The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1966
Page 9
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ALONG ABOUT 1995, 1 EXPECT TO have quite a bit to tell my great-gtandchiidren about the year that has just ended • 1963, Knowing the way I hoard souvenirs, clippings, pictures and funk, I'll probably have quite a few things to show them from that wonderful year. - o- WHEN I SHOW THE GIRLS SOME of the fashion magazines of 1965 we'll probably have to take time out for them to stop giggling, "Grandma," one of them will say, "1 thought you said those witches of Salem lived 'way before your time I" 1 shall hasten to assure her that they did, but I'll have to admit there is a frightening resemblance between the description of the witches of history and the high fashion female of 1965 - hair hanging in l~-g, uncombed wisps, baggy ill-fitting dresses, long pointed shoes. Even the broomstick was present for a while with the short-lived fad for carrying walking sticks. - o- "HOW COULD YOU TELL THE BOYS from the girls in those days ? They all seem to have the same length hair," Mary Ann's grandson will ask. I'll explain to him that it was just a few of the more kooky guys, inspired by certain singing groups, who didn't bother to go to the barber. I tell him proudly, "Your grandpa and all your great-uncles still kept their hair nice and neat." - o - THE KIDS WILL LOOK AT PICTURES of girls wearing boots, make-up ads that feature green eye shadow, purple eyelashes and white lipstick, and the stockings with zebra stripes, polka dots and paisley pattersn, and they'll wonder why in the world women wanted to make themselves so horrible looking. One of them, an astute student of history, probably descended from Bill, will remark, "I know, Granny, - that's how they finally solved the problem of the population explosion. The females got to looking so grotesque, all the males retreated to a far planet where women still dressed to attract men, so Earth's birthrate went way down 1" - o - I WILL ADMIT THAT- ALTHOUGH that is mighty good thinking, the Great Society didn't solve that particular problem that way. In fact, back in 1965, nobody from Earth had yet landed on the moon, although giant strides toward that day were taken in that year. That was the year of the Geminis. The space pioneers not only went up, two astronauts to a ship, they also walked around in space, stayed up for a couple of weeks, and even rendezvoued up there. However, I don't think this will impress the kids of 1995 too much, so I'll have to remind them that all this took place only 62 years after the Wright Bros, invented the airplane. - o - ANOTHER CHILD, PROBABLY Jean's grand-daughter, will be in the third grade in 1995, and I imagine she'll still be struggling with the New Math. But she'll be more interested in social studies, of which history is a part. So, I'll tell her about two great men she's been reading about in her books - Adlai Stevenson and Winston Churchill. Both of them giants in our heritage from the past, and both of them died in 1965. "THE YEAR 1965, WAS A'GOOD one 'f&r your great-grandfather and me personally," I'll tell the kids if they are still listening to me. "That was the first year after we moved to Florida that I felt I was 'home for Christmas'. The messages arid gifts from the north were fabulous, we had a fine visit from our old friends, the Rekers, the flowers and the weather were beautiful." - o"IN 1965, YOUR GREAT-GRANDPA, who tottered down to the bay to go fishing this morning, first interested me in his favorite vice. I've been a fishing nut ever since. 1965 was the year Grandpa Bill and Grandma Kathie came to see us in Florida for the first time since they were married, and several of your other ancestors were here also. That, too, was the year the old Buick, like the wonderful one-horse shay, gave up and we bought this Chevy we are still driving." - o I'LL BEGIN TO TELL ABOUT the medical advances made in 1965. Research then, led to the cures for cancer, heart disease, muscular distrophy and other diseases you never hear about in 1995. There also were the estrogens, hormones, etc. that prolong youth and good looks way beyond the time allotted to previous generations. But by that time in the manner of youth, my great- grandchildren will be tired of listening to an old lady. And I wouldn't be surprised if, as they left to go about their business, they said, "Gosh, Gram, it's too bad all those pills didn't work on you 1" - o- AT OUR HOUSE, WE ARE still enjoying the Christmas cards and letters. We received quite a few since the ones mentioned last week. Connie Rentz Ireland, Monee, Hi., sent a sample of their families' Christmas project - hard candy with a base of syrup, sugar and 11 different fruit and extract flavors. They made 33 pounds of it! Connie is a busy gal - she's president of her P. T. A. and also fills in as Ways and Means chairman. She drives a school bus 3 hours a day. Their six children range in age from 9 to 18. - o - MAUDE DORWEILER, AND SEVERAL others, asked if we still have our dog, Gidget. We do, indeed, and she's a great pal of our neighbors. In fact, on Christmas Eve they gave her a turkey drumstick - with the meat still on it! Maude also says I have a couple offansatDunedin, Florida, Bess and Budd Lawson Budd says he likes my column better than Harlan Millers 1 Other flattery came from Ethel Losp who said she had talked with Jack Shelley when he spoke at a Board of Regents meeting and Jack said to tell me "hello," - o HELEN STEWARD COBB WROTE from Culver City, Calif., that she is recovering from emergency surgery, performed July 3, but it will take about a year before she is good as new, Evidently, my former boss and pastor, Rev, Brower, has also recovered from his serious illness for Thelma writes from Sioux City that they are well and happy, Their Mary Jo was home for Christmas from University of Pubuque, Steve is "all basketball" this year and he loves East High. - o FRAN NEALY JOHNSON, FORMERLY of Burt and Algona, and more recently of California, is back at Rogers, Arkansas, living at the ranch ajnd Fran has her beauty shop open again, Gladys "Barker writes from El Mirage, Ar|z, tnat she was to Swea pity lor the MethocUst church dedication and spent most of'the rest of the year at her various children, and the roost fun was cooking for the granOkids, Helen Corey Bersog wrttes.from Seattle that she and Ed, are enjoying his retirement, Mabel Lane wrote that she aj&d Beecher will go to CaWorota to February, They have 4 granddaughters now and are poping lor a in January, RUTH SHffiRK WROTE THAT she had most of hef family hone Wound Thanksgiting and was hoping some of them would come ag*in tor New Tears. Artene Kenyon says their grandson, Craig, is foe greatest, nearly a year old, and walks very cautiously. Artene, and also Mabel ftrid Cec McGinnis, asked about former Algonan fieri Carr, since they haven't hear from her for so long. She's fine, but very busy with holiday projects at Sarasota Nursery School where she is director. • * o- DURING THE WEEK of JAN. 2 through Jan. 8 It's happy birthday to Jackie Kelley, Al Buchanan, Kriati Sheakley, Earl Lierley, Shirley Horton, Jean Sigsbee, Jack Vipond, Eugene Zender, Jane Fraser, Dr, R. K, Richardson, Joseph J. Straub, Eloise Christie, Steve Hardy, Ed Ruhnke, Barbara Schattschneider, Mrs. C, G. Venteicher, Milton Norton, LuAhn Modrell, Jeanne Hemmingsen, Larry Groen, John Marti, f odd Olsen, Mabel Perdval, Emma Lou Slndelar, James Nitchals, Tim Boeckelman, John Marti, Pat Nugent, Gordon Schenck and Vici Ann Diekman. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wilson have a wedding anniversary. GRACE Miss Johnson Is Ledyard H-C Queen LEDYARD - Caroline Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Johnson, was crowned the 19651966 Homecoming Queen at Ledyard Community school. The ceremonies took place between halves of the Ledyard-Bancroft basketball game. Carolyn was crowned by the reigning Queen, Darlene Logemann. Her attendants were Cynthia Kiinksiek, freshman; Judy Blome, sopho- more ; Linda Egesdal, junior, and Vickie Thllges and Barbara Schroeder, seniors. A bouquet of red roses was presented the Queen by Gretchen DeBoer, representing the student council. Robert Gilbert son, Ellsworth Dutton, James Richardson, Darwin Smith, George Walker and Bill Johnson were escorts for the attendants and the queen. After the game, a Homecoming dance for the junior high, senior high, alumni and friends was held in the gym. The only incident that cast a shadow on the entire proceedings was the fact that the St. John's basketball team won the game. Ledyard led the Bancroft team during the entire first half, After running into foul trouble and losing some heighth in the third quarter the Ledyard Panthers were finally overpowered by the rugged defense and sharp- shooting Bancroft team, 74-62. Halftlme score was Ledyard 33, Bancroft 28. High scorer in the game for Ledyard was Eugene Dontje with 21 points and for Bancroft Roger Becker had 20 points. - o - Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wessels and daughter of Grand Rapids, Mich, and Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Zwelfel of Corwith visited Mrs. George Thompson on Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. Larry DeBoer of Ames visited with Supt. and Mrs. Gilbert DeBoer over the weekend. Jon DeBoer spent his vacation from Iowa State University with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Black spent Christmas with their daughter and family, the Tom Mitchells in LeMars. They returned home Tuesday evening. Mrs. George Thompson returned home Monday after spending six days with her three sons and their families in Sioux City. Supper guests at the Herman Goetz home Christmas Day were Mr. and Mrs. Harley Paschke and family of Blue Earth, and Mr. and Mrs, Roger Goetz and family and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goetz and family of Buffalo Center. Dawn Paschke stayed to visit her grandparents during the week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ploeger joined members of their family, the Wayne Heetlands from Bloomington and Merritt Ploeger of Minneapolis, at the Lowell Zweirs in Redwood Falls, Minn, for Christmas. Mrs. Martha Schroeder and Barbara, Mr. and Mrs, Wayne Gade and family of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meyer and Todd of Wellsburg were Christmas pests at the Ronald Schroeder home. Christmas guests at the Orville Beenken home were Mr. and Mrs. Engelbart Logemann, Mrs. Warner Beenken of Buffalo Center and Louie and Clarence Ploeger. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stubbe, Bonnie Lea and Laurie Ann, Ankeny, returned Wednesday after spending a few days at the parental Albert Barnes home. Guests for a late Christmas gathering and dinner Dec. 28 at the Orville Beenken home were Mrs. Warner Beenken and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Beenken and boys of Buffalo Center, Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert Beenken and family of Minneapolis and Rev. and Mrs, Leonard Beenken and girls of LaCrosse, Wise. Phyllis Dontje visited her grandmother, Mrs. Henrietta Dontje, from Wednesday until Friday. Mrs. Henrietta Dontje, chairman of the Christmas Seals campaign for the town of Ledyard, would like to thank all those who have contributed to the fund. She would also like to remind all those who have not mailed their letters back to her that there is still time to do so. Cooperation of all of the residents is the only way to make a drive Thursday, January 6, t*66 Mgona, (!«.) Upper D*» MolrtW-* of this type a success. Mr. and Mrs. Murl Jorgenson and Carol were dinner guests of Mrs. Lillian Worthlngton of Lone Rock. -Wednesday , Rev. and Mt^s. Victor Vriesen and family visited her father, Dr. E. A. Possum at Young America, Minn., and he accompanied them to Minneapolis to visit a sister who is a patient at the Swedish hospital. The Vriesens also visited Rev. Vrlesen's parents, Rev. and Mrs. 0. J. Vriesen at Norwood later in the day. Mr. and Mrs: Virgil L<*rek*» Mr. and Mrs. Allan Loutks and family tod Mr. and Mrs. Leonare Ehrlch were Chri^tmaJB guests at tip Donald Johnsons at Elmore. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kramer- smeler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kramersmeier and teggy Sue and Mr. and Mrs. Foster Hartman and Craig were Sunday dinner guests' at the John Manthei home. "Kotrath Cottnty'i Favorite Newspaper" WE AT DIAMOND'S ARE LOADED WITH COLD WEATHER MERCHANDISE AT WARM WEATHER PRICES GOOD NEIGHBORS TO OW AROUND THE TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Howard Raney, Algona ThiS l> Week's Country Neighbor is' v Wr' J Hi (Howard);^Raney,- 46>>aj. farm' r ,5 it/2 miles southeast of here 'his entire life'. He began farthing the place ifr 1946 about the^ time his parents;- the late Hugh Raney and Mrs. Raney, moved to Algona. Mrs. Raney still lives here. Howard is an owner and tenant farmer, with 480 acres being worked by him. Included last year were 150 acres of corn, 140 acres of beans, pasture and diverted acres. He also markets about 400 crossbred hogs each year, and normally feed from 80-90 calves for market. He and his wife are members of the Trinity Lutheran church here and he also is a member .viti>iof'"th«^Farm i 'Bureau. He 1 callsr" <•'»<> -hunting'-and' fishing his hobbles 1 ,' 1 ' though limited, and likes to work in the shop on the farm. His favorite farm work is raising hogs. His wife is the former Dorothy Geilenfeld, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Walter Geilenfeld, Algona. She and Howard met during high school days and were married Nov. 25, 1941. She is a member of the Irvington Homemakers Club. Sewing is her principal hobby. The Raneys have two children, a son, Howard, 11, and a daughter, Linda, 9. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) Upp«r D«t Molnfts Publishing Co. PRINTING BEST - WITH QUAUTY AND ECONOMY AT Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Mollne - Kelly-Ryan - Pap«c New Idea Farm Machinery CotuiMtw AHrmr* N. Main 8t Phone 2M4U1 Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction T*r ilx, tlrrafl Uk life and .AM of lag, iMtat on — SIOUX — Another In OMtot ' SET E. E. KobtMon EM* on Hwy. II Phone XM4374 BUSCHER BROTHERS pack seven year* of experience and knowledge Into their location on North Main Street. Gib and Dick Butcher know the wants and needs of area farmers. They handle only the very best in farm equipment , , , brand names you know end trust. . . including Mlnneapolis-Moline, Kelly-Ryan, Ntw Idep, Popes and Knipco. Stop in and see BUSCHER BROTHERS today! Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algol* Fqrm Machinery — Trucks ~ Tir«s AUU-CiwJmm - OUV,F CMC T»uek» Phone 2H44II Ernie Williams Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUAUTY « SERVICE e • s t of oa highway- Phone Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Pester FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sale* & Service Plume 205-0J«l ALGONA Irons Heating & Plumbing "Coapletely Equipped Tf Serve Vo« Complete)/" '•"r

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