The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1966
Page 5
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Merry-Co-Round MllllmtlilllllHli InlUHflnllB miiiiflittiiiffliiiiiiiiiiiHmiiiini By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - While President Johnson had little faith that his Christmas "peace offensive" would succeed, he has assured White House visitors that he will not abandon his efforts to end the war in Viet Nam. Whenever the communists are ready to discuss any equitable settlement, the President makes it plain, the U. S. will be equally willing. One of the little publicized difficulties in getting negotiations started is that both the South Vietnamese and the Viet Cong, aside from Hanoi, do not want peace talks yet. Marshal Ky, the South Vietnamese premier who has now succeeded in staying in office for more than six months, has pointed out emphatically that his government controls only 700 of the 2,600 villages in South Viet Nam and that as long as this situtation lasts his negotiating position would be very weak. The Viet Cong control most if not all of the other villages, and have no interest in reaching any settlement that would assert Saigon's sovereignty over Viet Cong territory. Thus, even if Hanoi should agree to start peace talks, the Viet Cong guerrilla warfare could continue a long time. - o -COMMUNIST BUILDUP CONTINUING— From the time bombing raids were suspended on Christmas Day, U. S. planes have been flying all over North Viet Nam daily on reconnaissance missions, seeking the slightest sign that Hanoi might be slackening its war effort in response to Johnson's peace feelers. They have found no such signs; instead, the flow of both men and supplies southward had been stepped up to the maximum, taking advantage of the bombing lull to prepare for intensifying the war 1 . This evidence has brought renewed-demands from .Pentagoiu, military- strategists that .-when "• • full-scale bombing is resumed-* it must be extended to Hanoi and Haiphong. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge in Saigon has joined in this pressure on the White House, arguing that any hope of peace must be deferred indefinitely. And Gen. William Westmoreland has reported to the Pentagon that our air attacks on bridges and railroads in North Viet Nam are not anywhere near enough; they have not seriously crippled the supply lines to South Viet Nam, and something more drastic and more effective must be done. Westmoreland wants more raids on Hanoi and Haiphong to cripple the communist supply sources. - o—HUMPHREY'S PROPOSAL— Vice President Humphrey held some, significant backstage talks LETTERS TO THE EDITOR GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU I Algona Upper Des Moines; Find enclosed my check for renewal for this year. Could not get along without paper and news of all my old friends. See you have been having as warm weather there as out here. And we have been getting lots of rain. We can use the rain but not the floods, Many roads washed out and quite a few mud slides, Wishing to thank you for the good service we are getting. I remain - Henry E, Douglas, Mentone, Calif. - o Dear Sirs: Enclosed is renewal for coming year, I enjoy your paper and never want to miss them, Ida B, Thomas, Lake Mills, Iowa. ~ 0~ HOME TOWN NEWS Dear Sirs: I appreciate receiving the Algona Upper Des Moines each issue with my home town news, We live on a pony farm, two miles north o'f Bourbannis, 111. Have three children now, 1 am the former Fern Lucille Blanchard, Maybe some of my friends remember me and might drop me a few lines, Mrs, Peter Jansen, Jr. with Asian leaders who attended the recent inauguration of Philippine President Marcos. The most striking idea that Humphrey discussed' was the possibility of giving the communists a taste of their own medicine by mounting guerrilla attacks against North Viet Nam. Later, large-scale guerrilla operations might even be attempted inside Red China itself. U. S. troops would not be used, only Asians, preferably anticommunist natives who spoke the language and knew the terrain. Humphrey must still sell President Johnson on his plan, of course. But it has much in its favor. For weeks, this writer marched with a band of Chinese guerrillas during World War II, and saw what poorly armed but brave and determined men could do inside China. They carried out successful attacks not only against the Japanese but also against the communists who rule China now. On Formosa today are anticommunist Chinese from every corner of mainland China. They could be infiltrated by air drop, by sampan, on foot, or by mule over mountain trails into the Chinese heartland. They could be supplied not only with arms and ammunition but with stocks of food to win the friendship of the hungry peasants. And in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and Sinkiang, indeed deep in China itself, are large minorities waiting only for leadership, arms and food to attempt the battle to throw off their shackles. If we could help them as Humphrey proposes, it might be the most effective way of all not only to end the war in Viet Nam but to rid China of its belligerent communist rulers. - o —BOBBY BAKER COVER-UP-- The grand jury which indicted Bobby Baker for income tax evasion, like the Senate investigation earlier, completely ignored the men who set the example for him. Yet Bobby Baker, who came to the Senate as a 14-year-old page boy, simply adopted its standards. He practiced law, made business deals out the back door of the Senate as many Senators do. The Senate Rules Committee sent investigators into 32 states and two foreign countries chasing down information on Bobby Baker. They interviewed over 200 witnesses and took sworn testimony from 60, some of it involving Senators. - o — FOOD FOR PEACE-- The most dramatic move by Congress this year may be an attempt to meet the population explosion with a food explosion. Several Senators, led by McGovern of South Dakota, former director of Food for Peace, have been pleading that we furnish other nations more butter and less bullets. They contend that food not only is cheaper but a better weapon than guns. They will try not only to extend but to expand the Food for Peace program, which ends this year. They will call upon American farmers not to decrease but to increase their food production. The surplus food would be shipped overseas to feed the needy and to help finance roads, buildings and other projects. These Senators believe we should share not only ou; bounty but our skill in food production with all the hungry people of the world. They point out that food is better than any bank note, any coin ever minted. Currencies are not always convertible, but no hungry man has ever refused a square meal. The needy would pay for their food in work, giving man hours in return for meals, to build up their countries. McGovern claims his program not only would win good will for the United States around the world but would solve the American surplus food problem and stimulate new prosperity on the farm. - o — VIEWS ON VIET NAM-The Honolulu Star - Bulletin's crackerjack columnist, Jim Becker, who has spent most of his 25-year newspaper career in the Far East, has sent this column his crisp comments on the Viet Nam war. "People seem startled," he declares, "v/hen a layman even one who has seen considerably more war than most soldiers - says that some military- men might not know what the: are doing. Yet I will risk saying we have applied a military solution to a political problem and the wrong military solution at that. "Actually I do have a solution, which is simply to turn the public heat down, phase our people out of there, and quit acting as if Viet Nam is vital to our interests. It wasn't vital until we got up to our necks in this quicksand, and it won't be when we get pulled out. "Our vital interest in Asia is not Viet Nam - it's India. More people die of cholera every year in India than there are in Viet Nam. Save India and Viet Nam will take care of itself." - o --STRAFING ERROKS-- Despite some press reports which give the impression Uiat American pilots are careless and indiscriminate in shooting up the Viet Nam countryside, a secret Air Force survey found a ratio of only one bombing or strafing error for every 9,000 sorties. Only 14 instances could discovered of Air Force upon improper targets. case was thoroughly invesngafed to find out who was responsible, and an Air Force officer ifll* mediately sought out the victims Thursday, January 13, 1966 Algono (la.) Upper Del Mdirtfti—£ NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS OF THE UNITED FUND OF ALGONA WILL BE HELD IN THE ASSEMBLY ROOM AT THE COURTHOUSE IN ALGONA TUESDAY, JAN. 18, 1966, AT 7:30 P.M. ALL CONTRIBUTORS ARE MEMBERS AND ENTITLED TO VOTE AT THIS MEETING. SEVEN DIRECTORS WILL BE ELECTED AND ALL OTHER NECESSARY BUSINESS TRANSACTED. AND ,S£R.VIC£5 ERJONALITIE5 AND PATHONIZf VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot i< 4 •> BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES 295-5266 • For Remodeling,, Modernizing • For Farm 8c Home Building; .Concrete COWAN CORP. "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY" Appreciate a Chance id Estimate Without Obligation on any Town or-Farm Construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. PHONE 110 BURT, IOWA CARGILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • G«t our bids on your grain bofoto you toll, • Federal Lle«nt*d Storage Warehouse. Dale Kleingartner or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillip* St. Ph. 295-2741 BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm -and Town 122 South Jfockort, AJgona Ph«n* 2f 5-2165 (Pkaso Call After 6:00 P.M.) & HEATING moved last year to its can MOREA Liquid Foods FOR TOP GAIN IN LIVESTOCK Call Algona 295-3548 MOR - GRO MOREA FEEDS, INC. So. of Algona on Hwy. Ii69 JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 178 We Welcome A Chance To Give You An Estimate On Residential, Farm or Commercial Building No Obligation, CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 »••»»»»»»«»•»•»»»•»+»+ ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarter* In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" fait of Algona on Highway 18 ALGONA PLUMBING new location at 214 East State St., with the result that folks now inspect various types of heating, plumbing and auxiliary kitchen equipment right on our floor. The business, established in 1950, has enjoyed a consistent growth, and larger quarters were necessary. ^ Air conditioning, plumbing, heating, sheet metal work, kitchen installations, dehumidifiers are all parts of the general service offered by Algona Plumbing & Heating, and they also operate an electric sewer-rooter service, Remodeling work as well as new installations are a firm specialty. And the covered van, pictured here, carried hundreds of tools and supplies, saving time and travel on a service call. Mr. and Mrs, A. B, Oakland, owners of the ALGONA PLUMBING 8, HEATING, invite you to stop in, anytime If it?a service call, the phone number is 295-5240, "WE HAVE A TRADE THAT SERVICE MADE" Your Banking Needs SAFE e CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community ' IOWA STATE BANK ALGONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK Moving. Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Iniurod - Now, Modorn Storage WarahouM All Typos Crating - Phono 295*2275 POST Transfer & Storage DIAL 295-5240 ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING Algona Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phono 295.3501 1407 Commercial St. So. Phillipt St. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred k.P. Ga» BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phont 295-2841 Algona ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE-THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT t Konicr, rtheera & Crane Fixture! Hot Fur- Rkeem Wtt»r 8nii*r Wtttr Softener* Electric few cr-RwM* to* vtet, PHONf 395*5240 IN ALGONA « » » »»+»»» » « » » e f Lu*-Alre and American Standard naces and Air CwditiwUog. t INSlNKERATOR'G»rb»ge PUpostl Unit*

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