Abilene Daily Chronicle from Abilene, Kansas on July 29, 1899 · Page 3
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Abilene Daily Chronicle from Abilene, Kansas · Page 3

Abilene, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1899
Page 3
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Want a Cool, Refreshing THEN TRY ICE CREAM SODA, News Bulletin! Scribner's, Truth, Argosy, Strand, Quaker, . Puritan, Cosmopolitan, AlliilllSt Broadway, Lippincott, 6 Ainslee, Ladies' IIon:e Journal and Companion. . . . City News Stand. Opposite Pacific Express Office. R. L. BROUGHTON bas sold his interest in the music store and is devoting his entire time to the piano business. He sells Reliable Makes oi Pianos and will be pleased with any order with which he may be favored. If you want to get prices drop him a card. Residence on North Cedar, opposite Central school building. .5. Bicycle riders are taking at forced rest. The county commissioners adjourned this morning. Fresh salted peanuts, ice cream, sherbets and ices at Brenizer's. Robert Korns has sold his farm in Lincoln township to Edwin Nutt. Terry Litts has put up a handsome sign for G. C. Sterl & Co. today. A great many people are cheerful today just because the weather is cooler. Miss Amy Kunip will sing the of-fertorv at the Lutheran church tomorrow. The thermometer took a rapid fall from 70 to (12 inside of a half hour this morning. The Abilene Steam Laundry will call for and deliver packages. They deserve your patronage. For sale or trade, a gents' wheel, .$1.1. Will trade for a ladies' wheel. W. A. Laxdes. Yesterday was the hottest day of the season, the thermometer climbing up close to the deadly 100 mark. J. I. Reisen will attend the convention of the Photographers' association which meets at Topeka on August Hi. Lost, between Abilene and New Basel on Buckeye road, a green memorandum book. Reward if left at this office. For best work, lowest prices and painless extracting go to the People's Iental Otlice, over Abilene National bank. Office open in the eveniugs. Atiorney Kane says it will be all right for the bar to play ball with the printers if the lawyers are allowed to write up the event in the papers. The eii'fcts of the grip are overcome by Hood's Sarsaparilla which purities the blood, tones the stomach, strengthens the nerves, and makes the whole system vigorous and healthy. A vegetable cathartic that can be relied upon to do its work thoroughly Hood's Tills. 6 The Solomon base ball boys says that in the hotel where they were quartered while at Ellsworth recently they encountered a set of the hungriest bed bugs they had ever helped to feed. They were so ravenously hungry hat the boys fled leaving the bugs in possession of the hotel. The boys did not like tjyjir 1 r treatment at Ellsworth. The man with a linen suit cut a sorry figure today. The air was a little too chilly today for the crash suits. The rain has put the ground in condition for fall plowing. The roads are too muddy for many farmers to come to town. Teachers who have not contracted for schools are busy hunting a place. R. G. Tonkin lost his tine driving mare last evening. The veterinary surgeon gave the cause as spinal meningitis. Miss Genevieve Irey and Miss Myrtle Johnson, two small people were out calling today in long skirts and all the togery of "grownup" people. Halfpenny is the name of a man who runs a market wagon at Ft. Riley. If his vegetables are as cheap as his name nobody should be without greens, garden "sass," etc. Abilene has been accorded quite an honor in G. A. R. circles. M. 1'. Jolley has been appointed an aid-decamp upon the the stau" of the coni-mauder-in-chief of the G. A. R. The old court house at Junction City, which has loug been a land mark, has been razed to the ground and in its place will be erected a new one which will be a credit to our neighboring city. The usual large crowd was out last night to hear the band concert but was disappointed on account of several of the players being on the sick list and others out of town. But part of the crowd were favored by one selection. A special train bearing II. G. Kail, and several grain men from Kansas City and Minneapolis, Minn., stopped for a short time this morning at the Union Pacific depot. They have been in Western and Central Kansas ascertaining the crop prospects. The Junction City Republican contains the political announcements of thirteen candidates who want office in Geary county. "This shows that the candidates in that county are neither afraid to ask for what they want nor of the unlucky number of thirteen. The following is found in "Notes" of a Pond Creek, Oklahoma paper, commenting on a game of ball played there recently : Schopp is the fastest short stop we have had this year. Bouldin is the headiest player in Oklahoma. Price caught a nice game. These are all ex-Abilene players. Ash is also playing left field for the team. PURELY PERSONAL. J. A. llop',;ius is in town from Solomon. Uhas Ku' ach is back from his Wisconsin nip. Mr. Xuitorf of Dillon is visiting his son i . K. Nottorf. Mrs. J. '. Lieiman, of Mcl'hui-sou, is visit. ng C. C. Towner and wife. Stuart lVttingale, formerly of Abil'.ue is iu town chatting with old friends. Master I larry Iladden returned to Saliua after a visit with Master Frank Giles. Mrs. F. B. Glimpse returned from Topoka after a pleasant visit with Miss Mae Muryhy. Pllgramage of Cryptic Masons. Of Colorado to Denver, Colo., August 6-13, 1899. For the above occasion the Union Pacific has made the greatly reduced rate of one f.ire plus i for the round trip to D.-nver. Colorado Springs and Pueblo, from points in Kansas and Nebraska. Do not complete arrangements for your trip without lirst asking your agent about the magnificent train service and the fast time to Colorado via Union Pacific. For tickets, sleeping-car reservations and full information call on M. B. Fulton, agent. Cheap Rates Via Santa Fe Route. Portland Oregon, Butte and Helena Mont., and intermediates 128.85. 1, on 11 Francisco 'and intermediate points $32.50. Tickets on sale daily WHERE YOU MAY WORSHIP. The Chronicle's Directory of Ser vices at the Various Churches Sunday. Sr. John's Eimscoi-al Ciiikcu Walter B. Clark, priest in charge. PitEsiiYTEttiAN CitrRcti Regular morning and evening services. Preaching at 10:1.5 and 8:00p.m. Dr. F. S. Blayney, pastor. Sunday school 9 :30 a. 111. Prayer meeting held each Wednesday evening. Lutheran Cnuiicn-Sunday school at 9:30, T. E. Dewey, Superintendent. Preaching at 10 :45 a. m. and 8 p. m. Bible and prayer service held on each Wednesday evening. Dr. II. C. lluithcox will preach iu the morning. No services in the evening during July and August. Riveh Bhkthukn Ciil'kcii Cor- , ner Seventh and Buckeye. Sunday School 9 :30 a. m. Preaching at 10 : 30 a. m. and 7:30 p. 111. Prayor meeting Wednesday evening. United Evangelical Chuhcii Sunday School at 10 a. in; preaching at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. Services every Sunday at the hall, No. 301 Third street. T. J. Fink, pastor. Metiioihst Cnuncii-Sunday school 9 :30 : Treadling 10 :45 and 7 :30 p.m. Class meeting at 12 m ; Junior league 3 p. 111. Epworth league at 6 p. m; prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. W. A. Crawford, pastor. Baptist Church Regular Sabbath services, morning and evening. Breaching at 10: 45 a. m. and 8:00 p. m. 1). L. Parker, pastor. Sunday Bchool at 9:30. All are invited to at tend. Rev. D. L. Parker, pastor. Chkistian Church Corner Seventh and Buckeye. Sunday scnool at 9.30 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. 111. and 8 p. m. II. V. Scholes, pastor. Evangelical Church 5th and Kuney. Rev. D. Swart pastor. Preaching service Sunday at 10 :i a. m. and at 8 :00 p. nr Sunday school at 9 :30 a. m. Young People's meeting Sunday evening at 6 :30 Second Baptist Church 10th and Mulberry. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m: young folks meeting at 6 :30 p. in. Services at 8:00 p. m. Rev. W. M. Garnett pastor. Grace Reformed Church Sunday school at 9 :30 a. 111. W. H. Hoon, superintendent. Young People's meeting at (i :30 p. 111. Prayor meeting Wednesday evening at 7 :30. Preaching at 10:45 and 8:00 p. 111. United Brethren Church F. D. Heckard pastor. Class meeting 10 :00, S. KaulTman, leader, preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 :00 p. m. Sabbath school at 2 :30 p. m.. J. C. Light-ner, Supt. Official meeting the lirst Monday of each month. Prayer meeting evory Wednesday evening. St. Andrew's Catholic Church St. .Andrew's Catholic church, corner South Third and Ifuckeye ave. First Sunday of each month, first M a-s ai College and peoiid Mass at 'J :() a. in. at parish church. Second .iiiiday College and Banner City. Tuiiu uii'iay, college and parish chucrh at 1 1 -i. ui. Fourth Sunday college and Uanmr City. Fifth Sunday, colloge ami parish church. Cat-achism and benediction on tir-t, third end fifth Sundays. Residence For Sale Cheap. The Merritield home; has 7 looms. 2 large lots, plenty of fruit aod 1. barn. Call or write D. M. Merri-tiold, Abilene, Kan. Persons troubled with diarrhoea will be interested in the experience of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance, Providence, R. I. He says: "For several years I have been almost a constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the frequent attacks completely prostrating me and rendering me unlit for my duties at this hotel. About two years ago a traveling salesman kindly gave mo a small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Much to my surprise and delight its effects were immediate. Whentve.-I felt Eyraptome of the disease I would foitify myself against the attack with a few doses of this valuable remedy. The result has been very satisfactory and almost complete re-ief from the allliction." For sale by all druggists. It is a Perplexing For the reader of newspaper advertisements to determine what is what. Wo do not use as largo typo as some, hut we are sure that what we have to say i3 not the less important to anyone who is interested in the subject of Clothing at this time. Our Summer Suits speak for themselves, if you will hut take time to inspect them, and we think you will find no fault with the prices. We Are Making an Immense Display oi Hot Weather Clothing. A Cool Shirt ! A Cool Hat!' Cool Underwear I Yours for Lowest Prices, Bearce, the Clothier ABILENE, KANSAS. gV Corner, Double Front Bright Daylight Clothing House Registered Poland BREEDERS and FARMERS LOOK at the list of a few of Princess Eulnlin 2G7IS, Kit Chief Sow 22221. Blnok Rohibdt My Herd Sows. 20008, May 'lecumseh 47011, Hadley White Face 4H3H), Daiiiy .lubilee 48379 and 25 others just as ood. With the World's Fair Winner Princes Kulal1-, the Taoumseh, Hadley and Jubilee strain, what eUe do you want? Eberley's Model 'JOKii, by Jowa Trader, with Seldom I. X. L. on his dam's side, and Duke of WeHton IG'J'1, he by 1 lousier Boy My Herd oy 111 He K Beamy -mi, one Boars. St)eak 1 have gilta, hoars and Bud Choice orders promptly tilled; Correspondence Oet the best when you buy. J. W. Higgiits, Jr., Woman Knows Woman. ZcajcH, Kah , Jan- 81. I used Wine of Cardui1 for nervousness and weakuetm in the womb. After taking one bottle I way well again. I am a midwife and always recommend Wine of iJardui to nf lady friends during pri'tfiiancv and after birth as atonic. Every lady who takes U finds that it does even more than is claimed for it. MRS. V. M. BOI8VEBT. 1 ' Ttncftfard!1 Nobody knows woman like woman. Men go to medical colleges, Study books and listen to lectures. They learn indirectly of the diseases of women, hut they are men and can never fully understand the ailments, the sufferings, the agonies of mothers, wives and sisters. A woman Uiiow. Mrs. Itusvert known. She has passed through the trials and tribulations of her sex. She has been near by when her sisters suffered. She has se.'n them relieved and cured with Wine of Cardui. Is it any won-cr she recommends it? Is it any wonder that thousands LADIES' ADVISCT OEPMtTMIBT, Kor ftil vine l-i i- jii riulrlriif prlnl rial 1 iltirt, niriM'Uonn, aniirn, trmnu viiijiionifl, Udl." dlairf Up'L, Th I hAlTOnUdA the weak of all ages, helps and cures all womanly ills. Druggists Sell Large Bottles for $1.00. Thing Cool Half Hose! Trunk or Satchel ! Necktie, Collars and Culls! China Hogs or J. II. Kiek B ftero, for themselves. nnimals. My prices ure right cheerfully answered. Mail Hope, Kansas all of other women recommend it. They know. They have actual experience to prompt them. They spread the tidings from mouth to mouth, telling how Wine of Cardui helps young girls, helps G33XD3X33OGX32GXDQ3O0QX3G)Gt2CS)5? i Every day Patrons i tell us tliHt their linen wxnrs u longer when lundered by WOOLF j BKU.S. than uny other lauudrv they have ever tried. Our trude E mcrenseB dmly end we hud to W build a lnrtfe nddition to our plant this spring to accommodate our trude. A trial will convince. G. B. GISfl, Apt, Abilene, Kacs::. Welli-purgo Exprpaa Offlcf. &&2GXZG&3& C BSC

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