The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1940
Page 6
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, PAGE SIX Today's Sport Parade find Hilly jurgc; nt sho ,, kt ( no lufleid flxtiir"- >•- .--••'.- IJIIBO will be ft (ill By tlENT.V l.OS ANOEI.ES, I-Vb. Ij - | The Inn tornado, (lie 1 rcpin bo n Kentucky liin-biiiy ... re- lers to his. art ns scuffling. . FRAtl) MCillTS WILL OO OUT, 0 ''' C ' A1(Iil «S A l.ANTKUN mid 1 " e " 2t ' Wagering Four Chilean Won't 15 Rounds One Full the homicidal luimincriT litistlin 1 hurricane, whom, own Inimitable way. I cull Henry Ainistrong. may very well wind up IH'litinj: Joe Louis ior the hravy- Arnj^tjou^ first tvoti the fo:il?t- vruvtglii, liile. He tiii'ii undccl ;t pork chop mid a swomJ helping <,l Jiy JACK Ci:i)!)V Uciittil Trtss Slat! Ci>rj6.sin NEW YOHK, Keb. fl. — AMuro! hominy s>ii!s to Jils m'Dlni; mr. Godoy, the Chilean challenger, {"I'd «'«u uiil unri won the )k-h,- vr , r v .•..o,,].,,completes tralmn? today for his weight title. Squaring his should- :,,.',„ '•,,,:..'. „' . heavyweight title shot i,l Cham- H-rs-hp Mailed taking double uor- „','•., n my 71 r" n • • • ** Hemy/-CKC bivcn Permission lo Make Deal;'Burgess Fu- lure Uncertain pion Joe Louis Ihe wagering 4 10 i" ilm ,.„ doesn't lust Ike full is rounds. Bui Joe (Yusst'MIie-MuscIei j :i . cobs, iiumiser of Heir Max Schmi-l- Jng and Si<jnor Tony Oiilemo. says, "Them odds Is screwy. Godoy will lasi the distance nil right. Anil I'm grabbin' off some of thai 4-10-1 sugar." ViKsel-tlie-Mnsclc speaks Vl itu authority. He piloted Schmeling :!irfO ** r '•• Jtlillf /ftllvO'S VVJU us of everything and it wasn't fj KlIri . .„ ,>,'., ..,.,. H> hMnro >>r. linrl t:, t,. l "hull HI M".l I'.y I'Alil, S<:ili:!Tt;i,S Uniltil frias SUil Coirc»iio»4ti>l 'E\V YORK, l-Yb. IK—TWO () f ] :IS | •:uilar plujcrs—First I);\st'- ini and .Second Huw- •I—do 1:01 o-ntertaminf. tricks, is chief Clitwehki, the mrin^n^n^S'tr 1 ^'" '7 1 ; ChlCf S ""' ta '" "* of Ills ulichl m s t .,n "•'-::•»•; ami transforms himself into a l m - Artmo^^SbMoreheh^fo^iuUr/nnu "ft" "' "'« ^ y °'* <»»»«'| . Tve ' '^^ , >•»>» fountain by filling his mouth won, ,he welterweight campion- S^'™' *« »'" ^rry , j „* lai; , , ^ J,^-,' J^*£ «* ««„ b,o,m* the -"•"]'- '['.n •r-ip ...1,,, .._( . . . i -.III r.1.1 .f I'lil 1V 111 lilt* HPIi'nii ' ')) ' lull * ii,o .... i.. ,,.„,,.....: .' ol >. '••''" I' 1 Hie slimmer, iho chief, upon Stanley Stasfak oould stir un a 1 crowd qulcto- (],„„ Blly O ' th bone bender, Smnmy Cohen, from I the sidewalks of New York, is -i i coining canvas villain. ' j I Aclam Welwrnnllflr, .1 Detroit' ptomoler, EO),I to California for a ' -/ajjancse and jot a Kurd, which Ls how squatty AH Haba hapm.,,^ p Kfim some kind nf :< claim to the htavywciijht diniiiplonslilix Ali liuoa, K0 !„„»!) thtll , i sleeps on the floor, was an inslan- tancons hit with his maroon : ex llowlnu musliiehe, glowering eye,' courtly bow, caullllower tars end bare- feet. Wrestlers mi-ht as well Iwire' their hammer., and locks in |, ;u j. •, ware ,store.s. 'Oie show's IKCII the tiling for •;ome time. B , Spring Clothesl t SHI,; * ' i «'««*»*•. ! "licH.)./ (7ik. i, n '••"«•«* * 1 "" <«l'il<i .Into Hie air. h t^«;.F«^^^ S'c,r i^V^r^ T * <>" '- - ,,°;ii r:rii:^-', !-- - ST^'r „!£ i, noted lor i,i» .onu vision mu, l d^oM^mt/;^^,!'!,':'^.''! * Ynr ^~ A V, _" i Mi?.,!^, |) ±! e '",. 0 ' what to and Gnteilo through tliclr ,„„-,.• Ilirllllng biildc.s ivllh Chuuiplon. Lours. Schmelliij! fought the brown l' ! "'ls, SS-r^-^^-X'S.S-lsrEi' THE PAYOFF - , a tier that bom. Am.slvony. ' , nk an Alexnmler In llghls, will ie di".'fc;loii about i cinve now woilds (o conquer ni'.d. (!i)Il not divided lino ihrec •—., .J^.IJJLI. 1411 j luugiu L:IU urowii i t v "* *"">i slut t cj'pitig t IKJ tiylit- bomber twice, kno.-klng him out I >ieliyiveiglit tille of Hilly Conn and the first time and geiilnt; ksyoccl I " ll> Iwnvj'ivflglu robes of Louis. -I-IIP ' on , oll> ,,,i i . ' ' ,„' » i cUll « !>!>d , himself the second lime, Oiilentj I Hldk-uloiwy I'eriiiips, but n study interest in Donna who hit .:iai in las Bumrs hist year but wns put on the block at the dc:;e of l.-ist nlmost belted out Bomber Jje J«s( summer. Moreover Yussel, who Is no relative of Promoter Mike Jacobs, nlio piloted Oolento through two primitive brawls with challenger Oodoy. Galento lost both those 1837 bom;. at New York and Chicago. Hence the authoritative tones in Yussel's voice as he discusses Friday night's liUcrnntioirol conllicl at Madison Square Garden. Jacobs says. "Godoy will last the distance just like Tommy Pan- did and for (lie same reason. I/nils uln'l takhi' nny clmnces on bustin' them mlllio:i-dollor mitts, He'll be siuts- Iled to try lo outpoint Arty, when he finds that Arty Is n dangerous target." Yussel emphasizes Hint Oodoy Is a rugged, invkwiml mittiier wiio fights low, willi the bob and weave Because of style Arluro h "nil elbows and head." it's most difficult t-o (jet a good shot nt the Chilean's chin. And take it from Oalenlo. that chin Is 'just like granite, even' if you do connect. Gnlcnto's left hook, which sprawled Louis on the canvns, never fazed Codoy during their )5 rounds of brawling, In C5 professional bouts the South American never hns been ou the floor. "In other wolds," says Jacobs. of the record bocks n-lll revonl In which Iremendous • «ujn:i puci* 113H1 UK L? 1 *^Si'.mveoffU' son, The Hilna lo ink , waiver price By HARRY MKA .Service Sport* E,(|(o r NEW YOHK. Feb. 5,-The c-lin, wa, o [t!o with straw hal.<; when summer has run It.s ( Niuijo Sing!,, the Jlliidu, Iraliis R'Hh a slant python and kneels . . ,- biuu,css HOI 1,1'in-f what It especially m Enrops. brand-new freak In In by fighters. I haven't a record book I iit hand to study, but my memory never fulled me yct—excepl in *-' v -^" » uiiiiiu-JH-w ireaK in '• Senators are a 216-pom«li'r with ",, - -ic $7.500 - n:lel|ilii:i ish mid one luugh. "The An t head i a horse" and marks of .. . on top of It lo pio\e' lie cases where I to remember but Teny insisted thai I -rue Angel" u so Domini," "'•" 7'' l !,' n0 I. C .,. (bn ," *e «"". «P ™,;t approach ,he n ! Wnlvcr Ilrlce to htl " cve " something—nnd I'll trust 11. Btrlcbling couldnt have \.^. b ..^ 1 , more than 175 when he foughl ; on "After all. lf " l10 Giants' |jeu;li.' If our rookie firsl Cinnera In Paris and Camera at the lime was tnly slightly smaller H lefiigcrnlor car. 'Dem Babe Young doesn't, hit to brwk up lits 'riots. The whiskers dodge being pict- ty well played out, "The Angel" no doubt sonifies tt grotesque en It lakes Ihe giiipplers ta b m» out odditii ' left-liimdMl pitching ns well .,„ „, think he can." Terry said, "we'll , have lo put Donina in there. Even gave all of sixty"p'ouiuis'to' Wiiiard \ JL""!.'! 8 . '!' e ?!'' y W ' BJ ' *" 1KC '"'». | D«hydcrms are'pi'pphw nnd earn Langfor-l weighed only A,?,'' 1 ^°'' U , 1 "!° rc ""'" * 7 ' 590 -" £ «^' Kalmikoff, Hie Siberia l« wh«n he gave Jack Johnsnu ., Aik ? . w "> . lie . »."»'8 " won All Baba ROLL SLICKER! ENJOV *E MILDER! MS wh»n he gave Jack Johnson three kinds of fits. Jack Black. now trainer of Louis, gnve more weight away (han Rockefeller Ihe club to bent In Ihe National did dimes, <md so did Gnns and Wnlcott. And Mickey Walker wiiKn'l sparing with the poundage when lie ft light Max Seliindlng. And i ;,„,„„ what did Joe VValcoll, 11 welter.' '- HHM " exl , •*'•"?"• Trrr > r ••«""•• The Cards will be the toiij.he.rt Some- of tho'c unities adomed < °" n ("'"Ver rug as he awails Ihe ' " ions;. , f-viiz Kley is a human pretzel tlie cleverest of mat con- _ ---------- _.-, n._ 1JIUH 1 III gorilla with the bear 11113; was. the tain bean club In the league—tougher tliini Ihe Reds, I'm not coiiccdlnq: nn' licninnt lo anyone. 1 don't like lo Dick nny learn lo win the pennnnt Mlckcy - ,, ll ls ll>e t!la ' Us nlul tllis ',L td °"' t . k " ow '" ", Wltok nl wcoml basc . "Godoy Is a lot harder lu nail thai] the chnmu. and lie takes punches a lot better. Galenic hit him so hnrct nt Chlc.iso that Tony busted ills right paw, but iicthln' happened. - This Godoy ,is rough and lougli. He moves fast, for a big guy, HE'S got the endurance to keep bobbin' and weavin' for 15 ronn's. And—he's got a great left hook, himself. He's a hungry fighter, too, a guy that nocils money. Hungry fighters are ' dangerous, desperate and determined. They're hard to discourage. Watch what I'm tellin' yul\. Godby'll ,gtve Louis n vron'gh evening."i. Jacobs, would 'not predict that Goiioy i'wjll beat. Louis, but he' Is positive (he challenger will'eo'the dlstancf.! f . .- - •' .; J{.earjw)iile tire, .chainpion .was .'.laied to box today anil (omor'row at hisfPompton Lakes. N. J.. camp ' Tills iylll .compJetc: the bomber's training-. He .expects to scale about 201 ijptmds, about! two less than 1 Godoy; jvho -Is coiiditioniiu a mil, N. J. • § - :/ :: !'. ... ''• irikey Avenges Mat Loss Joo's victims had were directions ns to how to reach Ihe place of slaughter nnd the time It was to come olf. Armstrong started work for Garcia yesterday. He did his first w:rk in a downtown gymnasium, but will retire to a mountain fastness as soon as his manager. Eddie Mead, arrives. Mead was due here two or three do to Joe Choyinskl, n heavyweight' good enough to lick Johnspn? Nothing, except knock him stiller than a plate of aspic. Aimsiraig will probably weigh in at around MO for his fight with Garcia on the 22ml. In his lastj right, which snw him flatten Pedro I Montana* in nine rounds, Henry was the heaviest of his career, 130-r,. some of those at the ring- tide snid It was the best fight To light Conn for the lighthoavywelghl tide Armstrong probably could - •'"•'•' "&" work np .[.j 1.15. which would make L"' 1 P™ K1 !''S' slopped ^oir In Chi- lu'm igive. uway 30 pounds, I'm not faying,he could lick (he.Pittsburgh profile, but it wouldn't be n sham- cles. No one would have to inform Conn afler It was nil over that he Iiart been in n fight. A.s for Louis, that would he something else. Jce would walk In nnd start punching and any customer held up ,,t tt, c turnstiles fcr n second or two would miss the finish. H would be that quick. But don'l ever let anyone tell you that an Armstrong-Lmiis mutch would ue any more one-sided than some cf the fights Louis has had with retired tire vulcnnl/ers,' tired Inxl- dermtsls turned fighler for n nighl or anlmnled hatmcks with a leaning icwnrd self sacrifice. Louis knocked them out, jusl as quickly and easily ns he ever would Annstrong. P.erhnps a little bit more quickly and more easily. Henry Is lit lerist game nud siuali' enough to offer a ; poor target. All some cf Charles Sinkey reaped revenge on Del Raines. Iho New Yorker who defeated him a week ago winning the two final falls in t!ielr malch nt Ihe legion are;ia last night. Both wrestlers employed the same hold, the front crotch and body slam, in scoring their falls, , Raines winning the first in 25 mln- wles and Sinkey capturing the sec- owl and Ihird in four and nine minutes, respectively. In a preliminary Floyd Byrd was awarded the match over Joe Welch who substituted for Benny Bolt Ihe match was awarded Byrd when ™. on( ; hc »"- "me limit expired «nn only one fall being decided Byrd had won the first in 35 minutes with front --,1-h The fans also saw a special act by 'Greaseball. the Wonder Ltoj" Cobb Funeral Home Bowler^ Win Easily In an orgy of maple-smashing cobbs women bowlers cru.slied i game but oulclnssed Klrby Drue sextet by over 1000 p ms . st t ti ,, B ° new league record, in last nlelit : « game at the Plamor alleys ' Ethel Oliver of Cobb ran away with individual honors with a single game high of 247 and a fcur game average of 209. can- tain Sena Trumblc led Kirbv with an average of 169. " i Tonlghf two undefeated men's i teams, the Sinclair Oilers and the National Guardsmen of Company M, lock horns, with the winner standing a good chance to come i out on tcp at the end of the race. 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