The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1966 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1966
Page 14
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It's going to be a big surprise to the copy setter to find "Tidbits" done in hand writing, But, not being sure when I can type again, I thought I'd better get going. Why hand writing instead of print you ask? Well, it's a rather long and certainly a sad story. I suffered a sprained wrist, and when I mean suffered, I mean suffered. I can still count my blessings. It wasn't broken, I use my arms and hands to hoist me out of my chair, a very simple and easy operation, but a few days ago I overdid the act, and the results were exasperating to put it mildly. I am grounded after a fashion and need nurses help to get up and down. I took a stroll down the hall awhile ago and talked to Frank Johnson. I asked him if he had a good word to cover the situation and he agreed to pass it on to me if he came up with one. * * * Such a winter! I've never known a time there has been so much sickness. Residents we expect to have "off" days, but the nurses have been hard hit, too, and we never know from day to day who will be on the job. Nevertheless we are being well-fed and well-cared for. * * * Lois Groen, one of my favorites, was at St. Ann several days. She and I are crossword puzzle addicts, not the money one, the big one in the TV magazine section. * * * Rev. Frank Harcey of the Congregational church gave us such, a fine message Jan. 9. The gist of it was "Tongues" and what sharp instruments they can be. How very true, and how kind they can be. I am afraid we use them as sharp instruments much too frequently. And how one word can lead to more and more. How simple and kind it is when some one has the courage to speak up and change the trend. Am I preaching ? No, but I am in a position to hear both kinds and marvel that on the whole, the group here is harmonious. * * * I had such a cute letter from someone I love very much. Among her wedding gifts was a set of silver that has some puzzling pieces. She is planning a dinner for a couple of friends; whom she believes can be bewildered. I shall be anxious to hear the result. Reminds me of dad who always wanted a lesson to be on the safe side. One of the girls here said some times she ate at cafes which used quite a lot of silver service, much to • her dismay. I gave her the old time answer "Work from the outside toward the plate." Well, I am glad I'll never be a guest of Jackie Kennedy. I'm afraid I'd be lost, and as for drinks, I don't know a martini from an "old fashioned" or something or other "on the rocks," The only "rocks" which interest me are diamonds, Anyone feel like giving me a few? Or presenting me with a deed to a mine ? Oh, on second thought, bow about an oil well, a good gusher. Dream on, thou foolish one! And do you know, I'd throw the whole kaboodle away for a body free of arthritis! * * * Friends of mine who are "blessed eventing" soon are keeping the names chosen a secret, so I'll have to wait, not long, until announcements are out. Another friend is storking, too, in a few months. I forgot to ask what names she had in mind. Babies are one crop one can always be sure of, yet today's paper says there were fewer births in '65 than any year since ' 51. With all the publicity, medicines and what-not that are blatantly advertised it's a wonder there are any babies. But, wouldn't it be a dreary world without them ? I've always liked Killmer's "Trees", but even better is "Mighty Like aRose"- remember it ? * * * Mrs. Anne Presthus brought me a letter to read which she had received from Fanari, Greece, thanking her for clothing which had been sent abroad by a church group here. Mrs. Presthus' name and address were in the pocket of the garment Mrs. Despina Genitsi had received. Alex Demand translated the letter for Mrs. Presthus. A picture was promised when she wrote again. The family farms near Fanari which is located near the ocean and is visited by quite a few svmi.ior tourists. She said, "We havd four children. We live here in the village. Our life here is quite difficult and for what we get our rewards are very small." * * * I was so glad Ellen Dailey phoned me Tuesday. It was not good news she had to tell me but it gives me a chance to write to the Clarence Pannkuks at Fairmont, very good friends of mine. The Fairmont radio announced the sudden death Sunday of Mrs. Don Pannkuk, wife of Clarence and Maggie's son. .She was about 40 and death was due to a brain hemmorrhage. Services were held Jan. 11. There is a family of a few children, I have forgotten how many, and their ages. The last letter I had from Maggie just a few weeks ago said Clarence was again in the Fairmont hospital and only recently had been at Rochester. Their past two years have been full of sickness and miseries. * * * Mr. Cunningham came in to see me yesterday when I had my hand in a hot pack, hot towel around the wrist, plastic bag over that, and bath towel around the whole thing. He said it looked like a Yorkshire ham! He's a native of Britain you know and says over there royalty goes around casually and unnoticed. And look what a fuss we make here! I was amazed and disgusted though at seeing Luci, you know who, - having attended Catholic services, had an elaborate mantilla on her head - a very ordinary jacket, above the knees skirt and stockings below the knees - an incongruous mess of garments undignified and far from being in keeping with the mantilla and . service. So much for a "commoner" point of view! * * * Mrs. Mattie McWhorter's birthday was celebrated today. The hostesses, members of the Pink Ladies who dropped in to see me were Mrs, Pauline McGuire, Mrs. Pena Boekelman, Mrs, R, A, Behnke, Mrs. Anna Presthus. j hope I haven't over- looked anyone. Pardon me if I have, Mattie was 91. * * * The Pete Jorgenson youngsters think West Bend is a fine place to live. With their mother they spent Friday and Saturday at grandpa and grandma J. H. Moreys and joined West Bend youngsters in skating on the little lake near the Grotto. * * * The Frank Ryersons live on a farm near Burt, and are always telling me' of the many kinds of birds which come to their feeder.. The only ones .attracted to the feeder outside my window are sparrows and chick-a-dees, Once a cardinal flashed by and sat for a moment in the pine tree close by. Today, Mr. Ryerson brought me some sun flower seeds with the hopes some better varieties will be attracted and I have been on the alert. The Ryersons live in a location more likely to have many kinds of birds. I have been past their attractive home. He does not farm, rents the land, but they love their country home and want to remain there. They are relatives of Mattie McWhorter and are bere often to see her. I wonder 11 they would mind if Id' remark that both always look so nice. * * * "Arizona Highways" always have beautiful issues, but January strikes me as being even more beautiful. I want you to know, Elsa and Willis Bradley, how I "travel" westward each month. * * * Gwen and Herbert Haas are headed for "somewhere" ere long for a couple of months. Just turn the car south and west and see where it winds up. If they run into too much snow, they'll just hole up in a motel till things clear. A nice way of traveling. I kinda' surmise they'll tnd up on the west coast via southern route, but that is only my guess. Gwen says Herb doestft care much about driving, but she's willing to take a turn behind the wheel. * * * We are expecting Katherine McMurray back from St. Ann most any day. She could be Atgono, (la.) Upper p a> Maine* Tuttdoy,January 2S, 1966 here before this reaches print. friend brought me, crunchy and I'll try and be in the hail to say ."hello." She was so nice about coming to see me when she., was able. She and Mrs. Helen Trauger used to come together, * * * I received a belated Christmas gift from Margaret Durant Jan. 13. I told her I could enjoy it the more since the Christmas rush is over. It is a Christmas story written by her and called "The Least of These." It was enclosed in an envelope made of wallpaper, fashioned by Gertrude Sheridan Kelley, . well- known and loved librarian here many years ago. The story by Miss Durant is sweet and carries a perfect Christmas message. I shall keep the envelope for interesting clippings I find from time to time. * * * Whistles are good - I'm not talking about the noisy toys, I'm talking about a new snack a tasty - t haven't been in a grocery store for so long I don't know what's new. So, if I tell you I've been whistling, you'll know what I am talking about. * * * Here's a switch - a friend looking out my window said, "There goes a car pulling a wrecker." _ ^_ _ ^ REASONABLE PRICES, good service, and quality printing are trademarks of The Upper Des Motnes Pub. Co. in Algona. SENIOR CITIZENS! SEE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ON BACK PAGE Methods Modern cars demand modern "know-how" to keep them rolling at the peak of performance. Our mechanics are carefully trained and expertly skilled in such servicing! ALGONA AUTO REPAIR JUST EAST OF HIGH SCHOOL ANNEX 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 295-5504 KPffls ! J > i < CORN'SOYBEAN C L I N I C 9 TO 12 - lTO3s30 FREE LUNCH AT NOON WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9 V.F.W. HALL - ALGONA

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