The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Page 8
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PAG& EIGHT "AHilJerymari's Paradise 15 'f.v*. 1,-^. —..... .... _ . Will Cover .''Nation And Outposts In Tropic Seas Thoroughly By TIIDMAS M. JOHNSON NEA Service Military Writer Tlie war games played on our Atlantis and Pacific.coasts and in the South tire practical efforts to find, in peacetime, tome of war's grim answers.. ' Today's workmanlike planning of our national dt-jnsc contrasts strongly witli the situation 25 years ajo, when our staffs \wie forbidden even to guess at the .consequences of America's Involvement in war. Then they had to camouflage a National Guard .shake-down as "defense . of the Mexican border" and to hide Pershin^'s trench- warfare ttalnlng of his Villa expedition. Today we admit frankly that, willy-nilly, «e must rehearse our defense—and with both army and navy. <•• NO. 1 OUTPOST iv rv«Hn IS If mm scheme Jnlo effect, eoimoiis were issued which cnlllle the bearer to »"y so many gallons of gasoline A woman inctorht, called at \\ Worcester gamac and t'ol three gallons, she gnvc (he auentlaiit -no appropriate coupons and prepared to drive off when the man reminded her ij )!l( . A ,, e had not iA 1 8avc yo " " 1C wwpflns -" C|,. ntlrt _ -r (,• r I'?!"'" 0 Money." said l)c. Allonge 1 raitic Cases,! "°'• -^ i have to pay, tw?- t -i, e Crowe! Various Cowls, which pedestrians miim deposit coins before ihey venture- across J f the street. H l ' r " S " u »W°l>S collectors could l>= averted Ijy llln an and leading : lo an airtom com,,l ne and • recording' slat Adjustable to coins of, any I me wa|l:ometer could require deposit as high as SI per,™ crossing; the street. ' --••.', couiu i« averted bv nstalllnj high pressure vacuum tubes connecting with each box Re sr ] &' ,,. ~ — _ oourier news want. oa s . I lowe vcr Meler Devised As Last Word In Tax Takers troops, guns, tanks, trucks, ci'cn' n ,.i chicken wiie (o give them grip on "„ I NnJ'oiw^ guard Joined 25,- thc sand when, under the fleet's heavy fne, the ' Invaders" landed ( n .- , ,, . - - nnd advanced. Advance they did ' " c l lort ™ly, loo, ihe "Invaders' four miles lahnd. capturing Mon- attacked Puerto Hico by teiey, calif, and lhre<UeiiIn° & u , • scn i>nd_alr were defeated, Francisco.' • ° ' i even,; though they did succeed These, fiist SUC |, exercises we "f! clr V« °'» «"! Island. The 1 ever held, showed how vital 11 is , ° behind every artillery thai no enemy st.ib throu«h the 1)taccmcllt Provided obscrvauun Alaska . HEABI! - Panama outpost |losls , ; lhat cllll a"«-'d Iremcndously line. When sifted, the exercises c c . fflde »cy of the big guns. u. will also show \\hether the pres- Al ™y experts are more ihnn ever cut Aimy-Navv biimi i« « hnn,.,i '"'Dressed wllh Ihe belief t!'H cut Aimy-Navy board is a board —^-or a broken reed. Also, an Army Chief of Slaff for the first time flew across the country non-stop, in 15 hours. This flight of General Gcon>e o Marshall scarchlighted Ihe rising ln'tv>ri 2! , C e to o>n defense of air power. Air power also dominated an- olher war game just ended — a game which WPS a laboratory experiment m preventing an air- minded enemy fiom establishing, in the Caribbean area, bases to attack the Panama Cannl or our Southern Atlantic coastline FULL-SCALE MANEUVERS' PLANNED FOR SUMMER Until air power winged over Hie horizon, our naval base nt Gunn- tannmo, Cuba, beemcd enough. But ""- It is too i emote from the Pucrjo Rico can 1 become an Anit* can Gibraltar. Wiir games arc being played and will b'c played In ](MD as in no year in American peaeqllmc history. Today,!;'aside from Ihe Pacific nnd Allanlic joint maneuvers, ino.'>l of the jlcgnlar Army's mobile force is hijrd at it on the playing Mils of Dixie, and will continue to be until; summer when most of them will go north for full maneuvers of nil Regulars, National Guard nnd some.. Reserves—nol In one Army area, 1 , but in all four—not for tv.'o weeks, but lor Ihrcc. WajV games may us rough Enm<B, but we are living jusl now in a-'very rough'world. ... nuthorllle.? renort that the •"Firestone" STANDARD TIRES "• *«v ILIIUJIC • iiuiLI Lilt; r • i southeasterly Antilles passages lo sltr («f' n B ° r KM<'« liavc. greatly "oar" Caribbean A seullnel was Comi ' ll3ul « 1 to the, development of needed at Mierto Rico and Ihe Vir- """"f 11 '" " lul safely tires and It-s- gin Islands, which were fortifier! fP' lff ? " !c " ced • tor "s"utr-trae- nialnly by Spanish carronnd'-s and , ' ; '" C5 lc( l llirc < 1 for roirdi road rum. Supplaulug these with bases J"^ lor air and sea patrol really began when the Blitskrelg struck Poland Like lightning, army and navy hit their jobs, "until today Puerto- Rico could .make a shift to repel an allack on the Canr,!. But more work remafns - • , . The defensive tmb will be naval palroHand air bases at San Juan- and an army bombing base at Punta BorinijHen, plus naval air bases'in the Virgin Islands. The defense of them nil requhes 10.00b ; troops, antiaircraft and coast defense »uns TO establish this, our . strongest ' : At- 1 »"' Ic outpost, «lll cost $27,000,000,' GAMES SI'OTIJGIIT ' •-''-.' VITAL DEFENSE To ascertain more fully this outposts strategic value was the purpose of the army and navy's Caribbean war games. They Included the Jinole Atlantic squadron: four battleships, cruisers, destroyers mlue- ?V f°?Z' S ' Anmrl " es ' air /or «s and 2000 Marines to "play enemy" and try landings at various points TO repulse Iheir altacks the Puerto (Lists Program For Concert By Band Thursday The program for the Blylheville uand concert w;\leh Is to be given tomorrow night at 1:^5 .o'clock at tlie high school auditorium was announced today by Charles r, More-head, direclor of Ihe hand. Mr. Morchcad also slaletl that the clini',; which was postponed last month-because oi Ihe wcathei will be held Frltiay, Feb. 16. M. J. Llppinan of llendilx college al Conway is .scheduled lo conduct tlla clinic. / : The band will also participate ,in the Northeast "Arkansas Imii fesli- val the last or.March In For-cst -My. .- : ' y "-; 'I'he program tomorrow- lilsht wil ue opened with two ^of Bennett'i narches; "Success" and "Headway; Joe Evnml will piny an ncrordlou solo. "Two Guitars," arranged bj MaanaiUc.::before the baud' plays their second group which will con- sisl.of the overture. "Bright star,' Bcnneti. and a cqincd'y skelch, 'Uncle Tom's. Cabin," Aiford Shub'crt'iii ••.pKlicaUon" will be sung, by. nclty jean Hill. Billy Jontz and Bill Morse will be fea- urcd in a baritone duct of Pesta- LONDON. Feb. 7 '(UI-) — War has reduced the crime record in Scollanj Yard reports, that since A S .^ r '; AKE , cn ' Y - ul! "' -- Scplwnher, Die crime record is tlie . ' l ' m fllj (ax "K-'ters ,,<> a lowest for 25 years A"" conceived by a tariff minded , Win- conditions are a(sa!n«t , i ° f thls fioc ' lry Mountain' ; crime. The niiinWr cf extra ; police „"„ i ",' C ; 1 ,' 'Piitl A.H.P. workers on the streets i ^, letlt ' r ^ "IP cily coimnfs- J the removal of most valuables the' f, 01 !' f 1 '" 1 "''^ Mros. Jr., reasoned (lifneulty in the blackout of easy 1 1 , lo " g as (ll ' h ' fM G < automo- csciipe -by ear-possibly also, the i,, lA'V ret "'"' fi J ll> ''ejKSlt coins iiiiinbw of men who have enlisted „ 1 3 '««tcrs when (hey wish fillier vohmlurily or hi the calling '?, '? ave , Ul , s ', r i ' c)llc "-' s °» »ie ,up, and have olhcr Interests (him , Pedestrians .should be taxed ! crime. I lj " ' lc ^' l 'es!re lo i-ru.'« a city Sir Philip Game, commissioner i of ptlice, as a result, has been iiljlr; ! DC( l i «aetl m (hi.s-• proposition, to Mi-ant annual leave to nearly - s "''t'f'wted details of « hlg-hiy every member of the force. automatic device ivlilch would bring J'reak Ci.ifs Heard ' "uuUloual _ revenue lo n city as The war, on the other hand, lias W1 ," s il became necessary for i filled muny KnglLsli courts with all !m '"""Wlani to cross the street, kinds of freak cases. . j ^!' 0s ' >riiin child - the walko- A man was fined 10 shillings at "'e'er—would serve .still another Windsor for obstructing the Hi"h '"'W 86 - It- would eliminate Jay- Street with his cor. He explained wauln e> whicli lie described as that he had left the car to buy a Cno lhc " lost - prevnlem, of nn- Stetson's PORK - PIE nnd Cymbals." •I'nc 'personnel of the baud follows: war nev/s iiiat he forget he had 'Drum Ihe ear with'.him and walked off nml left It. • The magistrate's clerk at Great Clarinels-Lavonne Redman, ^^^^^'^^^ r Inmf' r, I"' 1 ' HeiCh - 01 ' Beverly Adcle Blacket came .before Ui«, Barbara Hobo, Mary Alice | couH on n .charge of iiifringini P, C n!!i r ' ™ I)l '" n '' ct Ct ' ool: . Harry liny ' Ihe- blackout .rqjulnllons. The CHS biookb' Friiiices Wade. iwas dismissed' Cornets—Richard - • - - ' . Roberts mil Chamblln. Jack. Blshlp. • Jolmny White, Donald Hickman, Greene 1 , Sieve Brooks, Robert Berrv- man, Virginia Swenrlngcn. Trombones—Bob Doughs liay- rnond Crawford, Lloyd Ward, Jack -Munublin. ' , •Bnritoiies — *•. Mil Morse Billv Jonlz. ". ii . ' . • Flnlc—Betty Hill, Bass—Millji'd Ed'ils. Snare Drams—George' Hubbavd -Siiilp Diship, Ana Crook iMaric Koonrc, Mai Burks. Bass Drum—Max Gill. Cymbate—Joe Evrard^ '!•'• Bell Lyre—Mnrjnrle Stevens. In Loivdoh, rtichard Solomon was fined $40.'He is blind in one eye and he was discovered driving while intoxicated during a blackout, ;• One London 'man was summoned for not complying with the bl;ick- oul restrictions.'. His excuse was that he did hot jfenow lie liad to average Briton 's "Cirlbirlbin.^Tho band will e,k healthy. — stale game department, of •he .stale of Idaho uses airplanes o drop salt over the -countryside hi the winter, lo keep.' deer , and situations' for 'the lo face. ; One man has been driven lo drink.'as he testified in the Broiii- :Phc|!cy Court, by ihe evacuated chil- 1'eggy | drcn. He is a baker, 60, who works •on tiie niglit shift. For days, he said, he was unable to get any sleep during ihe day on account of the ntiss made by the evacuated children. Hi: had taken spirits for' the first time in ills life in the hops that he would be able lo •OTHER SIZES Jl^ES l_ PROPORTIONATELY LOW// LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As Per Week BUDGET PLA? PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. sleep. The charge of drunkenness dismissed. To put was placed fit each Intei at each corner), in Rich Mellow Fragrant Kentucky Straight Bourbon gasoline rationing Distributed l,y CA'ITED 1.KJIJOU, Wholesalers l.iltlc Itnck. Forl K The HAT Sensation —in sport circles. The !'ork-I'ie has (he new, wider brim, the new Puifarce band. Wear it with your nvccds, to the country or to town. As Usual The "Best Buys" are af MAIN 315 There's a lot more ride in 2

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