The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1966
Page 2
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LuVerne farewell party for couple moving to Oelwein LU VERNE-A farewell party wai held in the Town Hail Saturday evening for Mr. and Mrs. William Erpelding. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jagels; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fricke; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Reding: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reding; Mr. and Mrs. Clem Stripling: Mr. and Mrs. John Pergande; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Putzstuck: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Goetsch; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nielsen, Sr.t Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Weber; Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Weber; Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hurlbert; and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wagner, of Liver mote. 500 was played with high going to Joe PuUstuck, low to Otto Jagels, and travel to Bill Erpelding. A purse of money was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Erpelding, who will move to Oelwein, where he will work for a seed corn company. Saturday evening guests in the Cliff Holmes home were: Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Holmes, Ames; Mr. and Mrs. Max King, Algona: Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeNio; and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Watts. It was to celebrate the birthday of Cliff Holmes. Merry-Go-Round iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiHiiHimnmimwtfMi By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - Sometimes you have to get away from Washington to get a good look at tiie world. If I sit with the government red tape artists too long, I get as snarled up as they are. It's contagious. Driving over long stretches of Near East desert recently, where history dates back to Moses and Abraham, I had a chance to contemplate more recent history and how rapidly its course has changed. In 1925, for instance, I was driving over a somewhat similar desert, the Gobi, across which the hordes of Genghis Khan once swept from Mongolia through all of Asia and Europe. Off in the distance I saw what appeared to be a dust storm. As it came nearer, I could see that it was a caravan of cars. And as their Chinese drivers camped near us for the night, I photographed the first evidence of the reversal of Genghis Khan's penetration of Europe - the Russian communist penetration of China. On the running boards of the old Buicks which made up the caravan were hundreds of rifles and thousands of rounds of cartridges, all destined to support the sp-called Christian general of North China, Feng Yu-hsiang, then trying to push the Americans, British, French and Japanese out of northwest China. A few weeks later, steaming up the Pearl River to Canton in south China, our ship had to pass below the Whampoa Fort, where Roger Tredwell, the American consul general in Hong Kong, had warned that a Red Chinese army was entrenched under the command of a general named Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang, now the friend and ally of the United States in Formosa, was then cooperating with the Russian military expert Borodin and had as his number two man a young Chinese lieutenant named Chou En-lai, now premier of Red China. Arriving at Canton I found the international settlement of Shameen, once the paradise of British, Americans, French and Italians, paralyzed by a Chinese boycott, The Chinese, having learned that peaceful resistance was the most effective weapon in their arsenal, had withdrawn trade, food, servants, even water from the international settlement in order to force the Western powers out, - Such were the beginnings of Chinese-Russian cooperation. - o —CZARS WERE SMARTER— Incidentally this was also the beginning of a weapon later used by the Indians to p their independence from British rule, and quite recently used by Negroes in Natchez, Miss., to force supermarkets and the city government to broaden civil rights. The really important point to remember about this piece of history, however, is that prior to this communist Russian penetration of China, the czars oi Russia had followed just the opposite policy - namely, keeping China dismembered and at war with itself. The czars of Russia had plenty of faults, but their foreign ministers were smart enough to know that once the slumbering giant of China became.united it would be a menace not me rely to Britian and the United States, which didn't concern the czars at all, but to Siberia. Up in the far north the czars had hacked the Chinese empire into small bits, taken large parts of it for themselves and called it Siberia. So they didn't want a united China demanding that Siberia be returned. This was the reason why various warlords, ranging from Chang Tsi-Lin in Manchuria to Feng Yu-hsiang in northwest China to WU Pei-fu in the Yangtse Valley, were encouraged to keep battling against each other. But in the 1920's, Bolshevik Russia, having kicked out the czars, reversed its policy and began uniting China. It supplied arms, then technical advisors, together with large doses of communist ideology which gradually brought about Chinese unity, plus dams preventing the annual floods which drowned five to ten million people, plus medical known-how abolishing the plagues which annually killed another ten million. So China, now united, with an increased standard of living, has begun to challenge its communist ally which gave it a lift on the way. Today a united China is consistently reminding the world that the maritime provinces of eastern Siberia were once Chinese and should be returned to China. Today, also, Chinese military strength to the extent of 60,000 men, has Quietly been shifted away from the Indian border to the Russian border near Sinkiang. For some time there have been skirmishes in this area between two countries which professtobe communist allies. So today the nation which Russia fears most is not the United States but Red China, the country which it unified and built up. - o- —CZARS VS. COMMUNISTS-- History shows that the communist leaders of the Kremlin have pretty well followed the long-range foreign policies of the czarist leaders of the Kremlin regarding the Bosporus, Siberia and hanging on to Russian territory. The one exception wherein they deviated drastically was in unifying China. And the most important political development in the world today is the final realization by the communist leaders of Russia that the czarist leaders of Russia were right. Note - Russia, under the czars in 1863, sent two fleets to New York and San Francisco at the invitation of President Abraham Lincoln to keep the British out and strengthen the Northern blockade against blockade runners to the South. Witnuut this Russian help, the outcome of the Civil War might have been different. The time could come in the Vietnamese crisis when the Russians will have to bail us out of a predicament not as serious as the Civil War, but nevertheless most embarrassing. - o - —SNIPING AT SHRIVER— When Sargent Shriver took command of the war on poverty, he didn't expect to come under fire himself. He has been shot at from • i sides, including some direct luio in the back from his former deputy, Jack Conway. The next salvo will come from Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, who, though up to his pockets in the poverty scandal in his own New York Harlem, has sent investigators to look for scandals in Los Angeles. They have found a disgruntled ex-employee who has systematically collected evidence on the strange way in which contracts have been awarded. It adds up to another story of mismanagement and incompetence. Meanwhile, the Republicans have been gathering information on the reluctance of Democratic mayors to let representatives of the poor have a voice in controlling the allocation of antipoverty funds. The Republicans are also happily taking notes on the strife inside the Job Corps camps and the political exploitation of the neighborhood Youth Corps. The most objective investigation of the poverty program, however, is planned by Sen. Ed Muskie, D-Me. Already on his desk is a thorough evaluation of the program. Note; Shriver's troubles began after he lost his tough and talented inspector general, William Haddad, who had been his lightning rod. Haddad and his deputy, Robert Clampitt, had an uncanny ability to sense trouble before it started. - o - -JOHNSON'S FRIEND- When Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen turned down an invitation to celebrate Algona, (la.) Upper Des Mollies Tuesday, January 25, 1966 his birthday, Jan. 4, at the LBJ Ranch, President Johnson protested: "I thought you were my friend," "I am your friend/' purred Dirksen in his most mellifluous manner. "You have no better friend in the United States, because it if my sworn mission in life to save you - to save you from yourself," TYPING PAPER, Office Supply Dept., Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co., Algona. SENIOR CITIZENS! SEE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ON BACK PAGE Humboldt County REC MEMBERS ENJOY THE SECURITY OF AN ALL NIGHT YARD LIGHT ALL YOU PAY FOR IS THE ELECTRICITY IT USES? No Yearly Charge, No Installation Cost When Installed On An Existing Pole. Discourages Prowlers. Makes Driveways and Roads Safer. Help. Make Early Morning and Late Evening Chores Safe. Your Cooperative Maintains It Free of Charge. Protects Your Home and Possessions When the House Is Unoccupied, • Comes On and Goes Off Automatically. CONTACT THE REC OFFICE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Humboldt Co. REC Phone 332.1616 Humboldt

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