The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1966 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1966
Page 14
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14-Algona, 0*.) Upptr Hit Main* thuftdoy, January 6, 1966 Marines In Viet Nam Get Gift Box From Algona, Write Thanks Many organizations complete worthwhile projects every year, but often the sponsoring group wonders if their work Is appreciated, The VFW Auxiliary here was fuLy gratified recently with the results of their latest project - gifts for GI's in Viet Nam, Mrs. Ed Wolf of the Auxiliary received three letters from a platoon in Viet Nam after that group sent two boxes overseas and the men were truly appreciative of the gifts. The two large boxes were sent by air mail Dec. 5 - and the service was swift - to say the least, as the letters which arrived were dated Dec. 7, 8 and 10. The boxes contained a variety of items which the local organization thought would be needed and they were sent directly to Lt. D. A. Grant of the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines, Co. M,, whose name was obtained from an Auxiliary member. Lt. Grant is husband of a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Minard and Mrs. Grant is living in Algona while her husband is in Viet Nam. Items shipped to him for his platoon were donated by local Auxiliary members. His letter dated Dec. 8 follows: Dear Mrs. Wolf and members of the Auxiliary, This morning, my platoon came in from sitting in an ambush. It was 12 hours of wet, miserable, and in this case, unrewarded, patience. Then, at mail call, we received your package. I only wish you could have been here to see the looks of gratitude on their faces. We have plenty to eat and wear, but the things we miss are the soaps, shaving lotion, nuts, cookies and candles you sent. These are the things these Marines don't get here - and they mean so much to them. Almost every man received an individual item. The majority of these Marines are between ' 18 and 20, young, but with young Americans like them we are very able to continue as the leading exponent of freedom and democracy. _- Thank you, very much, from the ; bottoms of our hearts and I hope to see all of you next July when • I get home, Sincerely, Donald A. Grant 1st. Lt. USMC The photo above shows Lt. '' Grant's platoon in Viet Nam. Have Trouble Keeping One Sexfonite Down SEXTON - The past week the . question asked around Sexton " wasn't the usual what did you get for Christmas but liow's Mack coming along? The day after Christmas, Mack Wise, local _' store operator, had a heart attack in the morning but carried on ' business as usual. The next „ day the family succeeded in talk.. Ing him Into a visit to the doctor for the first time, which resulted „ in a quick trip to the hospital. In spite of the good treatment they could only keep him for four days, After all the kidding about taking a nap every noon • now we're wondering how to keep > Mack quiet and out of the store • so he won't have to make another trip to the hospital, Frank and Lloyd Wise have been coming from Mason City to help and Mrs, Nell Opheim is keeping the store operating. -flit must have been the fine weather that encouraged travel, for you have never seen so much coming and going as over the holiday weekends around here. Candidates for the long distance record are Mr. and Mrs, Frank Pruisman and Kathy who spent the two weeks in Colorado with their daughter and family. Because of the thoughtfulness of the army, Rick Steven was able to spend his first Christmas in service here at the Evert Stevens. His transfer to Maryland after completing basic train- Ing was delayed until after the holidays. Mrs. Evert Steven was so happy about it all that she was spreading Christmas joy with just the smile on her face. She also was the planner of a coffee party for her mother, Mrs. A. H. Genrich at LuVerne and a number of friends were invited In for the afternoon. Virginia Klein was home from her Clear Lake teaching just in time to get really acquainted with her new nephew. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Arndorfer spent a few days at Mallard where Roger helped Tom Arndorfer at the elevator and their son Steve spent the time at the maternal grandparents home, Mr. and Mrs. Art Klein. They were home in time to spend Christmas with the Kleins as did Mr. and Mrs. Dick Licktelg, Pam and Joe and Henry Bailey. With only Joyce at home and plans all made to spend the weekend at Starbuck, Minn., Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson thought she would have a quiet Christmas for the first time in many years. Then the letter came saying they would be having the Don Gabrielson, Mr, and Mrs. Julius Heng of Clear Lake and Mr, and Mrs. Terry Yocum, Tim and Kim for company Sunday. Christmas was spent cleaning house and getting ready for Sunday dinner! Mrs. Florence Gabrielson of Starbuck would not have been home for Christmas either as she suffered a relapse after surgery and spent the time in the hospital. She will be spending about a month at a retirement home recuperating. Martha Anderson of Ellsworth, a member of the Gabrielson's wedding and was unable to attend their stiver wedding this summer, came to spend a few days during the week. New Years weekend guest at the Gabrielsons were Mr. and Mrs. Wally Murphy and Mark of Cedar Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson, Joyce and Mrs. Vinnie Laymon attended the golden wedding celebration of Mrs. Laymon's brother, the H. R. Maudlins, Webster City. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phillips spent the New Year weekend at Albert Lea but were caught by the first snow and had a long trip home on icy roads. One advantage to the two-day holiday and entertaining both sides of the family you don't have to get the good dishes out again, Mrs. Art Hix had the Hix family, including George Hix, the Timer Harms of Titonka and the Vic Fitch's for Christmas and then entertained the Srniui side 01 cue uoui>e sun. Mrs. Nell Opheim had her Christmas dinner a whole week early, fortunately. A phone call later from the Bob Schumachers at Remsen explained those red spots little Tona had. She had a case of chicken pox by Christmas day. Mrs. Opheim was a guest of the ClairHovey's Christmas. Bancroft Man Qyt Of Army After Malaria Richard Schiltz, who became ill while serving with the armed forces in Viet Nam and returned to his home, left Sunday for Chicago where he will again be employed with the Air lines. Richard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schiltz and contracted malaria and was brought to a hospital in Calif. He had been in the army two years and became ill in just two days before he was to recieve his discharge. - o 7 SHOWER HONOREE A Coin and Misc . shower honoring Darlene Grandgenett was held Wednesday evening in St. John's church hall. Darlene will be married Jan. 8 in St. John's church to Larry Rahe. SWEA-EAGLE By Mr*. Kenneth BronM The Wallace Dawsons and family were Christmas Eve guests at the home of his father, the Walter Dawsons at Dunwell, Minn. At the Cecil Thoreson home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Grace and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. David Conaway, all of Des Moines, Mrs. Minnie Jensen, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Bahmann, Cedar Rapids, and the Orville Thoresons and family. Christmas Day, the Cecil Thoresons and family were at a family gathering at the Palmer Jensen home at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Amundson, Jr., Waseca, Minn, were Sunday guests at the Ralph Walker home. Janet Walker returned to Marion after spending some time at the home of her parents, the Ralph Walkers. At the George Pearson home for Christmas dinner were the George Delano Pearsons, the Pearson brothers and Edna and Mrs. Jean Simmons, West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Don Lloyd and family of St. Louis, Mo. spent a week here visiting her sister, the Carl Schaubergers and relatives in the Ledyard vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garry and family of Stewartville, Minn., and Danny Inglet of Ledyard were Sunday visitors at the Carl Schauberger home. Mrs. Garry and Mrs. Schauberger are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Link and 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Link, Fairmont, were Christmas' Eve guests at the Tom Preston home, Thursday evening guests at the Everett Johanson home after the Sunday school program at the Immanuel Lutheran church were the Richard Wasmoens. Christmas Eve guests at the home of Mrs. J. P. Peterson were Mr, and Mrs. Everett Johanson, and family, Mr. and Mrs, Ole Johanson, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wegner and family, Fairmont. Christmas Eve guests at the Laurel Peterson home were the Walter Petersons, Glendon, Steve and Mardell, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Peterson, the Otto Folks of Spicer, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schultz, Cindy and Gene of Cosmos, Minn, and Abigail Falk of Atwater, Minn. Christmas day guests at the Ole Johanson home in Swea City were the Everett Johansons and family, the Jerry Wegners and daughters of Fairmont and the Earl Wegners and Lavonne of East Chain. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johanson and family were Sunday guests at the Henry Kosloske home at Fairmont. Christmas Eve guests at the Marlin Hardt home were the Rudy Hardts, John C, -Johnsons and Betty Hammond, Fairmont, and Mr. and Mrs, Charles Schultz of Sauk Rapids, Minn. The Marlyn Pauls spent Friday to Monday at the home of Mrs. Albert Paul at Iowa Falls. The Floyd Montgomery family were Friday to Sunday visitors at the home of his sister, Lucille Montgomery at Chicago. Christmas Day guests at the Earl Preston home were the Howard Prestons, Virgil Pres- tons, and Emery Prestons. Sunday at the Curtis Olsen home at Fenton were the Howard Prestons, the Everett Zitt- erichs and family, Terril, the Robert Jacobsons and family, Maynard , the Gaylord Olsens and family of Rlngsted, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Geerdes have purchased the Wayne Christensen home in Swea City. At the Martin Geerdes home Christmas were the Wendell Troffs, St. Paul, the Jack Reisdorfers, Lakota, and the Bob Geerdes family. On Sunday at the Martin Geerdes home were the Wendell Troffs, Don and Bob Geerdes families and Mr. and Mrs, Burt Geerdes and Clarence. Lakota. At the Leo Crowley home on Christmas Eve were the Virgil Prestons and the Dave Martin family, New Prague, Minn, Christmas day at the Joe Crowley home at Fenton were the Leo Crowleys, Dave Martins, Don Binzens and family, the Joe Crowleys, Jr. and the John Crowleys and family, Algona. Members of the Everett Rippentrop family were Christmas dinner guests at the home of the Homer Hanriksens at Ringsted, including the Eugene Ripp™ entrops of Tremont, Minn, and the David Rippentrops and family of Newton. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mino and the Harold Minos were Christmas Day guests at the Elmer Baileys. The Ed Kollasches and family were Sunday evening guests at the Baileys. Christmas Eve guests at the Truman Johnson home were the Mervin Johnsons and family, Terry Johnson, and Miss Judy Hanson. Christmas dinner guests at the Mervin Johnsons were the Cecil Godfredsons of Humboldt, the Truman Johnsons and Mrs. Nels Godfredson. Christmas guests at the R. S. Mather home were Mr. and Mrs. Art Kracht and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grabianowski and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wegner and Mrs. Cora Mather. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiechmann and family were among guests Christmas Day at the Arlo Jones home at Armstrong. Sgt. Calvin Jongberg has a 16-:.j day furlough from Ft. Leonard * Wood, Mo. and is visiting his father, Ellis Jongberg. On his return he will transfer to Ft. •Benning, Georgia, for' officers training. Christmas dinner guests at the William Buhmann home ajt Emmons, Minn, were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brones,Marnaand Robert, Andrew Brones, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brones, Jay Brones, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Buhmann of Mankato. Sunday dinner guests at the Francis Torine home were the Emil Larsons, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Dowell Larson and family Mr. and Mrs. Arden Jongberg and Ellis Jongberg. Christmas Day, the Francis Torines and Larry were guests at the Perry Torine home at Bancroft. Other guests were the John Guys of Dexter, Minn. At the Albert Anderso'n home Sunday evening for supper were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brones, William Tobin and Paulette Kracht. Other guests in the evening were the Johnnie Tobin family. The Everett Johansons, Jerry Wegners and the Ole Johansons attended the East Chain Lutheran church Sunday school program FARM LAND — FOR RENT — City of Algona and the Algona Airport Commission will receive bids in writing for the farm land located at the Algona Municipal Airport 2 miles West of Algona (crop acres • 137.79 acres more or less) on a cash rent, lump sum basis only • up until January 15, 1966. Copy of lease and farm plat are available for your inspection at the Office of the City Clerk, Algona City Hall. Algona, Iowa. Lease is to be for a period of 3 vears beginning March 1. 1966 to March 1, 1969. All bids are to be made in writing and submitted to Dave Smith, City Clerk. Algona, lo\va. no later than January 15. 1966 Bids must be accompanied by check payable to City of Algona. Algb- na. Iowa, in the amount S645 representing the amount of plowing and discing that has been done at this time, Tho successful bidder will be notified bv January 2'2. 196H Tiie City nl Algo.ia and Algona .Municipal Airporc Commission hereby reserves the neht ti, re.ifct'any and all ol- 1-2-3 Sunday evening and were coffee guests at the Earl Wegner home, A Christmas party Sunday at the Ed Godfredsons included the Cecil Godfredsons of Humboldt, the Ben Wibbens and girls, the Dave Hanking and family and the Roger Foxes and family, all of Algona, the Nels Godfredsons and the Mervin Johnsons and family. At the Chris Fedderson home Christmas Day, Dick Johnson was a dinner guest, and afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stenzil. Cindy and Roger Linde of Nebr, and Lori Linde of Penn. were holiday visitors at the Junior Ellis home. The Eldon Links were Christmas dinner guests at the William Gies home. William Gles, Jr. and Tim were afternoon callers. The Vern Lannings of Gowrle were evening guests Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nepple, Iowa City, spent from Wednesday till Saturday here In the home of Mrs. Nepple's parents, Mr, and Mrs, Orville Wagner and family, Christmas and Sunday were spent with Lee's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nepple and family at Templeton. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harms, West Bend, Barbara Weydertand Patti Reding from here left Monday on a 3-week trip through southern and western states and a visit with relatives in California, Mrs. Harms and Barbara are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Weydert and Patti is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reding. Annette Harms is staying here in the home of her maternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bormann and Mr. and Mrs. Florian Faber attended funeral services for a brother-in-law, Joseph J. Halvick, 36, Colwell, who was injured fatally in a car accident northeast of Charles City Sunday after completing his Sunday Register route. Mrs. Anna Bormann, Alta Vista, was a visitor here the first of the week in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bormann and family, and Mr. ,and Mrs. Raphael Faber and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bormann, Davenport, and daughter, Judy Bormann, student at State University at Wichita, Kans., spent the first of the week, here in the home of their daughter and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Reding and family. David John Berte, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berte, born Dec. 9, was baptized Thursday with Janice Thul and John F. Reding as sponsors in St. Joseph's Catholic church by Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stacy and daughters, Council Bluffs, spent the Christmas weekend here in the home of Mrs. Stacy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thilges where the Thilges family Christmas gathering was held, UplHtrf* ORDINANCE NO. 447 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 413, THE MUNICIPAL CODE, BY REPEALING PARAGRAPH 1 OP SECTION 2 OF CHAPTER 10, TITLE 1, AND SUBSTITUTING IN LIEU THEREOF A NEW PARAGRAPH 1 INCREASING THE COMPENSATION OP THE MAYOR. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OP ALGONA, IOWA as follows: Section 1. Paragraph 1 of Section 2, Chapter 10, Title 1 of the Municipal Code Is hereby repealed and the following substituted In lieu thereof: 1, The Mayor shall receive a salary of $3,600.00 per year payable in monthly installments for performing the usual functions and duties of his office. Section 2. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are repealed. Sections. This ordinance shall become effective on the 1st day of January, 1066. PASSED, ADOPTED and APPROVED this 15th day of December, 1965. Wm. J. Finn Mayor ATTEST: David A. Smith Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 447 which was passed and adopted by the City Council and approved by the Mayor on the 15th day of December, 1965 is hereby duly authenticated. • Wm. J. Finn Mayor ATTEST: David A. Smith City Clerk IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY Probate No.' 8845 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF J. J. Theesfield, Deceased. TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF J. J. Theesfield, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the ,22nd day iof December, 1965, the last will and testament of J. J. Theesfield, deceased, bearing date of the 29th day of January, 1960, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Earl Theesfield was appointed executor of said estate. Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court' mode o'doiy SUPERB VALUES I REGULAR 3.99 DRESSES 1.97 REGULAR 5.99 DRESSES 2.97 REGULAR 6.99 DRESSES 3.97 REG. 8.99 AND UP DRESSES SPECIAL PURCHASE! 5.99 VALUE SWEATERS MODE O'DAY FROCK SHOP JO RUARK, OWNER of said county within one year from the date of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned, and" creditors having claims against said estate shall file them With the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second"pub- licatfon of this noti^ (unless otherwise allowed or paidj such claim shall thereaftet t ,15efofevlf barred. ._->• : - >• bated this- 22nd > day. of December, 1965. ^v -• < . Estate , Iowa .- .(.j\ Merrill C. Clark • • ..... Attorney (syfor said Eaectrtbr Esther ville, IOWA i .... «...„- .-• Date 'of s 6th day of January, 1966. * ••• NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE ANNUAL MEETING OP MEMBERS OF THE UNITED FUND OF ALGONA WILL BE HELD IN THE ASSEMBLY ROOM AT THE COURT HOUSE IN ALGONA TUESDAY, JAN. 18,1966, AT 7:30 P.M. ALL CONTRIBUTORS ARE MEMBERS AND ENTITLED TO VOTE AT THIS MEETING. SEVEN DIRECTORS WILL BE ELECTED AND ALL OTHER NECESSARY BUSINESS TRANSACTED. ;" COME IN! REGISTER! .' "i VOU MAY WIN A NEW DODGE CHARGER!,, It's easy to enter—just register with us for the big "Win- A-Charger" Sweepstakes! While you're here—see the fabulous new fastback from Dodge. Bring the family, too' —this is a car everyone will get a kick out of driving! Hurry! Sweepstakes offer is limited! — USED CARS 1965 DODGE POLARA Convertible. Power equipped and only 15,000 miles. New car warranty. 1964 OLDSMOBILE 88, 9 passenger wagon, Power steering, brakes, air conditioning, positraction : axle. Many extras. One owner - low mllei *,' very nice. , • ' -•' -- : -' • - r "' *\ 1964 FORD GALAXIE 500 4 door 8, auto., Power steering and Power brakes. Low miles and looks ' like new. Red and white. > 1964 CHRYSLER NEWPORT 4 door. Power equipped, and Air conditioning. Turquoise. 1964 DODGE 880 4 door sedan. Power equipped. Luxury car at a modest price. ' 1963 BUICK ELECTRA 225 4 door Hardtop. Full Power: ' Only 35,000 miles. See this one. 1963 DODGE 330 4 door 6 cyl. stick. Priced right. 1963 DART STATION WAGON. 6 cyl. torqueflite! Economy but roomy. Bright red and has all new whitewall tires. $1395. ,,'"'*' 1962 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4 door 6 cyl, straight shift. Low miles. Car is sharpest in town. ' ' ' : 1962 LANCER 170 4 door sedan. 6 cyl., radio, torque- ; flite. Light blue. ''' .-r i 1962 DODGE 330 4 door sedan. 8, torqueflite, Power steering. Only 32,000 miles. Drive thii and '• you will buy it. , , •...-,.. 1962 MERCURY METEOR. 8 cyl. straight shift. Intermediate size car that looks like new inside and out. Deluxe custom interior. Priced to soil. : • 1962 DODGE 440 4 door sedan. 8, Torqueflit^ p'ovjfer . steering, Power brakes. Low miles arid 'runs : like new. ; .'. 1961 CHRYSLER WINDSOR, 4 door sedan. Torque-" flite, Power steering, Power brakes. 51,000 miles. LIKE NEW. ' 1961 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4 door sedan. 8 cylj., Power steering, Power brakes. Two of these- choice of white or turquoise. 1960 OLDSMOBILE SUPER 88 HOLIDAY 4 door Hpftp Air conditioned. Great savings on this tor, • Like new in and out. " ., SPECIALS $195 1958 CHEVROLET 4 door ____ 1960 RAMBLER AMERICAN, 6-stick. 1958 MERCURY 4 door __.__ ____ '__,,,_^ . $0.5 1958 DODGE 1 Ton Truck. V8, Duals, Metal Bpx ;1 , 1958 INTERNATIONAL 1 Ton, stock and grain box. One owner • low miles, >"' PERCIVALS DODGE * CHRYSLER 50. PHIUIPS ALGONA

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