Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 1
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-IBproflpisBTOR^ &??•&#$$ •^^^sm^^'-m^'-'^r ,;?(^^«?vV'->^A•'.%.-,:::'.' ". - : - : :V ! ; 1 '-::-.:;!r>;;fs-....;- : "- ;?<•'••'. ^tv-^?*^'^''' 1 : . '••""' " ';*••' "' : ''A''' •"' •:••'•-" V'^v-'V '•^•tf''-.<i*Wfiff?::'.-\ •'•'.•'"' ' • . -,' y>-''•-.'• / -.'V--V-V •••:.-:••'•:;:•- '.V '•,'.•'•'.''.'; : '-••;;•- '. '.. • ''-"..'/'. i" '•'•''.••''"• '• "•-. " "-r-.•,'/.'vt''-' ••• ''• : " : ' ^he MA.Y 11, 18O4. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. (i coupons or <lllTerent dates and 10 <*ntl secures the current number of Art Portfolio*. See advertisement. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 11. 1894. NO. 113 We Have Added Many articles to our SMALL WARE SALE and to excite still more interest we have dropped the prices on same a notch lower. We are now all but making you a present of the goods, but we are presenting every purchaser of $1.0O worth of these goods with a beautiful souvenir. We again append a list of some of the articles and ask you to inspect the goods. Purses 3c Sice Hnndkcrciilofs 3c Collar Buttons 5c doz. Shoo Bntibers 5c Ladles' Vests 71-2c Kpy Rlntfs 3 for 5c Suspenders 4c Pnte»t Iiipe llwisuros 5c Pen Holders 2 for 5c •Croclwt Cases 5c Hair Ornaments nsstd. 5c Looking Glassos 5c Sll. Plat. Jforks-Spuons 25c a set Silk Mitts 15c Lump Wicks any width 4 yds lOc Luces Ic yd Crochet Silks 15c ball Irish Crochet Luces Scdoz.yds BiaokSlIk L; co 4c yd Tape Measures 2c Brcss uriild Ic Pants Buckels 2c do:; Combs 3c Pants Buttons 8c gross Darning Needles 5c for 25 Dress Buttons 5 Bubber Tiiue Ic Belt Buckels 5c Pins 2c Hair Curlers 8c Books and Eyes 5c Needles 2c Jersey- Dress Buttons Sc a card Corset Luces' 5c doz Thimbles Ic Tooth Brushes 3c •ill k Ribbons all shades 5ca yd Knitting Cotton 3c Silk Veiling lOc yd Fon-olnli) Buttons 5c gross Ulchnrdsoif s Silk DO yd 2c each Hlchardsoiis' Twist -2c a spool You know the value of these goods. Be sure and read the prices. A beautiful souvenir with every dollar purchase. 409-411 Brodaway. FROM HOOSIERDOM. [Telegraphic News of Interest to ludlanlano. To Condemn Coal Alines. • INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 10.—A clr- eular letter addressed to governors of (coal-mining states was received by .(GOT. Matthews Wednesday. It is S igned by P. A. Ch&se. of St Louis, and I as follows: "Issue proclamations condemning all mines Dn your suite to public uso of the mate. Call rtoKOther your state legislature thut they jmay confirm by hill your aots. Open jthese mines by proclamation to all minors tend B9auro them aatfrtfactory wages. .8ute» huve the right of eminent do- Inatn, and always exercise that right when ithey condemn land for public use. Legal own- j*ri of mines can b« compensated afterward, [Act quickly, or great disasters may come." ; The governor, it is said, will pay no (attention to tbe letter. Can't AMCM National Bank*. ' iKDlANAPOLia, Ind., May 10.—The supreme court decided Wednesday that ;he state board of tax commissioners , bas no jurisdiction in assessing the property of national banks for taxation The case came from .Rush county, whore ihe taxation was resisted by the Rush- Tille national bank. The term of the commission each year is too short, Judge Coffey said in his opinion, for (consideration of all appeals and for • this reason the general assembly did not intend to give the commissioners urlsdlctlon over the national banks. | . HOT Striken Plg-nt. MUMCIK, Ind., May 10.—About ninety fcmall boys employed at the Muncle flint glass works have struck for a raise »f forty cents on their week's |wages of 13.00. All quit work, *nd Wednesday when a part of *he .factory resumed work with new boys in their places the little strikers caused so much trouble [that some of them were arrested. They attacked their successors at the uoon Ibour and a regular pitched battle en- jroed There is fear of more serious (trouble. : DllooM Methodist Bom* Ml»»lon«. MABIOK, Ind., May 10.—Tbe annual conference of the Home Missionary so- riety of the Methodist Episcopal church of northern Indiana began a two (Olff Mwlon here Wednesday morning. » ,.- hundred delegates from if tke dietriet are present The work included addresses of welcome, appointment of committees and reports from the various departments of the work, which showed a marked improvement Afloot* Railroad Men. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 10,—An appellate court decision here affirms the lower court in a case which concerns all tho employes of the Pennsylvania system. The point in the decision is that the taking of a membership in and acceptance of benefits of the voluntary relief department of the Pennsylvania company by an employe who is Injured operates as a release of any further claim against the company for damages for the injury. May Quarantine Chicago. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 10.—The state board of health claims to have Information that smallpox is dangerously prevalent in Chicago and that some action by Indiana is necessary. The board is disposed to quarantine against tho city and cites the appropriation of 150,000 at the governor's disposal to enforce the quarantine. The board has presented the -case to the governor, but he has not decided on his line of action. A Mother'* Confeulon. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, May 10.—Early. last March a, dead babe was found at the home of Mrs. William Castor, BOl West Pearl street The mother, said that the child had died from natural causes. She has just confessed to having murdered the infant by choking it to death. She gave as a motive for the crime that she did not desire her children to know that tbe offspring was illegitimate. Sho has been placed under arrest Railroad* Want to Comproml»o. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 10.—Representatives of the railroad companies who are fighting the new tax law and who have had $1,000,000 in taxes tied up in the courts for tho past eighteen months met with the governor and state tax commissioners Wednesday in an effort to compromise the cases. The proposal to compromise came from the companies. The matter was discussed but no conclusion reached Life Imprlonment, FJULNKLM, Ind., May 10.—The second trial of John Parker and Ed McAfee (colored), charged with the murder of Charlee Byster at Indianapolis one year evening by the Jury finding delendanta guilty and sentencing them to tho penitentiary for life. On the first trial they were sentenced to hang. Kovcrelj Injured In a Hnnamjr. SOUTH BKKD, Ind., May 10. By the demolition of her carriage in a runaway Wednesday Mrs. Henry A. Chapin had her right arm fearfully crushed, The coachman was also badly injured. Mr. Chapin and Mrs. Stowcli; who were occupants of the carriage, escaped with a severe shaking up. Running Fight, with Bnttrlnrl. VixCENNES, Ind., May 10.—The homo of Harry H. Bowman at Emison was robbed Tuesday night by burglars, who escaped down tho river in a boat Bowman and a neighbor followed -and a running fight with shotguns ensaed. The thieves were captured at Francisville. • Congregational!*** Meet. FOBT WAYN«, Ind., May 10.—The thirty-sixth annual meeting of the general association of Congregational churches and ministers of Indiana is now in session in this city. , , Mitkei Elghty-FiT* Mlle» an Hoar., EOCHESTKK, N. Y.,,May 10.—The new Lehigh Valley engine !No. 655 on a run from Buffalo to Rochester Tuesday made an average of 85 miles. Engineer Beekman promised to make an average of 90 miles an hour on the return trip to Buffalo, but could make only 44. Folioned 07 Caonert Balloon. Si. Louis, May 10.—A Post-Dispatch special from youngsboro, Ala., say« John Williamson, wife and five chll- dren partook of salmon for supper from a can opened some days previously. They all fell into convulsions almost immediately. The two youngest children died in frightful agony. Tha others of the family are in a precarious condition. WASHINOTON, May lO.^The senate, by a vote of 23 to 30, laid on the table the Lodge amendment to the tariff bill to impose double duties against Great Britain until that oouc try should agree to an international ratio for the coinage of silver- i; Cyclone In T»xa«. : DAU.AS, TEX, May'(10.— Neivi Has reached hero that a cyclone struck the town ot Quanah in the Panhandle, Wednesday nlgtt, wr&king newlj twenty tmlialng* and; injuring,many ""''" '•"•"' •"•"'• • ' '•'•'--'' • WITH DUE HONORS. The Mary Washington Monument Dedicated at Frederioksburg. Outline of the Ceremonies—Tributes to Motherhood bv President Cleveland and Senator Daniel. HONORED BY A NATION. FBicnicRiCKsnuno, Va,, May 10.— The weather being propitious, there was nothing 1 in the way of a most successful celebration of Die event to which patriotic women, and the people oi Virginia particularly, have looked forward for so many months—tho dedication of the monument to Mary Wash- v infrton, tho mother of the first president. DlatluKQlaued Participants From Richmond thero came Gov. O'Fcrrall and a large number of civil and military visitors, u.nd every part of the state contributed its quota. From the national capital a special train brought President Cleveland, Secretary and Mrs. Grosham, Secretary and Mrs Carlisle, Secretary and ;Miss Morton, Secretary and Mrs. Lamont, Postmaster-General Hissell, Private Secretary and Mrs. Thurber und many dis- IHK MONUSIIST. ting'uished men In public life. This train arrived about 10:30 a, m. and was met at tho station by a committee, who escorted tho special guests to the Mary Washington house, whore nn informal lunch was tendered to President Cleveland, followed by a reception on the old porch of the mansion. Ten Thoaiund See the Parade. The procession, including- various patriotic societies and benevolent orders, companies of the state militia, the governor's staff, and representative ladies on- horseback, was then formed and proceeded to tho monument, where a grand stand to accommodate 400 guests had been erected. On Washing'ton avenue, in front of the stand, nearly 10,000 people were massed. The Ooremonlpii. Ceremonies began with prayer by Eev. James P. Smith, followed by a brief address by A. P. Howe, mayor of Fredericks burg. Gov. O'Ferrall followed with annimpassioDOd address of welcome on the part of the state of Virginia, which was frequently interrupted with applause, and in an eloquent peroration presented the president of tbe United States. For several minutes the enthusiasm which greeted the president was without bounds. Freildont Cleveland Speaki. When the cheering finally subsided President Cleveland said: "Nothing can bo more Important to tbosa who have ussuinod tho responsibility of self- government than tho cultivation and stimulation amonr themselves of aontlmenu vrhtoh ennoble anil elevate and strengthen humanity. A» a clear and wholesome stream must have its flow from a pure fountain- head, ao muit a clean and benoflcont popular government have 1U source in pure and morally heal thy men. Thl» purity and this moral health are^n nothing better exemplified than In a lovu and reverence for motherhood. Tbe man who said he cared not wbo made a people's lawa If he could write their HOURS, might havo •aid with more truth that ho could gauge the strength and honor of a people, and their ntneafl foraelf'government, if ho knew the'dopths and •teadfatftnesa of their love for their mothers)- 1 believe that ho who thinks It brave and maalv to outgrow his earllsr devotion to his ax>th«r IB, more than be who has no music In hlmsalf, tltfor treason, atrataireuu and Bvoll»,and should not be trusted. Let us reoall to-day as conclusive proof >of the 0)010 relation between American greatness and a lasting love and reverence for our mothers t»e proud declaration of George Washington: -All I um t owe to my mother;' and lot us not forgot that when hla glory was greatest and when the plaudits of hla countrymen wore loudest, he valued moro than these the Weaning and approval of his nged mother. "While these exercises cumot fall to Inspire us anew with reverence for American motherhood, we will remember that we aro horo tc do honor to tho woman who gave to our nation Us greatest and bust oltlzon. and that w« have tho privilege o'f participating In the dedication of a monument erected by the women 01 our land in loving and enduring testimony tc the virtues of tbe mother of Washington, Lot us be proud to-day 'that Uu nobility of this woman exacted from udl» tin "Kulshed foreigner the admission: 'IT such art the matrons of America, she may well boast 01 llusirlouisonsi' and that LaWyeito, who had : fought with her son for American Indepond. enoe, declared after he tad received hei Wooing: 'I nsv» ««en the only Boman matros with P, higher cs'Imato ot tno value oi American citteeniaip. and with a prayer to God that our people may hold fast to the sentiment that grows out of a love and reverence for American motherhood." There was another outburst of applause when the president finished. In accordance with the request of the board of lady -managers the president then assumed the chair aud presided over the subsequent proceedings- An address In behalf of the descendants of tho immortal George was delivered by Lawrence Washington, fion of Au- (fustiue Washington, the favorite nephew of the first president, who inherited Mount Vernon and sold it to the association which now owns it As the American Hag which has veiled the mouuineut was drawn aside, disclosing the shaft to view, tha Marino band from Washington rendered the "Star Spangled Banner" and the spectators cheered for several minutes. Si.'untor IJHnlel'* Oration. The formal oration was delivered by United States Senator John W. Daniel, and was one of the best efforts of that celebrated orator. Senator Daniel said: "Thi.s stone represent* two idcaln—womanly excellence and patriotic duty. You have reared this beautiful obelisk to one wlio was 'tho light of ihc ilwclllng' 1n a plain rural colonial home. Her Malory Lovers around it. Slie was wife, molhcr und widow. SIic nursnd il hero at. her broast. At. her Unco ,nho trained to thR love und rear of God anil to the kingly virtues, honor, tnitli anil valor. Hie lion of the trlue mat gavo to America liberty and independence. This Is Ij-ir title to renown. It li>enough. "But fur ihc llRht that streamed from the deeds of h!m sho bore wy ivouid iioulitlons havo uovnr !:oari: tho namo of Mary Washington, and tho CTU.SS tliul grew upon Uilw grave had not been disturbed by curious foot- Ktt|W or reverential hands. But It does not follow that shu shines only In tho !-o:li!(!tion of her olTsprlnR's fame. Her virtues were not created: they \voro only <!;scovored by tho marvelous career of her Illustrious son. This memorial mtfs'ht, indeed, be dun to her because of w no she ivus, but It is rur more (Uni to her because of what she was. It is In hor oivn right,- and as tho tyix; of lu;r sex, her ""Tie, and her race thai .tile deserves this Tribute stone." lie traced the history of the mother of Washington from hor birth on tho :!oth of November,' 1700, at the plantation homo of her father, Col Joseph Ball, in Lancaster county, Virginia, on tho banks of the llappahan- nock, where the river broadens us it blends into the Chesapeake bay, through n.11 the eventful years of her life down to her death at her home in Kredericksburg ou the 25th of August, 17S9, and closed an eloquent peroration by saying: "O.-ieo ajfaln tho May time breaks with Its suiihhino. Its verdure, Its blossoms, over tbu land whose hills and plains were shaken and whoso homes were shattered by tue tnundor* of war; but 10 moro do tho lon£ lines come [jloamins on to (loudly fray: 110 moro la heard 'tlio noise of tbe captains and ibe shouting;' no more are seen the KarmentH rolled in blood. " -I prophesy,' says Thomas Oarlylo, 'that the world will once moro become- sincere—a believing world, with many heroes In it, a herolo world. It will then bo a victorious world—never till then.' "Fireside lessons and the mother's love must mako It so—sincere, behoving, heroic, victorious. In scenes like this uro tokens of fulfillment of the prophet's vialon. Patriotism, kneeling at this good iromin'i trravo. Invokes Its Inspiration and prays God's blessing on the land of Washington." Ileceptlnn and Banquet. President Cleveland held a reception after the exercises at the Mary Washington house and shook hands with several thousand persons. While the president was holding his reception most of the other distinguished guests were entertained at a masonic banquet at the opera house by the lodge in which George Washington was made a mason. At this banquet, which commenced at 3 o'clock, the principal speaker was Vice President Stevenson. A poem iu boner of the occasion was read by the author, George Alfred Townsend. Tha Monument. Tho monument to the mother of Washington is an obelisk of white marble 50 foot high. Its base consists of three courses, the upper one beveled and surmounted by a die bearing the simple inscription: RUIN AND DEATH. Awful Eesult of the Recent Earthquake in Venezuela. Full Details Not Received—Ten Thousand Lives Reported Lost — Several Towns Are Destroyed. MARY, THX UOTIIIK OV WASHINGTON. A cap surmounts the die, and from this rises the beautiful whits shaft The site is at thg cage of a beautiful plateau, and near the two (fray bowl- ders upon which the patriot's mother was accustomei to lit for hours daily with her knitting. DISMISSED. Randall CompromliM with !-• Porte An- tborlti« and li »••<]. LA POHTE, Ind., May 10.—Gen. Randall and staff of the commonweal army have been releated from Jail at the recommendation of Judge Noyes, before whom the Indictment* were filed, after allowing bail in the sum of 1500 each to await trial on the charge of conspiracy to steal bread and moat Judge Noyes •mked the attorneys for the defense to prepare a statement of Randall's purposes, which was done. Randall in the statement agreed to leave the county with his army as soon M possible, and the defendants were all released, the case then being dismissed. The released men say they will begin a damage suit against Mayor Scott Individually for malicious prosecution. Randall's claim will be placed at WO,000 and a vigorous prosecution will be I SLAIN UV THOUSANDS. CARACAS, May II.— A terrible earthquake, occurred in Venezuela on. April KS Reports which linvo bi_-en received here from the districts affected tell of terrible loss of life :md destruction of villages and towns. The) cities of Merida, Liiguuillas. Chi fTuara and Sau Juan, situated in the northwest of the republic, in the region of the Andes, are reported as having been totally destroyed by a fierce shock at 11 o'clock on the nipht of the 2Sth. Many villages are Raid to be wrecked, but the detail* arc not yet to be bad. The convulsion extended to parts of the adjacen* republic of Colombia. The full details of tli'e catastrophe will be learned slowly, but it is probable that 10,000 people have perished, and it is certain that the great- ; est suffering prevails in the place* visited by the earthquake. The United States minister here has notified th» state department at Washington of the terrible effect* of the catastrophe, and has asked that assistance be given to the people of the stricken districts. Many Victim* of a Flood. The survivors were terror-stricken, and bodies of persons who had been crushed to death were permitted 'to Ue where they had fallen. The only report of the actual condition of affair* received since the first intelligence say* that a flood swept many persons to destruction in the vicinity of Lagunillas. Belief Sent to tho Sufferer*. '• The government of Venezuela has sent relief to the sufferers from the disaster, but on account of the general chaos that reigns it may be four or five days before this relief expedition can reach the afflicted districts. A call for relief has also been made to other South American countries and the government of Colombia has dispatched supplies to adw» . triet of that country adjoining 1 the Ve-' ueznelan boundary, where tho ravage* of the earthquake are reported to be on severe as they were in the latter country. Prevlon* Earthquake*, This was the severest earthquake hitherto experienced in Venezuela during- the-present century. In 1852 two •earthquakes occurred in Cuman«,. , which entirely destroyed that ancient city and buried about 600 , . inhabitants in the ruins. The prov-' ince was at tbe time in rebellion against President Mooagas, but after this dreadful calamity the citizens resolved to abide by the president's authority. Another revolution was im this way brought to an end. A Sertoa of Earthquake*. \VABHISSTON, May 10.—Quite a series of earthquakes would appear to be in progress in both hemispheres. The first of the number made itself felt on April 15 at Tokio, in Japan, and to a less extent in Yokaha and elsewhere. Several buildings were damaged, but there was no loss oi life. On the 20th the terrible earthquake* in Greece began, which have brought such widespread destruction and perhaps arc not over yet. On the same day Central America was visited by a seismic trouble. The shock was felt at Colon, at Panama, and at some of the othet places, but beyond a slight subsidence of the earth and some disturbance to the overhead wires of an electric tram line, no harm was done. Then, on the 2Sth, came the terrible calamity in Venezuela, where more lives have been lost and more wholesale destruction wrought than in . Ureece, [Merida, tho most Important of the ruined to\v L.I, IB In the BUM of Lou Andes. A brand) of the eastern .chain of the Andes enters tbf country under the name of the Sierra Nevada4t Merida. Merida lies &.400 feet above tbe lore) of toe sea. Tills U tbe second tlm«lnltihl*torj tb.it Merida has been destroyed by »n owtb- qimka. Tne former occasion was In the yemf 1B12. Cp to that time it bad been vie largaal city of Venotueli. Its population numtMn . about 10,000. San Juan I* a small town lying about 24 milos went of Merida. ChKiuan is also sltUiUed In tho same a taw of LOR And**, Laftunillos iti in the §tat« of Fuloon, and ZiiUs Has on Ibe western coast of the-Lago do Mara- '' calbo. In l?&3 two earthquake* took place I* Cumana, which entirely destroyed that ancient city and buried ubout 000 Inhabitant*. ] I'ttton Sworn In. WASHINGTON, May 10.— The tariff discussion in the senate was interrupted in order to allow Mr. Patton, the new senator from Michigan, to be sworn in, after which Senator Allison (rep., la.) offered an amendment to the add schedule proposing- specific rates slightly differing from those in hi* first amendment, which was voted down. Killed In a Home Cave-In. _ MEXICO Crrr, Mex., May 10.— Another madeT" Th'e^da^nlfes" for" the six other! catastrophe ha» occurred as the result prisoners will be for similar amounts, of the caving m of the roof of one Elsworth Weir, John G Eichter and of the old houses of the city. Poor Mayor T. C. Krueger, o* Michigan City, members of the family of Pedro V«- • Ind., will file tke paper, w won M q«« JJ» o»ugh onfc Member*, of wereWU- to be •awtd to of large

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