Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 8, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1896
Page 6
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J3.4t@ '• : -'tMr. straifchts, J2.60O3.20; clears, $2,GO@2.fiO; '» S»con<l», »1.9ftgi2.00: low grades, »1.7E®:.00. : Steins-Patents, *3,3W3.75;-stralghta, $2.<!0 •'•: ias.20; bakers', J2.10®2.25; low grades, Jl.jnQ)- .: VK; K«1 Dog, »1.20@1.-IO; P-ye, J2.W@2.20,' i-FThe board of trade Is not in session. ln| • ; tfiE ervance °' Labor day. -. | BUTTER—Market firm at ll@15c for /-.«reamcrle3 and 10@14c for dairies. '-'T LIVE' POULTRY - Quiet. Turkeys, 8 /'«lc; Chickens, THOSVic; Ducks, 8®8%opcr '.Bound; Geese, per dozen. $3,0006.50. • •';, LIT* Stock. , Chicago, Sept. T. ' CATTLE—Market strong for best, others. •-• JMflSc lower than last Thursday. Fair to ,jS»8t beeves, &.VH3S.15; stockers and feed'«», J2.5003.75; mixed Cows and Bulls, J1.2o I 'dB.W; Texas, J2.50@3-15. ,- : ' HOGS—Market strong for light; "woak »rrouBht,hoavle«tBenorallysteady. L'fc'nt. •'• •ttlolSS «• rou»h packing, J2.45©2,Ga; mired «nd butchers', J2.85@3.20: heavy packing . Hid shipping, J2.30@3.20; Pigs, J2.250330. >~ew Opera Homo Opened. '' .' Franldin, Ind., Sept. 7.—The . new ;. (Sranklin opera house, erected at a.cost '•:'-ft 320,000,-was opened Saturday night Vender the management, of IT, H. Wood; ''•maJl. The house is model in et'ery re- .'•pcct, and seats 1,200-people comfort- ; Killed \>f » Hlqw.. Peru, Ind., Sept. 7.—Clyde Earnhart, •"ir'young- man of Mexico, this county, /was killed by being struck on the fore- : bead by the'single-tree'of his bugggy, Vhich had become loosened. 3fow Mcthotlliit Church Dodlcotod. Valpiu-aiso, Ind,, Sept. 7.—The new ; Methouist church' n't McCool, near this ' -(City, was dedicated witlvimposinjf ceremonies Smitlny afternoon in the presence o£ 2.500 people. Iron Work* Shnt Down. Johnstown, Pa., Sept. 7.—Practically livery department o£ the Cambria iron . (works has shut down for an indefinite .'[period, -throwing; at least 2,000 men out ,•£ employment. Lack of orders is given «e the cause of the suspension. Pleartnro fcjeokorH JDrown. Buffalo, N, Y., Sept. T.—A steam yacht •ontaining- 12'persons was swamped ofl : 'Blniwood Bnach.ii. the Niagara river, |d«ring-a squall and-William G. Farthing, aged 45, and Miss L'ou Gilbert, 36, drowned. J>iSE/13ES OP TirK SK11V, : The .intense, itching 'and sraairtine. inci •Unt tn ecxcni:;, tetter, salt-rheum, ana other rfbeasoa of (ha,skin is instantly aJlaved by, aoplTing Clwuiberlain'a Eye ftnu Skin 4>intmeirL • Mariyvcry bad cases have -bfcri permancntlr cured by : it. It IB ,eqnr.lly ; Jffieient for i'cliinff pi'cs and n. favorite remedy for dore nipples; churned i.'iindi), 'chi!- blainj, irost bittu/nml chronic soro eyes. 'For sale fay Jrii,:^L-U3 :it -25.cents per'box. • 'areju ' ryBf. Cadfr- Conultiflw Pmvflcrs, th«v jusf.v,-hat;i liOrsoncod'-;Y.-]icn'm budcondi- Tovic. WANTED FURTHER INSTRUCTION Had Fed the Parrot, But She Won Dun- gry 'Again. We are all more or less familiar with that exasperating- class" of individuals who-seem to feel that the simple, common sense o£ the world is centered in themselves, an-d thnt the rest of .us are in need of guidance nnd direction in the (simplest duties of life, .says Harper's Magazine. jj ri 33 was a young man of this class. He wa* always painfully pi-o- fusc in details regm-ding- anything he wished done. .He had n parrot of which he was exceedingly fond, and when lie was about to go abroad for a- few :months, leaving, his bird behind him,' he bored and exasperated liis'fam- ily and friends with senseless details regarding t-he care'of the parrot, and hhi -last words, screeched from.the deck of the steamer that bore hiin away svere: "Hi; Jim!" - - . ' • ' "What!" shouted the brother on the pier. . "Look out for my parrot-!" ervm'e faintly Over the wat|er. ' ' As i£ this'was not enough', he had no Eooner reached Liverpool'them he sent the following cablegmm'to his brother; who'had assumed charge of'the-parrot: "Be suTe'and feed my. parrot.'.' •' On receipt.of this,.the infuriated brother cabled back at his brother's cx- ;pense; • "II have fed her, but she is hungry ogain. What shall I do next?" . FloldH' ol Cotton Burned. Colmesncil, Tex., Sept. 7.—For a fortnight past forest fires.have been rnging (n'tliis and adjoining counties; The-air has been dense with heavy smoke. The ^oung growing timber has been totally f-estroyed and great damage is reported. ;In some sections fields of cotton have, been destroyed. I'aaaed Awny. . Washington, Sept. 7.—Dr. George B. JJwwu Gootle, assistant.secretary of the Pmithsonian' institution, arid probably the lending authority on'fish and fish* cries in the United States, dicd-herc of bronchial pneumonia, aged 45 years, J[e was a native of Indiana.., , • . • t . jtrmcman Kxoclufl lleirun. -. : Constantinople, Sept. 7.—An Armenian exo'djis is in full swing'. ' All'the steamers leaving contain batches of 'Armenians destined'for Piraeus; M"ar- seillqs and Alexandria.: Fifteen Armenian clerks of the;Qttoman bank cm- barked for .Alexandria , and others are- following-. Armr »o«l Navy Voteraim Hloet. ' NeSv .York, '. Sept. .7.. — The.. United States regular army imd navy .veterans, Tnetii-n' nnnn.il ' converitiori ' Stonday: There were 'about' SOO veterans', present from' all parts of the.country. Officers for.- the ensuing year-were elected at the session. -..--• , • --.. '. ' - . i ' . . ...-..., -A SENSATIONS Jackson and Walling Plot to Break Jail and Escape. Fine Steel Saws Found on the Persons of the Man Held fbr^the Murder of Pearl Bryan. Cincinnati, Sept. 7.—A negro prisoner named Walker was searched Sunday night by a turnkey in the Coving-ton jail and a 33-ctiliber revolver was found in his possession. Walker occupied a cell adjoining the ones in which Jackson and Walling-, the Pearl Bryan murderers, are confined. The jailer suspected a plot to break jail u:id ordered the cell searched. In Wnllhifj's cell half n dozen saws were found. Both Walling and Jackson protest, their innocence, but the jail.officials think the plot was lo be carried out at six o'clock Monday morning-, when'only two men would hi; on guard. A search of J'u-kson'scell Monday disclosed two fme stec.i saws hidden' b.=- t'.veen the sole and lining of an e.xtiM ]T.ir ot tun shoes which belonged to th.; prisoner. The revolver found in Walker's pocket has been positively identified as the one owned by Walling before his arrest. A rigid investigation will be n.atle as to how it got into Walker's pos- si'ssion. CEALSKINS MAY BE SCARCE, Inilliicrlinliinto Slaughter Threaten* Extermination of tlio Crc:il nr«H. San Francisco, Sept. 7.—C. II, Tuwn- d-ncl, of the United Stntes fi<h commission mid temporarily of the Bchring- sea seal commission, in 1111 intcrviev. ex pressed the opinion that the sen] heH in northern wnrcvs is being rapidly e:-: terminated and the scaling industry ruined by the unrestricted pelag-ic, c .oal- ir.p- now indulged in by n large flc-t-t of pclioonci's. He rnaint'iiins t.liat ;.!irce- fourths of :ill IliO si\ils kilied in' tha cnen ocean ive feiniik'S, and I lint thousands of pups uro dying on the Pnbyl- off Island rookeries c n thai, account. On the Japan coast the eon(iili::ns are even worso, nnd he thinks that sealing in that country will never again be profitable unlr'ss t!:o seals are given several years of perfect rest. TERRIFIC HURRICANE. I*volH Buildlne*. Crop:i and Fences In . Uniontown, 1'n., Sept. 7.—A terrific hurricane swept over a portion of Monti] en and .Frank'] in townships Saturday night, leveling:, houses, barns, fences and crops. It begun near 'New Salem, traveled about eight miles in a northeasterly direction and wns about SOU •yards wide,. The town of Wuttersburg was badly damaged, only three buildings being left standing and lit for habitation. "No person wns killed, but several were injured. ' The ' Pittsburgh, Virginia & Charleston railroad bridge' was moved over a foot, and'the new county bridge being erected to take the place of the one washed away in the July floods was blown down. The damage will foot, up tens of thousands ol dollars. A BAD WRECK. Excaralon Train Meet* Dl»»»ter at Ti»- w«ll. Ind.—Many Hurt. English, lud., Sept.. 7.—An excursion train from St. Louis, Mo., en route to the Marengo cave, in this county, was wrecked at Taswcll Sunday morning about seven o'clock. Of ten coaches, three and the baggage car were thrown from the track. Two passenger coaches were completely overturned. Six .per sons were badly injured and.SO or more slightly injured. 'One'man is missing and it is expected his body will be found beneath the debris. Of the injured it is feared three.will die. They are Wiliam Kane, St.Louis; ,J.J. McConnaghey, St. Louis, and 11. .0. Ogden, Jeffert>on- ville; Ind. The cause of the wreck is EtilT unknown. Hloj-clc Hill Climbing Content. Orange, N. J., Sept. 7.—The bicycle hill climbing contest, under the -auspices of the Manhattan-athletic'club-of New York city, which took place Monday on Eagle. Eock hill, was'won by A. Michael, of the Iroquois wheelmen. Time, 4 minutes 53 seconds. Thomas Dunn, of the Yorkers '.B. C., was sec-, ond, : and Warren, Lyon, of Montclair,, •third, in 5 minutes 14 seeonds. There were 20 starters. ' Aagaot Fire Loai. ' New York, Sept. 7,—The Journal 61 Commerce and Commercial Bulletin cl Tuesday will'say: The fire loss of the United States and Canada.f or the month- of August, as compiled from our daily records, shows a total of $8,905,2:0. This is over.$1,000,000 less than the sum charged ' against the same ' month in 1S95! ' j Fair Holrs In San .Franclioo. , San Francisco, Sept: 7.—Mrs; Herman Oelrichs and her sister.Miss Birdie Fair, arrived "from the eost : Sunday- evening. Theiobject of their visitis to give their testimony in thejnquiry as to the .validity of the pencil will of their deceased father. i Mr». fllnybrlck Sick. • ' London, Sept. 7.—Mrs. Florence Maybrick,, who is confined in Woking prison under sentence of life imprisonment for poisoning.her husband, James Maybrick, is critically iH and the chances are decidedly against her recovery. : Woman Kllli Hernelf. -'Sharon, Pa.,' Sept, 7.—Maggie EeBr- don, ; nged 2lj shot herself on the street Monday morning, dying instantly.' She had -quarreled with her lover, Mike Lee. ' "Prominent Klvennan Dead. Pittsburgh, .Pa;, Sept.!7.~Capt. John-' R. Nceld, one:of the-best-known riv.er- men', died/Sunday .evening, at .his.home o.t.BanksvillB, at the age of.,73 years.. . : . .- • I MIuncapollH Starts for Levant. ••' Queenstown, Sept.; 7. —-The United Stafcs cruiser Minucnpolis sailed from tbisiporVforrhetcyantMonday. . . 31adne$s Comes ',ji/ith a better understanding of the 'Mf transient, natui:e of the many pnys- a^lills, which vanish before proper cf' twte—gentle elfoj-ts—pi casan L efforts,— -:vrhtly directed. There is comfort in AH knowledge, that so many forms of j.nkness arc not clue to any actual dis- ,,iflis, but simply to a constipated concii- .>un of the system, which the plcasai.i; .imily laxative, Syrup of Figs, prcinpt- , removofi- That is why it is the only 'sxaedy with millions of families, ar.dis '.•wrywhere esteemed so highly by all .-'ho value good henlt'i. 'Its bcneticial Ejects arc due to the fact, that it is the iae remedy which promotes internal jiaanliness without debililat'ng the f.r^ans on whicli it acts. It ^therefore A-TImportant, in order to got its bcuo- •!a(4l effects, to note when you pvir- '&j*se, that yon have tlie gemiii-.o'arti- •fl-. which'is manufactured by the Ciili- "aiiiia Fig Syrup Co. oniy and soiJ by .Viir^putivble druggists. . liil in the enjoyment ot good homt.. i>»d the system "is regular, laxative* or j-Vi?.er remedies arc then not needed, tl .Jiicted with any actual disease, ono ,,.wy be commended to the most skillful iiwsicians, but if in need of a laxative. ir/io should have the best, and with the I'.slJ-infofmcd cvcryvvherc. Syrup of •J5.SSstands highest nnd is most largely :w»J and give's most fromiral satisfaction, HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News by Telsffrapli from Various Towns in Indiana. Will Sue on Lost DrnfU. Crawfortlsyille, Ind., Sept. 7.— K. E. Schrocdcr, of Ames, la., started for Germany July 1, 1S95, and purchased drafts for $173 on the Chicago Atlas bank. When he reached Chicago the drafts were gone. July 0, 1895, the drafts w.ere paid by the Citizens' national bonk in this- city. • Schrocdcr is hen> and will enter suit for recovery'. : The drafts had his name .signed on 'the back 'and also the names. of A. J. .Kogers and G. W. Paul, I'aul lives here and- says he procured the drafts from a man.purportin'g to be Rogers. Schroeder . thinks he dropped the drafts in Chicago on the street. a .Waiting Game. Tei-re Haute, Ind., Sept. 7.— President Talley, of the Indiana Operators' association, in an ultimatum to the striking -miners says the mines' in Indiana cannot be permitted to remain idle when there are plenty of men in other mining 'fields who would be glad to accept the 55 cents -ate. It is known that some.ol the operators want to start 1 - their mine- with imported labor. Both miners and operators are playing a waiting game Pr.efprrod Death to X'rlnon. . 1 Huntingdon, Ind., Sept. 7.— The fair at Warren, this county, closed with a sensation.' The grounds have been oyer- -run with gamblers all the week. Frank Frote, a sport, who gave his residence as Montpelier, claimed to have been- robbed by a woman, and struck her. Officers were escorting him. to jail; and when near it he drew a bottle of.prus- eic acid from his pocket, drank its contents, and diedinSOminutes. " ' Shot by a Hoy.. Liberty, Ind., Sept. 7.— Henry Muchmore, 10 years old, shot and fntally 'Wounded Snmpel Abies, a wealthy f arm- 'er, on the letter's f nrm. The'parties had a dispute -over a financial 'question. Muchmore claims Abies pointed a shotgun at his head, and. that- he iired -the shot in self-defense. .Grant Crews, who 'was. with Muchmore, has been arrested, and'will be hcjd as an accessory, Senator Voorhoos In Full Ins- Tcrre Haute,' Ind., Sept. 7.— Senator .Voorheea is ill and .failing so rapidly that his friends fear .he will be unable to take part in 'the. campaign. A moiuh ago the senator was' taken-froin Washington to Mackinaw in the belief that •the change in climate would restore his health, which had -been seriously, impaired during the winter. . .Amputation Causes. Death. . Crown Point, Ind., Sept. 7.— Miss Alta Matthews, daughter of Rev. 1 W'. 'A'. Matthews, pastor of the First Methodist church of Crown Point, died here. She .was 10 years old, and popular in church and; social circles. Her death resulted from the amputation of a limb. She will 'be' b'uried in Winamac, her former home. : A Heavy . Failure. Evansville, Ind., Sept. 7.— Charlc-s Schultc, Beitman & Schultc, ' sawmill, and. Schulte; Loboff & Co., edge tool works,- have failed. Stringent times forced Mr. Schulte to the wall, and, being a heavy .stockholder in the concerns named, carried them down with him'. More than $500,000 arc involved. 1 •' > FlUftlly Injured. Brazil, Ind., Sept. 7.— Dan Mooney, a prominent young man of Knightsville, was; fatally injured on ; the : Vandalia railroad tracks here. He was on his way to see a sprinting match, -when he •vfusl run down by an east-bound. passenger train. . . : SncH for Hl» Futhcr'n Eatnto. > . Anderson, Ind., Sept. 7.— Suit for the S10,000 estate of Frank Black, deceased,, has i been entered by his son Robert. Thcj other heirs question .the son's legitimacy. Black died in the insane asylum. The-case attracts a great deal .of; attention. • • • _ , London, Sept. 7— SIiTjoseph Archer Crowe, the noted ; .English .journalist, -wjir- correspondent, diplomatist and author', is dead.- .... / BIKES AND LIGHTING. Is the 'Wheel Dangerous Durinff Electrical Storms? JBSftfcj Kllllnff- of a Chicago Man Stlr» Cp Bn- •a»y Sipecaliitlon* Amonc Killers— How tlio Now Fiimoui* A.O- rldent OfVtrred. . The killing of WaJtcr Scott, Uic Chicago bicyclist who was struck by light- ping during a.-rocent heavy thunder- Btorm, has opened up a. field of some- ivhat imeasy speculation among riders tho wheel. bicycle uttractthelightnJns? ('.imjpediatc inference oulihcpart ^"•"persons wa_s that it did, and in connectjed with tJie. oc- was found more Uian a pg for the belief. It is a. prob- frwttclies all ridersclowJy, fu,\& fc.6ro likely, especially with Bubjcct to such sudden. temperature as that of CVii- l for the cyclist, to be caug-ht iujjocr-storm. The danger of su«h "~*' iiL 1!& iri common opinion, seoroud' .^ncrcased by tlie presence of e, and in fact it has beon more itfiau ori&.statcd tliat a bicyclist on tlie city'streets is better pro.ioci.cd against^ and ran. less risk from, lighUiing than a ped'eKtria-n. The killing of Scott has brought the matter into more particular notice tha.u it ever received IH:fore, and has seemed to ass;iil, if uot overthrow, the idea, thnt t-he c.hn.nccof ocxjiJerit'-is reduced, rather than in- rreascd, a7id has given rise 10 t-he stale- r.:rr:t that the elentricily in the air, und:'i- certa.in oondition.s, may be dis- oh;i]-gc<l through the bicycle to tlio injury oT the rider. The statement, however, is'r.ot up-held by authorities on the enb.-?<'t. Tl:-e :-.;>i;iik-nt the other day was a most, pi-ciilinr one in many respects. Aft?r si^nilinij most of the day at l!-.<? o^ic-e of the firm of Bauer & Scott, of \vh-ch he was junior partner, Scott ftn.rU'i] O'.:t 0:1 nn errand, riding his v/'u'i; i. When nbout ready to return, he v.-as \va;-nc(l by the thickening clouds ar.M rnmblinff thunder to liosten liia return. He iuul gone but a short distance, however, when l!:c storm ovcr- trok hijn. He did not stop, as the. first hurst of rain had thoroughly drexiched l-.im. hut rofle slowly on. Three men. Swan Carlson. John Usher and John McKee, standing for shelter in the ^ STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. flooinvay of a house near the corner of Calumet avenue andFifty-secondstrcet, watched.'his approach'.. Just befoi'e he readied Fifty-second street there ca:uc a blbiding- flasll 'of lightning', and.Tlie watchers saw Scott fall heavily fromliis v-hoel. They thought he had fainted, and, running out into tlie street/carried him to the curb and laid him in t-he prhss. It was .then found tha.t ho n-as'dead., - The' bolt, according to the'accounts, la<Vstruck him on theiicad, burn.ing-to a crisp the corduroy cap that he wore. It had then passed 1 down ward along: the middle of the chest, severely burning- •this-nbdpnicn. There-were no other marks except'four slight burns' on the f ace. A ring- wKich he wore .had been turned black, while a. silver watch in his pocket, seemed unaffected. The bicycle was not dainng-ed. According-to the statements of'the witnesses, he had been killed instantly, and had not moved after striking the ground. There are but.two possible ways.for the accident to have .occurred. Either Ecott rode into the'lightning-, that is, happened to be at the prdfcise point where the bolt : would have struck had there been no bicycle there, or the wheel furnished a conductor for, thc : electricity with .which the air was charged and .was the primary cause of the accident. According- to- experts, the 'first of these was undoubtedly the ease, but while m'ointainine- this fact it is admitted-.that- by accepting the first US the correct solution the, remarkable features of the event are increased rather than diminished, and it is said that the "little knowledge" which is "a dangerous thing" has its excuse for the belief that the presence of the wheel jnade th* dang-er. ' l*i has always been, contended that the'rubber tires.furnished insulation and' made the rider safer-from, the dLsr phcrge of. electricity from, the air than, any! one other preventive could do. The. fliflrcultywith the argument is found in the fact that the danger of such discharge occurs commonly during-a rain-, storm when, the tires are wet and their' 'usefulness in that particular destroyed.. In such a case, and more especially if •the {rider happened to run into a puddle- deep enough to coyer the rim and touch the'- spokes the wheel'a'hd'rider would foraish a perfect conductor; - There were, houses in the;immediate'neighbor- hood, • auy..of which under common;con- .ditibns- would.be, almost'certain to ro- ceivje the. bolt.,' A man in the strect.be- -J'ow! would be cpnjtnpnJyiconsidercd'ab-. Bolutely safe unless closff'to a 'house,' treo or telephone'pole; In fact-i there arc numerous circumstances Svhich con •be construed-into proof that the.pres-- e-nce.of some unusual factor,.presumably the presence, of .the. wheel,'converted by the wet into a good co-r.duc- tor.j brought about- the accident.' How Are Your Kidneys? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney PiHs- Hulthr kldnw« | porif 1 th« blood bj fUtrrina from it , uric icEl ud *11 r other poltoin o Tan, blood n**nu perfpct h«»lUi. Br ( Dr. Hobta SpM-igiu Kidney P""L > i. . 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For colds, coughs, croup, catarrh, asthma, pleurisy, rheumatiim, constipation, female trouhles and all kinds ot feycrs.it acte bkemigio and Bive's many a doctor's bill and many -»long »icknes» ' - " -' : Stlj»s§ of In««ot». For tlie Btings of bew>aspi acts bathe quickly with Brezilum _ -. It Mils the poison and. stops .the p»m.*»! stonily.- . .-'•>. "•

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