The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 25, 1925 · Page 19
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 19

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 25, 1925
Page 19
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THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, SUNDAYr OCTOBER 35, 1925 20 NBWB MOTION - JINX Bobs Up Again. Denison Eleven Beats Varsity, 24 To 12. Sloppy Field Causes Numerous Fumbles.4 Klein Is Outstanding Star of Contest. Bearcats Score Two Touchdowns in First Quarter-Flood Lights Used in Final Period. By Bill Powers. Green-eyed, with m hideous, smirking, sarcastic rln, the old Jinx which bad kept Varsity from defeating Denison on the gridiron for many years gain performed la its custom ry fashion yesterday In the Nlppert Etadiura and beat Varsity, 24 to W. Lurking In the slimy, oo?ey, black mud. the Jinx chuckled to Itself In fiendish fashion as It allowed Varsity to score two touchdowns In the first quarter and caused Varsity rooters to believe that It had died of old age. Before the first period had ended, however, it tired of taunting its' victim, and rearing Its ugly head from the mire, began its deadly work with lightning speed. Sticking an ugly wet dripping claw at a Varsity back, the Jinx caused a fumble. He allowed a Denison man to recover It, and from then on he was busier than the proverbial cat on a tin roof. Mae Play Fails. Denison tried a line play and failed to gain. On the next play Behan, Denison left half, found an opening Inside of left tacke, plowed through it for a good gain. Another play and the ball was on the four-yard line. In order to give the Varsity rooters something to become enthusiastic over, the Jinx prevented Moore from kicking goal. Sticking closer to his Job than the proberlal fly paper, or closer than the mud stuck to the players, the Jinx started the second quarter by causing Shorty Klein. Varsity right half, who Incidentally was the outstanding star of the game, to fumble before the period was very old. With a. hawk-like swoop Mitchell, Denison center, picked it up and raced SI yards to goal. With the acore tied, Denison tried bit of smart football by trying to buck the ball over Instead of kicking the extra point, owing to the slippery condition of the ball. The play, however, failed. Denison outplayed Varsity in the third quarter completely. On the ilrst play after the kick-off the visitors opened up with a beautiful forward pass which was good for 80 yard's. A line play gained four more yards and another forward was good for 20 more yards. Line plays and' smashes put the ball on the one-yard line and ' Russell, fullback, took it across for the third touchdown. Varsity Fights Hard. . The final period found Varsity flght-. ing for its life, but the harder it fought the harder the old Jinx laughed. A fumble by U. of C. gave Denison the ball after Varsity had made three first downs and was in an excellent position to score. Fighting for every Inch, the Varsity machine gained the ball again and once more began pushing Denison back. With but three minutes to play, - Russell shot all Varsity's chances higher than a kite when he inter cepted a forward pass and galloped and slipped 56 yards for the final . touchdown of the game. The attempt at goal failed, for the fourth time. Shorty Klein proved to be the lead' er, drum major, cornet trumpet player, in fact the whole band, for varsity, and bad he been playing on a dry field, Instead of in a sea of mud, there is, Without taking credit from Denison, no question that the score would have been different. In the first quarter he gained lit yards, followed it up with 24 In the second, 28 in the third and 37 in the fourth, for a total of 219 yards. ; V. of C. received the first kick-off, ' and Klein practically carried the ball for a total of (B yards.' He netted 24 ' yards on the first two plays, took a brief rest while Maddux plunged for eight more, then started on a Journey down the field which brought him to 1 the' 13-yard line. To add Insult to ; Denlson's injury he called for the ball " again and took the oval , over the i chalk mark from the 13-yard line for I 111 CT lSDb tUUVHUU II 1. u Ltl U K0.1UO, Klelm Intercepts Pass. 1 Coach! McLaren used nine men in the back field, but none of them after the first period could do much with the Denison line. A few minutes later he intercepted a Denison forward pass on his own 35-yard line and, shaking off tacklers as duck sheds rain, he raced 65 yards for bis second touchdown. Captain Mitchell, left guard for Denison, proved to be what is known . as a reinforced stone wall. Plays which were sent up against him proved to be dudes, flattening out with dull, sickening thuds as they failed to gain. Plays which were not sent against him praqtlcally received the same medicine and turned out the same way, for the doughty captain appeared to be all over the field nailing runners. ' On the right side of the line varsity encountered a real heavyweight in Decker, who, despite 171 pounds of bone and brawn, moved about like a bantam and dropped the; varsity run ners in tneir tracics peiure lamy started many times. The visiting back field proved to be extremely fast and shifty. Russell, full back, waa at home'ln the rough going and waa good for many long trains on line plunges. The outstanding star in the back field, however, roved to be Panders, in the quarterback position. He not only ran his U. C.-DENISON STATISTICS FIRST DOWNS. ' FlrVt Second Third ; Quarter. Quarter, Quarter. Denison . . Cincinnati Denison . . Cincinnati Denison ., Cinciunuti Denison Cincinnati r i 3 8 2 YARDS GAINED FROM SCRIMMAGE. 4S 20 14 . ....... 47 74 22 PUNTS AVERAGE, 88 0 22 17 IS 0 ! PASSES ATTEMPTED. 4 1 0 0 PASSES COMPLETED. 2 0 1 0 0 0 YARDS GAINED BY PASSES, Denison .. Cincinnati Denison .. Cincinnati 49 -A Masses intercepted by ueniaoa ., . ....... t .. . Cincinnati ............ 1 1 V V FUMBLES. . ., 2 1 0 1 " . 1 1 6 . 2 penalties. ,,,, ,. 10 6 10 5 6 10 JO INDIVIDUAL GAINS YARDS. Denison. 10 0 5 0 13 0 0 0 , , 22 0 4 , 0 i 3 14 . 10 ,5 ,, 0 11 2 6 Cincinnati. , 0 0 0 ' 0 , 128 26 28 37 , tf 0 0 12 7 ,19 0 8 ,,,, 0 45 0 0 ... ' o o o 4 ,, , 2 11 1 0 0 0, 0 t Denison . Cincinnati Denison . Cincinnati Sanders Moore , Russell Kettle; , Klein . Bradfqrd Maddux Filger .. Williams Martin Wood Denotes yards lost. team In heady fashion, but carried the ball with the speed of a torpedo and tackled hard and eleanly. Not only was the game played on the worst sort of field Imaginable but a cloudy sky and rain marred the contest greatly. Combined with; the dark sky, the mud made the players almost unrecognizable not long after the play started. In the f inaj, period it grew so dark that the large flood lights had to be used. The lineup: Denison. Poslton. Cincinnati. , , Grasfeder , ,, Herman Schawo , Pease (c.) Broughton L. 1.. Baker L. T., Mitchell c.) I.Q.. Nicholson C. ... Meeka It. O.. Decker R. T. . Pressor It. E. . Bandera O. B. . ' Howies! Schmid Valentiner Behan I.. H Martin I.uff R. H Klein Russell ,...JT. B Maddux Score bv narlods! 1 k I 4 Denison , s a 14 Cincinnati IJ 0 H Scoring Denison: Touchdowns, Behan, Mitchell, Russell 2; Cincinnati: Klein 2. Hubstltutlons Denison: Moore for Luff, Rutherford for Moeks. Rettis- for Behan. Jenkins for Sanders. Meeks for Rutherford, Sanders for Jenkins. Rutherford for uecKer. uecuer tor itutnsrrora: iincni- natli Nlmmo for Hollo, Barrett for Peaae, tilgtr for Martin, tflrt tor vaianuner, Bradford for Hirt. nemimin. for Brad ford, Blrt for Borneman.VPeaaa fer Barrett, Martin for ft'inrer. Williams ror wanm. Valentiner for Blrt, Bradford for Williams, Wood for Bradford, FIlR.r for Wood. H.f-ere Lane. Umpire 1'lotsrwald, Head Llnesmau-Kreuck. Wesleyan 26, Ohio 0. SFXCUL DISPATCH TO TH9 SNQOTEII. , Athena. Ohio. October !4.The nattllng Blahops, of Ohio Wesl.yan, Delaware. unio, over onto university jo to o hers today in breaking the "Jinx" which haa lasted the Methodists two years In frays with the Ureen and White. Es pecial nleasure waa felt byuie visitors. who came here by train and Inotor 1,800 strong because Ohio won t to 0 last year at Delaware, coach uautier piacea a splendid team en the field here today a great una and a speedy ana rootoau-wise back field. ' The Methodists scored four times, all on long runs, from 20 to 70 yards In each Instance, failed four times to place kicks from the field. Ohio never seriously threatened to score save twice when Sweeney, Ohio, quarter, attempted to drop kick... Both failed. Una. up and summary: Wesleyan. Foslton. . ...U E . . . . L, T :: ...,r. a ....R. T . ...R. E .....CI. H Ohio, Campbell .., R. Tilton .. J. Tilton .., MacCracken Frump Nelson ..... I.amme ..... Winters .... E. Bllckle . Pearce Turney "(Jardner ' .. Smith i Shafer .... Dunean .... Iongley Jarvay U H. vnnrri I . R. 11 Sayles' .F. B Oamberl Bcore by periods, ..... 1 I I Wesleyan 1 0 13 Ohio 0 0 0 Referee Mr. Swain, of Dickson. tn 0 0 Cm- plre Mr. Drumme, of Marietta. Field Judge Mr, Abrams, of Indianapolis. Head Linesman Mr. Dunlamp, of . Denison. Wesleyan Scoring Touchdoyns, Pearce, 11. Tilton, McFarland and Turney. Goals From Touchdown Turney and E. Bllckle. Substitutions Wesleyan: Kofsky for Nelson, Coleman for Campbell, Rosser for Pearce, McFarland for C. Bllckle, c Bllckle for Turner, Wright for Lamms, Hllwlg for Winters. Blaser for Mccracken, Swain for Pearcei Ohio, Hudson for Sweeney, Dorn tor Gamber, Wagner for Wise. Wlttenbery 10, Heidelberg; 0. Springfield, Ohio, October t. Wittenberg College crunched Heidelberg's offensive today, winning easily, 19 to 0. The visitors were held to two first downs made in the first period, Wittenberg rolling a total of 21 by the firat touchdown in the covered a Una plunger in Francis Maus, Dover, Ohio, who smawhed the Heidelberg line in the second half. . Bradley, high point scored In Ohio Conference, added seven points to his previous total of 21 by the flsrt touchdown In the second period, but suffered his second In-Jury of the season when two ribs were broken. He was retired from tha game played in a constant rain. Wittenberg. Positions. Thelseu . , L. (S. . . Moeller L.T... Heidelberg. . .. Kingsmore Crump Overholt Funk Beemanderfcr Boerst ...,,L. Q... (funnlnrhnm f! . (Cunningham Beemou . . . Oerom Burdette .. Mauer Bradley .... Maua ...... Brant .R. B... .R. r, . . .K. e... .Q.B.,. .u... .R. K... -.F. B.. . Shaw i . . . . Bryant 1 . , . . Kramer j . . Mehaffey Radenbaugh vvaae Periods. Wittenberg Heidelberg. Scoring Touchdowns 2 . 3 6 6 0 0 4 7 1 0 0 Bradley, Arm- strong, Maurer. Point after touchdown Bradley. Substitution Armstrong for BradleyJ Referee Pugbj. O. W. U. Urn. plre Graff, State. Head Linesman Maurer, Marietta, Time of Periods 16 pilnutes. Wooster 7, Mt. Union O. SFSOUL DISPATCH TO TBS ICQCnn. Wooster, Ohio, October 24. Wooster'a string of victories over Mt. Union remained unbroken today when the Boles-man counted a touchdown in the first quarter and then staved off repeated ef forts or the visitors to score. Jameson carried the bait over when he scooped up Blough's attempted drop kick, which hopped along the ground across the goal line. Two first downs coming after Wooster recovered a fumble placed Wooster In position to score. Thereafter Wooatar did not threaten. Mt. Union showed a diversified attack and three times was inside of Woosters 16-yard line. On a foifrth occasion Llber ran 40 yards for a touchdown, but afficlals ruled It out because a player Ineligible to rr celve a pass had touched it. Critchfleld and Fox for Wooster, and Armstrong for Mt. union piayea gooa xootDaiL i,ine-up and summary; w oosisr. Pf elf fer Sauar Layporto .... Critchfleld ... Wykoft Hull Jalmeson . . SfakowlQ ..... OlHen Blough Fox Poslt)n. ...UB... M.M, ...UQ... ...C..... . ..R. Q... ...R.T..., ...R.B... ...Q. B... ...C H... .,R. H... ...F. B... Union. Liber Ball , .D. . Armstrong; . . , Burkla H. McGranahan ....... Xllppert Harvey wllcoxen Mills . , Taber ..L. Armstrong- ubatltut I ona- Wooster: Stol for Lay- norte, Laynorte for Stoll. Polllff for Critchfleld, .Lehman for BlouKh; Mt. Union: urr for Mills, stopper tor Taber, Yengllng for Mills. Touchdowns- Jalmeson. Point after touchdown Blouarh, Ref eree Towne (Bates). Umpire Bell (Illinois). Linesman MnCullough (Dlx). FOX HUNTERS TO MEET. New Lexington. Ohio, October 14 (A. P.). --The Buckeye State Fox Hunters' Association of Southwestern Ohio will hold Its annual fox hunters' field trials here on Oc tober 28. 29 and 30. The first day will fie ror young hounds under Z3 mentha the following daya will be open fir all Fourth Quarter. 0 5 Totals. 10 1 13 i)2 . 183 10 40 45 37 0 6 - 35 18 6 G 3 1 0 1 A A 5 2 0 4 4 25 30 i 15 12 18 33 18 219 12 84 48 :i OHIO'S COLORS CONTINUED JBOMC TIRST PAGE, the two elevens battled back and forth in a haze. The players were covered with mud from head to foot. Spectator! had difficulty in following the progress of the ball and a few knew who was doing what Ohio State had about a 50-50 break on its forward passes, com . .... . , IIICLUIH; BIJb QUI 01 IWC1VO ttllOIUpLB for a total gain of 65 yeards. Two of the passes were Intercepted by Iowans. The longest ' pass by the Wllcemen waa on from Marek to Cunningham, which gained 28 yards. The others were for gains of from four to nine yards. A long pass attempted by Cunningham was placed accurately and would have been good, except for the coverage given to the receiver by Iowa players. Iowa attempted out one forward pass, but it was good for a 10-yard gain, added to the 51-yard run Just previously ripped off by Fry, led directly to the concluding plays for the first Hawkeye touchdown. The successful heave was from Kutsch to Fry. The teams stood even on first downs. Only once was the ball lost o downs and that was when Ohio State, in a frantic attempt to connect on its passes, tried a throw on the fourth down and failed. Karon Stars la Defeat, Karow continued his sensational plunging career and never was turned i i. i Li. , ... AM .v.. u ...o niicmyM wh one costly occasion when he muffed the ball. Marek was not the running threat for Ohio State that ha has been. He showed flashes of bril- llancy, but was Ineffective against the defense put up by Iowa's ends. Marek threw four of the completed passes and proved to be a menace from that angle. His kicking was consistent but Bcblrmer topped him for distance. The nearest' the Buckeyes ever came to the Hawkeye goal line was in the closing momenta of the second period, when the ball had been pushed to Iowa's, twenty-one-yard line by thrusts of Karow and Marek and a series of passes. From that position Marek essayed a pass, but ha was delayed, threw the ball too late and Schlrmer intercepted it on his 10-yard line. The Buckeyes' one real chance was gone. ' The estimated attendance at the game today was 38,000, the largest crowd of the season, despite the fact that there was a drizzle at game time and that it had been raining for 12 hours. The play-by-play aeceuat of the game follows: IIRST PEBIQD. Urldll kicked off yards to Fry, who returned the ball to Iowa's 40-yard line. Kutsch. on an off-tackle play, failed to twin. Fry was stopped with a loss of a scant toot on the second down. The refares called for towels .to wipe the ball. Graham punted 60 yards and the ball was recovered by Rice, Iowa end, on Ohio state's 14-yard line. onto state a nan. Karow plunged for two. Karow broke through the center of the line for six yards. Marek punted 60- yards and tha bail was covered by Myers, Ohio guard, lows' ball on its 30-yard line, Kutsch gained two yards off tackle. Fry was thrown for a loss of a yard. Schlrmer punted 46 yards to Marek, who was downed on his 30-yard line. The ball was called back because of off-slue play and Ohio State was penalized five. Iowa's ball on its 36-yard line. Schlrmer again punted e6 yards to Marek, who was downed on his five-yard line. Karow plunged through center for three yards. Marek ran around his left end for six yards. Marek reversed his field on a try at his rLght tackle and Iowa then waa penalised five additional for off-side. Marak on tha next play lost two. Marek punted 46 yards and tha ball was recovered by Myers on lowa'a 36-yard Una. . Kutsch. on a wide run around his right end, failed to gain. He waa stopped by Ullery, Kutsch whirled through tha Una for eight yartU. Kutsch tried the center ims nine nuu iihbbbu urai aown oy couple of inches. Schlrmer punted 60 . yards to Marek, who returned the ball to nis so-yara line. arw through tackle for one yard. Marek plowed off hla right taoicie ror rour yams. Marek punted 80 yards and the ball was covered by Myers on lowa s a -yara line. Kutsch fumbled and recovered on his 32-yard line. where he waa downed. Another towel waa called for. me jnayera were almost indistinguishable on account of the mud. Bchirmer, on a fake punt formation, attempted to run around his left end, but waa stopped without gain. Schirmer punted 60 yards to Marek, who returned the ball out of bounds on hla 3 -yard line. Karow slashed tackle for two yards. On a trick pass Karow went through the center of the Una for two more. Marek whirled through the line for two yarda Marek punted 49 yards to Kutach. who was downed on hla 20-yard line. Fry broke through tackle for 61 yards, and was thrown on Ohio State's lt-yard line by Rowan, who tackled him from the rear. The quarter ended here. Score; Ohio State, 0, Iowa. Q. SECOND PEBIOD. . In a wide end run Frr waa thrown out of bounds for a two-yard loss. Fry went through tackle for two. . Kutach'e forward , pass to Fry was complete for a aam of 10 yarda and first down. Kutsch, attempting to aiasn me line, waa stopped after gaining one yard. Fry ripped through the center for four yards.' Kutsch broke through right tackle for a gain of four yards ana luaae xirst aown u Ohio' one font Una. SrT nlunarad Jr tha line. Kutach'a attdmut for a kick from place. mant for the point after touchdown was oiockea Dy neaa. uauoer went, reiiaceu Kutsch itt left half for Iowa. KUtach aP' peared to be battered. Urldll kicked off 46 yards to Fry, who returned the ball to lowa'a 37-yard line. Graham, on an off taekle dash, gained a couplo of yards, but Iowa waa Denallxed 16 yards for holding- Iowa's ball en Its 27-yard Una. Schlrmer ran around his right end for 19 yard a Schlrmer went through center- for three more, making first down after tne pen alty. fciclih-nier, in an another attempt around his right end, gainea one - vara. Schlrmer reversed his field, hut was thrown for a loos of two yards by Grim, and Iowa was penalized five far off side. Iklilrmer fumbled, twrt reoevarsd, losing five yards an the play, Rowan, who covered tha runner, waa knocked out on the play, but resumed his position. Schlrmer punted 65 yards, the ball being covered by Homey on Ohio's two-yard line. Oorrlll replaced Rowan at end for Ohio. Nelson, right tackle for Iowa, was playing with a yard of towel hanging from his belt. Marek punted 46- yards, and the ball was recovered by Cunningham. Iowa's ball on Ohio's 46-yard Una. Schlrmer, In a wide right-end run, gained five yards. Schlrmar then was forced out of bounds without gain. Schlrmer attempted his left and and , was stopped without gain. Schlrmer punted 26 yards out of bounds. Ohio's ball on Its 23-yard line. Karow bucked the line fox two yards. Marek gained two yards off his right 'tackle. Marek punted 40 yards out of bounds. lowa'a bait on her 40-yard line. Schirmeri gained three tnrougn tackle, ana tnsn nit the center, but was stopped without gain. Schfrmer punted 36 io Marek, who . was run eut of poinds on his 30-yard line. A forward pass, Marek to Cunningham, gained 2t yards. Buckeye players began to smear themselves with powdered rosin during time out. On a complicated trick pass Karow plunged through center for five yarda, Karow dived through center for four yards. Hot man went in for Roda-wtg at right guard for Iowa. Karow: f dunged for first down on Iowa's H-yerJ Ins. A forward pass, Marek to Clarke, gained nine yarda. Marek slashed the line for ana yard and first down. Another forward pass by Marek was delayed and was Intercepted by Shirmer on Iowa's 10-yard line. Ollery went in for Klein. Reed replaced Haas for Ohio State. Schlrmer pierced the line for three yards. Lacksen' replaced Urldll and Ackerman replaced Cunningham for Ohio, F.ry gained three yards through tackle, Schlrmer gained one at center. Schlrmer broke around his left end for seven yards and first down. Fry went through Ohio's left taekl for six yards. Fry gained two through center as theialf ended. score ana first hair: lowa. a: vaio (Hate, 0, Rodawlg went In at right guard for Iowa. Ohio State line-up was tha sam. that started, except that Wendler replaced Marek at right half. Urldll kicked off 56 yards and the ball was returned to Iowa's 26-yard line. Fry failed to gain at center and Schlrmer, attempting ta run around his left end, was thrown for a one-yard loss, Schlrmer punted 46 yards to Grim, who fumbled when tackled on his 36- rard line, where Dauber recovered for owa. Schlrmer, on an attempt to elrcl State's left end, was thrown for a two. yara loss, ucmrmer attempted 19 siaan tackle and struggled for a two-yard gain. On a take punt, Fry found a hole at center for first down on Ohio's 22-yard line. He repeated for a sain of two yarda Schlrmer crawled through tackle for five yarda Schlrmer broke through tackle for three yards and first down. Fry darted at his left tackle and gained a yard. Fry went through center for two yards. Schlrmer, attempting to run around left end, was stopped without gain. Hogan replaced Rodawlg at right guard for Iowa. Hogan dropped back to his 20-yard line for a drop kick and made the field goal. Hogan immediately was taken from the line-up and supplanted by Holman. Itomey kicked off 40 yards to Wendler, who went out of bounds on his 20-yard line. Grim gained two yards around right end. X pass, Cunningham to Grim, was Incomplete. The throe was aimed accurately, but Grim was eovered by an Iowa player. A pass, Karow to Grim, was incomplete. Grim punted 30 yards out of bounda Fry failed to gain around his fight and. Fry wont through tackle for four yards, Schlrmer fumbled and waa thrown for a loss of 13 yards. He attempted te run on a punt formation when the fumble occurred. Schlrmer punted 40 yards to Grim, Ohio's ball on its twenty-eight-yard line. Karow went through center for five yards. Grim stashed tackle for two. A forward pass, Grim to Gorrlll, was incomplete. Grim punted 45 yards to Fry, who was downed on his twenty-nlne-yard line. Schlrmer bucked center for three yards. Fry attempted to run through tackle, but was thrown by Karow without gain. Schlrmar punted 60 yards to Grim, who returned the ball 16 yards, to Ohio's forty-one-yard line. Grim failed to gain around his left end. A forward pass, Karow to Cunningham, gained nine yards. Karow plunged for a yard and first down. Karow ran around right end for three yarda A forward pass, .aarow to urinr atned eight yards and first down on nwa's si.vard Una. Karow ran around right end for eight yards Just as the quar- Score end third period: Iowa, I; Obi ptate, 0. POTTRTH 7EEI0D. Karow nlunaed for a yard, but State waa penalized five for offakla. A long paaa by Karow waa .Incomplete. Dauber was Injured on the play, but resumed hla position. A fnrwnrrl rtftiut hv KaroW W&S lnCOm nlntft. Another forward cass by Karow was knocked down and the ball went tar Iowa on Its 33-yard line. Schlrmer made one yard around rlrht end and repeated tor two inrougn taenia, Schlrmer punted 60 yards to Grim, who returned the ball te hta 35-yard line out of bounds. Marek went In for Wendler. Karow fumbled when attempting to run around left end, and Romey recovered on Ohio's 30-yard line. Hess broke behind the line and threw Bohlrmer ror a two-yard lows. He repeated and stopped Schlr-mar rural n for a further less of a yard, pchlrmer, running tandem through tackle, gained six yards. Ackerman replaced Rowan and Jeffrey replaced Cunningham. On a fake punt Fry broke through tackle for 12 yards and first down, eluding sev eral tacklers. Fry ran widely around his right end throueh the line for a ten-yard run and and gained one yard. Schlrmer broke through t he center of the Una fop a ten-yard run and a touch down. Graham failed to score the extra point after tochdown. The ball went beneath the crossbar. Corrlll replaced Jeffrey. Tha klck-ofC waa made, by agree- ment, on the aide of the field, because of the mud In the center. Romey kicked out of bounds on Ohio State's 15-yard line, and the ball waa called back. Reed re nl need Mvera. Mac key reo laced Urldll. Romey kicked off 46 yards to Marek, who returned tha nail to nis a i -yard ine. Karow hit center for four yards. A for ward paee by Marek waa Intercepted on Ohio's 41-yard line. Schlrmer Intercepted the past. Jry fumbled, tha snap-pack ana lost five yaraa on the recovery, ne re gained one yrd, after another sloppy snap-back. He knifed center for two yards. Sehlrmor punted 15 yarns out of bounds Hleronymus replaced Karo for Ohio. Marek scrapped hla way off hta left tackle, but the play was caiiod back ana Ohio was nana Heed five yards for offside. Hleronymoua went through center for two, A forward tass by Marek was Intercepted by Romey, o Iowa, who returned It to the 20-yard line, where ne was tackiea oy uor-rlll. Fry nit tackle for a yard. Iowa rain ad flva yards on a buck. Schlrmer pierced taekla for two yarda. Ullery replaced Klein. Schlrmer ran throuah center for another yard. Dauber tried a kick from placement, but the feall was low beneath the cross bar. Ohio's ball on Us 20-yard line. A forward pass, Marek to Clark, gained nine yarda Hieronymous piungea ior ursi aown on Ohio's Sly&rd line, Marek ran around hla left end. whirling away from several tacklera finally stopping on the 41-yard line. A forward pass, Marek to Clark, gained four yarda A forward pass by Marek was incomplete. Marek was stopped on the last play. In an attempted left-end run. Line-up and summary: Ohio State. Positions. Xowa. Cunning-ham U E Rice I. r Hlnae L. 0 Krasuskl Nichols .... Myers Klein Heaa (Jrldell Rowan Brim , C... Griffin ....r. a.. ....r. r., ....R. K. . ...Q, B. ....U H. R. H. ....F. B., Rodawlg , . Mason .. Romey Schlrmer Clark. Kutsch Marak , Graham Karow ..... Fry Score tr periods Ohio State,, I 4 0 o Iowa I a II iowa scoring: Touchdown Pry and R,hirmer. Field Goal Hotran faub for Rodawlg).. Officials Referee, James O. Masker, Northwestern. Umpire Fred H. Younir; Illinois Wesleyan. Field Judir M. Morton, Michigan. Head Linesman W. C. Knight, Michigan. Time of Periods Fifteen mlPUtea each. ; PHIZES ABE ANffOTTirCED. The committee on the T.' M. C. A. Thanksgiving Day road races has selected as prices handsome gold-filled witches for first place, sterling silver belt buckles for the second and third places, and bronee medals will he given for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places In the run and for fourth place In the walk. Entry hlanka are being sent eut to the various athletic clubs and T. M. C. A. a in Ohio, Indiana and Kontucky. These may be had by calling at Spaldlngs, Brendamour, Lowa at Campbell, Spinney's and the Y. M. C. A. BONIFACE LEAVES. SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THS SNQDUtEB. Lexington, Ky., October 24. The atat Hon Boniface and seven tn ares Finery, Briar Rose, Glad Brook, Piiacllia Mullens, Barabelle, Spring Tide and Ultimata the property of Commander J. K. l. Ross, have been shipped from Harry Morrissey's Kern pi and Farm, near heie. to Vert-he res, Uia Rom farm In the Jproviac ot Quebec Foreigners Enter Mares in Belmont Park Futurity BFeCIjLL DISPATCH TO THS BNQCTIBKK. New York, October 2..Those who have not abandoned hope that the spirit of International good-fellow hip in sport, enkindled by the Papyrus and Eplnard races in 1923 and 1924 would be revived at. no distant period were cheered the past week by the announcement that Pierre Wertheimer and tb'e Aga Khan, would be patrons of our produce race that are due to close within the next two months. ' Those whp know Mr. "Wertheimer best wero prepared for his statement that the children of his great hor Eplnard would be sent across th- water from time to time, for uch a purpose was outlined before, hli . . . . year, oeoeuse nis wm longeq to re departure from this country, a little turn to her peop , thu ff)Wtry. , more than a year ago. When Bpi-1 The Aga Xahn made every Induce t nard failed to gain a victory in thre"t to Mr, Duke to remain there,: International Serle. though wng ' nd the relationship between the Mo- j . . hammedan multimillionaire and hia , In such gallant fashion that he won former trMn,r r of tn, roost pIeag. the hearts of all by his , splendid ant character.. Mr, Puke will nat-quality, Mr. Wertheimer said he urftlly be only too rtad to be of erv- j would breed from his champion , ; Joe to hi. formV patroa, Then too, . ... tJ ., , . i there assuredly would be a weieom' i horse that would carry his color to lntr h-n, from th(1 turf .utharlties f victory fn the United States, and that he would keep on trying until be accomplished the feat. In nomlnat-; . m . , . ing a group of mares bred to Eplnard . for the Futurity of 1928 at Belmont, Park, the French portarnan Is going ! about the matt.r In tha rirht way. The product of these mare may be sent here as weanlings or year- lings, and receive their preliminary I education In this country, I The determination of the Aga Khan ranking player, lie is making serious at-to be represented in .the United forte, on the links. Helen wins has ee- States is what might be elpected ...... l .i.. from one who takes pleaeure In the number and duality of his thorough breds, and whose keenest ambition U to have them race on as widely At..tu..A .ih- ..iki t u uioinuu iwM . y - ure 1 I em about it. I j Wken they once use Red Top I know they worlt "Kuril'1 si. m ft ill fc -lllMM- i m i n mn ' - ri " m it: si m m j irm m um im la m vs - jr I Taste It! Smell It! I j . i;;;--) 1 - I I FYTiJA HFfllVi nnr?ff I 4 j It's ENTIRELY Different! j 1 t j .: nothing for this East Indian poten tate, whose wealth Is so vast, to have tartars on half a dozen race courses m the earns day. England arm France hold the greatest claim ou his turf affections, however, and he maintains large racing stable In both countries, a well aa a . breeding stud. in Ireland. , An American Invasion by a man of sueh wealth and resources In the way of -bloodstock would beyond doubt be suocessful. He would have a decided advantage in the counsel of William 8., PuVa, now trainer here for Oifford A- Cochran, Mr. Duke, an American by birth, but who went to France many years Ago to train with I aiicesa for tha l&t Wm. K. Vender. w aB(J others, was in eharge of the French racing etablihment of the Khan foi some time, and only ...... hla ..n.MMnn VUh hlM 111! ',- -..,.-..,-., this country, as well as from the i -nfc and file of raoegoera, who have , pt shown their appreciation j of the pluck behind sueh an under taJtlnf , r Tn, manner In which Papy. rs and Eplnard. were welcomed, here wa a eredtt to the sporting spirit i lu" l"wers in ine untied oiaies. RICHARDS TAKES UP GOLF. New Toric October 4 (A. P.) llke Maurice McLaughlin and Mary Brawns. Vincent Richards haa taken UP golf. A n.An.hv tt tha mulm f7un I..M mnA 1 .rA , "- " " IT'S ALL EVEN. Belfast. October 24 (A. P.). -Ireland and England played a ucoreless tie In their annual international weeer football matcn here today. r Great a tea arvddonl forget to mention IKe fact that the Unusual QUALITY made Red Top so famous. SAJT FRAKCISCO WINS. San Francisco, October 24 (A, P ). R. U S. Louisville , I 7 3 Sao Franclfce Ill Batteries - Cullep and Meyer Mitchell and Agnear. t i . N0THE DAME IS WINKTJIt. '' Bloomlngton. Ind., October 24 (A, P.). Notre Dame defeated Indiana Univeralty In a crpas-eountry run today over the Crimson three.and.ona-tonth-mUa ooursa ! nnisning wun as points te inqiana s H. Bad weather, snow, rain and mud will not, spot, stain or in any way damage a Duco finish. It Js guaranteed not to fade, check . or craze. We can finish your car with laUCU . in eight or fen days, any color, or A combination of colors and we offer you either a dull or polish finish. To owners of Duco finished cars v z we have a guick service for polishing or repairing dirty or damaged v DUCO finish. - - . . We have in stock Dupont's No. 7 DUCO POLISH. - - Duco Cincinnati Company - 1426 Sycamore Street. Phone Canal 5200. Ohio Distributors of Duponl's Puco. . Idea - PE03U0T0E TELLS PLAITS. Los AngolM, October t (A. P.). Floyd FttsBlmmones, fight promotor, who mr-rtv.d yeatordR-r on ft combined bualnoas and pleaaur Jaunt wltl Mrs. Fltalmmon, announced that he waa Innirns tha prln cipal of tha Dempaey-WUla bout n Mich-, IB VH.7 tvgiGUa UwAl pV wui vspg vi WW,- 000, . , Fltsslmmona said he would Insure Wills fer 1160,000, and Dempaay for at leaat that amount, and perhaps 1300,000, as a measure ef precaution. The arena at Michigan City, Fltsslmraone said, would be Increased to take oar a tt rrom iuv.pvv to tzs,uvu spectators. 9 9 .. iico A

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