Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1894
Page 3
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TDEMEMBER there JlV arc hundreds of brands of "White Lend (so called) on the market that arc not White Lead, .composed largely of Carytcs r.ad •other chcp.p materials. But the number cf brands of genuine .Strictly Pure "White Lead is limited. The f.)!lc\vi:"j l^-ds • -arestandard "'OldDutch" procc^, -and just as good as they v/cre \vhe:: vou or your father were hoys : "Anchor," "Southern," "Eckstein," "Hod foal," "Kenfciiky," "Collier." FOR COLORS.—National Lend Co.'r- Pure VVblto L«.id Timin;,' Colors, a onc-po-ji'O c:in to a aypouml ki\i; of Li-ad r.ntl mix your own pain's. Saves time raid rum usance in m«tcJ:inv; shades, and insures tho best paint that it ia possible to put on wuod, Send i;5 u postal crird and pc'. our f.ool; en paints and color-curd, free; it \v:ll j.robubly £&vc you a K°o<J many dollars NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. Cincinnati Jtrutich. Seventh uiul Freeman Avenue Ciucinr.zii. The soda now begins to fizz and lemonade is ilowln', tho price of Ice croam hasn't riz and beer Is still « ,goln' about tho same with froth anrt .gas—they only charge live cont8 a .gluts—the (entive pop can DOW bo had from over temperance counters, and roasted peanuts good and bad absorb the small boy's coppers. The garden 8M3 will scon be ripe, spring chickens are a hatching, in myriad barn lots all the (lay the dormnloker'g scratching, aid turkeys for Thanksgiving's taut aloft will soon be roosting, the wheat will soon be going East, though .prices need a boosting—(or these and others that we know praise Him from whom all favors flow, and board at the ••Vendome," No. 320Broadway, where you can get 21 mealtt for |3.5», the be»t the Market affords, well cooked •and neatly served, making a full meal cost but little more than a skeleton 4unoh, thus satisfy a craving appetite •without paralyzing a week's salary. THE IEIIIIE 320 BROADWAY. Nervous Are you, car. 't sleep, cau't cat, tired, thirsty? Blood poor? It'» n tonic you want — Rootbeer. This sparkling, exhilarating, and rc- frwhing drink, while being far more agreeable in bouquet find flavor than tho finest wine or c!:n::'.posiic, is at the same time unlike them, being free from alcohol. >A temperance drink for temperance pcople.dcliciousntul wholesome as well. Purifies the blood, tickles the palate. Package nuikcs five gr.llo;i». Ask your storekeeper for it. Take no substitutes. Co., DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. After rourteon »e« r» of sciemllle »tndy of Nose, Long Llvev aiidal; Diseased of a Chronic Nature I adopted my present fnrnj of treatmijiit. and LaT« co nducted n snecewtnl practice In Inn abovo olM9 ot isi.i«ii. I iwirdl»lly lnvlt« you or )onr »rtend«. If afflicted with any Chronic Disease, to coiuult m« nnil my mettind ol inHitmrat nnd Its rwultn. omw hoars: 10 to.12 a, m.: a lo 4. 7 to 8 n. m. Kfloiuence utcm.-e. All culls promptly attended ONL RIGHT T H IN G Do yon know that for every disease flesh is heir to nature's great labora- k toryholdsonerlghtthing that will cure it ? Q To-day a devotea specialist whohasbecn seeking for years, discovers _ and brings out a specific— the right thing for some disease that medical men have experimented upon for age*; tomorrow is developed a remedy which blesses all mankind 1 60 you know that all real retneche* known to science are the result* of «uch work given to the world ? They are, and Dr.Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer t* the one right thing thathu been found to cure the awful diseases that result from starved and jaded nerves, such M sleeplessness, nervous prostration, fit* and epilepsy. It puta new life into nerve*; doe» not ttupefy, but re-vitalize*. MICE »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggist* for free *ample. If not found, write us enclosing five cent! (stamps) for postage. The doctor givei „ ^ —I free advice to any nerve disease •offerers. AU We offer $500 show byuulyslsor otb«rwl».ttwtthls iwnwljr coDt»lui morphlnt, opium . or «nj welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Mature ALBION, MICH. . Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 10. LAFAYETTE AND THE MONOlf SHOPS Lafayette Courier: The abstract, for the right of way of the Lafayette & Monon railway, and for the land 45 acres, donated to tho L. N. A. & C railway was completed Monday and forwarded to George W. Kreutzinger general attorney for the road. Thi abstracts are probably the most vol umtnous evorpotteu out In this city, the right of way covering eighty seven pages of type written copy, th< number of descriptions being one hun dred and niuoty-two. It included a correct exhibit of all deeds, wills mortgages, ooaveyances, liene, eto The abstract for the forty. Eve acres covers fifty-two pages, and one hundred and twelve transfers, and Is almost as voluminous as the other. This completes one o the requirements of the road to pro- cbed with tho works on tho shops, tho other bolng tho guarantee of business men for tho payment of money from the township, which It is thought wll also ba completed and forwarded today, and will be all the requirements on the part of the city. The road is already at work with the grading of the grounds, and tho building of tho shops will be pushed without further delay, POOR PROSPECTS. President Roberts, of the Pennsyl vania system, stated recently that the present reduction of expenses would remain In force all summer unless a better showing could be made than das been for some months past. Although the volume of freight and lastenger business compares not un« favorably with other years rates have, as a rule, been very unsatisfactory, and DO change for the better can be expected for sometime to oome, KILLED AT CONVERSE. George Murphy, 83 years old was struck by tho engine of Pan Handle passenger train No. 46 yepterday norning and killed. Ho was in the act of crossing one of the street oross- ngs at Converse when the accident occurred. Engineer Daniel Close and Conductor James Kenney were Ic jharge of the train, John Hartz of the Pan Handle, loiler shop was off duty yesterday on account of sickness. Supt, of Motive Power S. P. Bush ,nd Chae. Thiele of Columbus were allera at the Pan Handle shops yes- orday. They left for Indianapolis in be afternoon. Paddy Connors, caller at the Fan landle round house has takeu a months vacation and will go on an ex ended visit to Cincinnati, New York and other cities. Pan Handle engineer Pat Grady esterday purchased the residence iropefty of' Conductor Gao. Cotton ocatecl at the southeast corner of Twentieth and North streets. The consideration was $2,000. West bound roads out of Chicago are laying smash with freight rates, the rates on some articles having been reduced fifty per oont or more. Mem- iers of the Western Freight Assocla- lon claim that It is being done to punish tho Missouri Pacific which road is not in the association and has been cutting rates Indiscriminately to oouro business. In spite of the seemingly friendly ettlement of difficulties on the Great Northern affairs do not run as smooth as might be looked for from the torme f settlement. A despatch from St. 'aul, Minn,, states that the grievance ommittoe of the Great Northern Railway employes and a portion of the arbitration committee of the oommer- LACE WAINS AND SILK AND CHENILLE PORTIERS Cleaned and thoroughly renovated at moderate >rices, by the Old fctaten island Dyeieg Establishment, of Nevr York, on ahort notice. Leave your work at THE BEE HIVE DRY GOODS STORE where >rompt attention will be given it, olal bodies of the twin cities vlslte President Hill Tuesday afternoon dlsoues his execution, of theagreomen made a week ago. Tho conference lasted several hours. At the end 1 was learned that Mr. Hill had abso lutely refused to reinstate any of th men who had been arrested who ha willfully destroyed the company' property. It Is learned that th Great Northern Is not employing any new men, but la curtailing Its force V the number of men not reinstated. The Indiana Supreme Court ha followed the lead of an Ohio lower court in a case involving a claim fo Injuries received where claimant ha< already received money from a relle association, conducted by a railway company. A brakeman named Lease was injured on the Pennsylvania In th southern part of the State and was paid the full amount of his policy held in the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Association. He afterwards sued the railway company for dam&gcs in the O>von county circuit court, the case being- decided in his favor and appealed to the Supreme Court by the railroad company. Tho higher tribunal decided on Tuesday tha 1 Lease having already received and ao copied the full amount of the policy ho had no further redress ajralnst the com pan v, n.9 by receipting for the amount received he acknowledged all claims due him by the company paid, as both the policy and tho receipt elated as much. The case has attracted much attention from railroad men, especially such as hold policies in the relief association. The Situation at Torre Ilante. The Republican members of the city council of Torre Haute, abolished the office of city attorney, and tten recreated it and elected a Republican. However, the old city attorney refused to surrender, claiming that under the McHugh bill he can not be ousted until September. The old chief fire en> glnoer also refused to stop down, mak .ng the same plea. The new officials claim tt at it Is within the power of the city council to remove at any time. The Democrats will appeal to the courts. A similar condition of affairs exists at Shelbyvllle. Ed Cool'* Case, Lafayette Call: Ed Cool, tbo wou'o\ je Buck Creek slayer and suicide, whose trial for attempted murder Is set for day after tomorrow in the cir cult court, was brought Into the court room this forenoon on a stretcher. ills uttorney withdrew the plea of not uilty and moved to quash the indict ment. This was overruled, and the attorney then entered a special plea of Insanity, and the case will probably ilnge upon that when the time for trial comes, ___ The Bally Divorce Cme. Yesterday In the Circuit Jourt by her attorneys, Ktstler & Kletler, Mrs. 'hilipene Grusenmeyer filed a suit for divorce from John F. . Grusanmeyor, he Washington township farmer, al eglng cruelty, failure to provide and abandonment. They have eigh; children for whom the plaintiff asked the ustody and $1,000 alimony. The case was settled out of court yesterday, a ompromise being effected between the parties and all Is well again. Will Probftietf. Yesterday In the circuit court the ast will and testament of the late ilrs. Nancy Townsley was admitted to irobate. Thos. F. Mahoney filed his >ond as executor of the will In the urn of $8.000. 9100 Bemrd, If 100. The reader of this paper will be pleated to earn thnt thore la at least one dreaded diseases hat science liiia been able to cure In all Its stages andthaUsCatiirrn, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tha only positive cute known to tbemeilloiil fraternity. lutarrh belnz n constitutional dlne>um. requires » oiutltntlonal treatment. Hull's .Catarrh Care In aken Internally, acting illrectly on the blood and mucus surfaces of ibe system, thereby destroying ;ue foundation ot the disease, and givln« the patent strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The nroprle- ;orshaveso mueh faith In Its curative powera, ;hat they ofler One Hnndred Dollars for any case hat It fulls to cure, Send for list of testimonials . Address, IT! J. CHENBX &CO., Toledo, 0. »-#>ld 07 druggists. ___ Home Seeker's Excnralon*. May 8 und 29, 1894, the Wabash Railroad Company will sell round trip lokete at greatly reduced rates to irlnolpal points In tho Northwest, Vest, Southwest and South. For particulars of which please call on or .ddress C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Logansport, Ind. A Wl»e Conclusion. WEST COKINTH, Maine.— I doctored or years for bilousness, but nothing yer helped me like Simmons 1 Liver legulator. I shall take nothing else hereafter.— N. M. Oakman. Your rugglet sells it In powder or liquid The powder is to be taken dry or made Into a tea. 1.55 Ronnd Trip to lndl«n«poll« via Prnu»rlv«iil« Wednesday, May 16, for all regular rains of that day account I. 0. O. F. Encampment. Returning trains leave ndlanapolla 11:15 &, M- and 11:20 p. m., and return coupon valid until May 7. Inoluilve. _ A boon to neat drawers li our French Balbrlggan undwrwMr at F*U »b« H»btrdMh*r. PYRAMID PILE CURE, A NEW HEMEDY BOI TUB BEST IN THE WOULD—ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND CERTAIN—CUBES HOPELESS CASES. tcIsM Ilecouimond It, Drue- sell It, Everybody FruUes II. If we could sell one package of Pyramid Pile Curo to every person in America who Is troubled with piles and who would gladly give tho dollar to be rid of piles, wo would have about ten million dollars. The tfnly reason that wo don't sell that many packages this year Is that we will not be able to get ten million people to try It, Juatoneapplicat'on will prove Us merits and amply repay tho cost of a whole box. The effect Is immediate. Cjmfort comes at once and continued treatment will euro any caso, t no matter bow bad. Pyramid Pile Cure soothes tha In- limed surface the instant it touches it. heals it, reduces tbe swelling; and puts the parts into a healthy, active condition. There Is no substitute for it. Nothing compares with It. We have never heard of a single case that it failed to cure; wo have leard of thousands that it has cured quickly and completely. Here ate a couple of letters recent- iy received. From Geo. C. Gelck, Owens Mill, Mo.: Some time ago I bought a package ot Pyramid Pile Cure for ay wife who md suffered very much. The first trial did her more good tban anything she has ever tried. It Is just what is claimed for it. From Richard Loan, Whipple, Ohio: I have used tho Pyramid Pile Cure and am entirely pleased and satisfied with results. It does the work and 10 i . . . ; ' The proprietors of- the Pyramid Pile Jure could publith columns of similar etters, but these am enough to show what it will do in di.Terent cases. All druggists sell Pyramid Pile Cure or will get It for you. It la one dollar )er package and made otly by tho ?yramid Drug Co. of Albion, Mich. Notice. The drat payment on Subscriptions of stock to the Citizens 1 Natural Gae Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dun and should be paid at the company's ofllco, corner of Market and fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty -five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid ea follows: April 20, 1894 ................................................ S 1 00 Mar 2 >, 1894 ............................................... 1 00 Jimei», ISW ................................................ 1 00 JulyM), 1894 ............... ._ ............................. 2 UO August 20. 1891 ............................................. 300 September 20. 1894 ................ „ ..................... 3 00 October W, 1894 ............................................ 3 00 November 20, 1894. ............................. ........ S 00 ).cemb«r 20. 1894 ........................................ 4 00 January 20, 1895 ............................................ 4 00 12600 JOHN GRAY, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. A Dairyman's Opinion. There is nothing I have ever used or muscular rheumatism that gives me as much relief as Chalmberlaln's 'ain Balm does. I have been using t for about two years—four bottles In all—as occasion required, and always ceep a bottle of it in my home. I believe I know a good thing when I ;et hold of It, and Pain Balm is the >est liaiment I have ever met with. —W. B. Denny, dairyman, New Lex- ngton, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keeellng, Druggist. The usual treatment of catarrh is very unsatisfactory, as thousands r.an estlfy. Proper local treatment is loeitlvely necessary to success, but many, If not most, of the remedies In •eneral use afford but temporary ellef. A cure certainly cannot be xpeoted from snuffa, powders, douches nd washes, Ely's Cream Balm, which s so highly commended, Is a remedy which combines the important regulates of quick action, specific curative ower, with perfect safety and pleas- ntoeas to the patient. The druggists 1) sell it. ^ House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 08 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. )eLong, No. 402 Market street. CURE SICK HEADACHE, Disordered Liver, etc, They Act Ute Magic 00 UK Vital Organs,, Regulating tbe Secretions, restoring lone; ftomj with » TssUUss A BcluU» Onttlg.! cent«»B<a. You Hit the Bull's Every time When you use Every bright housekeeper wants it. All bright grocers keep it. The Best Shoe* (01 Uic Lcasl Money W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE 6EHTLaa 86, $4 and S3.5O Dress ShO*. 83.5O Police Shoe, 3 Sole*. $2.50, 82 for Worklngmvn. 82 and SI.75 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, 83, 82..SO 82, $1.70 CAUTlON.-If any deals* offer* you W. L. Do«*U» •boe» at a reduced , or ftay. he b»» them out th* name «lmiia»Sl m, pat lite W L DOUGLAS Shoes are stylish, easr fitting, and give_ satisfaction at" e prices advertised than any other make. Try one pa.r and b vinced. The stamping of W. L. Douglas' name and pr>ce on the bottom, euarantces their value, saves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear, them. Dealers who push the sale of W. L. Doujrlas Shoes gain customers, which help* Increase the sales on their full line of goods. They twn nfford to »11 ; »t a lew J. B. WINTERS. GIVES RELIEF IMMEDIATELY.— Jt {3 3 Cure fOf all Diseases of the Heart, Kidneys, Liver and Blood. It has no rival and is found in every home, For sale by W. H. PORTER A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J, Rlcbey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling in Kansas he was taken violently ill with cholera mor bus. He called at a drug store to get some medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy so highly he concluded to try it. The resmlt wan immediate relief, and a few doses cured him aompletely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never fails. For eald by B. F. Keesling Druggist. A Fopnlar Kem«dy. The promptness and certainty of its cure hare made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is Intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and Is the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, Pa., says: "I have a groat sale on Chalraberlam's Cough Remedy. I warrant every bottle and have never heard of one failing to give entire sat. Isfaotlon." 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllnir. Druggist. A MIRACLE. What Phelps' "Four C" Remedy Old for Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday. Dee. 19th, my attflndlng physician stated unless 1 wa» bettor 07 morning no could do nothing for my relief, Tnat night I commenced taking Phelp's "Four C" remedr; stopped all other medicines. The first dose stopped rarcougn; slept mid rested well; a few more dosei removed all soreness from my lung«! the second <i«T I was up; the third day I WM out on the porch and today wai up town purchasing holiday goods MISS JENNIE BASSET. Washington Ave. and Summit St. Croup Cured. One dost ol ^Pahlp«' Congo, Cold and Croup Cure" nre my child Ins'nut relist when attacked with the croup. W. EL MOORB, of Moor* Bros,' Grocer/, ArksnwwClty, KM. Igutnntee Phelp»V'*our C" tor Li 6BZPP1, AAbnw, BronoldU*, Cootbt, Cold*, «to. Medical and Snrgical Institute For the Treatment of Chronic and Private Disease*, Diseases of Women, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Consumption, Cancers, Tumors, Stomach and Lung Troubles. 5,000 cases treated daring the last three years with a success that ha« never been equalled outside of the large eastern cities. We have all tho new methods and all the apparatus with which to apply them. We will tell you just what we can do for yon and charge nothing for the examination, Drs. CHRISTOPHER & LONQ-BXBCKKB 417 Market St., Logansport. BEN FISHER. Rite* (O California ttreatlr via tbe Pe»nnylT«nla Llaea. The Mid winter Fair at San FrM- clsco and tbe numerous pther attractions in the Wonderland beyond th» Rocky mountains can be enjoyed by persons of limited means as tho round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania Hue*. Pat. sengers can select any of the sever*! routes from Chicago, and the r*tura limit is ample for a satisfactory »o« journ. For details apply to J. A Ho- Cullough, ticket agent, Logansport, Ind. Quaker keadaeh* oapMl* gin *»» Itef

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