The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Page 3
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W' DNKSDAY . pRBRTJARY-7, 1MO Osceola Society—Personal I.enlrn Activities t'laiineil. A series of prc-Ltntcn services lo be held each Friday nijlu at•7:30 at Calvary Episcopal Clmrcii 1 is announced by Mis. j. u. i/ive- wcll, president of '(he Calvary Auxiliary, The services to bi- conducted V>y the liev. Mfllthow curry, pastor of Die Osceoia and Blylhr.'ille. churches, arc open to the public, Mrs. S. U CladUli is clmlrwaii ol arrangements for observance of the WorlO pay of Prayer to be held' at the church Friday. 'Die meeting is one of umny similar meetings held by women's orgunl* ?ations throughout the world on Friday. Other church group-; will have a part in the program and the public is invited. Among other activities planned by the Auxiliary for the Lenten season are a scries of one o'clock luncheons lo he held on Ihe first and third Mondays of the,month when u business and devotional F.ession will be held and Ihc remainder of the day given to making hospital shiits to be shipped by the American Red Cross lo Finland. The first shipment, -of knitted garments made by Osceoia volunteer workers under the direction of Mrs. G. Harts!)! Banks was seat to Neiv York in January. A second shipment will be ready within :i few days,-Mrs. Banks slated this week. Have Daughter Born. Ann Nelson Rhodes is Ihe name of the daughter born to Mi: nm Mrs. Joe W. Rhodes at their home Friday night. The baby welgto eight and one fourth pounds. The name Ann is for both grandmothers of Mrs. Rhodes while Nelsor is in honor of Miss Nell Rhodes (jreat aunt of the baby, on whose birthday she was born. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Slblc'y. p;-.i ents of Mrs. Rhodes, drove cvei from Conway Saturday for a visii in (he Rhodes home. Have a Son Born Long distance telephone messages were received this week from Detroit. Midi., announcing the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lauee in that cily. The baby weighing seven anil one - half pounds, was born In a Detroil hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Lance formerly lived here where he was as- sis(anl manager of Kroner's. Mis Lance is Ihe former Pauline Rogers, daughter of Mrs. Laura Rogers OT this city. - - .1. ,' * r . Organize Business Women's Circle Miss Julia Mae Morrison was elected chairman of the Business Women's Circle of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist-'church at tlisir organization liieetihg in the home of Mrs. Q: B. Segraves, president of the society. Others chosen .to serve with Miss -Morrison were Mrs. C. W. Watson, secretary; Miss Mildred Jolly, .treasurer;. Miss Clarice .Little, chairman of entertainment; Sue Qwyni telephone committee. Othe. committee chairmen will be named bt" •..•'The first year will be spent mainly in studying the history and fundamental aims of the organization. Nora Pace was leader of the first .program on "Witnessing in China" dealing with the life and work, of Mrs. J. \v. lam belli and Miss Lochie Haygood. pioneer missionaries In China early in the last century. Mrs. c. W. Watsor played an accordion solo. Regular meeting nights are the first and third Thursday nights of e.ich month in the homes of (he .members. * » . * Sludy Course Planned "Outlines of Bible History" by Dr. p. E. Burroughs of Nashville is the name of the text to be tansht by the Rev. Harold B. Till- nian in a Sunday School Training School class each night next week. The book is one of the required lexis to be studied for the Teachers Diploma. Other business transacted at the monthly Workers Council In the hojno of Mrs. Jolm Douglas on •Monday night Included reports from the classes and departments, reports from the Church Loyalty Campaign, and election of Mrs. J. S. McCants as teacher of the Young Men's Class. New supplies and equipment were ordered for various departments. The Valentine motif was carried out in the refreshment plate served by the hostesses, Mrs. Doii"bs and Mrs. J. S. McCants. Glycs Turkey Dinner Dr. W. J. Siieddan and Mrs. Slieddan were hosts to several Memphis physicians and surgeons for a six o'clock turkey dinner nt their home on Bard avenue Tuesday night. The dining table covered with an Italian cut-work cloth held a low WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WilHoirt Cilomel-And You'll Jump Out ol Bed in the ^forning Firm' lo Go The ttvcr RhouM pour oul two ptnla of liipjjd bile Inlo your bowels dully. If this blie U not flowing fieoly. yo'ir Tood may not diccit. ft mRy jrat decay In lh« bou-els Css Wonti up your stomach. You irct co:i5tl- I*t*d. You fed aour, sunk Rnd Uit worlj looks , It lflkr« Hole flr« ole eoo, «ld Csrler'i Utlle t.!v«r Pills to Rel Uiwe two ptnli ot bile flowlnit freely lo m«V« you (eel "up anil up." Am'"'nff In mwunf: bite flow frcely AiV (or t* i,-r'8 Ullle Uvcr Pills bj u»me !«} <M * if • RlulHrol) • retui 1 1 arrnngrmcnl of marigold, caloii- Oiila and s|)rnys of acncla, wllli aiiulles of inatcliljig slmdw In silver holders on clllipr side. The guest list Included Dr niul Mrs. Lylc Motley, Dr. J. L AI-Gehoe, Dr. Jolm D. JIngliD.s, Dr •riionns Moore, Dr. niiiin Our Mrs. Craig Miller, all of Memphis- Or. T. !•'. Hiulson o. r Ijixorn; uml Mr. and Mrs. Tal Tcj.n^ale o! Oils city ana Spencer Alexander O r m v . ihevlllc. whu Is fciU'ftli'sL'iiig al Ihc homo of his uniilc, Dr. Slieddan followinj a major opi'imion in CMnipbelJ's clinic ssvc-ral weeks •J&0. 1'Ollowing dinner, the gue.iis \\enl to lilytheville lo mieiin 1.10 m»cl- iii" of the Mississippi Uoimty Metl- icnl Soc-lety nt llie ^.-ily hull, where Dr. Motley ami Dr. Moore wjic on the (i.-osiaci /or discussions. Tall vases of J'ivardy 'jlaUbli ne- n-nted with greenery (iftoratcil i:ie IK'iiii; rooms of the Jolni W Eil- I'lngton home on Broadway for tile meeting of the Monday NiBlit Simper cmb of 1C iiismbsrs. Tillsmi'm roses and fern were used on the tables at Cramer's Cafe where the ifi-oiip had dinner lo^ellier pretKl- iiig- the bdriee games ai Mrs Krt- rliiBlcin's liome. a-je.sM |j ; uyi.i« with tin- (: ]ul) were Mrs. K. C. Hry»n. Mrs. F.iber A. White. .Mrs. Herbert Shlppun Miss Elctlrn Uuck, Mrs. Wilde Qiilnn nn:l Miss Biiitnu cox. Vnlen- tine:; were eiven e.idi guest to use ns Inllies. Awards went lo Mrs F.iber White, Mrs. n. V. MadtUn and Mrs. chaiies E. Sullenger. * + » R. V. Madden has returned from Jackson. Miss., where he wont (o . A ? K -> COURIER attend llie second Southern oii.i-u Conference held at (he Robert B, Lee Hotel. From Jackson he went lo Oulfport to siiciul Hi;, weekend with his so;i. Hay Madden, A junior nt Ciull co.ikt Military Aeadsmv. Mrs. I. 3. Hiiiton h the |' t upf,t of her sister, Mrs. Thomas Johnson In Nciv Orleans, the woek and intending Hie Maul I Ciras celehni- lions. She will return home Friday. Airs. Mnrgrirci Muddi^i of Memphis was Ihc weekend guest ol Mr. arid Mrs. T, I'. I'crklin. Memphis visitors Mtmduy were Mr.!. W. J. Shcdrtnn and M r . al!l | .virj. Hen Green. Mrs. Douglas o. Roism of Port' .Smith is here for a visit with her daughter. Mrs. J. i:. Teafoid and Mr. Tenfold. Mrs. J. I,. Ward of this city, accompanied by her brother Joe Hires Diul Mrs. Hires of t.unoia were called to ciilro, ill., Tuesday on ni'cuiiut of llie .wrluii.-;' Illtioss o'{ their ;:l-:ter. .Mrs. Su m Abie, who nas pneumonia. ' ' Mrs. KobcH Dt-rry of M-umhh I who has bci-n ill at Ihe home off her daughter, Mrs, 'r. i>. ivikln-;' for the imst week. Is nb!e ty be 5 •jp today. | Hobble Jean O.ivld',«ji, .v;ven- ycar-ol:l d>'.i-jlucr of Mr. iin:l Mrs. 1. c. Davidson, was Ukcn to the Baptist hospital in Memphis .Sunday afternoon for diagnosis and ', j rreaiiiirnl, Mr. Davidson returned home Monday and went back lo Memphis Tuesday, accompanied by • Ills mother-in-law. Mrs, btnti Oil-' lesple of Luxoia. ' | LIUIs Jerry Driver, son of Mr mill Mrs. Jettlc Driver, is quite slclt | at his home this week with flu. Mrs. Harold B. Tllhnan. who has Uecn mille 111 with flu and bronchitis for the past week, Is able lo sii up some eiu'h day. Mrs. Kd Qubu .sustained a broken In her ankle when she fell nUo a dlldi In front of the homo of her son. Wade Quinn, Inst Friday nijht. Mr. Qti|:in accompanied Ills wife out to iheir sun's home wliere she sjDl oia of the cm 1 ill what stic thought was the small bridge opposite the house. In the darkness she stepped into the deep dlr.'h niul was umible lo nuikc iwy- one hear or gft mil f 0r ubnul '20 minute.-;, Afler Mrs. Quliiu alijhteil from Hie cnr. Mr. Quinn, thlnkinu she was safe on llie walk, drove on Jack lo town und did not know >f the acdtteiu until ci.lUvl buck !o his sou's home 30 minutes liter, •Mr. mid Mrs. Wade qulun Inive moved Into (ho hmise owni:.l by Mix ArlJmr Hrt:Ksy in the wi-it end of town. C'. A. Oui'lv, owner of I5avl>; Unrj Company, is in bed with flu. Cai'ulhersvillc Society—Personal °»'. niul ilwiiie DIP imsliie.sH meel- MK It w«s decided to submit the coniiioCTi- ,,s mi entry to the MUiuiml 1-VdrrniJon'ji Mower con- l'" 5 '. H was (ilso voted lo huve eitrh member bi'liij; zito u, ,|, ( , ne.M UCVUHJ: ,, s „ eiHililljiiilon | 0 OK, I'Minailurs Gouii-n jubllep fund, ill.- in-H.Mi,.,,,. imiunioml ihnl'dtie.s loi Ihi' vomlni! year lire now <lui> '"lid uski-d |hut they be bj-oilflll to I'll- next iiurliii);. Mrs. (irciid!, l)]<nvn was j,, ,.), a , KO <••! llie pn> l: iiim on ••ljiii«miy", as- ijMicl |,y Miss l j(l nu Walk, Alter UK' inn-linn I In 1 hostesses served K'H'i-.-lmuiits of fruit ydnil, nil/ crack,-,:,. U1 |, cl ,| :os nm , coni , f . lUld club anil sua'i ; iui:l Mrs. O. W. ClllHon en- "ii'd iiieiubers • of Out Pi-|dny -hie Wub vi'ith n bullet Mlp- ul llii'lr home week, Mr, M "«. 1'ied J,. Henley wen- l'i:t-Ms lor the eveiiin'i;. Mr, M>-'. \V. J, j^eclt won hluh pilws, huslcry und n tie. Se.lln meets Membeis of the SeMo club met "?'. '''""'S'l-iJ' nt the home of Mrs. Dick Koliind. Mrs. lint], Pent Goodman wn.s assistant hostess 'J'wenty- Jour members Here present inclml- nig Ihree new members, Misses Mary Mehrle, Kny .Miller , m(l Mni . John While. Tlle »ew yearbooks were (Missed "• am! Mis. I'. J. Aquino and Mi'- mid Mrs. i(. !,. Wind, Jr.. spent M«ntl«y in Memphis mid sinv "C)nu> Wiih (he Wind," Mis. John ICllllnii nnil Mrs, sprnl Monday In Curuthnsvllle «na vislu-d m ilu: home (il Mrs, Mi'.s n,. ;l .i^nkhis spent the en:; N- Khoiuy of stele w«s n M'n- tlny visitor In Cimilliorsvillo, Mis. W. n. Mannlns ictmned lo her home In Knlerpilse, Ala., Mon- iiiiy ntier a two week's visit Wllh lu-i sisier. Mrs. A. T. llenton, uml Mr. lleiilon, ' . Mr. aim Mrs. Mike nysnvl SWIM (ho week-mil In Nashville, TCIIII . '.vllli Mrs, Dysurl's p:ueiit B M r ' Jlid Mrs. l,. I.efUvHoh. Mrs. (;lnia illuhiim 'left, Miwiiuv nioiniiiK for St. l.oii( N where <,!'p ivill ilslt with frldirts mm i 0 i u . ;ivt.'.. Ali-.i. Mike Mi'ioiiey of lily'l.e- vllk' w-ii.s » Tiiiii:<liiy vLsidn- n( llie liwin' (1 Mr. niict Mm Ch-ti-' I Ilii|-|;i'i-, MI-N, fiuy Ilt-.tcdd,. |,.ft siiiidny .or Hi. I.utils W (, fr ,, F )U, wl)| ,, t _ lend u reniilci;, 1 convention u nin Fililiiy. Mlw Vlrijliilfl Cmiinii rcsiiHietl work ul Die VOKIIO .'jhop Motidny nlli'i- H mould's li>iiv,i of nbs«u-(! which she spent i,, M ( . |»( C(lsllnt Ml). Mis. S. C, Slephiv) li-lt Monday for Kl. Louis nn buMnoss. thnhiif early cuiisiinn duya lu Komr, sausu:;!. wu-i banned its mi instiutnenl 01 the devil be-;iiuse nf its iiaiiiilnrity ut feim.s und rovi-ls. WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? A bocktcl conljlnlnu Ilio epWoni of luui. oiis Uoclorv on I!"S intcmling mb|«l will bo icnl r«Et, while Ilicy lail. lo tnf lc> ,^, Inlcrcjlcd i" Ilio suljiccl. Pkj-.c 1110 Ihc couiwn below. i l-:uu(ATIWJ.M DIVISION, Orrr ''•' I 535 I'llTll AVI;',. Nrtc- YOKK, N, V | !^" C [fl-. 1 Mt liw u ,' < lu 'Jt I'WVIcl CIHllltO Cm tpihpiy [h Cultd) ' PAGE THREE Recruits Find Quarters On Old Constellation JT, ltr((J]')-The frig. nil' CwKK'llailon, oldest ship in the u. S. Jinvy. iiuiiiii Imsllfs with nc- 'ii'iiy us i.w recruit..,' Jivo titjoanl n\vullliij{ li-tiii.'.irr ntxier (lie -'Ihn- tl'd I'liu-rsi-Jicy" iM-ujji-n,), emielfcl l)y l>re;ilili'iu liooscvcli. Lnnntlicd in m;, Ilia Uil-fool wcoiliu vessel Is Mill can Ictl on the n«vy'.v tuiilve ]| s t. The CJonsii-llu- lion oi-lulunliy nu-neii 3e KWK „„,, wiifi 01 1,205 tons dKplatemr-nl. 1-I.AM1-; Fill |.;i) ON--M IIAY'1'1. Mo.-,An Invcniljsnllou o» lH-ick isltmd, if, miles fioin' here tt'«a bi'iiijj m ai .,i by Wind norrls' iiirpliiiiu pilol. who showed author- lie.': l/.iltn holos In his plane which lie suyi W eu- sliot !i| the wt.i^i mid "(her puns of tiv.- body of the ma- aim' its In- flow (nor tile l.-;!.u«l • H-'ili'l: ; K-nntly. I'wjls t-itld bullet lioip..! Imnijcen (llsi'OOT'i-fil In lib: |jl !llu . „,„, uhu cue piloted by JOB Wlm'goi'ly. )i, nlfio i'-.\wi'M«i tin: belief tlmt ttio t? were flrca at the' same site where the army plane piloted by Mn D. U. wiiUbn of Hnndolpli '• fit-Id, Tox., crashed about Oct. 1. MflJ. WnUson was flying from N3«h- vtllo, Ti'iin,, toward Memphis and got off his Tile v.ic:kajje was found l\vo dnys later An cxci-IU-nl laxative In coldj, rc- la-vi-s bilioiisnoss, jouc sioraacli, bilious indi^csiioii, flamlcncc a«J lii'jilaclic, duo to coiisiipan'on. iOcanJ 25c at dealers NAMti GOOD DEMAND FOR GOraBMERT WAN COTTON I'lione »]• Wrile Us N ow ;' Geo. If. McFaddcn & Bra's'Agency E. C. PATTOH, Agent I'.O. liox 218 Grnntl Lender Bltlg. I>honc ^! of/fc kirn/ xr lou can look the whole world over and you won't find another cigarette with Chesterfield's RIGHT COMBINATION of the best American and Turkish tobaccos. In Chesterfield you find just what every smoker looks for... COOL SMOKING, definite MILDNESS, and the one thing that really satisfies...downright GOOD TASTE. The famous COCHAND family .. folder, son and daughter (ifie only com binalion of its kind).. . ihow thousands every winter the fine points of skiing, America's fastest- growing jpoi ASK FOR icsterfiel f/te cooler, better-tasting, DEFINITELY MILDER Drug Stores — Hi'iijuhviiv—Division PERFECTION CLEANSIN6 TISSUES •ox 'ttAt 800 .... 24 This Week End Woodbury 10'FACIAL SOAP . . Battle HINKLE PILLS i4 c 30' CASCARA QUININE TABLETS FIoss-Tex TOILET TISSUE J 50= MILK OF MAGNESIA I''—- ». Beautiful BOUKJOJS EVENING IN PARIS ««RMON!MD MAKE UP ENSEMBLE Toothpaste F»r B«ant) Palntoilve SOAP ill Soc Size IODENT TOOTH PASTE' 39c We cniiravoi lo maintain a rnnsunt clicck ova ilic (rcsti- ness and poicncy of all in UK- Prescription Derailment Hns exirj artfulness insures the cffec- divness of youi pliysician's insiruciluns (. ASPlfHN TABS.ETS ANUSOL SUPPOSITORIES /BAUME VBENGUE GROVES NOSE DROPS S»c VALUE TEK Tooth Brash KLEENEX TISSUES CARRYOUT ICE CREAM Kcrhsl Cnl<l C'a»s liromo Quinine -MVay Cr.lrf Tnhs ake's l.ariiii- . l.ollnn. Hcsl for ha i ids. 25c & 39c Po-Da SHAVING CREAM GUnt Tube •lOc SQUIIJK TOOTH 2 fnr PINT '• DQBELLS SOLUTSOH 25c SQUIMH TOOTH 2 for 35c Silt ITALIAN BALM WEST TOOTH HIUJSH & Calox Toolh Powilcr NEW HINDS' DEODORANT CUE AM . HALIBUT LIVER OIL dpi.. cci'/A vioitttnl. Olat Pcrftcttoa COLD CREAM SQUIDBS ADEX TABLETS PSSO \ Cough Syrup ; . MILK OF V MAGNESIA Parhe Davis Irradol A Resale, II COD LIVER OIL TABLETS (Ol MtCoY,—l>o* el SO PLAYING CARDS 27' C<nt*ur quality. S»ilbo«tda«ign. Hot Water BOTTLE 93 s Gutranlcnl >r». 2-qt «5zc. ALARM CLOCK 98' Accurate "Dtrby" QUiCK RELIEF! f'c, Sumach Bargain Stationery !50 Sheets 50 Envelopes 29c TIDY Deoifaranls Ypi/f Ch&icc ol > CREAM • LIQUID • POWDER c BORIC ACID VELOUR ! MWBEH PUFFS J WM O C' I I Covpon A 9 i Pahlay'i Gardenia OATMEAL SOAP 6 Siybrcoki YEAST and SOC Size JERGEKS LOTION 8 .t» SlM WUdroot HaJr Tonic

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