The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1965
Page 5
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Mftrry-Go-Round iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiHiiniiiiHiiHiinni niMHnimniiuiniiHnnniiii By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - President Johnson is so pessimistic about peace prospects in Viet Nam that he has become irritable on the subject, People who keep pestering him with new peace proposals, he has told aides sharply, should be talking to Ho Chi Minn in Hanoi and Mao f setung in Peking. The President agreed to the Call for a 30 - hour Christmas truce, not because he expected it to accomplish anything, but merely to satisfy world opinion. The action grew out of a telephone call from Sen. George McGovern, D-S. D., who phoned the President after the Senator's return earlier this month from Viet Nam. McGovern urged the President not only to accept the communist offer of a 12-hour Christmas truce but to announce to the world that he had ordered his forces not to resume the fighting again after Christmas unless they were fired upon. This > would present the Viet Cong with a de facto cease-fire, OUR WINNERS! (Pre-Christmas Registrations) Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Billie Gifford of Lone Rock, inspecting the sewing machine which they won just before Christmas at DIAMOND'S, where they had registered during December. (Photo by Phil Diamond) George Roeder of Algona won the stereo, and the other winners were as follows: Periscope • James Kunkel, Algona; Records • Merman Harms, Tifonka; Wilbur Roeber r Whitfemore; Tim Vipond, Algona; Dennis Zumach, Algona; Roger Radig, Lone Rock; Mrs. Nate Studer, Wesley; Bernice McCarthy, Bancroft; Mrs. Wayne Mann, Burt; Mrs. C. Seefeld, Algona; Jake Gigler, Wesley; Roger Harms, Tltqrtka; Mrs, Elwin*Schlej,pf,ento1# *A?^Chprj<*» .er, Whittemore; Mrs. ; JuliM^Markv,&P.r/with,- 1 Mr Hayes, Burt; Arnold Schutter, Wesley; Arthur Kockler, Bancroft; Howard Lowman, Algona; Mrs. Frances Nelson, Algona; Hubert Potratz, Whittemore; Mrs. Elmer Larson, Bode; Mrs. Harold Sabin, Algona; Mrs. Kathryn Schultz, Algona; Gerald Soderberg,. Bancroft; Virgil Jennings, Algona; Mrs. James Olson, Wesley; Henry Lauck Sr., West Bend , Ray Eimers, Lone Rock. Rosemary Dudding, Bancroft; Alfred Kohlhaas, LuVerne; Durwood St. John, Algona; Noble Crouch, Algona; Mrs. Delbert Sankey, Algona; Mrs. Dan Q 1 Keefe, Buffalo Center; Mrs. Eugene Arndorfer, Corwith; Mrs. Ron Ortman, Burt; Mrs. Allen Olson, Bode; Mrs. Kenneth Gotten, Wesley, and Eldon Dontje, Ledyard. Upper Des Moines subscriptions — Mrs. Magdalene Ortman, Burt; Emil Bierstedt, Fenton; Mrs. Delbert Dogotch, Whittemore; Tom Moe, Algona; Bill Kuhn Jr., Algona; and Fred E. Marks, Corwith. THANK YOU - and a Happy, Prosperous New Year I lAMOND'S and the onus would be upon them if they broke it, McGovern argued. - o - — PEACE HOPES FALTER-- The President made it clear that he had little faith in McGovern's idea. He took it up with his advisors, however, who objected that any Presidential response to a Viet Cong offer might be interpreted as a precedent for negotiating directly with the Viet Cong. The United States has always insisted that Hanoi is directing the guerrilla fighting in South Viet Nam, therefore any truce talks must be held with the Hanoi government. The week before Christmas, however, the pressure for a Christmas peace was so strong that the President felt he had to make some gesture. Out of the backstage discussions came the 30-hour truce call, though oains were taken to make it appear to be initiated by the South Vietnamese government. Meanwhile, an aide described President Johnson as "wrought up" and "overly tense" over his failure to convince the world that the communists are responsible for the war in Viet Nam. He has told visitors impassionedly that he has followed every possible path to peace, but all have turned out to be dead ends. "The communists don't want peace in Viet Nam," he has insisted in his private conversations. "They just want to clean our clocks." - o - —WAS WIFE WHACKED?" Supreme Court Justice William 0. Douglas is renowned for climbing rugged mountains, romancing beautiful women, and writing brilliant dissents. But around the house he is tough on wives. There is omj report that he may even have "whacked" his latest wife, or so the third Mrs. Douglas, now suing for divorce, once blurted tearfully following a marital spat. She later calmed down and claimed it was all a dreadful misunderstanding. It was her father, not her husband, who had once taken a hand to her, said she. "You are never too old to be whacked," she added approvingly. The slender, brown haired, : 25-year-'old - Joan'Martln Douglas and the husky, white-haired 67-year-old jurist had a stormy marriage that began soon after their honeymoon hike through Washington State's lonely Olympic peninsula. After one tiff, she called a cab and began pouring out her heart to the driver. She described her celebrated, cerebral husband alternately as "temperamental," "unbearable" and "a genius." "Sometimes he shouts and screams at me," she sniffled. "Sometimes he has even whacked me." She also hinted delicately that he doesn't live up to his romantic reputation. "He never considers a person my age needs affection too," she pouted. "I know he'll have several other wives after me, but no one will ever be able to live with him." Reached by telephone afterward, Joan Douglas admitted she had told the cab driver her troubles but insisted he has misconstrued her meaning. She swore that she loved her husband, was "divinely happy" with him, and intended to be his END OF THE YEAR ALTAS TIRE SALE $8 95 $10 95 6:70 X 15 Slack Tube Type 7:50X14,6:50X13 Black Tubeless All Tires Prices Reduced Accordingly LIFETIME GUARANTEE - GIFT HOUSE STAMPS BEHR'S Standard Service Free Pickyp & Delivery Phone 295-3372 Algona "last wife." Their spat, she said, was no more than a lovers' quarrel. This column, accepting her assurance that their famous marriage wasn't heading for the rocks, agreed not to print the story. That was more than a year ago. Last week she filed for divorce. - o - --POLITICAL POWWOW-• During their recent White House visit, President Johnson sympathized with British Prime Minister Wilson, as one politician to another, on his slim two-vote majority in Parliament. Wilson agreed that the President ought to know what it's like since he had won the Democratic Senatorial nomination in Texas by only 86 votes. Objecting that his margin of victory was actually 87 votes, the President complained: "You haven't been here six hours and you've already taken one vote away from me." "Mr. President," sighed the Prime Minister, "you can afford to lose one vote. I can't" - o - -UNDER THE COUNTER-The Federal Narcotics Bureau has alerted Eastern druggists to be on guard against holdup attempts by drug addicts. The recent seizure of $57 million worth of uncut heroine in a Columbus, Ga., trailer park will drastically reduce the normal supply and send addicts in a frantic search for illicit drugs... Narcotic agents are preparing a case against a Los Angeles pusher who ground up marijuana in a coffee grinder, mixed it with chocolate cake batter, and served the hottest chocolate cake in town, complete with whipped cream topping. / - o - -CONGRESSIONAL JUNKETS-Many of the "inspections trips" which Senators and Representatives take abroad between sessions of Congress are pure and simple junkets at the taxpayers' expense. Their transportation, hotels and entertainment are all paid for by the government. And they often take along their wives and secretaries. But sometimes these trips have real value in showing Congressmen just what is happening overseas. Senators Vance Hartke of Indiana and Quentin Burdlck of North Dakota, for example, have recently traveled in the Far East. Among other places*, they visited India, and at Amritsar were shown a graveyard of Patton tanks which the Indians had captured from the Pakistanis in their recent war - 70 battered or wrecked tanks which the Pakistanis specifically had promised not to use against India. Remarked Senator Burdick: "I am the first North Dakotan who ever voted for foreign aid. You are now looking at a Senator who has cast his last vote for foreign aid." The seven Senators in this group report they also found virtually no support for U. S. policy in Viet Nam, even from our best friends. - o - —FILM BOYCOTTS-Hollywood is concerned over Israel's ban on the showing of "Goldflnger" because one of the leading roles in the film is played by Gert Forbe, a onetime member of the Nazi party. Forbe also has leading roles in two other Hollywood pictures: "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines" and "Is Paris Burning?" Prospects are that they too will be banned in Israel. St. Joseph's Xmas Program Wesley, Dec. 21 WESLEY - Pupils of St. Joseph's parochial school presented a Christmas program to a capacity crowd Tuesday evening Dec. 21, The band played "Silent Night" "0 Come All Ye Faithful" and Jolly Old St. Nicholas." Pupils of the first and second grades presented "The meaning of Christmas." Marie Laubenthal played a flute solo, "The First Noel." Pupils of the third and fourth grades presented "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Ann Walker played the flute solo, "What Child Is This." Pupils of the fifth and sixth grades presented "Mix-up at the North Pole," Marie and Beverly Laubenthal played two piano duets, "Frosty the Snow Man," and "The Angels are Lighting God's Little Candles." Pupils of seventh and eighth grades presented "Christmas Eve at Home." Santa, played by Jim Youngwirth, appeared and presented gifts and treats to the pupils, faculty, custodian, Leonard Froelich, cooks, Beatrice Hildman and Agnes Lickteig, Father Phillips and Father Zeman. - o - Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Rickeand Mike left Wednesday for New York to spend the holidays with ttieir son and brother, Bill Ricke who is employed by Western Union. Mrs. A. N. Richtsmeier and Mrs. George Goetz were co- hosts to a Christmas cookie party in the Goetz home Tuesday Dec. ?1. Each guest and the hostesses brought 3 dozen cookies and they sampled all kinds and exchanged their recipes. A delicious lunch was served. Francis Richtsmeier who teaches science in Orono school, Minneapolis, Minn., came Thursday afternoon to spend the holiday weekend in the parental, A. N. Richtsmeier home. They all went to Churdan Friday afternoon to spend Christmas eve and Christmas Day at the home of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Paul Schmidt and family. The Don Vogels of Lohrville spent Christmas eve and the holiday weekend in the parental, Mrs. Jo Meurer home. Ardis Eden who is employed by the Standard Oil Minneapolis came Thursday afternoon to spend the Christmas weekend in her parental, Ben Eden home. Arlene Goetz who is employed in the office of lawyers in Minneapolis, came Thursday afternoon to spend the holiday weekend in the parental Geo. Goetz home. Paul Goetz, a student at Hamilton Business College, Mason City, spent the holiday vacation at his home. The Frank Gisch family of Algona were Christmas eve guests in the parental Goetz home. All were Christmas day dinner guests in the Kisch home. Christmas Day guests in the G. M. Studer home were the Bill Studers, Algona, the Everett Ackersons and Mrs. Viola Studer. Santa Claus distributed sacks of goodies to a very large group of youngsters at the power-house Friday afternoon. Mr. Klyn assisted Santa. Business and professional men sponsored and provided the treat. Dr. and Mrs. Jongewaard left Wednesday for South Carolina to spend the holiday with her parents. A Vitzthum family Christmas party was held in the I. 0. O. F. Wednesday, Dec. 29, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molnet-S hall Saturday evening, Dec. 25. Dr. and Mrs. Allen Carlsson left Friday for their home in Lexington, Virginia, having been' called here by the death of his father, Rev. Percy Carlsson. His mother, who is an invalid has been admitted to a rest home in Boone. Dr. and Mrs. Carlsson visited her enroutf! to their home. A Gala New Yean Eve Floor Show Presenting Micky Carlisle Hawaiian and- Go Go Dancer Music by The Accents Rock & Roll and Older Tunes A red hot time — Hata — horns and noise Make Reservations early. Admission $1.50 each. Hand's Park _.._ (94-97) HERE* 0 * NEW LEADER OF THE DODGE REBELLION Never has our showroom displayed a car as striking as this. New Dodge Charger. The fantastic dream car that's now a reality. It has fastback styling, four bucket seats, center console, straight-through carpeted cargo floor, disappearing headlights, V8 power, and many other features all standard. See it, seize it now! Before the crowds form, PERCIVAL MOTORS §00 South Phillips Algona, Jow« Drastic iflfllllllllllillllllllllll Reductions !l!illlll!l!!!lllllll!«!llllill!l!llllll!ll^ on all iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii SEWING MACHINES iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiin^ and STEREOS ALL MAKK mi MODUS Take Your Pick! • BRAND NEW MACHINES USED MACHINES •FLOOR MODELS • DEMONSTRATORS Grundig Stereos SAVE ON ALL FLOOR MODELS DURING THIS BIG SALE North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. "See Jay or Gene today" Algona 6-3634

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