The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUME A'XXVI-NO. 273. LE COURIER NEWS PER OP NORTHEAST Anviva.n ..,„ «^fcm^ f f r**r Blythcvllle Dally News Ulythevtlle Courier OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS, AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mlssslsslppl Vniipy ; BlyllKVIIle Herald Secretary Wallace Reveals Cotton Goods Stamp Plan Program WASHINGTON', Feb. 0. (Ul>)— SemHury of Agneiil- ~ . lure Henry A.•• Wallace today announced thai cotton vmotls Companion Ms. will Ijc clistnbutwl lo needy lainilios tl,rnn K |, a slamp plan When (V An, siniilm- to that in elVcut lor Kin-plus foods. r II i M " Fl ___ ^^''"^'"'h'^^RK^AS, Tl'KSDAY, KBIIUAKY B, 1040 Rain 'Expected To Soon I. O 1 ' . Clem ce From Rive <:AltUTHKn.SVIl,!,B. .Mo., Feb. S. Wallace said th5 cotton slompt --------- ])!nn will ]>e put Into operation on! cxpcrliiiemal bnsfe wllhln six weeks I" cities to be selected from those where the food slump plan nlicn-ly la In operation. Under the cotton plan needy persons rec-flvlnj relief ivlll b? entitled lo |:mxliase erne dollar-.-; worth ol cotton stumps and ie- «|VR nn additional one dollars worth of tree stanips. Tlie two dollars worth of •;l<imps will he good in exchange tor any new cotton goods tit retail stoves. "The cotton slump plan svill supplement, ih c olhti- programs of the depurtincnt which are designed to assist In solving the cotton problem." Wallace said. "Funds for financing the program wore vided by congress last year." He said that the European war Is "very likely to harm cotton tar- pro- Nine 1 limclrecl A I I e n cl Counly Elcclric Co-Op Meeting Merc so And Collide Near Holland W. II. Forbns. 33, of Tyler Mo was injured trlitally. Uiiil Arnold' IB, Coltomvood i'uint. Mo, wus !o.« seriously hurl. W. Cl. May 25 •>f Cairo, in., escaped with minor injuries nnd Uvo iiiilomobn ••: transport true); ivwe badly dnm- ased In a highway nrcldcnl. lust night near Holland. Mo., nim> miles north of here. Condition of Mr. i-winis become extremely crilU-al Ihls morning after a blood clot hud compltailMl severe head Ineeratlons. He also received n broken lefi arm »bave th« Captain cirover snld me liflAvyj '"'-wwiis ol a foot ''"in in Uiis sa-llon last nJihl i miirnlnB. and a 'tuml-sllll -i,,,.,, would (l (d malerially In Ucni-lng; abmil nnoii todiiv al^tm'T 11 »'i k 'o lll(1( , 1 " B , hllIU ' <i i <""* ™ s "»<«'' tu in'"™* *> n» Hici traffic, auui'diiy night n ilver followers thai the ilvor poi-tlrui of Ilio ice gorge'him- miles north of Unller's Landing broke .loir, awuy niul Sunday morning Die Indiana spent several hours Imlter. Ins lami! .Ice Hoes lo pieces lo pri'veiii fonnnllon ol another BWW. Captain (trover went to Uardeld by automobile this morning lo'lcani runriltlon of (lie vfver IhVrl' had up normiil downs! roam tetilte (lie prevalence of lin- Committeeinen Talk With Roosevelt But Not AboutTHrd Term Ih "No Defense" Picas Enlcr- • «l To Charges Of Collusive Bidding IMTTSUUliCW, 1'cb. 0 till 1 ) — t-'iui'.s I-IIDI-IIIK from JMl to $7,000 were assessed hi federal court hue wtay iiHiilnst (it) union ollU'luls. mouse qiiuiitiiic's of shorn Ice nnd' rlsclrlml conlniclois nnd elcclrlcnl jovg,! he' yd remaining, Most of the ln> yet mniilnlni; Is >n tile Onyoso Ucnit vicinity. lln> jincki'd jam extending some several snore .miles, and out Into (he I-IVPI- |H ' and low (),,. courier New.,, thai Ciipniln A. D. thu Indiana. probably' l-.ikc A capacity crowd of 900 co-op ,. , members and faun families tilled („ , L l«cci aliens of tin- fnee. the Hoxy (healer yesterday nl'tcr- "" "' noon for the first, nniinnl "mrelln") '""' lxll " i> """ """us wmcn lira i „,„]<,,, ,„ ,", " *•" uu»i<.-io of the Mississlpp co Iy Fleet r c »<* <^*=ted to. prove critical. Both ^ .± ' ° ' "" " 1C tOVV °' " C:opei-allve when officers nnd M ftl '° Bl Wnlls ''OSP 1 *"'- "'" " """ board of directors were elected, a i ,'" lc nc " itiell( occurred about seven of mers lu a greater degree than was s they were hnnned by the last World War" nnd that 'it is necessary to develop Increased domestic consumption ror cotton. He suiil motion picture film ."The niver" a report of In o'clock at (he curve where the Harry Bailey Service Station Is located on concerning rural electrification .111.1 prizes awarded. In the annual election, the board that it may bs necessary to ex- panil the program on a national j of dlrccUrs were inclcased from bosls later on. seven to eleven members so as to I lie cotton slamp program, like I have representation from each sec- ihe rood slamp plan, w ;n urovldc tion of the county. a means or putting nyriciiltnrjil P. A. Roger. 1 ), of Clear Lake was surpluses into Ihe hands of low reelectwi prcsldenl ; Clmrlei- K income people who need and want Coleman. vice president- S E s«the commodities but, cannot buy graves of Luxora them," Wallace said. ! treasurer. Tlie United Slates now has ti: These directors were secretary nnd named who and Mr. Arnold were rlrtlnij imcl which was driven by Mr. Korbus. „„„,,. „ , ., -..« ..,,,. collided with Ihe lar^e transport 0B , /""'lyab e. This may be. two his 200-foot craft downstream lo Memphis Ihls afternoon for ii-lnel- ma before icliiriiin a L0 niiller clnnati""" re """" C Il(fi Ul " to Cln ' Tlie Ume |lii> low will : nel ror the lot sissippi and Oh.o";.iver; wm"dV pend. however, upon when govern- ensiueeis report the r'lvjn- «iia nnd her head Into the clian- cotton surplus of nearly H million later elected the cilicers: FA bales. Approximately half of that Rogers of Clear Lake. Charles H ll!e sWe of " le c; "' causing them lo is either held under government Uclelnaii of Osceola John p Bear- lje wedged together so that neither loan or owned by the Commodity den,.of Lcacliville, John G Hoyt ov "'l»»ied. Credit Corporation. i-*,---- ........ George Pfeuffer Joins Langston-Wroten Company . , Jr!f?bt Leachville. P. H. Haspberrf of' Route One of Blythevillc. Charles Lutes of Route Two cf Blythevllle. S. E. Segraves or Ltw- ora, James Woodard of Route. Three of O.-:ceoln, c. S. Ncnl of I e- George Pfeuffer. Tor many years'!!?' ll °'. "'' E ;, Hag "" of Rout " °» c ' • pv ' Ic ' °"° Koehlcr of 3e]l. : nominating committee which lo hasten the clearin (ruck, driven by Mr. May, as thn J"... "" L ' e "">'* or Perhaps longer, automobile was entering the high- "..,, coln l>["' a tlvely warm weather waj- from (lie driveway of the ,",..:.'', '.'! lllls s «cllon Is certain service station. The transport, owned by Jackson Bros., of , Beaumont, Texas, wns damaged but not so bndly as the automobile, which was almost demolished, or one of four cars on the transport. The front of tlie transport struck In (iu> a lull mile B i the wldesl ll( 'l)ai'l»ienfs milloti pn«. In iinyosu Bend, which Is nl- K" ll() » '''Bht-aiisle (urn of (he the width of totalled allow iwo niMns nt the widest pail. the !«• Jinn complrlch- blocks' the "HI vhtnuio-l used by river truffle "mil Hit- gorgu formed, but » ••»"• small chnnne) river far ovei "'''•" This is oiien nil ihi- W ny , been cnl by Ihe on Ihc Tenn'e.ssce open nil (he •iirwigli the ice gorge, and It Ls bc- cmft might be small ,.|«r «iie lo travel inlnlniuin of daiujcr, However, ll)e clmnncl lm,i , not b;cn sounded or charted tor larger craft, und It Ls believed hero liftt ll, e large tawboat Illinoi 'ier cm-go of heavily loaded is nnd of the I'IMr. w h)ch Is several miles above the pnyoiij gort!Ct „.)!! , lot n it c , ini]l (he U'lp downstream iiiilil tho new channel Is charted or the gorye melts and breaks out of tin.' old chtunicl. cooiieiiilloiis on their pleas if "no . on PWrt-iilded l>rojocls. The dcfcmlnnt.s vvciv Ihe Ui U. B, Justlvu wide Invi'.sl!- »f ulli'BC'it hlBh Unlldluii of the lines, which $51.000. was lni|)o.s-ed on . M. 1'. Clcidon, business narnl ol loi'iil number live, InlrrnnUonnl Di'olherliootl of Klectilcnl Workers A. F. of union, lie wns lined $7,COa. Wllltam Q. fjlionl. ilninicliil of (he union, was lined $3,000. Houert C. Cnimnck. wcielniy of tho Eleclilcnl Conlrnclors ASsocln- llcn ol i'ltlsbui-ijh, was (hied ?5,000. William !•'. lie*;, incsldcut of Ihe r.Esoclatlou nnd llcsa and narloli, a, w:va assessed n similar line. In lulditlon Hess and Uarlon wns lined $2,000. Indlclcd lust November following a month long federal grnml Jury probe of biiiUIIng cosls In the and sounded Pllls!jl "'l!l> district, the di'kiulanu • - ' were clinrccd with conspli ln({ lo suppress cinslrnetlon In Hie build- Break-up of ihc gorge In Clayoso lng lmlllstl '>' wltli Hie result lliul , , madej its report was composed of R i P 'I T, nr n , George Cassidy of Route One of Kul ' OSSlblllty Ui UeStl'llC- v -' ,j on Qf-' Aliolher-' connected with the Bli]ff City Buick Motor Company in ; '5»fempliis lias m,oved, to Blythevillc to be con-' •ne'cted wjjh iJingslon-Wrolin.Mo-- tor. snlcs ninnat'er . nrn, -n "Hfs.'Pfeuffer; their nlne-ye'af-olfl- •* ' ycl ' lShellon - o( Os daughter. Sue. and their ten-iSf- 0 !?' w - L - Clark of Luxcrn. M.: ... . montlis-old son. George Jr will' , ° rovvl , lle « °< D e» and O. B. Cox I U\ Vision hxists .join Mr. Pfeuffer Feb. 15 and they nrT ? scco1 ^ n , will be at horns in the Harry Hearn a t .L™ 0 ""! 1 , nlm ." Thc River " «" as ' HELStNKf, Pel, C (UP)-Fin- residcnce at 818 Chlckasawba ave- ' H n ..m,«........ n ,... ... . :,iic. A member of a well known Memphis family. Mrs. Pfeuffer is also a niece of Oliver W. Coppudge whpin.vshe and her family have visited r.bnvniiinerous occasions. Cotton J. V. Gates, Roscoe ton And Harvey' Are Named Officials" Jnmcs Terry was elected iiresl- rtend Is problematical, denendlun " lc e ovcl ™» c 'it wns dcfriv on weather conditions. Ughl Ice "I'l'io-thtnitely $500,000. lias been Hoofing past here prnc- .,. , Hcally all day,'and tliere was about Craf- ' ll '"' or flvc llollr period lasl nl(.)it | when river gun'jc renders nnd other observers reported n flow of bl){ iravy Ice. This wns believed to Imve come from lu and around ihe .tided of Mar. May July Ocl. Dec. Jan. open hlg-h low 1033 109.'! 1083 1M7 10S5 10-17 1013 1030 1013 953 362 951! 9-11 954 943 prev. close close 1093-5 1034 dent In 1939. J. V. Dates nnd Roscoe US ^,™ ^ .^H^ SS, m-uS-uU 1 ]]ooHr>ve)t .1 t'.lHl Kevcniif! Dopai'lmoiit Al- toi'iioy Says Court Opinions Shows Avenue Open lil'ITU? HOCK, Ark.. l-VI,. g.~ •rank Puce Jr.. yeiicrul Inwyei 1 for In; will ho n candidiitc + lerm. There wns third term nnd di ift talk in Wlllard Houl conHci wln?r« the committee met yeitei day, inn (here wno opiiosllion n well as nn Impressive acliul con) inllmrnl to the prft-UUnl foi nn oilier (erm. U'IIMV Is small clinnce hovciei llmt comiultlee members will learn ans'llilng of his plnns al odi\ s While llcuss reception. Uc tojd f.ress cunference qucstloneib lit Hyde Park yeslerday thnt h (heel of specnlatloti .Viewed By Police As I. R. A, Retaliation Against Death Sentences ' , one of (he hlstor(b ex-sltc.s of - iscot Counlv. Abnul fnrtv or ,..,„ 1 5-S ir s LONDON, Feb. (I <UP)—Terror- istlc relnlintlon posed Ihc slate revenue (lo)>artmcnl, said yc'titcrdny he "nssumed" un cllort will be made to enact « stole "use lux" scimrutc from llie retail rales "x law nt the next, session of Ihe He said nmny business men Imve soiiuhl ndvlcc of Ihe di'iwrtiuenl^ tlicy had been hint by companion from without the slale since ihe Arkansas .supreme cotirl Jirld Invalid the sti-cnlied "uac lax" scctlcn of the stiitc sales lux law. .. on n recent decision of liii- Miju-tine court of Ihe United Btnlcs which upheld the New York two per cent anlcu lax on ijonds bought oul.sldc the stnlu and brought lulo the slale lor use, Mr, 1'nee snld; "Tliu court's approval hns licnn l>lnccd In the principle of thn line lux. Jl.vbro.iid effect wns to mukc' any sale Inxnblc where Ihn pre- llnilnary nn-iinr,einent for tin; contract of sail! was made In Ihc tnx- Ini! state and delivery made lo the purchaser In ihc slate, even ihou«h the delivery and olhcr feature's of sale actually were In intevslnU 1 commerce. "If no agency In Aiknnsns now handles n certain commodity, (here is no relallcr to whom Ihe may be charged and there U no wny Iq collect Ihc tax.' Mr. Pace pointed out Hint the Arkansas supreme court did .'not say the state had 1(0 |!,ow,qr, to Impose n "use Inx.'.'.'Tlic"coiir't ho'.d only that the Arkansas Miles lux two bomb lliw (l111 n 01 Impose a "use (ax," A still being collected Ics purchased out Pace snid. but 'Slcclcd on olher lo |;rc- Ihe snlcs lux by i-chnscsoulslde Ihc slate," llic dcpnrlmciii is gulnllonjt fur set- pllons lunlcr the sales 1027 962 915 as scon as weather their Initial ; Pi-units tc furnish current for an {es . da vs 1048 iidriitlona! 500 memters '" • in ion 944 040 Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Coin General Electric General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward . N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum ... Studebnkcr Standard Oil N J . Teaxs Corp U s Steel with ^ejectri were 'tolcl.< the next are: Jesse Taylor W. C Hlg'--'n-' Tlle Inol hcr dead and her young- slvoycd sen. E. n.Esles, Mr. Teny. Mv. " tel ' ll(l critically 111 of.pneumonli .The explosions nt the Russians still have several Morris, gam H. Williams. Oscar , l ".f slor - v of l "e Wiley Wiseman station were In Iwo mall pouches aiiiily. MI-,, Annie Wiseman, tlie consigned-. to Blrmlnulmm where li 1 ?*„ '"other, die;! yesterday of Pelcr Barnes nnd James Richards, the same disease which may cause f. n. A. terrorists, will hang to- A new no'lpx- nrlnnfrri >„. D ' •• "'""'""s sun nave several mums. Enm It. Wills ural llec^M f 1 '' ,„ J'° " es °. f ™nm,»ni cf ,tio,i nnd so far Bntlty and Mr. Ontes. Die 9i.o present. nienl is considered possible. Today's official communique said lhat fins- sinn atta Involves Risco, Mo. Planter o in , , nSe *' lc " tnriy cnllia r - R - ' v '"'orists. will hnr the death of her daughter, Louella. morrow for a bombing Mrs. Wiseman died yesterday at John Dtilnnty, Eire high their home on the Brown farm nl uilssloner. «ns 'instrnnlivi i the Brown farm nt uilssloner «ns Lone Oak. She was 52. ' | prime Mlntslt coni- Instriick'd 13 sec Neville Chamber- MarElial «n<l Hint ncwsiia|icr efforts to leirii his plans were silly. Those nlnii' will be disclosed, lie said, nt i tltlie of ' his own choosing rather lltfiii on n schedule selected by new pi pers. Mcniitinu, Mr. Roosevelt s cibl nel associates nnd olheis inc lid Inif such notable New Dealeis as Sen. Claude Pepper iDc •?!« ) Ecu. Joseph )•'. QiifTcy (Dem Pa i mill Nationn) Coimnllteeimm Palrick Nnsh of Illinois arc beniing (v '•usly third icnn tattoo, Uncertainty over Mr. noos"\elt', Intentions may have been n (tictw yesterday in curbing Denwcmtit, imtlonnt commlHcu enthusiasm tm'd in the strange lack of iclxl scl i Dvnlloiu nnil whooping appliui t. which hnvii marked every major iiciuocriitlc pollllcal gai'ieilru since Mr. Hoosevclt took JM.I Sn ll»3'J. ' Most committee members wlio would slate n public preference nt nil said they were far a third lenn. Hut mention of Mi nn s veil's iinniD on several occasions fnlled lo arouse more lli'nn a wave or Iwo of applause and on oilu or two occasions there wns not mil. a ripple, similarly, Vice John N. Clnrner got only four pi; ' Jive seconds of hand c!nppln<j when he look his bow. • There was no sustained aoelii- matlc.ii for anything or , anybody nl yesterday's mooting where Chicago—backed by Mr. nooscvtlt— nosed out Philadelphia in the con-, lest to be 1840 , to the Demo-, Herman Dez Lemoyne, 37-yrtir- eceivlng stolen properly Osceola a 42-year-old man would not suc- "Arson Is n serious crlnm." Wll- Holt Funeral Home was I The couple was accompanied by wedding. County Ju- 30 5 5-8 10 7-8 11 1-2 10 1-4 43 1-2 43 Chicago Wheat May July open hieh IONV close 971-4 335-8 971-8 931-2 941-2 051-8 943-4 057-8 Chicago Com May July close open high low 58 581-2 553-4 563-3 557-3 563-4 555-8 531-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Feb. C (UP)— nogs; 13.000—11,003 on ;,ale Top. 5.70 170-230 Ibs., 5.50-5.G5 14C-160 Ibs., 3.350-4.C5 Bulk sows. 4,15-4.75 Cattle: 3.000 Steers. 7.75-10.25 Slaughter steers, 6.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.25-8.75 Slaughter heifers. 5.53-3.25 Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 Cutters and low cutters, 3.75-4,75 All of llie lams discussed raising standards of Jiving among farm families. that the Paisshn 13th tufa llnms said, "and we are determined cratfc. national convention.. , In some 'Indeterminate ,cle<zreo, selection of C'hicngo wns .n. test of New Ocal' nnd "conservative strength In the commlltee. But U wns not a definitive test by nny measure although the -conimHteu did the usual thlnj In. rejecting certified clucks for Jias.OOO from rhTndtlphln and 5200,000 .from Houston, Tex. It accepted the_r>r.'il promise of Mayor Edward J. Kciiy :t Hint, Chicago would meet Ihe Philadelphia -offer which lotnlcd ;>l'50 r 0(10 when the check wns added to c:r'tnln additional. pledge:!, also cral. Republican hopes of holding tlieiv ccnventlcn ftftcr Democrats mebt fndcd when ueinocratlc Ch'tli-ncat; Jnines A. Fni'loy was '.'nip jwcrcb to llx the limo of ihe. ronvenlion nt his own conv>-.ito ice. l-'i.rley assured committee members he would make selection the day nf- ler Hepublicniis'choos* their lime nnil city. The Republican com: mlttcc mcels here Feb. 15 nnd- G. 'i O. 1'. hendquiii-tiTi today aild It was expected tha', bot>> ihf lime nnd pines of their convention would be fixed then. .cliVn^o anil I'hilatlclphla will be bidding, a^q, for Ihe Republican n.ectins. "'-' In nn 11-sla'o regional confei- encu organize.! by Dsmcciolic fti\to Clialrinail Calvin W. Rowlings", at Utah, repre.ient;itjns or wealein status deeldSil :o meet w)tii:n : ;'i> monl'li prlt". lo 'V.a Dem>.-cratic national coiuvnilon lo draft "n western plati'O'.i.i. pnrUulpnilng states were: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Msntann, Nevada, n fhiir limn .", I 1> r- 1 "n Cff ' 10rt1 ' ° f tllC lakl; and that illl- a flooi lain]), and B. C. Barber cf other Red army division was in with A. c. Owens, executive secre- """^ ° f M " g tm " 11C(I ^ K ' ° C ''' rsivcd •t deputy sheriff at New ScOUts To PaSS Up tary of Ihe Mississippi County Farm • tii.rcau. made the preseina'tlon. Ltmoync, who was taken lo Jonesboro by Deputy United States Police Activities )ln<l »° objection. fires endanger the lives of chll- i™!," 0 ,.? 0 "^ "if'horitjes" Mid- 1 they ''Tc'rordlng to Wlllinms evident , ._ ..... _„, to put a slop lo It. Those school j New" Alcico~"or4go'n" Utah,"wa7h"-' Arkansas law- Indicated some ot the fires .. .. ••••.•••. >• <.\-n nuiiLU UI nil, I l pcnnits the marriage of M-year- sct | )y persons who Ranted nlfl Dirlc in1M» . .n .-..». i,.' _«.,_^-, i i Jl . "« »-" 'Gone With The Wind" To Show Here March 28 L; Discusses Bases For Grading Of Students shown (.jnaruction work on the building, unde: Blythevllle wliol, «o- , he ihe name of A.jerV beginning their capacity or ability for'learn- Evim . ! tor one ins were discussed last night nt " "- Is be- the lecture series ueinc niven bv ^ , nlouS'thl ^^ I ^ y.Z-Z*™*' «WJM>ker Appeals From «„,! T»*,,o r> \\T xr.^.. . . ^ .,h week at the and Mra. O. W. McCiclchcn Mr. of schools. "Individual Problems and Indl-' is Ihe subject being since otiier nctlvitles' usually c'n- However, the cou])lc had ro bel- I Joyed dnrinx the week have been lcr luck ' ns clcrk F"' 1 *' K' 11 ^ at I cancelled tor the year, tnosc in Dcnlon "fused to Issue n license. i charge pointed out. ' j ~" nil . r> ' James Terry, chairman of the Fnrmei- Pr<-iJnn( EmbezzJement Sentence committee m C har B e. win soon an- rormer Kesident Steele Dies Monday Sprains Left Ankle rtnnclln Humphrey, sls-yoar-o!rt dniiehter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hciny Humphrey, sprained her left nn- kle Sunday night when she fell across the floor at Ington snd The per-conventlon meeilns will be held in Salt Lake City nnj wilt Ir.cludc stale chairman and vies chairmen and national committee members with n view to makinj the "voice of the west mors sudi- Ko" In party affairs. The platform itself still is In the .study stage nnd no effort was made yesterday lo stampede Ihe westerners to any projrnm nr candidate. Tno 11 states control 130 delegate. '••'. Auto Fires Turn Firemen Out Twice another week because of ihe cle mand. In Biythevllle. the film the third in a scries of our MiiiK ,,, C! , by hlM on ^Uw.'mS n. i lldd (hne houKrt f . rwhlch ls night at 7:30 o'clock es long «in t [ y >vc m1 ,"' Htes long, Kill tc shown at the the program for the ban- ROCK, Ark.. Fcl). 6.— V'et which Is to he for Scouts only. | Ate Baker, school dircclor of Man- Une b allql|et w)1 , 1)Jg , ila , ^ ^^ Ma> pc)> _ C _ D R , x-ray pictures will bo made- to- J Jislrict Ko. !5. In Mls-,o«<\k. ,Walker, 67, who recently moved lo morrow before placing Ihe Injured her home. 819 West Main street.i " lU Two automobiles caused Ihnt fire alarms last nljht and but the nt (he high school library. lie was BMlilpd in.,[ ,,|ght in : presenting his subject by Miss Kc?n M. Hardy, principal of the - .. v .^. 17 hii}ii school, who dis."ii"sivl some fi^'i.^^.Wed. an esti- cf the pnblems which fonS i !>1 *' lla!i asked ' ;TO Ar ' kmsas ™» K ™ <™'rt to set aside Bell city, Me., after having lived inkle into a cast. in Steele /Or 18 years, died ycstcr- | dny. following a stroke of paraly- Rltz theater. A Slinson 105, n three-year prison sentence Iln- Salesman Hurl When pofctl in MUsissippi county circuit ( p C» r :), 0 - V r \A n( , sis" suffered Saturday night. ^ ar iJ" 1Ae S DDOge Funcrni services will be held this n!en ' afternoon at the German Funeral 10-Day-Old Boy Dies This Morning , . . j. , — •«---—, ««*. ^^.. u. ...» r .-• •"v.»tj \>iii^i, cunironi. mated distance of 7590 miles, as schools attempting to break a™av compared to land distance of 9330 mm the regimented type of schrol TllilPS rnvftt-n^J lU^ JL-... . ^_ . V JHI- V\ Ci^IlUlJI, miles, covered the distance in 78.1 Thirty people attended the lec- _. ; ~, Ilou 1 n> ' ll1g tlrae ot nn average HUT- .iM<i participated"in (ho The average automobile con-1 speed of D3.5 miles an how, con- rmslon which followed At he (Trial niwe i*i Tirvll^/lr rtf yvnnnr.,. *l. n I VIC I /! J t— -.. ...... ' ""^1-1. f\l, luy Illlitl tains 45 poimds of copper, the bulk of which Is in the radiator trasied to an auto's of 237,5 hours tt, 40 miles an liout time Icctu-e nest week, Mr. McClurkin J. W. McOhee, Memphis sates- Home with Ihe Uev. D. K. Foster Moser, icn-days-old son-^ wife. Mrs, Daisy Wnlker, four sons, Guy Faye ; the railing of of san Diego, Calif., • da ditch, i a brother. 11C0 "' 3 °' clcclt ' wlm burlal pcccssion on his motorcycle, ex- A car owned by Geno Stickler, of PfirEgcu!:), caught afire last nljht et the Tom Little Service Station and a car belonjlnj to K. Q. Wlci- ham backfired this morning while parked at 611 West M?.l.i street ta cause n small binza which ws.s ex- the scene. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonijlit, jrtiy cloudy. ^ Afemphls and vicinity — Cloudy, was tu charge.;loufiy with rising. leAperature.

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