The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1966
Page 9
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THE HISTORY OF FASHION HAS always seemed more Interesting to me than trying to keep abreast of the current really high styles, the things that are considered absolutely charming have a way of turning absolutely ridiculous in a very short time. However, 1 have noticed that if we wait long enough, almost any style will come back into fashion. This theory is not exactly the reason 1 wear my clothes so long. I have enough trouble trying to look neat and clean, let alone fashionable, but it is rather comforting to think that every ten years or so 1 may have two or three things that are accidentally quite chic. - o - ON ART LINKLETTER'S TELEVISION HOUSE Party recently, there was a style show of the best fashions of 1945. The padded shoulders and the pompadour hair, long-flowing in back, looked pretty kookie to me, but I like the slacks with the wider legs and the shoes with the thicker heels and the round toes. It was predicted that both of the latter were on their way in again 1 That would be fine with me. I also like the old-fashioned ribbed stockings and the flannel nightgowns the kids consider the latest squeak. But one old fashion I hope never comes in again is long winter underwear I - o - SEVERAL YEARS AGO, AN ENGLISH fashion forecaster said the long-handled drawers were sure to be popular. The reason he gave for his prediction was that long underwear is both warm and sexy-looking 1 The forecast, though it hasn't yet come true, filled me with fear. It could very well be that I have some sort of an obsession about woolly undergarments. Warm, they are - I know from bitter experience. They are sensible, also, and a wonderful protection against the bitter cold. But sexy ? If long underwear Is sexy-looking, so is a damp noodle I - o I WAS EITHER BORN TOO EARLY, or I had my tonsils out too late. Long underwear was beginning to go out of fashion when I was an early teen-ager, and not everybody my age had to wear it. But because I was extremely subject to tonsllitls, it seemed sensible to my mother to dress me warmly as possible. So, I had long underwear, and I felt about the same way about it as the devil must feel about holy water. To this very day, when I am having a particularly bad nightmare, I don't dream that I am stark naked out in public as some people do. I dream I am wearing long underwear where everybody can see it 1 - o MANY WAS THE TIME DURING my years of torture that I quickly dressed in the gym shower to prevent my contemporaries from finding out about my shame. I will say, though, that Mother tried to take some of the sting out of her underwear ordinance. She finally let me wear sleeveless underwear and the legs were knee-length. A couple of suits of the darned things were even flesh pink to make up for the hated knitted warmth. But to me they were long underwear and nothing could take the disgrace out of wearing them. - o - IT WASN'T SO BAD WHEN I was a youngster. Then, wearing long uride'rweaiT'was an accepted routine'part of ah lowa'wfnter; Everybody wore them because we didn't have snow pants or tights like the kids have nowadays. However, there was one girl in my fifth grade class who wore knee-length socks all winter. But then, she was considered quite fast, anyway, because she came from Chicago. Her legs never lost that peculiar blue tinge the whole blamed winter. - o AS I REMEMBER IT, TWO SETS of long underwear were standard equipment for children. One was to be worn; the other set was in the wash. We bathed Wednesday and Saturday evenings and the next morning we were-Issued clean underwear. We lapped the legs of the underwear over to fit under out long stockings, Our legs looked quite smooth on Thursdays and Sundays, but by Wednesday and Saturday there were lumps under our stockings. - o EVERY-DAY STOCKINGS WERE APT to be black cotton; Sunday best ones sometimes were tan ribbed. There were elastic tabs on the sides of the underwear. We ran the safety pin on the tops of our garters through a little metal dingus on the tabs and that way kept up the stockings. Before winter was over, the tabs usually gave way. Then we pinned the garters directly to the underwear, often resulting in a series of holes on the sides of the garment. - o - AT THE FIRST SIGN OF SPRING IN those days, the kids sneaked out of the house with their long underwear legs rolled up. Then came the time when it was not quite warm enough to go into union suits or black sateen bloomers, but you could tell summer was on the way if Mamma got out the scissors and trimmed off the legs of the underwear. - o PSYCHOLOGISTS TELL US THAT THINGS that happen in our youth have a way of coming out to bug us in our middle and old ages, I think my Id was scarred by that long underwear! If I could afford a few sessions on the psychiatrist's couch, it might come out of my subconscious that the real reason I moved to Florida is that here there is very little chance that I will have to return to wearing long underwear. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF January 23 through 29, people having birthdays include Pat Honsbruch, Ida Winkel, Gary Colwell, Carol Hayes, Kent Hopkins, Norreen Langfltt, Susan Buchanan, Mildred Heiderscheidt, Dennis Carlson, Darlene Feaster, Sandra Ann Ernst, Aria Cowan, Grace French, Opal Bloom, Eleanor Wilson, Sharon Foxhoven, Stan Muckey, Janet Scuffham, Jean Marie Ernst, Robert Percival, Robert Bickert, Stephen John Winkel, Violet Miller, Douglas Allen, Willard Snustad, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nelson, Mr. and Mrs, R, B. Waller, Mr, and Mrs. H. J, Cowan, Mr. and Mrs, Ed Ruhnke, Mr. and Mrs. K, S, Cowan, Mr, and Mrs. Alex Demand and Mr, and Mrs. Andy Johnson have wedding anniversaries, - o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Grandma Soup. I got it from one of my friends down here, who in turn got it from her Pennsylvania Dutch mother-in-law, 1 stewing chicken Water to cover Salt I can whole kernel corn 4 to 5 hardbc-iled eggs 5 cups egg noodles (home-made ones are wonderful) Cover the chicken with water and stew until very tender. Remove the chicken from the broth and cut the meat into bite size pieces, Cook the noodles in the broth, add the meat, corn, and sliced hard*cooked eggs. Serve very hot, GRACE World's largest flower is in North Borneo. It grows to the size of a waslitub, ADDING MACHINES & TYPE. WRITERS At The Upper De« aigona Upper CSfAgLfSHtO 1865 AlOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1966 2nd Section Name County Advisory Committee, 4-H Work ANCIENT BOOKS A priceless treasure of ancient Chinese books, manuscripts and wooden slips dating back to before the time of Christ was In Osceola for two or three days last October. Floyd A. White operated the truck which carried the material from the Library of Congress to the west coast on its way back to Formosa. The Chinese ambassador had brought the treasure out of China in 1940 for safekeeping and it is valued at over $16 million dollars. "Kotftutfi Connty'i Favorite Newspaper" The 1966 4-H adult committee has begun it's work of planning, evaluating and helping In the carry out of the 4-H program. This group of four men and four women is made up from people living throughout the county and from all types of professions. The 1966 members are - back row, left to right, Laurel Peterson, Swea City; Arlan Tengwall, Algona; Fred Asa, Algona; Jim Mullins. Corwith. Front row - left to right - Mrs. Joe Loebach, Tltonka j Mrs. Henry Looft, Fenton; Mrs. Ben Anliker, West Bend; Mrs. Orvllle Thoreson, Swea City. The committee, which meets bi-monthly works on program planning, award selection, county events and activities, and evaluation. In addition they help with the carry out of many activities, serve on numerous sub-committees and are very instrumental in bringing about improvement to the county program. The work that the committee does is purely voluntary and certainly a credit to themselves and their community. The retired 1965 members are - Dick Kuecker, Algona; Leander Vaske, Bancroft; Mrs. Ray Laabs, Lone Rock, and Mrs. George Allen, Algona. Farewell Party At St. Joe For Enlistee ST. JOE - A farewell party was given Wednesday evening for Harlan Weydert, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Weydert, at their home with neighbors and friends attending. Harlan, 1965 Garrigan high school graduate, and a classmate, Bill Dalhauser, West Bend, will leave Feb. 4 for four years service in the Air Force with basic training at Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Tex. A social evening with cards was followed by lunch brought by the guests. Harlan was presented a remembrance gift. Receiving prizes in cards were Mrs. Ralph Reding and Sheryll Weydert, with Barbara Reding receiving plate, prize. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Hubert O'Brien, Mrs. Bud Kutschara, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Schneider and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thilges and Cyril, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reding, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thilges, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bormann, Mr. and Mrs. John Capesius, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Thilges, Mr. and Mrs, Art Kohlhaas, Tony Weydert, Patsy Hackney, all from here, Betty Plathe, Marjorie Studer, Wesley; Barbara Reding, Whittemore; Norma Buenger and Bill Dalhauser, West Bend. RUSTLERS MET Riverdale Rustlers Unit 1 held a monthly meeting Jan. 15. Paul Thilges and Kathleen Plathe gave , a talk on color, Lenora Hilbert and Vicki McGulre on wardrobe planning and clothing Inventory. A demonstration measuring for pattern size was given by Judy Kollasch and Michelle Thilges. Suzanne Reding and Darlene Plathe gave a demonstration on selecting material and Maribeth Thilges and Ellen Bormann on sewing box equipment, Group activity consisted of measuring for pattern size. The club selected Jane Reding as Queen candidate for 4-H Fun Night. The hosts for this meeting were Mildred and Irene Thul and their mother. The meeting of Riverdale Rustlers Unit 2 was held Jan. 15 at 1:30 p. m. Elizabeth Zeimet led the pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge was led by Carrie Thilges. Kathleen Plathe gave an illustrated talk on selecting the right color for an individual. Vickl McGuire gave a talk and Michelle Thilges gave a demonstration. Joan Reding was selected Queen candidate for 4-H Fun Night, which will be held In February. Guests included Mrs, Albert Thilges, Mrs. Edwin Tiill- ges, Mrs, Hubert O'Brien, Mrs. Ted Hilbert, Mrs. Alvin Klein, Mrs. Clarence Bormann, Mrs. Edward Thilges and Mrs. Eugene Thul. Lunch was prepared by Mildred Thul and her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reding and Dick Matheson left by chartered jet from Des Moines to St. Petersburg, Florida with a group of Iowa farm co-operative dir- ecotrs and managers for their first look at the newest fertilizer production facility recently established by Consumers Cooperative Association in Lakeland, Fla. They left Des Moines Monday for the four-day trip, returning on Thursday. Dick Matheson Is manager and Harold Reding Is president of the board of directors of the Farmers Elevator in Bode. Mrs. John Thul entertained her 500 club Wednesday with Mrs. Susie Kramer and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner guests. Receiving prizes were Mrs. Peter Bormann, Mrs. Susie Kramer and Mrs. Alphonse Berte. Mrs. Tony Becker entertains the Club Feb. 3. Mike Sinnwell left Wednesday for Scottsdale, Ariz, where he has accepted employment with the Dickens Electronics Co. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McGuire are vacationing in the south and visiting with Mr. McGuire's brother, Mr, and Mrs. Bill McGuire, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Berte left Thursday for a trip south. Wed 65 Years Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tieman of Fenton, residents of the Wil- fair Rest Haven in Burt for four years, were feted Thursday at the Haven on the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary. The couple has four children, including Mrs. Gladys Dreyer, Lone Rock, Mrs. Gertrude Tietz, Lakota, Jack Tieman, Ringsted, and Les Tieman, Fenton. Mrs. Luther Fairbanks, owner and manager of the Haven, made special arrangements, including a special wedding cake. BOWLER Retired physician H. N. Anderson ("Doc") of Woobine took up bowling three years ago at the age of 861 The bowling lanes at Dunlap recently honored "Doc" for making an unusual score by picking up a 7-10 split for a spare; the first time it had been done at that lane. 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