The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Page 7
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•WEDNESDAY, 'FEBRUARY 7, "IMO ^I^R_(AnK,) COURIER NEWS The liming proimbly h;i« more CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rale ,, er | (116 for consecu . |"ve insertions; Jne Umc per Jlnc...... ........ ioc U'O tunes per line per day.].. otic ||nrce times per line per i!ny...u6c >lx timus per Jine per day ..... U5c onui rnte per line ............ COc " ............ arris of 11uu>ks ......... 50o i: 75o Minimum charge SOo Ads ordered lor Lljree or six jnies and slopped bejore expiru- -ion will be charged tor the mun- of limes Hie add appeared and . of bill made. All: Classified Advcruslng copy ubniitted by persons reading out- •iide of the city inusl ue accompanied uy casn. Kates may tie eus- |iy computtd from above tauii:. Advertititii; oraeretl lor tnesular nisei-lions taxes the one time' isue. Ao: responsibility will be tuKen :or iriore man one Incorrect mstr- lion of any classified au. iiusmess Directory |Elecl! : OHix Olciuieis anS. ! *3uppiies 1 Cal|.E ; .;A., 233. ;,l-pk-8 FULLER BRUSHES Call Daii'Mckiiaii, 'I-i«me i05'J For Sale [Adding Machine S4C.. Office Safe W. See Thomas Land Co. 5ckl2 •Well establishecj;. restaurant will: I good business.. Other business interests necessitates me leaving •town. Good proposition for right nnn. Write box "B", Courier News For Rent Store building. 3G9 No. Franklin. Phone D51-J. l-pk-12 I room furnished npnrtiiient. 8091 Hc.irn. Mrs. o. H. Wheeler. 7o!<M' Modern 5 room house with o;ith 2 room furnished aptirlment. Mod-! cm. 1315 W. Main. Nicely furnished 4 H13 W. Main St. 3-ck-tl; room iiattcr.' 3-ck-lU "Let's Go" to PHILLIPS I'KCIAL JJARGAINS IN USED CARS For Sale or Trade MOLES Will trade for Mules, Cows. Units, C'allle, Coin, Ifay and Lumber. Delia Implements, Inc. See I''loyit Simpson ' _ 0-ek-tl Repairing is Stcnm healed bedroom. All conven iences. 811) W. 'Walnut. '33 Ford Tudor ;onven- 3-ck-lf 3 ' Cher. Masler Cu; lyimmtli 2-l)oor j Uamon at ory on Wedi rtocm for employed woman 1028 ' ;j ' I''*''" 1 J!:-- 1 ^ 1 .* 0 "!! 3 !; 2 - ClMt '36 B«!ck "ID" Z-Door 3 rcom furnished apnrtmenl. Priv- alc bath. Desirable loentlon Call 2BO. 1-ck-lf. 'SI Ford Tudor '37 Obcv. Sporl '•"•' s ill) KTeliy Kiven Unit (lie partniTtOilp heretofore cxlstltijf be- iween n s , , vll , !S(1 Mms Il( . t , s(|i) _ cental hereto, under the linn muni) mm style of lllldorbrnml & ion-en, n,(;n 8C< | [„ |j, e bl , s | tM , s ^ Ol fiirmniK In ArmoiH Mississippi ijOnnty, ArlimisHs, teas dissolved (ill me 2Cih day O f January, 15,10 [,y mutual i-imsenl. The Iwslnws oC Mitel partnership , v m be «w.nd up «} J. 1-. Trrroii, who will collect n |« l win' "II Mioiii-j- due or imy- rcpahins. See E. M.|«»le in M ,ld firm, and pay «mi Mi* nu.ii, n ,,n>. dlscliurjjc. ,,|) ,| lc ( | 0l)ts nn ^ —. Armand Tlmrsrtnys. Salesmen Wanted WANTEDlALlSMAN" oppoiliinlty for 3 room unfurnLshed apartment -TRUCKS- Apartment Building on West. Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ek-if Rooms or apartment. Chickasawba near School, Phone ne. 3Dpk2-20 3 room furnished apartment and Uicm today ' 31011 "- lw Ton 511 ' J 'M C'hcv. I'ick-up SIM '37 O.SI.C. I'lck-iip $28i These cars arc guaranteed In .tivc Siill.sfactlcn in every respect, SL'C uoth. Modern and clean. Corner Main and 2nd. p. Simon, phone TCi. 25-ck-U Nice bedroom coii'venlent to bath Steam heat. Plione 2SO. SIckti Notice •Good pair of horses. Riding plant-1 I er, and cultivator. Farm tools of •all kinds. P. H. Cutler,- Promiscil iLand Road. ' • ;' 5-ck-8 Gooct wood and coal. A. p. BurkJ, Chicknsawba and E. R. Pnune "67. . 3L-ck-2-2'J Dry Cypress wood. Sl.OO per Kick At. Walker and Harris Sawmill East Main St. 13-pk2-ta I still make and sell Dr. Phillips' Analba >'.Liniment. Mrs, O B Phillips, 21G No. Franklin. 9-pii-2-'J Found Bargains In USED TIRES Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'HOMH 35 ' Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest li.itcs ^^^i^rK^in ?,s,:^^ l s wh ±5' s K M. Hurst's yard. North loth. Owner InayJhavc same, by paying Ladies belt of .green fabric: Pounii Thursday morning on Main Kt. at Goff Hotel. Owner ffniay have belt by paying cost of this art Courier. News Office. Key to Willys Overland automy- n any sized tra of farm .land, at low'eost, and a •«..|ojy iiigji-rst rate. • . . . ABSTRACT ;&^ REALTY COMPANY 213 AValnut; St. Blytheville. Ar Position Wanted yoimg lady, now employed, desii J" ".^..•IIJU iluLUlllU-l 1 (i , ^"'l"u..tu, UCQILL bile. Owner may have same by I position. Excellent stenog paying cost of this ad Courier, Ia n ner —capable shorthand an Office. rapid typing. Bookkeeping expcr . i cncc. Best of references from 'pre vioiis Employers. Write Box "~~ , ( Strayed or Stolen d Mare Mule, weight 1000 Ibs. - Bay Mare Mule weight 1000 Ibs REWARD. Lee Wilson Co., Armo«1. Ark. . 7 _,fr_,, courier News. To Bny Wanted io buy Govcrament Co ton Loans. Blylheviile Giu Co, FRAIL POETESS Elizabelli ?<F i - Xind or _„, iheater, I6.Loom bar. •''.' 17iTo slo]> up. ' ilR Aitificial '",'*• , stream. \~''\ |20 Large. j21 Skirl edge. #2 Figure. ^4 To undermine (2BHiilf an cm. t»7 Heart. :28 Alleged; •'•=' i force.— . [SOToward. ]3ITo cleave. |33 WatlleHrce. p5 Deposited gSS.Spar. |3THousc cat. ")*39 Modern. ffiOStnnd •still! •)2Gianl kinfi. I; 11 Aflivmativc f vote. f -15 Backless chair. 49 Dinners. 52 Acidity. . , 53 To love. 56 Lacerations. 53 Genus of frogs. 59 Devil. iiO Surface measure 61 She .\vns an \voman by birth. G2 Her was the poet Robert Browning, VERTICAL 1 Exclamation, 2 Appendixes. 3 To countersink. 4 Queer. 5 Type standard. R Street car 7 To sludy hard. B Back. 9 You nnd I. 10 To apprehend. 11 Cow-headed goddess. J2NuHifies. 13 Grain. 18 Healed. 13 Musical note. 21 Her was frail. 22 Ncilhcr • 23 Tennis stroke. 25 Her |,us stood the test of time. 27 To yield. 29 Cupoiu. 32 Side bone. 34 Uncooked. 38 Also. 39 Born. 41 Ancient Italian people •13 Tumbler. •M Quaking. •iOTo lift with tongs. 47 Spoken. •18 Folding bed •19 Bill of fare. 50 Arabian. 51 Ilalinn coin. 52 Common verb, 54 Burmese knife. 55 Hurrah! 57 Sorrowful. Call for Dcmunslnitioii PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Sth & Walnut I'lione 810 Welding ..til tm .,,,.^,,,,1 iiijiin" 1 '"^ cwiiiiiKslon nnd drawing account. Our salesmen know of this ml ite- l>ly "llox Re", courier News. _ _ 5-ck-« Salcsmnn \vanl«l. Musi "linwTrai". 101 Ii). Ash. r. ,.l. !•) \OTICE All conm-neri arc hereby notified Hint we win HOI i, c rffpoiislbtc for any bills contracted by iln y person, under any circmnslances cs- ci.-p|. on written order signed by J. A. Cwnllney or Orn Klius Ciwalt- ncy. VICTORIA MERCANTILE CO. VICTORIA PLANTATIONS GWALTNEY IMPLEMENT CO. OWALTNEV'S. Inc. J. A. OW/U/TNKV. President. OHA SIMS Gtt'ALTNEV, Vice Prcslileiit. 31-7-M-21 ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE Charles Long, lormcrly welder for Blytheville Machine Shop UKAGI.INE and ilEAVY WELDING OUK SriiClAi.TY D. W. CRANF01D G/:RAGE DcVJ, Ark. I'iione S-l-'-ll; • AND .1 L'ETYLENE Orag line and heavy wclfllnff a specially. Barksdafe Mfg. Co. PJione 19 or Ecs. 10J9 Paultry Holiest prices paid for all kinds o Poultry. Fisher and Woiiliy Stccle, Mo. 12-pk-'2-12 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshes! Slodt Guaranteed Best Prices' Kirby Drug Stores tin IRS Its ( l sumo, anil will perform all M'oiIrd (-ontr.'icl.s. l ol Ai morel, ArkBiisns. (his , Bisns. me Mh day of jnnuiiry, 13-10. ' Sli;ned • ». Ullderuidiid 1.. Terrell. , K " vos " n "' 111 oxiwris hnvc ' , l ''!" usl) ( ' 0i " lo lnsl l "c o . in Its prosenl rale of consumption, nultl (]), „.,,,, 30a() Snfc - - Acciirntc T Vom Prescription Untwist Fowler Drug Co. RKD RYDER' imltiral encmk-.s Hum any other fish. bcliiH preyed upon l;y coil pol- ItKMIlMIlliK LEFTY'S Mobih'd (tnd Now .Waller Cox, Jr.' «'«l K. iM. See Us For Anti-Freezc! 5t|Mids FOR SALE! Store Kgulpmcnl Our tir,ed 8 foot KOCH fic- MKcmlor Meat Cnso with ' 1'iiBlilnlro CompicSMtr. Thice glnss lighted display front with lower purl .for oxccs.1 storuuo niKl cold ill-Inks, Will Install , and KUimuiti'G, I Electric lighted Stnndnrd Com- > imttiiK Scales. Accurate weight niitl iirlco ill a «lai«o. Great (IlKcouiit over nrlainnl price. One licnvy duly gum paper iio mnclilno nnd counter cnuln- ' rtlwvc eriulpiiicnl like new. I'rlcwl to quick, snla. cnnh, Iwins, or Inulo for livestock R. E. WRIGHT ". W. 1)1, (),». Mile So. .181-J Nnw l,nt»(fd »( 101 Ni>rih Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KOWAKIIH, 1'rnprlflof Hch«ll( 'BAD COLDS, FLU, SINUSITIS ^ !; ! • DKS. NIES & N1JSS Ark. • , " *^ M "*VV 4.VvU lei; in oeimany liiej,are Into high Our Service IS YOUK Assurance OF Safe Driving! Kate moloilng k, the nini of every drivu Tlien, why not ns- isiiro ymirRcir ot tills safety n.1 far ns your automobile Is oon- ccrnal. l)i|\c in mid let our mcdiniik'fi put your car in shape for any drivlnu. 'The cost Is reasonable and the .work guar- nnterd. EXPERT MECHANICS • MODERN: ji.-v/' EQlllPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED MOTOR CO. 5lh ft H'ulmit t'linno 810 Bahy Chicks Custom Hiitcliimi Marilyn Hatchery Blytheville nhry. 01 12-pk-2-12 Personal Arouse SlmjjrMi Liver, work uff he bile to rlu yourself of consll' oation, gas oalhs, and that sour, iimk feeling. Take one box of KTUBY'S ACTIVE i.IVER FILLS - 25c at Si Klrby Stores SI-E.NH YOUR GASOMNK DOLLAR WISELY AVE :«r In Ic Per Gallon ON GASOI.1NK Valuable Coupons With Each 1'urcliasc OASOUNE— JIOTOR OIL Wiiclcsalo. & Uctail TRABE WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Indcpciideiit Dealer TANK CAB TO VOUtt CAR lligliw.i.v Cl, Norfn, )il>llievijic IVc llolivor ' Phone 153 They Might Nut Itcltiin IIAKMA1N .!•» HIM OOFLVJAvl A [MEM MUST\TO KEEP^OUT l 8 !^^ 1 -/ nHE SIRENS' \vap cS .'^{ MUSIC wei-iviFyou , \ SEE WHAT IT DOES .' HOW PHRFECTt-V TO SOME OF OdR. S LLV T01HIWK.THAT /TWEMTE7H CBJTUR.Y MEki Y MEM LISTEM.' UM.TUM, MUSIC Does) ( BEEPLET>; UM, BUM, ROOTS AND HRR UY BOOAU MARTIIS ootw. PlMOCCWO KY HOY CRANK t HEY, THERE! WATCH WHERE . BUT n'a BE A SlOW »6 BUCKtWG THIS .WE TIPE BACK TO TOWM ...'..... -J H/Ml BCAT TO RUMUSWWU? FKECKI;KS AND More Trouble'. HY MERRILL BLOSSEH GOSH/ WATER- 1 HAPPEM C\ LARD? fV IF YOU'LL oowe OOW.M TMP If. You TAKE THE SHOOTIWG THOSE CAMERA YOU CAW CAM GO WRONI3 2 THOSE SHOTS : Of THE AMBUIANC6 I RIOT SQUAD, WAMTEOJ Land For Sale nssouni J,AND~XO ~ over cm Highway 62, 51 per acre cash, balaiii-e over period of six ars. Conway & Houchins lilyllicvillc, Ark 12-ck-tf I WASH TUIiUS

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