The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Page 1
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1 VOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 274. Renewal Of Terrorism In England Expected To Follow Executions BIRMINGHAM, K»g., KdTT(W)-rfcU>i- j, nrilM . m(1 James R.cnmls, Irish Kepublicnii Army terrorists,' w,',,' hanged today in \Vinton Croon jail despite desperate peals lov clemency I'roiii Kii-o am) fears O r pnaals in Great Britain. The two youthful Irishmen ilirdfr for killing five and woundim. 50 persons with a bomb planted ', on a bicycle on the main street of Coventry last Aug. 25. They were hanged in the utmost secrecy in the wallet! prison while 500 uniformed and nlain clothes policemen held back a crowd of several hundred before the main prison gate. The executions brought a 3rill- cal turn to the l. R. A.'S liiita- flghl for the reunion of Eire and Blylhevllle Dally News UyUieville Courier Mississippi Valley BlyUKvlllc HeraW COURIER NEWS >1 A171? A NIC A Q A kTTN nn»r»r*«-i • nm m.» A _^. .. _ ^^^^r : ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U up- v >- North Ireland, which is a part, of the United Kingdom, •The Coventry bombing was the worst In a series of outrages attributed to the I. R. A. extruding back to January, 1939. The hang- Ings were expected to bvlng a renewal of this terrorism and to precipitate, a political crisis In Eire by driving even ninny of the more conservative Irishmen into the ranks of the I. R. A. out of sympathy for two new "martyrs." Dead' Mail! Turns Up Alive v.^^? 1 ;Hl^V^V"^v;;;*^'^^',•-•^^^^^y•,^.;.^-;J,.v-v,uv,y,.,..,...„. .. I W. H. Forbus Dies At Hospital Here Following Road Accident William Henry Porbus of Tyler, .'ho was critically inj Japanese Minister Admits Govcmmcnl Is Considering 'Grave' Slop TOKYO. T-Yt), i' (up, _ Sll( . Sections llmt all Anm-loans withdraw Irom China utc of sir.-)) m-;u-o importance that u dcllnile decision regarding tbcm cannot l>> rendicd immediately Foreign Minister Iliichiro Arliti said in piulinm loduy. Ai-ltn was asked whether 11 was the Intention of (he u:vcriiniciit f> advise t.V United stales that all American residents should witii- draw from China. "Thai is a urnvo quc.sllon." Arlta answered. "1 cannot reply ,,l lms . nlso . on " (tlly at Walls hospital at 1 o'clock this morning. He was 33. At the time of the accident Mr. Forb».5 was not believed to te scrl- , Premier Admiral M Yollai In nn discussed United Gl lor guarantees o died American China. said lie had no desire to imeipret the American requests fov a security guarantee fcr American nationals in China "wllh III feel- ousiy injured ixcept [ov „ brokc|1 i j „ b ^ . - left aim above • the elbow and •'•-••- ' •• """'"''" SPEC! HIDE, ILLS Claims Commissioner fail', Recalls P. O.fer To Appoint .SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS / River's Ice Gorges Break Up; Traffic To Be Resumed Soon . /3,,iui, brousht by the StiUo C'orporul!«ns Commission mid n( tilu Sl , mc t i mc , u|))ioliit(>d n sj'i'ctol counsel In di< mum-million iioltai- Mjssoun j> IK t. lie lux suit Judge Josi'jih ijiu O f was named by ]| 0 !i to iiiil Attorney Clem-mi i.«irp| (ti>n- trj 1 In (leiendlng Dm Btnle 1 .-! notion In raisins tho rallroad.'s proji- erly'.-isnii'lH by $3.000.000.' The apiiolntiucnt was subjccl to ui>inoval by Clov. Curl B. llollcy. QorixmUhm Uoiuniltutlaiicr Jolin K. Wells Eatimtny relcnsed an oiicn to icolt clinrelng he fnllod letter to apjiolnt n- sjicclal attorney In Lower National Legion Head Is Coming National American Legion Commander Roily will visit the niul Cason post of (he American Leg- Ion here Mnrch I IL wn* 1 By- tomorrow, most of the l-e IKWI Kill have mcliccl to sucli a"n extMil that limy will not be dcn- Bcroiis nnd navigation noith (o Cairo, Ill,, HID L-C rouble, it was announced th|» mteinoon 'i'he federal barge line boat fill- noiB, uinrconcd umiii the Ice '«t tlayoso Bciid tinea Jan. 18, ten-ft* Tenn., yestei;iay aiternoon ami filing cutting tinoiuh the »cik- tmnsj 601BC. Captain tail R. Culling plov,e-l the case Thc'lcUer WRs'.sUiicii «' t:<l»y followiiV a"Tnect'lng"of' ih'en i^nKd"^^ ^ootnT^Ponvf also by the other two commission- ll 'f, I'ft- M- nl 8 W al the lint. cltlil m'.Lii nwny, foi the mght ura u.s. H clulmcd Gentry wns not L - A. Gumiliiijliam, e. A. litce the current dm tno ioit t vi i qualified lo represent the unite " os ™ c Craftoii, J. Moll lirooks, a. making U possible to In lug ?,. wllhcnl ,c B a, nuance !*«,,,» he ^K<™ ****** ™»* A. "«« UT^.X^ ml & vvnue weie nnmed on (lie commit- mouilng. have to reconside lacerations on the Americans in china If (lie United but H blood clot complicated the Dllcficdly np|)!lt?d talcs continued pressure ngalnst c "° B ' n V lo make ]:eoj]le happy, noticeably heightened mentins regular uniformed plain clothes policemen, -it that three bodyguards hud LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Peb 7 — Elate police and slate revenue department agents nntl field am c dle ,,? f S ° . Two bulletins announcing the executions were posted on the prison gate at 9:07 a.m. (4:07 a. m. ESTK A Catholic priest had bctn seen (o leave the prison hi nn automobile at 8:30 a. m. und'shortly Burred as the Forbus ma- '" " l "" c " Nl1n ™'»Pai 3 ,, lo "drive chine was goln 3 0 ;;to the hMiway , y mltomol » le withoin n ISM at the Bailey curve when the'jsck- nsc off tllc hi 3 I '«'ays." Revson Bros. tni:k of Beaumont, Tevas «'V| C coi , 11mlaloncr z - M. McCnrroll was traveling South. ' s J VC5tcr day. Funeral rites will be held Thur?- ., p rders llll vc been issued to nrrest drivers of cars lacking the cliooj Building Damaged; Is Second School Fire-In 18 Months Christian Front Accused Of Planning To Overthrow Government s j license la B s and .to'orner them to PIME BLUFF, Fcb .1.— Damage seized a quanllty of rlfje.s stolen The lire broke mil-in ii.r, A „• ' * multaneou; As crowd outside . bared their heads und stood silently. A milk man pitj), nnd three brothers" continued his dellvcrips OH the ---•--••' "routeib, strect running pasl the main gate. The crowd, predominantly Irish, sel up a murmur of excitement the wicket gate in the main gate opened a few minutes after 0 the chief warden came out nnd posted the notices. It was the only approach to n demonstration at, the prison.. Four executioners were inside the prison, it n-ns learned. Their Identities were withheld to protect them from 7. R. A. reprisals. It was presumed thnt. there were tivo executioners for eacli man, ns the usual procedure Ls for the hangman to have an assistant. Throughout the ]iight pedestrians In the prison vicinity liud been, kept moving, and up to !1 a. m. policemen still outnumbered bystanders. A plain clothes policeman was aboard every bus and street tar approaching the prison. , fOr- - i . • *" mw who is a nurse al Walls hos- " 0 i° nr!g a ". BI "<"nobile which , Julian and Mclvin Forbus of Tyler, nnd notini.e.Therevln^Sart^ %*£?% ^[S^no^ IS ^ Cotton Oil Men Hold Meeting Here Cotton oil men of Arkansas, Tennessee ami Mississippi gathered hero Saturday night for n-meeting of the Trl Stales Cotloa Oil Mill Association al vyhlch the Dlylhc- vlllc Cotton oil' Mill, the Dollu M Products Cpmiiany or Wilson ami I • the Ralston-Purlna, Mill 'of bj;c- ola word hosts to .'the 61 prcsenl. Tlip. dinner, mafting;. liijld at,the Hotel' Noble,' was, featured ' with making of plans for tlia nnntial i. convention. It wns;(lecliled tu have this convention nl Ellis auditorium l» Memphis June 0, 7, 0 with plaiu York national guird lo 1] e compl«l-jd at n meeting lo be ~" "' A J"-', IIIIU , ltQ1 ,t_ IT, - r * "n-lll. ---h « ~ t ..~..n vit.ullglujlll L[IU /.,, , i, . . .»_-.. ^ J. C. Forbus. who is in the United ^ U , l , e ln '°rmaiioii, Mr. McCar- "oft of .Hie 3J-ycariold structure „ millctment, chnrglng scdl- j ° ' ro ". Si!lrt - for ."so In (he event of sending its tils roof crashing down !;™.lf™.^ iraey nlu ! conspiracy to I held at. the Hotel Clurldgc In M;m- ;rr phis March' 2. . "".. filiilcs Army noiv stationed in Porto Rico. Cobb Funeral To Take Applications For Emergency Loans claims for exemption fro; lies. Ninety-five motorists -have' lags, the com: C, W. Hoover, of Wilson, and commit offenses against the United U ' V '. Mnc | llc ". of Osccola, give French Firinrr Squad Executes Prominent- Alsatian Autonomist Today. NANCY. France, Feb. 7 (UP)_ Karl DOOS, tin Alsiillnti nntononi- isl, wns executed today by a ni-ing squad on- clini-ftcx pf. esplanade. Hi wtis fonndis^ and : leader jDf ; the 'Qrecn • Bhlrls", Vice iriaycr - O f «!r«simm-sj and pl-esltlehl of 'the Han Rhln (ienena council, Qcn. Jean Lolistcin, u soldier who wns condemned with Roos hud his sentence commuted to per-' lietunl hard labor. Roos wns nn-cstcd for his aiilon- oinlsl actMtlej nftcr n rnld en his liendtmarters, lie hnd published a " Beginning n P .- ( t Tuesday, emergency crop ami feed loans for iMa will be available lo farmers it> Missis-.ippi County, and application- for these loar.s are I Caruthersvi ."cries of dociimenti- In Alsace which . The -Indiana ycsteiday look'scv- crul qf its Burgos up to iCeys Point, Tcnn., o]iposite Cwcoia fiom X timporary anchoinuc point a -ihovt distance south of Butlers Lannliig wluro the norlh-bouuil bom has ccen laid up ior w days It Is expected dial me Indiana will proceed noith tomorrow , to Cairo, where It is understood Ilia ^-'.t'lJO.COO cargo vUll be ietit by tvnlii 'to -.Cincinnati. •I'ne Illlnob, with lls SlOOO.OOU cm-go,- on 10 bar^qs, e^pccts-l ~ -... o",,- M»* ii/ t/ittgv') >vuo v^i/tCLiM to icaYC,:CnruUicii,v)!!u at 3 o'cl«x~ this altornootfto'fvsume Its southbound tup. Despite: this nnpiccEdented r!e- Iny, both' the Illinois and Indi.inn hud pluity of piovtsions aiut the equipment .'remained In cxc^lUn; comiuton accoiding to Cant, tin; • " -l Illinois was isolated In mo l~e he ether ii'o'nl was tied up al i Jng of the Illinois and Oapt, A D. imynes of the' Indiana. Wlillo the The blaze was Pine Bin CAR CITHERS VILLE, MO., Pcb 7 major school fire ill IB ior inese loans are now bcln« — I«IM KM ' ' ICD - '• "•"'"' iSL " uu ' »'<:'" > received at the county judV o ™>,W l ^f, y - ° r Mlsoln, car September, 1933. the „._ , _ *.*juui..y juj.,c 0 o.- salesman for MH. <3i,,.,i,. ^.t....... „. <z>*(-,t* n i *•„.. ,., -..- ... L " uvmiuow, pui clown, nnd to de- L ••"^"••«"i"t«i . ivieiii|iin», uyers utf'xs-coml Stroy by fdrco the government of h " rfe ''. ,- Ti PtonVlllo and Jackson, li months I thc C " lltcti st!ltos BIul by force to ,ff,"" cs f ?• nn<1 Ncwjiort, Forres immUlS. Iti .f-ffl-a >„,,„ . 3 . " r,itv T, t n rjs> f .lr «?(!,.«.. ^^...-^l.. pervisor of the Emergency or- salesman for'tiie ShadJ^o^ Co Scn^fcV Nc^VSliv ." lt *™« 1 Statcs ' " „ ,,»." y '. lras s;rl o«ly injured -destroyed. A S10S.OOO builtiin 3 to"-- . " co " nt ""oscd thai "on Kel ™' takc niul P° S S<BS property of C11 J'' Lllt!a Hock. Wilson. Oaccoln, IL,,, Tr«i»n.i ^tr.! ,, J ' nm mvihnnmo i,, *~i r ,..*~~ n fice by Grover C Driver field su n Tl ', " 1B SliadB Motoi- Co - Sch001 for Nc » r0(;s P™ciic»lly was rrn^ i , y ' lras seriously injured deslroyeU. A S10S.OOO builtliiW to , . ' - *" «» „„ , i ,-, -,.-•• " — — Crop in« ,,e ad . on car W J^ rcp|nco a „ ^.^ C[)mil ^ OM ° ^ntot the first day of J.mmry, .f 1 ^ 1 , Jf,,.5»'^ u ^'^: and BIythcvi|lc, In Arkntisfis. Officers of Ihb. group are: n, C, ^HfflK? « - -™ ^-^^, ^^ ti.e :currcrt Briigsadoclo-Carutliersvllle ,1939 and up to nnd Includlii!! the K - L - l^SJlns of Blyllievllle, vice uifSt! 0 ^^ tST-^ Sr >y " f ™'"^-'"oT^ Chain Store Tax Is ind coiHll rccoUc supplies easily. Cnpl. Cutting said that an !n- vcstlgntion haa icvenlea thai tne ICH' channel being cut on the TcU- icssce side wouid probably Le nn- :c.'practical'iind that mi od cnnimel llirough Onjoso Bend would colf- tinuu to be iircd. Intensive Drive By Farm Bureau Near DUBLIN. Ireland! Feb. 7 (UP)— Cnrrylng back flags marked with skulls and cross bones about 1,000 members of the unemployed workers rights association demonstrated today In protect against the Birmingham executions of Peter Barnes and James Richards. Thc demonstrators fcrmed their lines in the center of the city at required eight a. m. when news arrived thai Barnes p.nd Richards had died. They began marching through Ihe main streets of Dublin. New York Cotton *™ an 1 Orders Compliance executive secretary of tlio group slssippl. Funeral Held For Former Resident FuncrnI services for Luther J2m;.i Lnvcity, formerly of this city, \ylip (lied at the Hlackstone Hotel :: iii Memphis .Monday at 1215 am, were held yesterday at Louisvill- Ky. Mr. Laverly jnoved fiom here two years ngo, niter liming live! here for several }«irs 1 relh<\l iravellas saleiman foi thj Union Mir. May ^ Oct. Dec. Ja,n. prev cpcn high low close close . 1032 1QD7 1039 1037 1093 . 1057 1066 105S 10G2 10B1 ^Tlsc cars driven by Kirkssy- and with (he view of Tells Kiwanians Of High School CourS'2 crn !> i' 1 »h t ,!^ <J ch f^ ln '? Dr - ai '>>o MUJ ^«uio_ scn v ,,tii driving while intoxjwlctl 'ac.-:emian ?g It. after tile new * 950 950 943 958 055 057 943 S36 953 953 1027 »"> l" Ocorga Conns);-, c:-ordinator of and industries cciuca- ! — .....^,.. M ^. riuhti^j iiuu WILII uic view of rcn* , the nesro were practically d a n:ol- which the council lev I ^'tc Poltomnn P,te Scott l«d ""'"" ^ '"'' aiiir.i«l I3x on C a:li chiin store with Sl.CtO Jci-ctlmtiit; SJOO en invcst- meHt of $5,008 to JW.OM a-,U «JOO and chairman of the campaign —» - •" . . The county has been divided into BLscult company, he hart become Victims Of Floodv/av I two >"mmittces -it-iui ciwrlps R wcl1 known. In Northeast Arkansas r . n . J ... IColcmnn of O.wonla, prc.fiilent of! i " ld Southeast .Missouri during the Tire Kestmg Weil «ie group,. Jim p. Tompkln, ofi imny ycars he tr ^clsa this se> : j I'.nrdnttc, R. c. Branch of Pecan i tlc "' Ilc v ''"' G() S CHr 5 of use. Wtlllnrc] Cole, 21, his wife, Mrs. l ' ol " t - ntltl K H - Chiles of i' ' " c rclirccl fl ''e months ngo bc^ Trutline 13ane Cole, nnd their nine- Point - "" ft cpinmlttec which wIII( CnU3c - ° r '" llcl1tl >- He wss tcsn'i noutha-old daughter, Mnry Jo * cr ™ South Mississippi County i '•'' LoU !?vil!e, K> i'ho were scveicly burned when nlom ! wltl > n nuinhcr of sub-coin-! a l3 sttrvhcd by his vife. Mrs lire swept their combined store and mittcc members to bj iwmcd." Roberta Cunningham L-»verty' of he use in the Flooslway community Tllc committee for North'Mis-' 105 VVJShlngto-i, Princeton, Kv, - early Sunday, nn; rcsliiiB veiy well ''l^lppl County Is If. c. Knnpp-n-1 wll ° was witl> nlm whcn ^ c died;- Blyllievllle hnspttal. berger of UlythDvU'e and -Cmi-l^l cllc <iau 3hlrr, MLs Kathenne Liv— Mr. Cole, who rescued his wife !!ost! of Rosrhnd. w'no mm'rtlr»-V | cl ' ty ' who ^ n student at the Wosi- Jtidgj Trimble issued the and baby ns the root of their bed- I'Hviltos east of Dig Like and |C1 " s ' 5l ° Teachers colleje at Bowl- restraining order cm |Kt!tlon of room was collapsing, was the most A - C. Owens of Lor.l Cnnc Frink l!1 " Grcea, Ky, one son, Bill, of Harold D. Jacobs, wage-hour ad- severely burned, his face, hands l - ' ' ' but Die warrant. Issuer! from in ... ., , o °!. _. a ?. ls . rate Jll » 51s -. h? - d "» i»ve.;tmcnt of K Orleans Cotton open Mar 10S9 May 1063 July , 1033 Oct 952 Dec 051 Jan 047 high 11071078 1043 972 953 954 low close 1093 1057 1031 930 950 95D 1103 1075 1039 909 053 954 Chicago Wheat May July open 981-2 £3 3-4 high law close 93!-S 93 93 93 1-2 053-3 033-3 Chicago Corn open lujh low doss May 553-8 563-8 53 55 July 551-4 583-8 53 53 m?nt. Mr. Jacob; charged the Uie flames ns he made two""td|« v -' r -'>'' of the like. This" erouo"will company, engaged in Intersbte him Die inferno. aho .'lave n larTe sub-coinltlcn iommcrco, had violated the law Mrs. Cole, whose fnce, hands and The Mlwls-.irjpl County F^nn :c Its effcrllvc rinle, October 2). bnck v;crc burned, also has a cold ^m-cnu lias, for seven I ycars, been "d by u^vln? emnlove: Ir^s than which has inniln Vmr /"nfUt^>i tl ' 55 He explained the mechanics of Ihe program which is designed to give sludcnts v.ho de- A T ft T.... Am Tobac:o Ar.accmla sire svxh twining,- some prepara- Beth Steel .n in \anous \ccations lo iiro- Chrysler power 11 * ° f fUU " C carni " 2 Cit;es ' Scrv ' cc ... - ... _, w , .,„,„, . ..3 of Rocky and Fred Davis of : p f'n«'on; nnd oita biother, W. T. T/ic new ordinance pla"cd a $353 mmlslrfllc r for the Labor Uopart- and ears having been scared by ' ea.7hvll.lj. v.-ho will he In clm^ o: Kew ? on Highlands, Mass m - Dt - Mr. Jacob; charged the Uie flames ns he mnilr- twn irii« weal at tbn Inltn TWt n ^.,,< ,,,m —— : Lonoke County Land Is L«a2$ To FSA LITTLE RO3K, Feb. 7. (UP)— Leasing of 1,030 acres of far.u land In Lonolie county for live years to provide homes for 50 lo'v income -farm families was .. nn- The acreage, camprisin^ tso •">' nit.- wamro <uiu iiiairsirtes cciuca- u ^ ^-..>^, "•-« v*> un±.;\.mt.u*. 01 $;;<;yj,j IQ siOrOjj in— —.*»*- ,.,,1-., v^^i^wi.-! At, —..... ..i..i; uunii.ij, 111,10 mix n c<?iu -int-.iu ijjis, ior scverji ycars been 93i lional guidance program recently - s - rvccl at 10 c'clDck Ulo vialatltn wculj ba •;nolc"t to - fin-- 3 )y VW\ n X raiploye; less tlian which has made her c.-ndltlon 'he Ip.rgp^t county group In Hie 35! insiitiilej at the high school here mc:nli::: - not to exceed <ioub:e ch» amount Su ccnts "»''oar aiv.l workin-j them more serious. stats liavlns; l)r.T4wl approximately as2 was guest speaker at today's meet- ,/, i • ' f lhc l ; 'e»se fnr ca<-h d iv of o,)- * ' mn 44 hours a '• v=c ' k - le '''"*'* wns lcss seriously 'WO members In 1D39. ing of the Kiwanis C'ub al the OiOCk P}'i(-°<} ' cratlcn withcut payni»rt of i'v tax ""owing a brlct hearing, Ju:lge burned but her face nnd hands — jjj Hotel Noble. "-<-o \ - •• Trimble directed (he company to n fe still bandaeed. Lions 1 L:;dics Will Be Guests Feb. 20 170 7-3 90 1-8 27 3-4 73 1-1 82 3-1 "Ladies' Night", an annual event 41-3 if Ihe Lions club, will he held 120 ; Tucsdny night, Trimble directed (he company to n fe still bandaeed. l |:ay employes not hss tlun 30 ccnli The Cole family, which had ' an hour to October 2$, 1930 and not opened a general merchandise Ics, than 40 cenls an hour afUr £lor e there oiily a monlh ago, losl Ihat date. , everything they had with even their ntglu clothes burned from their bodies and their money dc- Ycalh Is Returned To Industrial School EAST ST. LOUIS, 111, Peb 7 <UP)—Hogs: 11000-9000 on sale. Top 5.50 170-230 Ibs., 5.M-5.43 MO-160 Ibs,, 3.25-450 mg the year and 17 births. Thc ftttc'cbakcr . replacements consisted of luu? standard. Oil boys born and eight girls those In Texas Corp . uirn including one .501 of" tens. : u s Steel 4S 1'4 • Tlilrty lour members were pros- 58 3-8 ,ent for the meeting. | a j «JQ,J the IOM of the 30-year-old build- PInneliler heifers 6.25-11.50 Thomas Land. Co.,. Bcejf cows 6.2o-8.!o 9.03 n ' C<!lml to c118 fOUttil of the COttOl PUs a cash renisi his latest crime which occurred ten _ _ The youth obtained his loot' WEATHER v,'hen he searchrd the pockets of .' : '.', the Western Mississippi County Arkansas— Partly clottdy, wonner resident after ha fell unconscious Icnl'ht. Thiiralny cloudy, in front of the Greyhcund bus Memphis end vicinity— Partly station late one.night. cloudy and slightly warmer.,' to- I Cuttwg & low cutters 3.73-1,73 et t. Ke was getting in a taxi for a nijht, lowest temparatwe 33 to trip to St. Louis! when apprehend- 40; Thursday most!/ clcuriy n:,d soihEwhat warmer.

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