The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1940
Page 3
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FEBRUARY 0, IfllCI * SCHOOL NEWS ••*-— -- OKN'TIUI, SCHOOL ll.ive Pared. Spelling Scores Fo r f-;,,,t Semester. Sixty four students oj Coi grade school had psrfoct y t .score.') for the' semester. Names of the following .stiKlrnls ami grades in which thev are enrolled follow: Onle Anderson, I5et- ie.ily Black, Ki'imeu, UuHiaiian, Cluster I l-'owler. Betty l.ou -.-, FIIJT. Billy jo'Ctain Nancy Holland, Pauline AfcOi-i-- mott, Ruth Mangnim. DOM 1 ee, Milhorn, Stanley Oas, Hetty l/)ii Phillips, i-vance.s Bhouse, Donna Wunderllch. lic-n Abbott. lissMe • liishop, Wills May Johnson. • Fifth grade; Ann CullLs, Sallle • Cavashere. Helen Claire Climlps Henderson, ' "*"' Mildred Ann '' Un ""° < ARK '> COURIER NEWS '1'hlrd yrnde: K. c. Allen, Richard l.uin, Jimmy Lowe, liiiiv joy. ner, Eugene O'lhicn. Hanl-.ilu Retail Market Manager Wll ° leSale PAGE THREE :Slxtli grade: ty Jo Burns, Hyrd, Paul Cjildwell, l-Ycd Foster, )lan-y . , I Stanley Hooct. Mnvy Lou Joynev. ' Oeneva Killabrew, Martha Ann Uiitzeiilch. Jitnmle Milhorn. Mil-1 dred Weador, Jim Dates. ChnrU-.s Perry, George Pollock. Thclmn Rice, Blllie Shanks, Joan Shepherd. Don Wright. John White. Mnrjorii Thorn. Lcroy Ford. Wanda Mary Jo Nabers. Joe Hosier, by Dean. Fourth grade: [.eta Kosc Castiio. Third Grade. Has lluiMfvcIt l.uiit-lirrui. On Monday, .Jan, 20, (!,(> (jradc of Cwm.-i] ichoo! hiul .', luncheon in honor ol lYoiilfni Itoosevell. Klmi-r 'J'hoin acted us Preside Roosevelt, Mr.rtha Esplnowi ftccsevelt and missel! Phillips pr, ; -j sided as toastmusler. A nuinbir <,f impromptu speeches were mdde Tuble decorations we:c in liio red. white and bltio color scheme. uilly Joynei, Wyi>>i nrady Illlrt timer Them, members of du> pliK'tcard (.-ommlttce. used tt.r-.-i for . placecfirds. " The girls of the class served Ihe plate lunches mid the drink-;. The group gave one dollar toward the Aiini' M ?' Cl1 ° ( Dlmcs '/ lriv(1 ""'•' nl' ;n Carr.jvfjt u-jsiiiin; lilin many happy iv- 1 turns en his blrlliday'iind ll'i.iiiic- dws I'm- Ihe j HUH of lls.'i in the market. j .Saturday. Mrs. PitiuiKunl \vus, |.sti-lekwi .seriously ill and had (,,j be removed lo a Memphis hcspi-1 ml lor an ujii'ralinii. j Beth are ip.sllnfi very well mi Mtiiiphls, where Mr. Pananoui was! . tiiiui, wct! r il 1 ' l '" >OVMl u " 01 ' ""' came serious. In Demonstration Club News Notes BE rcpllED National Bureau Of Standards Gives Results Of Its Studies i Blending Of Home Style Is Important Wlr.-n biilldiim a now home Ihe buyer slKiui,) (.| 1( Kse mi archUee.- lilrnl MJ-I(.- similar or sallable. lo (Jnu of oiher houses In the immediate tlcinlly. TO be considered as i> I'- 1 " "I tin- whole community nuncj Hi).!) „., „ M-piirni,. lm( | ((i,;'. Ini'-'l entity, ihe dej,lf>n selected for the house, should cwminn In ycn- eini In Uu. design of tin- other In 111 WHY For quick relier from cold symptoms lake CG6 Liquid - Tablets suffer from Colds'. 1 According (o ancient custom n Mohummed.iii. on meeting a person, may shake hands wild thumbs up, then touch hu breast ] fci-ehead. and lip.s with his hand to show that the one. he gre;i-, is cherished in his heart and thoughts and entitled to a kiss ANNOUNCEMENT We are plcitsctl lo :miimmtc ttuit Mr. W. D. Wood well known local automobile sidesman is now ;i memlier of our .sales force sellin.r new l''ord V-S ami Mercury'S Mrs. Mr. \V m d will a|i|)redate Ins friemls lalk;.n s to hint atuittt !hc hew F/onl iintl Mercury tars. • PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. & Walnut 1'litme S10 Dell dull Mt-cU Mrs. 11. R. Cr.iwford was hostess to members of the Del! Home Demonstration club Tnursduy when Mm. W. O. Iluwiu-d was in Lli-jigi) of the program on "Spring Gardens". Mrs. K'.ieppard, Mrs. Crinvford and Mrs. Gillllund assl:;U':i Mrs. Howard in prewnliiii; ihe which was opened with the slti-jliij of "America". Mrs. E. M. Wootord Sjavj (he devotional which was followed ivltli prn.ver by Mrs. M. N. Johnston. The hostess nerved n dessert course in which ihe Vnicnlinc motif was carried out," The next meeting will \K Marcli 1 at the Howard home. Constipation Relief That/I/so j Pepsin-izes Stoinaeh \Vlien coiisliiMtioii brini;.,- on ncid iiuli- Ccslion, bloMiiifi, dizzy spells, j;as, co;ilcil •longuc, sour tnsle. nnd bad brcalb, ymir stomach K prohalily Ioa<lcd up with"cei • lainundiEtsUHlfrxxl.-iiuij'ourljoivc^dO'rt move. So you need liotii I'cpsin to help break up fasl that rich muliui'itcd f<>«l in your stomach, nnd Laxative Senna topwll lln> trigger CD (boss: lazy Ixwcls. So be sure your laxytivc nlso contains Pcj)£ui, Take Dr. Gild well's Laxative, txx.-ni'c; its S)'n»p Pepsin helps you eaiti that v;o'i- dcrfiilstuiiracliconifurt.Kli.'IelheLa.v.Ttix'c Scana moves your Ixiv.-els, Tc^ts prove Uie IJOwtrofl'epsinlodissclvctlioseluniiisof ui«)iKis,l«l protein food which may liimcr in your stomach, lo 01 usobtlchms.Eastiic acidity and nnusca. Tli'n is how pcpsin- izm^ your siomach helps relieve it ofsucli distress, /H the s.iuie lime this medicine wnkes u p lazy itervcsantl muscles in yuur Ixiwek to relieve your coiisLiint ion. Si>si'C him much taltcr you fuel by lakinp tlie laxulivc lli;ll alsu puts \\ps\u lo work on tliat sUimach tliscuinl'oct. too. livtn finicky children love l«i taste this ploa^nil family lax.-nive. Buy Dr. Cilclwcll's t^is- ative—Senna with Syr.ip I'cpsin at yuiir driiytisL today! . Whatever your aims are in life, a savings ac- count will benefit you! Even a small amount when saved regularly starts you on tlic right path .... and it piles up surprisingly fast. Slarl a sav- ings account with the First National Bank loclay for future security, for vacations, for emergencies ! Two Per Cent Interest Paid On Savings Interest is credited to your savings account twice a year, on January Isl and July ) S (. All savings deposited before the 5th of the month draw interest from the first. THE FIRST NATIONAL BAM IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The most serviceable nmnniy «'ii»s nre likely to be obtained when Ihe joint.s arc ivolj filled nn,| the suction rule or absorptive bricks Is rrilureil by welllny prior to 'me. and when the mortar has snll-shu.-- lory working properties, accordhu; to a summary of ihe results of the National llureau ol Klandimt.s 1 work on raiu penetration Ihvouah masonry walls. When imiKonry walls \\-erp subjected to conditions resembling i>x- po.siirc lo lulu nnd wind, some ol then) le.ikid badly in | C s s Ilian llnte ininules, while olhers withstood a severe tesi for mor- limn one week. When leakage ovcmred ll look place largely throimh openings in the jolnls. The resistance r.( the joints io leake.y depended I.Tincipally upon the method of laying the units. fosnillnls for Iti'sKlancc The iv,:lls which were most rr- sisttini coniiijiidi ejii,,,,. solid),, ti ||, cd verllcnl joints or a moisture' barrier conslstlni: of a plaster <•/.;,(- ing ot moilar within ih c ivall. The wulertleliuiess ol the jclnls also was airecte<| by t h e .-melton rale of tlic bricks at tli L . time of laying ami the workimj propertk-s or water rctcntlvlty of the nun-tar. In geni.'i-nl, it was tound necpssarv to wet hislily nu.soriitivc bricks before they were laid in order la oil- lain masonry hlchly resistant iiyuinsl rain penetration. In fact. Ihe welter the bricks nl lime ol ..VlUR, (he jircalcr the resistance. rti-sclts uf iirk-k Tests Reducing the number of header bricks in walls of common Aim>rl- cnn bond did not have a'slgnlflrnnt . pcrineiiWllty. Walls <:fleet on water . composed or a facing of low »b- s&rptive brick nnd « backing of highly absorptive brick save bel- ter performances than similar Wails constructed entirely ol either Ij-po cf brick. The resistance of walls with brick facings nnd hollow-milt backings depended chiefly upon the permeablljiy O f tiic facing. 'Hie. iMnxliniiiH strength of lirie.k-- lllnsliate, Federal lUnislne n<!ii!lnb.Ui)tfon oil'ulals say that In n blc<-|j „!(, c'npe Code coltaises It woi )i| no), be necessary for (lie home builder i-j select a Cnpe C'od cottage, H ilues mean, hou'ever, Hun 11 the majority of Ihe houses are mipietentlaus and Inronniil hi destuii. the architectural style of the turn,.,, should bo .simple nnd I'cstmtiu'd. C'ometM'iy. K (dp majority of the hunse.s In ih,. community nro 1) re ten 1 i e. u.s. sophlstteiiteil. mill formal, n woulil be uinvl.w to diooM- io bull.i a Mexk-an Innn- lie.use. a Cape Cone collate, or some mher inioiiiuil house. A nelghlmi-huod devekped with Hoar's of simlUir uppenranco Is more stnij),.. mmx . attractive, anil Converls Residence into Modem Duplex -The i-esiacwr- owned uy Mrs .S E. Webb nt iou West Cherry Mreet. wlileh wiis (liimnued by fire scverni weeks nga, is ljelii|; converted Inlo n iluplex. Kaeli nnii will Imve lliree rooms and a private b^th when comiileted, \vhicli «ll| i jt . in .several weeks ''HA Technical Division Gives Advice On Treal- M 'laslcr Added Space For Children Desirable • Cold and wel Whiter days iiccen- limte (lie need In, the house for more room for Urn children. With the children spending long iiclsy hours Indoors, many wish they had more house. parents will room In the and modernization can provide quiet for Ihu older nu'in- bcrs or Die finiiily and Indciiend- oncc [or ihe chlldrpii. : 'Ihe addition cf one ronin lo n ! Icuey. house will nalurally change the! mixed ".> ^.IIIIIH^ MII: i niiseci living hublts ol a family and have hnrdeiv a direct inllacnce on the future ol the children. have always bce.n e.s Tiie development of orucl'.s )„ n,,, lilnster -wull:, ol ivlutlvely ;»w homes is a cdmrnon Vmilt. alihtmxh it Is not a dllllcuK mm(•,•)- lo fill the j ciacks and plme Hie wall In k»od I condition Jf loo.-ii'iiin(! ol laiye ' areas of plaster has uol iicooiii- panled the narklnc,. The i'1-rtcklnn o! plasler rosulls from several causes, the must com- num of yvhleh are settlement of I'omidallon walls nnd piers, Incor- , rpi-t ftriictural framing of lloors walls, and roots, ami shrlnkiiBe of fnniiliii! lumber. In iidvisltiK home owners on Die repair U l plu.stcr craeks. l-Werul Ijouslnn Admlnls- Iration olflelals point out tliat only Kenernl obseivullQns can be iimilo without knowing speeltlc condl- (ion.s. llefore iratclilim (he clncfa. llio FI1A Technical Division advises the hoiiir. owner lo iiscertaln If possible the CCIIKC vt the most SCIIMK crocks mill whether or nol Ihe ciwse has censed lo exist. Par Inslnm-e, If foundation settlement has produced n eliiunje in position ol Moor nhd wtdl fmmliiK and may be cxpccled to continue, fuitlu-r cracklnij of the IJlaster will occur unless the cnilie is corrected. One way to determine, whether or not major ernckliiK hns stopped Is lo paste smnll pieces of thin paper over the. cracks, possibly placing pencil marks on them vertical lo the craeks. Further movement of the crack will break the paper or chnnire the allisnmenl of the pencil murks. If the major c:insc of the cracks him not stopped, the cause .should be corrected before iiltcmpllnx to palch ll:e cracks. Pnlnl. lini-ihviire nnd other slorw usually curry boxes of special palch- liiu plaster which nre mast sntls- fuctory and which .simplify the. operation, 'rhe powder Is mixed with water and e.pplled with a putty knife, or other tint loot. Only enough water should be used to produce n proper working consh- 'I'he material should be In small ninoiinta .since ll. Many Effects s Are Possible through Styling With Paint A ii!-w mat of piilnl. p)-r,p.-,r!y M-li'Cted and applied, nan oe one of the most i-ltecllvc ol nil mod- crnlwitlon <levlces. Ciirelul choice of .shades cnn brinjj; io the lintifu etfats not llKiiichL, possible by Hie nn-i-ii|;<! Jiorne owner. In niodcrnmiiu a home, palnllm .•.Imiild be Idnh on tin- list -JL Im- pravejiieiil..., TMf. K one 'of the numerous Hems of niodcrnlCTtltiii which may bn financed uii ( |,.,- UK.. Moileriil^itlon Credit Plmi ,;f |)n> 1-ederal llouslni; Administration, Among the unusual cll'oeU oii- (alnuble from palntlns, devised by (he Council uf Pnlnl.' Styling, me': I Kirk roofs i;enn to In' lower lo the (iioimd; If the roof Is too hlnh lor Hi.' lenulli nf llic house, (mint ll u dark color. l.inn-1-s limit i.i,,,- If the house )n, s .slnulcr.i. p.ilnt Ihe .'Oiullers uf tlu> upper slorv |ho siimc color us the row. Th\ s ' will visually In Inn the roof line lower, as Ihe eye will .travel to tin.- bottom of the dark shutters. Paint the ri'iimlnliii! /ilmlter.-i the color of the foody of the house. ' If Ihe roof Hue Is cut tip l>y too mmiy uiibles, everytlilni; about the roof should be dm];; and noihlnii should stick out In color, noimirs can mnke a smnll house seem liuiicr by being painted on theli- (aces the. color ot tlv.' side wall of Ihe house. This will carry the.side-wall color up Into the moi and ulve the appearance of addi- lloniil helshl. l)»nners on a lull house should be painted Ihe (lurk roof color. Thoy will visually tic- lOifK- piii-i of tlio roof" mid not iif Ihe slile w:iHs mfc . If the chimney Is too larse fur the sla; of the house, it should be painted the .same color :is Ihe i)ot|y of the house lo rnnke It np- lihir jmallcf. , With this camou- tla'je. the chimney will blend with the house and will hot be. noticed. Where window openings of (III- feretit alter, disturb (he unity of tin. 1 house's over-all shape, the tnnlmciii. i.s ))nliitlii(j Ihe openings the same color us llic body ul tiie house. Where a lolor nccenl is needed to lower llic roof llns or drn-v allentlmi to the first Hour, slmt- ters help lo achieve this rosiill, H shuttered windows are of vail- ous ulxes. vemovi! all sinu!U'rshul- ti'is mid leave only those of liii! lairjer nnd moiv uiilfonn sl/e. llin-lilB \'M>, 10.132 addillomd miles : ot lilnhwRys In Ihc United •States were paved and surfaced to give us mi t& per eont hard surfaced hlKtiivny syslcm. ERMINIX TERMINATES ' TERMITES ' BRUCE~,MErVIPHIS •• -••>"o" , / >i..>..iiiiM,-, iiuvt: uiwjiys uce.n es- mortar jolnls usually was obtained |.?cnt!nl but not always present even when the. suction rate of the brick, tliouoh the house Is cnctiinteml was between 0.2 and I ounce- r^t with unused space. Bnsemenl.s nt- mtnutc, the suction rale belli,,' IV.- tics, iinuse:! store rooms, porchcs-- amuint of water ihat was abs-nl)-1 all are potential playrooms cd by a brick when immersed Hat- With funds tbtaincd from'privati wise to a depth of one-eighth inch ' ••- M"«n fcr one minute. The strength cf the joinls also iwidcri lo IncM.-ise lending institutions Mocternization Credit under Plan of the I within a, short time, l-'lnc hairline cracks usually can be filled by a liltlo care hi painting llic- wall, sightly lurger envuks oltcn ran be filled by diiblihiK on a thin mixture of patching plaster with n brush, using u:irn to worlt tlic mixture Into the cracks as thoroughly a.s possible. for sl/jiblc cracks. It fa advisable to ciilin-gc the crack ullxlitly with an in the water n- icnlivily of the mortar, especially wilh bricks of moderate cr hi^h .suction rates. Ih I i-ederal I lousing Administration ' '"'""If ""'"I' I' 1 " plaster' with P'nyj-ooms, c.tlm bedrooms, nm-ser-i slmr ' > kl>ift> - ! " «lol»i( • llils, cn- li-s. even nn ntWfa UI.IM,, ,-/,„„, I 'urge tlic cr.ici even an uddc'rt llvlne room (or Ih 0 .swHl-grovvM-iip, m,,y 1" luk i C( i to the house Questions and Answers Q. In our new house we wish to have a fireplace in one of the bedrooms on the second floor In addition lo u. fireplace in the living room. How can this be done'with the least expense? A. Every fireplace requires an individual flue and suitable rounda- tion. For economy, plan to use the same chimney lor both living room and bedroom fireplaces. Both titles can then be bulll In the a,me c |,|,,,- ney, and one fouudntlnn will provide the necessary support for both fireplaces. This will avoid building separate chimneys and foundations. It also will be possible lo include the flue for the heating plant in thr .same chimney by proper location ol the heating mill. l»(f of one ,',(|tiare foot Tor ea-h IS iineal feel of foundation wall. These openings should be located nt least three Inches above grade. Additional vcntiliulon cjn be obtained by means of openings into the adjoining basement area. It is Important Unit the bascmcntlKs spnce be maintained in n dry condition ami every precaution should he tnki-n lo prevent dampness. Read Courier News want ads ge the cr.ick more at DID lull) surface titan at the finish .sin-fnrc. This will form a key which will tend lo hold the piilch securely In place. Pill the crack with patching plus- tdr, pressing R Into place mid bringing the patch surface up full and smooth with the finish surface of the wall. After the patch has hardened, sandpaper niiy rotiuli spots smooth. H the patches nre large, pnlnt them with glue slue before [minting or piiperln-i the wall.' • • < , ,, . , :. If walls are to he finished with wallpaper, strips of painter's muslin are .sometimes glued lo the wall over the cracks ns reinforcement and the patching piaster omitted except In the case of nny large cracks. Patching of ph.slcr Is not n difficult operation, but oflen requires considerable care and time to obtain a presentable finish surface DRINKING WATER versus "COMMON COLDS" Al this lime of lite year when 'Vmuinon t -nlds" arc- so Kcnernl, careful oliKcrvimce of the ordinary rtilos or licallh is ')'» lessen chniices of ciitehitiK ,cpl(l ; pliysiciaiis iidvwe jilcnty of rt-sl, ;>n')j)- er did, rcKiiliir pcrsonnl luibils, drinlc- •JMK it .sufficient ittnritiitl of vidcr cneh ilny iind iivoiilinjf tontacl wild persons nlmirfy inffflt'il with niltls. BLVTHEVILLE WATER CO. Hfriianl Allen, |\tsr. "Water Is Viiur Olirajiriil Ooniniodlty" Q. What causes stairs to creak and how can this be prcvcntrd In new construction? A. Stairs creak If Ihe risers treads, and strings Hrc not rittwl tightly enough to prevent movement of the individual parts under svclglit of persons using the stairs In «xMI-constr<tc:tecl stairs the tops o; each riser arc set Into grooves cut in (lie underside of each tread and the rear edge of each tread is set Into a groove cut in the bottom face of each:riser. The cm|s onhc tre.ids and risers also are set -into grooves cut In the supporting side strings. The Individual members should Iw glued In place, and the construction further tightened by driving wedges under and behind the tread? nntl risers. The tendency for the members to become loose and cause creaking Is reduced ' by mir.;; well-seasoned lumber to avoid shrinkage of the wood and an j intermediate support under risers i and treads in the center of lire i stairway. i Q. We plan lo hnvc a basement : only under a portion of our home, j Will It be necessary to excavate | where no basement will occur? j A. There should b« nt least 13' inrher, clearance between the joists t nnd girders of the iloor construe- , tion above the basemcntless space. 1 If conditions will provide this clear- i ance, excavation «-||l not bs neccs-' snry. The basemenlie.w space should be well ventilated by means of screened openings In the loiinijatloji walls liming an rrtcctlvc area op;n- A Few Dollars A Month Will Pau For Those Home Improvements You've Keen Wanting ••«•«!( longer licforc mttking needed improvements'(o'yhiir home? A FHA loan will enable you (n add an extra room, rcmoilcl or rcclccnratc anil l"ty for i! ;t few dollars a month. 'l'he;;e loans will also cover such improvements as wealltcrsfrippintr, itisnlalioti, elc. Consult Us About Your Sprhif/ Building Plans THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 ON BUYING AHOME... The iie«' FHA Plan nf home financing provides more lilicrnl terms, convenient monthly payments, and Government inspection and appraisal to safeguard your home investment. '-.. v Our houses—built with insured "financing'' —nre well-designed, soundly constructed, and securely Una need. Guesswork and experimenting have no place in this combination of reliable finnncing and reliable building. The purchase of a home—whether inrge or .small—is a serious investment in vour family's happiness and security. Mate'cer- tain of (be ItEST. I.e( us help you. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Phone 100 .

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