The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1965 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1965
Page 17
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MtrryGo-Round iiimimnuiiiniii 1965 •••- — CHRISTMAS We hope Santa brings you gifts of joy and peace. MILLER Lumber Company BY DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON - The White House may make a last gesture for peace in Viet Nam by halting bombings at Christmas, but it is going on the assumption that Ho Chi Minn will not agree to start peace talks and that the war must go on. What this means was indicated clearly last week by the air strike at the power plant near Haiphong which blacked out large sections of both Hanoi and Haiphong. It was the type of bombing our Air Force did against Germany in World War II, the bombing that crippled her industrial capacity and added strangulation of supplies to military defeats. The Air Force has already carefully mapped targets in the Hanoi-Haiphong area, both military and industrial. If large- scale escalation of the war is called for, the bombers are ready to strike. And the White House is prepared to double U. S. forces in Viet Nam in the coming year- not only calling up some reserve and National Guard units but transferring troops from Europe. Draft calls, of course, will be increased. The U. S. meanwhile is having its own manpower and supply problems. We are having difficulty maintaining our combat effectiveness because heat and malaria as well as battle casualties are taking a heavy toll. This means that combat troops must be replaced constantly. MERRY Lef the ;'oy ana faith of the holiday season be reflected everywhere. EER And our supply system isn't working well. We have reported previously how supply ships must wait an average of 21 days in Saigon before being unloaded, because of lack of dock facilities. But this is only one of the problems. There have been reports of our troops running out of ammunition in some battles and having to fight the communists hand to hand. The Senate Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee recently sent probers to Viet Nam to check on the reports of supply shortages. They have come back with findings so explosive that Sen. John Stennis of Mississippi hopes to keep them secret to avoid great embarrassment, not only to the administration but to Congress and to the entire nation. —SAIGON BIKINIS- Sen. Steve Young of Ohio, now over 75 years old, has just come back from a rigorous trip to the Viet Nam battlefront. He reports that one of the swankiest, most beautiful private clubs in the world is the French Club in Saigon, to which alfew higtwlp American officers belong and where plenty of French girls in bikinis are in evidence. More important, he warned President Johnson that if we follow Republican advice and bomb Hanoi and Haiphong, the communists will retaliate by bombing Saigon, which is wide open to air attack. Sen. Young also warned that we have very few friends left in Asia - only South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. But if we bomb Hanoi and Haiphong and kill women and children, we won't have any friends left at all. mw»WwsH»» Algono Municipal Utilities —RESERVE OIL GIVEAWAY- Rep. Wayne Aspinall of Colorado has stacked the Special Commission studying oil shale so as to favor giving away the vast four-million-acre reserve of government oil shale to the oil companies. Rep. Aspinall, chairman of the Special Commission, has put in as vice chairman Byron Mock, who while in the Interior Department sided with the oil companies for the cheap giveaway of oil shale. During the Hoover administration these vast oil shale reserves were set aside for the public and for the use of the American Navy after our other oil supplies were used up. This remains the biggest untapped government wealth of the USA today. Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois, incidentally, introduced a bill just before Congress adjourned whereby the government oil shale reserve would be sold to pay off the public debt. He valued this at $300 billion, just about the amount of public debt and, of course, much more than the oil companies would be willing to pay. —SOUTH AFRICAN EMBARRASSMENT— The White House has got into the act regarding the Congressional investigation of South African race prejudice. Rep. Barrett O'Hara, Chicago Democrat, has scheduled February hearings on South African racial policies, including reports of American profiteering under them. The probe was aimed partly at New Jersey's leading and wealthy Democrat, Charles Engelhard, who is the heaviest American investor in South African gold and diamonds. Engelhard Industries are potent in South Africa. But Engelhard was one of the LBJ supporters who kept the New Jersey delegation from being in the Kennedy camp at the Los Angeles convention. And when the President went to Atlantic City for New Jersey's Jefferson- Jackson Day dinner this year, he stayed in the Engelhard penthouse. White House pressure is now on Congressman O'Hara and it's questionable that the hearings will ever be held. —CHRISTMAS BOYCOTT— Left-wing Negro groups have been trying without much success to organize a boycott against Christmas in New York. They iiave urged Negroes to dramatize their grievances by refusing to buy gifts. Except for a few fanatics, Negroes are not responding to this appeal to boycott Santa Claus. Meanwhile, the Commerce De- <\<\ MONTGOMERY WARD CATALOG STORE AIGONA partment reports that Christmas sales for the nation will be close to $3 billion, a phenomenal 10 percent over last year and another all-time record. —FALSE POLITICAL ADVERTISTNG-- There is something peculiar about the failure to prosecute those guilty of putting out false advertising in the name of Martin Luther King during the last election. This advertising urged Negroes to vote against Johnson because, it claimed he was viciously anti-Negro. One voice on the radio Thursday, D*cemb*r 23, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper D«f MolnW—5 screamed and gurgled in anguished tones, "My boy died because Lyndon Johnson voted against the anti-lynching law." It was later found this prop-, aganda came not from Negroes hut from a Republican advertising agency, Bozell and Jacobs of Chicago. Nathan Jacobs, its president, admitted preparing the ads. calling early! Kick off the Christmas season tonight with a pleasant family chat by Long Distance. The^folks will enjoy having your Christmas good wishes early, and lowest rates in history are in effect after 8 every evening. Beat the Christmas Day rush —call tonight! Northwestern Bell Warm Wishes to all - 1965. Even where the eye turns ... in homes and shops ... in faces of neighbors and strangers alike . . . the message is clear: Christmas has conic again! May your house he filled with the joyful moments and lasting cheer which this new Christmas brings. Hood's SUPER VAUI The Season's best to you from all of us NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. "CQMPUTI IP AND NATURAL QM 11RVIC I" 5-2484 10 EAST STATE AUOONA ftftl^^

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