in Nebraska. I tried to convince her they should move back, locate in Algona and Audrey could come back here to work, but she says her husband has become sold on Nebraska - she doesn't know why, but there it is and I suppose she believes in "whither thou goest, I will go". And do you know, it is assumed by most people and I was among them, that Ruth of the Bible was saying that to her husband, and thought it was a saying of wives to their husbands, when as a matter of fact, Ruth was saying it to her MOTHER-IN-LAW, Naomi. All of the mother-in-law jokes I've ever heard are quite the contrary in inference. * * * It is nearing dinner time and I am hungry so I'll "Whistle". I think I have mentioned having Algona, (la.) Upper D*» Moine* tueidriy, Nbruory 1, 1966 had a box of them riven me. They are wonderful to munch on. Bonlta and Zelda Reid were here last evening to see Mrs. Leora St. John and dropped in for a moment to see me. I was eating' some* so had them try them. They voted them good, too. Zelda, who has been almost completely blind since childhood had on a new bright jed jacket, She said one of her family didn't like it but she figured the color was such that she could be seen more easily, and of course she carries the white cane the blind -and near blind use for protection, I thought her logic about the coat very good. * * * So many people think I should know all about what goes on here and at the new home. Well, I'm bright - I guess, but I don't ask questions and merely await information as given me voluntarily, but I can say this much, some of the furniture for the new home is being placed. Now I have no idea when the home will be ready for occupancy, but it must be drawing nearer, else furniture would not be taken in. All I can do is tell you to ask the Nasbys. And to the constant questioning, NO - I am NOT moving there. After seven years in my lovely room here, it is home to me and while I know the new home will be wonderful, I like my place here so much. * * * Ain't it the truth! "Deftdef- initions - Uncle Sam: Gold- fiinger," and "Parking ticket Fine thing." * * * When Mrs. Roy Smith told me about going to Fairmont with her husband and taking a bushel of corn to feed the ducks on the lakes, it reminded me of the many times Abner and Blanche Long, Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post and I fed the ducks at the little pond in a park at Davenport. It was a block of land given over to a park where the pond was in the center, there was a beautiful rose garden and a conservatory where many kinds of flowers were grown, and outside was a bed of the most beautiful pansies 1 ever saw. We'd take corn and the birds were so tame they would come right up to the car and squawk their thanks. * * * So often I have wanted a Ft. Dodge TV program but my T-V is not equipped to get that station as is true of many others. Thanks to Mr. Nasby, a gadget has been installed on the roof and now all TVs here can get Ft. Dodge and another good thing, the gadget does away with rotors - just turn to the station you want and there you are. Wonderful! * * * Such unkind things happen. Mr/ and Mrs. Frank Capesius were barely settled in the Harry Bode house they had rented and were enjoying it so much and then Mrs. Capesius had a stroke and for awhile will be unable to care for the home. I do hope she has a speedy recovery and can again be a housewife. HONOR BANDSMAN Joel Evans, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Evans, Indianola, has been selected a member of the United States of America High School Band and Chorus. This summer he will perform as a member of the percus'sion section of the honor band in fourteen concerts scheduled in cities from Atlanta, Georgia to Canada. Joel is a senior in the Indianola high school and attended the ISU music camp three years. 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