Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 6, 1974 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1974
Page 5
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Ciudad Acuna Sets Mass Typhoid Shot mm WORLD OIL RIO (TIXAJ) NIWJ HERALD. Thundiy, June 6. W4-6A CIUDAD ACUNA, Mexico-Medical officiate hen have announced a maaalve campaign to Immunize tome 29,000 local and Jimenez residents against typhoid fever. Officials said the action Is being taken in the neighboring town because several cases have been confirmed here during the past few weeks. Authorities Mid the campaign would get underway June 10 through June 20 and again on July 8 through 12 to prevent an epidemic. Typhoid fever has been reported in the two towns in Uvolde Pot Case Upheld AUSTIN-The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Wednesday upheld the conviction of Enrique Canales found guilty of selling marijuana in Uvalde. Canales was sentenced to serve five yean in the Texas Department of Corrections for sale of marijuana to an undercover agent from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Canales claimed entrapment, saying the agent had given him the money and told him where to buy the weed. The high court, however, said District Judge Ross Doughtery had properly charged the jury on the entrapment question and that the jury had found the charge non-existent. OytencefedeQxa For Friday. June 7,1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Luck will play a behind-the- scenes role in helping you with something you're presently going alter. Don't bank on it completely TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You're better able to cope with groups today than you were yesterday because of your more expansive outlook. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) It won't be difficult for you to have a favor granted, particularly if what you're asking is wanted for unselfish reasons. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You will think things out more thoroughly today and look at both sides of the coin. It would be wise to stick with conclusions you now draw. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Be more secretive about a project you're involved with. There's a special benefit to you that others aren't aware of. VIROO (Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) You're at your best today in a light, fun-type atmosphere, mixing with others socially. Hope there's a luncheon or dinner party on your calendar. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Down deep you're a very nice person. You're going to chalk up points with others by putting their interests before yours SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Large issues that stymie associates can be handled by you with ease and assurance Take over rather than let another fumble around. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- D«c. 21) You'll be lucky with material things today if you deal in areas where your basic needs are concerned You could even pick up a special bargain. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) When you see others smiling back at you and treating you with special consideration, it's due to the warmth you project today AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F»b, 19) You won't have to be overly aggressive to satisfy your self-interests. In fact, it would behoove you to step back a little PISCES (Fab. 20-March 20) Without your being aware of it, your actions are exerting a positive influence over several friends Keep giving them something to admire your brthdoy June 7, 1974 Large strides that will lift your standing in the eyes of others will be made this year Career advancement is likely lor you POUR HOUSE 1S2S Ave. f •croat from Civic Cwrtar Art pint* ft paint Mon-Wad-Fri ft tat Open 2 • I p.m. Tu« ft Thurs Open 2 10p.m. Statuary, teomor piece*, novelty itemi frt* iivtruction 1966,1967, 1972 and 1974. and that the campaign Is Official* said the situation Is merely a precaution to prevent presently well under control an outbreak. OH BUS THIS Tf/Mff Walking Man Back From California More than two years ago Chester Robertson set out to walk to California from Del Rio and today he was back—this time on a paid vacation. Robertson said he started walkinj here Feb. 20, 1972 and 39 days later he was in California. "As I walked along, people E re me money to buy food," said here this morning. "Then when I'd get to cafes and restaurants they would feed me free and I wound up in California with $1,800," Robertson related. "I got a good job and I've High School Summer School Enrolls 135 Summer school registration ended Wednesday at the Del Rio High School with an enrollment list of 135 students for the summer program Counselor Landon Boston said that the average enrollment is around 150. Boston was pleased with the overall turnout because very few students had registered until the final registration day. Daniel Boone III Reported Missing Daniel Boone HI is missing, reportedly a dognapping victim. And according to police, the owner of the nine-month-old German shepherd, J.T. Rand of Del Rio Mobile Home Village, is offering a $50 reward for its return. Rand reported the dog missing early today after a service station attendant at the Fina Service Station on U.S. Highway 90 West, told him a man had come by the station shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday and taken the dog. He said the man drove up and asked who the dog belonged to and proclaimed new ownership when he got a negative reply. been working steady ever since. I am now on a paid three-week vacation,"he said. This time Robertson was riding a commercial bus and left early this morning for San Antonio. "I live in Los Angeles and I like it just fine out there," the former walker stated. C 1974 by «A loc "Because / have no bumper sf/cfcers does rtof necessarily mean / nave nothing to say!" City Drivers Moke Garage Business Smashing Success Del Rioans continued to contribute thousands of dollars to the wrecking-body shop industry during May as police Livestock FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP)-Cattle-calves 200; limited sales slaughter cows, feeder cattle and calves steady; others untested; cows utility 24.25-26.60; cutter 23.00-25.75; few canner 20.40-22.75. Feeders few rood 400-550 Ib steers 26.00-29.25; few good 400-600 Ib heifers 25.00-27.00; few standard 450-600 ibs bulls 24.00-26.75. Hogs 100; untested. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III CAP)- Hogs 6,500; butch* ere 75-1.00 loner; sows steady to50 lower; 1*3200*220 Ib butch* ers26.00-26.25j220-2401bs25.50 26.25; 1*3 300400 Ib sows 19.0019.75; 400-800 Ibs 18.50*19.25. Cattle 700; cows about steady; few choice 9004100 Ib slaughter steers 37.50; good, choice 36.00*37.00; good 32.00* 35.00; good 750*900 Ib slaughter heifers 32.0035.00; commercial cows 24.00*26,00; utility 25.0028,00;cutter 23.00*25. OOjcanner 20.00*23.00;bulls 1,100-1,500 Ibs 32.00*34.00. Sheep 150; spring slaughter Iambs fully steady to 50 higher; choice, prime 80*100 Ib spring slaughter lambs 47.0047.50; utility, commercial slaughter ewes 6.00*12.00, investigated the highest known number of traffic accidents for one month, according to Don Ellis, traffic safety co-ordinator. There is no known dollar figure, says Ellis, but a conservative estimate of about $150 per accident, shows Dei Rio drivers have incurred expenses totaling more than $100,000 to date. Ellis reported police investigated 90 accidents which resulted in 16 injuries during this past month. This figure is 20 over the same period in 1973, and tops the highest one-month total of 86 which was recorded in December of last year. May's total brings the year's total ot 358 mishaps, 75 injuries and one death. Pointing out that the accident per day and injury per accident rate have increased over 1973, Ellis said, "If the rate remains constant, we will probably have a record 864 accidents in 1974 with a record 180 injuries and two more fatalities." Ellis has recorded 156 traffic death free days on city streets to date. El Paso Charros Coming to Del Rio The Del Rip Charro Association held its regular meeting Wednesday at Lienzo Cuarto Palmas. Rene Amezcua Sr., president of the organization, said that the Del Rio Charro Association would be competing with Association de Charros Emiliano Zapata from El Paso at a regular charreada on Sunday, June 30. This will be the charros first local appearance for this year. The members also voted to have the El Paso association as guests Saturday, June 29, for a dance to be held at the lienzo to welcome these charros and their queen to Del Rio. JTTTlal nil! CINEMA PlAZ NOW SHOWING Features at 7:15 & 9:15 Hospital Reports VAL VERDE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED WEDNESDAY: Hilda Rabago, Roberto Rivero, Anne Kronenberg, Juanita Jaso, Richard Jaso, Victoria Jaso, Victoria Pena, Kasey Hall, Tomasa Garcia, Hermelinda Garza, Dolores Abrego, Jesus Gonzalez. DISCHARGED WEDNESDAY: Jose Reyes, Arlene Schreiber, Juanita A vila, Amelia Cardenas, Vanessa Lee, Guadalupe Paredes, Maria Rodriguez, Sophia Barrera, Guadalupe Morgan. FREE FILM You'll get * FREE roll of film with every roll of print film developed & printed through our store. FAST SERVICE TOO!! PHARMACY Where Margaret Runs into Marylou Buana Vista 776-1777 ["Various people have l>een screwing up my name. J t s a swell name. It belonged to a bartender, a minister, a classics scholar, and a burlesque queen. It's Conroy notConrack, but if you want! to call me that, go ahead. I'm beginning to like the sound of it!' ^m^fm^f^^*^^^*^ ft/ QO NOW SHOWING OPENS 7:30 MW» »oc«»t 77t-4l4t Fttturf it Ou»k HELUUPSDE DOWN JONVOM5HT !ONRACK' line l.,u,Mulrt,,,r ||r-.'..n ,-', „ PAUL WINFliELD HUME CRONYN Directed b< MARTIN BIT! P,o0,,r.ea 0, WAR'iN Rut ,,, a HARHIE I IHANH ,U Sc'eenpij,D,l«VINC.RiVVETCHin»HHi[i fHif.n jh flj.,,,,!,,. !,. t . wy ,, ',..A.,',-. /,. Mui-c JOHHAHLI4MS MN«vi'ON CCi^K Br'J( L jIE <j, H "THE EXORCIST IS COMING JUNE 19' Texas High Court Ruling Returns XERF Case Here AUSTIN The Texas Supreme Court Wednesday upheld a lower court's derision to allow William G. Bum* to return to 63rd Judicial District Court to attempt to recover $40.000 from radio station XERF In Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. Bums and Roloff Inc. signed a contract with the broadcasting facility in June 1957 for $100,000 for two fifteen-minute periods of broadcast time dally on the Mexican station. The contract signed by the late Ramon Bosquez and Arturo Gonzalez, representing the station, provided Bums radio time as long as the franchise remained in force, however, after June 16, 1962, with some exceptions, the broadcast peridos were not made available to Rums. In November of that same year Bosquez executed a promissory note for $40,000 to Bums to pay for lost revenues he would have made from the radio time. That note was payable Nov. 28, 1964. Since XERF is currently operating the appeals court said it was unlikely the broadcast periods would be made available, so the note was intended to compensate Bums for profits he would have realized during that two year period. The Val Verde County district court had turned down Burns' suit ruling that he take nothing from the station because of a 1963 contract. The Del Rio court said the 1963 contract superceded the original document and had earlier ruled that Bums take nothing on it. MNMSK»' Robert Rtdford Gcorf • $•§•! NOW SHOWING OPENS 2:46 The appeals court ruled that the trial errrd because of the trial court findings that Rums' rights under the 1957 contract had been extinguished by the 1963 contract. The trial court, the appeals court Mid, had resolved none of the raised by Hums' claim under thr agreement. That court al*o Mid there wa» no consideration to support the 1983 contract, therefore It was not binding and did not extinguish the 1967 contract DEATHS Funeral Rites Held For Joe R. Aguilor Funeral services for Joe Raymond Aguilar, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Aguilar of Brackettville, were to be held today at 5 p.m. in that city. Rites will be held In St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church with burial in the cemetery in Brackettville under the direction of Don's Funeral Chapels of Del Rio The boy died Monday morning in the Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio. Survivors include the child's parents, who have another child and who reside in Brackettville. will b« CLOSED FOR VACATION JUNE 3 thru JUNE 16 $•• You When We Return! WOAI-TV 4-NBC KENS-TV 5-CBS KSIT-TV 2-ABC KWEX-TV 6-INB ALLPROGRAMS TLJIIBCINAV SUBJECT TO CHANGE 1 MUK^UAY WITHOUT NOTICE ^ 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 •••M 11 12 99Sd 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 (ft 6 ^ — - 00 Andy Griffiths ' 15 Gilllgans 30 Island 00 Beverly 15 Hillbillies 30 NBC News 00 TV-4 Big News 15 30 °j? Billy Graham iX Arizona Crusade 30 " 00 Ironside 15 30 °0 Dean Martin's 15 Comedy World 00 TV-4 Big News 15 30Tonight Show •••••••••"•••••••^• | 00 15 30 00 Tomorrow 15 30 ^•S99!^B99BEBB Capt Gus 1 Star Trek Eyewitness News »i CBS Eve. News Truth or Conse- 1 quences 1 l1 30 Minutes" | The Waltons • I It Thursday iVite Movie n i» Eyewitness News CBS Late Movie If »t »» Mod Squad tt »» Evening News Dragnet Newswatch » To Tell the Truth Chopper One Fire house Kung Fu »l Streets of San Francisco i* Newswatch Mission Impossible It ABC Wide World Special 1 ;: " 1 ** HS^^^^^^^^^L^L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^EII^HHB^BI FRIDAY 00 1 15 iDennis the Menace 45 Adelante t {Comedy Caper* 00 Today. 1 News 25 TV 4 Big News 1 30 Today Show f noon 00 26 Big News 00 Dinah's Place 15 30 Jeopardy OOWizard of Odda 15 " 30 Holly wood Square* 00 Jackpot 30 TV-4 Big News 00 Somerset 16 30*3 on a Match 00 Days of UVM 16 |0 The Doctor* 00 Another W«rtd 16 How to survive 30 a Marriage ,00-Bonr*- » " . [ Capt Kangaroo I ** Gomer Pyle » Gambit Now You See It Love of Life Young ti the Rastleas Search News Our Town As the World Guidlnf Light Edge of Night Price is Right n Naur Match Gam« TattletalM ti Capt Gus 00 "Andy Griffith 1 Lost in Space 4l6GUUpn's 1 30 iSftnd 1 OO'lUwrty It HUIwft-4 10 PBC few* 00 Big Newi „ 16 " 30 f EyewitnMa Newt CBS Eveting Ntwl Truth or Con- V «enc«i » is Rigfct Classroom Seven Morning News Newswatch News Zoo Morning Movie Concentration t> Brady Bunch Password it Split Second All My Children Let's Make a Deal Newlywed Game Girl in My Life G«n Hospital (JMUfttoUw The Munslf rs », The Flintstones Mod Squad 11 ABC Evening New. Dragnet Report To T*ll Truth Cantos y Risas » En San Antonio ft f t. El Ciego El Honorable Senor Valde/. Nochcs Tapatlas El Juicio »» Mi Primer Amor La Pellcula de la Noche » Reporter 41 Sign Off Canto* It Riaa* it Ea San Aatoaio ; 1 |KIC,egu 1

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