The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1966 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1966
Page 4
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Morry-Co-Rewitci 0y Drew —LUCI WOULDN'T WATT— Like many a father before him, President Johnson tried to talk his 18-year -old daughter, Luci, and her 22-year-old boy friend, Pat Nugent, into holding up their engagement. The President had a fatherly talk with the young couple several weeks ago at the LBJ Ranch. He recalled that he was 26 when he married Luci's mother, who was then nearly 22. This, he suggested, was about the right age. He urged Luci to wait at least until she finished her nursing studies. But Luci and Pat were impatient, and LBJ was indulgent. Luci lightened the conversation by joking about the difficulty of courting with Secret Service bodyguards chaperoning every date. She remarked ruefully that she and Pat might be the first young couple to be married without ever having been alone together. Note: During his recent visit with Pope Paul, the President boasted that his daughter was keeping company with a "fine Catholic boy." - o - —BOMBING DELAY-The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been pressing to resume the air attacks on North Viet Nam ever since the Viet Cong abruptly ended the Christmas truce. But President Johnson, though he has ordered no moratorium on bombing of North Viet Nam, has quietly held up the go-ahead signal. Insiders say he merely wants to impress upon the world, through his own restraint, that it was the communists who broke the cease fire. Meanwhile, the Joint Chiefs are pleading for permission to strike all the missile sites and air bases in North Viet Nam since these have become a threat to American planes. - o - —LBJ DANCES AGAIN-Washington society is whispering about President Johnson's dancing comeback. For the first time since his gall bladder operation, he tried out his legs on the dance floor at the White House party in honor of West Germany's Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. The President whirled Mrs. iHeinrich Knappstein, wife of the •German Ambassador, around the floor. Then he grabbed the most beautiful girl within reach, singer Roberta Peters, and monopolized her most of the evening. Once they disappeared together, presumably for a private tour of the White House. - o- —REVERSE PEACE CORPS— Often overlooked in the explosion of war news are the men who work quietly for peace. Their efforts seldom produce the sensational and spectacular events which make headlines. One such is Carl Stenzler, a Philadelphia educator, who has started a Peace Corps in reverse. He found that foreign students in this country often "Oh no — not your new Christmas tie!" stayed to themselves, never discovering what America is really like, often going home with wrong impressions. To draw them out, he began inviting them to his neighborhood Ogontz Junior High School to answer questions about their countries. The idea caught on in other Philadelphia schools, which invited foreign students to lecture as substitute teachers. In 1965, more than 10,000 Philadelphia pupils have learned about foreign countries from these exchange students. In this way, the young people have learned more about each other. The Ogontz plan, as this reverse Peace Corps idea is called, is now spreading to other areas. - o - —VIET NAM DECEPTION-The raw facts about the Viet Nam war often go through a filtering and flavoring process before they reach the public. This can be ascribed partly to a natural desire to make American troops look as heroic as possible, partly to President Johnson's determination to portray the war as he wants the world to see it. Here are some of the stories that have been misrepresented to the press: 1. The Christmas cease fire was more a public relations ploy than a genuine peace move. The President, wishing to impress the world that the communists are obstructing peace in Viet Nam, merely went through the motions of seeking a truce. He pulled the strings behind the White House curtain that brought the Christmas cease fire and the pause in the bombing of North Viet Nam. Yet, all the while, he complained privately to aides that it was a futile gesture. To prevent the cease fire from becoming a backfire, he also ordered a news blackout on Christmas Day events. He had been warned that the Viet Cong would take advantage of the Christmas truce to move into better positions. This is precisely what happened. The Americans were obliged to suspend their aggressive patrolling and hold their fire, thus allowing the Viet Cong freedom of movement, in order to avoid a Christmas clash. —JUNGLE TACTICS— 2. American troops, though quick to adapt, simply aren't as experienced at jungle fighting as the Viet Cong, At first, the Americans went into the jungle loaded down with heavy equip- ment. Many had to be carried back out after collapsing from heat exhaustion. Combat units still must be constantly rotated to give the troops frequent rest intervals. Meanwhile, they have abandoned their hot bullet-proof vests, heavy 106 mm. anti-tank weapons, and other cumbersome equipment. They are slowly learning from the Viet Cong that lightweight rifles and knives are the best weapons in the jungle. 3. The GIs aren't as popular in South Viet Nam as their public relations men would like to pretend. Though the GIs carry pocket instructions on how to get along with the Vietnamese, their free spending has stirred resentment. They have the money to take over the best restaurants, monopolize the taxicabs, and attract the best looking girls. This fraternization has also produced problems that the public relations men don't talk about. Many of the girls are Viet Cong agents, who trade romance for information. They have also introduced venereal disease into the ranks, despite medical precautions. —INTER-SERVICE FEUDING— 4. Inter-service rivalry also simmers beneath the surface in Viet Nam. Army officers criticize the Air Force for attacking the smallest objectives, sometimes no more than a single bunker, as if they were bombing Berlin. Literally tons of bombs, napalm and rockets have been dumped on jungle targets that can't even be seen. In turn, Air Force officers belittle the Army's helicopter force, which has received a big publicity build-up for its ability to whisk troops from battlefield to battlefield. The airmen point out that the helicopters would be sitting ducks if the Viet Cong got hold of a few good anti-aircraft weapons - a deficiency which the communists now seem to be correcting. The Air Force is also disgruntled over the fact that Gen. William Westmoreland, the supreme commander in South Viet Nam, does not have a joint staff but relies upon an Army staff. Despite these deceptions, war correspondents have been given remarkable freedom in pursuing the news. giiniiiniiWHiiniiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiinniiite ( ST. JOE ( liuuiuiiiiiiiuyiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sinnwell left for Los Angeles, Cal. via plane for a visit with relatives and to be with Mrs. Smnwell's brother, Mr. Gardner, who recently underwent heart surgery. CORD SETS REPLAGFD PROMPT SERVICE II l» 'Wily •HOCUNOtolM Mrs. Adeline Wagner, Virgil and Sandy from here and Jim Ulfers, Baudette, Minn., drove to Colorado Springs, Colo., and from there accompanied by Betty Wagner, daughter of Mrs. Adeline Wagner, drove to Phoenix, Ariz, to spend Christmas and visit relatives. Donnie Wagner, son of Mrs. Adeline Wagner, and George fllg, son of Mrs. Rosalia lUg, have spent the past month in Arizona. They were all Christmas dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Brofer and family. Mrs. Brofer is the former Shirley Wagner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner WHY TAKE CHANCES? Bring your Appliance In TODAY! PRATT ELECTRIC 194 N, J«fM» - Atfionq 4 ALGONA INDS WiD>, JAN. 12 ADULTS ONLY! an incredible orgy of sights and sounds yGEORGE SANDERS TECHNICOLOR ROMA INN SUNDAY! To the ONE MAN in TEN who does his own INCOME TAX This year you face • new set of tax rules and regulation!. You'll save time, worry and probably money if you let BLOCK figure your tax. Our Service is quick, accurate and guaranteed. BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LIFE = GUARANTEE; Ijj We guarantee accurate preparation of ever/ tax return. It ' -we make any errori that coit you any penalty or inlereit, •— will pay the penalty or interetl. 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