The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1965 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1965
Page 15
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Thursday, December 2, 1965 Algeria (la.) Upp*r D»» Meln»«—4 imnmwmmniNiiuiHnnnttn By DrOW POCIFtOlt WASfflNGTON - Public opinion polls soon are expected to show a drop in President Johnson's popularity. There's been a sour public reaction to several LBJ performances recently - ranging from his showing the scar of his operation to newsmen, the White House dance when Viet Nam casualties were running high, and the long Presidential stay in Texas with the growing public realization that we have gotten involved in a long, costly, bloody stalemate in Viet Nam - similar to the Korean War which helped turn the public against the Democrats and to elect President Eisenhower. Adding to the disenchantment has been the fact that, with Congress out of session, the President's remarkable record of positive accomplishments has been suspended. The war in Viet Nam is the outstanding liability. When the President ordered the bombing of North Viet Nam nearly a year ago, there at least was hope that it might speed the end of the fighting. Instead it has grown worse - and the presence now of large numbers of crack North Vietnamese troops in South Viet Nam proves that our bombing the transportation routes has not worked. Further, we are losing friends rapidly in South Viet Nam. Our combat forces trample the rice paddies of the farmers and occasionally kill their water buffalo; our free-spending government and GIs have created a disastrous inflation; Americans in Saigon monopolize the restaurants and night clubs. The growing number of U. S. battle casualties is touching more and more families; in addition there are hundreds of other casu- ' alties not due to war but to diseases such as malaria. At the same time, the poverty and corruption in Viet Nam are getting no better.. Confidential -HO CHI MINH ADAMANT-The letter which Ho Chi Minh of North Viet Nam sent to Dr, Linus Pauling regarding peace talks bears out what the Russians reported recently to French Foreign Minister Couvre de Murville. The Russians said they found Ho Chi Minh absolutely against peace, though they tried to persuade him that the Americans would not withdraw until they had won a victory, Ho Chi Minh flatly told both the Russians and Dr. Linus Pauling that North Viet Nam will not stop fighting until American troops are withdrawn. - o - —CHAMPION OF DICTATORS- Jack Vaughn, hard-nosed Assistant Secretary of State, is in for Senatorial trouble when he comes back to Washington from the Rio de Janeiro conference. He has already tangled' with Sen. Robert Kennedy in a huffy session in which Vaughn criticized the late President Kennedy for suspending aid to the Peruvian military government in 1962 and the Dominican military government in 1963. Vaughn put himself on the side of the military dictators. In Washington Vaughn is also in for trouble with the chairman of the vSenate Subcommittee on Latin American Affairs, Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore. The military minded Assistant Secretary of State has been quoted as saying that it was typical of the liberals and leftists not to realize that the only progress made in Latin America is by the military governments. "Sen. Hickenlooper, R-Iowa, is the only one who understands Latin America," Vaughn was quoted as saying. "He gets out and visits the slums." "Someone ought to send Vaughn pel failure that the FPC had claimed H-bombs couldn't produce. In a 425-page report last year, the FPC boasted that the interconnected power system would keep power flowing into damaged areas. Thus a massive failure was deemed unlikely even in the event of a nuclear attack. Yet it was precisely this interconnected system which produced the chain reaction that blacked out most of the Northeast from Canada to New York City. "Today," declared the FPC report, "an interconnected group of power systems covering 39 Central and Eastern states and two Canadian provinces are inter-tied sufficiently to enable their 165,000,000 kilowatts of electrical generation to operate in parallel.... "The greater interconnection of systems enhances survivability. More specifically, it decreases the probability that a given service area would be totally without power." 909 New Books Received At LuVerne Library Mrs. Charles Hinz, librarian of the LuVerne library, reports 909 new books were received from the Traveling Library. She was assisted by Mrs. Max Patterson, Mrs. Lucinda Stone, Mrs. Roy Biesemeyer and Miss Emma Krause in placing them on the shelves. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marty left to spend two weeks with the children of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Link at Genoa, 111., while they are on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schipull attended the open house in the Presbyterian church in Goldfield on the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Trotter. Mrs. Donald Clowes of Renwich and her mother, Mrs. W. S. Hunt of Rockwell City, visited at the Henry Kublys. The W. S. Hunt family were early long-time farmers northeast of LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs* Fred Lenz of Blue Earth, Minn., visited recently with their son, Roland Lenz family and Mrs. Hinz and Richard Wegner, sister and brother of Mrs. Lenz. The Missionary Guild were guests of Mrs. Henry Kubly. Plans were made for a Christmas party to be held with Mrs. Melvin Ku'oiy in December. New Inspector Phil Pfeffer, Algona, who has been assistant custodian at the courthouse here, was appointed feed, seed and fertilizer inspector for this area by the State Dept. of Agriculture last week. He will begin a training period, beginning Nov. 29, and will then take over his duties. Indians worked flint by flaking and grinding to produce weapons and tools. CALLING ALL Fremasonry was" introduced into the American Colonies before 1730. SHOPPERS MAKE ALGONA YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS! HUGE STOCKS OF CHRISTMAS MERCHANDISE 3pWl« jfiftOfefe: «e «*»KSlifi^!SBBffi? t#V*«~x>»>I^^ more interested in living luxuriously than fighting the enemy, and that graft is worse than ever, while the people as a whole are as poverty-ridden as ever. As a result of the unpopularity of the U. S. as well as the South Vietnamese government, it is almost certain that if it were put to a vote, the people of South Viet Nam would overwhelmingly choose the North. In short, the administration is becoming increasingly fearful that we are in a "can't win" situation - the very situation which U. S. military strategists, including General Eisenhower, warned against so long and so strongly. We are bogged down in swamplands of Asia, with no way out except disastrous retreat, all because LBJ was far too quick on the trigger when he took the advice of some Pentagon strategists to send U. S. combat forces to Viet Nam, - o - --STEELWORKER REVENGE-The Abel wing of the United Steelworkers is cracking down on members of the Union who supported Dave McDonald. For example, Abel lieutenants have suddenly given notice to the Tampa office of the Steel workers to close up, Four union officials have been transferred, and the secretary, Mrs. Agnes Vaughn, has been fired, She was very active in working lor Dave McDonald, and Dave McDonald lost the election. If the. U, S, Steel or Bethlehem fired any steelworker for such activity, the union probably would threaten a strike, - o - —SOVIET MISSILES— The Navy and Air Force are pleased over their deadly war with Soviet missiles in North Viet Nam, despite the loss of eight planes. in the beginning it was feared pur Pilots would never be able to dodge the lightning-fast, radar-guided missiles, However, they have successfully used countejvelectronic measures to jam the missiles' radar, Ag a result, our planes have managed to evade more than 100 of the supposedly invincible Soviet missiles. We have at least learned this much beneficial information from the war in Viet Nam. from Oregon. Morse referred to that fact that Hickenlooper has voted against almost every slum clearance and public housing bill to come before the Senate. - o - —POWER FAILURE-When the cause of the great Northeastern power failure was discovered, faces inside the Federal Power Commission turned red enough to be seen in a blackout. For a tiny relay, scarcely three inches long, had caused a massive _ rs fr '"</r$ modeo Sweet dreaming pastel acetate tricot baby dolls set with embroidered yoke. S/M/L COURTEOUS CLERKS GAILY DECORATED STORES AND STREETS ALGONA STORES OPEN THESE NIGHTS IN DECEMBER FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE MODE O'DAY FROCK SHOP! JO RUARK. OWNER Municipal Utilities SUN 5 12 19 26 DECEMBER 196S MQN TUE WED THU F ,.. ; . o 2 27 28 29 4 FREE CITY PARKING LOTS TO SERVE YOU The Chrischilles Store Modern Dry Cleaners Bjustrom Furniture Co. Graham'* Kirk's Shoe Store Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'p Elk Cleaner* Perclval Motoif 8 & L Dept. Store Foster Furniture Co. Viking OU Co. «Buscher Bros. Implement Kossuth Motor Co. Post Transfer & Storage Kelley lumber Co. North Central Public Service Co. gender's Sailer's Davis Paint United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Lindsay Soft Water of Algoaa Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Drags-Jewelry Read's Furniture Hutzell Office * School Supply Sheakleys Iowa State Bank Harrison's Variety Bomgaars 5 & 10 Shllts Brownbllt Shoe Store Laing Plumbing & Heating Consolidated Co Op Creameries Wlltgen Jewelers Joe Bradley Equipment Taylor Motor Ca. Algona Produce Co. Leuthold-Willlami (The Hub Clothiers) Frederick Hardware Algona Flour & Feed Sherwln-Wtlltams Paints Christensen's The Security State Bank Sharp's Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Ludwig's Cafe Behr Standard Service Coast-to-Coast Store Algoua Greenhouses rrniirr"" -vr""' 1 No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & Heating Dau Garage & Body Shop Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation J. C. Penney Co. &WpMpM|plBMMBnflBIBSMBMPVMIIMP SchulU Bros. Garage & OU Station Jack's O. K. Tire Service Thermogas Co. ot Algona_ Algona Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere Upper Des Molnes Publishing Co. Honsbruch Drug Funk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super Valu Carson's for Color Taylor Implement Co.

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