The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Page 5
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WKDNESDAY, l-'EMUAUY 7, 1940 BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIEU NEWS HUH DUEL HIS Keeps Them In Trim Two Ways Featuring G a 1 e n t o As Gate-Pusher For Louis- Godoy Bout NEW YOHK. Fob. 7. (UI')—While heavyweight champion Joe Louis completed training today for his ninth litle defense Friday night, lilts one ngnlnst Arturo Godoy of Chile, these two statements were made: <l> Promoter Mike Jacobs ad- milled thai lhe bout would be a sell-out of more limn $100,000, and (2) Tony Galento volunteered Hint Chnmplon Louis would soon be a "wash-out." in addition, Promoter Jacobs prepared to announce tonight the opponent, city nnd date of Louis' iGth defense. I Although Louis still rules the 1-1 belting favorite lo heat Oodoy, the ticket demand is "so terrific," according to Jacobs,' that a sell-out Is assured. Unexpectedly large out- of-lown sales arc swelling the gate. This is a. tribute lo the cham- pioii's -drasving power, since Challenger Godoy has been virtually forgotten by United Stales fight fans. The Chilean hasn't appeared in this Country for more than two years. If the gate exceeds $100,000, i this will be nothing new for the j brown bomber, who drew over -that amount in his four previous Garden appearances. I The public may appreciate Louis as a great fighting man, but "Two- Ton" Tony Galento dees not. Tony watched the champion box four rounds vKh four sparmates at his Pompton Lakes, N. J., camp yesterday and came to tills conclusion; "Louis is slipping—losing his kick. I hope nothing happens to him before I can get another crack at him this summer. I mean I hope nobody beats him before I get a chance to knock him out." Fat Tony, who hnd the cliiimpion on the deck lust summer before Louis knocked him out, said Joltin? Joe seems to be in good physical condition—as far as his stamina Is concerned, but something has sapped the old-time dynamite from his punch. Also, says Galento, Loui;; appears off on his timing and sloppy in ills defense. Tony insists that Bomber Joe College Trainer Says Many Spend Freshmen Year Recuperating 11V JERKY HKONWIKU) NL'A Service Sports Writer . INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 0.—High •chool athletic heads could suve themselves considerable grlot nnd liuuro youngsters n • milch better future If they pnld heed lo Jnmes H. Morris, youthful vurslty trainer ol Uutler University. I'he biggest need In competitive athletics today," says Morris, "Is adeqimie provision for training and treatment,cf Injuries In secondary .schools. Very fc\v high schools have niiy provision lor preparatory " >t .Jjt^Af. Frank Carbon, baseball captain, gels n (ice haircut from Jim Morris ' lamm B °'' treatment of Injuries •- - - '' beyond what lhe coach cnil do. As | a result, minor Injuries often lire neglected, become aggravated nnd Uutler University trainer. tried his hardest (o register a kayo over cadi ot his four sparmates yeslerday for lhe benefit of a large delegation of sports writers. "But he couldn't turn the Irick," the fat man continued. "And when he was working with Emel Schok, Scholz smacked'him on the puss wllh five straight rights. And Clarence Brown knocked Joe clean into lhe ropes with left Jabs." Incidentally, Galcnlo contends FINEST 5 "YEAR OLD WHISKEY NOW AT A POPULAR PRICK! Also available in a <lc luvo lilcnil of slruijjit vvliiskics.'nie straight whiskies in i his product ;irc 8 YEARS OLD —Koiirhon, f )Q jiroof. i that the champion Ins been Irain- ing wllh lhe wrong type of sparring partners—stand-up boxers— Instead of men who crouch low nnd who come in bobbing and weaving like Godoy. Despile lhe champion's "slipping" and'hts poor choice of sparmales, Tony believes and hopes Hint lie will beat Godoy, "after a. tough fight." Tony prays cnch night that Godoy won't kayo Bomber "becun I wanna do that." Joe, Today's Sport Parade By McLEMORB HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 7 <UP) — Southern California's biggest sport is not played on a golf course or a rcotbni! field or a race track, but on n sidewalk. No equipment is needed except a vacant stare, a mind to match, and the patience of. a,man who plays three-horse parlays at- a crooked Irack. Tho sport is known as stargazing, and it is played almost every night, outside of theaters where world premieres or previews arc being held. Unlike any other sport, you can think of, star-gazing is open to persons of all age,, sex and physical ability. A representative group of players will include tots and totters, moppets and mammas, and Tycoons and tramps. I interviewed Sidney Ney, one of I lhe recognized, top-ranking slar- gazers in Holly\vo:d, as to how the game was played by an expert. With quiet pride, Key told me he has not missed any opening since the Gish girls gave their all in "Broken Blossoms." "At that time," he said, "I was a novice. I simply stood on the fringe of the crowd. Today my technique has so improved that I nm cftcn in the photographs taken of the stars as they walk into the Iheatcr lobby." As we talked, I looked about his trophy room. On lhe left was a collar he had torn from Ronald Column. Just beneath it was a side- comb snatched from Norma Tal- madgc's hair. In a glass case was a wisp cf moustache which Key Now In New Location J. J, HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Division I'honc 500 ARKANSAS Farm had successfully snipped off Lionel cn !,', se " ' ol cf 'rouble later on. linrrymore, ami a cigar butt, which ^°° nlim >' u °5' s spend their Jack Henny had discarded occupied ^' csnmnn year in college recovering u j)lnce of honor on (he mnntle- m iI> J lu ' les sustained before Iliey piece. This expert explained to me the Ncy syslem of star-gazing. "Thousands have adopled my technique" lie continued, "because of the ever saw the campus." H'lLI. SPKCIAU'/E IN ATHLETIC Morris, only a few years olddr than the boys he li-alns, is one of vw^ it has brought me J" tlltt »m>:lis' busiest men. In addl- - first read every paper to nnd , . lo hls al 'ducus training duties where premieres are being held. , ln "8ht himself to play (he At five c'clock on the afternoon of ftcco ™<m mid always Is In demand a premiere, I don'neat but scrv- j . "npromplu entertainment... Iceable clothes, garment.? which' taught himself bftrbertnrf will stand up under wear and P' 1 " is " Hfc-saver lo Bulldog alh- lear. For a really big opening, I , wll ° cnl1 ' 1 ftu " 0l '<' the price of tnpe my wrisls and (Jon knee nnd | , R "alrcul. "e spends a couple of elbow guards, similar lo those! worn by basketball players. These i arc Indispensable in defending my ' position near the entrance. "Next I fasten my autograph book to a stcut linked chain. 1 utoptcd this precaution after I sc j hours each night giving frcc sm . ices. ire has worked oil miniy prc- medical courses at Uutler and iu- lends to keep at- it mull i, e gets his degree. When he gets it lie intends lo specialize in orthopedic surgery Coach Thomas R. Ivy's fast >lt'l>plnu Yarbro sexlelte remained '"t In front of the Mississippi L'oimly Aimitt'tir Bnskclbnll Leaguo •'iirudo by iiisliiB out Shawncc, 21•°. i» ft nip and luck cnue bnlllc "'re Monday nlfhl, but hud qulto i srare before it wns nil over. SlMiviico boys gave the visitors in even break with an easy 37-21 limiiph over lx>ne Oak In (he '""IB. for 31 of the 32-mlnulo-baUlc i'uibro-s pcrfwt record hung' In tho Jiilaiite nnd nppearcil nulto likely : « be Mibmerged. Trullhig 10-20 Mill but a minute left. Cclla Whittle came to (ho lender's res- die with a timely field gonl lo •)rovtrto (he mo re in of vlctcry. Led 35' the Speck sisters, Shnwnec jumped out Into nn early lead and tiif tenaciously until dm Hirili- »s climax. They hnd ft 10-8 ad- 'Aiitage at Iho llrsl period; 13-10, «t hiilfwiiy, nnd led lfl-15 golnu inlo lhe llnnl pcrloil. Lucille Old- 1mm. cmck Varbro guard, shared I" the triumph wllh ureiit do- iHislvc work. She held Iho Shawnee nee. Miss Oarlock, to ono Held eoal. Cella's ten points snvo her hlish score. Alice Speck was .second with rlfht. l.oue Oak wa,s no match for the isltliiB boys once Shawnec besnu llnil the raiifo. With towering Kiiny erosion In rare form wllh M points, Shawnco look n 11-7 Irad In the first miartcr, extended it lo 19-12 in the hiiH, and 25-1C at Die tlilni qimrter. A, O. Hunch, Lone ouk star, was runner-up for :ircnslve honors wllh 11 point.';, while McLcmlon, Shnwnce center, bod ten. 'i'lic linciiji and score: OIHLS Slnnvncc (i!0) 1'os. Yurbro (21) this time of day there are only several thousand star-gazers already there and as they are generally young- or Inexperienced 1 find little difficulty in fighting my way thrcugh them." Mr. Ncy further explained ihnt the ability to reach a front line position did not necessarily classify one ns a really lop-flight slar- gazer. He must have tnste, and the knowledge of what to cheer. "I never -made the mistake of asking a bit player for an autograph in .my entire: career," he said, "Bui only in my recent and most successful years have I cured my weakness for snatching mem- entccs from n person whose op- lion htid not been taken up. I now concentrate solely on those stars who have long-term contracts." Last night I had the opportunity of watching- Mr. Ney in action when I attended the opening of the Mae West-W. C. Fields picture. Almost in the theater, lie had an over-lapping grip on Fields' cane and with his foot was loosening a buckle on Miss West's shoe when I passed by. liis every movement bore the stamp of a champion. Sinclair, Pepsicola Win Bowling Matches At lhe zero hour of nine o'clock last night a picked squad of national guardsmen made an attack upon the stronghold of the Sinclair oilers. The Oilers were expecting it, however, and sallied forth lo engage them in combat. A furious battle ensued, and when the smoke cleared away from over the Plamor alleys lhe guardsmen had bean repulsed with a total loss of 349 plus. Sharpslioolcr Bcrl Looncy of the Oilers bagged individual high honors with an average of 212, while Guardsman Henderson Hall's 205 average topped the rest of his squad. In the oilier game of lhe night Pepsicola dunked Dr. Pepper wllh expected, Morris says football presents the principal problem to the trainer, both In preparation and treatment' of Injuries. • ,, .. There are more men and-'they are larger. • .-. The gunic requires more taj5e and wrapping and often special treatment for old injuries. .':& Except fcr minor bruises aiiii strains, ankle injuries are the most common on lli e gridiron. Bruised shoulders and shoulder muscles come next, followed ,, by major da mage'"to skiii and iiiuseles'from cuts. Knee injuries arc high on the list. In Morris' opinion, principles cf training are about the same for lhe various sports. The trainer diflci-cnliales between types of injury, rather than sport, and by parts of the body which need the most protection FEU' INJUKiiiH IN •' \ ' COLLEGE BASEBALL Basketball players most frequently suffer ankle injuries and severe charleyhorses. Ninely-flve per cent of Irack ailments ccmc from pulled muscles, metatarsal arch trouble, and blisters. College baseball brings few injuries, or even sore arms, because the "heat' isn't on, and the season is too short to produce overstrain. Knee injuries give trainers the severest trouble, Morris points out. They're the most difficult to cure. and most frequently cause recurrent trouble. The Uutler trainer invented a protective knee wrap which lias had excellent results. Apparently there is no curt lo Jnnie.s H. Morn's' talents. LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in (his sfatc. FLORIDA BROS. &• GO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. a few pins lo spare lo remain im- defealed along with Sinclair. Jimmy Sanders paced Pepsicola with average of 103, ar.a jinncs i a of Dr. Pepper howled 257, the high' cst single game of the nlgiH. Head Ccurler News want tids. Yarbro Girls; SI law nee Boys Are Winners PAGE FlVl THE PAYOFF Cailock -I A. Speck 8 Speck I) Harrison Collnr Childcrs P M, I,. WliUUe il P C. Whittle 10 V Chapman f> Ci Otdhnm Ci , Abu nil Gnlnes -l)ow- SubxlJUiilons: (Shawnce) (leu, Yarbro—Willis. BOYS Shawnec 137) : -PCS. Lone Oak (21) Ilnl Ph 1 P J. Austin (J Mustek p o. Bunch McLcnclon 10 O E, Austin a Cro.xton H G A. O. Bunch 11 Burnett 6 OH. Walters 2 Substitutions: (Shawnce)— piick- ctt. Lone Oak—E. Wallers, Wakc- fleld. My HAUllY 01IAYSON Culifonila wrestling referees nro now required lo lake u quit in njj- plylng for ^censes, and not a few of (ho boys arc reported bulling Ihelr brains out on dtey questions. For obvious reasons, riisslliig referees In 'fcxus have beecn ordered to Ciirry health cards, Tlicro ate real teasers In (lie California examination. A mm offichil must know how lo sllilo licnd-flnl Itiio (ho neaix-jt balcony, no has lo bo able to count out two behemoths nnd hlm- sel( at the s,ime l)iin>. Jt Is ^nKn n trick lo crawl out from vmdei 1 two lon.'i of lard Hint might be parked on your person without Iho slightest \vi\nilnn, J)otinclii(f off n ceaicul floor Is vastly more than a knnck. lixlrl- caUng 18-inch ncck.i from ropes jiiaiiils lhe skill ol n Imngiuun, Bui It Ls speed of foot that the various commissions look for In grappling arbiters nowiulays. The Ihiril man must .st«|i lively lo gel out of Ilia way of flyliU! tackles. OUR Soimcnburg missed one hi Boston ono night and butted Hie referee Into lhe' nth row. It luwi lo bo that oldtlmers such ns Ei'iicsl Iloeber mid Ocorge liuth- ner could act us referees. They knew the dlflerenci! between a plnfiill mil! 11 plmvheel, but Ihls knowledge no longer is necessary. A rclerce must now travel In all kinds of going—in mud, lee ercum, smelt, lomnlocs, and wlintnot. There uro, ol caurse, miidtlors, Ice creamers, smellers and blokes who (jo brat In tomatoes, There Is n sad slory about a fellow who handled a malch In tonmloes at Lake Worth, j%. )j 0 broke oul In a rush of hives. You cmi'l be allerglu to anydilinj and referee wrestling inntche.i. Denny Paul fulled lo pull in his neck In lime us Jim McMlllun twirled Ed I*wls in mi airplane spin In Philadelphia and hud. $500 worth of • Icclli knocked out by Iho swinging Stranglcr's ted. Willie Clark of Philadelphi weighs more Hum 200 pounds, but hns quit hiimlliinj wiratllns nmlches because the work Is too lough. Tho boxing referee has picnic In comparison Bets a minute's rest between rounds. ilMT KKPKUKK CANT I1K AI.l.KKOlO 'I'O ANVTIIIKO There is a great tlcld In rcfcrce- Burdelte Player Is Signed By Bobo Alvln nicks of ntirdclle. a .iiml pro outncldci- nnd product of the Mississippi County Amateur Base ball League, will gel a trial In organized bull this summer. Upon llic strong recommend:! tlon of Joseph N. Whllley, county recreational director, Hcrscheil Bobo signed the 100-pound, 18- ycnr-old youngster lo a New York Olant contract. In all probability he will be assigned lo the Salts- bury, N. a, club, Clnss D farm ol the National, Leaguers. Standing one inch abova the sis- foot mark, Hicks wns one ol the onUstnndlng players In the county loop last year. As a member of lhe Bnrdcltc learn lie balled .340 and fielded scnsalionally. He was selected on the team to represent the county in the Class B division tournament at Joncsb'iro where lie batted an oven .300. He was pressed behind the plate and did so well that cfforln will lie inndo lo convert him Into a catcher in spring [raining, 13obo intimated. Weri Optometrist "HE MAKES 'KM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 wrestling matches for those who can tako 11. MUST ACT AS WKU, AS 1'ANTINO PAC11YDKUMS Tlic bctlor wrestling referees have e-rome such a part of the «how hat they must act us well as the muting pachyderms. none benders object to old bo.iws iliirllng n count every lime they :o dawn under « rabbit punch, Hosing and wrestling , simply don't mix. linns Slehiko found Hint out one light In Los Angeles wl)cn after luc preparation ho launched what 10 believed would be n BiistMned li'lvo for Hie heavyweight buxjng 'liamiHonshlp. For u starlt-r, they osscd the Gennon in with a negro mm«t Tom Hawkins, and who could box like Wiwes. Huso Hans lunged tit Umg Tom or n round and n fraction white jottliij! Ills nose peppered with left abs Rood and plenty. Slclnkc grew UreU ol Ihls be- toro lhe seconrl lionl wns half over . . decided lo return lo whnt ho knew brat . . . pronto. Cilovr-s mill nil, lis fiistehed n iiumncrlock on Hawkins. Tim booing eould IMJ hcai'il in ^n Francisco as Stclnke Klneil Hie '.tartlcd Hawkins' ahouldur tlniles o Iliu canvas, but that was all right vllh Huns. He look his customary bows from Hie four sides of Hie Ing. Hans Slclnko had won his way nul In hl.s own mind, and was [Ind to get out of there, Sediment In lhe radlalor uf an uilomoblle- is heaviest linmcdialcly nftw a long Irlp. Therefore that Is the best thna lo drain the radlnlor. Ilubbarcl Teams On Short End.Ohl-lOAnel 3&33 Scores The Osceoln boys and girls of the Mississippi county Amat«ur Bajket- ball League defeated the Hubbard Hardware tennis of Blythevllie In u thrilling double lieader at osc*- ola Monday nlsht. Ih Iho gli'ls' game, the score w»s Jl-10 while the boy? won, as-i?, Olark made Individual honors for tho Osccola glrh while McLejd wns high for Dlythevllle lissli?; Lininsay, with 23, was high amoOg the boys while the Blythevltie hofi- or.i went to Warrlngton, with U; The lineups: GIrh Pos. Bly'vllle (10) Osceola (U) ClhUoit4 Hull McDnnlcl Clark 1 Williams Lit lie Huey 1 B. Orlmies J. Grimes 4 1 McLeooV 5 D. Alley R. IVumblo Osceola (38) Price 7 Wilson 2 nnmsey 2.? Taylor Chlscnhnll 0 Siib.stltutlOns: Dlytheville. din, Osceola, Sanderson. P P r o G o lloys Pos. Bly'vllle (33)' P Wnrrlnglon' 15 James 8 Keiser, 10 Harbert Purtlo V a O o IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT We wish 16 imiiouncc that we have obtained the services ol , Mr. George Pfeuifer of Memphis who will Ijo in charge of sales of the 1S40 Buick and Pontiac Mr. Pl'ctilTcr will bo glad lo serve you at any time. Langston-Wroten Motor Co. Corner Walnut & Hnwdway Phone 1004 Mirrors Face Shoplifters TOLEDO, O. (UP)—Shoplifters will find it difficult lo operate successfully in Toledo. Merchants have Installed mirrors at strategic points in stores—near those counters tor which shoplifters have exhibited a definite preference. Alcyone, Atlas, Bleclrn, Mii Meropc, Plcionc and Taygcl.1 arc the famous "seven sisters" in the star group of Pleiades. GMC LEADS in pulling power * . . fuel economy and modern engineering advancements . . . Come in and ace how much more you get for yofar •£>' moneyinaGMCUghl-DulyTrucfc. GMCSupcr- ^ DUTY Engines with revolutionary new POWER^ <T PAK Pistons outpull all others, Ws can PROVE ,£*" greatest gas economy in the field. And we'll show V*" you other advantages no other truck can match. ^ Cht(V GMC Pritel Asolnlt the 3 iowoill Tim* poym»nl< Ifcrovgft our D«H YMAC Pin ol hum! orolabto ralei LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main I'honc 32!) GASOLINE -DIESEL Coca-Cola with food is a [\ taste experience millions wel- "~ come, A natural partner of good i things to eat, Coca-Cola sends ji'; you back to work with that feel- ' ing of complete refreshment, i: PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OP THE COCA'-COU CO. BY ! , ' , phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Biythemk, k,

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