The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1966
Page 10
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For And About Teenagers] m***^milll*mmiam*~**iii*mi*m**=~*v**a^- , - .- *S. . ..,._„... ,,.J ANP MOVES To His CLASS... THE WEEK'S LETTER: "I am sixteen years old and have never been on a date. My mother thinks I am not interested in boys and until this year I didn't care much about them. Recently, I met a boy on the school bus coming back from the Fair. He seems to be a nice boy and I would like to get to know him better. I have approached him twice in the hall to talk to him, but he just answers my question and moves on to his next class. That one night on the bus — about a three-hour ride — I got to know him pretty well and I think a lot of him. How can I get him to ask me for a date?" OUR REPLY: Before you work too hard at getting him to ask you for a date, have a talk with your parents. You should let your mother know that you have taken an interest in boys, and in one boy in particular. You'll need her approval before you can say "yes" when you are asked for a date. If your mother approves of the boy, and of your having a date, there isn't any guarantee he will ask you. Don't try too hard to impress him. You'll overdo it. Be friendly. Speak each time you see him. If he is interested, soon he'll be asking questions of you instead of hurrying off to another class. II you HOT* a Utnagt problem you want la dUcuu. 6r aa ebittvaliaa le makti addrtu your Ulttr lo FOR AND ABOUT TEENAGERS. COMMUNITY AND SUBURBAN PRESS SERVICE. FRANKFORT, IY. Morry-Oo-Round IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIinnMflilNIHMIMN miiiiiniHiiiHmiiMiiiiiHniiiiini By Drew Peanon WASHINGTON - The United States, has submitted a highly secret proposal to Russia for ending the war in Viet Nam and neutralizing all of Indo- China. Under its terms, the United States would withdraw from Viet Nam altogether, and the International Control Commission would maintain neutrality, not only of Viet Nam but of Laos and Cambodia. The commission composed of Poland, India and Canada - would need more power, probably U. N. troops, to guarantee genuine neutrality. Russia would have a voice on the commission through Poland, but Red China would be shut out altogether. This would increase Soviet influence in Southeast Asia at the expense of its Chinese rivals, a prospect that should be tempting to the Kremlin, Tnere were two reasons for the strict secrecy with which the White House has made this proposal : 1. The Russians already are being badgered by the Red Chinese for trying to bring peace in Viet Nam on behalf of the United States; 2. leaks in the U.S. would bring Sen. Everett Dirksen and other GOP leaders hotfooting it down to the White House or taking to the Senate floor in vigorous dissent. Basically, the Johnson administration has decided, reluctantly and after long introspection, that Sen. William Fulbright, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee is right. Last April Fulbright proposed to Secretary of Defense McNamara that the entire Viet Nam area be turned over to Russia for the purpose of supervising an election. Fulbright argued and the administration has now come around privately to his viewpoint - that Russia's aims in Southeast Asia are essentially similar to ours - namely, the blocking of Chinese communist penetration. - o - -TRUMAN AGING-Harry Truman, now approaching his 82nd birthday, is spending only two hours a day at his desk in the Truman Library in Independence, Mo., and is not his old bouncing, vigorous self. He sees almost no one, has trouble keeping his balance and has drastically curtailed all plans for travel away from home. Incidentally, Mr. Truman is quite irked at President Johnson for .getting us into ,war so deeply in Viet Njjirn. >: ,«J.; ! ' ':.. ". . Tftimafi' looks' ba'cr tb"hls 'ovrti days in the White House, when he tried to campaign for peace, and says he fears that the United States is getting bogged down in a long, disastrous and futile war in Southeast Asia. He seems almost to have forgotten that he sent troops into war in Korea when North Korean communists attacked South Korea. - o —BOBBY BAKER COVER-UP-The recent grand jury report on Bobby Baker carefully refrained from touching on any of his relations with live members of Congress. It did not, for instance, clear up the $2,500 fee paid to Baker by the law firm of Rep. Manny Celler of Brooklyn. Mr. Celler said this was a normal forwarding fee paid Baker because he had sent Celler $10,000 worth of legal business business having to do with supermarket leases in New York and New Jersey, Celler claimed. But the company involved, the Sweet Water Development Co., said the $10,000 was paid to Celler's law firm because Sweet Water wanted some inside information on helium legislation which Congressman Celler knew about. Senator Williams of Delaware claimed the fee was really in connection with getting a million dollar desalination contract for the Sweet Water company. This is just one of the instances of Bobby Baker's dealings with members of Congress which neither the grand jury nor Senate investigators have ever been willing to touch. And the full story of Bobby Baker will never be told until such matters are looked into. - o - --FAVORS FOR THE FAVORED— President Johnson is letting himself in for the same mistake made by one of his political opponents who ran against him in Texas. Johnson's first battle for the Senate was against Senator Pappy O'Daniel, whom this column revealed to have used his influence to have his two sons, then in the army, transferred to Washington, where they could sit out the war near their father. Pat O'Daniel was transferred from Fort Benning to Fort Washington, Maryland, and Fort Belvoir, Virginia, for two years of the war, while Mike O'Daniel transferred to Fort Washington for more than a year. Recently President Johnson's future son-in-law, Pat Nugent, who will marry Luci Johnson, was transferred from active duty with the Air National Guard in Texas to a clerical job with the District of Columbia Air National Guard. He has a cushy job, shuffling papers till 4 p. m., when he can put on civilian clothes and go to see Luci. He will spend a 40-hour week a long way from Viet Nam. - o - - POSITIVE REAGAN- Now that Ronald Reagan is openly running for governor of California,, newspapermen re caijj'what was said of him when lie'was a commentator for General Electric. "Reagan," the wag's said, "spoke faster than he thought. He had no mind - but it was made up." Newsmen now covering the handsome candidate for governor say that still goes for Reagan today. - o - —BLACKMAIL TOTHAILAND— It's been hushed up at the Pentagon, but millions of dollars worth of military airplanes have been sent to Thailand which have been either unused or appropriated as graft by high officials. Secret Pentagon reports show that, out of 34 light planes sent to the Thai army for artillery spotting, only two were received ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i Electric heat /s convenient! That's why millions of homeowners over the nation are taking advantage of modern, cleaner living with electric heat. Electric heat,.. economical to install, economical to operate. Electric heat... quiet and clean. Ask your electrical contractor for full facts about modern electric home heating... the best »vay 1J heat your home. Algona Municipal Utilities • ••••••••illlllllllMllillillllliilMllfifMflflllilllllMfifppliI by the army, most of the others being used as private planes for the brass hats. Six of the planes were still in their crates. Despite this, the Pentagon has now sent more light planes to Thailand - at a time when Gen. Westmoreland has been pleading for more planes in Viet Nam. And the prime minister ofThail- and is demanding even more supplies on the threat of letting his country go communist. The royal family of Thailand, incidentally, is among the wealthiest in the world. When the Empress of Thailand attended the wedding of the King of Greece, for example, she had more diamonds on her bosom than any other of the 12 queens present. - o - —MYSTERY MOTHER-- The federal raid on Nazi headquarters in Arlington, Va., last month produced more than evidence of unpaid taxes. Startled agents also discovered that a mystery woman, a tall fading blonde, is living in the Nazi barracks in the midst of all the storm troopers. Even more astonishing, the records reveal that a baby daughter also lived with her in the barracks for several months. A coroner's report claims the baby "choked and gagged" to death three years ago. The mother is Barbara von Goetz, who has a room across the hall from the living quarters of the self-styled American fuhrer, George Lincoln Rockwell. She claims to be his secretary. She gave birth to a daughter, according to the records, on Dec. 8, 1961, at the District of Columbia General Hospital. The baby was named Laurie Gissela Mapp, taking the last name of Miss von Goetz's former husband. At the Nazi barracks, the baby caught a bad cold, possibly from the icy atmosphere Rockwell maintains in his quarters. Apparently he considers it Nordic to keep the air frigid. A doctor was called in, but the child died on October 25, 1962. This column attempted to reach Miss von Goetz for comment, but a Nazi spokesman professed never to have heard of her. "No women live here," he said sternly. "The Ipcress Pile" start! Sunday at the Algona Theatre Thursday, January 20, 1966 Aloond (16.) Upp«f 6« Mirhiirl Culm- mid Sue Llo.ul, Imlh llfitNh «pir«. fcnr llir»'\e IHTII (nipped li\ cm-im ngrnl«. In lhi« rxcitini; .i-riir from Hum Snll/ninn « production of l.i-n Dcinliloo'- "Tin. Ipirr-- l-'ilc." it «n«pcn«r drnilin of intrriuitioiinl c<piniinpi> l»n«ril on t)righlon'« l>r<l-<cllinp nim-l. l'holofcrn|ihcil In Technicolor mid I i'cluii«co|ir. llir film l« n l'nttrr*nl r« % lrit!«r. Federal agents told this column, however, that she still makes her home with the Nazis. Note: Barbara's sister, Joan Cecile von Goetz, went to Germany in 1945 to work briefly for the Allied Military Security Board. In 19G1, she renounced her American citizenship and sought to be declared stateless. She claimed to represent Dr. Otto Straser, a neo-Nazi leader. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher and Mrs. Howard Hellickson are maternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hofius, Mr. and Mrs. Knut Oppedahl and Roger and Mrs. Olianna Vinaas were Sunday dinner guests at the Alf Lee home at Stratford, Airman Marvin Lee of Lowry Air Force Base, Colo, is spending a 14-day furlough with his parents. Bonnie and Brenda, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacobson, celebrated their eleventh birthday Thursday. Evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krause and Shelly of LuVerne , Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zinnel and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kropf took their son Richard of Ruthven to Veterans hospital at Des Moiires Jan. 6 and all returned home this Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Kropf stayed at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wehring at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Worster visited Joe Honn at Lutheran hospital Wednesday. Saturday Mr. Worster brought him to his home at Humboldt. Second Lt. Donald Waechter came to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Antone Waechter al West Bend Wednesday. He had been in Viet Nam. After his furlough he will be stationed in Florida. Sunday, a dinner was held in his honor at his parents home. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Waechter and family of Cherokee, Mi. and Mrs. Robert Waechter and Mark Mrs. PeterDahlhauserofWhitte- more and Mr. ami Mrs. Verne Waechter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dahlhauser of West Bend were afternoon visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz ami family sjient the weekend visiting Ills relatives. Thuy called at the homo of a brother Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Scliultz and family at Little Hock. At De Smet, South Dakota they visited at the home of another brother, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schultz, and a sister, Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Brandt, and with his mother, Mrs. llulda Schultz. Mr. and Mrs. Jessx 1 Van Buskirk went to Spencer Friday to visit at the Clarence Krocgor home. Their son-in-law, Mr. Kroeger had been released from the hospital after being a medical patient. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Watnem and Shell/ of Humboldt Were Sunday visitors at the Percy Watnem home. The Randy Wat- nems have returned from a three- week visit with her parents at Lake Worth, Fla. LITTERS TO THE EDITOR KIND WORDS The Editors Upper Des Moines Newspaper Algona, Iowa Dear Sirs: The officers and members of the First Methodist church in Algona join me in expressing appreciation for all the religious news that your newspaper has printed during the past year concerning the activities of our church. The courtesy and co-operation of your entire staff have been most impressive at all times, We are so very thankful for a FREE PRESS in our great country. Again, as Methodists observed "Communications" week, please accept our thanks for your generosity of space in your fine newspaper. Very cordially yours, Newton M. Coughenour United Presbyterian Women met Friday. Hostesses were Mrs. Roy Telford and Mrs.Mary L'eitl. Mrs. Albert Thorsen gave the lesson and Mrs. Ralph Richards read from Concern. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Newton of Humboldt are parents of a six pound, three ounce son, Daryl Ellsworth, born Jan. 13. The Newtons now have two sons and a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. De Vere Newton are paternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Perry of Garden Grove, Calif., adopted a 9 lb., 2 oz. daughter, Michelle. She was born Sunday and came to their home Wednesday. Mr. THURS. thru SAT. "-JANUARY 20 • 22 SAT. MATINEE AT ALGONA 1:30 AR RACING WIWATARGET OTHER MAN'J CAR 1 . DERBY ONLY WINNER'A LONE SU*V/Vff*> SUN. thru WED., JAN. 23 - 26 A TINGLING, NO-NONSENSE SUSPENSE YARN ENLIVENED BY HONEST GOOD HUMOR! MICHAEL CAINE Wepay^ guaranteed interest on Pass Book Savings PAYABLE QUARTERLY NO CERTIFICATES REQUIRED 1st QUARTER 2nd QUARTER 3rd QUARTER 4th QUARTER May, June, July - August, September, Oct. - November, December, Jan. - February, March, April for tax purposes, total yearly Interest can be computed at end of October quarter ... No waiting for totals after first of the year. WE APPRECIATE A CHANCE TO SERVE YOU r ** *»OMK*|| A i FRIENDLY I I BANK I mw"J THE SECURITY STATE BANK AIGQNA, IOWA - QFFICi AT LUViRNi

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