The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on April 10, 1946 · Page 13
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 13

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1946
Page 13
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Wednesday, April 10, 1918 TI1K CINCINNATI ENQUIRER is producing and starring a farce Amber's Gowns Okayed By Johnston Office he wrote himself "Fifty-Fifty." BY LOUELLA O. PARSONS, Critics called it the best laugh of Rene Hubert created for Peggy Cummins in "Forever Amber." The United States Government owed one of his ancestor. money which by compound interest has increased Hollywood, April 8 (INS) While Alexander Korda was In Hollywood test ran for almost an hour. No wonder Peggy lost eight pounds Strong-Arm Comic Paves Way For Yank Invasion Of Britain BY ROBERT MUSEL. London, April 9 (UP) A friendly postwar invasion of British show business by American stage and screen stars is underway, and Comedian Harry Green, who made the first landing unassisted, has conquered everybody in the west end, from belted earls in orchestra Beats to peak-capped cockneys dropping matches from the gallery. so that the government owes him and had to go to bed for two days, more than there is in the United .. he signed a contract with Paillette Goddard to go to England In the spring of 1947 to star in "The Babyons," by Clemence Cane. At the same time he engaged Anthony Trying on that many clothes, much less being photographed in them, would wear anyone down. The the season and thus unwittingly saved British gamblers from ruin. It is easy, after squeezing through a throng in hi. dressing room, to see why Green is so popular with the British, who rightly enough regard him an "original," meaninf "slightly unique." "Telepathy," said Green airily. States Treasury. Johnston office passed all of the Veiller to adapt the story. I can hear you all saying, "That's a wfcole SNAPSHOTS of Hollywood col costumes, so the $40,000 the clothes ureen s arrival two months ago lected at random: Red Bkelton goes cost is not a loss. Once the highest-paid comic in Hollywood at $5,000 a week, Green 1 a jfr - year away, and many things can . happen in a year." into Mayo clinio after he finishes signalled the reopening of the big trans-Atlantio exchange season, and his success, socially as well his current picture, for a check-up. I DOLORES MORAN was tested MOTION PICTURE DIRECTORY. Zazu Pltts's pretty daughter. Ann for the role of Lady Castlemain, Well, if you know Goddard like I know Goddard, she isn't waiting a as professionally, bodes well for Gallery, came to see her on the next in importance to that of Am the impending trips of Ray Mil- Warner lot and they are now mak V. ber, and it seems more than likely she will be borrowed from Ben ing a test of her; Van Johnson land, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and half a dozen other American screen luminaries. posed with a new car for exploita Bogeaus. tion for a motor company. Did he get the car? He did not! An impor In return, Britain is sending its JOAN DAVIS and Eddie Cantor have been booked for "Poor Man, tant executive stepped in and the car was delivered to him; Mark Stevens is in a San'i Monica Hos celebrated "Old Vic" theater troupe, including Laurence Olivier, who will be accompanied by his wife, Vivien Leigh, and film performers Rich Man" on the RKO lot and Executive Producer' Jack Gross has engaged Warren Wilson to write pital for treatment of spinal whole year to cinch a deal that appeals to her so strongly. She's leaving next month for London to make - tests and to sign the contract in "London that was signed in Holly- -wood. With Cary Grant and Paulette ' Goddard signed, Korda did himself . a. good day's work while he was in Hollywood. He also tried to get - Joan Fontaine to star in "The King's General," which would be perfect for her, but Joan had too -many other assignments. That's .the Daphne Du Maurier book. What a wonderful picture that will make. - Kiyllls Calvert and Ann Todd to the story. Eddie will do the pro trouble; Mona Maris and Seymour e&Ktt s7 ) Chotiner have discovered each other ducing at RKO. He always pro follow Peggy Cummins (now filming "Forever Amber") to and were celebrating at Mike duces his own operas. The idea is a funny one. Cantor discovers the Lyman's. The United States couldn't have chosen a better first emissary than Green, whose dressing room is a magnet for very important personages in and out of the peerage. SHOW MIRROR 7 by E. B. Radcliffe Hf The Enquirtr's Theattr Editor I REALLY NEVER believed that Myrna Lov and William Powell MOTION PICTURE DIRECTORY. "would do another "Thin Man" mys tery thriller, even though when Myrna left MGM, she said she would comeback if they had a good enough story. Well, she is coming BASCOMB REACHES FOR SKY In the title role of "Bad Bascomb" (Albee, today), Wallace Opera To The Rescue And Vice Versa. Beery finds himself Margaret O'Brien's victim in a holdup. The St. Mary's (Lake) Culture, Chowder and Marching Society held showing of the current film, its first postwar meeting the other night. Before turning to discussion back with Bill for "The Song of the Thin Man," a murder with a radio . background. "The Thin Man" continues on the air, and like any thriller of this type, has an audience. Of course, Bill won't be free for months. He Preview Tonight "Tangier," starring Maria Montez, of duck calls, collapsible, hinged, portable blinds, how to make a two-to- Robert Paige and Sabu. Queen straight with two wild cards, and other purely aesthetic topics, One of the RKO Palace s popular features, a prevue will be held to Moviegoers will see a hilarious we gave some thought to serious music, the atom bomb, the theater, night, following the final evening's romantic comedy. movies and Good Housek e e p 1 n g tarted "Life with Father" today. poetry, wnicn lend themselves with re MOTION PICTURE DIRECTORY. ONE of the sweetest and most markable fitness to work of danc The atom bomb is something new in our preliminary discussions, al ' dignified little girls in Hollywood though the other topics always are ing artists who specialize in satire and travesty in their solos." our is Peggy Ann Garner. No matter on the agenda. However, as a result of our deliberations, we feel that speaker insisted. the cause of art has again made some progress. Some day we hope to discover whether the direction Not the least appropriate and one which a la Rose or Gypsy Rose Lee could make especially hilarious is Gllda's aria "Caro is forward or backward. ; what storm clouds gather around her private life, she never speaks of trouble and her almost mature "reserve is respected by everyone who works with her at 20th. But ". Peggy Ann is growing up so rapidly that after "Home Sweet Homicide" ,. she will say good-by to her little girl roles. She will have her first V girlish "crush'' on Lon McCallister in the George Agnew Chamberlain ANYWAY, we considered serious nome" from the opera "Rigoletto." Its staccato, mincing, five and music, as" I said before. I call it seri- ous music, because I know of no six note phrases have a tempo ideal place in Cincinnati where music has for what is called the parade, our ... story, "Scudder Hay, Scudder Ho." been more seriously considered than at the Gayety. And highly localized manifestations of the Euterpean observer reported. And if a rest is scored at the end of Initial phrases, mod in that spot were the topio of consideration in paper read by one In which coloratura vocal qualities Once these movie children step over "the border into romance they never step back again to just kid roles. THE JOHNSTON office had a prefashion show of the 42 gowns usually are displayed, the terpsl- of our members. chorean punctuation known as the ONE NEVER hears Debussy's bump is beautifully appropriate. "Clare de Lune" anymore, either, he said. And for two reasons, he point OUR READER said Be was seeking Composer Giuseppi Verdi's ed out. One: Mimi Lynne is traveling with a USO Show in the Pacific address. He (the reader, not Verdi), fig Two: the clarinet part disappeared ures if no Gayety artists can be one evening following a visit of a tempted by the allure of his com S. former Pennsylvania musician, position change, he'd like to get 1 who is not Tommy or Jimmy Dorsey and who manages the Cox Verdi's o. k. for Oscar Hild to change music and business when "Rigoletto" is sung rather than Theater. danced at the Zoo this summer. It would be sensational ' box IN OUR SOCIETY'S history, there have been many times when office, our reader believes. And the healthful exercise called for in It was our courteous custom to permit a member to read a paper terpsichorian punctuation men tioned a couple of paragraphs back while colleagues retired a respectful distance out of hearing. would be Just what's needed to givel Gilda's waistlines more romantic But this meeting wasn't such an VS- Vilt owl jC ot jj fl Mexican rhythnw'SsAl n II If 1 I '1 i . . . from the great 1 1 I If ' I Colliers thriller i OOAl ftj occasion. Xfeiwieii Thru mnammir r-'iss dimensions. In fact, we even deferred our traditional scientific examination of reaction of carbonated beverages to electrified refrigerants; Movie Timetable. 1:44, 10:40, 12:56, 3:12, 1:28. AI.BEK; this that we might hear all our 10:00. 12:41, 2:33, 4:25, 6:17,1 PALACE! 10:49, comrade had to say. b:uu, iu:im. CAPITOL: 9:50, 12:10, 2:40. 5, 7:30, 10. IT SEEMS he again has been GRAND: 10:30, 12:25, 2:20, 4:15, 6:10,1 investigating the status of music o:OS. 10. SHUBERT: 10:21, 12:18, 2:15,4:12, 6:09, in the Carnegie Hall of Vine Street. :u, iusus. He found things have come to a LYRIC: 10:21, 12:18, 2:15, 4:02, 6:11,1 b:us, iu:os. sorry come to pass. KEITH S: 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00. The classics of yesteryear have o:uu, iu:uv. MOTION PICTURE DIRECTORY. given way to such commonplace harmonies as "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" and "Temptation." "Since Rose La Rose has fallen m t -i -w V I i M w for Hollywood gold, Where's the old William Tell Overture, and what does it mean?" our society's reader IUK KKO INFOKmHTIOH Phone (H 24801 asked himself. It isn't on the music stands in the Gayety orchestra pit," he an swered. "And it does mean that there's no longer inspiration for an artiste to concentrate on an imagi nary apple perched atop the hat of the spotlight operator in the balcony," he noted. Lart Timet Toiayt "TANGIER" TONIGHT! HOLLYWOOD PREUIE17 A Hilarious Romantic Comedy! Gat beta before 9:00 P. M. ami Sea BOTH The CURRENT SHOW and The PREVIEW! IT WAS the opinion of our speak DESERT DANCER 'his would be Iris Whitneyt Azuri, the dancer, in "Desert Song," working her wiles on Wilton Clary, who has the role of Capt. Fontaine. The operetta will be presented for four per-Hformances at the Emery " beginning with tomorrow night's opener. er that this time of crisis, (when burlesque show drummers again are threatened with nervous pros X tration due to overwork) is one Alan HALE'Ecfgar BUCHANAN-AucTrGyLONG in which dancers and maestro3 with should turn to opera for salvation rnnir i.ninnu -j dip nniiTiuriiTii nnniirorni "There are more than a few arias od tUUIL LCDMUn d 11 U Hid bUllllilLlllnL UHUnCJlKA m I 1 n M . I H i li. r I II . m MOTION PICTURE DIRECTORY. jgm, wwifuj d; kdj wsw ' Baseo ipi us h rag sum d kooot urn mdnd n PHIL I. RYAN atj EDWARD H. GRIFFITH SUSAN HAYWARD BILL WILLIAMS Paul Lukas In DEADLINE AT DAWN" rh3 War Bonds STARTING TODAY! Bing . Bob CROSBY HOPE and Dorothy LAMOUR in 'ROAD TO UTOPIA' ' Extra Added Fealurette! Ian Savitt and the Delia Rhythm Beys In "Swing High, Sweet" -JJMI.'.IIIHVJ N0RDLAND Barrymore-McGuiro "A GUY COULD CHANGE" George AMERICUS rK5 .YOLANDA AND THE THIEF Plus "KLONDYKE FURY" SPIRAL STAIRCASE Musical Lateat Newt Events Tyne Added: Allan Lane 4t Jane Frazee. PIui: "TEXAS PAN-HANDLE" Chas. Starred, Tex Harding TIMIfl Norwood Continuous, 11 to 11 ANDALUS Hillary Brooke,' i. York UIIIU Musical Romance with 1a. uanuo Ann Sothern M E X I C A N A Tito Guizar Connie Moore UP GOES MAISIE Ceo. Murphy TODAY Thru SATURDAY Clark Greer Richard Dlz, "Mark of the Whistler" 1nU 3136 Reading Road. AV 13 14 MlUlt Priollla Lane-Cary Grant GABLE CARSOX 4157 Hamilton Avenue Ethel Barrymore-D. McGutre SPIRAL STAIRCASE PARK George Brent ARSENIC AND OLD LACE fA3) VENTURE' Dl hlh Norwood JEfferson 1107 rLULH Robert Donat-Deborah Kerr Reading Rd. and Dalewood D. McGnire-Ethel Barrymore SPIRAL STAIRCASE BOND George Brent ff SHUBERT ff Stampeding on an II Avalanche of Thrills II Into a Smashing JJ 2NDWEEKU (i VACATION FROM MARRIAGE "TENDER COMRADE," Ginger Rogers, Robert Ryan. Plus: "WIN-TRTIME," Sonja Henle, J. Oakle '(627 Harrison Avenue D. Andrews. B. Conte CHEVIOT Ray Mllland Barbara Brltton TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN THE SUN A WALK Oeorge Tyne nw Woodburn at Hewitt ft Gilbert nl I tm Joan Bennett-Dan Duryes Vinson0- SCARLET STREET nniue III Montgomery Rd. Unlit 111 Gate Opens 7 P. M. REOPENING ON FRIDAY Opening Night Souvenirs f Bob.?? Donat - Deborah Kerr DflCEl AlAill 7602 Reading Road nUdCLHrfn Dana Andrews A WALK IN THE SUN CLIFTON and LCDLOW Hillary Brooke-Jeff York YAUAMUN l-ROM MARRIAGE" ESPSRE Vine St. (Downtown tA"Sothern II P GOES MAISIE ROYAL -'"SNAFU"-;-- Fred Astaire-Lucille Bremer Janet Blair-Alfred Drake, 'Tars And Spars' CftraCeT 871 FOREST, AVONDALE YOLANDA AND THE THIEF Plus Sidney Toler. "Shanghai Cobra" Thursday "Confidential Agent" "Beautiful Cheat rUBChtfl D. McGulre-E. Barrymore SPIRAL STAIRCASE George Brent CIIMCCT Glenwav and Soniet Aves. SUladC I Filmed In Technicolor HOLLYWOOD fSSS LOVE LETTERS Added: Cartoon Latest News Events SETiS? WONDER MAN DOROTHY LAMOUR JON HALL "HURRICANE" PIui "Tragedy at Mldnlft" Oakley Square ME 2DSn 20TH CENTURY IMBEDIAI 282 W. McMlrken Ave. IMrCKIALjoan Bennett-Dan Duryes Box Office Open 6:30. Feature 7:30. t:45 IN BREATH-TAKING 1943IECHHIC0L0R! Joel McCREA SCARLET STREET uua Andrews-iucnara tonte-oeo. j.jno ' A WALK IN THE SUN Kdwmrd G. "BeMnsoii 4(119 EASTER 4VK STARTING :JACKS0H UnIIE 8459 VINE STREET G. Cooper, Loretta Young HUuUC AnfHa Lanihury-Ray Bolger JONES :AL0N G CAME RKO T 0 zPW Tlckets Now On Sale M li flif a ( ALnEE Box Office For H iyfl PUi KB CI uZm 1 AIL CABToo SHOW I H U LSI Vsat, AprU 27, 9 A. M. 8 TODAY! SSSSr HARVEY GIRLS UJIECT 1111 I C1SM Uueen City Ave. f 3 tml I 9 I kbd Sydney Green street MA niCntl MADISONVULE IVIAUIOUII Deanna DurMn-F. Tone Slug'hYon BECAUSE OF HIM Pamela Blake, "Why Girls Leave Home" Peter Brian DONLEVY Sonny TOFTS Barbara Br!HonFay Bainter THREE STRANGERS EXTRA ADDED! Lorre TOM and JERRY Cartoon and GRANTLAND RICE Sporllight ! MT. LOOKOUTtLrB'arrynfor: r SPIRAL STAIRCASE WESTW00D EBarryLr SSS" SPIRAL STAIRCASE MONTGOMERY PIKE

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