The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1965 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1965
Page 4
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4-Ala«na, (la.) Upper D»« Moine* Tuesday, December 14, 1965 John Arndorfer has loaned me such an Interesting letter from his daughter who Is overseas with her husband Lt. Col. Gordon Loebig of the 86th Tactical hospital. I am quoting in part, "We took a five-day trip to Berlin last week. We went to Berlin on what is called a sealed military train. This train is operated by our military and though it is stopped at various check-points through East Germany and East Berlin no one is allowed to get on or off until it arrives in West Berlin. It is really a pretty grim trip because each time the train stops, two American soldiers pitftt lip and down on either side of the train and just a few feet from them are Russian soldiers doing the same thing. All of them are armed with Tommy guns - ours, too. But the really terrible part of it all is the wall. I've seen dozens of pictures of it, but you just can't imagine how awful it really is until you see it. We took a 3 1/2 hour tour of East Berlin and it is so sad to see the complete contrast from West Berlin and the rest of Germany. West Berlin itself is such a beautiful city and there are very few traces DIAMOND'S BONUS JACKET SPECIAL MEN'S PARKAS Zip-off Hood — Reg. 112.95 Value 16 ot. wool Insulated lining, M-46 $Q99 9 Parka as pictured has insulated quilted lining and orlon fur hood that splits to make fur collar or hood. 38to50's , V V I V-' V N h. Under our home loan plan, every month sees you that much nearer outright ownership of your home. It is a convenient, economical plan. For buying or building a house — for refinancing — you will find the right loan here. 0 HADUY ADVERTISING. I*. 1 E. STATE STREET • ALGONA • TiJL 295-2487 of the war that almost flattened it. But there is still a lot of rubble and bombed out places in East Berlin. Then, too, the building they have done is all so drab and dreary looking. But what really gets one down is the people - the few you do see all look so old and beaten. They predict a hard winter for Germany this year and I believe it as it has started early and looks like it could keep on. Rev. and Mrs. Howard Griffin, Hanover, ni., should be given a substantial prize by each of the companies whose products they have introduced in a very clever "Story" - "Time to washupwith a little SOFT SOAP. Are you soft-soaping God? DUZ any one of you DREFT along with the TIDE? VEL, now is the time for ALL to CHEER up. If you want real JOY, the TREND is to BREEZE to church regularly on Sunday mornings. But too many WOODBURY their heads in the pillows, or work in their yards like HANDY ANDY, forgetting that the Lord's Day was made for LESTOIL. Where the Lord reigns, the DOVE will never need to send out SOS. Don't trust LUX chances by neglecting worship on Sunday. Shall we DIAL you and remind you of those IVORY palaces up yonder ? This is not Just idle BAB-0. Worship will add to your LIFEBUOY. So why not be fruitful and WEK yourself out of bed Sunday morning, dress up SPIC 'N SPAN and DASH like a COMET to God's house of prayer ? Singing PRAISE to God will bring a CLEANSER to your soul. PLEDGE yourself, and PRIDE of conscience will be yours. * * * My late cousin Harry'Goddard wife Vinnle writes from Wichita that it has been lovely there. She plans eventually to make her home at Rolfe where she has relatives and many friends. It Is her home town. She wonders how she will like the coldness of Iowa. Kansas is much milder, but If s ones relatives that mean more than climate and she is awaiting a time when a suitable place can be found. She wishes she could move her Wichita apartment to Rolfe. * * * I had interesting callers the other day - Mrs. Pat Welch,., i nee Lois Harms of Titonka, and daughter Betty of Dubuque and Marg Henderson, now Mrs. Don Mlnard, and Cindy of Irvington. Both women were employed at Good Samaritan a few years ago and their daughters are very nearly the same age cute little tots but shy and will- Ing to cling to their mamas. * * * I saw Maroa Keith briefly. .«:. <:.<_.</.'<.' r : •. V V, * .V Be sure to see the new Caloric 75—the first double' decker gas range that makes 'good sense 1 for today! Designed to satisfy all cooking demands for your busier, more active, up-to-the-minute way of living. The 'beauty part,' you'll find, is how perfectly it anticipates —and meets—your needs! Look at all the advances and advantages it brings you —innovations for finer cooking, handier cooking. . . for preparing more food and tastier meals. Look at the new range skills and capacities, wider versatility for your gourmet menus, ideal features for pop-in and warm-up dishes. Yes, just look at how much you get! NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. "COMPLITI IF ANP NATURAL OAI MRVICr 10 IAJT IT ATI ALOONA Her married name is Rosengarten, I think. My sympathy to the family on the loss of their mother who was here at Good Samaritan several months. I had brief chats with her at times before she was taken to Mason City and the last time she attended church. She was a lovely person and an uncomplaining one. Like missing Mrs. Bailey and Abbie TJaden, who always came to get her, I miss Kyle and his wife who dropped In frequently and always waved as they passed my door. * * * I've always said the world will come toanendwhenLeotaGeigel, Mary Muckey, Ruth Cook and Lizzie Post lose their vim and vigor. But I did catch Leota the other day when just a little of her pep had ebbed. She was having a mild dose of flu, but I'll bet the "bug" found her a tough one to get down and gave up. By this time she is her customary energetic self. * * * Fairie Kuhn had the hardest luck story of the month. Just in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner preparations, and with guests on hand, the electricity went off for a while, Housewives can Imagine such a catastrophe, but luckily the "juice" wasn't off too long and things went along as scheduled, though It added a few extra gray hairs 1 * * * Mrs. Christine Hanson has been visited by her daughter Mrs. Myrtle Broadhurst, Ches- ter, Mont. She has a granddaughter, Mr s.Howard Williams, who is in Jamaica with her husband who is at the embassy. The Williams have a seven-month old son whom they have named Christopher. * * * The W. Holldorfs watch the news from Viet Nam very carefully and fearfully as they have a son Gerald who is right in the thick of things there. Another son Harlan is stationed in England in the Shakespeare area, Stratford-on-Avon. The son James is also in service and still in the United States. He is at Mllpitas near San Francisco. * * * I have mentioned Jens Sondergaard of Spencer whom I met when he was overseer for the Spencer construction company when the high school was built. He and his wife Caroline, Hugh and Lizzie Post and a few couples who came from Spencer to work under Jens have had many a card game together. They had two sons, one of whom had polio a few years after his parents had lived here and is paralyzed from the hips down. He is now mayor of Spencer. Caroline died a few years ago, the younger son died not long afterward, and Jens is just out of the Spencer hospital after having a heart attack. The old saying is "troubles never come singly." * * * Grandparents love to brag about the cute things their grand- children do - and I don't blame them. Each one has a different tale. The Andrew Hansons tell about their little grandson Bret Tiffin who, when asked for a kiss, presents his forehead. Well, he's learned sanitation, a good thing, bless him. * + * My first Christmas letter came a few days ago from my cousin Lola Henderson Swlnney, Yu- calpa, Calif* She briefed me on all the family news among which was that they recently bought,a new car, air-conditioned and with all the latest gadgets and quoting her "If we were younger, I'd be all for seeing you next summer. As it Is, we don't go very far." She and their son Melvln were here a good many years ago, driving to the east coast with a professor of geology with whom Melvin had classes. We had a get-to-gether with the late Howard Morgans. * * + A group of us used to get together frequently for old fashioned "boiled dinner" -pork hocks, wedges of cabbage, rutabagas, carrots, onions, potatoes and often we'd eat it at Posts as our dining facilities were small after we made an apartment in our house. Hugh used to say he could smell It as soon as he turned the bank corner. McDougalls lived in our apartment and she loved the "mess", but Mac and Bob always turned up their noses and either ate down town or a meal Evalyn had prepared for them. Hugh at first didn't like it either, but he grew to be pretty fond of it, and with Marg Dahl, her mother, Agnes Laidley, Eva Cairy, Mrs. Akre, Velma Hagg and Minnie Sterling, we could eat tons of the "brew," then Minnie had to quit. Her gall bladder couldn't take it, much to her disgust. All of which leads up to today's dinner which was a near approach to onr kind, but minus the cabbage, which is my favorite part. I phoned Marg and she said, "I'm going to make application for a room right away," to which 1 said "Hurray! Coma on I" REDUCED THIS WEEKEND ONLYI FAMOUS 'CELLUUIRE' Thermal Blankets 5 94 Warmth without tiring weight I A light cover over your thermal blanket surrounds you with a layer of warm air. Without 72x90-IN. cover, it's cool in summer. Machine washable. In popular colors. 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