The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1965 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1965
Page 9
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Cancel Evelyn said she and Mr. Laing had dlffl- Algona (la.) Upp«f DM MotAM TiMpdciy, December 7, 1965 cultles, too, on that score when Thanksgiving morning - Cold, gray and I'd not be surprised to see a snow flake ere long. My mind goes back to previous Thanksgivings, many at Bancroft with Aunt Eva and Uncle Bert Goddard when Grandpa and Grandma Cady were living, then the many held at our home after they were gone and Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary Henderson and Melvln, Uncle Lute Henderson and Grandma Henderson for years were our guests. Then Christmas at the Frank Hendersons and New Years at Grandmas. What wonderful memories, sad too, as I am the only one left. * * * I am thankful, too, that I am not in the California disaster area. I have a friend out there whose friends have a home up in the high places. I hope they are safe. California does things in such a big way - huge forest tires, terrible land slides, earthquakes that don't know when to stop, horrible dust storms (I experienced one and that was enough to last a lifetime) smog by the tons - and a much too great population, man devastation of fruit groves - I grant it's beauty and charm, but it sure is not a Garden of Eden, though many persons try to sell me the idea. * * * One would have thought a gigantic Fourth of July celebration was being held just south of us the other evening. The old red barn on the former John Gisch farm was standing on property purchased by the Good Samaritan Home and since no one wanted to raze it for the lumber, which would have been a profitless and almost impossible undertaking, It was demolished to an extent that it could be set afire. So with the fire department close by, the barn went up in smoke - and the blaze at times was great enough to lighten things up considerably.' I noticed many cars drove down this way, some to merely look and many I'll bet thought it was an unwanted fire. * * * The new home is progressing nicely and so many persons ask me when it will be ready for occupancy to which I can only repeat what has been told me, "Even the workmen aren't sure." But the outside is complete. It's the inside that takes time and when finished will be a wonderful place I've been told by one of the carpenters. * * * When I read in the hospital news Dora Johnson of Lakota was hospitalized for a fracture, I called St. Ann and asked if she had a phone In her room. She is a sister of my late Aunt Mary Henderson, and knowing her so well I was going to chat with her. She is an R. N. and has worked at St. Ann for a long time, but has now retired. When one of the doctors from there was in the hall I asked him about her. It was a shoulder fracture but he didn't know how it was done. * * * I had a call from Nancy Geilenfeld, now Mrs. Larry Olson, Jeffersonville, Ind. She was an aide here a few years ago and I got to know her very well. She now has two little boys and she and her family were here for a visit with her parents, the Kenneth Gellenfelds. She says they have a trailer house but with two boys it is bulging at the seams and soon they will get a larger one - or possibly rent a home. Larry is with a construction company and moves from time to time, so a house trailer is a nice solution to the housing problem. * * * Arthur Mallory was here from Hampton the other day to get his sister-in-law Dora Mitchell for an over-Thanksgiving visit. With him was Arthur Wollfe, a young relative of Ames, but who is working In New York and formerly was of the Rowan vicinity. I asked him if he knew an Aldrich family there. He said "Yes, very well. R. E. Lee Aidrich the third is in the service and stationed in Germany." I told him the lad's grandfather, R. E. Lee Aldrich went to Normal school here years ago and was a friend of my mother and boarded and roomed with the parents of the late Mart Weaver. * * * Many persons will remember Mr. and Mrs. Eli Stephenson, who lived here many years. Mr. Stephenson was a partner of Elmer Hartshorn In a barber shop. Mr. Stephenson died several years ago. Mrs. Stephenson, 80, died June 12 following exploratory surgery and was buried at San Leandro where her son Arthur lived. A daughter, Ruth Miller, also lives in California and Leona lives at Rockford, ni. Leona is married, but for several years has been in a wheel chair. * * * The Pink Ladies Auxiliary of Good Samaritan met Nov. 23 and it was decided to have our Christmas party Dec. 18. * * * Maury White, sports writer for the Des Moiries Register is frequently pictured and I have told Lavonne Post, his sister, that I think he is handsome enough to be a movie star. She says he is often hold how handsome he is, but always laughs it off and says, "Sure, I know it", just jokingly. I told her I used to meet an old gentleman downtown who always shook hands with me and after a brief chat would say, "You're the best looking girl in Algona" to which I'd reply as Maury does, "Of course I am." He was Dave Haggard and occasionally mentioned what a good looking woman my grandmother Henderson was. Dave, by the way, was an uncle via marriage of Lavonne. * * * I've often spoken in jest of the four carat diamond I'd like to have (but watch me accept one graciously if anyone is inclined to present me with one). But I think the one I read about recently, a 3,106 carat one being found in South Africa - well, that's overdoing it a bit. Mounted in a necklace, it would make one round-shouldered, and in a ring, one would have to carry the arm in a sling. * * * I was telling Mrs. 0. B. Laing what a difficult time the Sherman Littles of San Rafael, Calif, had finding a place to eat when they arrived here on a Sunday pre-100 anniversary celebration. She on Jan. 1 one year they wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary and finally found a place not nearly as glamorous as they wished. Poor Edith Miller, Augusta, Wise., had come here to see her sister, Mrs. Ethel Gilles. It never occur red to me she would not be able to get something at the hotel, but she had to content herself with a supper of lemon drops she happened to have. I like doing the TV Guide crossword puzzle, but who would ever dream elated would be "cocka hoop." I have a fairly wide vocabulary, but that's one that has hidden behind something for years. And Lois Groen, another "fan" agrees with me. Jo Pruyn and Veda Murtagh are clever too and I got a little help from them last week. Sometimes the puzzles are meanies. * * * Thankful ? Yes, indeed - that anyone could compose such a beautiful song - "Fascination" and thankful that Mrs. Nasby played it for me, a nice surprise, on this day for gratitude. Bless her. Bless the composer. * * * I am perfectly happy at having lived in a small portion of the "Gay Nineties" and am grateful for having reached this era. Gastronomically speaking, I am glad I didn't live in Colonial American days when pumpkin SOUP was served. Recently I read about the buffalo herd in northern Kossuth. They were at one time pastured a few blocks from Aunt Eva's in Bancroft.' A beautiful idea for Christmas giving... and so practical, too! The petite Princess phone has a lighted dial that glows softly in the darkness, brightens for easy dialing. And she'll like the new heavier non-skid base. Order now—just call the telephone business office, or ask any telephone employee. Northwestern Bell TONY'S PRUNED PINES NO. 1 CHRISTMAS TREES SCOTCH or NORWAY PINES Up To I ft. Toll SPRUCE TREES and up Plus Free Greenery With Your Tree See TONY'S TREES & FRUITLAND MARKET Junction 18 & 169 Algona, Iowa

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