The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1965 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1965
Page 16
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4-Algena (la.) Upptr DM MolnM Thursday, December 2, 1965 I just returned from a pointless drive to a sale noar Clare. The bill said collector's stamps so 1 though it might be worth investigating. The intended message was collector's items, however. Well, there was a considerable quantity of assorted glass and china, but this was an outdoor auction and hardly a balmy November day. 1 was cold by the time I had looked things over and I couldn't see any prospects of a bargain sensational enough to warrant flirting with pneumonia. I would question outdoor sales at this time of year, particularly when so many small items are involved. Those brave enough to make a day of it might have been well-rewarded by the declining competition. - o - For those who think that those stocks of commemoratives stored by the sheet for the past few years are equivalent to blue chip stocks comes this somber note from the well-known Shrub Oak, New York, dealer. For $10 you can purchase $10.75 face value in 3-cent commemoratives. All of these would be at least seven years old since the rate went to 4 cents in 1958-59. Remember the post office will always honor the older stamps for postage, but will not redeem them for cash. The plates on each sheet 7 With but a few exceptions, they wholesale at about 1 cent over face. The same general situation applies to the obsolete 4-cent values, tho these are more useful since two of them make up the air rate and one the postcard. The 3 cents are not at all convenient now, except for air mail post cards. - o - A dealer In Coin World is beating the drums for various circulated Washington quarters with mintages of 2 to 2.6 million. His message is to buy them by the roll, complete with projected future prices. The profits look good. Could this sure fire path to riches possibly go astray? It could. Of course, if every one jumps in, then the rush is on and the price is up. But the stock is still there and it still remains for someone to find the Individual collectors who must eventually take it up coin by coin. With so many really attractive coins with so much smaller mintage apparently in ample supply for the serious collector, the projections are hopeful but not much else and after the dealer gets rid of his stock, he couldn't care less. Whether sheets of stamps, rolls of coins, or government stocks of aluminum and copper, the facts are the same. Hoards can quickly become a part of effective market supply and price will react accordingly. It is ridiculous to consider speculative buying as legitimate collector or market demand. - o - A suggestion to local merchants. Assign delivery area to your boys, I have just received my 5thcopyofaChristmas guide. - o Coin World had a sad report about an uninformed "collector" who paid fancy prices for various die defects and minor production errors. Both stamps and coins put a premium on goofs, but the re is a significant difference between a major error and defects in workmanship. Multicolor stamps, for example, frequently have one of the color plates somewhat off register, but the mistake must be glaring to command much of a premium. If the plate were forgotten altogether, then you have something, Coin varieties that merit catalog listing are usually complete multi-strikes or an actual die change. Breaks, worn dies, and other Imperfections are interesting, but the premium is quite modest. Yes, they are often scarce In numbers but, for the collector, scarce must be judged in terms of the numbers who are willing and able to buy. This collector paid as high as $35 for a 1944 cent with some metallic imperfection that caused peeling. Correspondingly high prices were paid for slant numerals and flUsd mint marks. Now he needs to sell and wants what he paid for them, Of course, it is unrealistic to expect that collections can necessarily be sold {or what you paid for them. Not all material regularly advances and no hobby should be built on this basis. The problem for tills collector is that he can not even receive a price based on normal dealer discounts from retail because he bought at levels completely unrelated to retail in the first place. No, he didn't have to buy at all, but he apparently had the interest and sought guidance. It was misplaced. No matter what the collecting field, a reliable rule is: satisfy your interest first by reading and questioning. Then you can buy with knowledge and purpose. Scout Party Linda Buscher and Donna Kenyon attended a Girl Scout planning board meeting at Mason City Nov. 20. Mason City was also selected to host the senior conference and a Christmas pot- #;—«•now—step forward—we know that one of us is the patient here." luck and party Dec. 4, with all Senior Scouts of Algona Invited to attend. Honors At Luther Skip Perkins of Whittemore is one of about 40 freshman at Luther College, Decorah, named an officer of the men's societies on campus. He was recently elected vice president of Delta. Vern Ostrander of Buffalo Center was named vice president of Epsllon. Grocery Sold The St. Joe grocery has been sold by Mr. and Mrs. Reinald Salz to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith of Bode. Possession is to be given Dec. 2. The Salz family will live in Ottumwa, where their daughter Judy is attending college. Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY OCTOBER 1, 1865 REGULAR SEPTEMBER SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and Lawrence Newbrough, Charles Plathe, Garry McDonald and John Rode. Absent : None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Rode that refund in amount of $441.20 be allowed Loula T. Sayers for years 1960 to 1064 for over-assessment of lands In Section 30, Union Twp. Ayes; all. Nays : none. Motion carried. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Rode that refund be given to Central States Theatre, Des Moinns, in'Sftititf^ 6f $3T.BO for cigarette license surrendered. Ayes: all. Nays : none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Rode that refund be allowed Sleg Co., Ft. Dodge, In amount of $679.19 for erroneous assessment. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. The September 25tn road petition of Art Droessler et al on road through Ledyard and Ramsey Twp. south of Hwy. 169 was read -to the board and filed in the Auditor's office. The Road petition by Leonard Gray et al against widening the road between Sec. 21 and 16 in Buffalo Twp. was read to the Board and tabled. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Rode that refund In the amount of $37.50 be allowed Leona Johnson, Bancroft, on cigarette license surrendered. Ayes : all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and sec- seconded by Plathe that farm to market road program be approved for 1966 as presented by the Engineer, H. M.Smith. Ayes; all. Nayssnone. Motion carried. Motion by Rode and seconded by Plathe that report of Homer Downs, Weed Commissioner, be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Rode and seconded by Newbrovigh that 3rd Quarterly reports of the following be approved. Ayes : all. Nays : none. Motion carried. Milton G. Norton, J. P. Clara Walker, Co. Recorder Marc Moore, Auditor Ralph Lindhorst, Sheriff Alma Pearson, Clerk N. J. Nemmers, Bancroft It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed and confirmed. COUNTY FUND N. Central Pub. Serv., Gas 89.21 Post Office, Postage and Rent. ...... 315,00 Algona Mun. Util,, Utilities 177.35 Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll 13,006.57 Maxlne Momyer, Recorder's Extra Help. . , 48.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Lodging of Prisoners. . . 47.10 Donald M. Wood, Mileage , 62.84 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage 111.66 Larry Hudson, Mileage 9.30 Gerber Manufacturing Co., Supplies 25.28 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 75.80 Culllgan, Soft Water 6.50 Honsbruch Drug, Supplies 3.01 PrnH Electric, Repairs 2.10 Sailer's Davis Paint, Supplies 5.47 Earl Chambers, Meeting 4.00 Elmer Kubly, Meeting 4.00 Henry A. Hefty, Meeting 4.00 Edward Elbert, Meeting 4.00 Edward Hof, Meeting 4.00 Dan Froehlich, Meeting 4.00 Herman Studer, Meeting 4.00 Elmer Glawe, Meeting r« 4.00 ' Nick Arndorfer, Meeting 4.00 Q. A. Bjustrom, Meeting 4.00 Melvin Alt, Meeting 4.00 James Dodds, Meeting 4.00 Leander Vaske, , Meeting 4.00 Social Casework, Subscription 9.00 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 30.25 Directory Serv. Co., Supplies 180.00 IBM, Supplies 7.50 Cities Serv., Gas 4.70 Algona Plb. & Htg., Repairs. 9.39 Spencer Grocer Co., Supplies 21,00 N. W. Bell, Telephone 323.43 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 167.20. Kllpto Printing Co., Supplies 14.87 Koch Bros., Supplies 38.47 Jenklns-Fergemann Co., Supplies 454.17 Addressograph Co., Supplies 2.54 R. L. Polk & Co., Supplies 12,00 Thorpe Pub. Co., Printing 30.00 Acres Blackmar Co., Supplies 565.89 Hutzell's, Supplies 23.80 M. & M. Sales, Supplies 110.50 Iowa State Bar Assoc,, Supplies 20.00 Frleden Co., Maintenance 52.00 C. H. McGulness Co., Repairs 16.00 Algona Plb. & Htg., Repairs 17.50 F, E. Davenport & Co., Maintenance 45.00 National Cash Register Co., Maintenance 725.00 Buchanan Abstract Co., Tax Sale Reports 115.00 Reding's Gravel & Excav., Sidewalk Work 332.10 Dr. Schultz & Schultz, Blood Test 10.00 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Blood Test 10.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meeting 12.50 Bancroft Register, Proceedings 248.93 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 124.47 Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co., Proceedings 109,75 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notice 18.90 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 18.90 Bancroft Register, Notice 15.12 Bancroft Register, Dockets 40.00 Kossuth Co. Treas., Bounty 23.98 Gordon L. Winkel, Expenses 278.43 SECONDARY ROAD FUND N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 14.92 Faber Const. Co., .ProJ. #577 & 501 41,940.00 James H. Merryman, ProJ. #584 & 501 8,100.00 Everds Bros. Inc., ProJ. #11 26,575.16 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities 13.08 G. J. Van De Riet & Sons Inc., ProJ. #584 12,870.00 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd 18,527.63 James H. Merryman, Labor, Management & Equipment 7,047.12 Standard Oil, Fuel 146,05 Bell's Saw Shop, Parts • 27.45 Katherine Shaffer, Clay 290.00 George McVay, Hauling 1,178.00 All Wheel Drive Co., Calcium Chloride 7,198.14 Humboldt Concrete Prod., pipe . ,9,523,36 Sieg Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 106.26 West la. Tel. Co., Telephone 6.57 Michael Todd & Co., Parts 686.32 Swaney Equipment Co., Parts 89.90 German Valley Store, Supplies 39 Brayton Radiator Serv., Repairs 43.80 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs 9.25 Ken's 66, Fuel 59.98 Central Iowa Tel., Telephone 26.25 Lyman Oil Co., Fuel 79.80 Vernon Meyer, Footings 38.00 Lakota Ready Mix, Supplies 313.50 DX, Fuel 118.66 Turf Svjpply Co., Parts 13.16 H. E. Hemmlngsen, Burner 3.40 Elmer Dole Co., Si Everds Bros., Inc., ProJ. #9 4,762.18 Elmer Dole Co. & Everds Bros., Inc., ProJ. #4 3,479.61 United Bldg. Center, Supplies • 60.66 United Bldg. Center, Supplies. . . ......... 14.98 Brown Supply Co., Parts •. . 497.20 la. Elec. Light & Pwr. Co. Elec 2.76 Tltonka Tel. Co., Telephone • 6.15 Sankey Sand & Gravel Co., Supplies 31.20 Root Hardware, Supplies 39.80 Donald Maasdam, Labor 50.00 Town of West Bend, Elec 1.25 Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec 5.00 Joe Bradley Equip., Parts 28.18 Cook's Welders Supply Inc., Supplies 10.15 John Thompson, Labor 128.15 Frank D. Fisher, Repairs 9.18 Algona Imp. Co., Parts 10.16 Standard Oil, Fuel . • 189.93 Linde Imp. Co., Parts , 28.20 Great Plain Supply, . Supplies 17.70 Kossuth Treas., Prepaid Bills 6.54 Standard Oil, Fuel 549.29 D-X Oil Co., Fuel 276.20 Cities Serv. Oil Co., Gas ' 945.91 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Parts. 449.64 Cities Serv. Oil Co., Gas 995.26 Quick Supply Co., Parts 400.40 Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe Co., Parts 108.96 Barclay Co., Parts , , 75.31 Dukeheart-Hughes Co., Equipment 2,955.40 Trupke Elec,, Repairs. . , . , 6.85 Greenberg Auto Supply, parts , , . . 323.56 Taylor Motor Co,, Parts 61.94 Sargent Engineering Co., Parts. 358.54 Cowan Corp., Supplies 531,18 Swaney Equip. Co,, Parts 71.75 Standard Oil, Fuel 69.73 Lee & McGulre, Road Work 1,513.00 N. Cent. Pub, Serv., Gas 172.75 Sherwln-Williams Paint, Supplies 318.50 Hilton's Super Serv,, Tubes 23.39 Margaret Lynch, Dirt 75,00 Arnold Motor Supply, parts 56.92 Lone Rock Coop. Tel. Co., Telephone 18.58 perclval Motors, Repairs 21.20 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., Parts. . . . 210.61 West Bend Elevator, Service 2.00 C & H Co., Parts. . . . 814.05 Fuller Brush, Supplies 13.14 N. W. Bell, Telephone. 58.15 PAYROLL FUND J. W. Burnett, Co. Farm 225.00 Nora Burnett, Co. Farm. . 225.00 Wendel Warwick, Co. Farm 200.00 Alma Warwick, Co. Farm 200.00 L. C, Rovn, probation 155.89 Kenneth Richardson, Probation 148.62 Dr. Richard Snyder, Medical Examiner 30.00 A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage 619.20 John H. Rode, Meetings & Mileage 714.80 Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage. , . ,. 689.40 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage 647.20 Garry McDonald, Meetings & Mileage 626.30 Homer Downs, Labor & Mileage 367.40 EdHllman Weed Commission. 33.94 Clarence Priebe, Weed Commission 50.30 Andrew^Redlng, Weed Commission 86.35 H. M. Smith, Engineer 1,000.00 JohnFraser, Asst. Engineer 650.00 Hazel Anliker, Deputy 400.00 James Hoffman, Rodman 350.00 Tommy Aaron, Inspector 626.90 Clifford Blanchard, Labor 418.00 Ed Blanchard, Labor 437.00 M. P. Christiansen, Mileage & Labor 373.20 Richard Hoberer, Labor 429.40 Clifford Holmes, Labor. . . 429.40 Don Halnzinger, Labor 418.00 Clarence Hentges, Labor 429.40 Earl Johns, Labor 451.00 RoelfE. Miller, M „ Latfbr. , . ..418.00 Ben Metzger, Labor. . . • • 418.00 Delmar Plathe, Labor 429.40 Marcell Reding, Labor 433.20 Leo Ramus, Labor 433.20 George Studer, Labor 418.00 Anton Sorensen, Labor 278.83 Charles Thompson, L,abor 418.00 Gerald Wibben, Labor 418.00 Erich Willrett, Labor 429.40 Cyril Wagner, . Labor.' 418.00 C. E. Zaugg, Labor 475.60 Raymond Baade, Labor 482.00 Noble Crouch, Labor 418.00 Dale Helmers, Labor. . 429.40 John Krebsbach, Labor 418,00 Ralph Markla, Labor 444.60 Urban Neuroth, Labor 475.00 Elmer P, Ricks, Labor 442.70 John Schueler, Jr., Labor 402.00 Orvllle Welland, Labor 459.80 James Walker, Labor 431,30 Henry Zwiefel, Labor 465>5 ° Alvin Ewlng, Labor 3 97 '*° George Kockler, Labor .,,,.554.80 A, J. Kollasch, Labor 460,50 Fred Stecker, Labor ...,421.00 George Weringa, Labor 356 ' 17 DRAINAGE FUND John Thompson, Drain 4 85,75 Sig Wood, prain 4 810.00 John Thompson, Drain 4. 232,50 Advance Pub, Co., 5 W, Branch, 94.66 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 5 W, Branch 41,00 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, 1 W. Branch 5.00 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, 7 W. Branch 5.00 John Thompson, Drain 63. .,.-.... John Thompson, Drain 69 2.50 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 78 10,00 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 80 Lat. 2. ...... 27.SO Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 80, Lat. 2 10.00 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 80 Lat. 2. 7.50 Fagre Const. Co., Drain 80 Lat. 30. ... 3,367.09 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 80 Lat. 60 22.50 Shumway, Kelly i Frlstedt, Drain 80 Lat. 80 32.50 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 81 5.00 Soil Conservation, Drain 90 142,50 Soil Conservation, Drain 91 22.50 Shumway, Kelly & Frlstedt, Drain 96 32.50 John Thompson, Drain 157 55.00 John Thompson, Drain E. K. 2 363.96 Wlnnebago Co., Drain W. K. 35-89 Lat 5.. 190.72 Hagedorn Construction, Drain W. K. 35-89 Lat 5.. 424.90 Hagedorn Construction, Drain W. K. 35-89 Lat 5. .1,623,78 Curtis Peterson, Drain W. K. 68-136 18.95 Pedersen & Petersen, Drain E.P.A.K. (Trl 84). ,.. 7.60 Melvin Bratrud, Drain Tri 84 11,68 POOR FUND Payroll, Poor Payroll 1,160.00 Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcell 12.50. Mrs. Phil Kohlhaas, Rent: Stanley Carman 32.50. Q. R. Cook, Rent: Audry Frye, 25.00. Lloyd Dixon, Rent: Albert Cutler 25.00. John Welp, Rents Joe Bednarz, 45.00. Bennle Eden, Rent: Alvlna Fisch 25.00. Werner Struecker, Rent: John Rosensteil 50.00. Jefferson Transp. Co., Mileage: Bernard Gifford 13.45 it Lucy Wessels 7.45. Donald M. Wood, Mileage: Earl Jordan 12.65. Phillip Pfeffer, Mileage: Roger Steinblock 13.15. Marvel Immerfall, Mileage: 93.40. Leonard Warner, Mileage: Mrs. Delaney 44.80. Standard OH, Fuel: John Govern 14.21 & Joe Rapp 9.25. Thermogas of Algona, Fuel: Mae McLean 27.50. Webster Co. City Clerk, Elec. : Janet Huffman 16.78. Town of Bancroft, Elec.: Joe Rapp 8.70 & Joe Bednarz 22.08. Fergie's Thermogas, Gas: John . Govern 6.99. - Town of Whittomore,' Elec.: Myrtle Frost 2.14.7^'., ; ' ' Fergles P. & Heating, Gas: John Govern 22.05. Alg. Mun. Util., Util.: John Rosensteil 9.13 & Loreen Nelson 5.25. North Central Pub. Serv. Co., Gas: Loreen Nelson 1.75. T. J. Egan, M. D., Medical: Joe Bednarz 18.00 and Leo Lelninger 21.00. Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical: Audrey Frye 18.00 & Mae McLean 23.00. Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical: Art Mueller 3.00, Carol Heneman 5.25, Phyllis Struthers 33.75, Mae Ramus 3.75. Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medical: Percy Atkinson 10.50 & Joseph Medln 22.50. Rusk Drug, Medical: Roger & Judy Steenblock 22.90, Eva Morris 33.65, Audrey Frye 50.45, Angelina Gustin 7.63, James Walker, Sr. 4.40, Mae Ramus 37.26, Carol Heneman 6.00, Tom Devlne 5.70. Honsbruch Drug, Medical: Glen Parcel 7.70. St. Ann Hosp., Medical: John Van Hise 268.60. Park Clinic, Medical: Ella Govern 20.00. Dr. Bahnson, Medical: Eva Morris 24.00. Medical Clinic, Medical: Elsie Frisble 42.00. Dr. R. P. Bose, Medical: Frank Ditsworth 40.00, Geo, Fangman 140.00. Holy Family Hosp,, Medical: Francis Doubek 12.50. Thuente Pharmacy, Medical: Mary Hentges 75,90, Mae McLean 19.40. Dr, A, J. Eason, Medical: Naomi Rose 75,00, Frank Jenklnson, Donor; John Van Hise 25,00, University Hosp,, Medical; Dorothy Jensen 3,50, Thomas DevJne 28,00, Margaret Devine 10,86, Angela Johnson 7.00, Leo Sabin 511,98, Sheila Struthers 145,90, Ricklefs Ins., Insurance: Mrs, Gustln 31.00. Fareway Stores, Food: Glen Parcel 40.00, John Rosensteil 20,00, Audrey Frye 80,00, Hood's Cash Store, Food; Ella Glen Parcel 22.85. Good Samaritan Home, Keep: May Ramus 160.72 & Adele White 63.46. Morgan Home, Keep: Paul Mulligan 63.10 & Lawrence Mulligan 150.00. Minerva Curtis, K«ep: Eva Morris 141.00. , Turner Nursing Home, Keep: Lorena Nemitz 102.00. Irene Puglsey, Keep: Carol Henneman 94.00. Heritage Home, Keep: Wm. Becker 100.00. Johnson Nursing Home, Keep: George Jennings 33.50. Josle Fernau, Keep: Phylls Solum 87,47. Hlllcrest Home, Keep: Rose & LaVerla Westling 280.00. Van Norman Drug, Medical: Mildred Ternes 24.70. State of Iowa, Dependent Children. , ,. 2,414.90 State of Iowa, Blind 255.80 State of Iowa, Emergency 16.58 State of Iowa, Disabled 90.67 Mary Lucy Loebach, Care of Mrs. Bernard Bell. .65,00 Irene Puglsey, Labor 121.00 Algona Locker Plant, Rent 12.00 J. W, Burnett, Mileage 42.55 Thermogas Co,, Fuel 1.10 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 31.80 Cresco Light & Pwr. Co., Elec 246.93 N, W. Bell Tel., Telephone 25.86 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 301.72 Dr, L. A. Henrlksen, Glasses 40.00 Drs. Schutter & Koob, Medical 8.25 Algona Flour & Seed, Supplies. 1.15 Joe Bradley Equip., Parts 23.50 Standard Oil, Repairs 16.25 Lalng's Plb. & Htg., Repairs 35.51 Surge, Supplies 37.40 Algona Imp. Co., Parts 52.55 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 63.49 Buscher Bros., Parts 189.88 Algona Mach. Shop, Repairs 16.14 Arwell, Inc., Spraying 10.00 • Finn's Bakery, Food. 78.43 Algona Locker. Butchering.' 1 . V'f . PV .:•. 4411* M. & J. R. Hakes', ' ' • -, --'<Supplies 167.16 Spencer Grocer Co., Supplies 31.50 Consl. Coop. Creameries, Supplies 111.38 National Food Store, Supplies 63.65 S. & L. Store, Clothing 47.93 Cities Service, Gas, . 96.87 Standard Oil, Fuel 27.52 Charles Qulnn, Bull 225.00 Montgomery Ward, Cabinet. 52.42 Garry Home Furnishings, Chests 420.00 STATE INSTITUTION Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage 19.90 Dr. M. D. Enna, Medical 59.41 Relners Nursing Home, Keep 240.00 Mrs. Helen Zaugg, Keep 126.28 Alma Leegaard, Keep 100.00 Tommy Dale Memorial Hosp., Medical 354.00 State Institution Comptroller, Keep 1,569.43 Dr. Jos. M. Rooney, Exam. Phys 7.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney. . . 7.50 Ralph W, Lindhorst, Mileage 19.40 Vern McClure, Attorney. 10.00 . . 7.50 . 11.48 269.70 . 14.60 , 41.00 . 47.50 Charles b^! Fuel D-X, Fuel Holy Family Hosp., Medical Van Norman Drug, Medical • • John Keneflck, M, D., Medical. . . . ; Honsbruch Drug, Medical Dr. D. L. Bray, Medical • • • • 23 ' 75 Dr. M. G. Bourne, Medical 77 - 63 National Food, Food. 150.00 S. & L., Clothing. . .... 35.^1 Hood's Super Valu, • Food 12 '°° Droessler's Mkt., Food I 3 - 35 Mrs. Kenneth Salveson, Keep, Govern 50.00 Vogel's Grocery, Food: Bernard Keep Gifford 70,00 and Bernard Howard Andrews, Leeper 35,00. Meeting, , Cowing Food Mart, Food; Joe Lee Davidson, Bednarz 45.00, Joe Rapp 80,00, Meeting, , Bertha Busch 15,00. B* v » dSmitn ' Ron & jack's, Food; Roger Steen- Meeting, . , . , , . block 30,00 & Wm, Gustln 80,00 Marvel Immerfall, 12.60 Dunn's Sure Save, Food; Janet £ lerl °* 1 j^f* ' ' ' ' Huffman 30.00. Kenneth Harris, Eddie's Food, Food s Louie Hann- Rent. ••••••'•; over 10,00. Mrs. E, Behnkendor*. Miller's VsedClotWag, Clothing; Rent, , ,.,.,,, 179.35 SOLDIERS RELIEF Town of Whittemore, Elec 56.82. Thuente Pharmacy, Medical ' 146.75 Van Norman Drug, Medical, 8.00 Dr, R. D. Bralnerd, Medical 22.80 National Food, Food, 67,00 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage, f 54.50 Lutheran'Home Find, Soc,, Keep, 65.00 Everett Attlg, Keep 76,95 Kenneth Salveson, i 81.99 , , 9,00 , , 10.40 * . 5,00 80,00 30.00 Lutheran Home Find. Soc., Keep, • 82t4 " Mrs. Everett Attlg, Keep 90.53 Howard Andrews, Meeting 9.00 Lee Davidson, Meeting 1°' 40 David Smith, Meeting 5.00 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage 62.45 RETIREMENT FUND Social Security, 3rd Quarter 6,965.60 Social Security, 3rd Quarter . 297.73 Social Security, 3rd Quarter 1,252.70 I. P. E, R. S., 3rd Quarter 1,093.60 I. P. E. R. S., 3rd Quarter 6,249.40 I. P. E. R. S., 3rd-Quarter 287.46 Fred W. Plumb, Refund 5.88 John Fraser, Refund 6.00 COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court 1,650.05 Claire A. Boltz, Expenses. . 17.87 Ray H. Wlsnom, Jr., Expenses . 32.12 Walter R. McDonald, Costs 35.00 Walter R. McDonald, Costs 25.00 L. W. Nitchals, Costs 25.00 Delia Welter, J. P. Fee '. „ . 6.00 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage 12.70 REFUNDS N. J. Nemmers, Over-Payment 10.00 Leona Johnson, • / ". [ , .-;; . .Cigarette Permit,,. „..,.,,. 3l~gP Drive-In Theatre, Cigarette Permit 37.50 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Loula Sayers Over- Assessment 441.20 Sleg Ft. Dodge Co., Erroneous Assessment... 679.19 BANGS FUND Veterinarians D. J. Shey, Inspection 248.50 J. R. Waite, Inspection 10.50 R. E. Weber, Inspection 26.00 A. J. Gotten, Inspection 116.50 T. J. Lettslng, Inspection 117.00 W. B. Redman, Jr., Inspection 56.50 J. T. Waite, Inspection , . 6.50 J. F. Johns, Jr., Inspection 32.50 J. D. Rush, Inspection. 79.50 J. J. Cecil, Inspection 68.00 Alexander Cullen, Inspection 16.50 D. F. Dlemer, Inspection 27.50 R. T. Howard, Inspection 11.50 T. D. Rossing, Inspection 19.50 E. J, Capesfus, Inspection 44.50 J. K. Hill, Inspection , , 117.00 H, H. Raney, Inspection, 20.00 J, A, Sanftner, Inspection 16.50 D, G, Jacobson, Inspection ,,,. 40.50 Hans J, Seyffert, Inspection. , 67,50 Robert Helfner, Indemnity, ,,. 12.50 Donald M, Naumann, Indemnity, ,,..,,.,,, 25,00 ROAD CLEARING Herbert H, Klasse, Supplies, 352.00 Standard Oil, Fuel, , , , ,, 187,50 POOR FUND RECEIPTS Mrs. Annie Rochleau, Care 80.00 DISALLOWED BILLS Honsbruch Drug, Steven Smith, ........ 12,55 On motion adjournment was taken until October 13, 1965, ATTEST: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor A, M, Kollasch, Chairman, Bd. of Supervisors

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