The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1935 · Page 10
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The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Greenville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1935
Page 10
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? s ^' 1 & o^«w If^'|-fffg^?«ft^\ v " s HMT r.fWtjir ff,'te»«l ' ? 'otc« wu a 1\:\ scaled U M •^ki wahta'd to Lafis 'in ths report, au "jWiepnone Wiy .•IB 4 i* ,i«amft inte kef of' |A t), I didn't mentloo It gfih tblg fuel that we are CUtf • B&Wot- I suppo" lot (old yon about Itt" t, But 1 "would r.Jtliayery lm- y, tt will give til a =J la tbe air when we fitlHtht'-Tbat i* one ot the roa- ili'wby; 1 am glad to have you do- would ,, . ( . , t , , ulkf bitfiieif uuertlani tfait id hftf. - * WWt li tt !• It th»t »iv v»<>v —., — r —-J* BiWiumu, .- _.. Wh> €e*ii'lftl IwTttt tiiidf Why can't I lift wlihBttl feet!, CM I buy het? t)os« ih* CAMS .for ftdiiiyf it shft (ft lot* With MdofeMf Ihe li, I'll get Hd Of him. I'll Hlk hail to got Mad, doitrtoui, ehactls thoughts behind that iwpaiilt* t*c« that LaUrle glancsd At BOW and lh«B In proille from her teat In th* big car. But, oa the surface, only an elegant man of tbe World* an appreciative employer, lielblhi hii efficient see- rotary out of hit car In front of a restaurant In the Stfand. A BOOT an hour later, Hot Moore rang tbe bell Of the flat IB Chelsea, and the porter deposited hi* Ight luggage in .the ball when Gladys opened the door, ' "OhI" exclaimed; the girl, wbo cneW him at onco from his ptiotos.In, he papers, but'was r»tb«r overcome by hi* site and vitality and his out- andUh clothes. "It's Itox Moore, sn't (tt 1 say, Laurie Isn't In." "tin't shet*And you're Gladys T" He'wrung her 'hand,' and ebe waa V i « *p? v»- iraS/ " v.i fo MA' ^: ^. &' '1? %f'^ W&l i the surface, only an elegant man of the world,., !,course, I should not mention j;>nybody," Laurie said, and J slightly stiff voice: "Rox to me about bis pro•\'S f . - / ; ' Jou innst be axelted about his re- ri^He will be a troater hero than r;|l'ltbbught^ I would mention itvthe;fuel being » secret, but I ire,yo» ar« th* soul of dlscre- ,Tben, with his flashing smile, pded,; "When we get tbe fuel it, perhaps we'll call U after you, ri|t,% prettier than * D. P. qr y.for'Me* or.Ethyl, Isn't ItT'.' i.laughedJln^natural, amuse- fhope you bar*'quite forgiven j;tor v what I said the other day.* It '•i-been painful to me to remember 4t.>.*i. ufy'j^e^ontroi. \ wan ted eak s of It af Fen Qrotton on Sun- ;b|^l'ha'dn't the pluck." er. discomfort was swallowed. In pity, Wby,ah9uld,thl8 UIng to Jw^o^nw man wbo bad done,every' 3tbf ber,;itlTeni'bor a plaqe^ln », T taterjMit In Ufe,\eelt- •elf-respeot. Of course, train crisis must bare over* bbn He had told her that r^wpen he had trl«d t ,to bta iBB, Mr/Albert don't say rtbjng more about it, I shall f Wnk ot H again." pre Is one way in which 1 don't s - A "'»reaUy to forget,, Mrs, « persisted, with that »nd rsmlle that m,ade his face so old BidfoJnjcruUble, "1 onjy want you P^flTfI m *' B»^' <* on> * want you ' rwi'tbat tt evor you need a ' >,;am bere. And 1 am not •^fjrpjw m»ow)«dge that U i me unhappy that you have at him With an em- 1 ' J smile, She flattered and Lg_0 Easier in Childhood b Chances df Curirfg It;in CWldyen TO Greatm 1 " Thin jn Aidults, Sa^s Doctoi 1 Iy ROYAL S, COPKLAND, M, Uhlt*<J 8UU* Mfi«Of ( fWBl Dr, Oopeloml It 18 Mrprtftlflt *t« lt*rn how yotifit children are afliieUd witb asthma, indeed, tht number of stiff«r«rfl it vert treat, The symptom* of asthma appear to be the exprti* , sieH of a p»cU«—. ' ' • liar sensitivity, an tihpl*asant reaction to some substance which Is harmless to most people. This tendency Is spoken medically as, an evidence of "allergy", it may be expressed by,,the quotation from'an old iMt* In writer, "What Is food for sotofc may be black poison for ethers", * •• • There are various types of such sensitivity. Not only asthma, but also hives, eczema, hay feVer "and even cbronlo bronchitis may remit from such a cause. / How Attacks Come, A given child may rafter an attack ot asthma It he eats a'protein fo6d, such as egg-white, cereal, milk, flab, nuts.or potatoes, - Sometimes an attack Is brought on by contact with wool, horsehair or tho pollens of certain flowers or grasses. Some children are atrlcken with asthma after _ with cats, because of their sensitivity to the fur or akin scales ot tbe animal. It Is not pleasant to see a child In an acute attack of asthma, llo may bo awakened from sloop by a fit of sneezing.' This symptom it* foi- owed by .wheezing > In the chest and difficulty, In breathing. Tito child throws his bond back and keeps his mouth open,' struggling to assume some portion that w'11 enable him to get his breath. Vhe attack subsides within a few hours 6t even less. Severe attack* which riiioln, hy^8d«rmifl wedida* tloft ate rarely encountered In chlU tft« Mr*. M, A. MctJtifd? ftftd flaughtets trntoee afid WlflSftftS *f Warfefi, PA., aft spCHdlhft thin Week With W. 3>.ttrdfHte)r and family, hev. Mrv tfcCuwfly and daughter JHStfa. are ill* endlhg the, Mpwdrth LcftgU6 Ihstf* Ute at MeadWIlei Mr, McCunly (i leftft of the institute. '\,*J. ..' §tfrs. MaHa MoffOfd and ftdft 'Will, Ms! Ahftft Kofth, Mf, aftd MrSr'Cort* tilt fJo'tth And 8oH»* attended-th* ffofth hetifiloti At the McWef falf' blieaie ' > in addition to its immediate fright* enitig symptoms and disturbing tnrects, asthma I* a fcefious disease because repeated.attack* may cnuss th* IttngK and heart to become weak* ensd, Fortunately, .the dloeafio dan now be completely eradicated It ad«« quale measures are taken during childhood, The .chances of our* among children are far greater than among 'adults • wbo suffer, from- the disease, The child must b« subjected to the "sensitivity teAta", By means of these so-called "sklh-tests", it is possible to determine just,what Is tbe offending, substance, In many 'cases, after this Is found, a Vaccine Is given for' the Pfl%s'e 1 oif deytlpplng a means tt proteotlott, agalrtWtbe' Irrltatlnt and exciting substance, • '-, , ',; When the'sensitivity Is due to one . iMleula*; food, • even without the skin testa a careful jcbeck-up on the diet will usually reveal what'article Is responsible' for the unpleasant symptoms. If eggs or milk and 'cream are found to be tho cause they must be omlttod from the diet. Such a radical change In the feeding may. seriously Interfere with the nutrition' of tho child, This can b« overcome by substituting other toods which contain tho same nutritive .elements and to which the .child Is not sensitive. ,-• • Antwert to Health Queries M. T. Q.—Lately I ' have been troubled with sleeplessness, also seem to bo very nervous and wrought un most of tho time/ What can be don* to overcome this condition? My appetite Is fair and I do not overwork any way. % . ' A.—Nervousnoss,^can ^ usually, be traced to some definite cause, Mai'* jvery effort to Improve your general lioolth. For full particulars sorfd « self-addressed, stamped envelope an< '" ropeat your question. (OopyrioM, 1035, K. P. fl., /ncj quick to teel the pulsing lite ot that grip, like an electric shock, She stared'at him. , "She wasn't expecting you, She rang up a little whllq ago to say she, Was late at the office agd was having dinner with Mr, Albory, 'She said she wouldn't be Iftte'bomo." ._ '/ the offlce, The good o\d man's excuse—how in the mouths of, women r Rex 1 Moore gave an aw gry, little laugh-that Gladys didn't understand, ,but,' (bought tbrlltlor and frightfully strong,, She was actually "grilledjto the bone" by his personality,.aa- sbe told ber sister she would bo. Aft 1 ' 1 '-'' "I'm k af raid there's nothing to eat, 1 she'told Rex. "And Mrs, Dudd has gone," " • ; ', ''/That's nil right. I bad something at Or i oydon, i and''if I want anything more I oau go out,", He was hurt at Laurie being out How: ridiculous! Aud dining with Albery, Why ibpuldn't sbeT It could bo no business of-bis, He bad seen that' Albery was keen < on her.^And l)e hadn't advised b^r\of'his arrival. He hadn't sent a single word since he left, As ,a matter of fact, he hadn't Intended to start until tomorrow,,but Wllmer Jones bad taken a sudden turn for the better and was out ot danger. , , ,\ But he was in a bad mood. News ot his arrival had got through and there had been quite a crowd,at Oroydon, although' It. was nearly dark) and tho newspaper'men bad rattled him no end, '•• ' ' . • He was not out out for a hero, and they, tried' to make him one, He dldu't deserve 'all this kudos, \VI1- mer Joues had just as much right to it. Only, poor Jonos was,ill In Mar- sotllqa, And.being sensitive as a woman In«some ways, which nobody guested, and bating himself fqr It, be w«i Ju» very nasty temper. ' > f'So you a/9;G|aayB!" .fee said,with uls surprising "-smile, I.Ike a bright light ,|pd,h|» eyps. I3ut It w*s an abient recognition, McClure Reunion Held v in Lake Township j.The MoCluro roimlon was hold Sat- Urdiiy at tho C. H, MoCluro homo With tho following guests present: Mrs. Maud MoCay and sou Paul, Mr, and Mrs. A, Q, McCluro and BOI\B, Mr. and Mrs, Converse Branscomb and two sons ot Now Castle; Mr, and Mrs. Jack Fowler and daughtoi, 1 vivl- an and George Anderson of Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. W.-S. Wither oc Kast Falrvlow, and Mr, and Mrs. Brodor- lok Vornon and little 'son of this township,, SOCIETY MBRTS The Betluu\y A^lssloliary society mot at tho Burdqtto- homo, Wod|jQB- day. -Present wore 11 members, BOV- oral children and ,tho followlnt? guests: Mrs, Elbort Komm and WSB Mary, Buckley,, > The foroitopn was spent In aulUlng. Tureen dinner was served at noon. Mrs. AVIld» Ep- orthoner, vlco president, had charge of tho dOvotlonuls and also tho study period, review of tho year, ( Those from hero who attended the Yoagor reunion at Camp Perry, Wednesday, wore; Mr, and Mrs. John Vornon , son Brodorlok, wife and ', Mr, and Mrs, Prod Vornon nii'l daughter of Sharon wore Sunday evening callers at the Ralph Patterson home. Little Charlotte Patter son returned-homo' after spending a few days at the Moxw.ell home. Mrs. I'l. S. Zahnlsor has roturnod after a two-weekd' ( visit with her people at Elbonsburg, Mr. and Mrs. ftoy Jones of Springfield, Ohio, and Ralph Zahnlsor a son of Akron wore Sunday jruosts at tho Doll JSahnlscr homo, Mr. and Mrs. Dent.Vornon attended tho funeral ot his cousin, Harry Thomnti, of • Fairmont, West Vti. Saturday. Phyllis Vornon spent a fow daj's last week In Mercer, Mrs, li, R, Patorson received won Wednesday ot tho death of her brother-in-law, 12, C. Sturgln, <> Masslllon, Ohio, who was tho victim of an automobile accident, Mrs, Ball la Turner has roturnod to her homo In Greenville after; spending a fow wooku at tbVhorno'ot hoi son Harry. ,Mr, and'Mt'Si Vrnnk; daUfehter''J"oan of Pittsburgh vlaltqci tit tho 'John ^ornoiV Uonio, Mrs. ^farris Frost, and sot\ Ralph of Sandy Lako spout Monday at tho Lyons homo. Mls8 Vivian aibnlsor, Fred Adplt, Arthur Zahnlser and Margaret Weigh motored to Niagara FallH, Thursday. Sunday guests at tho-8. H. Konun lionu were hip brother, K, 4, Komm, ,\vlfo and. dauBhtor ,of, New Castla and Ida and Amy, Komm o Mrs, Qoorgo AVasaor ot Sandy township spent a tow days with CrkwlH here, lU'cent guesta nt tho Brodorif'k Vernon homo wore Mi\ and A^rs. James >Honrtde of Sharon; Minn lid- on Dinner, Mr. nud M~rs. v Konnetl\ Mol^oan, of Falrvlew, Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Yornon of Wai-ron, Ohio, >lr. and Mrs, QtlB Kougbor of Moroor visited M,r, and Mrs.^pharlos KowKhert iWedne^das* evening t '. - t Mrs. .PRUJ Spolkor ot pJbquftbxu-B In Uva H..Si"Z«hi\l(|ep>hojm% Caldwoll wna in Sharon; Wednesday, " * ' ">' " • ' .Mrs, \y,'T. Bostwlojc spent a fow days .with her moifbof, 'Mrs- 3RU.W T&yjor, ^rovo City. n ' ^ , < Fourth o,f July guest* at the'JTQJjn homo were Mr. amj- Mr«. •5«; A'.^VI^'fH*^' ^9 >;' i *^%!jj'\~^ > -^ *P» S " ll&»Sfei?,*w;«w«¥fi'w»tii. ?"VTTf lM«Sf" -T".]-lf i u ^JIULU^KLJU^H,,,^.,,,,, „,., ,„ , y.. , 11( ,,,,„.,„„ Miw Flownc* MJU« •-^.pimrqinnNiv. / -. f;r nu_.^' a an ;< i > ., Reunion of Fairview School Draws Many; W. R. Young President The annual reunion of tho Qodfre> school was held Saturday at tho Clod froy sphool B-roujid, About 176 w-ori present to enjoy a dinner served n long, tables under Uhp, shady trees 5 A nice program was given In tho af tornoon, and at tho business moatlnh tho officers were elected ns follows President, W, It. Yocng; vlco prosl dent, 11. 1, Kitohi-Hocrotary, Wil Morfurd; troiumroi'j Sara Mlllei 1 Plans wore made to hold tho 1986 ro union tho first .Saturday of July. 'TEACHKU RESIGNS ' Miss', Vlvlrtu Ub011 ot ' areonvlllu who had boon elected' to teach tlv White school, has roslsnotl aH sli CAN You IMAGINE I W. tt. dampbcll, fiAfah CAfflpbeit of Iffcdofiift, and their sister, Mrs. hnk Johttson of WllklHsburg called oft friends hero Wednesday, Mr, artd Mrs. Harry tttihkle Of.fie; Volt visited John ttunkte and fatally 1 ust week, . Mrs. Mary Rupert and daughter; Aha dftfigntel'S Of Poitbttfl da*i nMh fc, 1, kHch Clartsnce t*a1mef atid family, fief-' ntece and Wlftftrtie McCufdV wefts at ShafflsVllle StmdAy nlgltf. 'fits AHd Soft, Ml*', Afld Mr*. ,MHt6l> feftd babjr of Bf-ovj tflfy tailed ftl ImVhSml) 'of M. M. King J-dcently.- < *, A. Winter afld family of fltts- btlfftb, spent,sevofdi days -with Mr. ftnd Mfs. d'U' Metiulloiiffc. * Aboiit ?6 'neighbors gatn^fed at the Home of .fohH.Phlis&rt od the evening of tho Fourth of July to enjoy a flue display of fireworks, -which lasted over an hour. • Shirley Mae Palmer has returned homo n.f(ec d. month's visit with hor ftitfit, MM.'M, A. McCurdy, of Waf- rfinj Pa.' • 1 Mrs. H'lftfeMeo' bearolph and son tfsi&il ' ner% tfre f&st «*eek. Mr. ana Mrs. fcVerf klteh of F>e. dohtft were feceht eftllers tit tho home oil d. to. Palmer. M>. aftd M>». Seth fhompso'n re* celved frotdi gftturrfity evening of the fire fthieh 'destfoyed Ihfe tone of theif daughter, M|8. t tsftbe1l6 Slftl- et, heftr'ofatigeVtltel •»' Philadelphia—*he ftuf-eftl of Muni- elpai Research reported that S.S per cent of 'Ih6~98,6b0 f&mtllea oil the county relief «1I8 ftrS chiselers, ' WWfeS* MUCKS OH Alt fepalf tvotfc, wake or model cur. MAltSf ELLAtt OAttAOE 1I1V4 Main Street . The Vacation Store Anchor Pharmacy is known as "the Vacation Stofe". We ftfe prepared to supply you" with those necessities which IB* sure an enjoyable Vacation, fialh* Ing accessories, cosmetics Mid toiletries, stinbtiftt and poisofi I*? preparations— even shake btte serum, Stop Ih and look over our stock of vacation requirements, and when you go 1 ftWay take With you the itoWs whleJ^youi need to insure a ml euMfrter's ANCHOR n DRUG STORE II Harry of ri^i^^^JSMr^ Use this TESTED RECIPE to make your dollars go further . . . Hundreds of Greenville families have tested and approved*" the practical recipe for money management given beloW — a' recipe for saving without stinting, spending without waste — a recipe for s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n^g your dollars and getting ahead. Try this tested recipe. It can help you make ends meet more comfortably and, at the same time, build up a useful fund of money in the bank . . . ( money for emergencies and opportunities, for your future needs and hopes and plans. / * * i * Here are the main ingredients: FIRST T*! 16 fnventory. Take stock of what you own and what you o>ve, your present assets and liabilities. Find out 1 . ;just where you .stand today before you lay plans for to- .morrw. , „ .. , . JJI7VT Plan Ahead. Set up a budget to control your expenses and help you save — a sound plan of money management to fit your income and your particular needs. . ')••*'' ' , ^ * ' *' ' i TUCJJ; Stick* to Your Plan. "Let your budget be your guide." .."^ l And^eep^sJr^,ple records of your expenses so that you V-" " cari.quicklyitellihow you are getting on. - ii " C'^i you'll find that .you; will get- successful results from this- recipe once you fealjy try it., And you'll be thrilled to discover how much-more; smoothly family money matters c a n be managed when, you !fol)b>y,ai businesslike plan. Yes, and you'll enjoy an sntirelylnew sense ! 6f, financial se:urity ! V. , !• ', i N 1 ' i •' SA "•" ' *V ' "• ' ^\-?' f ' w» '' if ,.*,'' Tpun "i 'i . » .Y } ' 1 .. A standard budget outline for families, which must always . be revised to fit individual situa^ons, allows 25% of the income for shelter,; including heat; 25% for food; 10% for operating expenses; 1 2 l /z% for advancement spending; \2 l /%% for savings and - ' • " for clothes, 1 ' »'/ i • i ' • , --••*' \ '- , • * ', t •-; -, ; ixj,^i V • k:' J n 'Always Sa^Pirf^ ^rtjf'sometirnse discpuiraging to have less to spend for^j^i^pj;:'^p> than your neighbors 'Mrho have 'the \same amount jof'income, but as time passes you can see the real progress you are making, and a fine sense of superiority come* from .your^grpVvihg bank account, If YQl{J jare.nQt quite satisfied with your present financial plans, Mn^wqujd Ijike to improve it, an officf^of ar»y,of the Bankslof Greenville will gladly help you arrange your budget and show yi^w how our banking services can help \ ; 1 ' J -, >i' i i' *r" i '* rust Co i' ::«fc l l»r^'» IJfW.^.JP^JPi.^'t XJPWP"^- , •»,(* *-».^'," J^» wipr^^gF,pPWr , ^f 9 WWVU.W ,',• , .^si,;' <VSr i rf '-"Jf* '', w 'V 1 '1 ?/•.)>.•, t , ' ' V ; ' <\ ' ,-/'.-', . . » -';•--,»'"-'/N '}',*'« W'.-fir l^Ti^» , V^l T% '' '-1 ;. • ^ve^^:M^^^ '•'' '• •• ''• : '-'-1i^i^'^'i^i&n^ : •^^^ i ^ ,,:'•;;:•';.,;--:• ',^:\ :,*;; < *;;ftfslv' :#aWlis;* i *^^i5twlfT*- 1 *' <y -> \ *, ,,rL •A<J* j flfj

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